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Thread: The Leadership Secrets of Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky

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    Default The Leadership Secrets of Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky

    The Leadership Secrets of Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky


    Quote Originally Posted by Les

    I guess I'll search for what Lindstedt posted before, since nobody else cares too, I hope I find it.

    Those pics are questionable. but so is wikipedia which everybody now thinks is tampered with and tells lies.
    re:global warming farce
    Les, I suggest that you start at my Felix Dzerzhinsky School of Revolution that I put up in 2004 and haven't revised since. The idealized picture of Iron Felix I used to prop on the jail and NutHouse walls so that "the eyes of Iron Felix" could look upon these regime criminals. It would freak out piglice, social workers and sundry regime criminals when I would tell them who Iron Felix was and what he had done. They were frightened and this acted as a check on their treatment of me, somewhat.


    Even mamzers were somewhat terrified of Iron Felix's picture. They thought that he was a Nazi, and would complain that Iron Felix scared them when they woke up and seen him first thing right off.

    Now I used to pronounce 'Dzerzhinsky' the American way -- "Dez-er-zhin-sky' but a little blond Russian woman from Moscow working at the NutHouse in Fulton didn't understand me when I said "Dez-er-zhin-sky.' So I took off the picture on my wall locker and showed it to her. Olga's eyes got real wide and she said, "Felix 'Durshs-zhin-sky'"! She said that Iron Felix was a real bad man, and was killed by Stalin, and I said, maybe yes, but not officially. Obviously Olga's great-grandfather were not regime criminals or the 'pharo' piglice of the time, hence Olga survived. But like the Bavarians celebrating 350 years later the furtherest inroads of the Swedish Army full of Lindstedts in the Thirty Years War, Olga knew that Iron Felix was certainly efficient.

    YHWH's Law calls for the extermination of regime criminals and their entire family and friends. Ask Saul or Ahab what happened to them for their crimes against the honest. I view myself as a modern-day Naboth, hence the title of my web page chronicling the destruction of my family:


    Everyone and anyone who sides with ZOG in destroying my family and trying to destroy me I shall destroy them. They are my fair game, given to me so that I can fulfill an oath I swore to YHWH to exterminate all my enemies in return for service in destroying the enemies of Christian Israel. Every single night before laying down I thank YHWH for sparing me to kill them all, pray for my grandchildren that they are safe and not turned into godless whiggers, pray for my now Four, used-to-be Five, soon to be Three Stalwarts, and then pray that the Time of Tribulation come soon so that I can do what YHWH made me to do.

    But for now, cf, the Parable of the Tares, the time now is for detection. You let them grow and run wild, and let these jewkals dispose of diseased sheep. One idiot has been on me to 'destroy' Jeromy Visser and I have been explaining to the idiot that I have no more intention of 'destroying' that meth-addlepated criminal ZOGbot Visser than I intended to destroy TraitorGlenn Miller back in 2000. I made the point -- and succeeded in convincing Louis Beam and David and Katya Lane that it would be better to pretend to be TraitorGlenn Miller's friend while mentioning TraitorGlenn's past criminal behavior to journalists and sundry. However, WhiggerSwill Williams or Ron Dogget snitched me out to TraitorGlenn Miller and TraitorGlenn Miller felt betrayed in March 2004. TraitorGlenn Miller then became the paymaster of Alex Linder, and the end result is the 'Post Christmas-Coup of 2004' modern VNNF/TGMNNF. So in many ways, I shaped VNNF, and phorafags/feebs into what they both are today -- the ZOGbot incursion onto White Nationalism, and understood to be so.

