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Thread: Newton County Jail-jewlag

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    Default Newton County Jail-jewlag

    Newton County Ken Copeland's jewlag


    Ken Copeland is the typpycull anglo-mestizo or mamzer common to law enforcement which simply loves to torture White People on behalf of the local criminal regimeist [d]ruling whiggers and other mamzers.

    I was imprisoned in Ken Copeland's Newton County Jail from May 10, 2005 to Dec. 6, 2005 when one of Copeland's deputies broke five of my teeth taking me to the NutHouse. Then I was jailed from July 30 to Oct. 23, 2008 until the expense of allowing me my full rights to access to a law library forced the corrupt Newton County Prosecuting attorney Jacob Skouby to allow me to finally post a $10,000 cash bond. Once I was able to be my own attorney, it was insisted that my retarded grandson had to actually testify against me as opposed to letting the local Children's Division baby-stealers get to create a videotape. At the first time when it came to prove the bogus charges, the case fell apart because my grandson refused to lie against me, so Skouby had to dismiss the charges after three and a half false imprisonment in the jail and the NutHouse.

    Copeland is essentially nothing more than the leader of a gang of thugs with badges who torture and misuse the law in order to coerce a confession and guilty plea. Nothing more.

    Of course, like all vicious and fearful regime criminals sensing that their pretense of law is about to come to an end in a bloody revolutionary civil war, these evildoers and thugs are oh, so sanctimonious. And nobody can break that sanctimoniousness short of simply torturing them and their spawn slowly to death to where they confess to a fraction of their crimes. Being fearful cowards they sense that they are hated, but unable to change simply because they are inherently evil.

    Copeland was no exception. When arguing with him, Copeland would smarm about how he obeyed the law, and merely enforced the law one moment and then the next would proceed to say that he wouldn't obey the law even if shown where he violated the law. Of course the judges, like Stremel, Perigo, but especially Selby and LePage were even more lawless, doing essentially whatever they wanted under color of law.

    Let there be no doubt that every decaying criminal regime makes laws in order to keep those in power alive and kicking in order to steal, rob, rape and murder their powerless prey and their political opposition. These laws in only a few cases are enforced against those in power. Those who make the law make the law to benefit them, and when those in power have nothing to gain from the law, they simply ignore it and enforce it selectively.

    So in short, the law is simply the machinations of those in power. As the law gets more corrupt and those in power get stupider and weaker, sooner or later nobody bothers to obey this man-made 'law' and a new elite comes into power, exterminates the ancient regime, and puts the resources of the surviving society under their own rule, which they may or may not codify and call 'law.' A militarily and politically strong new ruling elite will usually openly define their will as their law -- and woe betide the ancient regime-criminals and subjects who do make a demurrer to this new 'law.'

    What I choose to do in this subforum is to expose the lawlessness of the Newton County current [d]ruling regime criminals. You see, what is inevitable is that these regime criminals will reap the reward of their greed, stupidity and lawlessness. Every single little pig and jewdge and lawyer and bankster seems to have in abundance the arrogance that they can do whatever they please and call it law. Yet they hold in a sort of genetic memory what happened to other pigs and regime criminals of ancient regime-criminals past when they lost control and their inner barbarians rose in revolt and the outer barbarians streamed in to pillage and loot, sometimes at the exact same time. Essentially these regime criminals are parasites needing extermination root and branch and this revolt shall indeed arrive and with redoubled fury.

    So this thread involves how Ken Copeland, as nasty and as evil a mamzer -- miscegenated bastard which under the Law of Deut. 23:2 should not be allowed to live among White Christian Israel -- simply got overly arrogant and overtly violated the law concerning how those people confined in his jail have an absolute right to consult with an attorney on their case. Copeland refused to allow this piece of shit lawyer who used to be the McDonald County Prostitutor to see his client in the jail and violated a kort order from another piece of shit jewdge named John LePage.

    So what we have are regime criminals and parasites at cross-purposes with each other -- which is common with selfish regime criminals obeying no law other than what they can get away with. Rivalries between regime criminals leads to conflict and a sort of division which the underclass will exploit.

    It is not that sacred scrap of toilet paper, the CONstitution and Bill of Goods which keeps regime criminals in line -- right now they do whatever they please and say that it is lawful and they got the regime korts to claim that they have 'sovereign immunity' from civil suit while they will not press criminal charges against theysselfs -- but rather a fear that everything that they do will be used against theysselfs when they are no longer in power.

    So as to increase the hatred and contempt for those subject to the Newton County regime criminals and a cause for extermination of same through civil warfare, this thread covers the criminal regime run by Sheriff-[s]elect Ken Copeland and Copeland's regime criminal enablers.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Neosho Daily Douche -- Attorney: Sheriff denied access to his client -- Dec. 15, 2009

    Neosho Daily Douche -- Attorney: Sheriff denied access to his client -- Dec. 15, 2009

    Attorney: Sheriff denied access to his client

    Posted Dec 15, 2009 @ 03:30 PM
    Last update Dec 15, 2009 @ 05:18 PM
    Neosho, Mo. —

    A local attorney says he was denied access to a client and is in process of filing a complaint against Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland.

    According to www.crimesceneinvestigations.blogspot.com, Pineville-based attorney Duane Cooper claims that he was not allowed to see one of his clients on an afternoon Dec. 9 call to the Newton County Jail.

    The Web site report said Cooper, who was unavailable for comment prior to press-time, was initially told they were feeding the prisoners when he arrived at the jail. He called the judge to issue him a court order to have access to his client. Cooper did not see his client that day and is filing a complaint.

    The Newton County Sheriff’s Department issued a press release this afternoon noting that during Cooper’s attempted visit on Dec. 9 the jail was staffed for evening operations, not visitation. Copeland received the call that day from McDonald County Judge John LePage and called a deputy to accompany Cooper. The release states, "There was, however, a miscommunication between the deputy and a corrections officer and the visit did not occur."

    Copeland's statement says he did not find out about the missed visit until Dec. 12 and that he nor his staff were willful or intentionally negligent in the matter.

    Missouri Revised Statutes 554.170 and 545.820 both require that defense attorneys have access to imprisoned clients at all "reasonable times."

    Copeland said he has total confidence in the law and in the Newton County justice system.

