Eric Thomson: Letter to Chad -- 2 Jewlie 06

2 Jewlie 06

Hail Chad!

Thanks for your letter of June 28th & the interesting enclosure. As you say, intelligence may be gathered from all sources, if one knows what to look for. Since the ‘gassing’ of the Victim Awareness course, I am interested to know what racial bias, if any, appears in the new “RIP” course, for the words of The Genocide Convention clearly forbid, as “genocide”, statements which target any identifiable group for vilification, aside from, possibly, criminals.

After plowing through the bureaucratic bafflegab in your “Introduction to RIP”, it appears to connect attitudes with behavior, with the goal of changing both, by a process of ‘re-education’ plus positive & negative incentives. It would seem that positive & negative incentives, alone, would be sufficient to change behavior, if not attitudes, but the ZOG appears to want more. I am interested in that aspect: What ‘more’ does ZOG want, as you will find out.

As a reporter, I request that you do not approach the course with the intention of finding fault, but with due vigilance for signs of racial bias, specifically anti-White bias. Thus, you may acquire knowledge, while doing Our Race a service, not only despite your restrictions, but because of them! We should thank the zoggies for trying to make your life more interesting, as well as sustaining, secure & sociable. It would appear that your zoggies need you & want you, much more than you need them, so they are at least worthy of your pity. Be nice! Remember: You are the zoggies’ rice bowl, for you are the reason for their pay & pensions. You are the reason that they have no time for other gang-related activities, such as drive-bys & graffiti. You are the reason that they stay straight, to the best of their abilities, so I congratulate you on behalf of the U.S. tax-payers! Thanks for keeping some crime off the streets.

In Brownest Yakima, alias Mexico del Norte, we say: “Dare to keep our cops off drugs!” We note that the increasing number of Mexicans also increases Mexican behavior & attitudes, which an RIP course would address, although it would be deemed “racist” by La Raza (The Race). U.S. citizens are not supposed to know such things. ZOG says only Whites are “racists,” just because we exist. That’s why we are taught to implore non-Whites to “Excuse us for living,” & we even pay for this ‘education.’ Go figure!

Sheeple seem oblivious to the obvious, so it is easy to hide things from them when they are in plain sight. ZOG wants Whitey dead, if we care to count the ways & means it uses to achieve that goal. As Shakespeare said, it boils down to: “To be or not to be.” Cowards fear to ask the question & dullards never think to ask.

Apartheid (apartness) was translated into English as “separate development.” This did not mean that the races were separate in South African society, since they associated more intimately than they do in the USA, in all the things which matter, such as child-rearing, work, trade & leisure. Apartheid recognized the cultural-behavioral differences between Blacks & Whites, which both races recognized, as they did in Rhodesia. Apartheid was not a perfect solution to the multi-racial/multi-cultural/multi-behavioral problems, but it was a workable compromise, which allowed the two races to co-operate for mutual benefit, & to live as different peoples without too much conflict. Blacks could go into all areas of South Africa & Rhodesia, but Whites had to have permission to go into areas reserved for Blacks.

In this Empire of Hypocrisy alias the USA, we have long had apartheid in the form of Indian reservations, which existed long before South African apartheid. The North American reservation system was derived from experience: White settlers would take Indian hunting grounds for permanent farms. Indians would migrate in search of game & other food. So imagine Whites fencing in Indian tribal grounds & Indians foraging for corn & dairy cattle on White farms. The White settler was absolutely dependent on the food he grew on his land, so he could not feed himself nor his family if roving bands of Indians camped out & consumed his crops & livestock. That’s why the rifles would come down from the mantelpieces & the arrows would fly. The Whites defeated the non-Whites in America & in Africa, but, being foolish Whites, they let their enemies live & multiply, as they do on their reservations. The non-Whites have never concealed their intentions as to their goals WHEN we give them the power to defeat us, & there will be no reservations for us in their plans! They will do to us what we should have done to them. The rule is: Do unto others before they do it to you.

I marvel that any of my South African contacts are still alive under Black Marxist Misrule. None of my Rhodesian contacts are. They are either dead, or had the good sense to leave, as I did. “He who fights & runs away lives to fight another day.”

