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Thread: Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt For US Senate Campaign Headquarters Sub-Forum

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    Default Calling Cunterre WallASS, Calling Cunterre WallASS, Cum In Cunterre WallASS . . . . .

    Calling Cunterre WallASS, Calling Cunterre WallASS, Cum In Cunterre WallASS . . . . .


    Fade/Cunterre, what the fucking fuck is going on?

    You went to Texas, you yap about changes to jewr blog, and act as is you over-edjewmacated ZOGling whigger ass-clowns got funding to do . . . .

    . . . . the same old stupid shit that the bowel Movement that has always failed.

    If thanks to TraitorGlenn Miller no overtly White Nationalist candidate can even run in a political primary for office, then there is no electorial solution possible -- not that there ever was.

    A bunch of you edjewmacated whiggers yapping solves nothing -- never did.

    So why do you need ZOGbux to do more than what you are doing now -- leaving an audience of kollidge-edjewmacated whiggers yapping about what playing at Revolution means to them?

    And, if you can't accomplish even what little is Dr. Pierce did with $400,000 of Order money in 1984 ZOGbux, then why even try now?

    What I see is you idiotic edjewmacated whiggers wanting to play at creating a sort of media that only has relevance to jewrselfs -- not to ordinary whiggers. The end result is expensive irrelevance, and in some cases, infighting amongst the whiggers like jewrself. You seem to have learned nothing from p'whoreafags/feebs in which whiggers kicked you out and made it nothing more than another monitoring operation based in Brussels.

    I suggest that you stick with what you do well. A low-cost high quality Wordpress blog which is moderated and a v-bulletin forum which is lightly moderated. This is something within your competence and something you have done and done fairly well.

    $permFront, VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF, whoreafags/feebs, Voice of ReTards are all ZOG false-front organizations meant to keep whiggers chasing theys' tails like mad cows with theys' shit-encrusted tails in teeth. The [bowel] Movement don't need more of these silly efforts which accomplish nothing. Being ASSociated with these failed and compromised efforts will essentially finish you off and put you in the also-ran category.

    There is no saving ZOG/Babylon. Yapping about how whiggers are doomed -- they are -- accomplishes less than nothing, but the effort expended makes whiggers think that theys' ineffectual squirts accomplish something.

    In any war, and especially a civil war, what is most important is what side you are on. YOU DON'T WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH TRAITORGLENN MILLER OR HIS SUNDRY ZOGBOT ENABLERS. When this racial, religious and class civil war is over, ZOG will be dead and so will all the jew and mud and most of the whigger popjewlation. I've heard you on Jim Giles and you don't want to kill jews, Fade. Something that someone like me has no problem with given that I advocate exterminating 140 million whiggers in this Great Tribulation. Some of the Resistance ain't fucking around and you don't want to be on the wrong and losing side of ZOG.

    What the Bowel Movement needs is LESS centralization and LESS organization. The future is in warlordism and individualized death squads and making ZOG ungovernable and the ruthless application of chaotic terror to where the sheep choose their warlord Neo-Aristocracy just as happened when Rome fell.

    Fade/Hunter, you have dodged a bullet so far. I was talking on the phone the other day to a young man around 19 years old who is pretty good at organization. He got 180 people to join his DSCI church and Aryan Nations faction. He went back east for something and in Tennessee he was pulled over by a nigger state trooper and had a gun shoved in his face because this female nutcase said that he had assaulted and tried to rape her. The charges were untrue, and he was released to go back to Texas the next morning and the female and her associate had left.

    I pointed out to this young man that out of his 180 recruits gotten in six months, that at least a third were ZOGbots and piglice. That the rest were whigger and anglo-mestizo feebs wanting someone to give them a place to belong. He could have spent tens of thousands of ZOGbux on a lawyer and maybe even been convicted for simply being around the wrong companions. This young man said that he had lost control of his Church using that incident as an excuse, and I advised him that this was probably for the best. You need to know who you are with at all times when a true Revolutionary. By all means rebuild his Church, but this time know who you are with before you go to a Rally with them or even get into a car with them.

    I then explained what had happened between me and Jeromy Visser. Da Pisser was trying to steal Pastor Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH and $400,000+ locked in probate by ZOG in conjunction with a jew/gook mamzer named Bryan Wright/Billy Wood. A number of other baal-priests had snuck into Pisser's forums and Da Pisser had gotten a large input of ZOGbux from his Uncle Schlomo. Recently, Sci-Fi Faber revealed that him and Da Pisser were collecting FBI funds along with Hal Turner as well. I advised this young man to simply ditch Pisser's Pussy Palace just like he had dumped Sci-Fi Faber, and from what I've seen, this young man took my advice. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity police our own and run off ZOG agents provocateur whenever detected. Da Pisser had to play dead like a possum last month and now, like a possum, is back to latching onto the low-hanging persimmons and low-hanging shit. All of which goes to show that rats and snitches and agents provocateur and ZOGbots NEVER leave the [bowel] Movement but rather are recycled and reused well past the point of rancidity.

    But once you get tainted by these vermin, you can't lose the taint. You don't invite them back into the bowel Movement like Alex Linder did because he wanted a sinecure greater than what Billy Roper could provide. As a result of Linder's sucking up to TraitorGlenn Miller, VNNF became known as nothing more than a ZOG false front. Making a question as to how VNNF was funded in conjunction with TraitorGlenn Miller was and is a bannable offense.

    WhiggerSwill is joined to the hip with TraitorGlenn Miller. WhiggerSwill got a bogus kort jewdgement against Harold Covington and routinely threatens to sue others -- including myself for simply noting this fact. I myself think it is quite believable that WhiggerSwill works directly for ZOG, in fact the evidence is overwhelming.

    While David Duke and $permFront like to pretend that they have nothing to do with TraitorGlenn Miller, they have a Ron Doggett connection. Ron Doggett supports TraitorGlenn Miller and works for David Duke.