    “I’ve followed the laws of the state of Missouri,” Copeland said. “I’m in charge of the jail and the safety and security of the prisoners, the staff and the citizens of Newton County and I’ve followed those laws and and will continue to do so.”
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    Default Defense Attorney Seeks Criminal Charges Against Newton County Sheriff

    Defense Attorney Seeks Criminal Charges Against Newton County Sheriff


    Defense attorney seeks charges against Newton County sheriff w/ Cooper letter to Judge LePage

    By Derek Spellman
    December 16, 2009 04:49 pm


    NEOSHO, Mo. — The Newton County prosecutor’s office is reviewing a defense attorney’s complaint that the sheriff denied him access to a client in jail last week, officials said Wednesday.

    Duane Cooper, a Pineville-based attorney, said he is pushing for both a misdemeanor criminal charge and a contempt of court charge to be leveled against Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland after the department allegedly barred Cooper from conferring with a client Dec. 9. Cooper alleges that the Sheriff’s Department failed to afford him that access even after the sheriff was orally directed to do so by Judge John LePage earlier that day.

    The sheriff has said there were “no willful or intentionally negligent actions by me or any of my staff.” Copeland said he instructed a deputy to take Cooper to his client later Dec. 9, although he acknowledged that a communication “snafu” resulted in Cooper not being able to consult with his client.

    Copeland said the jail’s policies on attorney access comply with state law.

    Cooper is asking for an outside investigation into the matter, according to correspondence he has sent to Newton County Prosecutor Jacob Skouby, partially on grounds that the sheriff already has solicited advice on whether the jail’s policies comply with state law. Cooper provided copies of that correspondence to the Globe on Wednesday.

    Cooper said that if Skouby declines an outside probe, he will directly ask the state attorney general’s office for one.

    “Sheriff Copeland did willfully refuse to (allow access) and I remained at the jail for nearly five hours awaiting for my visit,” Cooper, a former McDonald County prosecutor, wrote in his complaint to Skouby. “That visit never happened.”

    Skouby said Cooper’s complaint is under review and that he is asking for responses from all the parties involved. Based on those responses, he said, he will determine whether there are grounds to request an outside investigation.

    “I’m doing a preliminary investigation,” Skouby said. He said he expects to have that complete within the next few days.

    “We’ve done no wrongdoing,” the sheriff said. “We wouldn’t deny an attorney access.”

    Dec. 9

    Cooper said he arrived at the Newton County Jail at 4:20 p.m. Dec. 9 to see a client, whom he declined to identify. He said he had been enlisted as the attorney by the defendant’s family about an hour earlier.

    Cooper alleges that the department staff told him when he arrived that he could not consult with his client because the inmates were being fed. Cooper said the staff also told him that he could not visit with his client after the feeding because of a department “shift change,” which Copeland said means the department has fewer staff members on hand than during its regular hours of 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Cooper, according to his account, told the staff that he “was not intending to be difficult, but that I did have the absolute right to visit my client for consultation.”

    Cooper said he then spoke with Copeland on the phone sometime between 4:20 and 4:30 p.m. that day, and that the sheriff told him that his request to visit his client was “bulls---” and reiterated that Cooper could not see his client that day.

    Copeland disputed Cooper’s account and denied that anyone ever told Cooper that he could not meet with his client, only that it would be “a while” that day so the jail staff could make arrangements.

    Regardless, Cooper contacted LePage, an associate circuit judge based in McDonald County, who then told Copeland in a separate phone conversation that the sheriff had to grant Cooper access under federal law.

    Asked why he contacted LePage, Cooper said he was directed to that judge by the Newton County Circuit Court office since LePage was the “duty judge” at that time. The 40th Judicial Circuit encompasses Newton and McDonald counties.

    Cooper alleges in his written account that during a second telephone conversation with Copeland, the sheriff told him “I had better not ever f---ing go over his f---ing head to a f---ing judge ever again or he and I would have f---ing problems.”

    Copeland contests that account, too. He acknowledged that he was angry, but said Cooper was being “belligerent” and “abrasive.”

    Cooper said he was being insistent, but not belligerent or abrasive.

    “The only person to curse was the sheriff,” he said.

    Copeland said he instructed a deputy to take Cooper to see his client, although the sheriff said a “miscommunication between the deputy and a corrections officer” resulted in the visit not taking place. Cooper said the deputy had told him that the sheriff was to call the jail staff members and tell them when he could see his client.

    “This was a snafu,” Copeland said of the communication lapse. He said he was not apprised of it until several days later.

    Cooper said he ended up waiting at the jail until after 9 p.m. and was never taken to his client. He then left, lodging a complaint with Skouby the next day.

    U.S., state rules

    Copeland said Missouri law requires that attorneys have access to their clients “at all reasonable hours.” He said neither Cooper nor LePage has shown him what kind of access is required by federal law.

    When contacted for comment Wednesday, LePage said his citing of federal law referred to the U.S. Constitution. Beyond that, he declined to comment on any aspects of the case.

    “I won’t comment on any specifics on this one,” LePage told the Globe, citing ethical rules for judges.

    Cooper said he believes his visit complied with the state’s “reasonable hours” standard, pointing out that he arrived at 4:20 in the afternoon.

    “Their (the sheriff’s) office doesn’t close till 5,” Cooper said.

    Cooper also has asked how the Newton County Sheriff’s Department policy compares with those of other jails.

    Several phone messages left Wednesday for Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn were not returned. Neither was a message left for Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly.

    McDonald County Sheriff Robert Evenson said his department grants unrestricted access to attorneys, saying that is what is required by the Constitution.

    “An attorney can come see a client at any time,” Evenson said.

    Barton County Sheriff Mitchell Shaw was not available for comment Wednesday. A dispatcher, Bill Gaither, said the policy there is “normally unrestricted” when it comes to attorneys consulting with clients at the jail.

    “We try to deal with the attorneys as well as we can,” he said, noting that the department has no set hours for client consultations.

    Regular hours

    Copeland said his department’s regular visitation hours for attorneys are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., citing safety and security concerns tied with staffing levels. He said his department can and does make “special arrangements” for attorneys who seek to visit outside those hours, including weekends.

    He said Cooper’s complaint marks the first time the department has encountered a problem with the policy.

    Copeland also said Skouby and Presiding Circuit Judge Tim Perigo assured him that the policy complied with state and federal law.

    Asked about that Wednesday, Skouby said he had seen “nothing at this point to suggest” that the policy breached any laws.

    He acknowledged the importance of defense lawyers having access to clients, although he said the Constitution’s provisions for right to counsel “in and of itself doesn’t mean unfettered access.” He said he would have to defer to a judge on what “reasonable hours” means.

