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Thread: More Pseudo-Nazis Exposed -- The Movement Turd of 21Jan10

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    Default More Pseudo-Nazis Exposed -- The Movement Turd of 21Jan10

    The Movement Turd

    January 2010

    Heard on the Turd
    January 21, 2009


    Quote Originally Posted by Curt Maynard

    More Pseudo-Nazis Exposed


    By Curt Maynard
    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Above, photo of 'super-Nazis', the effeminate Alex Linder and Bill "bitch tits" White

    Last time I exposed a pseudo-Nazi was when I showed you Bill White, the notorious uber-Nazi that attended Jewish schools, and consorted with known FBI informants. [HERE, HERE, HERE] Ole Bill put out this magazine, which depicted Barack Obama with a rifle's crosshairs over this head and stated ?Kill This Nigger,? underneath the image. The New York Times immediately jumped on the story, with the associated photo, but never mentioned my articles which proved beyond any doubt that Bill White isn?t a Nazi and has never been accepted within pro-White circles as anything but an agent provocateur. Initially the New York Times called me a white supremacist, but then found out I was married to a Hispanic female. Realizing their error might cause some embarrassment, the ADL followed that article with a new moniker for yours truly, an ?anti-Semitic figure.? I?m still laughing over that one, especially because I have nothing against the truly Semitic Arab peoples.

    This time it?s a guy that goes by the name of ?Quest.? His real name is Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan. His mother?s name is Ferida Kaplan Welshons [Kaplan a very common Jewish surname]. Ferida currently lives with an Israeli Jew named Uri Kenig, whose father is a Tel Aviv trained psychologist living in California, named Uri Ariel Kenig.

    Evren [nee Quest] produces videos in which he supposedly denounces Jewry, in fact he?s a super-Nazi according to him. What he doesn?t tell you is that he?s Jewish and that that he?s an ex-convict whose record strongly suggests that he?s been recruited by the FBI as an informant. HERE one can see that his sentence is under review, which more often than not means that he?s a stool pigeon awaiting special consideration/rehabilitation. Below is a photo of the alleged convict Evren Hun Welshons AKA Quest, I personally don?t know for certain that the below photo [which supposedly validates Welshons as a real Nazi] depicts the same individual in these videos; in fact they look different to me; HERE is a recent photo/vid, what do you think?

    In any case, Evren is fully exposed as the Jew he is by John Martinson Jr [HERE].

    Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan AKA ?Quest? is one of the many agent provocateurs who receive quite a bit of publicity at Vanguard News Network and VNNforum, two allegedly pro-White websites allegedly owned by Alex Linder. The fact of the matter is, Linder owns neither; they?re both FBI fronts, and he?s a compromised bisexual [Some say a straight up homosexual] that made a deal with the devil in order to avoid prison. Nothing new really, they?re easy to pick out, all one need to do is consider the empirical fact that anyone receiving ?special? publicity at Linder?s websites, people like Quest, Craig Cobb, Hal Turner, and supposed uber-Nazi Bill White have already been exposed for their ties to the FBI, the ADL, and the SPLC. How do you know Curt?

    Consider the following.

    1. Hal Turner, who received an incredible amount of publicity early on at VNN has already confessed in a federal courtroom to being a paid asset of the FBI [nuff said.]. It should be noted that I've been calling Hal Turner an FBI informant since 2007.

    2. Evren Hun Welshons-Kaplan AKA ?Quest? [See above]. It?s worth noting that this guy elshons-Kaplan is also closely associated with Mike Delaney and Eric Hufschmid [Whose sister is married to Rupert Murdoch?s son - no, I?m not kidding Hufschmid calls it a "coincidence." Yeah, right.].

    3. Craig Cobb, the alleged owner of Podblanc.com, an alleged pro-white video hosting site lied to his acolytes for a couple of years claiming to live in the Baltic state of Estonia. The fact of the matter is, he may have visited Estonia on a couple of occasions, but he lived in Canada the entire time. Cobb was allegedly ejected from Estonia by the Estonian government [a claim he has never been able to prove]. Cobb is allegedly some super-racist, who has made innumerable videos that could easily be interpreted by Canadian Law Enforcement as promoting racial hatred, a serious crime in Canada which can easily result in a prison sentence, ask any real dissident, like Ernst Zundel.