    Covington thinks that this Robert Campbell/Tard WeeWeeSperg is another ZOGbot who is affiliated with WhiggerSwill and is thus going through the motions to denounce TraitorGlenn Miller. I suspect the same as well.

    So, Fade/Hunter, you lay down with these dogs you are going to get up with fleas. I'd put a Chinese Wall between TraitorGlenn Miller and his supporters and yourself -- if you are smart. The problem is, Fade/Hunter, the entire time I've known you, the past five years, you are essentially a chickenheaded feeb with the mind and will of a Tyson's white chicken. You end up doing really stupid stupid shit and then when ass-raped you end up making people in the bowel Movement laugh at you, and that they do.

    Now I've valued you for what you do best -- network with other 'edjewmacated' young kollidge whiggers and run a blog and forum. You do that pretty good when you don't implode. But implode you do.

    So please be careful given your new resources, and don't run amok like you usually do. Stop playing Gauis Caligula like you did on whorafags/feebs back in 2005.

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    Default Think "Giddy On Up" as performed on jewr CreaTard bunghole by Benny Klassen.

    Think "Giddy On Up" as performed on jewr CreaTard anglo-mestizo bunghole by Benny Klassen.


    Quote Originally Posted by Biological CreaTard View Post

    Give me one reason why I should pay any attention to what you say about Glenn Miller and White Will, whom I know personally.

    Even V.S. Herrell told me in person that you are the biggest looney in the White Movement.

    I never posted that on-line until today, but if you are going to throw stones, then I think it is appropriate for others to know what your fellow Christian Identity fellows think of you.

    Don't believe me, call up V.S. Herrell yourself.
    Herrell is what is called a "Preterist", and is neither Dual-Seedline militant nor One-Seedline pseudo-Babtist Hobbyist. There is no sense in arguing with a Preterist because they claim that there is no Second coming of Christ because ALL prophecy was fulfilled in 70 AD. Being incredibly fucked up in the head there simply is no arguing with them because itz every Preterist for itzself, as they each think that they are living in the Kingdom of Heaven right now. There is no reality which anyone can cite to a Preterist which they will in any way acknowledge. So nobody, probably including theysselfs, can understand why they hang around the anus of the Christian Identity movement when it is a White Man's Racial Hate Religion and has as one of its main tenants the belief in Apocalypse and Christ's Second Coming, and the need to exterminate ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final and all most all of the whiggers and all of you mud and mamzer abominations, which is what most of you CreaTard ass-clowns are.

    Now Herrell is especially known as an ass-clown who snipes at everyone in Christian Identity from the cover of his little baal-priestery in Tennessee. Many of us simply wish that this ass-clown had stuck to playing with his little cult of inbreds and snakes, but with the wonders of the Internut, he is ASSisting you CreaTards -- worsheepers of a dead jew on a stick, i.e, Bennie Klassen/Bernhardt Klassen/Benyamin Avroham Klass, a homosexual jew from Ruthenia who used to be Chairman of "Jews for Wallace" who formed his own new religion for you skinhead faggots. Now I really have no problem with you CreaTard skinhead faggots going rabbies-shopping -- itz the nature of you CreaTard offal -- and I think if you are going to quote any supposedly Christian Identity Crisco&Jurgens-Lotion self-anointed baal-priest, Herrell is the best one who can relate to you CreaTard anglo-mestizo CreaTard shitheads.

    So no need for me to call Herrell -- you can give that nitwit a link to this reply and perhaps I'll hear a wail of anguish which always accompanies me tearing a bowel-Movement fuktard a whole new asshole.

    Now insofar as me trying to make you believe me over jewr fellow anglo-mestizo ZOGbots, I think I'll pass. Why? Well because I think that perceived truth is altogether a matter of which side you are on. With a pretentious jewsername like 'Biological Waycist' and the claim to be best of sheeple to WhiggerSwill and TraitorGlenn Miller, then of course you should believe jewr fellow cork-eyed drunken anglo-mestizos. Don't let something like being narked out by these rats, and sporting a huge nutzi Eagle&Swastica tattooed on jewr back and no fewer than two SS runes tattooed on both of jewr buttock cheecks as a brand by the local burnt-cork eyed Aryan Brotherhood cellblock leader change jewr mind.

    You see, to us Dual-Seedline Christian Identity types, we believe that there is no saving ZOG/Babylon, and that the 'Good News" or gospel is a Great Tribulation which in the coast-to-coast open-air free-range whigger&mamzer fuktard NutHouse ends up being destroyed absolutely in which Christ returns and saves only five or ten million Whites ruled by Ten Thousand Warlords.

    (Now do you begin to get in jewr miscegenated bastard noggin some of why a Preterist baal-priest to the mamzers like V.S. Herrell 'thinks' I am a DSCI religious maniac?)

    So what 150 million whiggers or 140 million mamzers like jewrself 'believe' is really none of my concern. Contrary to what jewdayo-baal-priests of the New Covenant Cornholer belief say, Jesus Christ didn't want to save typpycull whiggers of His day. He wanted them to die in ignorance, which is why He spoke in parables, cf. Matt 13:10-17.

    Now if there is anything I can say which will keep you from following TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill into a ZOG jewlag, please tell me so that I won't say it, because I'm firmly of the belief that we can't have any improvement until 90% of the ZOGling whigger ass-clowns and all of you jew muds and cruds are dead. Whiggers are diseased animals who are the cause
    of what is cummin' which is why I usually start my Internut Radio show, The [bowel] Movement Turd, with my rendition of "Whigger Problem."

    Now what TraitorGlenn Miller has done in the bowel Movement, and WhiggerSwill in order to backstop TraitorGlenn Miller, is past proven history. You want to yap about how truthfool and honest both TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill and Ron Doggett qand the rest of the traitors are, then I suppose you will be believed as much as niggers claiming to have invented the light bulb and the Great Pyramid and flying saucers and other silly shit.

