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Re: Women role according to the bible.

03-03-2007, 02:11 PM

If the men of Israel knew their roles, we wouldn't be having this discussion. The relationship between men and women should not be adversarial. It's not a master/slave relationship. The role of men and women in the Kingdom is going to be so clearly defined, that doing things God's way will be irresistable. People will see the folly of the past.

Pastor Visser, Regarding Stormfront: Thanks for the reminder about the closed Neuman/Butler thread. I closed it temporarily until I resolved a moderator issue. Now that the moderator issue is resolved, I've reopened it.

Regarding you comment about my having sole accountability in this forum, I am accountable to JackBoot and Grand Inquisitor for the reasoning behind anyone's removal from this forum, and indeed, only take moderator action with those who have ongoing civility issues and also violate other board guidelines. The recent removal was because of both reasons. Those who show ongoing contentiousness do get appropriate warnings before their posting priveleges are finally removed. You even saw that yourself of the most recent banning where you told him you were not going to be following him to ‘banland’.

As a woman of God, I have responsibility to God in utilitizing every tool He has given me to show the world what True Christianity is about so that more are enlightened; testifying the GOOD NEWS that True Christianity is about race and covenants. When men of God are on this board testifying to that, I am content to sit back, read, glean, carry on an intelligent conversation and let my husband answer my questions and help me understand; so that I can come to full faith in God and His word, and be worthy of being called a daughter of God. I want to stand before God on judgment day and be told, "Well done, good and faithful servant".

Quote Originally Posted by Jeromy Pisser

it’s also been you and your wife attacking almost every other seedliner that has posted their own opinions. These facts seem odd when you claim to only desire “Christian peace” and “good will.”
You mentioned that you are depressed in these long threads, and I might say to you that perhaps it is the Holy Spirit working on you. For the most part, you have a wonderful Christlike love for your people, and I have been impressed with your ministry. I sought you out and asked you to continue to participate in this forum for 2 reasons.
1.) First and foremost, your Christlike love and passion for your people, and
2.) You maintain an ongoing Seedline ministry.
Seedline is a doctrinal issue that IS a part of CI that I myself subscribed to for many years. I don't subscribe to it now, because I have studied it more fully and I realize it was not a salvational issue. It has nothing to do with the deliverance from our enemies or the salvation of our race, because salvation is only through the blood and the Word of Jesus Christ. But just because I don’t subscribe to it, that doesn't mean that I'm going to keep that doctrinal issue or any other doctrinal issue off this board. I will, however, hold all members of this forum accountable for showing mature and responsible postings, following the basic rules of civility, for the longevity of this forum. This forum is to bring people together, not to cause people to divide.

I have not attacked "almost every other seedliner" in this forum for their beliefs. I have been an uncompromising proponent in men of God showing Christlike behavior. I say the same thing about any Christian who doesn't show a maturity in Christ and a willingness to reason with others.

I'm tired of our men not behaving as Christians. Yes, we have doctrinal differences. But I think the reason that we cannot bring the judeos over to the full truth of God is because God doesn't yet trust us with that responsibility. For some, the doctrinal issues overshadow how we are supposed to conduct our lives. Our love for another should be more important than our love for doctrines. Once the men of God understand that then maybe, just maybe, God will say ... "ok, it's time now".

I'm TIRED of living in Babylon where White men get turned away from jobs and women are forced to work. I'm TIRED of paying taxes to an ungodly government and our people going to unrighteous courts. I'm tired of the genocide of our people via abortion. I'm TIRED of Christian men falling for every wind of doctrine ... whether it be judeos who believe Christ was a Jew, or Peters who believes there are lizards walking amongst us, or Seedliners who make false accusations a part of their theology.

Because we don't have female pastors in Christian Identity, men have put us in this place. I agree that there shouldn't be any women behind the pulpit teaching men, as in churchianity. But Seedliners want to make the Internet a church and it is NOT. It is full of non Whites and people who aren’t who they say they are. Regarding women being involved in Internet discussion boards, Meggie's often taken to task. Pastor Visser called this board a 'feminazi board'. Pastor Vissor, why are you not as equally critical of ungodly men in our CI movement? People like the foul mouthed Lindstedt seem to get a free pass when they post ... because they're Seedline. Did he post filthy lies on the Internet, with no Christian challenging him on his posting from that particular Yahoo "pulpit". That's a double standard.

The ecclesia that observes the Sabbath as a congregation meets in the spirit of Scripture to learn from a male minister behind the pulpit. THAT is where the women are to keep silent. The teaching of the minister should be accepted by women with order and decency, and they should keep silent during the message, asking their husband's later for clarification. I’ve noticed that CI teachers don’t mind women speaking and asking questions on the Internet. It is only when the woman disagrees do they invoke the silence ruling. Again, why do Seedliners hold a double standard in this regard?

Btw, say hi to Lilly for me. Why is she allowed to post? It's a church, an ecclesia, right?? She should be asking questions of her husband and silent on the Internet. Why the double standard? Because you know and I know that it is NOT a church, but discussions between Christian men and women who want to come to the full truth of God.

If men aren't going to be accountable amongst themselves, then the Holy Spirit will bring women and children into it. It's not that it's right that women and children have authority. CERTAINLY NOT! But that's the cause and effect that God promises when men fail.