American Nazi Party Now Officially Recruiting Non-White Sympathizers; White Racialist Reaction Sharply Divided

Those who have been paying close attention to the American Nazi Party are probably not surprised by this development. The ANP has been hinting at the possibility of extending their reach towards non-Whites for the past two months; Chairman Rocky Suhayda has noted that he's received communications from non-Whites who see the value in national socialism.

So now it's happened. The American Nazi Party has officially invited non-Whites to become part of their national socialist struggle, albeit not as official Party members or supporters. On this Non-Aryan Sympathizer Page that they've set up, they invite non-Whites to become official "sympathizers". Here's the money shot:
The American Nazi Party has now decided to offer a means for non-whites to aid in our struggle. If you are interested, please fill out the form below [on the website]. In return for a minimum monthly donation of $10, you will receive a one-year (12 issues) subscription to our hard-copy print publication, The White Worker. As a "sympathizer," you would not be eligible to attend our meetings, conference calls, or other inner-party events, but in addition to financial support, there are many other ways you can assist our efforts.
On the September 27th ANP Report, Chairman Suhayda provides more justification. He cites the actions of Adolf Hitler as a precedent, noting that Hitler could be a bit flexible as to who was a "Jew"; Field Marshall Erhard Milch, who commanded Luftflotte 5, was half-Jewish, yet Hitler trusted him enough to make him a field marshall and personally re-classified him as an Aryan. In addition, Hitler's strongest ally was Japan, although Japan missed an opportunity to effectively repay Hitler for his support when they failed to join in the attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941. Sure, the Japanese were bogged down in China, but that didn't stop them from attacking the United States five months later, so the "China excuse" is a bit weak. In the ANP Report, Chairman Suhayda explains more of his motivation and anticipates hostile reaction from within the White racialist community:
For MYSELF - there is literally NOTHING - that I'm not WILLING to TRY to bring SUCCESS. If nothing comes of this ( but I truly believe that it’s worth a shot ) oh, well. IF giving Non-Aryans an opportunity to HELP us create a WHOLESOME and DECENT world for us ALL to LIVE and PROSPER in - I'm glad to have been a part of making it happen.

YES! I am a proud RACIALIST. I believe that I have PROVED that over my LIFETIME of Service to the Folkish Struggle. At the same time I refuse to believe that out there amongst the Non-Aryan people's, that there aren't SOME if not many - who in their own manner are as decent as you or I - and that they too would prefer a National Socialist society to "what" we have afflicting us ALL today.

Those of you whom would condemn EACH and EVERY Non-Aryan - for the actions of a portion of their people - OUGHT to take a good CLOSE LOOK at the state of the WHITE race today! While I may be taken to task for being so TRUTHFUL in saying this - I believe that the current wearers of pale-skins - are by and large the biggest WASTE of mouth-breathers ever to walk this planet earth. You want to KNOW the "WHY" we are ALL in this toilet-bowl of a situation that we find ourselves in? I'll tell you. IT’S BECAUSE OF US.


Hey, if some wealthy Arab comes along and drops off a big box of money to help us achieve OUR agenda, you want us to throw it in the garbage? How about YOU showing that Arab how it’s done RIGHT.....?

The last paragraph is particularly telling because it implies that Rocky Suhayda may also want to use non-Whites as a cash cow to provide additional financial support to extend the ANP's reach.

The ANP's West Coast organizer, Dan Schruender, also weighs in:
This is the boldest and most innovative move the ANP has EVER made and I congratulate Chairman Suhayda for having the courage and good sense to make it. Even if it turns out he's wrong, which I'm sure that won't happen, at least he had the guts to give it a try.

Comrades, there's a lot of non-Whites out there who believe in our cause. I don't mean White supremacy. That's not what the ANP is all about. I mean National Socialism. Yes, we want to put our race first, but we want to give ALL races out there the chance and right for self-governance and self-determination - in their own lands or regions. They didn't get that before the Civil Rights Era, and they're still not getting it today - despite who's in the White House.


Comrade Schruender's loyalty to and enthusiasm for the ANP is truly admirable, but I'm not ready to rush right out and strew roses in Rocky Suhayda's path just yet. You can expect this development to be discussed on the ANP Talkshoe podcast to air on Saturday September 29th at 4:00 P.M. EDT. No doubt the discussion, even among senior ANP figures, will be a bit robust.

Outside the ANP, the discussion has become far more than just "robust". Preliminary reaction among White racialists is sharply divided, as demonstrated by some comments appended to this unrelated post. Here are typical pro-ANP and anti-ANP comments:
Anonymous said 2:29 P.M:
Excellent decision by the ANP; who cares HOW we win as long as we DO win.

It is absolutely hilarious to see some of the knee-jerk reaction hillbillies that have commented here. Actually it looks like the same guy just trying to stir up trouble (what the fbi does best).

People should actually READ Mr. Suhayda's latest Report and READ the sympathizer page.

Obviously nobody is more dedicated to this struggle and National-Socialism than Mr. Suhayda.

Anonymous said 6:14 P.M:
The ANP attacks Schoep for being a Race-Mixer because of something Schoep's ex-wife did, BUT the ANP accepts Non-Aryan's, hmmm, that seems to be far more in line with race-mixing

The ANP attacks others, BUT the ANP Chair and its Members talks nice-nice about "working class Jews and gives interviews to Jew Blogs---Hmmmmm

The ANP, calls for tolerance for faggots----Hmmmm

Anyone who doesn't see a FalseFlag here is either a Jew, a Faggot, on Crack,all of which the ANP seems to find acceptable, just like the degenerate KIke-Marxists

You can see that opponents of the ANP are so stirred up that they don't merely criticize the idea, but attack the integrity of the organization itself. If they would research the history of national socialism more thoroughly, they would find that national socialists in the past have been surprisingly flexible in their approach to solving problems, while remaining faithful to core doctrine.

I'm a bit uneasy with the proposal myself; I'm concerned it could be a precursor to the complete deracination of the ANP itself. After all, Nick Griffin started "modernizing" the British National Party the same way, and now the BNP accepts non-Whites for full membership. what we're currently doing working? When five people show up for a National Alliance rally in Cincinnati, and 14 people show up for a South Africa Project rally in Washington DC, despite the fact that both rallies were well-publicized and organized in advance, then maybe it implies that our current tactics aren't working, and it's time to try something different. At least Rocky Suhayda has the balls to call an audible at the line of scrimmage and exploit a possible hole he sees in the defense. Just imagine if Mitt Romney had similar courage -- he'd be 10 points up on Obongo right now.

I believe Rocky Suhayda and the ANP deserve a fair shot to show us where this will lead.