    Now I wanted to warn Fade/Hunter to not go the way of Linder in wanting to do the same stupid shit that failed when William Pierce and TraitorGlenn Miller did it, with 400,000 and 250,000 ZOGbux of Order pelf. Whiggers are individualistic solipsistic sheep and every single one of them can be counted on to do something stupid. What Fade is good at, is assembling Y&D&FofS (Young&Dumb&Full of Shit) edjewmacated whiggers to talk about the 'reality' of that which they know nothing about, much like the six blind Hindu-niggers did about the elephant. Nothing much is hurt, nothing much is accomplished, but sometimes I get a word in edgewise.

    The bowel Movement is mainly ZOGbots. TraitorGlenn Miller & WhiggerSwill are Old Fool ZOGbots.

    Clear that up, my fine Y&D&FofS anglo-mestizo CreaTard follower of a dead jew on a dick? Benny Klassen made up his 'Racial Reality' religion for the same reason that Attorney Richard Barrett has a skinhead skrule -- they wanted to plumb the anal and tonsillar depths of ZOGling whigger- & mamzer-dumb.

    Think "Giddy On Up" as performed on jewr anglo-mestizo bunghole by Benny Klassen.


    Benny Klassen never looked so good!!!


    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default A ZOGbot Rat's Side of the Story

    A ZOGbot Rat's Side of the Story


    Quote Originally Posted by Traitor Glenn Miller View Post

    "Repeat a big lie often enough, and the big lie will eventually be believed", so sayeth big kike and little kike-alikes like Chester the indicted child molester. So sayeth this rat who managed to destroy the ability of openly White Nationalist candidates to run regardless of race, religion and creed for pub[l]ic orefice. My ZOG handlers wouldn't allow me, TraitorGlenn Miller, to run for US Senate in 2004, like Chester the Rat-Gelding Molester Lindstedt asked it to do while Lindstedt was running against Runt Blunt for governor. Instead I waited until Lindstedt was safely locked up in the Missouri State NutHouse at Fulton where he couldn't sue or do anything other than get his domestic partner Roxie Fausnaught to run for US Senate against Jim (No)Talent.

    Chester repeats the big lie that I deliberately disinfranchised WN's who try to get on the ballot for US Senate or US Congress in Missouri. Chester says I deliberately lost my federal lawsuit which I filed in 06 after Missouri election officials refused to place my name on the ballot for US Congress, forcing me to run as a write-in candidate.

    My lawsuit was Case Number: 06-5032-CV-S-RED, and of course, anybody can find it on the internet, thusly confirm what I say is true. Of course like a rat I have a history of referring to all of these kort cases in which I testilied against everyone, but am extremely carefool not to show the actual results -- especially when I am the one who brought forth the case. But count on Chester the Rat-Nut Gelder to post a copy of the brain dead football player that Bushy appointed to the Springfield bench to take care of Republican political interests.

    The court ruled against me, of course & as planned beforehand by my ZOG handlers, and in the court's final order, dated 31 May 06, signed by judge Richard E. Door, it said this:

    "The Constitution contains no express provision that guarantees the right to become a candidate."


    "The Court can not find that a political party can not refuse membership to persons who do not share it's ideology". (unquote)

    Never mind the fact that Smith v. Alright in 1944 [d]ruled that niggers had a right to participate in Whites-only primary [s]elections in the Texas Democratic Party, that even I didn't claim to be suing on the issue of creed, but on race, and that I didn't sue the political parties or Revised Missouri Statute 115.357 at all like I should have done if I had wanted to win. Nope, jewdge Richard E. Dorr was batting out of the ballpark my pathetic lawsuit designed to lose so that genuine White Nationalist candidates -- like Chester the Rat-Nut Gelder -- couldn't be allowed on the ballot and then I could run a pathetic write-in candidacy designed to never get in more than a hundred votes while ZOG funnels ZOGbux into my candidacy from ZOGbots like WhiggerSwill and Ron Doggett and David Duke and Cunterre Wall. . . . , oooops, can't count on Cunterre yet! Sorry Cunterre, mein chickenheaded little meerZOGcat. Then the jew Howard Stern will put me on its show and I'll tell it, ala Jim Giles, that I've always loved and sucked off jews and would only think of inflicting them on the inhabitants of Palestine and Madagasgar.

    NOTE: All three parties, the Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian, had previously refused to accept my filing fee for US Congress. They refused me membership in their parties on the grounds that I don't share their ideologies. Consequently, my name could not be placed on the ballot as a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian candidate. Giving me no choice, but to run as a write-in candidate in 06, just like I'm running as a write-in candidate for US Senate this year. And, as expected and arranged, I refused to make them a Defendant party to my lawsuit so that the wretched football player of Bushy's on the bench could use that as an excuse to dismiss without prejudice my lawsuit. This ZOGbot rat could have refiled the case and this time named the political parties and RSMo 115.357 as unCONstitutional, but this First Rat of ZOG had no intention of doing so, not when the objective was to disenfranchise overtly White Nationalist candidates.

    NOTE: Just wanted to clear the record on that. Not that I believe anybody other than incredibly niave and incurably paranoid WNs of the kind who refuse to have anything to do with known and proven informants and agents provocateur actually believes Chester's absurd-but-proven allegation that I deliberately made it impossible for WNs to get on the election ballot in the state of Missouri. Whatever you do, ZOGling whigger ass-clowns, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T READ THE TEXT OF THE ACTUAL LAWSUIT THAT CHESTER THE RAT-NUT GELDER WILL POST ON THIS THREAD AS SHIRLEY -- CALL ME SHIRLEY AS I NEED TO FLEE THE DOUBLEWIDE IN COGNITO, pardon my french, BY WAY OF THE BROWN DERBY LIKKER STORE -- AS THE CREWS OF AN 88 FLAK WOULD BREW UP A BRITISH LEND-LEASE GRANT TANK IN NORTH AFRICA IF THEY MISSED THE FIRST TIME.

