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Thread: DSCI Showdown at StumbleInn

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    Default DSCI Showdown at StumbleInn

    DSCI Showdown at StumbleInn


    Quote Originally Posted by Breckinridge Elkins View Post

    So...haven't had time time to schedule a broadcast on StumbleInn Radio.


    If our DSCI clergymen, Pastors Lindstedt and Visser are still interested in debating or whatever, how about on Wednesday March 3rd at 7:00 p.m.?
    I'll have to wait until about five minutes into the show so that I'll be able to use my cell phone and be sure not to get into prime-time minutes on my plan. So I plan to try to log on at 7:00 and then to call in when logged on.

    However, if is a go. I like StumbleInn Radio even if it is on Blogtalk.

    Quote Originally Posted by Visser


    I already handed him his hat here.

    Pastor Lindstedt's Movement Update features Pastor Visser (beginning 43 minutes into the show) addressing several slanderous allegations leveled at CPM within the last several weeks. Discover in inside scoop on running Covenant People's Forums, the future direction of this ministry and the so-called "mystery of dead Nazi money" by listening to this three hour broadcast (Contains adult language).
    I'd be happy to do it again at Stumble Inn. :rockout:
    The Movement Turd #6 -- Synopsis: Visser calls in and blows smoke up the Turd's ass.

    Now I'll admit that I am a piss-pore speaker and not one-tenth the speaker I am that I am as a writer.

    But the facts remain the same:

    #1: You let Bryan Wright/Lyin' Wong/Billy Wood on for the fifth and sixth time, after this mamzer has proceeded to threaten Pastor John Britton's family numerous times, you were in collusion with Bryan Wright to try to steal Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH while Gulett is in prison, there is a will on probate worth $400,000-$1,600,000 according to the old man who runs the trust on behalf of CSOY. And you let this mamzer call Pastors Wesley Swift and Richard Butler mamzers and 'Christian Identity a 'racial fraud.''

    #2. You recently let a VNNF transgendered gender-bender tard to come onto your old forum, made up new rules for your new forum, then retroactively applied them to the old forum and deleted or hid most of my past posts -- the ones you didn't have FruitLoop Visser delete. In short, you can't keep your agreements, which is a common failing with yourself.

    #3. If time allows, I'll show how you are a treacherous ally.

    Now in dealing with you, you seem like a sort of drug addict who has a rather glib line of chatter to get your way in order to get fools to enable you further. Which is fine by me, as I have no problem with addicts and their families and friends who enable them simply because I have nothing to do with them. Never trust a junkie.

    But in August, during the third Bryan Wright mamzer incursion and having to worry about whether you were going to take advantage of the fact that Gulett's church charter needed to be renewed, so I decided to back off and pretend to believe you. Then when you and Sci-Fi Faber were plotting to kick me out of my own church and because Hal Turner was revealed as a rat in August, I decided to simply wait until the next mamzer incursion to blow the whistle and put an end to your dishonest foolishness.

    I also think Uncle Schlomo is financing jewr latest false-front effort. I liked your capacity for mischief better when you were poor and had to post jewr stuff on freehostia and the Library of Congress. When I see a piss-pore whigger getting ZOGbux aplenty I most certainly figure out that I know what is afoot.

    Now I'll admit you are a great speaker. But what good does that do when all you do is lie?

    You will probably go on and spin a tangled web and I'll listen and see how bad the damage is. I don't think it is too bad because you certainly did get caught.

    Quote Originally Posted by 6KILLER View Post
    I wouldn't say that you handed him his hat, you didn't answer the majority of his questions. You were rather glib and he wasn't very articulate, so you probably did run circles around him.