    Two Pages of Cooper's Complaint to jewdge LePage



    Quote Originally Posted by Sissy5840
    Hey good luck! I am going through a situation with newton county also and I had previously wrote the attorney general office and they told me that since it is a county jail there was nothing they could do because it was not state related. Please let me know if you find someone to go higher up to I would appreciate it.
    Quote Originally Posted by plato
    "Newton county resident", what do you mean by saying Mac county is "imbred". Please explain.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle Eye
    Im sending some soap down to Newton county so we can wash out Copelands mouth. Cooper is playing tackle football here. Copeland-Fife and his apple dumplin gang will be called out. they were too busy stuffing their mouths with turk and pie and donuts and jelly rolls and twinkies and and were all whispering about the drama as they were stalling cooper and walking around him.

    Im sure that in court Copeland will not be able to address the Judge as "F-ing Judge". What ever happened to Respect? I'll get serious for a bit... Therte is already enough abuse of power with law enforcement. Dont think for a minute that your mustache wearing, grandpa looking sheriff isnt capable of this and more. Lets recall at "the watering hole" over the summer, a man committed suicide after an encounter with Cope and the deputies. He may not have been at fault for this mans death but they sure started one heck of a big fire over an insurance policy and seeing who had the bigger ego. No matter what way you look at it. That seems fishy. showing up with 5 deps to check for insurance. Cmon
    Quote Originally Posted by Utterly Misinformed
    When ALL of the facts in this matter have surfaced, and you realize that what you read today was only a portion of events that took place, you will see how being misinformed can alter how you perceive right and wrong. It’s always easy to make up our mind when we only have minimal knowledge on the subject matter, which in itself, is stupidity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sissy5840
    Hey good luck! I am going through a situation with newton county also and I had previously wrote the attorney general office and they told me that since it is a county jail there was nothing they could do because it was not state related. Please let me know if you find someone to go higher up to I would appreciate it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Give Me A Break!
    I am embarrassed that something so trivial has gone to this level and that the Globe would even write such a story. Sheriff Copeland is a good man and does a wonderful job protecting Newton County AND the surrounding counties, not to mention being overly kind to his prisoners. Do you know that he personally prepared food for them on Thanksgiving? You don't hear THOSE stories in the paper, now do you??? Mr. Cooper, I respected you but now...not so sure. Just because your day didn't go your way, you call your buddy the Judge to tattle? We are not in highschool. We are all human and things don't always run the way would like. Grow up! You owe Ken Copeland and the taxpayers an apology for now wasting EVERYONE's time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uh..Dude?
    An attorney has the absolute right to see his client. The fact there is a "shift change" doesn't excuse the failures of the Newton County Sheriff in this case. Getting into a urinating contest with an attorney isn't going to help either. Not because this Cooper fellow is so powerful, but because he (Cooper) has the ability to make an issue out of everything each time he deals with the jail. Food, medicine, court dress, allegations of abuse, you name it. Copeland should just say a simple "sorry" let his pride slide a little bit and make sure his staff receives training on attorney-client visits in jail.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Kelly
    Sheriff, Keep up your Good work. We know you have a Jail to run. This Lawyer is just trying to get his man off, from whatever he did. May be a smart move as a lawyer but come,on let the Sheriff do his job.
    Quote Originally Posted by concerned
    Ya in Mac County they are use to visiting clients while they are outside smoking or washing patrol cars. Things are ran a little different in Counties that keep ther inmates in a secure facility. Reasonable hours sounds pretty reasonable to me. Mr. Copeland had done nothing wrong and the attroney could have came back anytime or was he just trying to start problems is the question.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle Eye
    So I guessed we nailed this yesterday. Copelands F-bomb rampage says it all. attorney was there to visit his client at a "reasonable" time. If Copeland could have handled his kool and ignored the attorney as he blew him off, he might have gotten away with this. but, when the attorney saw blood in the water and called for the second time,after the Judge's phone call- Copeland blew a gasket and gave away his position. Copeland needs to go to hollywood and try out for some cop movies. We need someone with integrity. this is starting to get way too familiar with this guy
    Quote Originally Posted by Newton County Resident
    Your telling me that Newton County is way worse than imbred Mac county??? Sheriff Copeland is a great sheriff. Why didnt the "former prsecuting attorney" talk with someone at the jail instead of setting there for 5 hours like he said he did? If he was as smart as some of you people are portraying then he would have asked a deputy time and time again until he saw his client. My guess is he was only there for a little bit. I hope there is not an outside investigation and I hope Mr. Skouby will prove that there was no wrongdoing. Keep up the great work Sheriff Copeland. You do have supporters behind you!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Newton County voter
    Mr. Copeland is a good man and a good leader. He runs a courtious department, who have always been there to protect us. Lawyers always twist things into something. GIVEN, HE IS A DEFENSE LAWYER! Showing up at the end of buisness hours wanting to talk to a jail bird is not reasonable if their staffing is lower. Mr. Copeland, the good people of the county are behind you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Let it go - Let it go
    Mr. Cooper - You may have a right to visit your client but I don't think that extends to 'an absolute right' as you claims. The safety and security of the jail staff is paramount. If the jail staffing in the evening is such that it would not be safe (ie: reasonable) then I think that you should have returned the next morning to see your client. You live in Neosho so it would not have been a huge issue inconvenience for you to stop in before going to Pineville. As far as seeking to remove Sheriff Copeland from office is concerned - let it go Duane, let it go......it couldn't have been THAT big of a deal for you to go back to the jail the next morning.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mac County registered voter
    Duane, you rock !!! That department has been "shady " for many years. There was an obvious problem and it is Ken Copeland and his need to throw his weight around. I believe that all the conversations took place and the colorful words did happen. I think you bothered him during the football game and that angered him. Keep up you end of justice will prevail. Registered voters of Newton County need to take a good hard look at their elected officials..right down to the city level..
    Quote Originally Posted by WOW
    Quote Originally Posted by badboy
    Sir Ken of Copeland has met his match . This attorney is not going to put up with King Copeland's way of doing things . Copeland's tree getting shook is way over due .
    Quote Originally Posted by cops........lol
    If that sheriff's office is like several others around the vicinity..they will get by with murder..(literally). They cover up for each- it's that blue shield of law they have. Even when your right and want justice..justice is denied if there is any law enforcement involved!
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    Default Newton County Prostitutor Jacob Skouby 'Investigates' His Crooked Sheriff and Lets Him Commit More Crimes

    Newton County Prostitutor Jacob Skouby 'Investigates' His Crooked Sheriff and Lets Him Commit More Crimes


    Newton County sheriff Copeland will not face criminal charges

    Published December 17, 2009 02:03 pm


    Jacob Skouby, prosecuting attorney in Newton County, on Thursday said Sheriff Ken Copeland will not face criminal charges for allegedly denying a defense attorney access to a client.

