Eric Thomson: Letter to Wayne -- 7 SEP 07

Dear Wayne:

Many thanks for your thought-provoking letter of 31 AUG 07. We may examine the past for clues of the future, in regard to political/religious movements. As you note, Hitler’s audience was less diverse, as compared to our Babel society’s diversity of identity, belief & behavior.

Where does one find an ‘uncorrupted’ White minority? Is it not more likely to find a minority who were exposed to corruption, but were not tempted by it? The ‘uncorrupted’ are often ‘innocent’, that is, ignorant. Such people have a tendency to succumb to error & to temptations, rather than those who have been taught to recognize degeneracy in being & in behavior.

The problem is salesmanship. Do we want an eventual mass-movement, or just an elite minority of believers? One can see a successful application of that strategy in the Freemasons & the Assassins, in which broad beliefs are touted to attract adherents, from whom the ‘elect’ are chosen for ‘higher’ positions within the organization. I speak of the real world, for this strategy works. How would we make ‘broad beliefs’ attractive to anyone?

I recall the Sokko Gakai, a form of Calvinist Buddhism & a similar commercial cult of Amways. Both creeds advanced personal prosperity as the fulfillment of God’s Word: For You to Become Rich. Chanting a mantra was touted as setting one right with the Universe, & attracting wealth, as long as the mantra was accompanied by hard work & discipline. For an Amwayite, God’s Word & Salvation were achieved by selling soap & other Amway products. I was offended that a religious version of idealism could be put in the service of personal profit, which I thought was misplaced, similar to falling in love with one’s bank balance. These capitalist cults have worked quite as well as Calvinism, which equated material success with sanctity.

Racial extinction is not seen as ‘evil’ by the masses of Whites, any more than are air & water pollution, which our ZOG is now beginning to address, without making any connections with pollution, depletion & population. ZOG starts with the ‘gas-guzzlers’ which pollute & deplete, & take up space on the roads & city streets. A similar program on behalf of racial purity & improvement would seem light-years away from present human comprehension. Most of the population are ‘sheeple,’ so they cannot comprehend that the massive poisoning of air & water are ‘evil.’ The reason for that is their gods have not said so. The jew-god says to “multiply,” & that god’s natural laws do not apply to man. The Hindus see ‘karma’ in all things, from over-population to environmental destruction. The capitalist sees profit therein. These destructive beliefs are supported by masses, money & military might.

Roman emperor Constantine apparently adopted the passive slave-cult of “Christianity” as variously defined, & made it into a warlike religion in the service of his legions. A new symbol enthused the Christian legions to behave in their old Roman ways, after which Rome tottered into the dustbin of history. Christian Europe was brought about by an unholy alliance of wealth, power & doctrine, with a priesthood to ‘sanctify’ the imperial weapons. Money seems essential, along with weapons, to form new religions. Hinduism was achieved by Aryan arms; Buddhism succeeded with the backing of rulers; Islam was achieved by warriors; Judaism by loan sharks, &c. In summation, there is a necessary material nexus with the alleged spiritual. If people see material comfort in a cult, they will join, as do the Rice Christians. Only masochists would be attracted to a cult demanding sacrifice in the here & now, without some promise of ‘paradise’ in an ‘afterlife,’ as well as punishment for not heeding the doctrine. The Communists sustained their ‘workers’ paradise’ with The Terror & the gulags, without a promise of hell in an afterlife, but Semitic cults have done pretty well with promises of a paradise to come, via boom-belt. It appears that people require a mythology to capture their imaginations & ‘magical’ rewards & punishments in support of the cult doctrines of ‘righteousness’. Indoctrination in childhood is a potent influence on later belief & behavior.

Time is essential as a concept for religion. Many people seem content to ‘know’ that the Earth will burn, freeze, collide, disintegrate, &c. in a few million years. They don’t worry about that possibility, since they are concerned mostly in the immediate. Their ideas of ‘first things first’ may be trivial, but when viewed through Ultimate Doomsday spectacles, they are no more trivial than human existence itself. Can crises change minds? Yes, but not necessarily in any relevant way. My Rhodesian experience taught me what Whites can fail to do on behalf of their immediate survival, as well as their future. Our death as individuals is guaranteed, but not yet our collective extinction as a race. Only time & mind will tell. Good luck. ORION!



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