Eric Thomson: Letter to Phil -- 27 Nov. 05

27 NOV 05

Dear Phil:

Many thanks for your letters of 22 & 23 NOV! I really appreciate the wisely-selected enclosures, in particular Bob Chapman’s Train Wreck of the Week reports.

The LaRouche report has items of interest, which always ignore race & demographics in favor of technical speculation. As I understand from a former “LaRouchey”, “Lyndon H. LaRouche” is a false name used to cover up his real jewish name. As I recall, his first name is Markus, not Lyndon, but I forget the last name. “LaRouche” may have something to do with his Red, Trotskyist past when he headed “The North American Labor Party”. Around the 1970’s, he & his kosher-commie cronies, including Nancy Spannaus et al. put on business suits & suddenly called themselves “conservatives”, much as their fellow jew Reds became Zionists & then “neo-cons”. LaRouchies like to call jews, such as the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger & others “Nazis”. Spannaus called me a “Nazi”, so by her definition, that would mean I was jewish, just like her! The word, jew, is taboo in LaRouchie vocabulary. Apparently, they do not exist.

As Raul Hilberg ‘explained’ in court, under oath: jews may be ‘exterminated’ by identifying them as jews, by ignoring their identity as jews, by concentrating them, by dispersing them, by moving them or by making them stay put. According to his testimony, Hilberg was ‘exterminated’ at least 3 times. As I recall, he was identified once, & he moved twice; one move being to the U.S.A. That means we all must have been ‘exterminated’, too, so we are therefore ‘Holocaust-survivors’.

I survived by living in California, instead of Poland during World War II, as did my parents, so we are all Holocaust Survivors! My father survived the sinking of The Titanic, by not being aboard! What a lucky fellow. All jews survived the Holohoax “miraculously”, just as we all did, even if we happened to be Goyim at the time. Ha! The LaRouchies are therefore guilty of genocide, specifically of hebicide, since they have exterminated “jew” from their vocabulary.

What the LaRouchies mention about dwindling oil resources & the deterioration of the U.S. inventive & skilled labor force, along with its basic infrastructure, is true, but their ‘solutions’ still advance the pollution & depletion of our environment on behalf of infinite population-expansion. That’s where their jew-cultism sticks its head out of their verbal smokescreens. Savitri Devi summed up Judaism & all its cults, as opposing Man to Nature, rather than viewing Man as part of Nature.

Jew-cults include Christinsanity, Communism & Capitalism, all of which behave as if we lived on an infinite planet, on which natural laws do not apply to Man. That’s what all jew-cults have in common: “Man conquers Nature!” A wise observer described the reality as “Man’s war versus The Planet Earth.” If we ‘win’, we lose!

So Bush has little Mongolia as its friend in northern Asia. I wonder how much he had to bribe them to send their token force into Iraq. Mongolians are not stupid, like Americans. I’m also sure that Mongolians know their own best interests, so they are unlikely to upset their Russian & Chinese neighbors. I’m sure the Chinese & Russians were impressed by Bush’s visit to Mongolia: impressed by his degree of desperation in finding even token supporters of his policies. Maybe Andorra, Lichtenstein & Monaco would praise Bush for appropriate rewards, along with Montenegro &, of course, Liberia! You get the friends you pay for, when you have the best government (jew) money can buy, as we do. We sure behave like decadent Rome, with their similarly-bribed allies & ‘friends’.

The idea of historical cycles is often noted when history appears to repeat itself. I mentioned the recurrence of “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back” in Russian rulers’ tactics. This is a variation on “Salami Tactics”, with the advantage that the suckers think they are gaining something! “Hey, they gave it back to us!” Such idiots would think well of a thief who stole two coats, but gave back one. This sounds stupid, but there are enough stupid sheeple to make it work. We see similar tricks in our pension plans, in which the employer ‘promises’ to pay his workers’ pensions, provided the workers can catch him!

Yes, a knowledge of Spanish is important for survival in Brownest Yakima, along with alertness & prudence. With good vision, one can see that group of mestizos approaching, so evasive action may be taken in a timely manner. If done properly, the spics don’t even know you are dodging them. Approaching them may be interpreted by them as ‘aggressive behavior’ on your part. It’s a ‘macho’ thing, best avoided. Well, if it’s not the spics, it’s the niggers, who say, “This land is our land. It isn’t your land, so better run from wherever we stand. You’re just a Whitey, which ain’t alrighty, so on this land, we’ll make you bleed!”

I say DOWZ! & ORION! to that. All the best!



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