Eric Thomson: Letter to Shappa -- 21 DEC 05

Dear Shappa:

Good Yule & Happy New Year! Many thanks for your letter of DEC 19th & the Notice Pertaining to Civil Rights, which I shall retain for subsequent copying, if necessary. I’m glad to learn that you received the DT04, &c. ZOG knows I have many more copies where that came from! I enclose my essay on “What is a Nazi?” plus some other items you may find of interest.

I recently made photocopies of “Life in the Third Reich” by Kurreck for a local contact who wants to know some facts, as opposed to kosher fiction, about the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler is a big subject, & getting bigger with all the jew-lies that are still being concocted about him. When I was in Toronto, I did a video in German at The World’s Biggest Bookstore. I pointed out to my German interviewer that there was very little anti-German propaganda during World War II, as there now is, so the World War II book section is steadily growing, as new jew lies are added to old ones.

I was just a kid during World War II, so I am not guilty for it, although some people have accused me of being a World War II vet, with doubts about which side I was on! “How come you know so many Nazis?” they ask. I reply that I interviewed &/or corresponded with them AFTER the war, but sometimes they say they aren’t so sure about that. Ha!

When my family moved to San Fernando in 1944, truckloads of German P.O.W.s would pass by our house. Sometimes I’d be out on the sidewalk, & the German soldiers would wave to me. I waved back, since they looked like decent fellows, & I never associated these men with the sneering, menacing jewish villains of Hebrewood who strutted in their allegedly German uniforms. Many of these scary war movies were made in the San Fernando Valley, along with westerns. I also believed the propaganda which was taught in place of history.

When I say that my schooling was full of lies, people think I’m biased. As a test, I ask them what got us into World War I & they reply, “The sinking of the Lusitania.” I say that is what we are taught, but it is false, for The Lusitania was an “auxiliary cruiser” in wartime, & it was registered as such at Lloyd’s of London. In other words, after 1914, The Lusitania was not a ‘love-boat’, nor an innocent ocean liner. The jew-ruled traitor, Wilson, got the U.S. Congress to declare war on Germany, ostensibly because a channel steamer, The Sussex, was torpedoed by a U-boat. The problem with that was The Sussex was never sunk, but the jew banksters backed U.S. entry in the war because of the Balfour Declaration. But that’s another war & another story.

One good question is to ask people who controls the media. They will likely say, “No one’. You can then ask how many Americans died in World War II, how many British, Russians, Japanese, French et al. Chances are they won’t know, much as I don’t know, but when you ask how many jews died, they will blurt: “Six million!” Then you can ask them again, “Who controls the media?”

The 30 Years’ War followed Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. Something like one third of the European population died directly or indirectly from the war between Catholics & Protestants. Christinsanity has a “god of love”, but its priests will bless the cannons of both sides, just as the jews will finance both sides, or all of them, as in World War II. If you think it can’t get worse, the churches are willing to let Islam reconquer European territory, as well as territories the militant Christians prevented them from taking in the 1400s. All White countries are giving away their lands to colored invaders, without a fight, & the churches are blessing the treason. The German states escaped paying tribute to the Roman Empire, thanks to their warrior, Hermann, but they became tribute-payers under The Church of Rome, just as they now pay the bandit state of Israel & hordes of jew parasites. Luther had the support of Germans who did not wish to pay tribute to Rome, either under an emperor or a Pope, so they backed Luther, instead of turning him over to The Holy Inquisition for an Abu Ghraib treatment & subsequent execution, perhaps by burning at the stake with true Christian love. Look for “The 30 Years’ War,” “Martin Luther”, “The Protestant Reformation”, &c. in your library.

I wish I knew how one can get funds to H.A.C., while he is under legal siege, but I can not say, until I hear from him. There is no good sending funds in his name which may be seized, as ZOG recently did with his bank account. I’ll let you know if I hear from him. I do not advise anyone to use his Olympia address until further notice.

It’s great to correspond with one, like yourself, who is open to ideas & information.

All the best, & ORION!



What is a Nazi?


Friedrich Kurreck: Life in the Third Reich


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