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Thread: The GUBU Crew

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    Default 6.66 F[l]ags Over Pierceland: Another Elohim City butt for CreaTards

    6.66 F[l]ags Over Pierceland: Another Elohim City butt for CreaTards


    The National Alliance still has two things going for it:

    1.) Dr. Pierce's legacy. Think of it as another Elohim City, but for CreaTards and skinheads.
    2.) Name recognition. Everyone will say, Cunterre, jewr da man!!!

    It's like one of these old Antebellum plantations in the Deep South. After the demise of slavery and the collapse of cotton prices, many of them were sold off or fell into ruin. Years later, jew real estate developers bought them up like hot cakes, remodeled/refurbished them, and sold them for a nice profit to damn dumb-ass Yankee carpetbaggers.

    In our circumstances, we need someone to take over the defunct NA and rebuild it from scratch, preferably someone who doesn't have these blood feuds with everyone else in the movement. WhiggerSwill, could you and TraitorGlenn Miller and my ass-clown Robert Campbell/Tard WeeWeeSperg move in and prepare the way for Lebenssperging for whiggers? We're not in any position to do this now, but down the road we might be interested. Maybe we can find some old ZOGbux that Erich Gliebe didn't steal from the Order trove.

    Last edited by Hunter Wallace; 05-05-2010 at 03:46 AM. Reason: Add Links -- to my eternal shame.

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default More 6.66 F[l]ags Over Pierceland: Another Elohim City butt for CreaTards

    More 6.66 F[l]ags Over Pierceland: Another Elohim City butt for CreaTards


    I plan on being in this area for a long time. Or at least as long as the inheritance from Mommy and Daddy holds up to stay away from Alabama. They like me fine in Vagina, but might love me even more if I find me a green-toothed hillbilly girl like Lynnie England and knock her up and breed a bunch more Cunterres as everyone thinks I'm a fag. That and stay in Worst Vagina. I'm very interested in creating a network of White Nationalists in the following states: Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Throw in DC because we have people there too. Eat my dust Richard Barrett.

    As you indicate, Jerry Abbott and Bob Demarais still live in the area. If it is possible, I would like to meet them and check out NA headquarters. Think that they'll like living at 6.66 F(l)ags over Pierceland: another Elohim City compound, but this time for skinhead whigger CreaTards/Cosmotologists and sundry criminals? We live less than three hours away. We're going to be doing A LOT of stuff in this region. Yup, 6 F[l]ags. The logical place to start is getting everyone who lives in the area (who is already WN) in regular contact with each other. Think that the local FBI office might help us set up another observation post?

    Everyone knows that you can't be a great bowel Movement leader without a fucking compound and allegations of bi-sexshul orgies with animals held in the woods under the full moon out in the back forty!!!

    Last edited by Hunter Wallace; 05-05-2010 at 03:56 AM. Reason: Add Links -- to my eternal shame

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default National Alliance was 'Dead Whigger Bumbling' when William Pierce 'run' it.

    National Alliance was 'Dead Whigger Bumbling' when William Pierce 'run' it.


    Quote Originally Posted by Hunter Wallace View Post

    The National Alliance still has two things going for it:

    1.) Dr. Pierce's legacy.
    2.) Name recognition.

    It's like one of these old Antebellum plantations in the Deep South. After the demise of slavery and the collapse of cotton prices, many of them were sold off or fell into ruin. Years later, real estate developers bought them up like hot cakes, remodeled/refurbished them, and sold them for a nice profit.

    In our circumstances, we need someone to take over the defunct NA and rebuild it from scratch, preferably someone who doesn't have these blood feuds with everyone else in the movement. We're not in any position to do this now, but down the road we might be interested.


    While Pierce was alive, the canny Robert Frenz of www.faem.com pointed out the Pierce was NOT a Resistance leader but rather a merchant seller of trinkets and books and stuff out of some place in West Virginia. Nothing more than an atheist Willis Carto, in fact.

    Couple that with the fact that Pierce surrounded hisself with bowel Movement dysfunctionals like Kevin Alfred Strom, 'Chairman' Gliebe, and WhiggerSwill Williams, and the end result was predictable. In fact, pretty much everyone, but Robert Frenz in particular, predicted that National Alliance would fall apart when Pierce died, just like George Lincoln Rockwell's organization did when Rockwell was murdered by one of his mamzer followers. What William Pierce wanted to call a 'National Vanguard' creme de la creme looked and smelled more like what jewlian Lee obsessively stores in a mayonnaise jar in his refrigerator.

    Now I think that perhaps more of it would be around if Pierce had given the leadership to Billy Roper, who is a better administrator than any of the other fools that were in contention. But Pierce gave the sucksussorsheep to Eric Gliebe and the end result was made manifest quick enough.

