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Thread: The Ten Thousand Warlords Project

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    Default The Ten Thousand Warlords Project

    The Ten-Thousand Warlords Project


    What I want to do is to create even more decentralization within the White Nationalist Movement and in doing so, put the White Man's racial religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity to the forefront, just like the early Catholic Church came to the forefront when the German Migrations brought these tribal warlords of the wandering invading tribes to the position of where they needed and wanted a racial religion which legitimized their secular power.

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    Default The Ten Thousand Warlords Project

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    Default Civil War II -- Businessman bankrolls ?street army?

    Civil War II -- Businessman bankrolls ‘street army’


    Why is this important? Because it would seem that businessmen are raising their own private armies of street thugs.

    When any state loses the loyalty of large sectors of the population, and those sectors are arranging themselves into private armies, what you have is a complete moral breakdown of the state into warring factions.

    Eventually, given time, a successful overlord will arise and place these '10,000 Warlords' under his personal rule or exterminate these competitors for his personal rule. But for now, what is happening is that certain people are indeed bankrolling these budding warlords right now. Soon enough, there will be civil warfare as these warlords fight for survival and scarce resources, and then there will be a complete breakdown of what used to be ZOG's 'law' and ZOG's 'order.'

    So, read Thomas Chittum's free 1995 book "Civil War II" and then ponder that Thomas Chittum predicted that this would happen in 20 years fifteen years ago.

    The clock is ticking towards social Armeggeddon.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Businessman bankrolls ‘street army’

    By Nick Lowles

    A middle-age, respectable looking man has emerged as a key figure behind the English Defence League. Alan Lake, a 45-year-old businessman from Highgate, North London, sees the EDL as a potential “street army” willing to be deployed against what they claim is rising Islamisation of modern Britain.

    Lake, who claims to have made money through computers, runs a series of intranet services for far-right groups across the world. Addressing an anti-Islam conference in Sweden last month, organised by the far-right Swedish Democrats, he told delegates it was necessary to build an anti-Jihad movement. He spoke of the need for “people that are ready to go out in the street” and boasted that he and his friends had already begun to build alliances with “football supporters”.

    “We are catching a baby at the start of a gestation,” Lake later told The Guardian. “We have a problem with numbers. We have an army of bloggers [on the far right] but that’s not going to get things done.

    “Football fans are a potential source of support. They are a hoi polloi that gets off their backsides and travels to a city and they are available before and after matches.”

    In addition to funding materials and publicity, Lake has established a website that he hopes will become a clearing house for the EDL and like-minded organisations. He says that people in the movement must choose their roles. Some can debate on forums, some can be experts on the Koran. He is, however, quick to distance himself from fascist organisations and one of his only demands of the EDL in return for his funding is that it distances itself from groups such as the British National Party.

    Indeed, Lake appears to want to build alliances with all groups who might fall foul of the strict Islamic code, including lesbian and gay organisations, other religions and ethnic groups and supporters of free speech.

    Lake wants the message to be short and easy. At the Swedish conference he announced a manifesto based on four freedoms: free speech, democracy, equality in law and cultural tolerance, with no exemptions for any ideology or religion.

    He also stressed the urgency of the issue, claiming that within 40 years Muslims would be in the majority.

    Lake’s offer to finance the EDL appeals to the Luton division, who remain at the EDL’s core. What began as a local reaction to the protest by a handful of Islamic extremists at a parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment in March has mushroomed into a national network that has increasingly been under the media spotlight due to several clashes in cities around the country.

    Violence has already occurred in Luton, Birmingham and Harrow and further EDL events are planned for Manchester, Leeds, Swansea and Glasgow.

    The EDL is run by 15 key people across the country who co-ordinate activists via email and social networking sites, such as Facebook. The group lacks a coherent message or vision, and even within its core, the EDL means different things to different people. Indeed, none of the 15 so-called leaders appears to have actually met all the others.

    The EDL seems to have become an umbrella name for a number of existing anti-Islam groups, such as the Birmingham-based British Citizens Against Muslim Extremists, the Welsh Defence League and March for England.

