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    Default Smoke Up Our Ass

    Smoke Up Our Ass


    Today we are going to put forth yet another one of my contrived wild ass theories that serve no purpose other than to amuse. Of course, one day I’ll get one right just because the odds dictate it, and then a hush will descend upon the land, all minions eyes will widen comically and I shall then be acknowledged as a genius for all the ages. And, why shouldn’t I titillate and amuse? It is Friday ( you’ll be reading this come Monday morning ) and the end of a tedious week and I’ve worked far too hard and the weekend looks glorious ( finally, the prospects are good that it will be a sunny weekend rather than a cold overcast miserable one- I’ll bet you bitches in tornado country wish your weather was a bit more winter like ). Let’s have fun.
    It has been a bit difficult to decide what to make of the recent theatre involving Iran and embargos and threats of attack over nuclear fuel. Look, this is hardly new. Bush The Shrub was making noises about bombing Iran. If the evil Muslim dudes haven’t made a bomb in six or seven years, are they ever going to get around to it? I call serious BS on the Iranian threat. And it can’t just be to keep our military industrial complex running. Afghanistan will see the need for continued astronomical spending into the far future, if we need an excuse. We didn’t have to pull out of Iraq if all there was to the equation was defense spending. I contend that we got out of that war because we are dead ass broke and can’t afford it anymore, despite their supposed oil supply ( supposed because they have been pumping for about seventy or eighty years and, as with Iran or Syria, you have to wonder how much is left ). Okay, I think the Iraqi War was all about the oil, but I’ll freely admit there is a possibility I was wrong. If I’m right, we would still be there rather than Afghanistan ( so maybe, as per M. Ruppert, it was about the drug trade- the terrorism angle was for the sheeple, the oil angle was for the tinfoil hatters and the drugs were for the bankers profits ). Along with the supposed threat of Iran ( OOOOHHHH!!!!! The humanity- some one else besides thirty friggin other countries might get The Bomb! ), there is a lot of stupid noise over Syria. Hello!?! Anyone home? Syria has been killing off protesters and other tribal groups forever. Why suddenly is it an issue?

    So, given the seemingly obvious nature of these two bogus problems, given that obviously Obammy is wrapping his huge floppy lips around our rectal opening and blowing smoke up our ass, what could possibly be going on? My current theory is that this is all theatre to mask a decline in our energy supplies. I know, I know, you all get tired of me talking about Peak Oil. It’s okay for world wars to be fought to control oil, but anytime I bring up how central oil is to our economy and our survival you get all butt hurt. Hey, you silly bastards all knew how one sided I am about this, and you followed me over to this new blog anyway. So, really, who is to blame here? Look, gasoline consumption is way down, and the price of oil is shooting up. You can blame China, but that is another red herring. We are using far more “fake oil” ( frac oil, tar sands, ethanol, etc. ) than ever before to keep supplies from contracting. That crap costs more to get to market. We are already seeing a decline in conventional, cheap, abundant oil. What is left is the bottom of the barrel. The Cheap Oil Age is long over with. New reality is Dear Oil. But our economy is built to run on one grade of fuel only, the kind that is running out. So, there can be no recovery. But the government doesn’t want to hear that kind of seditious talk. Central Bank Uber Alles! The one percent must not see their standard of living fall, by gum. Poor bitches on welfare didn’t buy the vote for a Kenyan Yes Man, the bankers did. They want their money back, with lots of interest.
    What better way to convince the general public that all is well, remain calm, do not panic the emergency is only temporary until I, The Great Obammy, smooth things over with Happy Talk And Smoke Up Ass Blowing, than to contrive a great conflict in the middle east that never happens? Iran blames everything on The Great Satan ( that’s us, by the way, if your grasp on current events is marginal ), so we should blame everything on them. Look, we promise gas will go back to two bucks a gallon. Honest. Oops, sorry about that. Those evil Iranians are making rude hand gestures. Suddenly, the Omniscient All knowing All Powerful Market is forcing oil prices up!!! We had nothing to do with it, especially not Obammy The Magnificent! We’re innocent here! Everything is to be blamed, except the fact we are running out of a non-renewable resource.
    Last week Richard Heinberg had a great article over at The Energy Bulletin. It was titled “$5 Gas=Long, Hot, Crazy Summer”. In one section, for all you Frac Fags that think frac oil will solve all our ills, he points out that in some instances a frac oil well will deplete up to 90% in just one year of use. Of course, the article is much more than just that, but I loved that part myself. I wish I could share your wishful thinking that North Dakota was a new Saudi Arabia, but you would be better off putting your bet on room temperature fusion.


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    My e-mail is jimd303@netzero.com

    Please support Bison by buying through the Amazon graphics above and to the right of each article. Or, visit


    You can purchase anything, not just the linked item. Enter Amazon through my item link and then go to whatever other item you desire. As long as you don’t leave Amazon until after the order is placed, I get credit for your purchase. Thank you.

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    Default National chains stay away from Detroit

    National chains stay away from Detroit


    DETROIT – Chlamydia Washington isn't looking forward to crossing the street to shop for even a few groceries.

    The store, Uncle Salty’s Snacks ‘n’ Shit, is convenient, just steps away from the beauty shop where she plays the daily number on Livernois in Detroit. But what troubles her is its higher prices, lack of variety and the bulletproof glass in front of the deli counter – and she misses the impromptu day-care center the Farmer Jack store near her home turned into whenever her five children by six fathers accompanied her during her food-shopping.

    "Sure, they's other grocery stores, but try eatin’ shit out the box without payin’ for it in them," said the 34-year-old water buff- errr, skin care specialist. "My chillin used to throwin’ produce and runnin’ up and down tha aisles screamin’ at the top of they lungs”, she notes with a sigh, adding wistfully, “they can't even get a running start in these here little-ass stores they got left."

    The lack of human shoppers has long been a quality-of-life problem in Detroit and one reason among hundreds some families don't want to live in the city. Now, however, the situation is getting worse as the last two Farmer Jack stores in the city prepare to close by Saturday. Area muggers plan a candlelight vigil in the parking lot, but ironically must first drive to Ypsilanti to rob the candles.

    With the physical locations already earmarked for conversion to burned-out empty lots by city planners, Detroit will be left without a single national chain supermarket, much less an Ikea, lending library or light-opera company.

    Analysts say no other major city in America is such a supermarket desert. (In fact, even the Gobi desert has a Winn-Dixie and a Kazakh-Mart.) And the situation is not likely to change anytime soon.

