Eric Thomson: Observations on “Deep Ancestry” by Spencer Wells

Observations on “Deep Ancestry” by Spencer Wells

by E. Thomson

Wells is ecstatic over what he calls wide variations WITHIN races which he alleges as being greater than variations BETWEEN races. I understand that humans share most of their genes with plants, & humans share even more genes with chimpanzees, so the importance is not in the NUMBER of shared genes, but in the QUALITY of the genes we do not share, few as they may be. Wells beats ZOG’s drum of “One World; One Mankind,” on behalf of the Jew World Ordure: One-World Government. It appears that DNA data do not lie, but liars can twist them according to their a priori intentions.

My interpretation of Wells’ statements is that we have sufficient diversity within races, so we do not require further diversity by mixing races. Wells appears to deny racial existence in favor of eliminating the obvious differences with word-games. So now, all humanoids supposedly belong to the “same species.” Were his standard applied to dogs, then all dogs would belong to the same species, also! This is not science, but “politically correct” idiocy, similar to Lysenko’s anti-genetic genetics under “Stalin.” The Red Army was ordered to destroy all pure bred stock, human & animal, which they did, by rape & slaughter. I read that they destroyed a studfarm’s horses in Prussia, & they wanted to destroy the Lippizaner horses in Vienna. Apparently, Walt Disney made a movie about the rescue of those horses.

Wells points out the important effects which climate change has on human evolution & diversity. As Elmer Pendell observed in “Sex versus Civilization,” when Nature is nasty, man improves. When Nature is nice, man degenerates, for Problem-Makers outbreed Problem-Solvers. In fact, Problem-Makers can proliferate BECAUSE of Problem-Solvers’ successes. The discovery of agriculture was the chief cause of over-population, so climate change may turn this “cultural phenomenon” into a trap for the surplus of world Problem-Makers.

Wells’ findings indicate that evolution amongst humans is much faster than earlier findings indicated. The mechanism of evolution (a word which Wells avoids) is mutation (“genetic drift” in Wells’ parlance) + isolation + environment, such as ice ages or warming. Other writers have noted the correlation with extreme climates & intelligence. The dummies die off. The smarties survive, if they are physically fit. Human survival is based on man’s ability to adapt to changes, so we shall see how many & who survive the planet’s recurrent crises, along with the man-made ones. Obviously, intelligence is in man’s DNA, although Wells has not found it, yet.

Wells is ‘politically kosher’ in his disdain for skin color variations & other physical differences correlating with race (a term which he also despises), although he admits that melanin is crucial in survival in strong sunlight, & its absence crucial in survival under weak sunlight, so what is important & distinctive of human evolution/adaptation to environment is ‘unimportant.’ He seems unaware of his contradictions, which may result from his consumption of multicultural recreational substances.

Before the jews took over human research, there was a field known as Physical Anthropology, in which it was noted that culture & behavior correlated with physical/biological differences amongst ‘humans.’ Wells even points out that the Neanderthals were well-adapted to extreme cold, but not to their Cro-Magnon competitors, who made them extinct. The Neanderthal was bigger, stronger, & even had a bigger brain, but the Cro-Magnon was smarter & faster. End of Neanderthal Story.

Wells has taken on a big task of making modern genetics comprehensible to Goyim, albeit in kosher Jew World Ordure terms, but he trips over his contradictions, such as similarity versus diversity, in which he sees no conflict. He hopes that his allegations of similarity, which reveal so much diversity amongst humans will serve to unite mankind, which is both nonsense & non sequitur.

The observable facts are that similarity generally produces competition for scarce resources. The reason such a number of African fauna can coexist is due to their diversity, not their similarity. The reason Black Africans produce deserts is their similarity. It is logical that, if Blacks were the only species in Africa, the entire continent would become a desert, for all African deserts are said to be man-made, from over-logging, over-grazing & over-population. I witnessed desert-creation when I was there.

Human diversity includes mental & behavioral diversity, which create conflicts in shared livingspace, as is evident by the growing U.S. prison population, for example. To ignore such diversity is folly, as is evident in today’s multicultural societies. Wells has therefore conferred knowledge without understanding. Nice try, but no cigar. ORION!


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