    “I have completed my investigation into the complaint of criminal wrongdoing made against Sheriff Ken Copeland by defense attorney Duane Cooper,’’ said Skouby, in a prepared statement. “I find that there are no grounds for the filing of criminal charges.’’

    On Dec. 9, Cooper was denied access to a client that was incarcerated in the Newton County Jail. On Dec. 11, Cooper sent an affidavit and complaint to Skouby’s office asking for criminal charges to be filed against the sheriff.

    Missouri law allows a confined person to consult with his counsel at any reasonable time. It is a Class A misdemeanor for any law enforcement officer to refuse to allow this consultation.

    Skouby said, “It is my finding the sheriff attempted to facilitate the meeting, but a miscommunication with the deputy he contacted prevented it from happening. There is no evidence the sheriff tried to prevent the meeting. In fact, just the opposite appears to be true.’’

    For more on this story pick up a copy of Friday's Globe.



    Quote Originally Posted by We want honest cops!!
    Charmed, it's been corroput for many years. . . Not just this County either. The cops, judges, courts, and everyone in that field stands behind that blue law. The ones who were done wrong get the screws from everyone especially if it involves anyone in law enforcement. I have no confidence in law enforcement in the 4 state area- they've shown their true colors.
    Quote Originally Posted by me
    im sure there is more to this story...
    Quote Originally Posted by Charmed
    Not in Newton County. I have witnessed shocking things concerning Newton County and the fact that nothing is done about it is even more shocking. Its frustrating and very sad.
    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    I'm sick of the "hero" syndrome some of you right wing extremists push about the "law enforcement" officials here. You are a hero when you do something heroic, not when you get voted in as sheriff. If he didn't want the job, he wasn't forced to take it. The corruption here is a fact that is "discovered" every few years when the other crooks get tired of someone and get rid of them.
    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    Right Guys...let's believe an attorney over a public servant that gets paid pennies on the dollar and puts his life on the line consistently. See things for what they are not for what they seem.
    Quote Originally Posted by ???
    Of course he wouldn't, do you not recognize royalty when you see it?
    Quote Originally Posted by jimmie
    Did anyone think the situation would go against a sheriff in this county??
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    Default jewplin Glob -- In our view: Paying the price -- 7Feb10

    jewplin Glob -- In our view: Paying the price -- 7Feb10


    Quote Originally Posted by jewplin Glob editurial shitheads

    Published February 07, 2010 09:20 am

    “Build it and they will come.”

    Maybe that’s a fitting mantra for a baseball field, but it’s not exactly the slogan we’re looking for when it comes to jails and prisons.

    Yet, that’s the end result. No sooner is a new jail built or expanded, then it’s suddenly overcrowded.

    Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland is just one of many sheriffs in our area looking to expand his jail.

    Newton County officials are reviewing construction costs, but could make a decision this month or in March whether to move forward with the expansion. The cost is estimated at $3.5 million and would give the jail 40 to 50 more beds.

    The Globe recently toured the Newton County jail. While it was clean and looked well-maintained, we saw the evidence of overcrowding. In some units at least one to two inmates were sleeping on mats on the floor. The jail was built for 80 beds, but the inmate population runs about 103 or more. Last summer there were some days when 136 prisoners were being housed at the jail. Bonds made available through the federal stimulus program would be used to pay for the construction, and they would be paid off through the general revenue fund over the next 15 years.

    The problem? Well before the expansion is paid for, the jail will be overcrowded again. Copeland doesn’t dispute the likelihood, but he, like others who run a jail, are looking for answers. So are we.

    Last week Missouri Chief Justice William Ray Price urged legislators to find ways to fight crime without putting more people into prison. He urged the expansion of special drug and drunken driving courts that focus on treatment, adding that the state’s nonviolent offenders need to be rehabilitated, rather than jailed.

    In our view, lawmakers should consider some of the measures Price is suggesting. We especially encourage proactive approaches that focus on trying to find out why people use drugs or why they drink and drive. And, why does Missouri continue to rank No. 1 in the country in meth-making?

    Until we can answer these question, jail doors will continue to revolve for a certain number of people who can’t shake a destructive lifestyle. Yes, they’ll pay the price with jail time.

    Meanwhile, we’ll pay the price with more and more of our tax money.



    The jewspapers were/are the first to recommend turning the ZOGland into a police state, bringing in non-whites, and jailing and taxing White people into extinction, at least until the [d]ruling regime criminals like this jewpreme kort jewdge sort of wakes up and figures now that they have disenfranchised the productive White population, turned them into criminals and slaves, and now such are in a sullen mood and ready to do the same unto the regime criminals in power the second the positions of political and police powers change. The [d]ruling regime criminals are beginning to sense that now is the time to sing a pious psalm about 'mercy' and 'justice' and how the authorities shouldn't be imprisoning into worthlessness the overwhelming majority of its dispossessed whigger slaves.

    Of course this changing of the tunes is altogether caused, not by decency -- of which regime-criminal whiggers have absolutely none -- but rather by the fact that what the local regime criminals dish up, that Revolutionists can of course use against the former regime criminals and regime-criminal enablers when they are tied to the wheel ready to be broken in theyz' turn. Like the jew putting in itz kikes-mite to a Christian charity, they want to pretend that this pecker-washing pharisaical pittance will overshadow their rapacity in destroying the social order by stealing and robbing trillions. I suggest that after these regime criminals be broken on the wheel by their vengeful victims, that a dash of salt on the wounds would be no more than such counter-revolutionary parasites deserve, as in the words of jewseph Stalin, counter-revolutionary parasites not being likely to liquidate theysselfs.

    Back in the daze of the crooked Ron Doerge, who agitated for a bigger jail, I warned the thieving county commissioners and Newton County whiggers that if the jail was moved from the third floor of the Newton County korthouse, that Ron Doerge would proceed to fill the new proposed jail. After all, with room only for twenty prisoners the crooked sheriff would put forty people in it. It was a limit of only forty stacked double which made the local conviction mill grant a reasonable bail or release on own recognizance to the vast majority of people according to the laws and rules of kort and the CONstipation and Bill of Goods. Back then the crooked practice like what they required of myself a $100,000 cash bond set high precisely so that I wouldn't be able to make bail and defend myself wouldn't have been possible because there wouldn't have been room enough in the small facilities on the third floor. But given that all politicians were crooks, and crooked old Max Carter was supposedly given a $50,000 kickback for locating the new proposed jail at the former Pet Milk plant which closed down, the jail went through, after costing a half-million in consulting fees and kickbacks and cost overruns, which is how most pub[l]ic building is done.

