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Thread: Probable Betrayal By Visser

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    Default Probable Betrayal By Visser

    Possible Betrayal By Visser


    Quote Originally Posted by 6KILLER

    Quote Originally Posted by Eliezer

    Posted 08-03-2009 at 01:50 PM by Eliezer
    Updated 08-03-2009 at 11:22 PM by Eliezer
    Tags 6killer, britton, internet defamation, lawsuit, lindstedt


    As a Legal board member of the corporation known as the "Church of the Sons of YHVH", filed in the state of Ohio, I am going to call an emergency board meeting to:

    1.) Determine the pastorial & legal eligibilty of John Britton to hold the position of Vice President of the Church of the Sons of YHVH according to the corporate by-laws filed with the state of Ohio.

    2) Petition the board of directors to remove John Britton as Vice President & fill the position with Pastor Jeromy Visser, who is of good reputation.

    3) Fill the remaining positions on the board of directors with men of good reputation.

    Since I was never legally notified in writing that I am no longer on the Board, Then I am exercising my right to call this meeting.

    Bryan T. Wright
    CSOY Board of Directors.

    Quote Originally Posted by admin
    Posted 08-04-2009 at 10:04 PM

    Would you and CSOY like your own subforum at CPF?
    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Wright
    No, a blog is fine for now, I dont want to clutter up the main forum with my opinions & observations. I just seek the TRUTH about what I have been told.

    I haven't spoken with Gulett for awhile so I dont want to claim to speak for him or the CSOY right now.

    The reason marty called me 3 times from the insane asylum was the he was being obsessive/compulsive about the CSOY trust fund, which [contrary to marty] I had no idea of the amount. I did speak with the Brother responsable for the trust several times & he insured me he would protect the fund from harm.

    With the history of lies that the lindstedt/britton duo are speading about everybody that questions anything they say & martys bi-polar obsesive/compulsive disorders, I must assume that they are going to try to get some sort of control over the fund. I just need to make the Church body aware my concerns over this.

    Posted Yesterday at 11:40 AM by Eliezer Eliezer is offline
    What is scary isn't Bryan Wright acting like a thieving mamzer -- it is Visser aiding and abetting Wright. First by letting Wright back. Then letting Wright attack. Then the whigger and unknown mamzer sockpuppets. Then Visser's wife. And now Visser offering Wright his own forum -- AS UCOY DIRECTOR SANS THE REAL SENIOR PASTOR JOHN BRITTON.

    I don't like this one bit. I think that the lure of $400,000 is getting to Visser. The way things are going, me and 6Killer may end up being banned on Visser's forums.

    I seen your arch comment. Where do you stand if things break bad?

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default Probable Betrayal By Visser

    Church of the Sons of YHWH Incorporation

    The following was found by doing a google search of the Ohio Secretary of State's office:

    five page incorporation in 2003 by Ray Redfearin:


    The Agent was changed from Ray Redfearin to Morris Gulett in this three page filing in 2004:


    The necessity for filing by Sept 23, 2009!!!


    Contact HT and get him on it with a $25 check as the new special agent.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default 2nd page is not working

    2nd page is not working


    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Wei?mann
    There is problem with the 2nd page of "The Movement Turd" on Talkshoe" ,I'm not able to read your post,I can only see a blank page on the screen.


    Visser's admin is running amok again. Every time I have something, like reportage about Hal Turner or Sci-Fi Faber or this latest mamzer and jew incursion and whigger revolt, Visser's admin shuts off a switch and the thing disappears. Visser or Visser's admin, who Visser claims is his brother and admits to being a 'fruit-loop' has shut off a switch in v-bulletin which causes the selected posts to hang. It has been that way since Visser's v-bulletin came up in March 2009.

    I kept on trying to upload it and got the same response. And, since this Obadiah/Obaliar thread keeps on expanding as you can see, it is selective in its application -- I wanted to post my update of the Movement Turd to that thread and was shut down. In fact, yesterday morning when it happened, I seen that the post was 'deleted' because I am supposed to be a Moderator. So Visser's admin deleted the post and I was unable to post it even in the Obadiah/Obaliar thread. There is a switch against me being able to post at all yesterday morning.

    I am sure you have seen Visser's new v-bulletin v4.0 forum. The thing is that two new [d]rules have been created of no 'disrespecting' and no 'profanity.' The end result is something as if $permFront was run by niggers of the Presbyterian bent. I also note that I am not given a subforum of my own. So I am talking to Pastor Britton and the end result is that I don't think that either of us are going to sign up over there, at least officially. I think that the best solution is to let that place become another ghetto, like Holy_War and $permFront CI Theology section, of jews running mamzers and whiggers to distraction.

    Now I don't know if Visser is a rat himself, but he keeps on getting into trouble -- with Joe Johnson v Bryan Wright, and works with Jonathan Williams and Sci-Fi Faber and then cuts them off at the knees when the thieves fall out. So this sort of shit seems par for the course.