    Now Whiggerswill can piss and moan about how what the bowel Movement needs is 'leadersheep' and jewnity behind its fellow ZOGbot snitch and agent provocateur TraitorGlenn Miller. Having a few dozen clowns in ZOG jewniform sieg-heiling behind some drunken anglo-mestizo with a penchant for beating up itz whigger pussy is gonna get great results for the White Race, doanchakno? And now TraitorGlenn's spending $6,666.66 on radio ads to get 66.6 write-in votes in Moronsouri is going to accomplish . . . . great thangs if only we will get behind White Nationalism as practiced by Whiggerswill. Them dodos in Ice Age #1 saving thirty watermelons to get a hundred of them through the cumming Ice Age have nothing on Whigger Nutsionalists as exemplified by WhiggerSwill. WhiggerSwill is gonna take care of Harold Covington (with the [G]AID[S] of itz fellow VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF 'tard Robert Campbell/Tards WeeWeez'sperg) and whine about 'Pastor Lindstad' (like all jews and theyz' ZOGbots, WhiggerSwill 'learned' not to spell my name correctly so that whigger newbies couldn't jewggle 'Lindstedt') and bitch about how others in our little bowel Movement wanting to accomplish something make it on ongoing priority to dump WhiggerSwill, the CreaTard Cosmotologist/Proctologist.

    A good rule of thumb: Listen well to WhiggerSwill. Then do the exact opposite. Unless you want to learn how to pick up whigger skanks wanting bowel Movement input, then beat their asses until they file a restraining order. Which experience sure did cum in handy when WhiggerSwill went to kort to get a restraining order against Covington calling pore WhiggerSwill names.

    You want to know how William Pierce made his fortune? Why he had Bob Matthews and The Order give him $400,000 from knocking off an armored car. Pierce's own biographer wrote that Pierce paid $90,000 cash for his rural West Virginia retreat after Bob Matthews made out like an Aryan Satan Claws. Of course The Order bought them a 250,000 ZOGbux hunka-hunka TraitorGlenn Miller as well and we all know -- albeit WhiggerSwill won't ever admit -- how THAT turned out.

    So Pierce wrote books and published nutzi porno and furnished a magnet so that ZOG could keep a track on bowel Movement nutcases and everyone was happy. Then Pierce croaked off and Pierce's dygenic nuts all scattered -- each and every whigger nutsionalist for itzself.

    Now when I asked Dr. Pierce for permission to republish his material on my web page, an Evelyn said that it was OK as long as I maintained a hyperlink and changed nothing. All of which I agreed to do. So, what I've seen is that the real movers and shakers like Dr. Pierce and David Lane and Louis Beam are invariably polite and that their idiot shithead flunkies are invariably tards who need a good ass-whupping. But good help is hard to find. Me, I solve that by booting my tards, like LiarBill DeClue(less), or letting ZOGbot traitors like Sci-Fi Faber and Jeromy Visser run amok, then publishing their no-longer so 'private messages' or e-mails, as I owe nothing to liars and traitors.

    Forty years ago, Pastor Richard Butler made a big mistake by deciding to create a paramilitary force loyal only to hisself, and thus actively recruiting skinheads and criminals and bikers and sundry rabble. For every single piece of shit loser he got to join Aryan Nations, Butler lost nineteen family men from Pastor Wesley Swift's Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Butler paid for his foolishness -- the best reason behind his 'thinking' was what the jew Raphael Ezekiel mentioned in his book published around 1995:

    Quote Originally Posted by jew Raphael Ezekiel

    We work with the losers," Miles tells me now, as we tape-record
    up in the motel room after our breakfast. Butler sits near us in a

    We talk of Miller's testimony. What does it mean for the move-
    ment, I ask, that the leaders recant in such haste, the followers in
    such numbers -- that the attachment is so shallow?

    "I can have respect for FBI agents on the stand," Miles says, "for
    witnesses, if they are being honest -- but for these dogs, this filth, to
    be sitting up there as paragons of virtue all of a sudden. 'All my
    friends are black,' or 'I found that all my thoughts about the Jews
    or the Communists, I've foreswore those and now I'm holier than
    thou.' Then when the winds change again, you decide to be back to
    what you were before."

    "They are scum," Butler adds.

    Page 30, The Racist Mind by Raphael S. Ezekiel, 1995
    The end result of surrounding yourself with losers is that you will lose the farm, and die among skinhead criminals working for ZOG who will then fight with those who left to found their own grass-roots organizations.

    Of course the good result that came of it was that Christian Identity went underground and formed into several thousands of little one and two and maybe three-family congregations. The bad thing was that most of these small congregations have lapsed into One-Seedline heresy, but they are undetectable, easily upgradable to DSCI, and thus by default 'PastorLindstedt' has become the leading political pastor of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity and my Aryan Nations faction the only one which still has any religious basis. Thus I can preach "Great Tribulation, Great Tribulation" and help the inevitable slouch off to Armeggedon to be born.

    Nope, the National Alliance was 'Dead Whigger Bumbling' when William Pierce run it. When Pierce croaked it was every whigger for itzself, and you end up having the treasonous ZOGbots like Alex Linder, Bill White/Weiss, TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill Williams wrap theysselfs around Pierce's rotten death-shroud claiming to be Pierce's disciples, when all they were were Pierce's pet tards doing Pierce's [s]will with Pierce not letting them run wild while alive.