    Inexplicably, when Craig Cobb was allegedly given the choice of returning to the United States or Canada, after his alleged expulsion from Estonia, Cobb chose to return to Canada. His choice made even the denser folk at Vanguard News Network go hmmm. The fact of the matter is, his choice revealed better than all his other negative actions, which were extensive, that he was not what he claimed to e, I.e. a racialist AKA an advocate of White folk and White Nationalism. If he were what he claimed to be, Canada would be on his short list of the last places on earth he?d want to live, yet, he lives there to this day unmolested and undisturbed.

    Cobb?s mission is to work closely with the FBI, RCMP, ADL, SPLC, and a couple Canadian Jewish groups in the same way that Frank Collins [nee Cohen] did as the supposed leader of the American Nazi Party, when he orchestrated a ?Nazi? march through a Jewish neighborhood outside Chicago back in the 1970s that ?just happened? to coincide with the release of several Hollywood productions about the holocaust. Predictably the Jewish owned media [Yes reader, the entire media apparatus is monopolized by ethnic Jews], jumped on the story, making any advocate of white rights, appear on the same evil level as uber-Nazi Frank Collins AKA Cohen. At the same time they [Jewry] were able to publicize films that would create ?white guilt,? among the American White majority and generate a shitload of money for other Jews in Hollywood. A win-win situation for Jewry. Other known fake Nazis and Klansmen can be seen HERE, HERE, and HERE.

    In any case, Craig Cobb has a slightly different mission; his job is to convince true White Nationalist?s that he?s their boy, that they can rely on him, that he?ll post videos that Youtube censors, which he does, but only in a certain way that minimizes the number of viewers that will ever actually see these videos. I?ve caught him at this innumerable times, and it was his subsequent actions that convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a paid asset of the aforementioned government and non-governmental agencies. Instead of doing what any true White Nationalist would do when told of a limitation associated with his website, I.e. fix it, he attacked me as a Jew and informant. [An example can be found here, ask yourself if this video can easily be imbedded somewhere other than on VNN?]

    I knew he wasn?t what he claimed to be years ago, his recent decision to move to Canada rather than the United States merely served as the icing on the cake. What Cobb was doing initially was allowing people to post videos on his website Podblanc, but he was making it impossible for those videos to be spread around, they could not be imbedded in the blogs or on other websites, as could the videos at any other video hosting website. I brought this up to him nicely a dozen times, and nothing happened. I then started mentioning this to others, at which point Cobb decided to attack me personally. Eventually, under the pressure created by my condemnation, Cobb fixed the podblanc videos temporarily where they could be easily embedded on the web [The embed code was easily accessible, he has since made it much more difficult to acquire]. After a few months, and some lame excuses, Podblanc videos once again became impossible to imbed in the blogs and on the web.

    Cobb also minimized the number of viewers his videos received. As an example, I once posted a podblanc video on my blog during the short period of time Craig Cobb made this possible and got Mike Rivero at Whatreallyhappened.com to link to it. Whenever Whatreallyhappened.com links to one of my articles I always get at least 30,000 visitors over 24 hours, WRH.com is a highly trafficked site, they get a shitload of visitors each and every day. After a couple days I went to Podblanc.com to see how many hit?s the video received [Like Youtube, Podblanc has a counter that records the number of viewers]. The video counter revealed that less than 300 people had viewed the video, an impossibility that could not have happened without someone at Podblanc.com intentionally fabricating/falsifying the true numbers. The only person at Podblanc with the ability to do this was the illustrious uber-racist Craig Cobb. To my knowledge Cobb continues his charade, primarily through Alex Linder?s federal fronts, Vanguardnewsnetwork.com and VNNforum.com. The last time I attempted to embed a Podblanc video I ran into the same problem I did years ago, there was no way to embed it - so apparently Cobb is up to his same old tricks. If a video cannot easily be spread around, few people will ever see it. If nobody is watching the video, what difference does it make that it?s up in the first place? All it is in reality is censorship by other means.

    Bill White is a known federal informant whose primary job is to make other White folk conscious of the present systems inequity toward whites look like hate filled Klansmen. Nobody in the so-called ?White movement? has any faith in him whatsoever, the vast majority of the legitimate White nationalists at VNN believe him to be exactly what he is, a federal rat and stoolie for the ADL and SPLC. The only people that seem to believe that Bill White is a ?real Nazi,? are Craig Cobb, Quest, Alex Linder, Hal Turner, the FBI, ADL, SPLC, and a few Jewish MSM journalists that love to quote old Bill.