    You got to realize that Dual-Seedline Christian Identity has always has infilltraitors within it trying to change its uncompromising racial message of White Christian Israelite racial and spiritual purity. And so, there always are traitors within the mix ever working to disrupt and change. So my response has always been the same response -- to decentralize and network with the above-ground DSCI pastors who maintain a certain standard of allowing freedom and open airing of grievances.

    So myself and Pastor Britton continue to scratch our heads but work with what we got. But Visser has always been something of a fruit loop. I don't know if Visser really got a brother or it is a junkie's 'Dr Jeykll and Mr. Hyde' drug-induced schidzophrenia. In any case, what I am going to do is to sit and assess the situation. This post is going over to my forum and will be placed where only admins can see it and then resurrected when necessary.

    The mamzer and whigger incursion is what we inevitably have and seems to have taken over.

    Your Roman Catholicism doesn't go very far within DSCI. The Roman Catholic Church was founded by Simon Magus, and is hated nearly as much as jews. And the Swedes and the South Germans never got along too well since the Thirty Years War. Hence me and Paster Britton's talk about "Das Swedentrunken."

    Yet I'll admit that you have been useful to me over here by driving those mamzers and whiggers agents provacateur judass the jewst, jewff the gewff, and Obadorkker to distraction. Keep it up but tone it down a bit. Your jewdar and gaydar are working perfectly, my friend. When you are in the bowel Movement long enough you learn that these shitstorms occur in cycles like a monsoon and so you don't get rattled by the [jews]usual.

    So, eventually Visser will be driven into a corner yet once again -- what is this, the fourth or fifth time? -- and have to declare his loyalties one way or another and cut bait with the whiggers and mamzers. Since Visser wants to remain known as a DSCI pastor, I think that he will sit on his 'brother' who installed his v-bulletin forum last March, and I will be allowed to post as I please for a while until the next time. But maybe not. Never trust a junkie.

    Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 is a rather smart mamzer pervert who has gotten itz way into the sheep and goat-fold and the diseased sheep and goats love this message. So they declared theysselfs and now they get to run wild for a while. Sooner or later these diseased animals will go over the hill in the company of the jewkals and hyenas and get eaten alive on the way back to Sodom and Gomorrah in E-gypped ZOGling whiggerdumb, and no great loss. Like the second little piggy in my rendition of "The Three Little Pigs" they will leave nothing but a pile of jewkalshit.

    That said, you need to decide whether to jettison your Roman Catholicism in favor of Dual-Seedline or not. I think you have leadership ability and enormous zeal and a functioning jewdar and gaydar and thus can be one of the Ten-Thousand Warlords for the time ahead.

    Keep this message to yourself and then when I ask, release it as is to the forum if I end up getting banned.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

    02-22-2010, 09:07 AM Storage in Hidden Forum until needed

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    Default What's Going On?

    What's going on???


    Quote Originally Posted by Concerned Citizen
    Hey Martin,

    With all the garbage going on everywhere figured I'd just PM you here ...

    Listened to your call with 6killer and am listening to the show from tonight now. Your delivery is definitely getting better, sounds like you're getting more comfortable with it!

    I wanted to get John Britton to tell his take on the matter and so I didn't have time to jack around. Plus, being on 'free' Internut radio is no longer a novelty.

    Getting very tired of all this picking and fighting, that's for sure ... it seems to be erupting everywhere.

    Another Spring ZOG offensive. Obaliar and itz pickles seems to have won over at Visser's forum.

    And what's up with Pastor Visser's new new forum? I know they were doing something because of technical problems, are you going to have a subforum over there? They apparently have a new "no naughty words" policy for the new forum.

    I was discussing this with John Britton and the new Catholic kid. It seems that Visser got a lot of new money somewhere -- last 9-9-09 he didn't have anything, was talking about shutting things down for lack of support and now he has another server AND $280 v-bulletin 4.0 software. Wanting to make it into another DSCI $permFront. Complete with a Klunt jewnior and mamzer and whigger pickle baal-priests.

    I smell a rat. I am about to dust off the "Possible Betrayal By Visser" thread sitting unread in my admin section and put it in a place where it can be seen on my forum. Why? Because Visser is about to go fruit-loop on me again. Visser was trying to sell me out to Sci-Fi Faber back in June of last year, then Sci-Fi got branded with Hal Turner. The past two days I have been banned by means of an switch from posting at Visser's old v-bulletin forum about my new Talkshoe Program.

    So new money and a whole new attitude and policy and no subforum on the new forum for me.

    Now I've seen all this before. It runs in cycles. And I think I'll end up having to counter-attack because the situation is breaking bad. I won't insist on you taking a side.

    This thread, it has something from a private message from you last year. And I am going to seek permission from you to publish it. So I'll be addressing it to you in a private message on my forum.

    Life is a constant struggle and DSCI has a lot of them as people turn and alliances end up being broken. I'll be calling into Pastor Finck's Talkshoe tonight.

    Good work on the show and talk with you later!