    No, Fade, build what you can by doing things your own way. Don't be drinking the grape Kool-Aid or munching on the goat-pizzle on hardtack trying to bring what's dead dry corrupt-smelling bones back alive again, especially when even 400,000 ZOGbux from whatever illicit source derived could only rent the temporary mercenary affections/affectations of a few thousand tards cluster-fucking in a William Pierce Fan Club.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default TMT -- Episode #16.5 -- A [De]Generation of Whigger Fuktard Pussies

    The Movement Turd

    May 6, 2010

    The Word as Heard on the Turd

    TMT -- EPISODE#16.5 - A [De]Generation of Whigger Fuktard Pussies
    Time: 05/06/2010 12:00 PM CST


    Hosted by: PastorLindstedt

    Title: EPISODE#16.5 - A [De]Generation of Whigger Fuktard Pussies
    Time: 05/06/2010 1:00 PM EDT/12:00 PM CDT

    Episode Notes: EPISODE #16.5 - A [De]Generation of Whigger Fuktard Pussies. Wherein Fade The Butcher/Cunterre Wallace & His Piglet whine about how the Old Bowel Movement fights with known traitors and ZOGbots, and a ZOGling whigger ass-clown pussazoid plea: "Cun't we all jewst get along?" with ZOGbot traitors and agents provocateurs? Replay of Cunterre's latest [de]generation of idiocy.

    Fade the Butcher/Cunterre WallASS shows up with one of his Rehoboamite ZOGling whigger ass-clowns yapping about how the Whigger Nutsionalist Bowel Movement cuntinually drags defeat from the mouth of victory. Cunterre as a typpycull edjewmacated whigger 'intelleshul' thinks that if those of us in the bowel Movement will only get along with known traitors and agents provocateur like TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder and WhiggerSwill then we can all just get along until rounded up and put into the jewlag. Cunterre has reopened up his forum and placed myself in his 'jewlag/Trash' subforum for fighting with WhiggerSwill over the modest legacy of Dr. William Pierce. Of course WhiggerSwill is aided by Robert Campbell/Tard WeeWeeSperg against Covington.

    Now Cunterre suffers from the conceit that he is so very smart -- smarter than D-g & dumber than dirt -- and 'thinks' that if the old timers can only get along then things will becum so much better. Like Dr. Michael Crichton wrote, warningly, in his Jurassic Park series, State of Fear, and Next, young whiggers 'think' that "This Time It Will Be Different" because you got some really really smart whiggers running things into the ground this time. The fact of the matter is that Cunterre seems to have learned nothing from his ambush by Jim Giles working on behalf of Alex Linder trying to hide the fact that Linder ratted out Bitch-tits Bill White/Weiss on Dec. 15, 2009, even though Cunterre was whining like a denutted fuktard with a sore ass at the time. Boo-hoo, hoo. Could someone call an ambulance?

    Now Cunterre might learn what Michael Collins tried to teach about successful revolution -- that you must exterminate the traitors and informants first before you can accomplish anything -- but not until Cunterre is sitting in a prison cell with an anglo-mestizo from the Aryan Brotherhood rubbing a sore sphincter-void with an eagle&swastica tattoo on his back and two SS runes on both buttocks, showing an eagerness to please and being the oldest known whigger punked out at the age of past thirty. But let's not count on it. Cunterre has had a life in which Cunterre was born with a silver buttplug in his mouth and thinks that he hit a triple all by hisself because he was whelped on third base.

    Cunterre has the notion that any suckcessfool movement can be created above-ground, if only all of us will just all pull a Codney Kink and jewst get along. Well, it didn't work in LA, and it won't work now. Any and every above-ground bowel Movement is riddled from top to bottom with ZOGbots and comprised of typpycull ZOGling whigger ass-clowns. A migration of herd animals and parasites and predators will only feed the parasites and predators. The herd animals will NEVER get ahead on such a deal.

    Cunterre Wallace is at his most fatuous in this podcast. But the silliness is jewniversal in the bowel Movement.

    To hear more silliness:

    Cunterre's blog, Original Dissent:

    Cunterre's Reopened (for now) Forum:

    Place to Listen In:

    Program Download:

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Even then I could detect whiggers going through the motions

    Even then I could detect whiggers going through the motions


    Quote Originally Posted by WhiggerSwill View Post

    That's a start. What fighting? You call that sabotage "fighting?" Call it what it is: sabotage by a delusional Covington booster who holds an obsessive hatred for Pierce, his National Alliance, and me.

    Your trash should be burned. Otherwise curious garbage pickers and Jewish watchdogs are wont to still go through it and see the pictures of turds left there, and lots of other "negative only" stinkin' shit posted at your forum by the one with the shit fascination who stirs it daily to entertain readers of ODF.