    See ?? Don't look up the actual case, though. Didn't I tell yaw'll that Chester and his pal Weird Harold, are notoriously big liars and professional smear artists telling you about us agents provocateur and ZOGbots and informants??

    Now pardon me while I sniff some bottled Rabanger Miller-Doggett urine seasoned in a plastic apple-jewce jar over some hot buttered assparagus. For some reason, whenever I think of Chester the Rat-Gelder my mangina itches and I need the cure. Itz assparagus season here in Moronsouri behind the double-wide!!!
    For those of you interested in actually reading the (TraitorGlenn) Miller vs. Carnahan decision, on the Western District of Missouri Federal District kort then go to the below link:


    TraitorGlenn Miller filed suit ONLY against Robin Carnahan, the Missouri Secretary of State, when what was necessary was filing against all three political parties and against RSMo 115.357 for its unCONstitutional provisions allowing political insiders and not the primary voter to decide the eventual candidate.

    Also, I drew this idiot jewdge in my lawsuit of 2004 against Matt Runt Blunt and the feeb wrote an utterly stupid opinion dismissing my lawsuit. I appealed it to the 8th US Circus Kort of Appeals, but was unable to pursue it what with being drugged and denied my legal paperwork at the NutHouse. What Soviet Russia did against political dissenters back when I was a kid, ZOG does the exact same thing against its political prisoners today, but with far more sanctimony.

    Now I really don't much care that 140 million whiggers and all 150 million jew muds & mamzer cruds must die in the Great Tribulation, and that includes a dozen of you whigger and mamzer edjewmacated fuktards here at Fade's.

    But if you really want to claim to be thinking men, you need to read the documentation for jewrself.

    TraitorGlenn Miller was a busy little ZOGbot while I was locked up in the NutHouse. ZOG didn't want to deal with White Nationalist candidates throwing the [s]election of statewide and federal candidates away from Republicans in an era when demographic tipover is due. As a White Nationalist candidate, I urged the White voters to not vote Republican and let the Democrats take over and tax the Repub race-traitors to death. That way the Repubs, as I put it, would have to either be raped up the ass by niggers or beaners or have to join the Aryan Nations.

    TraitorGlenn Miller's job was to ensure that long-lasting laws forbidding the exclusion of political candidates on the basis of race, religion, and creed, formerly created in order to allow the nigger to vote and run for office, could be overturned in the case of White Nationalists and thus making the White Man the new nigger, unable to run openly for public office.


    Now my lawsuit, Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri vs ex-senator Barack Hussein Obama, with TraitorGlenn Miller as a Defendant, is aimed to undo what TraitorGlenn Miller, WhiggerSwill, Ron Doggett, and other Whigger Nutsionalist traitors and ZOGbots have accomplished -- the total disenfranchisement of White People.

    TraitorGlenn Miller has chosen to cum onto this forum of Fade's because VNNF is dying, as surely as a gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer. (I.e, TraitorAlex Linder for the obtuse whiggroid/mamzeroid.) TraitorGlenn Miller simply can't afford to tell the truth because the truth is that TraitorGlenn Miller is an agent provocateur and informant and always has been since it was in the US Army keeping an eye on the Army's perceived Klan problem. WhiggerSwill, Ron Doggett, et. al. -- all ZOGbots.

    But as I told another Y&D&FofS anglo-mestizo CreaTard the other day, what you perceive as Truth is altogether a function of what side you are on. If you are of Satan, you need to believe ZOG/Under Satan's Administration lies and the lies of Satan's spawn, the jews and other mamzers and Satan's adoptive spawn of addlepated whiggers.

    What you believe is what you are.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Launder Sgt. Snitch's ZOG-RAT PAC slush funds through the Brown Derby liquor stores.

    Launder Sgt. Snitch's ZOG-RAT PAC slush funds through the Brown Derby liquor stores.

    Send jewr political coontributions to Sgt. Snitch's ZOG-RAT PAC as a gift card to the Brown Derby Liquor Stores for TraitorGlenn Miller


    Quote Originally Posted by H. Rock White View Post

    One thing I'll give Covington is that he DOESN'T solicit money. Everyone I know who has met him says he appears quite poor, and he doesn't even have a 'donate' link on his site.

    Yes, for now the 'Glenn Miller for Senate' thread can stay up. We'd take it down, but at your level of infamy I doubt anyone will be taken in.
    I agree with you that you ought to leave TraitorGlenn Miller 4 u$ Senate up, even though TraitorGlenn Miller deliberately, in conjunction with ZOG, made it impossible for open White Nationalists to get on the ballot in Missouri.

    I doubt that TraitorGlenn Miller will get even 100 write-in signatures. You have to realize that his worthless son murdered a 55 year-old good Samaritan before getting plugged by the piglice. TraitorGlenn isn't going to do well where people know of the rat. TraitorGlenn won't show up at all where people don't know that drunken anglo-mestizo rat. But TraitorGlenn Miller runs in order for newbies to get their names on a ZOG blotter. James Von Brunn spent the night and was pretty upset that TraitorGlenn Miller was pretending to be his best friend. Pastor John Britton said that Jimmy Von Brunn took a lot of ribbing over spending the night at TraitorGlenn Miller's -- that and accidentally running over Pastor Butler's dog at the Aryan Nations Congress that year. I used to exchange e-mails with Von Brunn up until Jan 2009 when he dropped out of sight, and Von Brunn and Mike Mazzone are about the only CreaTards I have any use for.