    While the group will claim to be open to anyone it remains centred around the football hooligan network and in particular gains support from the football gangs of Luton, Aston Villa, QPR, Southampton, Bristol Rovers, West Bromwich Albion and Wolves.

    It has become apparent that some in Luton EDL have become uneasy over being linked to the BNP and far-right politics. For some this is a genuine aversion, while others might have been persuaded of this by Lake, who appears acutely aware of its negative impact on the group.

    However, it is also clear that some other EDL leaders, in different parts of the country, have no problem with being linked to rightwing groups. The newly formed Scottish Defence League has known fascists at its core, while the Swansea Division shares many of its followers with the Swansea Jack hooligan group, which in turn supplies activists to the local BNP.

    At the EDL protest in Birmingham fascists and rightwing extremists were clearly visible, some happily giving Nazi salutes. They included Chris Renton, a BNP supporter from Weston-super-Mare, who runs their website.

    As publicity about the EDL continues, the group is likely to grow across the country. New units will form and new activists will take to the streets. Whatever Lake’s wishes it is unlikely that he will be able to direct EDL philosophy and actions too tightly. By its very nature and its core activity – taking to the streets – the EDL will attract people not averse to violence, particularly around the football hooligan network, and hardcore racists keen to use the group to spread racial hatred.


    BNP blame Zionists for EDL

    posted by: Nick Lowles | on: Sunday, 27 September 2009, 08:40

    The BNP leadership are rehashing age-old conspiracy theories

    BNP leader Nick Griffin has claimed that the English Defence League is being manipulated and directed by Zionists to create a race war on the streets of Britain. Trying to distance the BNP from any potential problem, Griffin and his deputy Simon Darby have set out in an audio message their position on the hooligan-based group.

    And surprise, surprise – it’s all the fault of the Zionists. Griffin explains how he initially thought the EDL was a State-sponsored honey trap to embarrass the BNP but now he doesn’t believe that even they would do that. In fact, he argues, there are far more sinister forces at work.

    It is Simon Darby who begins to shine the light on those behind the EDL. “It’s been set up by a powerful organisation,” he tells his leader. “People with the power to manipulate, who are used to manipulating and have the organisational structure, the facility and the financial clout to promote it.”

    “Let’s spell it out shall we,” Griffin responds.

    Darby laughs, nervously. “Who’s going to do the spelling?” Obviously not him that’s for sure!

    “I’m going to spell it out,” his leader adds pompously. He goes on to pin the blame on those he considers responsible.

    “Spelling it out in simple terms, you look at the owners of the Daily Express, the Daily Star and their interests. This is a neo-con operation. This is a Zionist false flag operation, designed to create a real clash of civilisations right here on our streets between Islam and the rest of us.”

    He rants and raves a bit more, before adding: “I’ve no doubt that this is something designed to spark physical clashes between Muslim communities en bloc and the people who are coming in to hold a demonstration. They are out of it. The people who are going to get it in the neck, who are going to get the blame when it all goes wrong, are ordinary white working class communities.

    “The people behind this are pushing for a low level civil war.”

    Railing against the support given to the EDL from the Daily Star, he concludes that the real agenda of these Zionists is a civil war on the streets of Britain and to “nuke” Arab countries in the Middle East.

    Now while Griffin is right to be alarmed and even outraged at the support the Daily Star is giving to the EDL – something we shall be taking up very shortly – his conclusion contains traditional nazi antisemitism. Suddenly the actions of one newspaper owner, if indeed that’s what it is, become an international Zionist conspiracy. The actions of a single British newspaper become the work of a “powerful organisation” who are “used to manipulating” and hell bent on a world war.

    The Jewish community in Britain is alarmed and appalled at the rise of the EDL and the potential conflict it might cause. Jews are appalled because they have a proud history of opposing racism and fascism. But even from a self-interest perspective it would make no sense. Why would British Jews want race war on the streets as that would ultimately only lead to increased support for extremist groups – on all sides – and an increase in terrorism for which the Jewish community would be a target.