    Actually, I have some respect for Pierce. After all, I did ask and get, permission to repost some of the text of his messages to my web page back in the day:


    Now this is not to say that Pierce didn't have his faults. The biggest of such was the bowel-Movement vermin and agents provocateurs like WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller wanting to hide behind Pierce's skirts, and Pierce having no choice but to let them because once anyone took the Order's stolen ZOGbux and the FiBbIes found out, then Pierce had no choice but to collaborate.

    So everyone in the Movement back in the day knew all about William Pierce, and the 'made men' didn't worship Pierce like all the sundry losers, ZOGbots trying to worm theyz way in, and the wannabe 'intellecshuls' all smarter than God and dumber than dirt.

    Now if Pierce hadn't made his peace with ZOG, and been hauled up to face trumped-up sedition charges in Ft. Smith, and been faced with WhiggerSwill's good buddy TraitorGlenn Miller trying to drop a sheckel on him, doubtless Pierce would have had a 'no playing nice with traitors and informants policy.' But a Michael Collins Pierce was not. As mentioned before, Pierce was an 'intellecshul' for rent with no capacity or ability for Revolutionary leadership, other than over gangs of dysfunctional misfits playing Hebewood nutzi. At best, Pierce was an excellent writer and polemicist and businessman.

    So, Fade there is a reason that pore WhiggerSwill is pretty much on the edges of the bowel Movement and being ASSociated with being used by ZOG to sue legitimate activists like Harold Covington, and whining that other legitimate activists are calling him on it, and that Jaime Kelso simply can't be bothered -- well, that is simply the matter of finding out that the coontent of WhiggerSwill's character is not up to snuff, and wanting to keep pore WhiggerSwill in itz place -- underneath TraitorGlenn Miller where WhiggerSwill and Alex Linder can enjoy what flows down from the top bunk when the drunken anglo-mestizo loses stomach, bladder, and often sphincter control.

    Now I don't blame WhiggerSwill for being the president of the William Pierce fan club. In fact, I am impressed with how William Pierce got so much from such inadequate material, like WhiggerSwill, Kevin Strom, and Erich Gliebe. But Pierce is dead and can no longer ride herd on such diseased animals and they can of course be expected to run amok without close supervision.

    Now in reading Pierce's novel "Hunter" I see that Pierce was impressed with Christian Identity. His 'Saul Rogers' character in Hunter was Pierce's attempt to create his own DSCI church under the control of 'Oscar Yeager' the "Hunter." And when ordered to kill his tame Bishop, "Hunter" in turn kills the FiBbIe pig who has made Hunter kill the pig's jew enemies. I can also quote what Pierce said in other articles and what his biographer said about Christian Identity. Pierce admired Christian Identity's hatred of the jews as the literal spawn of Satan, and its violence against ZOG. But like almost all 'intellecshuls' Pierce 'thinks' that he was a philosopher king and didn't like the fact that the natural aristocracy of the deed won't be [d]ruled by cowardly eggheads who can't or won't kill simply because they are too chickenshit to be anything other than solipsistic. Christian Identity didn't need Pierce any more than sharks need bicycles to propel themselves through the water.

    Dual-Seedline Christian Identity holds that there is a Great Tribulation coming and that it will exterminate almost all of the whiggers and all of the jews and muds. That we need not and should not build above-ground organizations infiltrated by the likes of drunken anglo-mestizos like TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill who are working for ZOG as agents provocateur and snitches, for no other reason than because ZOG/Babylon will go the way of all mighty Evil Empires and that there is no need to 'reform' ZOG back to Evil Empire Lite by backing a different turd tyrant. What we want -- the end of Babylon -- will come to those of us who wait, because the fall of ZOG is inevitable.

    So, while sparring with WhiggerSwill, I've run off Jeromy Visser as well as Sci-Fi Faber and the mamzers and vermin who used to serve these ZOGbots are locked up in their own little forum ghettos. The mistake made by Pastor Richard Butler, of recruiting a paramilitary army made up of skinheads and criminals to the exclusion of Pastor Wesley Swift's policy of recruiting family men, has pretty much died with Butler. And to replace it I have a policy of . . . upgrading the One-Seedline small family congregations lapsed into heresy up to Dual-Seedline Orthodoxy, and a Ten Thousand Warlords Program of encouraging the budding hitlers to embrace DSCI as the White Man's Racial Hate Religion, and telling them to enslave the whigger herd animals and exterminate the jews and muds absolutely. Can this be done? YES, it is what will be done by default with the collapse of ZOG/Babylon, according to the Will of YHWH.

