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    Default Our Own Fucking Stupid View: Meaningless in Missouri

    Our Own Fucking Stupid View: Meaningless in Missouri


    Missourians have an opinion about who should be the Republican candidate to run against Barack Obama in November. Too bad it won’t matter. Not that it ever fucking did. Do any of you clowns actually think that 'The Piss-Pul' get to decide theyz [d]rulers?

    Tuesday’s presidential primary election will go down as one of the most irrelevant elections in state history — except for the $8 million price tag.

    The results will be nonbinding and, therefore, meaningless — mainly because Missouri’s choice for the election will be made in March by caucuses of party insiders from around the state. Same as always. What do you think this is? A Demockracy.

    Politicians have commiserated that all the money we’ve saved from a light winter and associated snow removal will go right back into an $8 million election that doesn’t count. On top of that, winter isn’t finished. We still may have to salt the roads, so we wish everyone would stop teasing Mother Nature or Old Man Winter — whoever is responsible. What that has to do with anything shouldn't matter.

    Seriously, the biggest tragedy is that this situation could have been avoided.

    Last year, a bill was submitted to move Missouri’s primary elections to March to conform with national party rules. The bill passed through the General Assembly, but with amendments that removed write-in candidates for city elections and other provisions. Amendments made to further ensure that mere voters shouldn't get to decide anything.

    Gov. Jay Nixon was left with no choice but to veto a bill that was otherwise just fine. Though the House was able to pass it without amendments last year, the Senate could not. The Fuktards.

    Here’s the thing: We still believe that a primary is the best way for Missourians to make their voices heard — especially with Missouri’s system of voting for a political party without declaring an affiliation to one. Especially since "White Supremacists" are not to be allowed to run for federal and state [s]elections and pro-white voters are thus not to be allowed a choice as to who [d]rules over the-m-asses in Moronsouri. We decry the fact that the sheeple might figure out that these [s]elections are rigged in advance insofar as what candidates and what issues are allowed to be brought forward, and thus the System loses all legitimacy. Gotta give the goofs the notions that their wants matter worth a fuck.

    Remember that voters can choose to vote Republican or Democrat in a primary. While some argue it’s a system for gamesmanship, it allows people to truly make up their minds based on current issues and events. As if it really matters worth a fuck.

    The only reason this particular election is irrelevant is because none of them really matter. But we will claim that it is because of some badly placed amendments at the wrong time. We’re disappointed that, during what many would argue is one of the most critical presidential elections we’ll have, the voices of Missourians won’t count for much in an election. As if it ever really mattered.

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    Default Turnout could be low for ‘straw poll’ primary

    Turnout could be low for ‘straw poll’ primary


    By Susan Redden
    February 6, 2012

    Local election officials don’t know what to expect in terms of voter turnout for today’s presidential preference primary, several said Monday.

    Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan said some election officials are estimating that nearly 23 percent of registered voters will take part.

    Several county clerks in the area predicted lower turnouts, saying the fact that today’s vote is not binding has lessened the incentive for residents to cast a ballot. Today’s vote has been likened to an $8 million straw poll since the Republican Party has decided to use Missouri caucus results to determine which presidential nominees will get the state’s support at the national convention.

    One of the GOP’s two front-runners, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, is not on today’s ballot, and several candidates on the ballot have dropped out of the race.

    Bonnie Earl, Jasper County clerk, said she expects today’s turnout to be low.

    “I would be surprised if we got up around 18 percent,” she said. “It was 27 percent in 2008, and that’s when the results meant something.”

    Kay Baum, Newton County clerk, said she expects turnout to be around 15 percent.

    “But really, we have no idea, because it (the election outcome) won’t mean anything and there has been publicity to that effect,” she said.

    Baum said barely over 100 absentee ballots had been cast before the election. “That also makes you think the turnout is going to be low,” she said. “But, we’re going to have nice weather, so people might go ahead and get out.”

    In Jasper County, just over 400 absentee ballots had been cast, election officials said, most by residents who are homebound and automatically are sent ballots each election.

    Kristina Crockett, Barton County clerk, said 45 absentee ballots had been cast by voters there.

