Eric Thomson: Letter to Osred -- 4 Jan. 10

4 JAN 10

Hail Osred!

Many thanks for the DEC 09 issue of Renewal. Thanks for the excellent critique on genetic huckster Spencer Wells. I enclose my own critique for your entertainment. I also appreciate the news on Bishop Williamson whose Holohoax views got the Pope in some kosher hot water, as I understand.

So a female judge wants to hear his thoughts on the subject. I would advise Williamson to understand that “truth is no defence” in Zionist Ruled countries such as Germany, France, U.K., Australia & Canada alias Soviet Canuckistan alias China-duh. That’s what the thought-crime laws say. You probably know that defence attorneys are subject to punishment if they dare to use the truth to defend their clients, most notably in Zionist Occupied Germany, where Attorney Sylvia Stolz is in their ZOG gulag for unkosher thoughts in her defence of her client, Horst Mahler, during his Holohoax trial. Astronomers who discovered that the earth circled the sun were in a similar legal status during the Dark Ages. At least, I hope, those who affirm that the Holocaust is a hoax will be spared the rack & the stake, so we may point to some sort of progress in our jewstice system.

The sort of specious ‘science’ evident in genetics & “global-warming” was called “jewish science” in more candid times. This means to base one’s reasoning on a desired a priori outcome, regardless of evidence to the contrary. As jew liar Raul Hilberg testified at a Toronto Holocaust Trial, he concluded that “5.1 million jews” had been exterminated by the Nazis, so from the mountain of evidence, his job was to separate that which supported his thesis & that which did not. The admission that Hilberg rejected the bulk of evidence in favor of his a priori conclusion made no impression on the Goy jurors, who imbibed World War II propaganda lies, apparently, with their mothers’ milk.

As if any more bias were necessary to support the CANZOG case against Ernst Z?ndel, Judge Locke stepped in to act as prosecutor in his instructions to the jury. He said from the bench that “We all knew the Holocaust was a fact.” Sure, just as we know the moon is made of green cheese.

Zionist Attorney General of Ontario, Canada, Roy McMurtry, said in parliament that CANZOG needn’t win its case, for the cost in time & money for the defendant was punishment enough. This is why there were 2 Holohoax trials with the same defendant, at his expense & the tax-payers’, on behalf of jew liars & extortionists. The 2nd time the case went to the Supreme Court, the judges found the “false news” section of the law unconstitutional. That law had already been abolished in Britain, but CANZOG was apparently ignorant of that fact.

Ironically, the “false news” law had been enacted to prevent the recurrence of Rothschild’s fraud at the British stock exchange, when Goyim were led to believe that Wellington had lost the battle of Waterloo to Napoleon. This false news was spread by Rothschild agents after Rothschild had learned of Wellington’s victory via special courier. The Goyim panicked & sold their stocks at rock bottom prices to Rothschild, of course. Only after the Goy sheeple were fully fleeced was the “false news” law passed, like the proverbial locking of the burglarized barn.

The “Asatru” scam seems evident in U.S. prisons, in which some ‘entrepreneur’ is selling “Odinist” artifacts to all & sundry. I now receive “Odinist” mail from prisoners with jewish & hispanic names. Such a deal! FEDZOGUSA definitely wants “Asatru” to be multiracial, or else. I’ve forwarded your Renewal to Liberty Rights Advocates who may know more than I do on this matter.

Thanks for your explanation of “Wicca” origins. It seems to fit in with the “Pagan” scene here in Brownest Yakima, where I met a “Churchillian Druid.” At least that’s what he claimed to be. Anyone for Crowleyan Christians? One wonders where drugs & religions differ, since most ‘believers’ consume both, & are consumed thereby.

It’s party time aboard the USS TITANIC.

All the best for a sensational Solstice. ORION!



Eric Thomson: Observations on “Deep Ancestry” by Spencer Wells


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