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Thread: Christian Identity News Network (CINN) Subforum Purpose

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    Default Christian Identity News Network (CINN) Subforum Purpose

    Christian Identity News Network (CINN) Subforum Purpose


    Thanks to the growing amount of White Nationalist audio, video, and other programming, it has been decided that a subforum was needed to post linkages to Internet radio, video, and other media which this forum can't host itself on the limited bandwidth on this Hostmonster account. Pastor Visser hosts his audio files on the Library of Congress server. Teacher William Finck posts his content on his own server. But as it is, they post their audio announcements on their own subforums.

    What Christian Nationalist Forum intends to do is to provide links to relevant timely audio and video which has been saved on sundry Movement servers so that those who wish to view this material don't have to look all over for it.

    So, as soon as I and others find this material they can post a linkage to it in this subforum.

    Of course no pornography or genuinely obscene material is to be posted here on this subforum.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Administrator, Christian Nationalist Forum
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    Default April Gaede on Faux-jews Alan Colmes Show

    April Gaede on Faux-jews Alan Colmes Show


    Quote Originally Posted by Harold Covington

    Greetings, Comrades:

    April Gaede appeared on the Alan Colmes show recently. She didn?t do too badly, considering it was ambush TV.

    So, after wading through quite a few threads over on $permFront/$pamFront, the interview was posted at the following places:

    Initially saved at:

    Mikey Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Connor over on Voice of ReTards:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Conner View Post
    Notakook actually managed to get onto the show and made a number of points aiding April Gaede until cut off by the jew Alan Colmes:

    Quote Originally Posted by Notakook View Post


    Made it in to a video

    I took the commercial free audio, added some photos of April, Prussian Blue and Alan C and created a video:


    I am in the process of uploading this to youtube in 4 videos.

    Youtube only allows 10 minutes or less (I think)

    We can do this to lots of great Stormfront radio programs - add some pictures, upload to video hosting sites.
    The Alan Colmes Show on the Faux-jews Network:

    Quote Originally Posted by whitelad88 View Post

    You can hear it here


    I think April did great, especially holding her ground and defending David Lane.
    And so they eventually produced a jewtube video from above video produced by Notakook:



    And, from five or six or seven years ago, the following video from some BBC whigger or jew:



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