    The situation has left regular shoppers at the Farmer Jack stores -- one on East Jefferson and the other on Livernois at Seven Mile -- with two choices: dance around the cannibal cookpot like their forebears did – difficult in a post-apocalyptic hellhole few white missionaries venture into - or buy groceries at smaller stores near their homes.

    "Why should we have to go elsewhere to find a trustworthy store to sleep in front of?" asked Joe Lanier, a longtime shopper of the Livernois Farmer Jack who owns a nearby three-card monte table. "My money as good as Whitey’s. Twice a month, anyhow."

    Within its 139 square miles, Detroit has 155 grocery stores, defined as various-size food markets with meat and produce. The city also has 1,000 convenience stores -- including gas stations and party stores -- that sell some type of food. Unfortunately the only statistic that matters is the 800,000 Negroes residing in those 139 square miles, many in a prone position.

    Over the years, national chains have located in Detroit, only to pull up stakes and flee. There are a multitude of reasons, according to retail analysts, and all of them are code for “niggers”.

    "Sometimes even the people that live in the neighborhood don't feel safe shopping in the store," said David J. Livingston, a supermarket expert from Wisconsin. "They'll drive right past that Detroit store to go to a suburban store where they feel more comfortable. Nahhh, I’m kidding, I’m kidding - they don’t own cars. Mostly, they eat pork rinds and blame the white man. And their farts could strip paint off a battleship."

    While crime is a concern, Matt Allen, press secretary for Detroit Mayor Kwame (Big Pimpin’) Kilpatrick, said the issue should not be used as an excuse by the big chains to avoid Detroit.

    "Being shot in the spine is a small price to pay to show the world you is not a race-iss,” Allen said.

    But, he added, businesses can take measures to prevent theft.

    "(Businesses) have added lighting, changed the heights of the counters, put the registers in certain places -- security by environmental design. It all helps," he said. But critics maintain that shoppers resent having to pass money through a hole cut in a sheetrock wall, and placing streetlamps indoors poses a fire hazard.

    Detroit also suffers from a lack of strip malls with tenants to serve everyday needs. “Large supermarket chains don't like to open stand-alone stores in minority-intensive localities”, said Ken Dalto, a expert in figuring out safe ways to say niggertown.

    "Larger supermarkets have a better chance of surviving if they are located in strip malls where predicate felons are offered a choice of targets," Dalto said. "If you don't have these anchor spots at strip malls, you aren't going to make it to your car alive carrying groceries after dark."

    A number of the city's major developers and economic growth officials said efforts to draw a national grocer to the city have met tepid responses often masked as raucous laughter, and sudden clicks followed by dial-tone noises.

    Midtown Development President Robert Slattery said he showed a plan for a 12,000-square-foot store, with 65 parking spaces and enough urine-absorbent cardboard flats to accommodate 25 winos, to specialty grocer Trader Joe's; but the company didn't bite, citing death threats from shareholders among other concerns.

    Most independent food stores in Detroit are owned and operated by Rhymeco, some of whom have been in business for 40 or more years. A few are owned by African-Americans, but the majority feature glass rather than wooden windows, and are open for business on a daily basis as opposed to “whenever, motherfucker”.

    Martin Manna, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce in Southfield, said Rhymeco has stepped in as A&P, Farmer Jack and Kroger have abandoned the city. Actually, he may have said “stepped in it” – the audio recording is a bit muddy.

    "There usually is a market within walking distance of nearly every area of Detroit," Manna said. "It might not be a supermarket. It might be a crackhouse with a couple of spinner racks of Cheez Doodles and Li’l Debbie cakes. That might be why there are so many people eating potato chips rather than wholesome foods in Detroit. But nobody told em not to go to school."

    Although shoppers may complain prices are higher at independent stores, independent grocers said they strive to be competitive, although most simply furrowed their brows and unleashed a stream of high-pitched Lebanese invective at this reporter.

    While there are clean, well-run stores scattered throughout the city – I mean, there must be, just according to the law of averages - many don't offer the variety and selection of a Farmer Jack.

    Many residents rely on convenience stores for bread, milk, eggs and snacks. Well, okay: snacks. Small stores that do offer meat and produce often sell food past its expiration date, shoppers said, although technically the city is powerless to act, as the spoiled food is usually consumed in-store by customers, i.e., “stolen”.

    Pat Hollins, an activist with the Black Organizations Outraged at Larvae Infested Entrees, told of stopping in a small neighborhood grocer several weeks ago and immediately finding two expired packages of breakfast sausage. Although she bought them both when offered a free Magic Lottery Numbers pamphlet with her purchase, she feels she’s due compensation for her subsequent botulism.

    BOOLIE has been picketing stores it contends have been selling expired meats and unhealthy foods, although the tendency of picketers to put down their placards to buy and consume the tainted food whenever they get “hon-gree” has muted the protests’ effectiveness.

    "We havin' problems with meat and produce being expired," Hollins said. "We ain’t got no security in the parking lots, no restrooms in the stores and a poor selection of food products. When you cross Eight Mile, these problems all disappear. White people don’t actually require parking-lot security, and tend to use the bathrooms in they homes before they go shopping. In other words - black folks being took advantage of."

    Without chain grocers in her neighborhood, shoppers like Lakweesha Culpepper-Butts, who lives just blocks from the Farmer Jack on East Jefferson, will have to travel much farther for low-priced sundries, and even farther than that to understand what “sundries” are.

    "I sho gonna miss this sto’," Culpepper-Butts said. "I got evvything I need here othawise, just evvything. Orange soda in the Coke machine, human-hair wigs, scratch-off tickets at the 24-hour likka sto’. Evvything! Now all we need be a good supamockit wit’ a busted sto’ camera right here on Jefferson."

    She said she'll probably end up shopping at a Kroger in Grosse Pointe. "It either Kroger or the little local sto’," she said. "And they don't always have them hog anuses I likes."

    Gordon Alexander, 52, who lives on the city's east side, said suburbanites have it good compared to Detroiters.

    "They only one store in the city I'll pick up some stuff at, but my kids jokingly call it the 'ghetto store' because everything be subpar," he said. "Well, that, plus it’s in the middle of a nigga neighborhood surrounded by burned out empty lots on three sides. Some of these stores make the argument that they catering to black clientele, so they have to frisk you for a gun going in, and whatever shit you just boosted coming out, but that's just an excuse for race-iss behavior.