    Concerned Citizen
    Thanks. I think things are going to get ratcheted up again though.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

    Originally posted on Admin Shadow Forum 02-22-2010, 10:17 AM

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    Default Probable Betrayal By Visser

    What the Fuck? What the Fucking Fuck?

    -- OR --

    Looks Like CPM Has Done Gone $permFront


    Quote Originally Posted by admin View Post



    Covenant People’s Forums has officially moved - please register for a new account here.

    We now have TWO rules: No disrespect and no profanity. If you can’t abide by these simple requests, stay here (we’ll filter which posts are imported).

    All noonhost.com, freehostia.com and archive.org URLs have been deleted from the main site.

    Thanks for your continued support!

    Pastor Visser has told me a number of times that he is not the one who runs or administers this forum. In fact, he once told me that his brother runs this forum and that his brother is -- quote -- "a real fruit-loop" around the time of the third Bryan Wright incursion around the time you were offering Bryan Wright his own subforum and scheming to assist Bryan Wright in removing Pastor John Britton as Senior Acting Pastor of Pastor Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHWH (CSOY). Not that this could be done, because under Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution and Bylaws of CSOY the Senior Pastor has the . . . the right to overrule any and all decisions made by any board or committee. Do you really think Ray Redfearin was so stupid that he would draft up anything letting any Board of Directors kick him out? This delusion that Bryan Wright could be used as a method of getting into the directorship of Gulett's Church is delusional -- which is par for the course in the bowel Movement. Bryan Wright hit the road itz mamzerself when it figured that it wasn't going to get any money back in May 2007.


    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Wood/Bryan Wright

    Church of the Sons of YHVH -Reformed notes 5-30-07


    by Billy Wood ? Thu May 31, 2007 4:28 am

    For those who have asked:

    ]the Church of the Sons of YHVH is a corporation registered in Ohio. My ordination is thru Swift-Butler-Redfeairn-Gulett. I do not feel that Morris Gulett is qualified for service so I left there & took a sabbatical from contact with anyone until I was led to do what I am now doing.

    ] I started Church of the Sons of YHVH -Reformed to begin to form a real-world Church in order to take Christian Identity to the next level.

    ] We plan on meeting a few times a year in person for fellowship

    ] There will be no fees for any 'memberships' but there will be continuing requirements to be active. For example; to be considered for a position of leadership you will be required to possess a valid Certificate of Christian Education from the American Institute of Theology. I have one of these & I know what it takes to earn one.

    ] In time we will put together a program for those seeking a true ordination in the World's Premier Christian Identity Church organization. Trust me, you will have to earn this one, There are enough goofballs with titles out there. We want stable Men of God in leadership positions.

    Thats it for now.

    Well, I did a search of the matter, and of course I brought up the matter that Bryan Wright was a thief who had resigned as a member of the board of trustees of CSOY and supposedly formed his own Church of the Sons of YHWH -- Reformed. What I did not divulge was that Morris Gulett needed to renew his Church Charter, and so I notified all of the members of the legitimate CSOY -- including Pastor Morris Gulett -- and they got it done. So Pastor Morris Gulett owes me a favor for him saving his Church for him when he gets out of prison later this year.

    In fact, it was thanks to me that I convinced Pastor John Britton to step up and save what remains of Gulett's Church ever since 2006. This is because I not only preach decentralization of the above-ground DSCI Church, but selflessly practice it as well. Every single DSCI pastor is to run his local above-ground and under-ground DSCI or even OSL church as that local minister sees fit. My faction of the Aryan Nations is a networked confederacy and alliance in which the ties that bind are altogether voluntary.

    Now I kept this matter under my hat because there was some evidence that Pastor Visser was working with Bryan Wright to steal Pastor Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHWH and the $400,000+ as the CSOY's 40% share of this dead Nazi's estate. Now why subject mortal men to unnecessary temptation? Is it not enough that this thieving slant-eyed gorda-humping gookazoid Pictish-Hybernigger kikenmamzer was shut out firmly, and thanks to ZOG not letting even Morris Gulett have the dead-Nazi $400,000+ that nobody was going to get it any time soon?

    And according to Sci-Fi Faber, Pastor Visser was plotting to kick me out of my own church -- though how that can happen given that I have a Missouri corporate charter good until Aug. 31, 2010 was never explained. Since the admin here on CPM has a habit of deleting my Sci-Fi Faber posts, and Hal Turner Rat Posts, and now my recent Talkshoe radio posts and even maybe this post -- then what to do other than to post at my own forum and subforums?

    Now if somebody had told me that the gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer Rabbi LinderMillerwitz's pet fake-CI tard with a history of virtual cross-dressing and gender-bendering would mount an ASSault upon myself, with the [G]AIDS of a [w]horde of jewly-arrived Babtist Hobbyist New Covenant Cornholer shabbes mamzer and whigger baal-priest pickles then I would have maybe asked how much of your favorite herb of the field you were smoking as the concept should have been far-fetched. But the more I think of it, I must now wonder why I should have been surprised.