    Anyone who supports TraitorGlenn Miller is a fool and a traitor and probably a ZOGbot. That simple. So I think it is useful to use TraitorGlenn Miller as a judas goat to see who is too stupid or too treasonous to have around. I already know all about WhiggerSwill and Biological Waycist/Coongenitally CreaTarded are what is to be expected.

    Rather than send TraitorGlenn Miller any ZOGbux, consider sending TraitorGlenn a gift card from the Brown Derby liquor stores. The Brown Derby liquor stores are the founding corporation for Bass Pro Shops, and TraitorGlenn Miller can redeem the gift card in Springfield when TraitorGlenn and his bodyguard of Federal Witness Protection Program handlers are trying to collect his checks from VNNF tards with the ZOG-RAT PAC (Political Action Committee). Your patronage of the Brown Derby helps the hillbilly community here in the Ozarks as well. You might wish to make the gift card conditional on TraitorGlenn Miller must spend it all at once and hope that this liver-spotted anglo-mestizo rat will for once go beyond shitting and pissin itsself when drunk and stop breathing altogether. One can only hope. When I looked at Sgt. Snitch on a Corn-Cobb Podblanc video a couple of months ago, it looked like the senile rat's liver spots were expanding like Gorbachov's birthmark. Maybe your likker-store gift card will finish off the senile cowardly drunken rat once and for all.

    How about a poll as to whether Sgt. Snitch will drink itsself to death before the gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer croaks off first?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default FCC Determines That Missouri U.S. Senate Write-In Candidate Glenn Miller Not A "Bonafide" Candidate For The Purpose Of Radio Ads; Miller May Sue

    FCC Determines That Missouri U.S. Senate Write-In Candidate Glenn Miller Not A "Bonafide" Candidate For The Purpose Of Radio Ads; Miller May Sue


    Note: All posts on Glenn Miller's 2010 U.S.Senate campaign available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

    On June 18th, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in response to an enquiry by the Missouri Broadcasters Association forwarded to the FCC by Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, decided that U.S. Senate write-in candidate TraitorGlenn Miller had not shown enough evidence of being what is called a "bonafide" candidate, and so they advised the MBA that its radio affiliates could refuse to accept Miller's campaign ads without incurring liability, even if they accept his opponents' ads. KSDK Channel 5 and KCTV Channel 5 have now published brief stories.

    But the FCC didn't have the courtesy to communicate this decision directly to Miller. Instead, they they communicated it only to the MBA. The only way Glenn Miller found out about it was when he was surfing the Internet on June 28th and accidentally found the MBA's own statement announcing the decision and advising its affiliates that they didn't need to accept Miller's ads. He posted the MBA's statement on the Vanguard News Network Forum. In their statement, the MBA insinuates that Glenn Miller established a bogus write-in candidacy solely for the purpose of using broadcasters as a megaphone to deliver his own personal message, despite the fact that he paid for the radio ads and he has run for elective office on several previous occasions in both Missouri and North Carolina. You can read the MBA's full statement at the bottom of this post, after the jump.

    Paragraph (f) of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (47 CFR 73.1940) suggests that a "bonafide candidate" is a candidate who has engaged to a substantial degree in activities commonly associated with political campaigning. Such activities normally would include making campaign speeches, distributing campaign literature, issuing press releases, maintaining a campaign committee, and establishing campaign headquarters (even though the headquarters in some instances might be the residence of the candidate or his or her campaign manager). Not all of the listed activities are necessarily required in each case to demonstrate a substantial showing, and there may be activities not listed herein which would contribute to such a showing. But even though it plainly states that "not all of the listed activities are necessarily required", the MBA seized upon this as a convenient excuse for their affiliates to weasel their way out of their obligations.

    Update June 30th: The Kansas City Star now reports specifically why the MBA and the Attorney General didn't consider Glenn Miller to be legally qualified (or "bonafide"); he didn't have a campaign committee, a central office, or issue regular news releases at the time.

    And now the FCC has apparently upheld their efforts. But although Glenn Miller is temporarily stymied by the decision, not only does he give NO sign of quitting his campaign, but is actively exploring the possibility of filing suit either against the specific Missouri radio stations who decided to refuse his ads, or against the Missouri Broadcasters Association. I recommend he sue both, since the MBA took up the stations' case. Miller is soliciting advice and assistance in this VNN Forum thread.

    It's obvious that even those radio station accepting Miller's ads were discomfited with them from the very outset. Most preceded the ads with disclaimers distancing themselves from the ads. And once they got their opening, they immediately moved to evade their obligations to air the ads, all of which are archived HERE. Unlike groups like Occidental Dissent and the American Third Position Party, which direct their outreach primarily towards the intellectual stratum, Glenn Miller was directing his outreach towards the White working class, and his syntax reflected it. But regardless of how this turns out, Glenn Miller has rendered a valuable service to the White community; appearances on radio shows like Howard Stern reached hundreds and perhaps thousands of White who may not have been aware of overt resistance to the Jewish-manipulated multicultural agenda and who otherwise may not have heard the message of White liberation. Miller also gave widespread publicity for the most prominent spokesman of the Cause today, Dr. David Duke.

    Here's the MBA's full statement (emphasis via boldface/italics is mine):

    Statement of the Missouri Broadcasters Association:

    In April of this year, the Missouri Broadcasters Association joined by Chris Koster, Attorney General of the State of Missouri and Zimmer Radio of Mid- Missouri, Inc., filed a request for declaratory ruling with the Federal Communications Commission to determine whether Miller is a “bona fide” write-in candidate for United States Senate entitled to mandatory reasonable access to Missouri’s broadcast airwaves. Mr. Miller responded and several additional pleadings were filed by both parties.