    A while back Bill White was allegedly jailed for threatening some judges or something like that, but conveniently he?s locked down in complete isolation, so his presence, or lack thereof, cannot be substantiated. Very convenient no? I have personally written enough about Bill White in the past to more than prove he?s a fake and fraud, no more is necessary here. The reason the FBI has gone to the trouble of faking Bill White?s arrest and imprisonment is simple, they aren?t done with him yet; they hope to rehabilitate him and use him again, this time as a supposed martyr. LOL. Good luck guys, there aint no fucking way Bill White will ever be accepted back into the fold so to speak, he hasn?t got an ounce of credibility.

    To this very day, despite the fact that few of his readers believe anything Bill White says about anything, Linder maintains a thread devoted to Bill White on his main page. Read it carefully and you?ll quickly see that nobody has visited the uber-Nazi in jail, none of his supporters, nobody has seen the fool in lockup, they all take his word for it. Well, in truth I shouldn?t say they all do, most of the comments, those not generated by Linder, his moderators and useful idiots anyway, are anti-Bill White, which supports what I said about White having no credibility among so-called White Nationalists.

    4. Linder himself is an obvious agent of the FBI, several years ago he involved himself in a rally devoted to Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, two young people kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered by three black males and a black female in Knoxville TN. The local police, and the national news media did all they could to hush the crime up, but there were those at VNN that wanted to bring it to the nations attention. In any case, Linder involved himself [He wasn?t necessary], and the first thing he did, was get ?beaten down? by one of Knoxville?s finest in the worst choreographed bit of acting I?ve ever seen. In other words, he was told by his handlers to fake being assaulted in order to cut the head off the leadership at the rally, which would nullify anything positive that might otherwise have culminated from it. Just for good measure, the FBI had a bald headed guy turn out too, with a red shirt bearing a swastika, which enabled the media to focus on him, rather than the point of the rally, which was to draw attention to a horrendous crime that the MSM was doing its best to cover up. Thanks to the fake skinhead and Linder?s alleged assault, the local media had everything it needed to focus on the so-called white supremacists and minimize the kidnapping, torture, rape and murder of two young American kids. Thanks Linder.

    Linder allegedly makes a living with his websites, but it wouldn?t take anyone visiting his websites very long to conclude the obvious, he couldn?t possibly generate more than a couple hundred dollars monthly from them. The fact of the matter is, Vanguard News Network and its forum are honey traps, websites devoted to attracting dissidents, identifying them, and later arranging to compromise some so that they can later be exploited for nefarious purposes. There is much more on Linder, much more. At present Linder still maintains his charade by pointing out to fools willing to listen to him that he?s listed on the ADL?s list of white supremacists, as if that was enough to validate one?s racist views. It?s worth pointing out that Hal Turner [a self admitted FBI informant] was also on the list right up until he confessed to being an FBI informant. No doubt, Frank Collins [nee Cohen] was on that list at one time too.

    Old time VNNer?s remember when I trounced Bill White in an election held at Vanguard News Network for the leadership of the American National Socialist Workers Party. That?s right, I am the true leader of the party, duly elected. At the time the thread devoted to the election was one of VNN top five most trafficked threads. I did it as a lark of course, but with a point. The intention was to prove, which I did beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bill White had ZERO support at VNN and/or for that matter in the United States and the western world [I seriously doubt Bill White ever had more than nine followers]. I think the fraud himself received ten or fifteen votes total, whereas I had something like ninety or a hundred votes. The entire thread was a serious embarrassment for Bill White, the FBI, and Alex Linder, and wouldn?t you know it, VNN experienced some technical difficulties in the aftermath of the vote, which resulted in that entire thread vaporizing. In other words, Linder was told to get rid of it, the FBI didn?t want people to know that their boy Bill White couldn?t garner anymore support than ten or fifteen total votes and that Curt Maynard was the true leader of the ANSWP [Fact is, I still am. However, I cannot be held responsible for anything it has done under the fraudulent leadership of Bill White, because the very first thing I did as leader was to expel Bill White from the party]. LOL. I had a helluva lot of fun with that thread.

    When you add it all up, it comes down to this. Craig Cobb, Alex Linder, Quest, Hal Turner, TraitorGlenn Miller, and Bill White are all federal informants period. It?s easy enough to see; all you have to do is look.

    Wake up, you?re being taken for a ride.

    Posted by PC Apostate III/Curt Maynard at 8:51 AM




    Curt Maynard Says:

    Something I should have mentioned in the above article, but forgot about, is that Vanguard news Network still maintains dozens of articles on its main page/masthead written by me.