    As for the Daily Star I think it is simply running an anti-Muslim campaign with an “English nationalist” agenda. Its support for the EDL follows the platform it has given over the last couple of years to the English Democrats, of which the Star’s TV critic Gary Bushell is a leading member.

    Griffin is scared, though not necessarily for the reasons he gives in the interview. The EDL, backed by the Daily Star, is gaining momentum and the BNP could lose out. The hooligans following the EDL are increasingly voicing their contempt for the BNP, believing the fascist party is more interested in good jobs in Brussels than in defending the white race back home. There is now talk of the EDL turning itself into a political party and the BNP is getting left behind.

    And I have to be sceptical over Griffin’s concern over a civil war on the streets. The Oldham riots were triggered by a gang of white men running down a street attacking Asians and their property. At the next BNP meeting, attended by Griffin, these men were given a standing ovation.

    If Griffin were serious about opposing the EDL then he would immediately expel any BNP member associated with it. And he could start with booting out a BNP candidate in a forthcoming council by-election in the West Midlands who attended a recent EDL protest!

    Here is Alan Lake’s website: http://4freedoms.ning.com/
    As you can see, it is pro-Israel, anti-racist and supports a aracial, civic nationalist line.

    Here is the site’s “mission”:

    4Freedoms is where many groups work together against racism and supremacism. Our goal is 4 civil rights by equal application of the law to words and deeds, with no exemptions. Those rights are:
    (1) Free Speech (2) Democracy (3) Equality in Law (4) Cultural Tolerance

    The EDL is bunch of low IQ, non political football hooligan types being mislead by Jews who operate behind the scenes. There is a Jewish controlled European “Anti-Jihad” movement that is gaining support and threatening to undermine ethno-nationalist political parties. This is a very serious issue. If the “Anti-Jihad” movement succeeds, it will destroy racial nationalism in Europe and substitute a Judeocentric American style civic nationalism that will not oppose race replacement. We could see a repeat of the neocon purge of all elements sympathetic to white identity from the American conservative moment.

    I’m extremely concerned about these developments and even more concerned by the lack of a strong, unified response from European nationalists, The Anti-Jihad movement makes no secret of the fact that it puts Jewish interests first, is against white identity and against nationalist political parties like the BNP and FN. Yet still, many pro-whites are deluding themselves into think they are on our side.
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    Default Should Dual-Seedline Christian Identity work with other non-DSCI Christians?

    Should Dual-Seedline Christian Identity work with other non-DSCI Christians?

    Jurassic jew-day-o


    Quote Originally Posted by VONBLUVENS View Post

    In my humble opinion no WN/NS group will be successful unless the membership is exclusively Christian (doesn?t necessarily have to be only CI). I have received letter after letter from Christian folk that would get involved (even from mainline denominations) if only there was a truly CHRISTIAN NS group for them to join. I don?t have a problem with CI and agree with many of the tenets, but if we could only get past the CI dogma and welcome all TRUE CHRISTIANS into this theoretical organization like this?it can be done. ?If you are White and you believe in Christ you are welcome to join us!?

    Some may call this divisive and it is?but these divisions already exist and are enforced, with the gulf becoming more and more apparent.

    The satanist, atheist, and neo-pagans have their own NS/WN, and have made it abundantly clear they want to break from Christian members in their ranks. A legitimate Christian National Socialist group really hasn?t been tried in this country?I warn you be prepared for intrigues by neo-pagans like with the CNSP that was destroyed before it even had a chance to get off the ground (it was an abortion).

    Mind you, I have no intentions of starting such a group, but I just put this idea out there for debate and for that man/woman that may have the smarts and gumption to put differences aside and to try something that really hasn?t been tried in America before:

    A CHRISTIAN ONLY NATIONAL SOCIALIST GROUP?an idea whose time has come.
    I see your point. There is a need for a Christian National Socialist alliance of some sort. The CreaTards in the nutzi portion of the Movement are overtly hostile to all Christians. VNNF is and has always been overtly hostile to Christians and Christianity.

    $permFront has in its own way been quite a disappointment.