    Same thing with Jeromy Visser. John Britton told me that Visser was a doper and a untrustworthy character and that I was stupid to try to get Resistance mileage out of creeps and criminals like Visser and Sci-Fi Faber. Yet, people asked me to join up with them and we went for a ride until Sci-Fi Faber broke the agreement of alliance in June, and Visser got caught conspiring with Bryan Wright/Billy Wood to try to kick out John Britton as Gulett's Senior Pastor and steal Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH and the $400,000+ locked in probate. August came and went, with Visser caught plotting with Faber to 'excommunicate' me -- an idiotic ZOGbot task -- and then I got word that Gulett renewed the charter on his church. And then things went on, with Bryan Wright/Billy Wood getting more frantic, with Pinocchijew calling every but hisself a mamzer. And Visser refused to stick up for Pastors Wesley Swift and Richard Butler -- everyone but himself and his pet ZOGbot jew mamzer. And this grated on myself and Pastor Britton.

    But last month, a gender-bendering VNNF tard calling itself Obadiah 1:18 started a thread and Fruit-Loop Visser let it run wild, and the sundry whiggers and mamzers took their hypocritical side with their own kind. And so, the time came for a messy public divorce.

    Last Monday, William Finck said that he had been out of prison for 14 months. And, I end up having to explain to Finck the players and the sides in this wonderful bowel Movement of ours. Everyone in ZOG wants William Finck to endorse them -- like Klunt and her Meercat Downey over on $permFront. Finck has been deluged with these cockroaches of the whigger and mamzer kind who want power and positions of authority over the aboveground DSCI Church. But while Finck may indeed be a religious genius, he doesn't know much about the past history of this aboveground DSCI Church, having been inprisoned as a heathen and having only gotten out a little over a year ago.

    So contrast that with myself, who has been in the Movement for 16 years and Pastor John Britton who has been in the Church since birth. We know and have seen all manner of ZOGbot whigger and mamzer and can literally sniff out these whiggers and mamzers loyal only to theysselfs and ZOG.

    So, for today, we let them run wild, just as Jesus Christ said to treat the tares. And just as Christ says, there is precious little wheat and the vast majority of the world is tares. And so The Great Tribulation is the Harvest and the purging and burning of all.

    Now what happened to the Russians is irrelevant to Christian Israel, just as what Mao Tse-tung did to the Chinese and Robert Mugabe does to Zimbabwe niggers. These whiggers and mamzers and ZOGbots bring with them their baal-priest [j]ewniversalism which says that all mamzers are created equal with Christian Israel. Any critter yapping such shit is a mamzer or addlepated diseased whigger. Just as jewdass the jewst yapping about how Christian Israel should listen to jews and mamzers telling us how to worship YHWH, and MatttTwatt wanting to impose their own 'Mamzer Taliban' upon Christian Israel, such misbegotten animals have not a clue as to how to behave, and thus give theysselfs away. The Law of YHWH is not written upon theys' hearts, and so they must impose, like the jew pharisees, a 'talmud' upon Christian Israel.

    You, Les, have suffered from 'Pastor/Baal-Priest Abuse' and yet still maintain the Law of YHWH upon your heart. And thus you seek to learn the Truth -- and to face it. And so, I hope you survive the time ahead, and know that you will not interfere with me performing my duties as a political commissar of sorts, deciding on behalf of Christian Israel and announcing to the world who is and who is not of Christian Israel.
    "We stand for organized terror -- this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution. Our aim is to fight against the enemies of Christian Israel and of the new order of life. We judge quickly. In most cases only a day passes between the apprehension of the mamzer or whigger regime criminal and its sentence. When confronted with evidence regime criminals in almost every case confess; and what argument can have greater weight than a regime criminal's own confession?"

    Felix Dzerzhinsky, interviewed in Novaia Zhizn (14th July, 1918)
    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt, 9th April, 2004
    We cannot maintain the Order of Christ upon a world of 6 billion mamzers, and 150 million muds in this country. Nor can 10 million Christian Israelites jail and reduce to servitude and obedience 140 million ZOGling edjewmacated whiggers. Time and Destiny shall bring about a Great Tribulation to sweep all of this away, gone with the wind. But until then, we need an internal security apparatus to keep the mamzer and whigger ZOGlings out and upon the Great Tribulation to mop up the remains of ZOG and burn them tares. And I have taken upon myself this task, in large part because nobody else has done this at all, nor as well.

    I'm looking for Ten Thousand Warlords, Les. Care to be one?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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