    Frazier Glenn Miller has made demand on Missouri broadcasters to broadcast his messages based on his claim to be a legally qualified candidate for U.S. Senate from Missouri. The declaratory ruling request sought a determination to resolve the legal uncertainty whether Miller was a bona fide candidate entitled to avail himself of the mandatory access provisions of ?312(a)(7) of the Communications Act. An individual seeking to qualify as a write-in candidate bears the burden to make a “substantial showing” that he is a bona fide candidate for office. In their submission, Petitioner’s contend that Miller failed to provide a sufficient showing such that a reasonable broadcaster would have to conclude that he had met that burden.

    On Friday, June 18, 2010, the Missouri Broadcasters Association was advised by telephone that the FCC’s response to its petition would be in the form of informal, oral advice. The advice was received from the Media Bureau’s Policy Division staff. The advice was that, on the facts and pleading submitted by all parties, including Mr. Miller, it would not be unreasonable for Missouri broadcasting stations to determine that Miller is not a bona fide write-in candidate and therefore, Missouri broadcasters may deny him access to broadcast their stations.

    This advice is an affirmation of the position taken by the MBA, Attorney General Koster and Zimmer Broadcasting and the FCC, prior to the filing of our petition. It confirms that a broadcaster who decides that Miller has not established himself to be a bona fide write-in candidate would not be acting unreasonably. Therefore, in our view, a Missouri broadcaster would not be held liable for having denied access retroactively.

    The MBA continues to believe that Mr. Miller’s demands for mandatory access were an abuse of the privilege contained in the Communications Act for bona fide candidates. The Communications Act creates a special mandatory-access rule only for federal candidates, carefully limited to party nominees and those who are “bona fide,” or active and credible in the circumstances of the particular race. This result validates the MBA’s position in its petition and reply comments that Miller has not established himself to be a bona fide candidate. Miller is merely attempting to use broadcasters as a megaphone for his message, and broadcasters are not required to allow themselves to be used as a purveyor of personal views merely upon the claim of candidacy for federal office.

    Should you have further questions or concerns in this regard, you are invited to call Don Hicks of the Missouri Broadcasters Association or MBA Washington Counsel Gregg Skall (202-857-4441) for further clarification.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 1:46 AM Tuesday, June 29, 2010
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    Default My Final Rebuttal to Plaintiffs' Final Petition to the FCC

    My Final Rebuttal to Plaintiffs' Final Petition to the FCC


    I just now emailed this to the FCC (5:50 AM, CST, 2 June 2010). I decided to combine my rebuttal with an official Glenn Miller for Senate press release, which I'll email today to 35-40 media outlets:

    Press Release # 4 (3 June 2010)

    By: Glenn Miller for US Senate

    SUBJECT: Successful Plot to Silence My Political Campaign Commercials from Missouri Broadcast Air Waves

    As was widely reported in the media, both in Missouri and nationwide, the Missouri Attorney General, joined by the Missouri Broadcasters Association and Zimmer Radio of Mid Missouri, Inc., filed a petition on 16 April 2010, to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), demanding that the FCC issue a ruling declaring that I am not a qualified, bonafide write-candidate for the U.S. Senate.

    As a result of that April 16th action, all radio station companies in the state of Missouri, except for two local ones, have refused to broadcast my campaign commercials ever since, while stating to me via email, that they had decided to await the FCC?s ruling before agreeing to broadcast my ?controversial? campaign commercials.

    Clear Channel Radio company in Springfield (Kelli Presley), and Talon Radio Company in Aurora (Duane Gandy) are the only two radio companies in Missouri that decided not to silence my campaign commercials from Missouri broadcast air waves, and both companies have broadcasted a Glenn Miller-for-Senate campaign commercial a total of approximately 150 times on 5 of their local radio stations, since April 16th.

    It should be noted by all individual employees of the establishment media, that thus far, there have been no protests of any kind by any investigative reporter, or by any so-called protectors of free speech and the right to engage in the political process, or even by the ACLU, even though I emailed the St Louis ACLU my request that they represent me in this case. They didn?t even reply to my email.

    In furtherance of their plot to silence my campaign, the same cabal of censors mailed the FCC their final demand on 27 May 2010. The following is my rebuttal to their demand, submitted to the FCC this date, 3 June 2010. Be it known I have absolutely no confidence in a fair FCC ruling. In fact, the ?fix is in? and has been since my first ?controversial? radio campaign ad was broadcasted in March. And every media journalist in the state and nation, familiar with this case, knows it, but are too yellow to say so publicly.

    Do you controlled, thoroughly politically correct (PC), therefore silent journalists, actually believe the MO Attorney General or the Missouri Broadcasters Association or the Obama bureaucrats in the FCC, give a damn about my political qualifications ?? Are you all deaf, dumb, and blind ?? Shame on every damn one of you. Your silence makes you accomplices of the censorship cabal.

    Here?s my rebuttal to the cabal?s latest communistic jibberishes:

    In the Matter of:


    File No: 100401

    TO: Federal Communications Commission
    Washington, DC

    Here?s my rebuttal to petitioners? latest attempt to have my campaign for the US Senate silenced on Missouri?s broadcast air waves.

    Be it noted that FCC Attorney Mark Berlin stated to me over the phone in late May that the FCC is not required to hold a hearing in this case, nor required to give this case a docket number (only an inter-office control number), nor required to provide the public with access to the FCC?s proceedings. In other words, these proceedings amount to little more than a secret ?hearing? conducted in the old USSR by one of it?s Bolshevik commissars, such as Leon Trotsky.

    I find that the latest filing by the petitioners adds little or nothing to what they provided in their original petition filed on April 16th.

    They claim I have not proven to the FCC that I am a legally qualified, duly filed, and bonafide write-in candidate for the US Senate from Missouri.

    I claim that I have proven I am. My proofs lie in my previous filings to the FCC, and at my campaign website: www.whty.org. (Click on ?radio broadcasts?), and at www.govnn.com/glennmiller. Additional photographic proofs are the dozen or so photo graphs showing me campaigning out in the public in several Missouri towns and cities, including a photo of me giving a speech on the courthouse steps in Aurora, Missouri, which were mailed, certified mail, to the FCC weeks ago.