    Some "racists" and/or curious readers might find this a bit unusual, being that I'm a self admitted race traitor. i.e. I was married to a Hispanic woman for 13 years, and yet, a supposedly "super racist" website like Vanguard News Network still carries my material [The material of a "race traitor"].

    The reason Linder still carries my material has nothing to do with it [what I wrote, despite its truth], he carris it so that the name "Curt Maynard" will be linked to his allegedly "racist" website [actual FBI front], which he knows will discredit me in the eyes of many readers and can be used as "evidence" of my racist POV [actually it's a realist POV] for the purposes of discrediting me in the eyes of webmasters that occasionally carry my material/post my articles.

    It's really as simple as that.
    January 21, 2010 11:32 AM

    Curt Maynard further said:

    You've added things to this article. Please make a note of it at the beginning of your post and identify those changes within the text.

    January 22, 2010 4:44 AM

    To Which I Reply:

    I've added a few links. You seem to have put up a whole bunch of links at the start and then pooped out at the end of the articles.

    However, what is written as your writings is not changed other than the addition of additional hyperlinks. I had hoped to come across the quote by Pastor Jeromy Visser to where he said that Linder was not only unnecessary, but had invited hisself in order to create the 'choreographed shot' of him being arrested by Knoxville piglice. I hopefully will get around to writing my own commentary.

    What you wrote about Linder and Bill White/Weiss is altogether correct. I think that they are ZOG false fronts. Your commentary about Craig 'Corn' Cobb has not nearly as much proof and there are some who find Corn Cobb's Podblanc of some use, so I will reserve comment on that. However, I couldn't very well honestly delete or abridge what you wrote concerning Corn Cobb, now could I?

    So, what I did was as best and as honestly as I could do some more research and add links. Nothing more.

    However, if you have any specific change or commentary that you wish to make to this article, please either add it to the comments section herein or send me an e-mail to:


    I have no quarrel with you at all, and and wish to see what I can do to please you as best I can seeing how we are in agreement regarding the dishonesty of Linder running a ZOG false-front. Your private life is of no interest to myself, certainly since everyone already knows about it in any case.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

    January 23, 2010 11:20 PM



    Why post this?

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    Default from the ADL ...

    Lindstedt said on his Web site that local authorities "and probably the jews and feds," wanted to create false child molestation charges against him, and claimed that he "notified the Resistance to commit some discreet atrocities if necessary for revenge." He told a local prosecuting attorney that he prayed every day that God or Muslims would use biological warfare on the U.S. and that he himself looked forward "to destroying your families in retaliation for destroying not only my family, but the families of so many others."

    In the 1990s, Lindstedt was an early proponent of the anti-government militia movement, operating his "one-man militia group," the 7th Missouri Militia, and publishing an occasional newsletter, "The Modern Militiaman's Gazette," throughout the late 1990s. Over time, Lindstedt became more interested in promoting white supremacy, changing the title of his newsletter to the "Resistance Political Frontline."

    Lindstedt achieved most of his notoriety as a perennial candidate for public office. Since 1994, he has run for federal, state, and local offices, on a variety of political party tickets, but has invariably lost, typically with a miniscule percentage of the vote.


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    Default Oops, Rabanger Did It Again

    Oops, Rabanger Did It Again


    Quote Originally Posted by Rabang 'albion' Miller View Post

    Lindstedt said on his Web site that local authorities "and probably the jews and feds," wanted to create false child molestation charges against him, and claimed that he "notified the Resistance to commit some discreet atrocities if necessary for revenge." He told a local prosecuting attorney that he prayed every day that God or Muslims would use biological warfare on the U.S. and that he himself looked forward "to destroying your families in retaliation for destroying not only my family, but the families of so many others."

    In the 1990s, Lindstedt was an early proponent of the anti-government militia movement, operating his "one-man militia group," the 7th Missouri Militia, and publishing an occasional newsletter, "The Modern Militiaman's Gazette," throughout the late 1990s. Over time, Lindstedt became more interested in promoting white supremacy, changing the title of his newsletter to the "Resistance Political Frontline."

    Lindstedt achieved most of his notoriety as a perennial candidate for public office. Since 1994, he has run for federal, state, and local offices, on a variety of political party tickets, but has invariably lost, typically with a miniscule percentage of the vote.