    “I just don’t see a lot of interest,” she said. “I’d be real surprised if we got close to 25 percent.”

    Earl issued a reminder to residents of Joplin’s tornado zone that their polling place might have changed. Starting with today’s election, residents of five Joplin precincts will vote at new locations. Four polling places were moved because sites were damaged or destroyed, while a fifth was moved to divide two large precincts in which residents had voted at the same site.

    Some polling places also have changed in Barton County, where the number of precincts has been consolidated, Crockett said.

    “We’ve gone from 16 precincts to eight,” she said. “We’ve sent notices to all the voters, and we’re going to post reminders at the polling places we’ve closed.”

    The consolidation was designed to hold down election costs. The state is picking up the tab for today’s election, though counties pay costs for primary and general elections in August and November.

    The clerks expressed surprise that the presidential primary was not canceled by lawmakers after the GOP decided to use caucus votes to determine convention delegates.

    Local counties have sent invoices for election costs, based on estimates, and have been reimbursed by the state, clerks said. The estimated costs were $103,000 in Jasper County, nearly $53,000 in Newton County, and about $16,600 in Barton County.

    Voting hours

    POLLING PLACES will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. today in Missouri.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Missouri GOP: Thanks for your Santorum votes; now stand aside while we vote for Romney

    Missouri GOP: Thanks for your Santorum votes; now stand aside while we vote for Romney



    At last look, Rick Santorum was leading the non-binding Missouri Primary by about 30 percent and has been projected the winner.

    So much for the power of the endorsement.

    The Missouri Republican establishment, including Sen. Roy Blunt, former Sen. Jim Talent, former Gov. Matt Blunt, and Seventh District Congressman Billy Long are solidly in former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's camp and that managed to net their candidate only about one in every four votes.

    This was the statement released by the Missouri Republican Party:

    Missouri Republican Party Chairman David Cole released the following statement regarding the Missouri primary:
    “With national Republicans, analysts, and media focused on Missouri, our state is once again playing an important role in the process of electing a president. And while the non-binding primary is certainly not an ideal situation, we agree with the reporter who observed earlier today that the Show-Me State primary could still ‘carry a lot of weight.’

    “We thank all Missourians who did their civic duty and made their voices heard, and we encourage all Republicans to attend the March caucuses and take part in the beginning of the process that will bind Missouri’s national delegates.”
    Translation: Thanks for your votes for Rick Santorum. Now get out of the way while we hold our country club caucuses and make sure Missouri is a Romney state.



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    Default Local voter turnouts for nonbinding primary lighter than predictions

    Local voter turnouts for nonbinding primary lighter than predictions


    By Susan Redden
    February 7, 2012

    JOPLIN, Mo. — The fact that Missouri’s presidential preference primary would not count for much was not lost on local voters, at least judging from voter turnouts reported Tuesday by election officials in the region.

    Turnouts topped double digits in only two counties in the area. Most voters in the largely Republican region stayed home, rather than going to the polls in an election that will not be used to help determine the Republican presidential nominee.

    Voter turnouts among counties in the region ranged from a high of 11.6 percent in Lawrence and Barton counties to a low of 5.4 percent in Jasper County.

    Ballots were cast by only 4,172 of Jasper County’s 76,789 registered voters, according to figures released by Bonnie Earl, county clerk.

    All the turnouts were well below a statewide turnout of 23 percent that had been predicted by Robin Carnahan, Missouri secretary of state.

    Earl said Tuesday’s vote, at minimum, gave some Joplin voters an opportunity to cast ballots in new locales after some previous polling places were damaged or destroyed in the May 22 tornado.

    “That was my thought; with so many changes, we can look at this as a training session,” she said. “It will help people learn where their polling places are and let them get back to a sense of normalcy.”

    Residents who choose to do so will get a chance to return to the polls April 3 for town and school elections.

    The GOP decided to ignore the Missouri primary vote and instead use caucuses that begin in March to award the state’s 52 presidential delegates. Lawmakers in Missouri’s Republican-dominated General Assembly were unable to pass legislation to move the primary back to March.