    "Here we is, trying to revitalize the waterfront with meaningless slogans and festive paint-jobs on rockhouses, but people who live here can't even find something decent to eat. Where the justice in that? ……Oh, man, you throwin’ out that cigarette? Shit, you ain’t took but two puffs on it – give it here, Jim, I smoke the rest of it!"

    Here are some reasons cited by national retail experts on why brand supermarket chains avoid Detroit:

    Net profits at supermarkets run 1-5 percent of revenue. If shoplifting by customers and employees runs 7-8 percent, the store is doomed to lose money. If all customers and employees are shoplifters, store is in the red on the day it opens.

    High cost of maintaining security for the stores, something First World supermarket locations don't need. Shopping carts often disappear, at a cost of $300 per cart. Shoppers often disappear as well, but that hardly makes up for the loss of the carts.

    Personal safety for employees, with robberies, thefts and assaults both inside and outside the stores. Onsite rape counselors don’t come cheap either. Also, dozens of spent shells make parking a pain in the ass.

    Difficulty finding qualified managers willing to run stores. Most prefer biting cyanide capsules to working in Detroit.

    Problems seeking qualified workers for the stores. It can be a major undertaking to find employees who can pass reading, writing and math tests along with credit, criminal background and drug tests. Not that these people aren’t the moral, ethical, and intellectual equal of whites, mind you. "It's a human resource nightmare," said David J. Livingston, a supermarket expert from Wisconsin, adding “in Detroit, there are no human resources.”

    Declining population. No national chain wants to move into an area being scouted as a location for a Mad Max sequel.

    Less demand for products and services. Crackheads don’t get hungry as often as normal people.

    Racism and discrimination accusations. If the store raises its prices or returns fire at assailants, some enterprising Negro will be sure to hang a noose on the door and speed-dial Sharpton.

    A well-publicized violent crime or armed robbery can cost the store 10 percent of its business. Three such crimes, experts say, and the store may as well close its doors. Luckily, in Detroit three violent crimes earn you a citation from McGruff the Crime Dog, but that ain’t bringin’ back the A&P anytime soon.

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    Default We Are Screwed -- A Thought Possibly Not Unique to Fred -- April 5, 2012

    We Are Screwed

    A Thought Possibly Not Unique to Fred

    April 5, 2012


    Our current poster for successful racial policy is, as all the world probably knows, the shooting of the improbably named Travon Martin, black, by an Hispanic improbably named Zimmerman. The death has been improbably termed, by professional blacks, “genocide.” Whatever happened to dictionaries, I wonder.

    Perhaps the worst thing about the case is the appalling English it revealed, “He dont be doing nothing aint right he just….” Usually the brighter and more literate of a group spend time on the internet. Heaven help us. These inarticulate mutterings devoid of punctuation or any grasp of the structure of the language illustrate what we know but ignore: We are screwed. In 2012, in a technological society that sends space craft to Mars, we have millions of illiterates, or close enough that it doesn’t make any difference.

    This, not genocide, is the worst thing afflicting blacks. Years back I walked a foot beat with a cop on Capitol Hill. The cop started chatting with a black kid of maybe eleven. He suggested mildly that the boy ought to be home reading instead of hanging out on the street. “I ain’t read no boo-oo-ook,” said the child with infinite scorn. Exactly.

    Also visible in the prop-wash of the shooting is the seething, unreasoning hatred for whites. Of course not all blacks hate whites equally, or at all. If you are white, the black economist next door probably doesn’t hate you and wants for his children what you want for yours. Well and good. But I can show you parts, many parts, of Washington or Chicago or Los Angeles where, if you are white, you wouldn’t last an hour after the sun went down.

    The web groans under furious denunciations of Zimmerman as a racist, cracker, redneck thug, bigot. Various blacks vow revenge. The characteristic self-pity and sense of victimhood run in full flood without a trace of thought. If Jesse Jackson has been quoted correctly, he said, “blacks are under attack” and “targeting, arresting, convicting blacks and ultimately killing us is big business.” Oh sure. Jackson, no fool, knows better, but plies his trade.

    Practically speaking, it doesn’t matter what happened to Trayvon. Millions of blacks are going to believe that an innocent upstanding young black kid was murdered by a racist white because he as black. The view is visceral, irrational, unconcerned with facts, and based on the bedrock of the understanding of blacks: We are victims of Whitey.

    The facts are that racial attacks by blacks against whites, against Asians, are far, far more common than attacks by whites or Asians against blacks. A glance at the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, or the National Crime Victimization Survey, makes this obvious. Every cop knows it. I suspect that almost everyone knows it, though many don’t want to say it.

    Where does this lead?

    A symptom of the underlying corruption of American society is that in matters racial neither the government nor the media are impartial. Both (if one regards media and government as separate entities) carefully bury horrific crimes by blacks against whites and Asians while amplifying any crime, real or imagined, by whites against blacks. This has gone on so long that whites in general must be aware of it.

    But what effect does this highly directed coverage have on blacks of no education? On those who can’t read or who read so poorly that they don’t? In eight years as police reporter for the Washington Times, I went into many homes of urban blacks who had called the cops. I do not recall ever seeing a book. We are speaking of a people whose only source of information is television.

    Which tells them over and over that innocent blacks are being killed, beaten, jailed, and falsely accused. Disposed to self-pity and more emotional than reasoning, they readily accept this message. It comes often from prominent blacks who maintain their power by ridiculous warnings of genocide and the like.

    In all the outpourings of fury from blacks over the shooting, I have not encountered the slightest appreciation that it might have been a matter of self-defense. Not the slightest recognition that blacks indeed commit a great deal of violent crime and that whites might reasonably be wary of hooded young black males. The races are on utterly different pages.

    Where does this leave us? The racial impasse is just that, an impasse, and not getting better. The hatred is deep and wide-spread. Television encourages it.

    The very names of blacks reflect a profound distaste for European civilization, a desire for separate societies. Trayvon, Lateesha, Keeshawn—these all form part of an insuperable wall erected against a polity that blacks don’t like and don’t understand.

    The divide extends to the White House. Obama said nothing unreasonable about the shooting, only that the country needed to get to the bottom of it. But he says nothing of the constant series of beatings and killings of whites by blacks. Various commentators have called him the first post-racial president. No. He is the first black president.

    The policy of integration and the cult of diversity haven’t worked. Over and over the hatred boils up and underlines the immiscibility of black and white. OJ, Rodney King, Travon, the Duke case, Towana Brawley, all the gang. Racial crimes against whites are buried, but now show up on Drudge in cell-phone videos. The races are not melding culturally. We have hate crime laws, unidirectional as they are, because we have hate crimes. We have to have laws forcing togetherness because we don’t want togetherness.