    Hello Rabanger 'Albion' MillerDogget:

    It never fails. Rabbi Alex LinderMillerwitz and his corps of ZOG enablers for his ZOG false front ALWAYS ends up having a jew source to act against the indigenous White Nationalist Movement and its leadership. Rabbi Linder wants to claim that Christian Identity is a cult, why Rabbi Linder quotes the jew Barkun's 1994 book "Religion and the racist right: the origins of the Christian Identity movement." The possibility of Rabbi LinderMillerwitz and his hyenoid ass-licking protective meercat cheering section actually asking Christian Identity pastors to tell about our racial religion never occurs to Rabbi Linder. The reason why: Because if Linder was legit, he would support a Christian sect which says that jews are the literal spawn of Satan, are irredeemably evil, and must be exterminated. It is because Linder is not legitimate, collecting ZOGbux from his TraitorGlenn Miller paymaster out of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity petty cash drawer, that this silliness, beloved of whigger and mamzer skinhead offal is provided for these losers' avid consumption.

    The other end of the scale, the edjewmacated whigger 'intellecshumals' also read books by jews defaming Christian Identity. Since like all whiggers, they worsheep theysselfs and like to stare into the void of theyz' collective and individual manginas, such revert to theyz' original programming indoctrinated into theysselfs at the whigger factory -- the pub[l]ic skrule system -- and ASSume that theyz is smarter than God while dumber than dirt.

    However, for once the jews are guilty only of making their slant. One of the primary beliefs of us Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) believers is the fact that ZOG/Babylon will NOT be overthrown by internal or external resistance groups, but rather like every other mighty Evil Empire that lost itz way, by the forces of unrestricted civil warfare and economic, social, and political collapse that we call The Great Tribulation. In this Great Tribulation, only a small fraction of Whites will survive and the non-whites will be exterminated or driven off.

    So, those who destroyed my family and took years out of my life in torturing me and doping me up in the NutHouse (like these hypocrites like to bitch that the Soviet jewnion used to do and the Chinese do upon occasion) and any whiggers supporting this evil need to be exterminated root and branch, for they too are as evil as jews, and with not even the excuse for being of the bloodline of Satan.

    So today I am working on rebuilding the above-ground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church to being the religious and political center of the Resistance -- as it already in most respects it is already -- and politically working on appealing to the warlords who are amongst us now, waiting for the collapse of ZOG 'law' and ZOG 'order' to first break free into chaos and anarchy, to then carry out the necessary exterminations as ZOG falls into collapse, and then under the theological banner of the DSCI Church, impose order by exterminating the regime criminals and supporting parasites. What the Ten-Thousand Warlords will need is legitimacy, the DSCI Church is to provide that religious, political and mental legitimacy as being the White Man's Racial Hate Religion. jews and non-whites have no place whatsoever within a White Nation. DSCI says as much, and provides the religious excuse for ridding the White Man of such vermin under color of Christianity.

    So why does Rabbi Linder hate so Christian Identity? Why is Rabbi Linder's behavior so akin to that of the jews? Why is Rabbi Linder suffering from either jew ass-cancer or from jew faggot irritable bowel disease? And why does TraitorGlenn Miller act as a known and caught agent provacateur and snitch act like TraitorGlenn Miller got an inexhaustable suppy of ZOGbux? Occam's Law says that it is because TraitorAlex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller are simply running a ZOG false front -- as are jewrself, 'Rabanger.'

    During the 1990s, I did indeed help found and run two militias with around 20 or more members each. I encouraged these militias to go back underground in 1996. And, I did edit an e-zine called "Modern Militiaman" which was read by pretty much everyone interested in the Militia Movement of the time.

    So I have been a long-time Resistance soldier. ZOG took it upon itself, like Ahab, to destroy a dissident Naboth. And, being a Naboth with much Elijah in himself, let me say that those who in any way serve ZOG/Babylon, shall die in whordes. Those who support in any way ZOG who dies in the cities are to be eaten by the dogs; those who support ZOG in any way are to be eaten by the birds, until there be left no ZOGlings, be they regime criminals nor herd animals.

    No mighty Evil Empire, having grown gross and corrupt and having destroyed its Founding White Peoples, has ever avoided its destiny in the ash-heap of History. The remaining degenerate mixed-breed mamzers cannot sustain civilization, nor will they. Such never have kept anything running as a going concern. So it doesn't matter how many TraitorAlex Linders, or TraitorGlenn Millers show up to set up and imprison whigger shitheads, the end collapse cannot be evaded or denied. No mighty Evil Empire, its dungeons and prisons and jewlags full, has ever staved off collapse.