    That said, Pastor Visser has up a DSCI oriented forum, his CPM forum now on v-bulletin. I have bought a v-bulletin license and intend to create a White Nationalist Christian friendly forum there.

    However, the Christian element of the Movement has always been largely Christian Identity, usually always the Dual-Seedline variant. As such, we CAN'T and WON'T ever get past believing that we are the TRUE Christians.

    Now what happens here on StumbleInn works because here I can be Christian Identity and if someone wants to post balkanoid and jew tits and bush then I can ignore it because I and the rest of the CI people don't own this forum and thus are not responsible for it posting something that if we did own it and control it we would have to censor or ban people for. Since we DSCI people don't own or control StumbleInn, we can live in diverse peace here. Much as I hate to admit it, under no overall coercion, some means of diversity can exist. There is strife and faction and hatreds still, but they are submerged and everyone here lives in some form of peace.

    Many of us CI people have suffered at the hands of jewdayo-khazarinsanity ourselves, especially at the hands of the Roman Catholic church and its largely hybernigger and spic believers. The Methodists and Babtists and Pentecostal churches, always baal-priest whores, have become nigger and beaner-friendly over the past forty years. The 'Christian Zionists' under jewry Fagswell and Skillet-jaw Hagee are to us an abomination. How are we to possibly live in peace with these bastards and mamzerizers? Even if they are in reaction against what has happened to their churches, like Californifuckation refugees they migrate to One-Seedline and become what I have called 'Babtist Hobbyists' and 'New Covenant Cornholers,' who would water down even One-Seedline and use that as a highway for invasion and subversion of the CI portion of the Resistance. Right now I am having to beat out one gook/kike mamzer Bryan Wright, an associate of OSLer Dave Barley, another spawner of beaner mamzers. Bryan Wright pretends to be DSL but hangs out with CreaTards and skulks around with OSLers. How can us genuine DSCI clergy be anything other than hostile to those who claim to be Christian National Socialist but end up bringing in all manner of filth? At least with the CreaTards, you can hate them right back when they hate you openly. As a DSCI clergyman, I have the duty to fight against any enemies of my DSCI Church, be they criminal regimeist or fake Christian.

    This is why I am not allowed on $permFront is because they have the baal-priest and baal-whore Klunt and her meercat past-her Downey. This is why I and 6Killer drove out Bryan Wright and why Pastor Visser had to deal with Jonathan Williams, the UCOY bunch and Michael Burks. This is why there was a divorce between Aryan Nations and Aryan Front two weeks ago. Every so often there is a housecleaning and a scraping down to the bare metal of DSCI and removal of the barnacles. This needs to be done periodically. The Sword starts at the House of YHWH, cf. Ezekiel Chapter 9.

    Right now we are building up our forum and web page presence. Next is creating our own Internet broadcasting network. If a heathen goofhead like Craig Cobb can create Podblanc, we can create our own CI Net.

    Planned is a reworking of the AIT correspondence course by a committee of DSCI clergy in order to both sell in book form and to function as a DSCI clergy in a correspondence course and then to finish off by examination by a senior pastor.

    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt, private message to DSCI clergy

    What we want to do is to establish a Internet video and audio streaming board where we can set up our own video and audio shows, and build up on that programming. We are working on interactive forums and web pages right now. Visser says that he has all of VonBluevins' shows on DVD. I told him about how the History Channel essentially replays their old programming and adds new programming, and we can do the same thing.

    The second project is to form a committee of DSCI pastors with an eye to writing a book to be published on order in which we use as a means of not only letting the public know our beliefs written under our own 'slant' as opposed to the 'slant' of our jew enemies, to generate Church funds from outsiders, but mainly also in training DSCI pastors for new, aboveground or underground Church. The problem with the AIT course based upon Bertrand Comparet's sermons finished by 1967 is that it is copyrighted and acts as a bottleneck in training new clergy. We need to build up a correspondence course on that book in which we train new ministers and then have a guest room in which they finish off under the guidance of one of our senior pastors. This is an attempt to do away with baal-priests like Bryan Wright who can get a correspondence course anywhere but are essentially mamzers and infiltraitors. We need to build up our own new DSCI clergy.

