An Artificial Division We Should No Longer Allow


"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
-- Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution .

"The humblest citizen of all the land, when clad in the armor of a righteous cause, is stronger than all the hosts of error."
-- William Jennings Bryan

The following is submitted by LibRA Tennessee advocate Jason Owen, who may be reached at He makes some good points worth sharing and worth considering. Will reserve own brief commentary until after Jason's article. -- JWG

An Artificial Division We Should No Longer Allow

Reflecting on a recent article I sent to others that was writen by someone else, they indeed covered much of what I have also pointed out over the last several years as I have been outspoken on womens issues.

Here in Tennessee I have recruited more females than males into the racial struggle since 2001. Much of the reason is because I made it a point to include females when speaking to other Eurofolk on the problems and issues that face our race. Many sisters had made the comment to me that its rare to see men covering womens issues, and women who have believed this was a ''men only'' struggle were inspired to get involved after speaking to them.

Our enemies such as the SPLC target Eurofolk women and categorize white women with so-called minorities in a vicious attempt to turn them away from white men, and also turn them away from our struggle. There is nothing the enemy hates more than to see Eurofolk men and women unified and fighting the same battle against all that is wrong with our people and the world today.

However, besides the tireless attempts waged by the enemy to divide white men and women, there are several errors that many males make in the racial cause today either on purpose or without thinking. When we don't include women in literature distributions, in social gatherings or in organizational movements, we help the enemy. There are a few organizations who do not allow women to take up leadership roles, and there are also a few who have even excluded women from their ranks.

One has to wonder, just what these types of groups plan to or think they can accomplish when leaving our sisters out? One may wish to ask if these ''brothers only'' groups have any real intentions at all as far as reaching any levels of progress, when they fail to acknowledge the important roles that women play and the contributions that women give to our race and struggle.

This is one of the many reasons why I am proud to be a LibRA member, as LibRA not only includes and recognizes the vital roles that our sisters participate in, but it clearly shows the effort and progress women do in LibRA.

Something I always like to point out is, when I was younger and was part of the Skinhead scene, we had girls who served on all different levels with the Chicago Skinheads -- from being supporters to being probates to being full patched members. These sisters were some of the most dedicated who often times put certain males to shame.

With Skinhead groups especially, females are not always treated with respect, as you have the occasional male who feels women are inferior or some other nonsense, which is actually very similar to a non-Eurofolk or Asiatic mindset. Some women are looked upon only as sexual objects, or more commonly known as ''oi toys'', and the males I feel are much more to blame for this type of conduct when they are the main contributors.

I never condoned or tolerated males taking advantage of females of course, however, I did attempt to teach these sisters that I came across to encourage them to find a better way and encouraged them to develop self pride and educate themselves on our people and struggle and why we fight.

Jason Owen
LibRA Tennessee Advocate

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I remember when I first got involved around 1970, how some of us laughed at some of the old time Klansmen. (In perspective, I'm taking about the early 70's, so old time Klansmen then would be really old time Klansmen now.) They would insist on having women in separate groups, and limit their participation in functions to cooking and serving food then cleaning up afterwards, and refuse to allow them to do anything else. Then they sat around and complained, whined and moaned to each other about how few women were involved, with the tangential lack of family involvement. It never occurred to them -- and evidently still does not occur to too many now -- that if women were given or allowed to participate in more meaningful ways, more women would be more involved, would do more and many would do it very well.

One of our martyrs from the Southern freedom fighting days of the 50's & 60's was Klanswoman an activist Kathy Ainsworth who was murdered by fed bullets. I remember how much of a loyal and persistent activist and leader was the late Dorothy Miles -- especially during the 6 year period in the 70's when the late Bob Miles was a political prisoner in the fed system. (I also remember how during much of the first two years of Bob's imprisonment, after the initial flurry of pro-Eurofolk coverage ceased, we were the only ones to try to keep his case alive and persistently and without let up promoted support for Bob -- until Bob's writings in prison became popular and widespread enough that our efforts on his behalf were no longer quite so needed -- so, yes, my own commitment to the important need for support for our political prisoners goes back a long way.) During the time of the infamous Ft Smith Sedition trial, before Bob Miles and Richard Butler were allowed out on bail (and were forced to temporarily relocate from Michigan and Idaho respectively to Fort Smith, Arkansas, until the trial was over), how much work Dorothy and Betty Butler did. Two women who kept the respective groups and efforts going during very dark times. When my own sojourn as a political prisoner finally ended, getting in touch with people again, I was impressed how often women would get involved in needed projects that were more pragamatic. For example, remember all the baby clothing drives and such for needy Eurofolk families? While the men sat around and complained to each other about how Eurofolk people were shoved out of system generated charity efforts, the women got practical, and organized their own.

A few years ago we began to call those appointed to various positions in Liberty Rights Advocates simply Advocates, whether state advocates or advocates for some other purpose. While most of our members are prisoners, and all but a handful of them are male (we do have female political prisoner members, by the way -- while fewer than male political prisoners, there are women in the cause who also were made political prisoners). We never had a problem with worrying whether or not men or women would predominate, only whether they were effective. Most of LibRA's advocates are female, in fact our most active and effective advocates are female. In a sense we are more attuned to our Eurofolk ancestors, who, in pre-Christian Europe, did not relegate the women of our race to roles of being inferior beings or property. Ironically, that notion is more an Astiatic and African concept than a European one. (While we have our Boudica to honor, among others, non-Eurofolk have none. And as for the Christians on this list, remember, one of the earliest "bishops" of the early church mentioned in Acts of the Apostles was a woman in Greece.)

Those who we would now call the neo-marxist "politically correct" bunch, have long tried to portray Eurofolk women as somehow being some sort of minority separate from Eurofolk males and separate or apart from Eurofolk peoples, categorized along with a variety of non-Eurofolk minorities (yet, never trying to denote women of other races as somehow separate from these other races). This division has always been an artificial one. Eurofolk women are not a separate "minority," they are a little more than one half of our own people, our own race--they are part of our own race and people. They are part of what still is our Majority. Whenever a Eurofolk female emerges as an effective pro-Eurofolk activist, spokesperson or even leader, lefties and others who style themselves with the Orwellian phrase "politically correct" are always astounded. We never should be. We shouldn't fall into the same trap of warped thinking which would view the women of our race as somehow a different or separate minority from our race.

John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate
Liberty Rights Advocates
LibRA <>


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