    I also must wonder how someone who said that he was in a financial bind, having to place his v-bulletin forum upon a free server and post his podcasts on the free Library of Congress archives all of a sudden found the money to pay for a vast new server and 285 ZOGbux for Version 4.0 of a v-bulletin license. Did someone's ship come in?

    Now you don't have to explain yourself to me or anyone else. You can set up whomever you please to administrate your forum and allow or disallow whoever and whatever you please to be posted. But the latest mamzer and whigger baal-priest incursion of probably what is the slickest baal-bitch assault since Klunt Downey, Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts, Andy Blanchardsmamzer Belialsson Anderson, and KhazarDick Niemela the Finnish jew, supported by the fourth return of Bryan Wright/Billy Wood/Lyin' Wong, and a supporting (not to mention suppurating) whorde of sanctimonious pharisaical baal-priest pickled mamzers like jewdas the jewst, and whiggers like jewff the gewff and wannabe politicians like MatthewOtt sure got me wondering what the fuck is going on. Then the censoring of my messages in what was supposed to be my own uncensored subforum, followed by the new-found riches to set up what is in effect a supposedly DSCI $permFront/$pamFront arranged so that if we are all supposed to becum pussy-whupped dolt meercats not able to say 'shit' even if we have a fucking mouthful certainly makes me wonder what the fucking fuck is going on. Not to mention the 'Rodney King' requirement that we are all supposed to get along and not disrespect the other wh'iggaz, puh-leeeeeze.

    Well, I can't speak for anyone else, even though many will most certainly listen, but the above [d]rules no can do. This trick has been tried plenty of times before, most notably by Wholly_Whores@jewhoogruppen.com and $permFront, but what invariably resulted is the complete ghettoization of the talmudick fuktards involved while DSCI landsharks circled around about and Lindstedt spies slurped data within.

    There is no polite way in which to register my . . . . alarm? (no) . . . . annoyance? (not really) . . . . resignation (bingo) at what is going on. A number of mutual friends asked me to ask gently as to what was going on, and I find that I can't -- and won't -- ask what needs to be asked other than in a brusque and direct manner.

    Back in 2001, after Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts from around Tupelo Mississippi got me banned from my Granby Telephone Company Internet Service Provider and Klunt Downey got on, I begged and demanded that Willie Martin stop giving aid and comfort to Andy Anderson and his ZOG false-front. He went ahead and did what was right, then backslid and got back on to Wholly_Whores. Then when no longer needed for cover and concealment Debbie -- Klunt -- Downey demanded that he be removed as a moderator of the DSCI remnant and banned. And he was. And my remorseless rage was kindled and I demanded of a then-supporter in Washington State to "get me a heaping stinking pile of shit on Debbie Downey." And he found out that Klailiff Debby was not only an adulteress with her Meercat Markkk Downey, but the sexual mascot after the Washington State Klan meetings as well. "YOU'RE NOT NO KLAN KLAILIFF, YOU'RE THE KLAN KLUNT" I thundered, and that evil godless wicked wicked bitch has been known by that nickname ever since, and awaits forted-up inside the $permFront synagogue ever since.

    Well Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 might well be another Klunt Downey but with a mangina, but I most certainly ain't no Willie Martin. Which is why I respect William Finck, is because when he was informed that Aryan Front was a ZOG false front associated with August Kreis, and that the $permFront CI Theology forum was run by Klunt Downey, who is not only an adulteress and a whore, but with those who hate Dual-Seedline and have declared war on Clifton Emahiser, William Finck cut any and all ties with Aryan Front and $permFront cold.

    Within the White Nationalist forums, Lindstedt's Corollary to Covington's Law of White Nationalist forums holds true:
    "Censorship by jews is replaced by censorship by whiggers."
    As it is, you are treading -- or allowing to be trod -- the very self-same ground trod by most White Nationalist forums.

    Do we really need another fake DSCI $permFront?

    I don't think so.

    Please look into this, and if this is being done by your fruit-loop brother, or a supporter with ZOGbux, under color of your name, please best stop.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default An Important Notice From Turkey-Lurkey the jewst Howard.

    An Important Notice From Turkey-Lurkey the jewst Howard.


    Quote Originally Posted by James the Just Howard/jewdass the jewst View Post


    I recently received this notice in my "Private Messages" folder on this forum:

    Warning! Next time we will have to complaint to your ISP.
    12:51 PM ModAdministrator

    Dear, JamesTheJust!

    A virus alert was noticed on your computer.
    We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately: http://securitytool2010.org/JamesTheJust
    If you do not pass this test* we will have to delete your account and forward a complaint to your ISP with attached log file (your IP address, etc.).
    First off, notice the spelling error. If this were computer generated, such an error would not likely be made. Also notice that it was sent from someone called ModAdministrator. The only "ModAdministrator" I know is Pastor Visser and he simply goes by "Admin". And if he were to send me a message of this sort, he would have simply called himself Pastor Visser.I have no intention of clicking on that link and if anyone else here received such a notice, I strongly urge you not to click on any links.

