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Thread: Newton County Jail-jewlag

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    Default Sanctimonious lying thieving pig Copeland feels 'beyond blessed' about his law enforcement career

    Sanctimonious lying thieving pig Copeland feels 'beyond blessed' about his law enforcement career

    By Dave Horvath
    Neosho Daily Douche


    "Beyond blessed" is how outgoing Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland feels about his long law enforcement career.

    Copeland was the guest of honor at a Friday "surprise" retirement luncheon that was moved from the sheriff's office conference room to the Lampo Community Center to facilitate that approximate 200 who showed to say their farewell to the county's sheriff of the past 12 years.

    Before a number of presentations, Copeland introduced Larry Tennis, whom he blamed for getting him started in law enforcement.

    "The fire chief in Joplin, Missouri," Copeland began. "I was working in a lumber yard, Larry would come in there after work all the time and pick up material to remodel his house, and he got me on as a reserve police officer in 1974."

    Read the complete story in the Dec. 11 print edition of the Neosho Daily News.


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    Default Elected officials, deputies and police officers sworn in

    Elected officials, deputies and police officers sworn in


    Seven of the eight Newton County officer holders elected to four year terms in November were sworn in Wednesday to their new positions they will take over effective Jan. 1, 2017.

    County Clerk Kay Baum administered the oath of office to returning Associate County Commissioners Alan Cook and Jim Jackson, new Assessor Cheryle Perkins and new Surveyor Jerry Wood.


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    Default [Yet Another] Inmate death at the NC Jail

    [Yet Another] Inmate death at the NC Jail

    by Dave [w]Horbath, Neosho Daily Douche
    25 Jan. 2017


    An autopsy is scheduled to determine the cause of death of an inmate who was found unresponsive in the Newton County Jail early Monday.

    Jason Pier, 43 of Joplin, was discovered to be lifeless about 6 a.m.

    "An ambulance was called but he was found to be deceased," noted Sheriff Chris Jennings. "We are conducting an investigation; an autopsy scheduled to try to determine a cause of death. We don't suspect anything. He was not assaulted or anything like that. He had only been here since Friday night."

    Pier was jailed on a domestic assault charge.

    To read further buy a copy of the Neosho Daily Douch


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    Default Pig-skank accidently shoots geriatric pig old enuf to be her father while armadillo-hunting; crooked jewdge finds her guilty of attempted murder

    Pig-skank accidently shoots geriatric pig old enuf to be her father while armadillo-hunting; crooked jewdge finds her guilty of attempted murder

    Wife of area deputy convicted of attempted murder

    Man, 70, was shot in head while he slept in chair

    BY JEFF LEHR, jlehr@joplinglobe.com
    Saturday, March 18, 2017


    Patricia Halverson, Armadillo Cunter & Pig-shooter

    NEOSHO, Mo. — A judge on Friday found the wife of a Mc-Donald County deputy guilty of attempted murder in the shooting of her husband as he slept in a chair in their home.

    Circuit Judge Calvin Holden decided Patricia M. Halverson, 43, was guilty of second- degree attempted murder and armed criminal action in a two-day bench trial moved to Newton County on a change of venue.

    The defendant admitted at trial that she shot her husband, Al “Doc” Halverson, 70, in the head with a 9 mm handgun inside their home near Anderson but said it was accidental.

    Patricia Halverson, who called 911 to report the shooting on Dec. 1, 2015, maintained throughout the initial investigation that she was working outside in the couple’s yard and came in to find her husband bleeding in the chair from a gunshot wound to his head and

    SEE WIFE, 12A

    Patricia Halverson

    FROM 1A

    the gun lying on the floor next to his chair.

    During testimony Thursday, she claimed she was unable to recall in the week following the shooting exactly what had happened but eventually came to realize that the wound to her husband’s temple was because of “an accidental discharge” of the gun as she was carrying it outside with the intention of shooting an armadillo in the yard.

    Prosecutor Bill Dobbs sought to convict the defendant of first-degree attempted murder as well as armed criminal action. He argued that the wife’s retrieval of the gun from a dresser drawer in the couple’s bedroom showed a conscious decision to try to take the life of her husband.