    As a case in point, Herbert W DePervert Armstrong built up quite a religious organization by setting up quite a training place for the creation of hollow-men baal-priests with his Ambassador College. Likewise, we can do as well by creating a corps of religious and military leaders as well as a Church by means of the Internet, which is cheaper than any printing press medium. In fact, we can create our own newspaper by creating it on desktop publishing and then distributing it via pdf files. We do not desire to create a massive unwieldy organization which jews did corrupt, but rather to create a strong clergy leading a strong independent Church of local congregations.

    All this will take work, and as I recommended to Pastor Visser, it requires more in the way of patience and steady work than of the likes of Hal Turner, here today and gone tomorrow.

    I am going to go to work on my v-bulletin forum tonight and try to get it up by this weekend.
    So how do other Christians, not CI fit in? The answer is that if they are to enjoy the fruits of DSCI leadership and hard work then they will have to live with the fact that DSCI will call the shots. The end result is that it will be easier and more logical to simply become DSCI. There is much room for independent minded men who seek to become the new warlords when ZOG falls apart to simply graft onto their ambitions a DSCI religious platform. DSCI has nothing but contempt for dem[on]ocracy, and is a racial religion second to none within Protestantism. After all, we flatly say that jews are the spawn of Satan, that muds are either mamzers or 6th Day Beasts of the Field. The only quibbles left are the political ones of how much racial Nationalist socialism we have as opposed to racial nationalist Socialism, a fight that we can defer until ZOG/Babylon is dead meat.

    Let's also understand that when ZOG falls apart there is going to be another civil war amongst the sundry racial nationalist factions. I suggest you check out and view the 1996 movie "Michael Collins." Michael Collins was killed by another Irish Republican faction at a roadblock when he went to inspect the victories won by his faction. There almost always is civil war after the foreign invader is driven out. Read Menachaim Begin's 1953 book "The Revolt" wherein Begin boasted that they avoided civil war because they had a common race and religion -- they were jews. Even so, it was a close run thing only helped because they had a common enemy to defeat and dispossess -- the Arabs.

    So, any attempt by someone like myself will be to establish DSCI first and the rest of non-jewdayo Christianity second. Anyone who wants to advance their form of Christianity will have to work to do so, there are no free rides in life. Sure, in order to bring in allies, certain compromises that do not affect DSCI dogma will be allowed. But unless someone who is determined enough to create his own non-CI infrastructure comes around, learns from what we do, and recreates things slightly differently, then the common herd will go along to where their shepherds/pastors lead them. DSCI is Protestantism carried to its logical racial religion end. Any other forms of Christianity is like carrying a buggy whip in order to make your BMW go.

    As a matter of fact, I am struck by the conversation in Jurassic Park between the scientist and the industrialist, and the scientist points out that the dinosaurs had their chance and they became extinct. Likewise so did mainstream Christianity and it wants to die, even going so far as to be suicidal. You would, it seems, want me to help you graft on the wild, healthy rootstock of CI onto the dying vine of jew-day-o and non-jewdayo churchianity and revive it, when right now DSCI is the strong variant to where it has taken over the klans and the militia and ZOG is rightfully scared of Revolutionary leadership coming from CI conversant White Nationalists. Why, other than Bismarkian restraint shouldn't us victors enjoy the spoils? People, like sheep, want strong confident leadership to tell them what to do, to take responsibility for making the necessary hard choices in civil war, and to tell them clearly what is right and wrong. DSCI leadership, in the form of Klans and militias, suffers from no crisis of confidence. Doubtless we will allow non-CI Christians to worship as they please, but we intend to be the State, if Christ doesn't return and prove us right. To the victor belongs the spoils, and we see no reason to restore Jurassic jew-day-o churchianity. When we are in the saddle, we will ride.

