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Thread: Haitian niggers: Theyz cummin' to AmeriKwa

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    Thumbs down Haitian niggers: Theyz cummin' to AmeriKwa

    Flooding the ZOGland & Canuckistan With Haitian Niggers


    Canada looking at fast-tracking Haitian immigrants, refugees in wake of quake


    OTTAWA - The federal government is looking at ways to make it easier for Haitians to come to Canada as immigrants or refugees, in response to the devastating earthquake in the Caribbean country. Soviet Canuckistan has always been trying to turn its wide-open spaces into a Turd-Whirrrld shithole in which the native whiggers are nothing more than elderly, dying marginalized wage&tax slaves of the jews.

    Options include waiving fees, speeding up applications for family reunification, and perhaps even relaxing the definition of who can be included in reunification. Anything to bring in more worthless niggers.

    "The minister of immigration has been discussing these matters and we will have announcements in the not-to-distant future," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday. "Fuck you, Canickistan whiggers and taxpayers. This is modern gliberal whigger 'coonservantism' for ya, you dumb-ass prairie-whigger voters. We are getting us a new popjewlation to support us race-traitor politicians."

    "Our priority right now, as you know, is obviously to get relief efforts - search and rescue in particular - on the ground. That is happening. jewr tax ZOGbux at work, whiggaz!"

    A spokesman for Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Harper asked Kenney "to quickly look at all options on the issue of visas, family reunification, and refugees. No Afrikaners need apply, though."

    Kenney talked Thursday with federal and provincial officials to narrow down the options.

    Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Ottawa is working closely with Quebec's immigration minister, Yolande James, to make sure both levels of government are on the same wavelength. Quebec is the primary destination for Haitian immigrants in Canada, and Montreal has one of the biggest concentrations of Haitian populations living abroad. Them Frogs like them Frog niggers, let them have the majority of such.

    Last year, Canada responded to humanitarian crises in Sri Lanka and the Philippines by quickly processing applications to reunite close family members. The procedural change allowed about 1,600 Sri Lankans and 400 Filipinos reunite with their families more quickly, according to the Immigration Department. The number of Hindu and flip curry and dog restaurants increased and whiggers had to keep theyz pets on a leash.

    Ottawa could easily and quickly fast-track Haitian applications, said one expert.

    "There's no reason why this can't at the very least be quickly put into place," said Nicole LaViolette, law professor at the University of Ottawa. "That way niggers will replace lawyers as society's pariahs."

    Kenney should also consider waiving application fees, she said, since Haiti is so poor and Canuckistanis so dumb.

    But simply speeding up the application process does not necessarily mean more Haitians will qualify to come to Canada, warned Audrey Macklin, law professor at the University of Toronto.

    "Our immigration system makes it extremely difficult for people to come from poor countries," she said. "You're up against a whole bureaucracy set up to prevent them from coming. That's why we need to do away with [d]rule of law to prevent whigger taxpayers, many of them on the dole, from having first place at the limited social services table."

    In order to make sure Haitians benefit from the changes Ottawa makes, officials should also relax their demands for proof of family ties and good health, she said, especially if the applicants have links to Canadians who have said they will take care of them. All it should take is a villiage idiot race-traitor to bring in a mud flood.

    Ottawa is also considering halting all deportations of Haitians for now, all of which goes to show how fuktarded they is. Most Haitians in Canada are already covered by a deportation ban, even if their refugee or immigration applications fail. But Canada has never extended the ban to criminals.

    "Clearly you can't be sending people back, even if they're charged with theft or assault," said LaViolette. "We need more nigger thieves and rapists, especially since my hungry love-starved snatch could easily engulf a starving Haitian with GAIDS. I can't get them gook foreign law students to even look at my twat today."

    The federal NDP says Ottawa should do all those things and more.

    Immigration critic Olivia Chow -- a gook wanting Canuckistan to become Nuevo Chinkland -- said Ottawa should relax the definition of who can qualify for family reunification. For now, only immediate family is considered. That means children over the age of 23 or children who are married don't qualify, nor do aunts, uncles, cousins or adult siblings, in short most of the scruffy tribe of diseased stupid niggers who have made Haiti the barren rock with a thin topping of niggershit as topsoil it is today..

    Ottawa has expanded its family definition in the past, for the boat people of Vietnam, Chow pointed out. "That's how my dog-eating slant-pussy got in without having to hump Sgt. Dudly Do-wrong of the Canuckistan Armed Farces."

    Plus, it would not be a complicated procedure for the federal government to make the change. It would not require legislation, she said, or anything alarmed Canuckistan whiggers might vote against..

    "Haiti has suffered an extreme tragedy and Canada needs to extend its support in all ways, including easing immigration restrictions," Chow said. "It is incumbent on this government to help Haitian-Canadian families bring their relatives home, and to do so quickly. We need more breeding nigger pairs causing mayhem so that you Canuckistan round-eyes won't notice that Hongcouver is spiraling out of control with gooks running wild and whigger pet dogs getting nervous."