    Let's say that you won, you won a slant-eyed gook mamzer named Bryan Wright/Billy Wood, Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 a VNNF tard gender bender, and most think you are a traitor because you support calling Pastors Wesley Swift and Richard Butler mamzers. You now have a CPM old forum that is now known as Pisser's Cinder because it is full of Baal Priests , Mamzers, whiggers, and jew trolls. Your new forum is now known as Jezebel's Pussy Palace and it only has a few of the fore mentioned Baal Priests, Mamzers, whiggers, and jew trolls. And everyone now thinks that you are an untreated drug addict with all the glibness off an parolee able to spin a good yarn for his parole officer. -- We aren't buying it for a minute.

    Have you ever considered that used car sales may perhaps be your forte? Now I know why Pastor Morris Gulett never trusted you for a minute and why he made the choices that he made.
    Maybe you can call in via my landline speakerphone, 6Killer.

    I never worry about losing any debate or argument because as I look at it, the more whiggers listening in and believing lies and running off into the Wilderness of Sin and being killed slowly and eaten out the ass and nuts first by jewkals and hyenas and buzzards the better. A diseased whigger animal killed and eaten by jewkals is a diseased whigger herd animal that I don't have to later club over the head for eugenic reasons and burn.

    So many of these Babtist Hobbyists and Pentecostal Linthead anglo-mestizos cum to Christian Identity and 'think' that DSCI is [j]ewniversalist -- that Jesus Christ wants to save every little addlepated diseased whigger animal. The fact of the matter is that my ministry is devoted to driving these diseased animals away from spiritual food and water so that they will run out into the Wilderness of Sin and die outside the main herd. When whiggers and mamzers call in to cumplain about me doing exactly this -- of making DSCI repugnant to typpycull whiggers and mamzers -- then I think that I have indeed accomplished my mission.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Fuck them fags Pastor. They ain't worth your time. Leave them High Yellow Whiiggerscum bastards to playing with themselves. You aren't making any friends for us over there.

    I say nuke 'em all and let God sort 'em out. Starting with that pissant Jaybird and his dick liking cronies.
    "Pleased to meet you, I hope you guessed my name!"

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    OK. I saw the link.
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    Default Seldom Destroy Anything Unless You Have Something to Take Itz Place

    Seldom Destroy Anything Unless You Have Something to Take Itz Place


    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Wei?mann
    Thanks for you answer Pastor Lindstedt.

    I know How You can Not only "just kick" Pisser's ass but destroy his kiken babble once and for all....

    Here is the way:

    1.-Write down a full numerated list with all the Questions that YOU want Pisser to answer.

    2.-As soon as the "debate" starts,ask him in a DIRECT MANNER following YOUR "Numbered Question List" every question on it.

    i.e.: YOU ask Question #1, Then GIVE him a little time to answer THAT Question.. AS SOON as Pisser starts to "mumbling incoherently" or laughing or just simply AVOIDING YOUR QUESTION, then YOU should:

    Say: "So your answer to my question [insert YOUR question here] is that (Here YOU SHOULD use his very own words to RIDICULIZE him) "SO YOU COULDN'T answer my Question".


    Remember: YOU and Pisser ARE NOT "buddy Friends" anymore! This is a DEBATE not a Bar reunion and YOU MUST WIN IT! Your Credibility is at stake(of course not to me but to the "mamzers" that want to destroy you).

    In Short: YOU need to focus in YOURSELF! in Your Questions,not in how fast can Pisser talks or laugh or chit chat.

    Think about YOURSELF as if you were an Honest REAL JOURNALIST that wants to destroy a Politicians "Image" in front of everybody.

    If Pisser choose to answer and talk like a "car salesman" then is his lost,PEOPLE will SEE that YOU ARE in the Interview to DEBATE NOT to "chit chat".

    Remember: The Key is to ask Question after Question,NO TIME FOR "CHIT CHAT".

    Show NO MERCY!

    Pastor Wei?mann

    OK, let's think this through. I have no intent of 'destroying' Visser.

    I look upon Visser much like I look upon Pete Peters.