    So Hunter, you got a bunch of other 'intellecshuls' to play with on this forum, and I know my due place here in jewr jewlag. And I'm not bitching about it. Over the years I've appreciated your organizing skills over matters such as this. You are rebuilding your glory daze of phorafags/feebs -- which as WhiggerSwill points out is the name with which I branded your 2004-2005 efforts. I doubt that you will change the end result given that you keep on using the same recipe and the same ingredients of 'intellecshul edjewmacated whiggers' with a few mamzers thrown into the mud-pie mix.
    Why, looking at these present efforts I am taken back to the days when I was around twelve and our sixth-grade Granby basketball team was getting itz ass whupped by the Rocky Comfort farm-boys who were all six-foot tall. Our little cheerleaders without tits save one said, "That's OK, That's All Right . . . Team Fight." Even then I could detect whiggers going through the motions. And fight 'our team' did to a 68-32 point loss.
    By all means, like Lather in the Jefferson Airplane song, keep thrashing the air with jewr hands. But do keep in mind this bowel Movement reality:


    You see, even looking like you are siding with this rat will put you in deep shit from which you will never crawl out not only with the Christian Identity people, but with the Wodenists and Assturu and even the CreaTards. You see, every Resistance needs its martyrs, be it Pastor Butler or David Lane or Matt Hale -- and its traitors, and TraitorGlenn Miller occupies the same position as Judas Iscariot in everyone's book. Nobody likes a rat and an agent provocateur and if you ASSociate with a known rat and agent provocateur and traitor, then you will be judged not only as a fool, but a traitor as well.

    Which is what happened to Alex Linder. Sometime is 2004 he dumped Billy Roper and started sucking TraitorGlenn Miller's dick and accepting ZOGbux for VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF, and the end result is what you see today. As I've mentioned before, you were ambushed by Jim Giles on Dec. 18, 2009 in order to cover up for Alex Linder testifying against Bill White/Weiss at his Roanoke Sedition Trial on Dec. 15, 2009. I would think that you would have been ass-raped enough by that shit to learn better, but if you wish to show that you can't learn nothing once you no longer need a pillow and a butt-plug to sit down, then what the hell more can I say about that stupid shit? Is jewr memory as short as jewr dick, Fade?

    WhiggerSwill is still living in the 80's. Them Glory Daze of The Order and the vile rank treasonous cowardly treachery of TraitorGlenn Miller. The Order kept the spark alive -- and those who stayed loyal paid with their lives.

    Now I'm not asking you to be another Robert Matthews. I'm not asking you to be another David Lane. All I'm asking you is not to become another TraitorGlenn Miller or WhiggerSwill or lend aid and comfort to them for their past and ongoing treacheries based upon nothing more than wretched solipsism. Right now you are headed on the path of the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy, Woden's only living profit that lived, but without Mongrolloid's crass honesty wherein Mongrolloid openly worsheeps hisself and cuts out the middle-man. But be that as it may, you should be smarter than that cartoon character Daffy Duck, who keeps on getting hurt, yet learning nothing from the experience.

    If you want me and WhiggerSwill to only scuffle in jewr jewlag, then so be it Fade.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Stop Looking Back At Bowel-Movement Gomorrah

    Stop Looking Back At Bowel-Movement Gomorrah


    Quote Originally Posted by Grudnae View Post

    Pastor, I think you are being somewhat unfair to Dr. Pierce. Lots of people blame the various white nationalist organizations because the white nationalist movement never caught fire.

    However, I'm not aware of any organization which has been able to manufacture a movement out of thin air, when the social pressure didn't exist. The problem with the NA, in my opinion, was it was 'all dressed up, with no place to go.'
    A pity you revised your previous comments because they were, contrary to your second thoughts, altogether relevant and even inspired. I was even going to post your observations far and wide, and if you can and will see fit to repost the original item, I will be pleased.

    You were correct in posting Dr. Frenz' observations, even though his daughter didn't save Frenz' library. Pastor John Britton had a similar problem with wastage of his father's library as well. Which is why these books need to be put into pdf format, stored and printed out. So Dr. Pierce's library is probably gone as well. Which is why I post and repost my writings, not only on my web page and forums, but elsewhere as well.

    Additionally, those who do not have any Christian faith are invariably solipsistic whiggers, mamzers and jews who almost invariably turn traitor when their safety is threatened. Why shouldn't they? After all they have but one life and when it is gone, then they are dead forever. And thus they are invariably physical cowards, and usually moral cowards as well. You cannot trust them to not do what makes sense to them, i.e. change sides more often than jews change names and whiggers change socks. Additionally, an anglo-mestizo or mamzer abomination will hate and despise Christianity, especially the White Man's Racial Hate Religion of Christian Identity, especially the Dual-Seedline variant. We have seen Ixabert, while pretending to be a Nutzi, invariably rave against DSCI and myself, and the reason is because Ixabert is a jew. Tennessee WhiggerSwill Will Williams hates Christianity and DSCI in particular because as a mamzer ZOGbot advancing TraitorGlenn Miller, there is nothing but a Genesis 3:15 enmity to begin with, followed by the fact that WhiggerSwill is a ZOGbot advancing a known government informant and continuing agent provocateur in the form of his long-time friend TraitorGlenn Miller. WhiggerSwill seems of the delusion that it is going to destroy Christianity in general and Christian Identity in particular from the Bowel Movement and yet whines about all the times the Christians massacred that pagans and non-whites in the name of Christianity.