    That said, if you, VonBluvins are not willing to do the work to advance your form of Christianity, you have to expect that those who are willing and militant to advance their political and religious ends will be the ones who prevail. What I don't see is why even bother to resurrect the largely dead corpse of Jurassic non-jewdeo churchianity.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:02 am

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    Lightbulb Clarification Of Terms.

    What I've decided to do is this: First, I will simply ask a question, in view of getting a clarification of terms, and then I'll post another thread called "Fall Of ZOG/Babylon?", in which I will wargame a few possible scenarios of ZOG's demise, and, perhaps, we can compare theories.

    But, first of all, I must ask you, in all seriousness, What exactly do you mean by the fall of ZOG/Babylon? Are you referring to a political system, an economic system, a worldview, or all three? And, if it's the latter, don't you think that presupposes quite a lot?

    You must admit that ZOG is a complicated business. On the one hand, the term is generally used merely to signify the regime that has held power in Washingturd, District Of Corruption, since 1933. However, we all know that that regime CANNOT survive without a steady stream of kikengelt being poured into it by the Jew banksters, confiscated from the Great Masses of Whiggerdumb. And, in fact, had the Amerikan sheople not lost touch with reality and allowed themselves to be lulled into a state of mindless servitude, it could never have seized power in the first place.

    So, what, then, specifically, do you mean when you say that "ZOG" is about to fall? Certainly you *DO NOT* mean that the masses of asses are about to wake up, smell their whiggerflesh burning, and overthrow the ZOG. You've made that fact clear enough.

    If you mean that the Jew banksters are about to suddenly lose all their wealth and power, either by their own stupidity or some Divine miracle, I can't really say as I agree. Haven't you read THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION? Perhaps a re-read is in order.

    Clearly, Hymie isn't hurting, financially or otherwise. He hasn't lost any of "his" money,---meaning the money he's managed to unburden us of through the past couple of hundred years of his crapitalist skullduggery, ---he's merely been exposed as an untrustworthy steward of "our" money,---that is to say, that of the very dumbest and most gullible of whiggerdumb that he is currently embezzling.

    And the proposed solution to this, of course, will be a cashless society, with a one-world currency that will be the Mark of the Beast. Am I wrong? Doesn't seem like it to me. Everything seems to be moving in that direction.

    And, if this, in fact, is the case, then won't the fall of the Jewnited Snakes government, just like every other government in the world, simply be fulfillment of both Bible Prophecy and the PROTOCOLS? Wasn't this in fact, meant to happen, and planned for by the Enemy from the very beginning? And, if so, then, why should we rejoice, simply because SATAN did what he said he was gonna do?

    Therefore, if "ZOG" does "fall", then all that really means is that Satan has finally seen fit to discard the club that he's been bashing our heads in with for the past 220 odd years, only to replace it with another club, which, in fact, will be bigger and heavier and more deadly than that one. Is this cause for celebration?

    Certainly ZOG/Babylon *WILL NOT* last forever, however much the idiotic whiggers want it to. In fact, it was never intended to last forever. I truly believe that the Powers That Be set it up to serve as a sort of blueprint and object lesson for the rest of the world, to teach them how to miscegenate, and encourage them to do so.

    They used us as their surrogate penis against their age-old enemy, the Germans,, in two different wars. They used us to, through the aegis of the UN, create their little Antichrist statelet, Isn'treal, in the Middle East, and our military might to make short work of all their enemies in the region.

    They used the inventions of our race-traitorous Whites like Thomas Edison to create Mystery Babylon, their little Antichrist media empire, through which they control the hearts and minds of at least 90% of the inhabitants of the civilized world, to one degree or another.

    Yes, Virginia, ZOG has had a good run. No doubt about it. But it seems that now Satan wants a new bride. We've grown old, fat and ugly, and no longer please our master. We have, in fact, become something of an embarassment to him. He wants to trade us in on a new model. Something a little more global in its scope.

    While I will certainly shed no tears to see this worthless Whore thrown into the gutter to die, I won't be celebrating, either. Why should I? What the fuck does it have to do with me? I HAVE TO SURVIVE. That's all that matters. You'll never hear me singing "Ding, dong, the ZOG is dead!" like a bloody idiot. Because what's coming will be even worse.