    There are still a number of people who view Visser as being in the right on this matter. Now most of them are mamzers like jewdass the jewst Howard, and addlepated whiggers playing at Christian Identity like jewlysses ass jewff the gewff from Richmond and Idiot Father&Mother of Six. There is no reason to finish off Visser simply because Visser is dishonest. Visser didn't steal anyone's wife and send the husband to prison to die, like one noted DSCI clergyman did.

    Nor is it necessary to destroy Visser, even if it was possible, which it is not. There will be plenty of people around to 'forgive' Visser, because Visser is glib, talks a great DSCI game, and knows how to manipulate people. Visser did support me when I was in the NutHouse as well.

    What Visser is guilty of is having a pet mamzer named Bryan Wright that Visser can't seem to get free of, no matter how outrageous this mamzer's conduct is. This mamzer has called Pastors Wesley Swift and Richard Butler as well as myself and Pastor John Britton mamzers, as well as Visser. Visser knows all about this Bryan Wright/Billy Wood making death threats against myself and Pastor Britton and his family, and after much pressure has at sundry times had no choice but to temporarily ban this evil mamzer.

    Visser has been trying for years to get himself made Senior Pastor of Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH and try to get hold of $400,000-$1,600,000 of this "dead nazi's" estate, but now that Pastor Morris Gulett got his Church charter renewed until 2014, and is going to get out of prison later this year, then the matter now is largely moot. This is another Bryan Wright deal.

    And Visser has conspired against myself with Sci-Fi Faber to kick me out of my own church. All delusional nonsense, but then again, Visser can't be trusted.

    So when this VNNF-tard gender-bendering mamzer pervert named Obadiah/Obaliar/Obadorkkker666 cum onto Visser's old CPM forum essentially demanding that I be censored for cussing, and a lot of other mamzers and whiggers and baal-priests joined in, then I was on the way out in any case. So I decided to simply post what I had learned and let the chips fall where they may. The end result was that I was for all practical purposes banned with my subforum deleted.

    Now why should I not fight with Visser over this matter?

    Answer: Because Visser is a useful buffer and mamzer trap.

    For years I pretended to be TraitorGlenn Miller's Internet friend. Why? Because it was deemed necessary to keep some sort of track on the rat. TraitorGlenn Miller was a known ZOG rat and the rat still was sniffing around like it did in itz heyday. It wasn't until someone, probably Will 'Whiggerswill' Williams or Ron Doggett ratted me out about what I was writing about this rat and TraitorGlenn Miller got online and big buddies with Alex Linder. It is probably thanks to me that VNNF becum the ZOG false front it is today.

    Likewise with Visser. Visser is a sort of mamzer and whigger trap, like a sort of grease trap. There are all sorts now wanting to cum into Christian Identity, wanting to play Aryan Nations, and a lot of them are not only the ZOG rats of old, but addlepated mamzers and whiggers who used to be Babtist Hobbyists and Pentecostal Lintheads and eventual New Covenant Cornholers. Why shouldn't Visser act as a sort of filter for such vermin, collecting hair and grease and filth for a short time until such time as the better element moves on?

    I have made the same argument regarding Pete Peters as the nursery of DSCI. The better element eventually goes Dual-Seedline and Peters can no longer keep them. Peters can keep the OSLers who dare not reveal that they are CI all to hisself for all I care. Peters is no threat to me and I am no threat to Peters.

    Secondly, Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is NOT a [j]universalist religion. Only pure-blooded Whites can be in YHWH's Kingdom. Females are second-class citizens at best. And thus we do not prosyletize -- to the contrary in fact. So whenever I see whiggers and mamzers yapping about how I am "driving off whiggers and mamzers away from CI" these misbegotten idiots don't realize that they are telling me that I am doing an excellent job of things.

    Now I am suspicious as can be of the source of Visser's funding. I think that Uncle Schlomo is funding Visser and Visser's pet mamzer Bryan Wright.

    That all said, anyone who is DSCI and on the ball will avoid Visser from now on in. And thus it is not needful to 'destroy' Visser nor should I be seen doing so.