I learned a lot from my Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern & African experiences. I learned to see how those peoples see life, which served to define my own views in clarity & in perspective. I saw that other people’s ways & attitudes were inter-related within their livingspace, & that they would definitely conflict in my livingspace. Culture, that is, values & the behavior stemming from those values, is not just learned, but resides to a great extent in our genes. Culture is biological, to an important degree, for it is not just learning, but being.

My background is Scottish-Norwegian, although my parents made nothing of it, since I was born in the USA, as they were. No one ever said that we should travel around the world, as we have done, as our ancestors did eons ago. As sea-farers, we are at home on the oceans, although we may never have set foot on a ship in the plains states, from whence our recent ancestors came. Carl Jung acknowledged something in all peoples which he called “racial memory.” The ancient Aryan conquerors also acknowledged racial memory in their Bhagavad Gita: “From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, & from this, all evil.” Most of the jews I met in college told me that their concern was to “discover their identity.” Jews are multi-racial, all of them, which means that they fit the parameters of The Bhagavad Gita to a “T.”

I usually take everything with the proverbial gram of salt. If I am told that the sea is salty, I usually remember what I was told, & I test it out for myself. If I am told that “speed kills”, as the hippies of the 1960s warned, I see meth-victims, so I do not have to try meth myself! If I see people dying of tobacco-smoking, I have no need to convince myself by doing it. One can learn from one’s own experience, & by observing others, as well as by reading or listening to others’ experiences.

When I travelled by sea (I’ve done more sea miles than air miles!) I did feel at home. No one told me how I ‘should’ feel, nor why I should feel anything in particular. I have enjoyed calm & stormy weather on big ships & small ones. I have been on the Red Sea passage en route to Bombay, so I know what POSH means: Port Out, Starboard Home. This meant that the lucky (wealthy) passengers avoided the hot side of the ship from Britain to India, going & coming. Now we speak of “posh” accommodations without knowing the origin of the term. When I studied Swedish in Stockholm, I was surprised how quickly I learned. Unfamiliar words often resembled archaic English or German words, with surprising frequency, as “dear” still means “expensive” in English, German & Swedish. Why not? since we have race & culture much in common. Before I ever read of “racial memory,” I had the uncanny feeling that I was remembering something old, not learning something new.

Non-White races, such as Yellows & Blacks, have dreams common to their ancestors, which are unfamiliar to Whites, as they should be. Black tribal lore recounts wanderers who have major problems in life. They are walking on a path after darkness, when they encounter an old man, who speaks with the wanderer about his problem & offers a workable solution. This “old man” is the “Mondoro,” or tribal spirit, who conveys the wisdom of the tribe, in the interests of the tribal member. American Indians have their traditional dreams & stories, some of which I’ve heard. Asians have similar racial memories which have not been polluted by missionaries, Communist indoctrination & race-mixing. Whites do, too, despite the centuries of Christinsanity. Odin, for example, appears to those in need of wisdom & courage, for his specialties are war & wisdom, on behalf of his Folk, who ‘happen to be White.’

By appreciating the attitudes & behavior of others, it is obvious that separation is necessary to avoid constant conflict, unnecessary conflict, in human affairs, & that those who want ‘diversity’, multi-culturalism & multi-racialism within the same livingspace are those who want conflict, on behalf of ‘divide & rule’. To mix oil & water, one must always shake the container, or the artificial mixture will separate, as do the races. To strive to make men behave like women & vice versa is also a ZOG scheme on par with the fictional (?) Dr. Moreau who sought to make men into animals & animals into men, & as Dr. Frankenstein sought to make living creatures out of dead ones. ”The fact that it CAN be done, does not mean that it SHOULD be done,” as one character chided Dr. Moreau. Our ZOG currently strives to make Blacks into Whites & Whites into Blacks, for its mischief & amusement. We have one common enemy: the ZOG, for those of us who still do not know. Ancient Romans referred to it as “the enemy of all mankind.” As long as life exists, learning to better our ways is possible. Keep up the good work! DOWZ! ORION! & 88!


P.S.: Some people born with legs still use them to walk, despite General Motors, & some people born with brains still use them to think, despite the ZOG. Nature is the ultimate Nazi, whether we choose to believe it or not. A Black South African told my friend: “With apartheid, no freedom, much food. Without apartheid, much freedom, no food!”


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