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    Thumbs down SECOND Load Of Haiti niglets Arrive In Canada

    SECOND Load Of Haiti niglets Arrive In Canada


    This is but ONE of about 20 photos in a slideshow of the voodoo spawn being received by the all-white drinkers of KoolAid (there is one asian exception). See what's in those eyes? There is one consolation, I suppose, that these race traitors will receive their just rewards in due course (If Yahweh delays, in a good ten years or less most of these creatures will be providing plenty of "payback" to their benefactors).

    You must go to the article's webpage to view all the photos in a slideshow and watch a news video:




    A plane carrying 52 Haitian children has arrived in Ottawa, the second such flight bringing orphans whose adoptions were fast-tracked because of the Jan. 12 earthquake.

    A plane carrying 52 Haitian children arrived in Ottawa on Wednesday afternoon, the second such flight bringing orphans whose adoptions have been fast-tracked since the deadly earthquake two weeks ago.

    "These children are the second group to arrive in Canada whose adoptions are in the final stages of approval and have been cleared by the Haitian government," said Peter Kent, minister of state for foreign affairs.

    The plane arrived at Ottawa International Airport at around 1:45 p.m. ET, with Immigration Canada officials and a medical team aboard.

    The children emerged from the plane wearing woolen tuques and hooded jackets ? to better tolerate the outside temperatures of about 3 C. They were then wrapped in blankets and carried across the tarmac to the terminal.

    On Sunday, a plane carrying 24 young Haitians touched down in Ottawa.

    Kent said Canadian Embassy staff in Haiti continue to find and identify all the children who have been cleared for adoption by the Haitian government and by provincial adoption authorities.

    Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has said about 90 children have been approved by Haitian authorities to live with Canadian families.

    Kent also said the Canadian death toll in Haiti has risen to 21, with the number of Canadians unaccounted for at 147.

    International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda told reporters that Canadian non-governmental organizations have reported that $82.5 million has been raised for Haiti relief, money eligible for matching by the government.

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty urged Haiti's creditors Wednesday to cancel Haiti's debts, noting that Canada cancelled all its Haitian debt last fall.

    "Haiti's future must be focused on the priorities of its people, not on the liabilities of its past," Flaherty said.

    Flaherty called on Haiti's remaining bilateral creditors ? Taiwan and Venezuela, specifically ? to follow Canada's lead and cancel their debt as soon as possible.
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    Default Send Me Back to Hate-tee, Stupid Whiggers!!!

    Send Me Back to Hate-tee, Stupid Whiggers!!!


    Haitian Haet-Niglet
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    Occupation: Little blue-gummed niglet zombie coontang

    Haitian Haet-Niglet here:

    I don't see why you racist White Devils are kidnapping us little niglets and dragging us here to the Land of Stupid Whiggers.

    After all, here I was taken, through no choice of my own, from a place where a misbegotten niglet dropped like a puppy dog from the cunt of a niggress in the hundreds of thousands into a sort of life wherein only the strong and lucky survive to mindlessly breed even more misery along with the rest of the animals.

    To whigger eyes, my world seems savage, dirty and harsh, but it is a world into which my kind enevitably create because such is our nature and such is our way. Only the strong should -- and can -- survive in such savagry. Such a savage, limited world is what is the future, especially since you weak-willed mindless whiggers have lost your way, starting with even your very will to survive.

    A strong will to survive is what makes me what I am. Left to my own in my own world, I would breed stong amoral nigger bucks and strong, patient, resigned nigger wenches like myself. Left in a state of Nature, untended by you White Devils, the structure of our society would end up with a few thousand of us niggers trying to claw out a survival on a sterile, deforested rock with nothing growing except that which can survive and grow upon a load of niggershit. This is what my own kind has created as my destiny, and wherein I am at home.

    Now I'm being brought into a world wherein there really is nothing which is made to my inherent nature is available and in which I will instinctively try to downgrade to my natural level of niggerdumb. You and your ways are alien to me, hated and unwanted. Send me back to where I can be what I am, wherein I can be all of what I be. I will not only thank you, but your own little whigglets will thank you for keeping intact a land and social order which your kind intended when you were stronger was made only for you and your kind.

    No? You are going to try to force me to be a whigglet in a whigger whiggerville shithole in Soviet Canuckistan or worse yet, just another turkey in the 'Kwa? You are going to go against Nature? Fine, whiggaz. We shall see within a few years what is stronger: Nigger Nature and the Call of the Wild for Niggers to be Niggers, or whigger Nature, and you stupid whiggers wanting to be stupid whiggers at the expense of White Western Civilization which you whiggers have shat upon, consumed upon your own whigger lusts and solipsistic pretentions.

    But let me promise you whiggers this, something only my dark animal eyes can deliver today: I'll make you stupid sorry whiggaz even sorrier someday soon, one Chicken McWhigga nugget at a time.

    Whigger. Itz the other white meat.

    Ooooonga boonga, voo-doo jew-jew doo-doo!!!

    Haitian Haet-Niglet

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    Canuckistan whigger -- Itz the other White meat!!!

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