    In early August, when I found out that Bryan Wright was being allowed to claim to be a director of the Church of the Sons of YHVH (CSOY), and to displace Pastor Britton as Senior Acting Pastor, I found out that the CSOY Church Charter was in danger. During that time I found out that Visser was plotting along with Sci-Fi Faber to remove me from my church and that Visser double-crossed Sci-Fi Faber. So when the CSOY charter was saved, I determined that it was going to become necessary to divorce myself from Visser. I could not in good conscience betray my best friend and one of the Five Stalwarts who stuck by me in my Time of Trouble. So the time came and the inevitable happened, I simply acted and pushed Visser's buttons.

    Lastly, ZOG never relaxes from trying to infiltrate the above-ground DSCI Church in order to get at the 95% underground CI church. So what is more preferable: Keeping an eye on the addlepated drug addict you know can't be trusted, or have ZOG bring in someone who is very, very good that can infiltrate and destroy large sections of the above-ground DSCI Church that you don't see until its too late? Like with TraitorGlenn Miller, better the incompetent rat and judas-goat you know than the far more competent betrayer that you don't know exists.

    I'll be happy with Visser coming clean, or with Visser getting glib. Regardless of how much smoke Visser tries to blow up my ass, then in any case, YHWH's Will Be Done.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Visser's Spin

    Visser's Spin



    Stumble Inn Radio: Dual Seedline Christian Identity (Part #1) provides the listener with a brief history of Richard G. Butler's Aryan Nations organization and the numerous splinter groups that surfaced after its untimely downfall. Pastors Lindstedt and Visser continue expressing their concerns regarding the existing state Covenant People's Ministry and the ?terrible sock-puppet outbreak of 2010.?

    (mp3 / 9.99 mb)



    Visser put on his spin as best he could, claiming that his mamzer confederate Bryan Wright/Billy Wood was some sort of 'sock-puppet' incursion. Visser even claimed that the fifth and sixth Bryan Wright/Billy Wood incursion was caused by me. Which is a lie. The lying fools even have a post of Bryan Wright/Billy Wood wanting to threaten Pastor John Britton via Private Messaging on Pisser's Cinder. All of when at the same time Visser has been thicker than thieves at a lawyer's convention with Bryan Wright the entire time.

    Most of the program consisted of me reading past e-mails and posts written by Visser in which Visser essentially admitted that he conspired with Bryan Wright/Billy Wood to try to kick out Pastor John Britton in order to try to gain control over the imprisoned Pastor Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH, tried to conspire with Sci-Fi Faber to have myself excommunicated by James Wickstrom of all people but chickened out on the deal when Sci-Fi Faber's Hal Turner connection was revealed. And that Visser has been in collusion with the Rick Spring faction, including Jonathan Williams, Michael Burks, and Laslo Patterson of the former United Church of Yahweh.

    In short, this program was about myself pointing out all about Visser's history of association with rascals in order to accomplish some momentary reward and how things inevitably fall apart when Visser gets caught scheming. Me and Pastor John Britton got tired of Visser conspiring with Bryan Wright to steal Pastor Gulett's Church and I got tired of Visser conspiring with Sci-Fi Faber for nothing, essentially. This show consisted of me reading Visser the riot act.

    Visser smarmed about how this trust fund existed in my own mind -- even though Visser admitted to knowing about it -- and that the latest Bryan Wright/Billy Wood incursions were my sockpuppets -- a lie. Not all the incriminating posts and e-mails were read in an hour, nor should they need to be read.

    Today I got the water pipes fixed in my house and had a nice hot bath and washed the dishes and Buddy the Poopy Dawg/Lil' Cujo/Baalzepup. This was more important than messing with someone you simply can't trust because they are untrustworthy. Let fools determined to be fools be fooled.

    A StumbleInn Radio show has been agreed upon for next week. Both myself and Visser agreed to appear. Perhaps Pastor John Britton will have some words to say about Visser's behavior insofar as he is concerned.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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