    I had the exact same thing happen on Christian Nationalist Forum two weeks ago by someone with a Russian IP address called "Lady_Admin" selling its wares to everyone except the admin and my PastorLindstedt account. All my sockpuppets got a Private Message selling something like free virus scanning or something. Another critter took advantage of being able to see who the other members were upon sign-up for registration that I use to keep out porn spammers, which is what I recommended that Pastor Visser's admin do. So I went into the admin options so that sign-ups can no longer view or PM the other members -- only the Admin accounts, which are the LAST accounts that these people want attention from, because it will lead to an IP ban. Since then there has been zero spamming of the Private Message accounts. I disabled the accounts by changing the passwords and so I can then use them as sockpuppets. One sockpuppet I called Obongo, the Fraudulent Alleged nigger 'President.' The other one I kept as Lady_Admin.

    I have been politically aware for many years and "jew-aware" for most of my life, but I have never received the amount of verbal attacks on my life that I have received since trying to spread the CI truth!

    'jewr CI truth' that gender-bendering other mamzers get to tell White Christian Israelites of long standing what they get to say on their podcasts and what they can write on their forums, of course. With baal-priest mamzers and whiggers yapping and enfarcing theyz' 'CI troofs' I suppose that the ADL/$PLC can take a censorsheep vacation.

    I have had several attempted attacks on my computer as well as spam that includes the most vile sexual content one can imagine.

    Let me guess: Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 let you look at itz mangina under itz tail. That would certainly gross me out too.

    I have "angels" who have protected me. For the life of me I cannot figure out why, but there are persons, I do not know, who have protected me, by giving anonymous warnings and by exposing jews, who have either attacked me outright or have sought to befriend me; whilst seeking personal information. Thanks be to YHWH, my eyes are open and HE has not allowed me to be fooled. I have become weary.

    No rest for the wicked.

    As a matter of inquiry, when these "angels" cum to tell you what to do and the voices are ringing in jewr head, does your nose rise up in the air? The reason I ask is that there was a nigger on my ward at the NutHouse named James Howard -- everyone called him 'Smiley' because he was a happy nappy-headed nigger who killed his entire family including his grandfather who this deranged schidzo-nigger said was God because he was Jesus Christ -- who would have his nigger-nose straight up in the air for several hours at a time. 'The Jesus Tupac Snoop-Dawg Smiley-Christ' found out that I was a pastor of some sort and would ask me theological questions all the time as to whether it should destroy the Earth yet. I'd always tell the nigger-Christ not to do it until after supper unless I found out that the item on the menu of Biggs-swill was boiled cabbage.

    Anyway, since that nigger claimed to be Jesus Christ -- a common failing of nutty nutty niggers -- then you claiming to be 'James the Just' would make YOU that nutty nutty schidzo-nigger's half-brother, right? Hence my question above.

    I have very good software which detects viruses and I run it often. I will do so again tonight, but I most certainly will not click on the link provided.

    That's the first intelligent thing you said.

    I also intend to change my e-mail server in the near future. I have been putting it off until I complete my move, but perhaps the time is now.

    You sound just like this 'Shannon Braveheart' character from Louisiana who would live for weeks at a time with paytridiotic people which took pity on the old twat but never lasted more than two weeks. Drank all the wine and beer in the fridge, all the likker in the jugs, stayed up until 8:00 in the morning, ate them out of house and home, was water-averse, and used itz douche-bag as a mighty weapon of ass-destruction.

    So I take it that James Radcliffe from Apache Flats Arizona has given its eviction notice. Please feel free to move in with Matthew Ott from Halifax Pennsylvania, as he supports jewrself 100% and becum known at Matthew the jewst. Or on to Richmond Virginia and becum known as jewlysses ass jewff-the-gewffy jewst. Or in with Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 in Kirksville Missery and becum known as Rabbies Linderwitz the TraitorGlenn Miller-witless. You can stay in Missery then because three hundred miles from Granby is sufficient space upwind.

    In any case, I wanted to warn all of you in advance. I will try to contact my sympathetic supporters and have them look into this message; to see if they can track the source. I don't know how they do it, but they are very good at that. As I never know when or where they will show up, it may take some time.

    May I suggest that you gather them all up and move in with Klunt (Debbie) Downey and her Past-her Meercat Markkk Clowney in Kentucky? Kentucky is the blue-grass state and as such there is much good grazing for goats and wethers and metrosexshul rams/ewes.

    YAH Bless! Be safe. Be on the watch.
    The fact of the matter is that thanks to Pastor Visser getting a new v-bulletin forum to try to turn into the equivalent of a DSCI $permFront, a lot of spammers will try to get in, and some of them who have learned the spam-the-Private-Messages inbox trick will be selling porno and cialis and the latest 'get-rich-quick-or-the-dick-of-death-Now!!!' scheme.