    Societies work best when they have a uniform culture. The next best thing is a dominant culture to which small numbers of people of similar culture must accommodate themselves. We see this in America with the Chinese, who are studious, industrious, abide by the laws, and do not set themselves in opposition to the ambient European ethos. They are few enough, similar enough, and quiet enough that it works.

    But blacks are too many, too different, and too culturally raucous. Some syncretism occurs around the edges, yet even the middle classes of the two races mix seldom and somewhat awkwardly.

    I do not see how things can change. The sprawling black regions of the cities are so homogeneous, so big, and so isolated from the white world, television aside, as not to be susceptible to outside influence. Whites do not go in, and blacks do not come out. A steady-state model of the universe, so to speak.

    We are screwed.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Bruce Charlton's Miscellany: Demographic change just IS natural selection in action.

    Bruce Charlton's Miscellany: Demographic change just IS natural selection in action.


    When discussing examples of natural selection which are empirically observable within human experience,


    ...I forgot to mention one very relevant example: global demographic change.


    It is a neglected fact that global demographic change, which has been extremely rapid for the past couple of hundred years, and is apparently accelerating, is simply natural selection in action.

    That is, demographic change just is (nearly always) a matter of differential change between populations with heritable differences, significantly due to these heritable differences.


    All that is required for natural selection to be operating is some causal relationship between the heritable differences and the demographic change, and Bingo! that is the process of natural selection; algorithmic, doing its stuff.

    And there has been a heck of a lot of this going-on within living memory.

    For instance, European populations have gone from about a quarter of the people in the world to less than half of this.

    What's more, of the now existing European population, more than half the women are too old to bear children; so there is a lot more natural selection yet in store.


    Is there a causal relationship? Yes of course there is. The differential population changes in the human gene pool are (mostly) due to differential fertility; and fertility is causally related to IQ and personality amongst other heritable attributes; and IQ and personality differ both within- and between- populations.


    How come this very obvious fact is missed? Missed despite massive and rapid demographic changes - so massive and rapid that they are visible on a year by year basis to anyone who is awake and in possession of a normal perceptual apparatus?

    Well, as usual when obvious facts are missed or mislabeled, the root of the problem is Leftism in its modern form of political correctness.

    Demographers (as mainstream academic Leftists) do not believe, exclude a priori, any possibility of different human populations being heritably different in ways that would affect reproductive success.

    Demographers regard all humans as interchangeable units - or, more accurately, they regard all human differences as due to culture, hence superficial, hence (in principle, it is assumed) malleable - hence of no significant biological relevance.

    Demographers are, as a species, merely economists-with-a-twist, merely number-crunchers, non-biological, blank-slaters: but with the difference that the dependent variable of interest is not 'goods' (such as wealth, productivity, production or whatever) but (in effect) reproductive success.


    With demographic change as a clear and certain example of natural selection in the world of our own experience, we yet again we see the bizarre fashion in which the dominant Leftist intellectual culture combines a dogmatic belief in the only-indirectly-inferred reality of human macro-evolution (e.g. the evolutionary origin of the human species purely by contingent, historical and local selection pressures operating on undirected genetic variation); combines this relatively speculative knowledge with an implacable hostility to the blatantly obvious and undeniable (to any honest person) reality of adaptive micro-evolution within the human species.



    Adaptive evolution within the human species just IS global demographic change (amongst other things).


    Posted by bgc at Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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    Default The Case of the Missing Terrorists

    The Case of the Missing Terrorists


    If there were any real terrorists, Jose Rodriguez would be dead.

    Who is Jose Rodriguez? He is the criminal who ran the CIA torture program. Most of his victims were not terrorists or even insurgents. Most were hapless individuals kidnapped by warlords and sold to the Americans as “terrorists” for the bounty paid.

    If Rodriguez’s identity was previously a secret, it is no more. He has been on CBS “60 Minutes” taking credit for torturing Muslims and using the information allegedly gained to kill leaders of al Qaeda. If terrorists were really the problem that Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA claim, Rodriguez’s name would be a struck through item on the terrorists’ hit list. He would be in his grave.

    So, also, would be John Yoo, who wrote the Justice (sic) Department memos giving the green light to torture, despite US and International laws prohibiting torture. Apparently, Yoo, a professor at the Boalt School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, was ignorant of US and international law. And so was the US Department of Justice (sic).

    Notice that Rodriguez, “The Torturer of the Muslims,” does’t have to hide. He can go on national television, reveal his identity, and revel in his success in torturing and murdering Muslims. Rodriguez has no Secret Service protection and would be an easy mark for assassination by terrorists so capable as to have, allegedly, pulled off 9/11.

    Another easy mark for assassination would be former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who staffed up the Pentagon with neoconservative warmongers such as Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, who in turn concocted the false information used to justify the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Rumsfeld himself declared members of al Qaeda to be the most vicious and dangerous killers on earth. Yet Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Richard Perle, together with neoconservative media propagandists, such as William Kristol and Max Boot, have been walking around safe for years unmolested by terrorists seeking revenge or bringing retribution to those responsible for as many as 1,000,000 Muslim deaths.

    Condi Rice, Colin Powell, who delivered the Speech of Lies to the UN inaugurating the invasion of Iraq, and Dick Cheney, whose minimal Secret Service protection could not withstand a determined assassination attempt, also enjoy lives unmolested by terrorists.

    Remember the deck of cards that the Bush regime had with Iraqi faces? If terrorists had a similar deck, all of those named above would be “high value targets.” Yet, there has not been a single attempt on any one of them.

    Strange, isn’t it, that none of the above are faced with a terrorist threat. Yet, the tough, macho Navy Seals who allegedly killed Osama bin Laden must have their identity kept hidden so that they don’t become terrorist targets. These American supermen, highly trained killers themselves, don’t dare show their faces, but Rodriguez, Rumsfeld, and Condi Rice can walk around unmolested. Indeed, the Seals’ lives are so endangered that President Obama gave up the enormous public relations political benefit of a White House ceremony with the heroic Navy Seals. Very strange behavior for a politician. A couple of weeks after the alleged bin Laden killing, the Seals unit, or most of it, was wiped out in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

    If you were a Muslim terrorist seeking retribution for Washington’s crimes, would you try to smuggle aboard an airliner a bomb in your underwear or shoe in order to blow up people whose only responsibility for Washington’s war against Muslims is that they fell for Washington’s propaganda? If you wanted to blow up the innocent, wouldn’t you instead place your bomb in the middle of the mass of humanity waiting to clear airport security and take out TSA personnel along with passengers? Terrorists could coordinate their attacks, hitting a number of large airports across the US at the same minute. This would be real terror. Moreover, it would present TSA with an insolvable problem: how can people be screened before they are screened?