    You, like a few other criminal regimeist whiggers, mamzers and jews, do follow me everywhere on bowel-Movement forums and blogs, sniffing like dogs and rats, pissing and moaning that I am insane or criminal or a pervert or whatever lie is provided by jews. Yet you accomplish nothing but to give me ammunition and to provide a salutary lesson to the genuine little ones of the Resistance.

    Oops, Rabanger did it again. Sucked every single one, of his ZOG-rat 'friends.' That and a few of Rabbi LinderMillerwitz' colostomy bags.

    Oh well. Keep on pitching and Rabbi LinderMillerwitz will no doubt keep on catching.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default The Christian Identity News Network vs Corn Cobb's Podblanc

    The Christian Identity News Network vs Corn Cobb's Podblanc


    Quote Originally Posted by COCKATOO View Post

    Well, whatever you think of the race mixing Maynard, he has frequently been dead on right about a lot of things, I wouldn't automatically dismiss what he says about anything.

    He is right about Cobb's Podblanc videos. They have always been impossible to post anywhere but VNNF (try playing this video posted here, I can't - had to follow the link to Podblanc to watch it http://stumbleinn.net/forum/showthread.php?t=17274 ). If the information about Cobb residing in Canada while claiming to reside in Estonia is true, well, what more needs to be said, we are running out of red flags on that one. Even if he only chose to depart Estonia for Canada over the U.S. that too is sufficient information to make one pretty suspicious.
    What I did was to observe Curt Maynard's behavior over on VNNF. It is obvious that when Maynard finally got banned over on VNNF in August 2008, he was pretty much disgusted by Linder's behavior, thought Linder was a ZOG false-front along with TraitorGlenn Miller and Commandork Bitch-tits Bill White/Weiss. At the same time he wanted to use VNNF's audience to go over and read his blog. So finally Linder got tired of putting up with what Linder regarded as Maynard's insolence and back-biting and banned 'melcur'/Curt Maynard. All of which is obvious if one has an account over at VNNF and wanted to look at the old threads and posts.

    I was over snooping at VNNF because I like to find something for my 'Movement Turd' posts and blogs. I was also looking for Pastor Visser's quote about how Linder 'invited hisself' to the Knoxville Rally and tried to take it over.

    In any case, I met Craig 'Corn' Cobb along with Linder, Billy Roper, and Rick Spring when I went to Topeka at the anti-Brown rally to see Pastor Butler in May 2004 before he died. And Corn Cobb is a genuine original. He looks like a gliberal whigger kollidge professor until he opens his mouth and you hear genuine 196-proof CreaTard bullshit come out of it. Looking at Corn Cobb's videos, you see where jews and whiggers think he is one of them until Corn Cobb opens his mouth, and then itz "Danger, Swill Kikeson, Danger!!!" and then the quarry of Corn Cobb's camera run away. The only exception was a high-yeller niggress who told Corn Cobb that her next niglet was gonna be 'white' and Corn Cobb took it as a threat of rape.

    So over the past year I've seen that Voice of Retards is pretty much a ZOG false front in that it is only quasi-hostile to Linder, and I think it is a pub[l]ic hostility necessary to put some distance between Linder/TraitorGlenn Miller's overt ZOG false-front. I and a number of other, perhaps genuine, probably false Movement personalities have been defamed by Voice of Retards, and in return I make sure to give Voice of Retards a good swift kick in the ass, each time and every time.

    Now there is much whining about how the bowel Movement needs jewnity. No, jewnity is a curse, as Willie Martin said. There can be no unity possible when most of these organizations are a jew/ZOG false front at war with the genuine article. But even more to the point, the White Nationalist Movement never has been and never will be united under one hierarchy. Rather, the Movement is a network in which communication flows around nodes, and in which any Revolt will take place through a spontaneous attack by literally hundreds, then thousands of cells. This is why I am working on what I call the "Ten-Thousand Warlords Project" so that ZOG will never be able to locate, destroy or co-opt those warlords wanting and able to take care of the opportunities which abound in a decaying, then destroyed social order.

    No, stupid whiggers, we are not in any possible means of having unity. In fact, the Ten-Thousand Warlords will be fighting with each other even during the time that ZOG exists, like today, and civil war will proceed even faster once ZOG is on the ropes, then dead. Which is why I wish to infuse the Ten-Thousand Warlords with the racial religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, so that the carcass can be divided, relatively peacefully, between the wolves.