    So the new jail was built back in 1993 or 1994 and Ron Doerge was very proud to show it off. And, as predicted, the jail filled from a capacity of eighty to 100 and sometimes 120 or so. So building a jail with twice as many beds ended up imprisoning three times as many people. And Ronblow was of course making plenty of money along with the renegade telephone companies to cheat inmates and their families. And, of course, there is no law library, just a public pretender to sell people out.

    You see, Copeland is simply another anglo-mestizo cork-eyed mamzer who gets off on being above the law. Essentially he runs a torture center. It is because of regime criminal piglice like Copeland and his other vicious knuckle-dragging torturing deputies and piglice that what is necessary to restore a White Nationalist state is the absolute extermination of not only every single piglice, lawyer and jewdge and their family, and the extermination of every single jewspaper liar and pub[l]ic skrewl teacher who supports this ZOG/Babylon, but first what is necessary is a racial, religious and class civil war in which the new "Ten-Thousand Warlords" eliminate in this Civil War II/Great Tribulation well over 90% of the whiggers as well as all of the jews, niggers, and sundry muds.

    Essentially what a jail does is to create people who hate the System. After being railroaded and treated like shit -- especially if you are innocent -- even the stupidest whigger learns that nothing is like they taught it in civic class. All that edjewmacation about the goodness of the System is taken out of a whigger's head and what the whigger becomes is usually a hypocrite, like most criminals. Everyone else is guilty and deserves to be tortured, but pore whigger criminal vermin is innocent. Occasionally a whigger will become a Revolutionary, and upon learning more understands that there is no such thing as an 'innocent whigger.' A whigger herd animal on ZOG's side is by definition a racial traitor because ZOG/Babylon is out to destroy the White race, as urged on to by jews and shabbes whiggers. Such rabid lemmings need to be put down quickly en masse before they damage healthy herd animals. And since there is no jailing 140 million whiggers and successfully enslaving them to good work by not even 10 million survivors of the ongoing Civil War, the only practical policy is to hold whiggers responsible for the crimes of the local regime criminals and encourage them to skin alive the current regime criminals.

    So, I suppose an expanded jail might be useful to hold regime criminals and their spawn while they are being rounded up and tortured into making a confession. The Lubyanka prison was originally built as an office building and it was easily converted to its grimmer use by my hero, Felix Dzerzhinsky. Iron Felix would use the local kortyard to bring piglice who thought they were tough and wire up their nuts to a Model-T Ford and elicit a confession. So I'll not oppose a rebuilt jail as I think it will be a useful building to hold and torture regime criminals and theyz spawn just as the Newton County regime criminals use it as a venue to jail, torture and railroad their political prisoners. Any whining by regime criminals about how unfair it is to be shoved off to die in the pit that they dug for others can of course be choked off from theyz' sanctimonious drivel by their enjoyment of their diagnosis of Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome. There never was a spawn of Satan regime-criminal or baal priest yet whelped who was able to maintain an attitude of self-righteousness when they are biting off theyz spawns' testicles and eating them raw through broken off teeth, especially when you remind them that what goes around cums around. Ditto for baal-priests, jewrnalists, and regime-criminal enablers.

    So what to do about this? And the answer is that if the county commissioners go ahead and vote for digging a deeper pit for regime criminals to torture the whigger and anglo-mestizo/whigger-mamzer inhabitants of this county, then they should be deemed siding for this evil mamzer pig Ken Copeland. After all, there really isn't any sense in building a bigger jail just to put more prisoners in it, or so that political prisoners can be confined in solitary confinement and thus be mentally unable to interact socially with others. Copeland will continue to put all them whigger feebs on trumped up charges of statutory sodomy for getting and giving blowjobs from and to their sixteen-year-old girlfriends five to a two-man cell locked down 23 hours per day. All that will happen is that more people will be put in jail, railroaded through the System on trumped-up charges, and end up becoming an enemy of the System and determined to get Justice, especially if the only way to get Justice is to participate in a Civil War which will kill all the jews and muds and ninety percent of the whigger sheep.

    Of course if they do go ahead, I think that they should be forced to eat theyz nuts along with that of their spawn raw and through broken off teeth. If they tell Ken the Bagman Copeland to pound sand up itz ass and he isn't getting a bigger jail, then maybe they get to suffer from Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome but with cooked franks-and-beans and with proper tableware settings.

    As for the jewplin Glob jewspaper swine, I love it how nobody much reads their jewspaper except for the grocery ads. These swine had a CD-ROM of my video deposition as to how the Newton County regime criminals wanted to destroy my family and have me murdered in prison. Instead, they chose to print up the lies by Copeland that I was a 'serial child molester' with the result that Copeland let the common degenerate criminals play at trying to lynch me the night of May 10th and 11th, 2005. The penalty for deliberately printing lies put out by the piglice and prostitutors should be skinning alive after being branded by the victims of their lies, with the pelts posted at the old jewspaper newsroom and present public draughthouse.

    Are they printing that maybe not so many people who disobey ZOG should be imprisoned and jailed and railroaded because they are decent human beings? No, they are not. Rather they are simply regime-criminal enablers who have figured out, along with the jewdges, that their time of mis-[d]rule is cumming to an end, as the whigger Piss-pul no longer can support such a massive police state, and they want to be able to beg for mercy from those they formerly had imprisoned.

    Exterminate them all, and let YHWH sort them out for resurrection to a quick scorch in Hell, they and their tare mamzerized spawn.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Drawings approved for Newton County jewlag & torture center expansion

    Drawings approved for jail expansion


    The Newton County Jail was built in 1995 to house 80 inmates, but typically has more than 100.

    By Amye Buckley
    Neosho Daily News
    Posted Sep 05, 2010 @ 01:31 AM

    Neosho, Mo. — Plans are in place for a proposed jail expansion in Newton County, but the $1.66 million cost estimate has put it out of reach for the present.

    “What they have – the plan right now – is a 48-bed addition and a renovation to the existing book-in area which will include some greatly needed medical cells,” said Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland.

    The plan would add two pods to the jail – a 5,700-square-foot addition – add an expanded kitchen and convert the existing one into medical cells where inmates with special needs could be close to the booking area so jailers can monitor their medication and needs.