    Or coordinated attacks on shopping malls and sports events?

    Why should terrorists, if they exist, bother to kill people when it is easy to cause mayhem by not killing them? There are a large number of unguarded electric power substations. Entire regions of the country could be shut down. The simplest disruptive act would be to release large quantities of roofing nails in the midst of rush hour traffic in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. You get the picture: thousands and thousands of cars disabled with flat tires blocking the main arteries for days.

    Before some reader accuses me of giving terrorists ideas, ask yourself if you really think people so clever as to have allegedly planned and carried out 9/11 couldn’t think of such simple tactics, plots that could be carried out without having to defeat security or kill innocent people? My point isn’t what terrorists, if they exist, should do. The point is that the absence of easy-to-do acts of terrorism suggests that the terrorist threat is more hype than reality. Yet, we have an expensive, intrusive security apparatus that seems to have no real function except to exercise power over American citizens.

    In place of real terrorists carrying out easy plots, we have “terrorist” plots dreamed up by FBI and CIA agents, who then recruit some hapless or demented dupes, bribing them with money and heroic images of themselves, and supplying them with the plot and fake explosives. These are called “sting operations,” but they are not. They are orchestrations by our own security agencies that produce fake terrorist plots that are then “foiled” by the security agencies that hatched the plots. Washington’s announcement is always: “The public was never in danger.” Some terrorist plot! We have never been endangered by one, but the airports have been on orange alert for 11.5 years.

    The federal judiciary and brainwashed juries actually treat these concocted plots as real threats to American security despite the government’s announcements that the public was never in danger.

    The announcements of the “foiled” plots keep the brainwashed public docile and amenable to intrusive searches, warrantless spying, the growth of an unaccountable police state, and endless wars.

    The “War on Terror” is a hoax, one that has been successfully used to destroy the US Constitution and to complete the transformation of law from a shield of the people into a weapon in the hands of the state. By destroying habeas corpus, due process, and the presumption of innocence, the “War on Terror” has destroyed our security.

    Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House. Visit his website.

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    Default FIPS: So, who is going to Hell?

    FIPS: So, who is going to Hell?


    Quote Originally Posted by brother number three View Post

    Liberation theology activists will probably condemn authoritarian oligarchs and dictators who 'oppress the people' to hell. Take the case of Ghadaffi for example, he would probably be one who would be declared hell bound, and in fact certain governments including those of the U S and U K took steps to set the process in motion.

    Jimmy Swaggart condemns sweeping masses of peoples to hell, basically anyone who doesn't buy into his belief that he was given a revelation of 'The Cross' directly by YHWH in 1996 just when his flock was dwindling away and his huge parking lots were being reclaimed by nature from lack of use. (though he now appears to be renting part of the lot to the postal facility nearby as a kind of truck stop for their mail hauling 18 wheelers to use) Anyone who will not buy into his deliberately confusing and overcomplicated 'message' is in danger of losing their soul and winding up in sheol unless they buy his studies and commentaries and send money in his monthly begathons, the proceeds of which are used to purchase radio stations and support his 'ministry'. Catholics, muslims, protestants of the nonpentecostal variety, anyone who doesn't speak in tongues (bosh harra bobba tim la boola), followers of eastern religions, apostates, all except that certain tribe who inhabits a tiny piece of land in the middle east are in grave danger according to Jimmy, Donnie, Gabe and all the other members of his family empire.

    Likewise, I suppose many of us the infidel might be condemned to hell by islamists and extremist wahhabis, among others.

    What if hell is not necessarily fire and brimstone and jinn and devils coming up with ingenious torture methods? What if hell is being in a place where you have no choice but to watch mtv and reality shows and tv court programs nonstop forever and ever? While there is no physical torment the mental anguish and suffering would be excruciating. I guess this is my personal vision of hell. Hell may be tailored to different people. For obama for example, his version of hell might be having to live the same day every day working as a coal miner and living in a small town in West Virginia where no one buys his bullshit and doesn't give a fuck about his 'amazing story'.

    Certain people seem to find themselves on a short list of those who are designated by many as hell bound for sure. Hitler and Mohammed Atta come to mind, who else would be on many people's short list? Kony2012 was on the list for a while but seems to have fallen off, perhaps replaced by Charles Taylor of Liberia.

    We are talking about the same Jimmy Swaggart that hired whores to squat over him and piss into his face, nu? He later claimed he blubbered all the time they did it.

    Other personal Hell possibilities:
    V.I. Lenin becomes conscious every 24 hours, and then realizes he was accidentally embalmed while still alive 85 years ago, and is destined to remain in that paralytic, outwardly catatonic state for the next 90 million years, or 1 year for every Christian murdered as a result of his “revolution” . . . .

    John Lennon, on the other hand, will be compelled to listen to Yoko Ono’s unaccompanied singing voice for one year for every record he ever sold . . . .

    Franklynn Del-Ano Roosevelt will be paralyzed from the neck down this time, and a sprightly lil’ devil will constantly insert canine butt-fur clipping cigarettes into his holder, and give ol’ FDR a light . . . with a lil’ smile . . . .

    Meanwhile, Heleanor his wife, will be licked to the bone by female lions every 24 hours, and then find her flesh restored so the girls can go at it agin . . . .

    JFK will be tormented with dreams of Marilyn naked, soft . . . but every time he gets an erection, he is shot in the head and his brains splatter all over his crotch, deflating him until the next time . . . .

    LBJ will be accompanied by one of his beloved niggras, who will set pit bull/beagle mixes on the BJ’s ears for-effa and effa…

    Every Supreme Court Justice who served since the “School Desegregation” race-murder will be summoned every morning to a trial where he will be told the charges were presented yesterday, as were Prosecution and Defense opening statements, the case for each, closing statements, and the jury’s finding. Having been found guilty of said charges, he is then asked if he has anything to say in mitigation to the sentence of death by induced donkey-sodomy…

    Martin Lutha Kings will be found in a monster mash with the dry, decaying and yet still “lively” corpses of black and white whores, never to escape their tender mercies…even to give a speech!…

    Jimi Hendrix finds his favorite guitar, but then realizes that every time he starts to play, he begins to gag and choke on his own vomit…

    Zigmund Freud will be bound and gagged and have to listen to an ever-smiling and ever-energetic Jung nonstop for all eternity…

    Margaret Mead will be constantly beaten to a pulp by the non-violent sexually free young people of the South Seas . . . and, finally. . .