    Now Christianity isn't what it used to be because whiggers are no longer White men either. Downbreeding and soft living have softened up whigger minds and muscles. Harold Covington did an excellent podcast concerning the Amish Solution as to how they couldn't find whiggers tough enough to re-enact homesteading ala 1880's Montana and had to cancel the reality TV series a few years ago. Likewise, whiggers find 'auntie-Christian' the Reverend Doctor Colonel John Chivington of the Sand Creek Massacre of Cheyenne red-niggers to be beyond the pale when he ordered the summary slaughter of redskin women and children, saying, "Nits make lice -- exterminate them all!!!" Back then whiggers understood that it was better and cheaper to kill off the redskins before they grew up to be warriors able to scalp, castrate, rape, torture and murder White settlers. Today, the only ones who still seem to be unapologetic about General Custer are elderly West-River South Dakotans.

    But like the Muslims, when you are rotting away in a NutHouse or jail cell or prison and innocent of the charges -- yet still imprisoned, drugged up, tortured -- you learn that it is YHWH's Will which decides whether you live or die or whether you will ever go free. For three and a half years I was locked up, hearing rumors that the evil cunts from the Newton County Division of Family Services and the Newton County Sheriff's Department had coerced my granddaughter into claiming that I had molested her, and the other grandsons as well. Since there is no rule of law or anything to restrain regime criminals from doing pretty much whatever they please, you learn that it is YHWH who will choose to save you or let you die a martyr. You also learn to have nothing but contempt not only for the niggers and jews and beaners and muds who are nothing but animals, but for the whiggers who allow this regime criminality to take place. And once you figure out that what we have here is a whigger problem, then and only then can you learn to simply let Nature take its course, and let 90% of the diseased whigger herd animals to die in this Great Tribulation/Collapse as well as all the muds and jews.

    Now if anyone resembled Doctor William Pierce it was Pastor Richard Butler. Because they both followed the same idiotic plan: William Pierce gathered around himself the most degenerate and idiotic and solipsistic of whigger and mamzer CreaTards and Cosmotologists unable to have a normal family or community life just as Pastor Butler surrounded himself with what Pastor James Britton called 'skinhead rabble.' Hence this thread concerning how Pierce essentially ran a sort of CreaTard/Cosmotologist version of Elohim City, and likely, in order to keep his community alive and around and himself out of prison, like Dr. Reverend Robert Millar, did some discreet informing to the FBI about the goings on of the nut-jobs and militants swarming around Pierce.

    Just as in Pierce's and Butler's and Millar's last days, ZOG informants and agents provocateur were listening in and sometimes even making policy. Andreas Strassmeyer and Carole Howe were running wild at Elohim City for the preparation of the OKC Bombing. Likewise, Rick Spring and his wife were collecting Aryan Nations membership applications and giving or selling them to the $PLC/ADL/One PissPul's Project. This Rick Spring faction was affiliated with Jonathan Williams and United Church of Yahweh and ended up with Jeromy Visser's Cornholing Pisspul's Mamzerination and Da Pisser as well as Sci-Fi Faber along with Hal Turner being revealed as FiBbIe ZOGbots. There was much muttering about how William Pierce was able to move around while surrounded by informants and 'mad bomber/snitches' like Todd Van Biber. In any case, just about every one of these compounds devoted to 'White Nationalism' are filled with anglo-mestizo mamzers and ZOG informants. This Tom Martinez was another anglo-mestizo criminal from the National Alliance who dropped a dime on The Order. And on Fade the Butcher's Occidental Dissent Forum and blog we see VNNF 'ex-tards' like Robert Campbell/Tard WeeWeeSperg protecting WhiggerSwill who in turn is protecting TraitorGlenn Miller. Covington is convinced that Pierce used some of the Order money paying WhiggerSwill -- the anglo-mestizo which always beats itz humps -- to file and pursue the ZOG kort action against Covington.

    I certainly remember Katya Lane every so often fulminating against "phone-booth fuerhers with $400,000" who wouldn't do jack for the Order prisoners and from whom came most, if not all, of the traitors and ZOGbots who snitched out the Order and whom testilied against the Order unnecessarily.

    Now from whence cums these obershiessenkopfenfeeben-fartin-fatten-fuktardfuerhers except from the desire of whiggers for a Great Whigger on a Whorse who will somehow overthrow ZOG without a civil war and put all the jews on a boat to Isn'tReal, the niggers back to Africa, and the beaners back to Mexico and places south -- and bring back this Heaven on Earth for whiggers? Degenerate whigger followersheep creates a demand for degenerate and compromised Whigger 'Leadersheep.' Blind whiggers following corrupt stupid whiggers and thus they all wind up in a ditch.

    Rather, the correct policy to take is for whiggers to find and follow the uncorrupted and/or ruthless one-in-twenty Whites who are their local warlords, to use the coming Great Disorder/Great Die-off/Great Tribulation to where better than ninety percent of ZOGling whigger herd animals, and all of the jews, niggers, beaners, muds&cruds are exterminated, and making a 'special example' of regime criminals. Such a 'plan' at least has the virtue of going with the flow of History. Yes, a New Dark Age cummeth, but if the degenerate and corrupt elements are extirpated by these negative eugenics, the Dark Ages need last only for a [de]generation or so.