    I intend to roll with the punches and to throw a few of my own. The rest is in God's hands.

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default I recommend that you stay put and form your own warlordcy.

    I recommend that you stay put and form your own warlordcy.


    Hello Brother,
    I ran across the CNF's while doing some research on finding a PLE to move my family to. I know how bad the leftist have infiltrated our Ideological ranks of all groups online and understand the security measure. First let me thank you Brother for standing in the face of the enemy without cover and saying aloud truth many have not the guts to speak out of fear. It' takes a leader to burden himself and his family with this stand and shows your character in my book.

    I'm glad that you like my blog/forum. And by now I couldn't hide amongst the ZOGlings even if I wanted to do so.

    And, I do what I do best, namely write and teach for a de-centralized Racial Resistance Movement, although often I wish that I had become a molecular biologist and work out a plague upon the ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clown herd that is a rash upon the Earth, cf. Isaiah Chapter Three.

    I would like to give you a short bio and some info on who I am and what I seek.

    Which I shall of course change because of a lack of a need for myself or anyone else to know.


    Before I start I am not one for throwing around names but I do want you to know I have phone con's with a few high up in our struggle, We may not travel in the same circles but our people are all intertwined in the same struggle. As of this time I am a moderator on WNN (White News Network) as with many of our splinter groups there comes a time when usually the two at the top running the group have disagreements over either the future of the movement or tactics, I think this happened with my group as our leader Jamie Kelso a dear brother and friend of mine and our Internet guy Tom Smith. The consequence Tom started his own site Patriot News Network and it is growing. They are both my brothers and I hate to see the split but we all still fight for the same thing.

    I myself maintain a sock-puppet on Jaime Kelso's WNN. If detected I probably would be banned because of my ridicule of that narcissistic whigger slut April Gaede who has turned pretty much everything she touches either to her own personal pan pussy fodder or into a personal feud.

    I have no fight with Jaime Kelso. I think that his forum, and any child forums derived from $permFart and VNNF are usually complete wastes of time which attract both whiggers and jews and mongrels each out for what they can get.

    I at one time was the commander of a local group here in Alabama, "XXN"
    Xtra-Xtra-Nationalists) at our high we had 26 members, I never really pushed recruiting because my children played ball with the local police's kids, and one of our Judges sons. Out of fear of hurting my sons pitching on the team along with heat starting to come down upon us I disbanded the group. This was two years ago, since I have done all I could for our cause online. I own many acres in Northern Alabama and the original intent was for it to be the home place for my family and my group, We worked on getting the roads up the Mountain and started the clearing, I finished all of the fencing and started on the main hall. After last winter I had a visit from a XXXXX County Sheriff to the gate, he wrote up a report that someone had complained of burning crosses on the compound (Which was entirely untrue) We had never even had a meeting up their.

    But after this encounter I was told pretty clearly we would not be tolerated should we step outside of the law or intimidated anyone, up until the illegals flooded in when Wal-mart came along with the negro's XXXX county was one of the few remaining 100% White Counties in Alabama. It has really had an impact on my heart watching my home place change so quickly. My compound sit's idle right now, I have the plans already drawn on 8 cabins, a meeting hall, and lotted out 15 3 acre home sites, With all of the new changes I have decided to move my family this place is headed in the wrong direction and I want no part of it.

    So PLE search began, I served 6 years in the military and was injured to a point where they gave me a 100% disability retirement service connected due to it happening in the combat zone. You could not tell it by looking at me (Thanks be to God), and I have worked very hard to hold service with the next healthy guy. I have 2,000$ a month right now to invest in where ever I move, It's just a matter of where.

    I found your site and was hopeful I could find a community that fit the bill. That and being able to share my knowledge of our movement with brothers and sisters of our clan is why I would like to join. I have deeper connections that I would like to keep private but I am sure if you ask the right people you will find I am a true trooper and a leader. I would add to greatness of your site.

    Thank you Brother for all you have done

    Look forward to hearing back,

    XXX Warlord [/SIZE]

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