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    Default jew Don't Need To Get All Pissy With Me, Coongenitally CreaTarded

    jew Don't Need To Get All Pissy With Me, Coongenitally CreaTarded

    Quote Originally Posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biological Racist View Post

    Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biological Waycist
    A Really CreaTarded Mamzer CreaTard

    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt View Post

    I know of more people in Southwest Missouri than are in all of the above-ground CI churches. And yes, they know of me. I don't inquire as to what they do and they don't bother me in my above-ground political ministry.

    I do have a pretty good idea that you have been yapping to.....

    Not even close.

    Of course they are not going to bother you, you are a nut.


    CreaTardivity: Mamzers Replacing a Dead Jew on a Stick With a Dead Jew on a Dick

    Yes, but Coongenitally CreaTarded, you claim to be a CreaTard who knows all these Christian Identity people while sucking TraitorGlenn Miller's, WhiggerSwill's, and Buttfuck-Benny Klassen's jew and anglo-mestizo dicks and asses. Then to top it off, you claim to know people, like Pastor Bob Miles and others, who wouldn't be caught dead talking to any anglo-mestizo mamzer CreaTard kissing TraitorGlenn Miller's drunken snitching ZOGbot mamzer ass. Additionally, you display the typpycull Genesis 3:15 enmity that you jew mamzers have for Christian Identity, especially the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) variant which tells us that you dirty jew mamzers are the spawn of Satan.

    So since you definitely are a lying CreaTarded jew mamzer, so what more needs to be discussed? One thing that a stupid lying CreaTarded jew mamzer trying to pull down known genuine bowel Movement leaders is that an anonymous ZOGbot kike hiding behind an Internut address is simply unable to do something with nothing. Once you get found -- matching placement of kikeian snout to kikeian a-lie-ass -- then that is all she wrote and you might as well pack it in, jewboy.

    You also have left other markers, which I decline to mention because I don't think it is good to tell you dirty jew mamzers how to hide theyz' snouts when trying to infiltrate Whigger Nutsionalist forums and listservers. Suffice it to say that you are only fooling whiggers, who will believe almost anything that you lying jew mamzers tell them feebs. Since I do believe we got a whigger problem which will only be solved by a Great Tribulation finishing off 150 million of them whiggers, along with 140 million of you muds, go out and get jewrself some more ZOGling whigger ass-clown, Coongenitally CreaTarded.

    Tell them Pisser-Possums hello for me.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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