    So where does Corn Cobb fit in this? Well, as I discussed with you and others last year, I don't see why allied Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastors can't set up a sort of Christian Identity News Network (CINN) and have streaming audio and video like the goofhead Corn Cobb has on his Podblanc. I discussed making alliance with Corn Cobb, pointing out that having programming would increase his virtual network. Yet, as you -- and now Curt Maynard -- pointed out, Podblanc only embeds efficiently in VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF. I found out that was quite correct when a Podblanc video wouldn't imbed here on StumbleInn, even though StumbleInn has an embedding BB code present.

    So is that because Podblanc doesn't have the ability to embed on every WN forum? Or because Podblanc is tied into VNNF as a ZOG false front dedicated to data-mining and keeping track of whigger nutsionalist feebs who might well do something violent, or have a stable of agents provacateur able to create an incident?

    Simple prudence indicated the latter possibility is the likely one. Podblanc is likely another ZOG false front, part of the TraitorGlenn Miller News Network, paid for out of the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity.

    In any case, the DSCI clergy doesn't want much, if anything, to do with the CreaTards, and Corn Cobb is a devout and nutziod CreaTard. Instead, if Corn Cobb can create a video network, with his limited personal resources, the CI clergy can do so as well. If Corn Cobb is using ZOG resources, then that inability for us to do so will tell us what is the state of the current reality.

    Right now DSCI pastors use Talkshoe. We could use Talkshoe as opposed to BlogTalk. But Internet Radio is proven and tried and useful. The vast majority of the time there isn't any problem with getting a number of faithful posters to call in, if necessary, after the pastor has delivered his sermon. The end result is archived on Talkshoe and the pastor himself often downloads it, sometimes compresses it and archives it himself.

    Harold Covington is going to start an Internet Radio show. I myself am going to start a one-hour Internet Radio show and have it run on Sundays, with another as necessary on Wednesdays. This morning I spoke to Teacher William Finck about storing an archived copy of the show on his server.

    In any case, what is necessary is the message, not the messenger. And, as a result of the technological revolution, the message is easily brought out better and better with no need for ZOG false-fronts of whatever stripe to present it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    From 21 April 2009
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    Default Why not join my Christian Nationalist forum and post your blog stuff?

    Why not join my Christian Nationalist forum and post your blog stuff?


    Why not join my Christian Nationalist forum and post your blog stuff?

    You are over here at StumbleInn posting your stuff that you have on your blog. Why not post the same thing over at my Christian Nationalist forum?

    You see, your blogspot and v-bulletin uses the same mysql database formatting. I myself post first on my v-bulletin forum, then paste to both my blogspace and wordpress blogs as is.

    Now to my followers, I must of course denounce you for marrying a beaner and having beaner kids, but you are not nearly the traitor TraitorAlex Linder, TraitorGlenn Miller and the rest of the ZOG false fronts. But from what I have read, she took you for most of what you had at the time and made you sorry you met her.

    In any case, I have reposted your blog articles on my forums before and elsewhere, so why not simply just join my forum and post whatever you please without censorship?

    You seem smart enough to me to not get involved in a pissing fight over the past. What you did in marrying a beaner was wrong, but I won't bother to harp on it if you will not try to justify it.

    Everyone on my forum knows who you are and what you have done. Yet they read your stuff on your blog. Why not simply get an additional audience and put it in hyperlinks and build up traffic to your own blog?

    I like having the Resistance writing talent on my forum. If you post it up yourself and put it in your name, then I won't have to bother picking up what I like and posting it with commentary to my forum.

    If you want, then sign up as 'curt maynard' or whatever other name you choose, send me an e-mail back to mlindste@mo-net.com and I'll moderate you as a registered member on Christian Nationalist forum. I have to moderate the membership applications to keep off Russian jew porn spammers away from my forum.

    I got 'albion' the TGM ass-licker on my forum and I don't bother to censor the worthless bastard. So I'm not a censor or bluenose.

    Alex Linder and Don Black will have a shit-fit when they see your material on my forum. I'm banned from VNNF and $permFront myself.

    Do consider it. I'm not out to bust your chops over the past provided that you don't try to justify it so that I have to make a religious complaint.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Christian Nationalist Forum @ www.whitenationalist.org/forum

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    Default Corn Cobb does a 360 and endorses Delaney's "Kaplan"!!!