    “We’ve had guys on breathing machines here before,” Copeland said. “We’ve had guys with broken arms and legs. We’ve had them with no legs. You can’t put a wheelchair or a pair of crutches back in a pod with a bunch of people so we have to keep them isolated from the others.”

    The jail – like many others – is too full, Copeland said, and that can cause problems.

    “Fights go up, assaults go up. We had four fights in the last two weeks and two assaults that sent two inmates to the hospital,” he said. “Typically that was from being overcrowded.”

    When the jail was above the courthouse it was built for 36. In 1995, an 80-bed jail facility was built and the county thought they were set for a long time, but in the last six to seven years, Copeland said, the jail population has increased.

    “It keeps going up every year,” Copeland said.

    The plans call for the new addition to match the current exterior, adding on space to the east behind the building. The building was designed for additions.

    “They had the foresight to build it that way and structure it that way so you could come in and add more pods,” Copeland said.

    What the county could not envision was the current economic slump. Sales tax revenues need to turn around before the county can think about adding a $1,662,340 project to the list said presiding commissioner Jerry Carter.

    “There’s no question that we need to take seriously the need for expanding the jail,” Carter said. “That’s a huge responsibility down there and the people who have to manage it need to have the very best tools and equipment.”

    The county has looked for funds to construct the project. They explored stimulus funding and other grants, but so far have received no outside aid.

    Alternates are off the table for now, Carter said, but if they did have the funding those would bump the building’s cost up to $1,884,672.

    Alternate one would add a video conferencing system that would allow for video visitation and video arraignments. Alternate two would add a walk in cooler and freezer: The jail currently uses consumer model refrigerators and freezers. A third alternate would provide emergency power for the entire building; currently the emergency lights and security system are the only things powered by an emergency generator. The fourth alternate would construct a second vehicle sally port where prisoners could be unloaded in a lock-down facility.

    “There’s prisoners coming in and out of here big time,” Copeland said. “So when the sally port is full we park outside and walk ‘em in.”

    The jail houses inmates for every law enforcement agency in Newton County. Inmates arrested on felony charges on the Newton County side of Joplin are also brought down.

    Running a jail is not a money-making exercise. Cities pay $30-per-day for an inmate’s board. The state reimburses the county for inmates housed on felony charges, but not until after they have been convicted and sentenced. The state reimbursement has dropped in cuts this year from $22 per day to $19.58. Copeland was told that the state set aside a budget for those expenses and once it is exhausted they’re through for the year. None of that covers the county’s cost.

    “We’re in the same boat as many, many other jails across the state of Missouri,” Copeland said. “Populations have gone up and they’re overcrowded, prisons are being overcrowded.”

    Friday the jail had 104 inmates, but other days they may have 140.

    “Right now it’s a big need, but at some point we’ll be forced into doing it,” Copeland said. “We will make do. We’ve got a lot of good folks that work here. They’ve been working under some tough conditions for a long time now with the overcrowding, but we’ll continue to do just that until the time is right. It just can’t get here soon enough for us.”

    Copyright 2010 Neosho Daily News. Some rights reserved


    The Neosho Daily Douche

    All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print

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    Default Jail staff, inmates respond to two suicide attempts

    Jail staff, inmates respond to two suicide attempts


    By Staff Reports
    Neosho Daily News
    Posted Apr 25, 2012 @ 09:25 AM

    Neosho, Mo. — Newton County Jail staff responded to two suicide attempts Monday night at the jail.

    Sheriff Ken Copeland said the attempted suicides occurred at approximately 9 p.m., when the two inmates used blankets in an attempt to hang themselves. However, their attempts were unsuccessful as jail staff and fellow inmates quickly responded to the incident.

    “Immediately it was observed on the circuit camera,” Copeland said, adding that jail staff responded immediately to the inmates. He said other inmates who reside in the same pod area as those two prisoners also aided in their rescue, as some of them rushed over to hold the inmates up.

    “Both were taken for treatment and released,” Copeland said. “Each now resides in a suicide cell.”

    He said the two also wear a special uniform now, a one-piece garment made of a more rigid material than the traditional uniform.

    “They will remain in that state for as long as they’re here,” Copeland said.

    Copeland said it is not unusual for inmates to make suicide threats, and upon such occurrences those inmates are placed on suicide watch. However, Copeland said the two inmates involved in Monday’s incident had not made any previous threats.

    He said one of the two faces felony charges, while the other inmate is charged with only misdemeanor crimes.


    The Neosho Daily Douche

    All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print

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    Default Granby couple face charges

    Granby couple face charges

    By Staff Reports
    Neosho Daily News

    Posted Jul 18, 2012 @ 11:10 PM


    Granby, Mo. — Two Granby residents have been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Fort Smith, Ark., teenager, Arkansas television stations reported Wednesday.

    Deborah Dunmire, 39, and her boyfriend, Brian Reichard, 38, were arrested Monday for allegedly giving false statements to investigators as to the whereabouts of 14-year-old Emma Sears of Fort Smith. Sears was last seen on July 4 in Winslow, Ark., at the home of her boyfriend, Wayne Dunmire, 19. Deborah Dunmire is the boyfriend’s mother, and she and Reichard were also present at the time.

    According to KNWA, a Fayetteville television station, court documents state on July 4, the Dunmires asked Sears’ mother, Angela Smither, if they could take Sears to Missouri with them. The mother said no, she didn’t want the girl traveling across state lines with the couple and the 19-year-old.

    However, Sears was reportedly spotted leaving Winslow with the Dunmires and Reichard in a blue car.

    Smither reportedly told investigators she called her daughter’s cell phone later that night, asking her to return to Fort Smith. Sears allegedly told her mother the group was in Little Rock and would be back within a few hours.

    A week later, investigators with the Washington County, Ark., Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations interviewed Deborah Dunmire and Reichard at their Granby home, and were told they last saw Sears on July 4, when they dropped her off at a creek in West Fork, Ark.

    But cell phone records allegedly contradicted their statements, indicating Sears was in Granby when she told her mother she was in Fort Smith. And Reichard’s cell phone records also placed him in Granby, according to the television station’s report.

    Reichard and Deborah Dunmire were arrested on a charge of interfering with the custody of a minor, but later released after posting bond. Wayne Dunmire has not been arrested in connection with the case, KNWA reported.
    Sears is still considered missing, and investigators believe she may be in the Kansas City, Kan., area. She is described as having dyed strawberry blonde or orange hair with blue highlights, weighs about 100 pounds, has blue eyes, has a heart tattoo on one hip and has pierced ears.

    Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Washington County, Ark., Sheriff’s Office at 479-444-5703.


    The Neosho Daily Douche

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    Default 'Captain' Richard Leavens taser-tortures a nigger prisoner 25 jew-lie 2005

    'Captain' Richard Leavens taser-tortures a nigger prisoner 25 jew-lie 2005


    Well, the abuse wasn't alleged. This evil vicious pig 'Captain' Richard Leavens that 'Sheriff' Copeland lets run wild running the jail tasered this nigger prisoner named Donald Overton seven years ago to this day. Overton was locked up in the Newton County jail for being the driver of a get-away car in which this other nigger gang-banger named McDaniels had shot itz nigger 'ho' in the face for selling another nigger gang's drugs. This idiot prostitutor named Scott Watson had pulled this nigger out of a life sentence in a Texas prison for killing other drug dealers aqnd Overton loved being in the Newton County jail. The time to legally try him for being the driver had long since passed, and Overton was supposed to be sent back to the Texas prison, but Overton didn't mind in the least that this wasn't going according to law. Overton was offered a 'plea bargain' to settle for a 'burglary' charge because even that nitwit Scott Watson was being told that this keeping Overton in jail forever past the 120-day limit was illegal but Overton wasn't taking it. The Newton County jail was heaven compared to a Texas prison so Overton wasn't going to do anything to act up and get sent back to prison. As a result, Overton was pretty well behaved for a murderous dope-running nigger. By helping all the other prisoners with their legal work and letting them read my newspaper, I soon had the other prisoners eating out of my hand, including Overton.

    I didn't see the incident as I was laying down in my solitary camera cell when I heard a commotion and got up to watch the aftermath. Overton was a healthy nigger buck, but the double-tasering required some of the other prisoners to help him back to his cell whereupon the entire cellblock was placed on lockdown. This pig named Chew was looking at me looking in and then looked worried because this mamzer knew that I'd make something of it. And I did.

    About ten minutes later the prisoners on the second tier of the pod asked me to get the attention of the jailers monitoring the pod. Remember, as a political prisoner I was in solitary and had the cell camera looking in. I had gotten in trouble before by making a non-emergency call via paper note. But the other nigger in the cell-block, Overton's cellmate, begged me to take the chance because Overton was having trouble breathing. I agreed to chance it, and wrote in block letters on a sheet of paper something like "OVERTON DOWN". The jailer got on the intercom and asked me what the problem was. I said that I was told that Overton was having problems breathing and that maybe there was the need for prompt medical attention. So then the jailers came in a trio and checked Overton out.

    I urged Overton to write the below letter to Neosho Forums and to file a federal civil rights lawsuit. I helped Overton write the federal civil rights lawsuit. Anyway, below is the letter and the response by Neosho Forums:

    I received the following letter in the mail today. A few parts were edited or left out because I couldn't read it, but the letter in full may be downloaded... Page one is here and page two is here.
    "Staff of Neosho Forums - 7-25-05 - I am Don Overton an inmate in Newton County Jail. I have been here for about six and a half months now. I came from Texas on a detainer from the Texas Prison System. As said before I have been here for over six months, and within that time I have not once gave a jailer or inmate problems. On this day of the 25th there was a problem in the pod I am in. We have three different cells that are on lock down, and with that we are locked down for most of the morning. Leaving it hard to get ahold of family, friends and our attorneys. So all the inmates thats not on lock down sat down so we could talk to a ranking officer. So when they came in I tried to talk with the officer, and Mr. Richard Leavens grabbed me by the back of my neck, and forced another officer's arm to my back which he was holding a tazer in his hand. Mr. Leavens grabbed the gun from Mr. Cooper and shocked me with it. Holding the gun to my back all the way to the ground. Mr. Leavens jerked me up from the floor and I started to go to my knees (*NOTE: I couldn't really read that word, but I think he wrote knees - ADMIN). Before Mr. Leavens used that gun on me I did not try to cause harm to no one, and I was sitting down with my back to him. Now my co-defendant that got moved to another county did give these jailers a hard time, but you can ask any jailer here I have not caused them problems. For me to be treated in the manner was not right. For Mr. Leavens to stun me and ask me if I want more - the other note of fact is that you never see Mr. Leavens back here even when we ask for him. So I feel like the officer that picked up the trays from lunch went back and told him that I was in the mix of this situation, and he came back with it already in his head that he was going to shoot me. I really want this looked into, and need all the help I can get. I was the only inmate sitting at the table, but I feel like these jailers got it in for me. I really feel me being a black male, and the case I am on makes me a target for them to pick on me. Yours Truly, Don Overton"

    Well, I didn't help dictate this letter because this nigger knew how to play the whiggers better than I did.

    I found out that Overton was a typical demanding nigger, bitching about how I drafted up its legal papers for filing its federal civil rights lawsuit, even though the stupid nigger didn't even remotely know how to file a federal civil rights lawsuit. I even filed a request to have that pussy judge Ortie B. Smith give Overton a RLL -- Real Live Lawyer -- but that was refused. Later in 2006, while in the NutHouse I found out that the nigger was duly convicted before this evil piece of shit Judge Kevin Lee Selby. In July 2007 I asked the jailer Cooper about Overton's federal lawsuit. The nigger was duly convicted, got a long prison sentence in Missouri, but because it was pleased to have a vacation from the Texas prisons asked Judge Ortie B. Smith to dismiss the case. From what I gather the nigger is back in a Texas prison.

    Richard Leavens is simply a cowardly pig that loves to taser and torture prisoners. In 2001 Leavens tasered a whigger or anglo-mestizo prisoner. Since Ken Copeland chose to put a brutal vicious pig that loves to torture prisoners with a taser in charge of his jail, and it happened seven years ago today, why shouldn't everyone know about it since Copeland is running for Sheriff again? This was no secret seven years ago. Copeland routinely tortures and violates the rights of prisoners, and thus everyone in Newton County that votes for the worthless lawless anglo-mestizo piece of shit is responsible for the crimes of Copeland and the Newton County establishment and should pay for Copeland's crimes with their lives.

    There are no innocents in a civil war. Only sides.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 07-25-2012 at 08:21 PM.

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    Default Missouri sheriffs say state payments don’t cover costs to house prisoners

    Missouri sheriffs say state payments don’t cover costs to house prisoners

    By Susan Redden

    Globe Staff Writer
    January 19, 2013


    JOPLIN, Mo. — Oatmeal for breakfast.