    Tell the admin to go into the 'moderation-approved' usergroup and click the 'no' switch to 'PM other members' option. The default should be set to where guests and ZOGbots can view "New Posts" but not the "Community" settings. But it seems that the only trick that this Admin ever learned was how to delete entire threads and scores of posts and put up a blank screen with a '35' on it.

    NEVER click on a link from a spammer. If it isn't a virus, then it is a Trojan Horse, a batch file, or a Denial of Service bot. Do your own shopping with your own search.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinksky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default The $creetching of the Tran$gendered $ow$

    The $creetching of the Tran$gendered $ow$


    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 View Post

    Nice one, Marty! Like all jews, I love to call you 'Marty.'

    Instead of first contacting Pastor Visser away from prying eyes, e.g. by email, as any honorable Yahweh-fearing individual would do in order to get his side of the story, you post this paranoid screed supported by documented facts. And never mind that while the deal was uncensored speech on your subforum and that the Admin violated that arrangement, like all criminals I am going to whine about the punishment imposed. Give the anti-christs and mamzers and transgendered faggots and whiggers like myself and my baal-priest pickles some more verbal refuse to throw on CI next time, why don't you? What else do you think I was doing over at VNNF, Marty?

    I hear you're into Anglo-Saxon monosyllables. Well, I'm into Anglo-Saxon polysyllables, sure as having my khazar snout liposuctioned in order to create more tits. Here's two for you: mentally unstable. Do you know that a khazarian morphadyke sow like myself got six tits and are hung like Janet Reno? I'n the best khazarian hypocritical colostomy-bag licker in all of Linder's Greater Free Range Tard Corral!!!

    You idiot jews and mamzers and diseased whiggers don't get it. From day six when you started this shit, Christian Israel was onto jewrself, Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666.

    Genesis 3:16 sides were taken and the Children of Israel were on one side and you spawn of Satan, both adoptive and biological, were on the other.

    Now as it is now, you spawn of Satan will end up going to Visser's new v-bulletin v4.0 ghetto and make of it a fake DSCI $permFront wherein none of Christian Israel will bother to show up, like at Jezebel's palace.

    And, Christian Israel will stay here, and fight as necessary in our old tents, without pharisaical talmudic [d]rules as made by, and for and of jews and mamzers and criminal whiggers.

    Don't you know Pastor Jeromy Visser's past history? Each and every time he has embraced Klunt Downey and Jonathan Williams and Michael Burks and Sci-Fi Faber and Bryan Wright and now you catamite khazar swine and each and every time Jeromy Visser ends up with a shitload of fleas and crabs and venereal warts and a yeast infection or two but so far he has always eventually kicked you kike swine whores to the curb and gone back to Christian Israel. Call him Samson, De-lie-klunt.

    Jeromy Visser just got to get a few more kicks in the head and on the ass before he is able to learn the exact same things he should have learned the first five or six times but wasn't able to do so yet. He is pretty good at the theological end, though. Just not too good at the political end.

    Why don't you head out to jewr new v-bulletin v4.0 high-dollar digs, khazarian catamite cunt, Klunt jewnior? Take the rest of the mamzers and addlepated whiggers with jewrself, each and every jewkal. We'll call it D$CI $permFront until Jeromy decides to clean up the stables.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default A Partial Apology, Continuing Inquiry and the Program Agenda For The Movement Turd #5

    A Partial Apology, Continuing Inquiry and the Program Agenda For The Movement Turd #5


    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Visser View Post

    When's your next gossip show Lindstedt?

    I'll correct all these untruths.
    I just got onto the computer for the day after chores.

    I've looked things over, and I will likely apologise in part and ask more questions in part.

    The next show might very well be tomorrow, if not Sunday. And, of course you are invited on to say anything and everything you please in your defense and offense, Pastor Visser.

    Now this Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 is by far the most evil twisted vile spawn of Satan that I think I've ever seen on the Internet. Worse than Klunt Downey. Worse than Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts. As bad as any dirty jew I've had to fight with.

    The only good thing is that Obaliar has accomplished is in smoking out the baal-priest mamzers and whiggers like jewdas the jewst Howard, jewff the gewff, and MatthewOtt as definitely not right.

    Now I am pleased that you are prospering because your ship came in. I really am, and of course I am pleased that perhaps the DSCI above-ground pastorial community can afford to set up a CI News Network.

    But for the past six months I have ended up staring at a thread set up last August when 'Admin' was proposing to side with Bryan Wright in kicking out Pastor Britton from his job as Senior Acting Pastor of Pastor Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH and granting 'Billy Wood' in that evil kike gookazoid mamzer's claim that he was a member of the Board of Directors and offering Bryan Wright its own subforum on CPM? The name of the thread? "Possible Betrayal by Visser." The CSOY corporate charter needed to be renewed soon and I had no idea as to whether Bryan Wright, in conjunction with yourself, was plotting to seize the church charter from Gulett in prison in Florida, and with the change with Bryan Wright as the new 'head' of the Church of the Sons of YHVH get ZOG to lift the probate stoppage and make away with $400,000+ of the dead Nazi's estate.

