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Thread: Letter to Tom -- 9 Jan 10

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    Default Letter to Tom -- 9 Jan 10

    Eric Thomson: Letter to Tom -- 9 Jan 10

    9 JAN 10

    Dear Tom:

    Thanks for your letter & enclosures of 4 JAN 10. ?Affirmative action? hiring may get out of control when the ?special niggers? kill other non-Whites, such as the spic at the ?Indian? casino in California. Nigs do 2 things well: They kill way out of proportion to non-niggers & they breed way beyond their abilities to feed their mudlets. NPR jewsradio reported that niggers comprise around 3% of this state?s population (WA), but they comprise 20% of prison inmates. ZOG pretends that?s ?proof? of ?systemic racism? in our law enforcement & is certainly not due to behavioral differences, since we are ?all equal.?

    One radio feature today revealed the likely jew, Bill Gates, as importing workers from foreign countries as Microsoft workers, allegedly because Americans are ?less-skilled.? Now, he wants such foreign workers to advance their education in Washington State at public expense, by charging them in-state tuition, rather than tuition as foreign students. Even a state official complained that these foreigners will occupy classroom space, thus depriving native Washingtonians access to their universities. In other words, the tax-payers will fund the foreigners? education, while the foreigners take American jobs, even as American jobs are exported to the countries from which the foreigners come! If we were jews, we might ask, ?What kind of a good deal is this?? But don?t worry, Bill Gates is more than satisfied at our expense, in this ?best of all possible worlds.?

    I?m somewhat shocked to learn that our ZOG deems some U.S. flag-burners ?more equal? than others. I suggested to a local flag vending shop that they consign their wornout or damaged flags for destruction in countries where the USA is hated. I understand that such flags are ?respectfully? destroyed by burning, so why not let the Somalis, Yemenis, Iranians et al. do that job, instead of them making their own U.S. flags for the same purpose? Does flag-burning contribute to ?global-warming?? Stay tuned.

    I note repeated contradictions from the ?Global-Warming? crowd, such as, when is CO2 not a ?greenhouse gas?? It seems that CO2 from coal is ?bad,? but CO2 from vegetable oil or bio-fuels is ?good.? We?ve been notified of increased charges for our electricity, which is generated by hydropower alias water. So how big a ?carbon footprint? does a hydroelectric turbine leave? None?s the word, but energy costs are still linked to CO2 output, for ZOG has spoken.

    Sheeple believe that electric cars are ?environmentally friendly,? but they forget that the electricity used to recharge their batteries comes from coal-burning power plants &/or prolonged toxic nuclear plants. They also ignore the wasted energy in ?line-loss? in power transmission. Hence, the ?global-warming? religion is like most religions in its avoidance of unpleasant facts, on behalf of ?feel good? absurdities. That?s why logging is ?bad,? but controlled burning of forests is ?good.?

    Another jewsradio report featured worries of seed-farmers who sell top grade seeds world wide. These local farmers worry about the destruction & contamination of their crops by cross pollination from related crops. This is why their seed crops are kept away from adulterous crops which can contaminate via wind & bees. Now these seed growers fear contamination from jew Monsanto?s genetically-modified crops, for fear of losing their seed markets.

    Meanwhile, bee die-offs continue. One local beekeeper thinks that the jew, Monsanto, is to blame, since his genetically-modified crops include pesticides & herbicides, & they require the increased use of pesticides & herbicides which are toxic to bees. Added to the jew threat is an increase in nosema disease infections of bee colonies. So far, beekeepers are trying to cope by producing resistant hybrid queens to establish (hopefully) resistant colonies. If we lose our bees, we can say ?adios? to crops which require bees for pollination. I understand that genetically-modified crops harm bees & humans, from the fields to the tables. In the fields, G.M. crops require double the amount of water for irrigation & greatly increased quantities of pesticides & herbicides. This is why farmers in India are going broke & committing suicide by drinking those chemicals. As such ?foods? are eaten by livestock & people, the genetic modifications may be transmitted to the eaters? digestive tracts & other organs, with ?interesting,? if not lethal results. ?Such a deal!? as jews say. Check the current price of honey for an indication of the health of honeybees, i.e. their relative scarcity.

    ZOG?s imperial jewish wars continue to destroy our economy & our youth, to make more space for imported Moslems & Mexicans. American Jewish World Service brags about the former imports & jew employers profit from importing the latter, all of which are billed to the U.S. tax-payers. Is this not ?taxation without representation?? Isn?t that why our Founding Felons led the first & phony ?American Revolution?? Hey, Whitey, ZOG has marked you for extinction & displacement, every day, in every way. With ZOG?s ?White Guilt? propaganda, we are supposed to die off, in performance of our ?righteous duty? to our jew masters. Onward Christian Goyim! DOWZ! ORION!



    Write to:
    Mr. Eric Thomson
    P.O. Box 896
    Yakima, Washington 98907-0896

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