Eric Thomson -- Letter to Stevie

8 JAN 2010

Hail Stevie! Thanks for your eloquent letter mailed on 4 JAN 10. Yes, we’re right in the middle of the jews’ war against Whites. ZOG certainly found “useful idiots” to propagandize its anti-White agenda by using ostensible Whites who allegedly planned to shoot a certain Black president. Whenever something happens or is said to happen, we must always ask: Who benefits from the action? When Whites behave like monkeys, it is certainly not Whites who benefit!

Yes, as it says in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, written around 1895 or so, “the press shall be entirely in our hands.” There were no electronic newsmedia then, although there was telegraph for transmitting messages to newspapers. Much later, reporters could phone in their stories, & later, still, there was radio news broadcasting. Of course, all media of information, entertainment & education are largely in jew hands, including much of the Internet. So far, at least in the USA, ZOG has not imposed drastic censorship on the Internet, as it has in other countries, such as Canada, Britain & Zionist Occupied Europe.

You’ve had a rough life, like your father, thanks be to drugs. I hope your dad will turn his learning experience in prison to his advantage & the benefit of Our Folk, by steering them away from the path of drugs & prison. I wish all the best in this endeavor, for drugs are a mounting threat to our wellbeing. I heard today on jewsradio that the “baby-boomers” of the 1950s are still doing drugs in their sixties. The commentator said that drugs are more dangerous as people age. I noticed that beer tended to put me to sleep, so I don’t drink it nor any alcohol. I want to be awake & alert when I’m out of bed. I guess the zombie life is just not for me. Another thing I notice is that I sleep better & have more energy without alcohol of any kind.

My parents were working poor folks, always in debt, so they taught me how unsatisfactory their lives were. Dad smoked. When he got up in the morning, he’d light his first cigarette, take a puff, cough & pound his chest, saying, “I wish I didn’t smoke.” Thus he taught me not to smoke & stay out of debt. As a schoolkid I disliked the kids who smoked & drank, so I did not smoke, drink nor associate with them. I also knew kids who stole things, & I avoided them as well, for they made me feel uncomfortable.

Thanks for providing an explanation for Wayne’s ‘spaced-out’ thinking: Crystal meth to the rescue! I experienced the hippy era in the “Hashbury District” of San Francisco in the middle & late 1960s. I saw former friends undergo unpleasant changes from LSD, so much so that I got away from them. The CIA was dosing sheeple with acid & other drugs for their MK Ultra project. This program was a massive experiment to see how minds could be controlled & reprogrammed with drugs & psychology. The jew, Gottlieb, of the CIA was in charge of the program, which used mental institutions in Canada for “psychic-driving” experiments under the direction of a Dr. Cameron, who died in a “skiing accident” at the conclusion of the program.

During this period I was attempting to obtain a doctoral degree in International Relations before my Cold War G.I. Bill money ran out. Student riots at San Francisco State College made my studies impossible, so I was advised to research in Peru, where I went in late 1968. Not only did I learn that the Cold War was a jew-bankster hoax, but the Peruvian government was anti-Peruvian. My tuition for this knowledge was exile from the USA for almost 1/4 of a century. I consider myself very lucky to have learned what I needed to know, just in time. I’d hate to be a liar-for-hire with hostages under ZOG. My goal was to learn about the world without getting into the espionage business. My father wisely advised me not to get into jobs I could not quit, so I should steer clear of the Mafia & the ‘spook’ business. I’m glad I took his advice on that! Those who serve ZOG are consumed by ZOG. As I told a former colleague in the Army Security Agency, “I’d prefer not to be the richest corpse on the beach.” That was my response to his statement that I’d “refused the best job I’d ever have.” I was wiser than I knew.

I heard from a correspondent that Separate Living has ceased publication. I ceased corresponding with Daniel D[---] after he teamed up with ZOG agent provocateur, Hasidic Harold Covington, in what appeared to be a real estate scam. Maybe he’s now selling Martian real estate. With friends like those, you never need an enemy. ZOG knows!
I have no proof that Harold Covington is 'Haisidic' or a ZOG agent provocateur or that he is engaged in any 'real estate scam.' Anyone wishing to know of any proof in above accusations is at liberty to contact Mr. Thomson for proof of said accusations. --MLDL.
On further reflection, I may be one of the few people you know who has been kicked out of the USA by the U.S. government, & kicked out of Peru by the Soviet government who warned me to leave “for reasons of health.” I took their word for it, since I’m not bulletproof. No, I’m not James Bond, nor would I want to be. One former spook wrote that no spy could ever behave like Bond, anyway, for real life usually lacks a script. If we consider the jobs depicted by Hebrewood, such as spies, soldiers, reporters, detectives, cops, cowboys, doctors, &c. we see how dramatically opposite such career depictions are from those of real life. It’s always good to hear from you. Good Yule & Happy New Year. ORION!



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