    Every Jew that never died in a gas chamber will awaken in such a place and start screaming. Just as the gas begins to rise from the ceramic pots where discs of Zyklon-B are dropped into straight lye, a door opens, and pretty, doll-like SS-attired “Death Camp Barbie” leads them down a hallway…“into the shower room”!
    I AM very trouble by the idea that the peopling of Heaven and Hell inverts the last 2000 years of history. If Heaven ends up being filled with creatures that my grandparents and ALL my ancestors prior to that would have wiped off the bottom of their sandals, does Hell then become preferable?

    In the movie "What Dreams May Come", Heaven is portrayed as a playground for jews, homosexuals and non-whites, while Hell is reserved for those who completely withdrew from "the community". In this Heaven, for example, a jew laughingly finds out that his daughter had the soul of an asian, while his journey is guided by a nigger athleteangel...




    The 8 Words: Back in the Oven! You're not done yet...
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    Default Adaptive evolution, increased worldliness and the decline of Christianity

    Adaptive evolution, increased worldliness and the decline of Christianity


    Few books have had a greater impact on me that Gregory Clark's A farewell to alms: a brief economic history of the world.


    The describes how a process of natural selection operating generation upon generation created a population psychologically adapted to generate the industrial revolution and modernity.

    This happened because the 'middle class' of cognitive specialists (merchants, clerks, craftsmen) had larger surviving families than the peasants, and even than the aristocratic upper class.

    Biologically, the middle classes had higher fitness.

    Since attributes such as intelligence and personality are substantially hereditary, this meant that the middle class psychology (intelligent, hard working, placid etc) permeated the whole of the English population (by some upward, but mostly downward, class mobility).


    One aspect of this may have been a population-wide increase in 'this-worldliness', and a decline in spirituality, other-worldliness, devoutness.

    If reproductive success in medieval England was associated with an orientation towards long-term security and prosperity, and increased effort at economic success - as apparently it was - then the population of England would, generation-upon-generation, become more this-worldly.

    Or, at least, the personality-type would make this outcome more likely (since free-will potentially enables a person to choose against their disposition).


    If this happened in England, it presumably happened in similar places.


    The process went into reverse from about 1800 when middle class behaviour (high intelligence, conscientiousness) became associated with lower reproductive success due to self-limited fertility.

    And this has continued until the middle classes are reproducing at at half the rate necessary to replace themselves.

    Later work by Clark has shown that a poor man in 1800 left behind many more descendants than a wealthy man in 1800.

    Thus, since 1800, it is a plain fact that the poorest classes have (biologically) the highest fitness.


    So we may assume that if psychological traits associated with worldly success (worldly traits) were selected from about 1000-1800 AD, then the opposite has been the case since then.

    But the native English population was, by 1800, very worldly by international standards - so it would take several generations for this to be reversed.

    However, probably, by now, the native English worldliness is well on the way to being reversed - rapidly assisted in the past decades by mass immigration form nations which never had been through adaptive selection for worldliness.


    This resembles a pendulum swing in relation to worldliness.

    In a religious society, there will always be potential for some groups to enhance their reproductive success by aiming at worldly success rather than spiritual goals.

    (Inserting a wedge between religious success and worldly success.)

    Insofar as they are successful they will change the population in the direction of increased worldliness, until fertility declines in the worldly group.

    (Fertility will tend to be lower in worldly people since worldly goods must be foregone in the short term in order to have children.)

    Then the unworldly will out-reproduce the worldly to make a more religious society.


    And so on . . .

    . . . for a while anyway; because this is not a true cycle with periodic return to a prior state, since adaptations can seldom wholly be undone nor lost adaptations precisely replaced. And because history has a direction and an end.

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    Default Race & Groups: The Libertarian Blind Spot

    Race & Groups: The Libertarian Blind Spot

    by John 'Birdman' Bryant


    John Donne could never have been a libertarian because he believed that "No man is an island", while libertarians seem to prefer a sort of reverse philosophy which holds that every man is an island. In particular, libertarians are so busy celebrating "the individual" that they give little or no attention to a phenomenon which is at least as important as individuals on the political landscape, namely, groups. It is true, of course, that groups can be regarded as collections of individuals, but it would be foolish to try to discuss politics purely on the basis of the behavior of individuals and without reference to groups, just as it would be foolish to try to describe the operation of a computer purely on the basis of the behavior of individual molecules and without reference to such important molecular groups as chips, wires, cards and hard disks.

    In a way, libertarianism's greatest success is in dealing with a very important group -- government -- by pointing out that social happiness is generally proportional to the extent to which the government keeps its nose out of the business of the citizens. But libertarians virtually ignore the political impact of all other groups, and in particular have failed to heed Lord Acton's injunction that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely". And altho I am certainly no fan of the Left, it is clear that the Left has a far better grip on reality than the libertarians with respect to Acton's observation, since the Left long ago recognized the danger which corporations pose to the body politic.

    So what then are the groups on the political landscape which libertarians ignore? They include groups with a financial interest in politics (corporations, labor unions), groups with a racial, ethnic, sexual or similar interest (blacks, Jews, homosexuals) and those with other specialized interests (gun control, gun rights, anti-censorship, anti-porn, medical freedom, etc). Such groups are not limited to lobbying organizations, but include any type of organization that has political clout.

    Actually, it is not quite right to say that libertarians ignore these groups, since libertarians probably do direct mail solicitations to many of them. But what libertarians fail to appreciate is that it makes far more sense to view the political game as having these groups as the players, rather than the vaunted "individual" with which libertarians are so enamored. The problem, however, is not just that libertarians organize their political perceptions poorly. Rather it is that their focus on the individual keeps them from seeing how the political process works, and thus prevents them from being an effective part of it, and in addition has caused them to embrace propositions which directly contradict basic libertarian principles.

    To explain, we begin by noting that the essence of the American political process -- at least as it involves legislative activity -- is not what the Founders conceived it to be (and what most libertarians seem to think it is), namely, the reflective consideration of what constitutes the greatest good for the greatest number. Instead, the political process may be summarized in one simple phrase: paying off the (few very wealthy) individuals who supply substantial money and the constituencies who supply both substantial money and substantial votes. And who are the constituencies? Very simply, they are the groups which libertarians ignore, and which constitute the major players in the political process. And what is more, such groups are the driving forces behind the types of legislation that libertarians hate: Welfare is driven by the black block vote; the largest recipient of foreign aid is Israel, driven by the notoriously-powerful Israeli lobby; laws hindering business are driven by labor unions; dumbed-down federalized education is driven by teachers' unions; restrictions on alternative medicine are driven by medical organizations and drug manufacturers; affirmative action is driven by large companies seeking to hurt their smaller competition for whom such programs are a greater proportional burden; drug laws are driven by anti-freedom groups and the enforcement bureaucracies, and so on.