    And what shall be the racial religion of the Ten Thousand Warlords? Why Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, of course. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) is the White Man's Racial Hate Religion. DSCI says that jews are the spawn of Satan and irredeemably evil and to be exterminated on sight. That non-whites are the 6th Day Beasts of the Field, if not the actual creation of Satan, and thus are to be expelled by whatever means necessary outside the White realms. If it becomes necessary in order that Whites can regroup and live, before the Reconquesta resumes, to set aside some bantustans, then so be it. But DSCI is about White Resurgence without Remorse, without Apology, without Compromise.

    And, given that the Resistance fighters are already born, waiting only radicalization, the further collapse of this mighty Evil Empire which serves none but the jews, mamzers and corrupt whigger race-troaitors, and the understanding that the time is right to seize power through ruthlessness under color of a racial religion and that there is nothing amongst ZOG which serves as a moral counterweight to the necessities of racial survival, then why do we need these ober-shiessenkopfen-feeben-fartin-fattin-fuktard-fuerhers for, given that all they ever did was to attract ZOGbots and bowel Movement dysfunctionals?

    There was a time, twenty or more years ago, when the White Nationalist Movement was simply marking time until Armeggeddon when maybe we needed these bowel Movement mini-fuerhers and thus had to put up with their drawbacks, like being infested with ZOGbots and dysfunctionals like dogs with fleas, if for no other reason than that was all that was available.

    But not no more. Every White man with some leadership ability owes it to himself and to his race to take up the task of being a Racial Warlord, to exterminate without mercy or hesitation, the racial traitors which make up elements of his own family and his community, and upon instituting a reign of terror and exterminating these worthless whiggers, to seize their property, land and females for spoils for themselves and their followers, and using the White Man's Racial Hate Religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity as moral and religious justification. Nor does it matter whether the local Warlord actually truly believes in DSCI when the screams of the skinned jews and regime criminals and the tears of the dispossessed niggers, beaners and mamzers testify as to the local Warlord's true faith by deed. To paraphrase James Chapter Two concerning faith vs works, Show me your works by skinning out a jew or a jewdge, and even the stupidest whigger will believe quick enough that you have faith, for if they don't, then another skinning is in order until they do. For when you gots them by theyz' balls, theyz' hearts & minds will soon follow.

    For when we were whiggers, we 'thought' -- felt actually -- as whiggers. And thus we put up with bowel Movement 'leadership' that let us stay whiggers. But now, in large part because the hour is late and we have no other choice, we must do what needs to be done, to steel our hearts, and to purge and eliminate those whiggers needing to die, and to use the inevitable breakdown in the decayed corrupt social order to harvest the wheat and burn the tares. We must stop being whiggers, and start becoming White Men, one White Man at a time.

    Or else we perish -- and rightfully so.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 05-13-2010 at 10:45 PM.

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    Default Radio Fool Vagina: Snatching Our Feet From The jews of Dicked-tory

    Radio Fool Vagina: Snatching Our Feet From The jews of Dicked-tory


    May 6th, 2010 by Cunterre WallASS & His Piglet William Rome

    Fade the Butcher/Cunter Wallace and his Piglet William Rome discuss how the White Nationalist movement is often its own worst enemy.
    Us Y&D&FofS (Young&Dumb&FullofCum/Shit whiggers discuss why the old farts in the bowel Movement jewst can't get along and pretend that with us super-smart super-edjewmacated whiggers that "This Time It Will Be Different."

    We are such fuktards. Being such a fuktard and all, I'll have to give you Pastor Lindstedt's repeat of the program for those of you wanting to download an mp3 audio file.


    By the way, here is the file, maybe, of my original podcast:


    Last edited by Hunter Wallace; 05-16-2010 at 07:41 PM.

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Time to Move On to the Tried & True ZOGling Whigger Ass-Clownery

    Time to Move On to the Tried & True ZOGling Whigger Ass-Clownery



    I?m gradually coming to the conclusion that ideological debates and ?naming the Jew? is a waste of time. Why? No good reason other than that I'm am edjewmacated whigger fuktard and my inner jew is whispering in my ear and pulling on my dick. I?ve decided that the long term goal should be a Jew-free, White ethnostate in North America. I sort of maybe kinda know where I want to go but as a whigger fuktard are clueless as how to get there from here. End of discussion -- at least until the next brain-fart bubbles up.

    It is sufficient to ?name the Jew? one definitive time. Why? Well, I don't know, but being a pompiss edjewmacated ZOGling whigger ass-clown I think that the more I say this stupid shit the more believable it becums, at least to me. The focus should then shift to how we plan to get from here to there. Being a pompiss edjewmacated ZOGling whigger ass-clown whose little brain is affected by the loudest and last voice spoken to me, I'll go with ZOGbot informants and traitors and their support staff in the end. What are the short term, tractable, incremental goals that we can set? How do we accomplish those goals? Fuck if I know. I think I'll listen to the ZOGbots tell me what to do.