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    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default GoDaddy Promotes Censorship, Tosses Prothink.org And Related Sites; GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman Is Jewish

    GoDaddy Promotes Censorship, Tosses Prothink.org And Related Sites; GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman Is Jewish


    According to this VNN Forum thread, GoDaddy is tossing Prothink.org off its server. This also applies to ZionCrimeFactory.com. If they can find a replacement server within 48 hours, there'll be no down time. In addition, I've learned that Scott Roberts' website, TheForbiddenTruth.net, was Tos'd earlier by GoDaddy, although TheForbiddenTruth YouTube channel lives on.

    Apparently GoDaddy got too many complaints from people who wanted to see the sites taken down because they disagree with their ideological content. Prothink received the following message from GoDaddy on June 22nd, 2012:

    From: GoDaddy Network Abuse Department
    To: prothink@yahoo.com
    Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 7:50 PM
    Subject: Customer Warning – PROTHINK.ORG & ZIONCRIMEFACTORY.COM

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Our records indicate that you are responsible for the PROTHINK.ORG & ZIONCRIMEFACTORY.COM domain names and their hosted content.

    We have received complaints about your domain name and the contents of your website. Upon reviewing the situation, we have found that they are in violation on section 7 of your Domain Registration Agreement. (http://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/legal_agreements/show_doc.asp?se=%2B&pageid=REG%5FSA)

    We understand that this can be a very sensitive topic, and that there will likely be a difference of opinion as to the nature of the complaints. We are not making a determination in favor of either, but do not wish to be involved in such disputes. As a result, we ask that you move the registration and hosting for these sites to another provider (Not affiliated with GoDaddy.com or our Reseller division, WildWestDomains.com).

    If you can initiate this move within 48 hours of the transmission of this notice, there will not need to be any downtime for your site. If the transfer is not initiated by this time, we may have to suspend services to your website.

    We strongly recommend you reply to this message as to your intentions. This will further help insure that no unnecessary downtime results for your site. If you have any questions, please let us know. Please be aware that this decision is final, and we do not wish to debate the actual content of your site.


    Network Abuse Department
    24/7 Network Abuse Department Hotline: 480-624-2505

    Note that Section 7 of the registration agreement does not explain why the sites are unacceptable; it simply establishes the right of GoDaddy to drop them off its server. Section 8 spells out the "morally objectionable" activities which can cause rejection.

    Another possible reason is revealed on this Stormfront thread. Warren Adelman is the CEO of the Go Daddy group of companies, having initially joined the company in 2002 as the Vice President of Corporate Development. But prior to entering the private sector, Warren served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. He also spent six years in international relations at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., where he served as Chief of Public Affairs. During this time, Warren was a member of the media and communications team for Israel's Delegation to Bilateral Peace Talks held in Washington, D.C. between 1991 and 1996.

    Did you really think that a couple of websites critical of Zionism and Jewish supremacism could possibly get a fair shake from a company whose CEO once served with the Israeli Defense Forces? Dream on.

    As is typical of so many American companies nowadays, GoDaddy has arbitrarily presumed guilt and cuts off any debate or appeal in advance. They hide the identity of the complaints and the nature of the complainants, so that one doesn't get the opportunity to confront one's accusers. Jewish supremacists and antifa generally take the lead in getting websites ToS'd.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 5:54 PM Saturday, June 23, 2012


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Default Mike Delaney Of Prothink Fires Writers Brandon Of ZCF and Torus Of JewishProblem.com

    Mike Delaney Of Prothink Fires Writers Brandon Of ZCF and Torus Of JewishProblem.com


    At this point and time I wont go into too many details because it will out me for the dirty jew criminal I am working for ZOG but will be interviewing some highly respected people about how and why I removed both of these non-white individuals. I've been going ass-to-mouth with jews and niggers for all of my life, largely because I myself am a jew working with other jews like Rabbis Eliar James/jewseph Stalin Kutz-November and MildSwill Finck-el-Sheenie and known ZOGbots like Jim Wickstrom, and having little in the way of intelligence must steal finished product from niggers and other jews. *Most* of their work in the Prothink network is appreciated but my limit of kosher tolerance and compromise has been far exceeded. You wonder how I am able to fire anyone? Well, I'm getting ZOGbux from the petty cash drawer of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity. These domains and content have been property of the Prothink networkADL/SPLC/DHS and therefore will continue to be the property of such. I refuse to turn this into a big ordeal but do feel people are justified in some explanations which will be offered in length shortly as soon as Mark Potok gives me one.

    Thank you

    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck


    Mike 'The Kike' Delaney

    I am The Librarian

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