    Now I got Gulett to get his Church charter renewed, but it was a near-run thing and every single minute until it was done I had to keep it quiet and pray that Bryan Wright was not smarter than the thieving mamzer criminal looked. In doing the research I found out that of course Bryan Wright and Sci-Fi Faber were liars. And I found out some other matters that still need to be kept secret.

    Now Bryan Wright/Billy Wood showed up for the FOURTH time recently, and some of us have been trying to find this mamzer and where it lives. And we can't find it, probably because it is a criminal who might well be a professional rat. Usually if markers are laid down and obligations called in, we can find whatever we want, or at least something. But where that evil stupid mamzer burrows is something we can't find out just yet. We continue to search, though.

    So, Sunday afternoon when I am trying to post "The Movement Turd" #3a with Pastor Britton talking about matters and how these new poseurs simply "are not right" I simply cannot post it whatsoever anywhere at all on CPM Forum. Not on the past thread, not on a new thread, and not on another existing thread. And, for the first time I see a trash-can icon and a deleted sign indicating that where it was intended to be posted that the post had been deleted. Later I find that eight other posts of the nine on the second page were missing.

    I got a bunch of private messages asking questions as to what was going on. I spent much of yesterday answering those inquiries.

    Now the '35' marker makes no sense other than deliberation. I strip off some words and replace them, and they still are gone. And the threads deleted covered Hal Turner and Sci-Fi Faber.

    And so, I doubt that this directed malevolence is accidental server error. Accidental server error should be more random, not concentrated on the extremely sensitive topics.

    Now what the rest of the bowel Movement does is really nothing to me. But what happens within CI, especially Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is core concern and must be addressed as soon as possible. Hence my activity of yesterday.

    Now, let me agree with you that what is yours is yours to do with as you see fit. Like Paul said to Annannias and Sapphira, what is theirs was theirs to do as they please. Yet they were killed by YHWH when their private actions interacted with the early Church to its possible detriment. YHWH killed that scheming pair of proto-Kluntz and Meercats in order to discourage the rest, to paraphrase Voltaire.

    So a core question is to whether you are 'Admin' and if not, why you let him bring you into disrepute and distrust.

    And, you should ask yourself whether you prefer to hear an accusation to your face or whether you prefer to not know what is being said -- not by me -- behind your back. The rumor on the CI street back around 9-9-09 was that you went back to being a meth-head, which is why the piglice were kicking in your door. The FiBbIes don't usually kick in doors. Joint Drug Task Forces do so all the time.

    For six months I stared, on a hidden v-bulletin shadow subforum set up only for administrators this thread, "Possible Betrayal By Visser" set up in early August. And yesterday, I merely moved these ancient threads and posts up, and wrote an introduction.

    And so this is the gravimen of my partial apology and continuing inquiry. And thus, this is what I intend to ask you on the next episode of "The Movement Turd #5." I think you should know what is on the agenda in advance. I don't do ambush interviews with a DSCI brother, even when I am annoyed with him.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default First We Do The Movement Turd #5.

    First We Do The Movement Turd #5


    Quote Originally Posted by O'Zebedee View Post


    I sent him a message.

    He's done a few shows already, so maybe this will work out.
    Well, we do "The Movement Turd #5" first. Probably tomorrow. Then me and Pastor Visser can do StumbleInn Radio on Blogtalk Thursday or Friday or Saturday.

    It won't be jewry Springer, though. I have every intention of making a negotiated peace with Pastor Visser although we will have our disagreements.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default Re: Look! The emperor's wearing no brains! And the transgendered jew mamzer's got 6 tits!!

    Re: Look! The emperor's wearing no brains! And the transgendered jew mamzer's got 6 tits!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah/Obadorkkker/Obaliar666 View Post


    Look! The emperor's wearing no brains! And the transgendered mamzer got 6 tits!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt
    Now this Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 is by far the most evil twisted vile spawn of Satan that I think I've ever seen on the Internet. Worse than Klunt Downey. Worse than Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts. As bad as any dirty jew I've had to fight with.

    The only good thing is that Obaliar has accomplished is in smoking out the baal-priest mamzers and whiggers like jewdas the jewst Howard, jewff the gewff, and MatthewOtt as definitely not right.
    What?! Who pulled the double-dildo out of my bunghole and transgendered mangina???!!! You've even got it in for Matthew now? Matthew Ott meine_twatt!!! Tell me, Marty, -- us jews love to call you 'Marty' -- is there anyone here, apart from your yapping sniffing fox terrier/jewhund, 6killer, who isn't a baal-priest/mamzer/jew/whigger? Anyone at all? jewdas the jewst Howard and jewff the gewff, muh baal-priest pickles, want to know how you found us out? We refuse to think that the odor of sanctimony is so detectable.

