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Thread: Betrayal By Visser

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    Default Visser's Forum Might Be Compromised

    Visser's Forum Might Be Compromised


    Quote Originally Posted by PILGRIM
    Hi Martin

    I have always had periodic trouble with links to your subforum. I would click on a link from the front page and would go to a white page with a number like 51 or 34 up in the top left corner. Sometimes this clears up quickly, sometimes the problem lasts a lot longer. Are you sure it isn't a technical glitch - their server is notorious for problems. Of course, I really can't say I have had that problem with any other subforums but yours.

    I hope you won't jump the gun with Pastor Visser. I hope you will at least speak directly with him first. As I have said before, i have a hard time believing he has any sort of drug issue. Druggies usually can't turn out the kind of material he has on a regular basis (good, clear and coherent written sermons, newsletter content, oral sermons, etc). Obviously, none of us is there in Georgia meeting him and his family face-to-face and so are limited in what we can know.

    Perhaps the new forum is not completely set up yet. I find it hard to believe that Pastor Visser would exclude you without contacting you to say so and offer some sort of explanation. He's been pretty up front with things so far. I didn't notice a Bill Finck subforum over at the new site either.


    Well, the '35' or other numbers is certainly strange to me. However, yesterday morning when I was trying -- unsuccessfully -- to post the Movement Turd summary of my interview with Pastor Britton, I seen where the second page was deleted. V-bulletin forum software allows for these deletes performed by the administrator to normally be hidden from most of the members, but not from the moderator in some cases. Looking back at what has happened, not only was that post deleted, but the entire eight other posts were deleted or hidden. The posts of course are on my own forum, but what has happened is that the admin on Visser's forum has deliberately deleted them and replaced them with a number, like '35.'

    Now this has happened before, and I no longer have any doubts that this is intentional. The posts deleted were at length about Hal Turner and Sci-Fi Faber. This is why I post the most important matters as a matter of course to my own forum, because nobody can trust other Movement forums to be honest, except for StumbleInn. As says Lindstedt's Corollary concerning Movement forums: Censorship by jews is replaced by censorship by whiggers.

    Now I shall of course ask Pastor Visser what is going on, but throughout the past year -- and years -- Visser has a habit of being buddy-buddy with these people and then turning on them when the scrutiny is intense. Jonathan Williams, Laslo Patterson/UCOY/Rick Spring faction, Michael Burks, Bryan Wright, Sci-Fi Faber. I especially don't like it that last summer Bryan Wright was promised a subforum with Pastor Britton to be unlawfully removed like what happened back last summer. And this is the fourth appearance of Bryan Wright. It is as if Bryan Wright is allowed on and then disposed of when the deranged frantic mamzer gets out of line.

    Now this sort of thing happens all the time in the Movement, and regrettably these betrayals are nothing new, not even inside the Church. These attacks happen all the time.

    Now I don't know what is going on and of course I shall give Pastor Visser a chance to explain himself and make it right -- if he wants to do so. However, I do question how and why so much money came into possession of Pastor Visser -- his family were suffering from the economic losses of the past year -- and the new change in policy congruent with Obaliar and her baal-pickles. It seems that the 'new' CPM forum is a wannabe $permFront with a DSCI flavor, and thus another ZOG false front.

    If these actions are condoned by Pastor Visser, I think that the Movement has a right to know what is going on. If a month ago you had told me that a gender-bendering lying hypocritical cross-dresser would team up with sundry anglo-mestizos and whiggers to impose a speech code and censorship on a DSCI forum, I'd have said that you were full of shit. Yet exactly that has happened!!!

    Since it has happened, this is not normal behavior -- albeit typpycull for the bowel Movement with its endless betrayals and jostlings and positioning for advancement and to lead stupid whigger sheep into a false front. Since it has occurred, it is necessary for me to treat Visser's forum as compromised, and to act accordingly and warn off others.

    As I have explained to this Catholic kid, he needs to either go back to the pope, or to choose DSCI. But for now he is a useful counterweight to the Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 incursion.

    This is not an ego problem with me but rather one in which I simply can't allow any more innocent whiggers to be eaten alive by ZOG false-fronts. Some predation of whiggers by jewkals is a good thing in that it does away with the weak and degenerate. However, if this becomes a matter of undermining Israelite trust -- which every society and social order needs in order to function -- in order to roll up the Resistance, then it needs to become unearthed so that only the willfully stupid and vicious are entrapped.

    Christian Israel has no police force or intelligence agency other than the counter-intelligence function that every single organic cell must perform. It has become necessary ever since the advent of the Internet because the same means of communication and control are also used by ZOG. Failure to protect the newbies and weak means that none of us will leave anything behind if ZOG is allowed to run false-fronts and infiltraite at will the Movement, especially the DSCI aboveground element. Now I have worked hard to limit the scope of the damage by promoting decentralization and networking. But if Visser's network node is compromised, then it needs to be unearthed and let all see what is going on.

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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