    This is what I want to talk about. Discuss.

    Last edited by Hunter Wallace; 05-16-2010 at 08:18 PM. Reason: How much whigger ass-clownery shall I poipussfully reveal?

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Ah's a meercat, not a possum.

    Ah's a meercat, not a possum.


    Quote Originally Posted by Cunterre WallASS

    ?Obviously, I was alluding to the TOQ Online situation, which is part of a much larger shit storm within the movement.? Daddy said that he was gonna cut off the credit card for feeding the Whigger Nutsionalists and I need to find some other fuktards, preferably rich ZOGbots from the Department of ZOGland Insecurity to fund my whigger edjewmacated bowel movements in the future. I'm gonna go to Texas to suck some contributing cock.

    Well, I hope that such a statement, if released, explains the ?much larger shit storm within the movement.? This time the turd produced from my portion of the bowel Movement will be different.

    Again, I?m not interested in idle gossip and silly personality conflicts. But if a ?shit storm? can have this kind of impact, that is not something that should be hidden from the broader white nationalist community. Our movement, disparate though it may be in many respects, should rest upon an important principle: tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    We don?t need to hear about every he said/she said drama, but what is going on is obviously bigger than that, regardless of whether there is a personality component to it or not. What appears to be happening is that certain behind the scenes parties are trying to control the direction/content of the movement, but refuse to be transparent about their objectives. I have a real issue with this. Anyone who seeks to have such an impact should be very clear and transparent about what they are seeking to accomplish, and if they don?t, they should lose all credibility. All of it.

    If that is indeed the case, and the transparency is not soon forthcoming, it?s going to end up being a tempest alright - but in a teapot. Why? The nascent movement will lose so much credibility that we?ll be back to square one again, and will require an entirely new movement with entirely new leaders (and all the lost time that implies) -just as has happened before. As a ZOGling whigger ass-clown within the bowel Movement I can make these dogmatic statements all the time and nobody will give a fuck as to what stupid shit I'm saying. Do these people, whoever they are (and it?s really great that we don?t even know that much), of which I know absolutely nothing about by my own admission, yet being an ass-clown observer I get to yap about what needs to be done, do they really want to be reduced to the silly and long standing feuds that are so laughable in the ?old timers?? Guys hammering away at one another over movements long since dead, and issues long since made irrelevant? Only us ZOGling whigger ass-clowns get to decide what is 'relevant' doanchaknow?

    Sane typpycull ZOGling whigger ass-clowns pretending to be white nationalists aren?t interested in going along for that particular ride. We prefer something which will get us ridden by nigger bucks. Our situation is too dire, our circumstances too grim to tolerate this kind of nonsense any longer. If I don't receive coonfirmation that somebody, anybody, is listening to my kikeshit, why, I'll shove a foot of this rusty rebar up my bunghole until I get some attention!!! Whoever seeks to substantively set or change the direction of this movement damn well better be clear about what he is up to, otherwise we need something new.

    You all do really need to listen to us anonymous ZOGling whigger meercat ass-clowns!!!

    Last edited by Meercat #3; 05-18-2010 at 12:13 AM.


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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    Default Covington vs. Williams


    God damn! I thought I'd found a Covington-free zone. Didn't we just go through this last month? http://www.occidentaldissent.com/201...#comment-50526

    Is this where "Bob Rudisell" comes in again, or "**** Davis," pretending "they" are not Defendant Covington? Bring on your NW Front. I'm loaded for bear. I just got "blacklisted" at Kelso's "positive only experiment," where Covington is being promoted quite positively as the next Great White Leader. Covington & Co. are playing a part in Kelso's "experiment." Any criticism of Covington at White News Now -- including the fact that I own the SOB -- is not seen as "positive only."

    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt

    Why the Rule #23 Blacklist...
    ... I think that your Rule #23 is...an admission of weakness of will and character... In the world of the bowel Movement, all that is respected is brute strength and ruthlessness, and giving yourself sanctuary by fiat will end up being ridiculed.

    I think that Rule #23 should be quietly repealed.

    I think you're a hypocrite, Fat Man.

    What's ridiculous will be ridiculed. Your Double-Seed line of patter is ridiculous.

    You used to allow me to post at your "free speech" forum, but then you "blacklisted" me so you could use your forum to lead cheers for "Big Lie" Covington. Did you find sanctuary by doing that?

    Defendant Covington, weak of character, is scared spitless of "brute strength and ruthlessness." That's why he's been on the run for 13 years

    Did you know, Cunterre, that while us red niggers didn't invent drunkenness -- merely improved on it -- we did invent syphilis???

    Us solipsistic anglo-mestizos would morph into a jew or a nigger if that meant that we could get rid of Christianity!!!

    Cosmotology -- Nature's Eternal way of straightening and lightening up kinky black hair!!!

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