    But even more important than the libertarian blind spot on groups is the fact mentioned above that ignoring groups has caused libertarians to violate fundamental libertarian principles. To explain, we note that libertarians are enthusiastic advocates of private property, and apparently have no objection to multiple-owner property such as condominiums or stockholder-owned corporations. So logically it would seem they would agree with the notion that countries are owned by their citizens, and may rightfully be defended by force from invaders and other trespassers. And yet we hear no end of libertarians who sing the praises of "open borders" and unlimited immigration.

    Which, to put it kindly, is illogical. And also insane.

    The insanity springs from what in philosophy is known as reductionism, ie, the belief that the whole is just the simple sum of its parts. The reductionist, then, holds that a country is just a bunch of disconnected individuals, hopefully libertarians.

    But this is foolish. A country is not a disconnected bunch of individuals, no matter how much libertarians think they are disconnected from everything except the Internet. It is a group of people who share a language and culture, with the result that their values are similar, and their desire to live together in the same geographic location is considerable. In Sir Walter Scott's words:

    Breathes there the man with soul so dead
    Who never to himself hath said
    "This is my own, my native land"?
    Whose heart hath ne'er within him burned
    As homeward his footsteps he hath turned
    From wandering on a foreign strand?
    If such there be, go mark him well:
    For him no minstrel raptures swell;
    High tho his titles, proud his name,
    Boundless his wealth as wish can claim;
    Despite those titles, power and pelf,
    The wretch concentered all in self;
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown
    And doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonored and unsung.


    Love of country, like love of one's mate or one's family, is often not well-perceived until separation. But it is real and palpable, and it has driven men since the dawn of time, as it drives them today. So for that overeducated clique of highbrow deep-thinkers known as libertarians to simply toss this emotion into the intellectual wastebasket as if it were somehow irrelevant to social order is fatuity raised to the nth degree.

    Love of country, like love of family, depends on one element more than any other: likeness. One's countrymen are like oneself in language and culture, just as one's family is like oneself in genetic relationship. In fact, this notion is so basic as to be rooted in our very language, and not just once, but twice: We like those whom we are like, and we are kind to those of our own kind.

    And one of those elements of likeness is race. It is not the only likeness -- language and culture are also likenesses -- and it may not be crucial in all cases to regarding someone as one's countryman, but it is clearly important.

    So what, then, is going to happen to a country which allows open borders (particularly coupled with the temptation of such freebies as welfare and Social Security), whose president celebrates the end of history for the white majority, and where the cult of multiculturalism is rammed down employers' throats and slipped quietly into the minds of youngsters by the New World Orderlies of the Education Establishment? What will happen is very simple: The country, along with its culture and language, and probably its race, is going to dissolve.

    And that, as it turns out, does not bode well for libertarians. This is because America, more than any other place on earth, has nourished the idea of individual liberty and brought it to fruition. The culture of America is the culture of liberty. But liberty-loving libertarians seem indifferent to throwing all that away. They are so enamored with corporate profits and so indifferent to the culture which has emerged from the coordinated efforts of the white European race that they are quite happy to flush the American nation down the toilet by allowing swarms of Turd- worlders to intermingle with, and eventually replace, the core American population. And even worse, sending the American nation down the tubes may in the long run turn out not to be as profitable as believed by the calculating Economic Man which libertarians have reduced human beings to; for shipping jobs overseas when American workers are too "inefficient" means the loss of an industrial base and the skills of workers who are employed in that industrial base, a situation which leaves the nation vulnerable in times of war when "free trade" is only a memory. Yes, it is perfectly true that this may result in higher prices for labor, and thus for consumer goods, but pricey goods are a small price to pay for priceless culture. Or to put the matter another way, Do libertarians really want to sell their freedom for a filthy mess of Turd-world free-trade pottage?

    Part of the open-borders/free-trade problem is that libertarians recognize that, without the temptation of government handouts, immigrants who come here would be those who want to work, and would therefore -- at least from an economic standpoint -- be good for the country. But this fact still doesn't change the culture argument against open borders, or the reality of immigration as it is now going on. Nor does it change the fact that, if the lower-status jobs which immigrants usually take cannot be filled, this will generate pressure for mechanization and automation which will have a long-term beneficial economic effect.

    We spoke earlier about the libertarian blind spot about race, and it is only fair to mention that this blind spot is partly the result of the desire on the part of libertarians to be regarded as "tolerant". And while we may acknowledge this as a nobly-intentioned sentiment, the ugly fact is that we are all racists. We are racists because evolution has made it instinctive for every living thing to love its own kind -- and what is racism but the love of one's own kind? How fatuous it is to think that we are morally obligated to toss out the product of a billion years of evolution in order to keep from being guilty of a sin which was regarded as a virtue till only yesterday!

    The reason evolution has made racism instinctive is that group membership helps the individual to survive. Groups give the individual members protection against other rival groups -- and if you don't believe it, just arrange for a sojurn in one of our multicultural prisons. So for libertarians to ignore man's racial nature -- to say nothing of the fact that the notion of individual liberty is a product of white European culture -- is both unscientific and -- if I may say so -- suicidal.

    In conclusion, if libertarians are realistic enuf to admit -- and indeed to celebrate -- man's selfish nature, isn't it time that they admitted and celebrated his racial nature as well? Or maybe all they need to do is realize that an interest in their race is really a selfish interest.

    * * Back to the Home Page of John "Birdman" Bryant, the World's Most Controversial Author * *

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    Default Why do modern people violate Natural Law?

    Why do modern people violate Natural Law?


    Natural Law is the inbuilt, universal human understanding of the good - the true, beautiful and virtuous.

    Modern people violate this, the modern state propagandises the violation of Natural Law, the violation of Natural Law is taught explicitly, and inculcated covertly, by the 'arts' and entertainment and news.

    (I mean that personal experience and observation are meaningless or intrinsically mistaken, that lies are truth, and truth is hate; that beauty is kitsch and deliberately-contrived-ugliness is true beauty, and the reversed/ inverted sexual morality which forms the focus of so much modern public and personal life where what was bad becomes a subsidised and coerced good, while what was good is labelled an agent of cruelty.)


