Eric Thomson: Letter to Stevie -- 3 Oct. 07

3 OCT 07

Hail Stevie!

Many thanks for your letter of 23 SEP 07. Your mention of paranoia reminded me of a professor who described how one might become paranoid: Imagine you are in an unfamiliar city. It is growing dark as you walk down a fairly deserted street. As you pass by a telephone booth, the phone begins to ring. Out of boredom & curiosity you turn back & pick up the phone. The call is for you! Ha!

I’ve been in enemy custody several times, & I know what they can do, if they want to. When the zoggies don’t kill you immediately, I don’t worry about other devious machinations they may be up to. Perhaps they want to experiment on you &/or kill you slowly. I gave up worrying after the second bomb went off at my Colombian residence, because I’d taken all conceivable precautions. Once you do that, there is no reason to worry.

A World War II merchant sailor said that his & the crew’s behavior was governed by their cargo. If they carried lumber, coal, tires, &c. they had to sleep fully-clothed, for if they were torpedoed, they’d have to rush up on deck, but if they carried gasoline or explosives, they could sleep comfortably in pajamas, for if they were torpedoed, they wouldn’t be able to make it up on deck. I asked a psychology student if paranoia were possible, when one did not see himself as very important. He said he’d get back to me on that. I’m still waiting, but it’s been over 40 years since I asked!

I don’t see that you are a hypocrite because you reject ‘getting high’. Anyone who has been there & done that, & hates it, knows what he is talking about. Our ZOG loves to twist definitions, such as “prejudice.” The word means in real-speak to “pre-judge.” I explain it to sheeple thusly: If you love someone you’ve never met, you’re prejudiced. If you meet that person & you are mugged & robbed by same, you now may judge his behavior from actual experience. If you still love that person, then you are a bigot, because you are not influenced by facts. The edjewcated Goyim’s eyes counter-rotate, & a small wisp of steam vents from one ear or both. Somewhere, you can hear an electronic voice repeating: “Eeek. Does not compute . . . . . does not compute!” Poor sheeple!

It has long been said that there may be ‘honor among thieves,’ but I never heard of it among druggies. There was a great movie entitled “Panic in Needle Park,” in which one character is an addict of heroin, but claims to himself that he’s not, as do the others. His girlfriend starts. During the story, a drug cop tells her what she will do next, each step of her way downstairs into addiction & degradation. Eventually, she must rat on her friends. The cop tells her she must rat up, not down, in order to get her reward. Apparently, she wants to remain a desperate addict, & also stay out of jail. Rots of ruck, as the wise old Jap sage would say. As you say, drugs & deceit go together, especially self-deception.

It used to be much safer to be young in the Jewnited States than it is now. This is the society we fought to achieve in all our wars, domestic & foreign. The USA began as a bankster racket & remains one today. I remember oldsters saying, “We have the best government money can buy,” along with, “What this country needs is a good 5c cigar.” That indicates how long sheeple have known of our rule by the rich; the money, not the many.

You are anything but a hypocrite, for you condemn what you know about. As the hippies used to say, “Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.” The same advice would apply to jumping off The Empire State Building or playing Russian roulette with one bullet loaded into a pistol, rather than a revolver! You are lucky you lived to tell about your experience with drugs & the Judeo-American drug culture. Congratulations!

I’ll try to send you excerpts from the publications you want, ZOG willing. As you say, The 14 Words cannot be realized by going into ZOG’s gulags.

By all means, develop your writing talents! My English professor told us that good writing requires experience in life, but age does not qualify anyone to write well. If a child can describe what he sees, hears, feels & thinks, he can be a great writer. When Jack London enrolled in a writing class at Berkeley, CA, he captivated his professor as well as his classmates the first day of the course. The professor told him that all he had to do was to write down his experiences, for he had more than enough material for any writer!

I graduated from the University of CA at Berkeley in 1960, but I never took writing. My studies were in International Relations with specialization on Latin America. Yes, I was exiled from the Jewnited States for my doctoral dissertation on Peru, in which I discovered The Kosher Cold War Hoax perpetrated by the banksters’ USA/USSR monster. The reason I came back was the end of “The Cold War,” & the deaths of those immediately involved in my surprise deportation, as well as the erasure of my ZOG file prior to 1982. As my Interpol contact said: “There’s nothing on the computer. You can go back. They are all dead.” “Time wounds all heels,” as wise men say.

