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FBI Ran Aryan Nations After Butler's Death
Federal Informant Rick Spring, Close Associate Of NSM / Schoep, Admits He Was On Federal Payroll


9/19/2007 4:09:21 PM

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Overthrow Staff

In a confessional emailed out to white nationalist leaders, federal informant and convicted bank robber Rick Spring admitted today that he operated the Aryan Nations as a false flag front group for the FBI after the death of Richard Butler.

"I have to bare my heart and soul to the good folks of the movement, although this is hard for me to say, I must tell the truth. I Rick Spring have been working for the FED's for some time now and I am sorry," Spring wrote in an email today.

Spring was a close associate of both the National Socialist Movement's Jeff Schoep and White Revolution's Billy Roper. Roper forwarded this email on to dozens of white nationalist leaders this morning as well.

Schoep and the NSM came to support Spring in a leadership struggle against August Kreid, whose faction attracted a number of drug dealers and other criminals. Spring had participated in a number of white nationalist events, including a highly publicized NSM march in Orlando and a conference held at the Redneck Shop in South Carolina.

That Spring's Aryan Nations group is a federal false flag front is not a terrible surprise to many movement observers. Most white nationalist organizations do not receive substantial publicity from the Jewish press and releated organs unless they are operated by the federal government.

Spring is a convicted bank robber who turned to white nationalism while in prison. In his email, he says that his wife, whom he met in prison, had "no idea" he was operating the Aryan Nations on behalf of the FBI.


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Libertarian Socialist News
ATTN: Bill White, Editor

Most of us who have done much in the movement have had informants put under us. I had one, Rick Spring, placed under me for about five years, he ate at my house, met my whole family, called himself my best friend...so, don't think it was through any fault of Matt's that Evola was put on him to try and entrap him. I remember back in January of 2002, me and Matt held a joint rally in York, Pennsylvania, and Evola was there. It was a hectic day, fighting alley by alley. But my point is, the Feds paid Evola over $50,000 to try to come up with something, anything, they could get Matt on. If he hadn't been squeaky clean they wouldn't have had to go through such contortions to get a "he didn't yell "NO" loud enough" conviction, and a bs one, at that.

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