    It is not because of stupidity. Everybody already knows (by its definition) Natural Law. But under Leftism people know it only to violate it. And this is evil - intentional, purposive, deliberate evil.

    To put it another way, the main problem is that people are not even not-even-trying to be good; they are actually trying to be bad, because they believe (because they are told, 24/7, and punished if they disagree) that bad is good.

    (But 'people' are not innocent victims of this evil propaganda - they contribute to it and profit by it and try to exploit it for their own ends; they are culpable, they are blame-worthy - they will be held to account not for that which was coerced upon them, but for their self-interested propagation of the ideology which rationalizes this coercion.)


    This is why there is no atheist solution to the current problems, it is why the secular Right is of no use; and why paganism is no use - why (ultimately) only traditional devout monotheism can and will defeat Leftism.

    Nothing else than monotheism has the solid transcendental core to withstand the multifaceted worldly materialism of Leftism.


    In the past, before the triumph of the Left, human society would 'naturally' be regulated by Natural Law.

    But we are now in a situation in which Natural Law is regarded as evil.

    (Evil because a universal tyrant, an inescapable and exclusive code of behaviour, a strangling constraint on freedom of self-development; because NL makes some people suffer - suffer either absolutely, or relatively compared with what they ideally-might experience... and so on.)

    Therefore reminding people of universal values is worthless, or even harmful - because modern Leftism is precisely about violating and inverting Natural Law ('subverting' is their favourite term).


    Argument is useless - the Left knows the arguments anyway (since they are common sense and based on universal knowledge and experience); but they will not argue.

    The Left know that their own arguments are incoherent but have chosen to embrace incoherence as a sign of their own depth of moral conviction.

    In fact incoherence is a sign of enthrallment to purposive evil, reflecting that evil is incoherent (because negative, destructive by its nature - the anti-Good does not need to be coherent).

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    Default Dulce et Decorum by Fred Reed

    Dulce et Decorum

    by Fred Reed


    I am a soldier. I am dirt. With Joshua I put the cities of Canaan to the sword while women screamed and tried to protect their babies. I spent long days in Nanjing butchering and butchering civilians because I enjoyed it. For I am a soldier. I am dirt. I firebombed Hamburg till the wind-fanned flames left nowhere to hide and the people burned screaming and their fat puddled in the streets. I am a soldier. I am dirt.

    On the crumbling walls of Angkor Wat, the Cold Lairs, trees now crawling over the walls, you may see me carved, marching, marching to kill forgotten peoples, it matters not whom. In the sweltering heat of Chichen Itza and the terrible winter of Stalingrad and the flaming paper cities of Japan and on the Death March of Corregidor I killed and killed, for I am a soldier. I am dirt. I kill.

    In this I glory. I spend my declining years drinking in bars with old soldiers I knew when Breda fell to us and we raped and killed and looted, when we torpedoed the troop ships and left the soldiers in their thousands to drown slowly as their strength gave out. The fierce exultation of watching Atlanta burn, Pearl Harbor, Nagasaki, these I remember lovingly. For I am dirt.

    Crush their skulls and eat their faces, we say with remembered bravado. We remember the adventures fondly. They almost had us at Plei Cuy when a 551 arrived with beehive rounds, and that put paid to them, hoo-ah.

    These are degenerate days. Once I breached the walls of Ilium or Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade and killed and looted and raped girls of seven in front of their parents – how they howled! Now perforce I say I do it for democracy, about which I don’t give a damn, or to end evil, though our allies are the worst tyrants we can find. Before, I could torture my captives between two slow fires, or by running a red-hot poker up their neither ends, and this in the public square for the amusement of a bored populace.

    Now I water-board them, bringing them to the edge of drowning, screaming, begging, puking, yes, that does nicely, now a little more water as their minds break, and maybe I will masturbate over it later. For I am a soldier. I am dirt. I am the worst of a sorry species.

    I am a soldier. I pride myself on my allegiance to duty, God, honor, country. My god is Moloch of the red fangs, who wills me to besiege a city into cannibalism, to catapult the severed heads of loved ones over the walls, with blankets infected with smallpox. My god, however named – Yahweh, Molloch, Satanas, Odin, imposes my duty, to kill, to rape.

    But if my country says to butcher, then butchery were no crime, but a source of honor. To kill for pure enjoyment, as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, is most contemptible, but to do it because Bush II, Tojo, Bin Laden, or Netanyahu commands it – this is virtue at its highest. Killing for your own reasons is criminal. Killing someone you have never seen for the benefit of a politician you have never met is a source of medals.

    I was a soldier once. I received certain medals. They were trivial medals. The meritorious variety are awarded for jumping into a trench of scared conscripted adolescents and bludgeoning them to death with a rifle butt. I lacked the character. But medals presented problems. If I put them in the toilet, they might clog it, but I certainly would not want children exposed to them. The military presents problems that Clausewitz did not anticipate.

    Once, in a war of no particular importance, I lay in a hospital of little importance in a country in Asia that didn’t matter. It was just a country. Soldiers kill, who and where and why being beyond their capacities for thought. I was blinded. Soldiers are dirt, and sometimes they get what they deserve. I did. Across from me, though I couldn’t see them, were the survivors of a tank crew. An RPG 2, which you probably don’t know what is, had hit their
    M60, which you probably don’t know what it, had cooked off the cherry juice, which you probably don’t know what is.

    I couldn’t see them. I was a soldier. I was dirt. But I was blind dirt. I couldn’t see them under the plastic sheeting under which they oozed serum. But they spoke of the fire within, and the loader and gunner screaming as their skin sloughed off, and they desperately tried to find the hatches and couldn’t, and died screaming, screaming, fingers groping for hatches they couldn’t find in the smoke and agony and terror, which is why I hate you sonosonfbitches that sent them and us to make money for McDonnell Douglas.

    For this we hold reunions. We get together in Wyoming and Tuscaloosa and Portland and remember when we were young and the war held off the boredom of life and the star shells flickered in the sky of Happy Valley and life meant nothing but was at least intense. I hated the H&I fire over the dark forests of a puzzled Cambodia and I hate you cocksuckers living soft at home for sending us and I and I hate what I did and I hate my friends who were there, who are really my only friends. And I hope you one day pay, what we paid, what our victims paid and they you pay it as we did. And this will bring me the only joy in my life.

    I am a soldier. I am dirt.

    December 10, 2012

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