    Bologna for lunch.

    Beans and cornbread for dinner.

    That’s the menu just about every day at the Lawrence County Jail.

    Sheriff Brad DeLay explained that buying those staples in bulk saves the county money.

    The county budgets between $600,000 and $700,000 annually for its 54-bed jail, but still loses $80,000 to $90,000 a year because of bills related to boarding prisoners.

    The bare-bones menu is not the only way DeLay and other Missouri sheriffs are looking to make ends meet these days.

    Missouri is shorting counties, they say, and the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association wants the state to step up to the plate.

    Currently, Missouri pays counties $19.58 per day, until prisoners are transported to the Missouri Department of Corrections, for housing in county jails those who have been convicted of state crimes. But sheriffs point out that their costs — food, housing and sometimes medical expenses for prisoners — are much higher than that, forcing counties to eat the difference.

    “I’d certainly like to see the state do more,” Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland said. “Our costs are closer to $30 a day. That’s what we charge cities inside the county if we house their prisoners; the charge for outside the county is $45 (per day).”

    In Newton County, the noon meal is a choice between bologna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

    Copeland said the state paid Newton County just more than $32,000 for prisoner housing last year; the overall cost to operate the jail was nearly $922,000.

    At the Jasper County Jail, the cost for basic prisoner housing is about $34 per day, according to Capt. Becky Stevens, who supervises jail operations. Last year, state reimbursements for prisoner housing totaled just more than $835,000, while the budget to operate the jail was nearly $2.3 million.

    “Housing prisoners is an expensive proposition,” said Jasper County Sheriff Randee Kaiser, who took office Jan. 1.

    “When you take into account food, bedding, medical services and the cost of staffing, it’s a lot more than $20 per day, so I’d like to see it increased.”

    State Rep. Galen Higdon, R-St. Joseph, acknowledged that some state costs are being carried by county taxpayers.

    “That’s one of the things we’re looking at.”

    House committee

    Higdon is chairman of the Interim House Committee on Sheriff’s Operations, which will propose legislation this session to address compensation as well as a host of other issues for law enforcement agencies. The committee has completed its report, but Higdon said he did not want to discuss specific recommendations until all members have signed off on the draft.

    “I think we’ll be making some recommendations by the end of next month,” said Higdon, who ran for the House after serving 30 years as a deputy with the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office.

    Among the top priorities is state compensation.

    Vernon County built a new, larger jail several years ago and houses prisoners under contract with several other counties as well as the state, said Sheriff Jason Mosher. Vernon County is charging other counties between $35 and $45 per day. When there are larger numbers of prisoners, Mosher said he’s able to hold costs for county prisoners to about $25 per day — still more than the county gets reimbursed from the state.

    “It needs to be more,” said Mosher, who took office Jan. 1.

    State law allows payments of up to $37.50, and until spending cutbacks several years ago, state payments were authorized for up to $22 per day, said Mick Covington, executive director of the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association.

    “Whatever the (funding) gap is, it’s left to county taxpayers to pay; there’s no place else to go,” he said.

    Covington said sheriffs want to see more of a partnership between the state and counties.

    “There is no one housed in a county jail who’s there on a county crime,” he said. “They’re state crimes prosecuted by state prosecutors. But I think legislators are receptive; they realize there’s a gap.”

    The issue also is under study in the Missouri Senate, where a committee on Thursday considered legislation that would divert income tax refunds and lottery winnings from prisoners to help pay off their county jail debts.

    Counties are turning to the state to help with another burden as well: the medical cost of treating prisoners. The Missouri Sheriffs’ Association has suggested allowing jails to be part of the state government’s contract for prison medical services.

    Other proposals include establishing a central collection agency to intercept tax refunds and lottery winnings going to inmates to help cover the costs of their incarceration; levying a booking fee on inmates; and encouraging judges to order criminals to pay back some of the costs of housing them.

    DeLay said if people can find money to buy alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs then “they can find the money to take care of some of their debts that they owe to society.”

    Copeland doesn’t think getting prisoners to pay more of their own costs is realistic.

    “It would just be something else that would take time and create paperwork, but wouldn’t generate much in payments.”

    Court battle

    The legislation being considered by the Interim House Committee on Sheriff’s Operations wouldn’t have spared Jasper County a lawsuit. That’s because the lawsuit stemmed from a dispute between two counties — not a county and the state.

    Earlier this month, a $140,000 claim by Henry County wound up in Jasper County Circuit Court.

    Claiming the county jail was overcrowded, former Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn in 2011 began transferring prisoners to other counties that had room, but he did so without any contract or approval from the County Commission.

    Commissioners warned Dunn as well as other counties that they were not going to pay, yet he continued to transfer prisoners, and Henry County took them for a while.

    The two counties ultimately agreed to a $50,000 settlement from Jasper County, whose officials say they will try to recover the money in a lawsuit against Dunn.

    One of the issues raised by Henry County in the suit was that Jasper County kept the state reimbursement money for county prisoners being housed in the distant jail.

    Licensing and pay

    In addition to boosting the state’s reimbursement rate, sheriffs also are urging higher salaries for sheriffs — particularly those in smaller counties. The average pay statewide is $50,000. The lowest wage is $24,102 in northwestern Missouri’s Worth County; the highest is $110,000 in Boone County, which includes Columbia.

    The Missouri Sheriffs’ Association said a good starting point for the discussion would be a salary of $75,000 because it aligns with what sergeants in the Missouri State Highway Patrol make. Currently, 106 of the 114 sheriffs in the state make less than that. They also suggest linking sheriff salaries to full-time prosecutors and trial judges so they are not left behind when other public safety officials get a raise.

    Copeland said his annual salary is $61,700, which is less than that paid to police chiefs in Neosho and Seneca. The Neosho police chief’s salary is $72,245.

    “And I have 77 employees, a $3.5 million budget and 640 square miles we have to patrol,” Copeland said. “But there’s a whole lot more sheriffs worse off than I am.”

    Kaiser makes $65,280, which includes a 2 percent wage hike that went into effect at the first of the year. The new sheriff previously was an assistant chief of the Carthage police department. The salary range for police chief there is between $50,000 and $69,000.

    In 2008, Missouri lawmakers sought to boost the pay of sheriff’s deputies by creating a $10 charge for serving legal documents. Lawmakers passed the fee after learning that deputies in 91 Missouri counties were paid so little that some of them qualified for public assistance. The statewide average wage for a deputy that year was $22,262 annually.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    All the shit unfit to print


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