    As for plaintiffs? claim that I don?t show proof of statewide campaign offices, it is simply because most of my campaign workers are terrified of being murdered or else harmed personally in some other way, if it becomes public knowledge they are helping me to get elected. Fears that are more than justified, as plaintiffs damn well know and so does every FCC attorney, and every reporter in every media outlet, who?s listened to my ?controversial? radio campaign commercials.

    Plaintiffs admit, by their very reluctance to broadcast my campaign commercials, that they too fear reprisals. In fact, the only reason plaintiffs filed their motion to the FCC in the first place, was their fear of suffering financially from loss of listeners and from loss of paid advertisements, should they broadcast my ?controversial? radio campaign commercials. They also fear reprisals of a more violent nature from those opposed to equal rights for white people.

    Frankly, I wonder why I even bother to submit rebuttals to what I perceive to be highly paid bureaucrats working for a jewish occupation government or JOG. A fact about the US government stated by many prominent politicians recently, to include former Ohio Congressman Paul Findley, former Congressman James Traficant, and former US presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan, who refers to the US Congress as Israel?s Amen Corner, and to Capitol Hill, as Israeli Occupied Territory.

    The ?fix is in?. And therefore, this kangaroo ?hearing? by the JOG?s FCC is nothing more than a foregone conclusion of the fix that was made immediately after my first radio campaign commercial was broadcasted back in March 2010.

    Another JOG fix was made in 06 when I tried to get my name on the Missouri election ballot as a candidate for the US Congress.. First, neither of the JOG political parties (Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian) would accept my $100.00 filing fee. Consequently, the Missouri Secretary of State said she couldn?t therefore, place my name on the election ballot. And guess what, the federal court in Springfield agreed with her, saying all political parties can decide who can and who cannot be members of their party. (Federal Case Number: 06-5032-CV-S-RED)

    Bottom line. The JOG can fix any freakin thing.

    I await the formal announcement of the ruling you?d already decided on in March when you first chatted on the phone with the Missouri JOG?lings who filed this petition.

    Candidate for US Senate
    Aurora, Missouri
    Tel: 417-463-7703



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    Default TraitorGlenn Miller got all of two votes for U.S. Senaturd in Missery

    Billy Roper's Write-In Campaign For Governor Of Arkansas Not Quite As Successful As Lisa Murkowski's Write-In Campaign For Senator; NSM's Jeff Hall The Most Successful Of All Pro-White Candidates
    -- Oh, and TraitorGlenn Miller got all of two votes for U.S. Senaturd in Missery


    All of America is abuzz over the apparent success of Lisa Murkowski's write-in campaign to remain one of Alaska's U.S. senators. With 99 percent of the votes counted, "Write-In" has 41 percent, Joe Miller 34.2 percent, and Scott McAdams 23.74 percent. It is assumed that the overwhelming majority of "Write-In" votes are for Lisa Murkowski, anywhere from 90-95 percent, but the final tally won't be known until November 18th.

    However, Lisa Murkowski's example is hardly representative of the average write-in candidate. After all, she's not only an incumbent U.S. Senator, but she "married" herself to various corporation, in particular Alaska Native corporations who get no-bid government contracts, as well as to the Alaska Federation of Natives, in order to buy her way to possible victory. Much more representative of the typical write-in candidate is the experience of Billy Roper, who ran for governor of Arkansas under the auspices of his Nationalist Party of America. Roper announced his candidacy early, crisscrossed the state in search of support, deployed numerous yard signs, and maintained a vigorous online outreach. Roper reported that many prospective White constituents reacted favorably to his candidacy. Some thought Roper could pull as many as 10,000 votes. In fact, his candidacy threw such a scare into Republican also-ran Jim Keet that Keet threatened to no-show a critical candidate forum if Roper showed up. Roper ultimately decided not to show up.

    So how did Billy Roper's campaign work out? The Arkansas election returns are filtering in now, and with 89 percent of the counties reporting, the governor's race shows that incumbent Mike Beebe stuffed Jim Keet. It also shows an aggregate total of 668 votes for all write-in candidates combined. However, Arkansas election officials have not completed the task of counting the write-in votes by candidate; Roper obviously got more than two votes. But I would think that with all the publicity generated by the Roper campaign, he most likely got at least half the write-in votes, and perhaps as many as two-thirds.

    Nevertheless, Roper's candidacy was still worthwhile because he ran openly as a White racial activist under his own name, his dress and demeanor blended in with the population, and he reaped valuable publicity for the White racialist cause.

    So how did other White activists do with their campaign? The Indiana Division of elections reports that Tom Metzger earned nine votes in his write-in campaign for U.S House District 3, finishing fourth in a field of five.

    In the non-partisan race for the Monongalia County (WV) Board of Education, Harry Bertram finished third in a field of three with 2,546 votes, or 14.03 percent of the total. Bertram received some help from the American Third Position Party.

    In the non-partisan race for the Rialto (CA) School Board, Dan Schruender has finished sixth in a field of six, but with a credible 1,807 votes, or 9.64 percent of the total. The fifth place finisher was only 442 votes ahead of him (read media story in the Press-Enterprise). All votes have been counted in this race.

    But perhaps the best performance was by National Socialist Movement activist Jeff Hall, who ran for the non-partisan District 2 seat on the Western Municipal Water District Board. With 87 percent of the votes counted, Hall received a very credible 6,303 votes, or 27.73 percent of the total. While Hall was initially accused of running merely to give the NSM public exposure, a lengthy platform statement showed that Hall was quite conversant on water issues, and should be considered a serious candidate. Over 27 percent of voters agreed.