Hans Baur, Hitler’s pilot, was the one who flew the trimotor aircraft in “Triumph of the Will,” the 1934 film directed by Leni Riefenstahl, with whom I also corresponded when I was working in Toronto for Samisdat Publishers, Ltd. He reminded me of General Remer: a brave, big-hearted man, both knowledgeable & practical, & above all, principled, unlike Albert Speer, whose purported book was allegedly ghostwritten by a ZOG journalist, whose name currently escapes me. As you say, good information is hard to find. Another great pilot for Hitler was Hannah Reitsch. It is interesting that women achieved much higher rank in The Third Reich than they did in the allegedly ‘egalitarian’ Soviet Jewnion.

Speer wound up as business manager for The Third Reich. Allegedly, he knew the location & destination of “every bag of cement,” & the transport available to deliver it. If anyone could have had near-total knowledge of the “Holocaust”, it would have been Speer, since he also had the manpower data.

Eichmann was the ‘German’ partner of Zionist Joel Brandt. Their job was to smuggle jews into British Occupied Palestine. Eichmann had nothing to hide, but he should have kept his mouth shut after he learned about Brandt’s murder in Israel. The jews ‘had’ to hush up Nazi-Zionist collaboration, & replace it with the Lie of the Holohoax, which they had invented in 1919, according to The American Hebrew of 31 OCT 1919! I enclose a copy thereof, ZOG willing.

Apparently, Argentina’s ZOG has opened the country up to massive non-White immigration. China offered to BUY Argentina’s “national debt” a few years ago, according to jewsmedia reports. Buying a country’s “national debt” is like buying the country. China sees open land & natural resources in Argentina, while it also invades North America. According to my observations, the Whiter a Latin American country is, the better off its people; the darker, the worse for them. ZOG wants to turn the ‘lights’ out, all over the world, with our help, of course.

In the early 1980s, Samisdat Publishers Ltd. of Toronto, where I worked, sent an expedition from Japan to investigate Hitler’s alleged escape route & hideout in Latin America, including Argentina, Chile & Paraguay. They skipped Antarctica, where The Third Reich land claim of 1938-1939 is still recorded in the official U.S. Gazeteer of Names as Neu Schwabenland or German Antarctica. I used original expedition sources when I wrote “Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions/Germany’s Antarctic Claim” in the late 1970s. The intriguing thing for me was that the alleged last words radioed from Hitler’s Berlin bunker were “Feuerland. Feuerland.” That is German for Tierra del Fuego or Land of Fire, that part of Argentina & Chile which points directly to German Antarctica, where Hitler allegedly had a base under the ice. At least Admiral Byrd thought so & said so in a Chilean newspaper interview in 1947.

There are fairly large German colonies in parts of Latin America, after World War II, for during the war, the USA pressured Latin American regimes to deport German residents, many of whom were shipped up here to occupy the 666 U.S. concentration camps for civilian internees during the war. Most civilian prisoners were not Japanese, but White. Anti-White Ike’s brother, Milton, ran the camps.

According to my research, beginning in Africa, where I encountered my first books on “British Israel,” the Rothschilds funded publication of the lie that Whites were ‘da troo jooz,’ so as to divide Whites against themselves, prior to World War I. Rabbi Williams shows that they are continuing their work for ZOG. As I told a correspondent: if the only Whites were wiggers & troo-jooz, I’d go somewhere else. I’ve spent most of my life looking for my people, but I’m tired of being deported on the whim of ZOG, wherever I’ve been, so I’ll stay here, in Brownest Yakima, ZOG willing. I have outlived 2 empires: The British & the Soviet, so I look forward to witnessing the collapse of the Zionist Bankster Empire of the USA, which may come sooner than we’d wish or expect. So be it.

We have so much to learn & so little time. All the best & ORION!


P.S.: I just recalled reading a medical item which reported autopsy findings on cocaine-users: Their brains had many blood clots, i.e. strokes, apparently caused by the inhalation of coke &/or crack. Like, what a ‘high’!


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