    Doc Halverson testified that he had returned home from work, walked the couple’s dog, talked to his wife and fell asleep in the chair in their living room. He said that the next thing he could recall is being awakened by “an explosion in (his) mouth” and finding himself bleeding from his nose and mouth.

    Halverson told investigators with the sheriff’s office that he never saw his wife in possession of the gun. The paramedics who answered her 911 call testified that he was conscious and able to speak when they arrived on the scene. The paramedics said they asked him if he had shot himself, and he told them that he had not.

    The defendant waived her right to a jury trial, preferring to have a judge decide her fate.

    Holden, the Greene County judge assigned to hear the case, did not find her claim of an accidental discharge to be credible.

    After hearing closing arguments Thursday, he took the matter under advisement overnight and issued his verdicts Friday morning, convicting her of the lesser included offense of second-degree attempted murder and armed criminal action.

    The judge has set a sentencing hearing for May 15.

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    Default New Mail Policy at Newton County Jail

    New Mail Policy at Newton County Jail

    By Zachary Dodge
    Updated: Aug 14, 2018 8:11 PM CDT


    NEOSHO, MISSOURI - A new policy is changing what kind of mail inmates can receive at a local jail.

    The Newton County Sheriff's Office is restricting incoming mail to postcards only -- a policy that's caused controversy at other jails in the area.

    Chris Jennings, Newton County Sheriff: "We'll save a great deal of time with having to open the mail and make sure there's no contraband, drugs things like that."

    Saving time and decreasing the chances of drugs entering the jail.

    Those are the main reasons inmates at the Newton County jail will only be able to receive postcards in the mail, instead of envelopes.

    Jennings:"We probably average ninety to a hundred prisoners every day of the week, so you multiply that times the mail the individual get, there's quite a bit of time spent opening envelopes, looking for contraband, or peeling off stamps, or removing the glue adhesive on the envelope."

    The Sheriff's Office has been looking at implementing the policy for a while..but..

    Jennings:"There have been a couple of lawsuits about it, and so far the courts have upheld the corrections facilities doing this with the post cards. There was one in Cape Girardeau here recently. We were waiting for that to get through."

    That lawsuit dealt with whether or not a postcard only policy violates inmate's first amendment rights -- in that case the court ruled in favor of the jail.

    We also spoke to Neosho attorney Andy Wood -- who says the policy seems reasonable.

    Andy Wood, Attorney:"There are countervailing rights back and forth, there's no doubt about it, and I'm not saying that the inmates don't have rights, but the sheriff's department also has the right to make sure there's a drug free place and nobody harms themselves."

    A few comments on our Facebook page showed others, feel differently.

    Jarrod Channel from Wyandotte Oklahoma says,

    "Why just on a postcard? What if there is something that not every person in the world needs to be reading?"

    Shawnda Rowden from Carl Junction also had this to say,

    "Justice reform is definitely needed in our institutions. I do not see the relevance in restricting prisoners to a small postcard."

    Jennings says to the sheriff's office though, safety is the highest priority.

    Jennings:"The envelopes were opened always anyway, so there's not much difference there, but the officer's safety and the safety of the facility and safety of the inmates as well, supersedes all that I believe."

    The new policy will take effect October 1st.

    Last year, the Wilson County Kansas Sheriff's office faced a lawsuit for a similar policy.. that suit ended with a settlement, resulting in a reversal of that policy, and the jail having to pay court costs to the ACLU.

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    Default Newton Co. Jail [only] allows postcards to be sent to inmates

    Newton Co. Jail allows [only] postcards to be sent to inmates

    By: Ashley Godwin
    Posted: Aug 16, 2018 07:36 PM CDT
    Updated: Aug 16, 2018 07:36 PM CDT


    The Newton County Jail is now only allowing postcards to be sent to inmates.

    Legal correspondence will still be accepted and given to inmates. Inmates can also request exceptions, like family photos, and outgoing mail will still be in envelopes like it always has. The Newton County Jail is following suit after other jails, like Lawrence and Jasper County enforced the new rule for safety reasons.

    "Everything that comes into the jail has to be inspected, opened up. We have to remove any glue surface, stamps from the envelopes. With 100 prisoners a day you can imagine that requires quite a bit of time, says Chris Jennings, Newton Co. Sheriff.

    The new rule will be implemented on October 1st.


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