    By the way, in his once-vocal campaign for Missouri's U.S. Senate seat which gave us serious nationwide publicity, the votes are all in, and Frazier Glenn Miller got two votes. TraitorGlenn had to beat pore Margaret's ass in order to get her to vote. The gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer was in Sans Fagscrisco getting the jew GAIDS doctors to look at its Gay Bowel Syndrome and a new set of colostomy bags and forgot to leave an absentee ballot for its Department of ZOGland InSecurity Paymaster.

    And Roxie Fausnaught, the domestic partner of Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt got 597 votes and 3.35% of the votes cast for her run as a Libertarian/National-Socialist Libertarian Party Candidate and she didn't spend a nickel on her campaign. She also retained ballot access in Newton County Missouri for her county-level political party, however named.

    Hats off to all those White activists who stepped up to the plate and ran for office.

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 10:14 AM Wednesday, November 03, 2010

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    Default Missouri primary may be dim indicator at best

    Missouri primary may be dim indicator at best


    By Jeff Lehr
    February 4, 2012

    No one expects Tuesday’s primary in Missouri to provide much of a twist or turn in Republican efforts to select a candidate to run against President Barack Obama.

    Five Republicans whose names will appear on the state’s ballot are no longer running: Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson.

    Perhaps more importantly, Newt Gingrich, the GOP winner in South Carolina and runner-up to Mitt Romney this past week in Florida, is not even on the ballot, and Missouri voters will not be able to show their support for him. There’s no write-in option.

    “(Gingrich) can discount the results because it’s non-binding and the ballot is so skewed,” said John Putnam, chairman for Jasper County Republicans.

    No delegates to the GOP’s national convention in Tampa, Fla., in August are at stake. The process of determining the alignment of state delegates begins next month with Republican caucuses set for March 17.

    That’s why there’s been little political advertising in Missouri as yet. The campaigns know the primary here means less than in states where delegates are at stake.

    Missouri’s primary will cost $7 million to $8 million and amount to little more than a straw poll for Republicans. None of the three candidates opposing Obama for his party’s nomination — Darcy Richardson, John Wolfe and Randall Terry — are considered serious challengers.

    Republicans have whittled the field to four candidates: Romney, Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.

    Missouri’s early primary date might have elevated the state’s role in the presidential nomination steps by helping to answer key questions: Can Gingrich weather a possible string of Romney victories in February to reach March primaries in states where the former House speaker is strongest? Might party dissatisfaction with Romney and Gingrich grow to a point where Santorum can take advantage? If Paul hangs in the race, could his supporters ultimately determine which of the others wins at the national convention?

    The trouble is that Missouri’s primary date ran afoul of national party rules prohibiting most states from holding a binding contest before March 6. If Missouri stuck to the early date, the state’s parties faced the threat of losing up to half their delegates to the national conventions and other possible sanctions.

    State legislators tried to move the primary back to March. But gridlock in the Missouri Senate led to a bill that Gov. Jay Nixon would not sign because of various provisions, including one that would have imposed additional costs to taxpayers for special elections.

    State Sen. Ron Richard, R-Joplin, said “a factional dispute” in Jefferson City produced the situation where Missouri is holding both a primary that is little more than a straw poll and caucuses. He said both parties bear a share of the blame.

    He said the fight was between those who wanted to see Missouri’s influence enhanced in the national primary system, and those who wanted to save money and see a greater emphasis put on caucuses.

    “It’s an odd set of circumstances,” Richard said. “Now, they’re going to do both, and I’m not sure either one of them is going to make a big difference.”

    Local and state Republicans are not viewing the primary as completely unimportant.

    “I do see some value to it,” said Nick Myers, GOP chairman in Newton County.

    Myers would have preferred that Nixon did not veto the bill, but he intends to pay close attention to primary results to see whom local Republicans prefer. He expects the primary to be a good gauge of how the caucuses will go in March and thinks those party members who plan to participate in the caucuses and wish to be a delegate at district and state levels should heed the results as well.

    Myers thinks Gingrich’s failure to get his name on the ballot could be a detriment to his campaign in the state as the process advances.

    Putnam admits some reluctance to put too much stock in the primary’s outcome.

    “Some of the least informed voters vote in the primary, and I don’t think that’s the best way to choose a candidate,” he said.

    He said the GOP primary also will be vulnerable to crossover voting by Democrats who may wish to influence its outcome in a way they perceive as advantageous to Obama. But Putnam doesn’t intend to ignore the results. He said if primary voters show up strong for one candidate or another, it could have an impact on which candidate Missouri Republicans ultimately back.

    Jonathan Prouty, communications director for the state party, thinks Tuesday’s results will have an influence on media perceptions. They will provide national and state reporters a better idea of what Missouri voters are thinking, he said.

    He said Gingrich is not on the ballot because of a decision by his own campaign and not any state rules for qualifying as a candidate. He said the decision made the state’s caucuses all the more important to the Gingrich campaign.

    Caucus-goers and delegates to the district and state conventions may well look to the results to figure out whom they should support, Prouty said. In the past, caucus-goers were bound by primary results, he said. This year they won’t be, but a sense of obligation can develop in the caucus system.

    Prouty said the most important role of the primary may be to provide an outlet for what he sees as a growing level of excitement within the party.

    “I think there’s a grass-roots energy out there,” Prouty said. “Republicans are excited about the opportunity to nominate a candidate who’ll go on to defeat Barack Obama in November.”

    Democrats have less reason than Republicans to go to the polls Tuesday. But Susan DeCarlo, Jasper County chairwoman for the Democrats, hopes party members will feel motivated to vote.

    “I think what Democrats in this area should do is not stay at home, but get out and show our support for the president,” DeCarlo.

    She scoffed at the notion of Democrats attempting to affect the GOP primary.

    “What sense does it make not to vote in your own party’s primary?” she said. “I know we don’t have many options this time. But we are Democrats, and we ought to support our party.”

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