    Half a beard. Cumming from a critter with none of a beard. Half a man. From not a man but a transgendered morphedyke jew. Half a wit. From a nit-wit.
    As I was remarking to someone over on my Christian Nationalist Forum, while you are about the most nastiest, most degenerate evil twisted vile spawn of Satan I have ever 'met' on the Internet -- something I wrote that you 'neglected' to post in jewr response and which I've remedied -- the fact of the matter is that it is not only my Genesis 3:15 nose which detected you by the stench of pharisaical sanctimony you emit, but that jewr fellow mamzers and whigger baal-priests are able to detect a fellow, broth. . . ., er, sist. . . . er, morphadyke in Satan, and so acting under the influence of Genesis 3:15, the only Law of YHWH you spawn of Satan are able to obey, you cluster together when invading Christian Israelite territory. Hence when I attack a lying jew mamzer morphedyke, the silly senile mamzer judass the jewst and the idiot whigger jewff the gewff aided and abetted jewrself.

    Now Matthew Ott last month came up with revealing his supposed name and address over at Pastor Finck's forum and thus freaked out quite a few of the DSCI brethren of both long and new standing who wondered why this was done. My policy is as follows: Anyone in a position of leadership within the bowel Movement must reveal his true name and face and address while those who are the rank-and-file shouldn't reveal anything about themselves.

    Now this policy of course annoys ZOG, which when it removes from power or life someone like Pastor Butler then it whines about 'lone wolves' that ZOG piglice and the jews no longer can track. If I had a cartooning talent I'd draw a cartoon of a jew .50-cal bullet busting apart a dandelion head, releasing 100 'lone-wolf' seeds to the wind for dispersal.

    Likewise it annoys you jew and mamzer and whigger agents provacateur that while jewr kind can indeed cause trouble for the Internet activities of Christian Israel, you can't really take down something with nothing. Yes, a jew can indeed harass and bother someone like myself, there simply is no means of "taking down Lindstedt" as was the stated purpose of this Argentinian sephardic jew mamzer out of Belgium, part of the jew mamzer troika running an Internet sting of the Belgian hate-piglice out of Brussels known as phorafags/feebs.

    So, Matthew Ott was wanting to play politician and Rodney King with a deranged jew gender-bendering mong[r]ollian spam-mamzer like jewrself and supporting 100% the efforts at censorship of Christian Israel by jewr baal-priest pickles jewdass the jewst Howard and jewff the gewff, Richmond scalawag. Now since no true Christian Israelite ever supports the jew program of censoring 'truth-speech' and calling it 'hate-speech' and banning it as obscene, then the effect was to figure all of this nest of jews, mamzers and ZOG whiggers had cum here to invade Pastor Visser's forum and eat it out. ZOG has always been interested in infiltrating DSCI by means of watering down DSCI Orthodoxy and by bringing in its baal-priests and mamzers to do so. The books of Ezra and Nehemiah show that as was done 2500 years ago, so too is it done today at ZOG/Babylon's end time. Today myself and Pastor Finck and Teacher Clifton Emahiser have the job of politically and religiously making Christian Israel free and purified from jew mamzer incursions.

    So what it boils down to is a Genesis 3:15 thing: a jew mamzer's sanctimonious pharisaical talmudist stench is detected both by the Dual-Seedline Christian Israelite with Genesis 3:15 jewdar and by the jews, mamzers, and ZOGling whiggers wanting to cum in and feast on diseased sheep-whigger, jail and murder the DSCI leadership, and put theysselfs up as the new [d]rulers.

    The past policy of no censorship of Christian Israel worked. You dirty jews, mamzers, and whiggers whined, and 'Fruit-Loop' Visser, the admin, set up a new policy for the new synagogue forum of "No Disrespecting the whiggaz" and "No profanity directed at the kikes." All alien and contrary to Christian Israelite mores and customs of absolutely free political speech.

    And who brought that about? Why jew did, Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666! You and jewr mamzer and shabbes whigger baal-pickles.
    Another Lindstedtism: baal-pickle: a mamzer or whigger baal-priest which like the priests of Cybelene would cut off they's penis and testicles and throw the severed organs through a window and make that person so blessed have to nurse the catamite eunuch back to health. The new 'priest' of Cybele/Earth Mother would pickle its severed reproductive organs, dress up as a female and demand that it be treated with respect.

    This entire religion was associated with Tantalus/Hantili, who was also believed to be of Hittite/Canaanite jew origin. You, Obadiah/Oberliar/Obadorkkker666 are thus the very epitome of a transgendered jew mamzer -- and act accordingly.
    So, Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666, while much of my Genesis 3:15 enmity for jewrself is organic, I look at the fact jew're here on Pastor Visser's forum as a good thing in that jewr silliness has revealed sundry mamzer and whigger baal-pickles and infilltraitors who do NOT belong within or have any true part of Christian Israel.

    An adoptive or biological spawn of Satan will believe and heed the lying words of another adoptive or biological spawn of Satan. A Son of YHWH will disbelieve and disregard the lying words of an adoptive or biological spawn of Satan like jewrself, Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666.

    And thus are the sides chosen.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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