    State Republican Party Chairman David Cole, of Cassville, issued a statement late Tuesday saying that the state was playing an important role in the process of electing a president, even though the nonbinding primary “certainly is not an ideal situation.”

    “We thank all Missourians who did their civic duty and made their voice heard, and we encourage all Republicans to attend the March caucuses and take part in the beginning of the process that will bind Missouri’s national delegates,” he said.

    Statewide, officials were estimating costs of the election at between $7 million and $8 million. Local counties already have been paid for election expenses, based on cost estimates that projected $103,000 in Jasper County, nearly $53,000 in Newton County and about $16,600 in Barton County. Earl said counties will settle up with the state, by either submitting bills or reimbursements, after the final costs are tallied.


    RESULTS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY Tuesday in Missouri will be used to award delegates for the Democratic National Convention.

    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Official: Santorum Wins Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri Caucuses

    Official: Santorum Wins Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri Caucuses



    It looks like a clean sweep for Rick Santorum: he won Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri, but since these caucuses and primaries are non-binding, he won nothing more than a beauty pageant.


    The train wreck continues to drag on.


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    Default Drowning In Hypocrisy

    Drowning In Hypocrisy


    The US government is so full of self-righteousness that it has become a caricature of hypocrisy. Leon Panetta, a former congressman who Obama appointed CIA director and now head of the Pentagon, just told the sailors on the USS Enterprise, an aircraft carrier, that the US is maintaining a fleet of 11 aircraft carriers in order to project sea power against Iran and to convince Iran that “it’s better for them to try to deal with us through diplomacy.”

    If it requires 11 aircraft carriers to deal with Iran, how many will Panetta need to project power against Russia and China? But to get on with the main point, Iran has been trying “to deal with us through diplomacy.” The response from Washington has been belligerent threats of military attack, unfounded and irresponsible accusations that Iran is making a nuclear weapon, sanctions and an oil embargo. Washington’s accusations echo Israel’s and are contradicted by Washington’s own intelligence agencies and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Why doesn’t Washington respond to Iran in a civilized manner with diplomacy? Really, which of the two countries is the greatest threat to peace?

    Washington sends the FBI to raid the homes of peace activists and puts a grand jury to work to create a case against them for aiding a nebulous enemy by protesting Washington’s wars. The Department of Homeland Security unleashes goon cop thugs to brutalize peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. Washington fabricates cases against Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Tarek Mehanna that negate the First Amendment by equating free speech with terrorism and spying. Chicago mayor and former Obama White House chief-of-staff, Rahm Israel Emanuel, pushes an ordinance that outlaws public protests in the City of Chicago. The list goes on. And in the midst of it all Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Washington hypocrites accuse Russia and China of stifling dissent.

    Washington’s grotesque hypocrisy goes unremarked by the American “media” and in the debates for the Republican presidential nomination. The corrupt Obama “Justice” Department turns a blind eye while goon cop thugs commit gratuitous violence against the citizens who pay the goon cop thugs’ undeserved salaries.

    But it is in the War Crimes Arena where Washington shows the greatest hypocrisy. The self-righteous bigots in Washington are forever rounding up heads of weak states whose countries were afflicted by civil wars and sending them off to be tried as war criminals. All the while Washington indiscriminately kills large numbers of civilians in six or more countries, dismissing its own war crimes as “collateral damage.” Washington violates its own law and international law by torturing people.

    On January 13, 2012, Carol Rosenberg of McClatchy Newspapers reported that Spanish judge Pablo Rafael Ruz Gutierrez re-launched an investigation into Washington’s torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Prison. The previous day British authorities opened an investigation into CIA renditions of kidnapped persons to Libya for torture.

    Rosenberg reports that although the Obama regime has refused to investigate the obvious crimes of the Bush regime, and one might add its own obvious crimes, “other countries are still interested in determining whether Bush-era anti-terror practices violated international law.”

    There is no question that Bush/Cheney/Obama have trashed the US Constitution, US statutory law, and international law. But Washington, having overthrown justice, has established that might is right. No foreign government is going to send its forces into the US to drag the war criminals out and place them on trial.

    The War Criminal Court at the Hague is reserved for Washington’s show trials. No foreign government is going to pay Washington several hundred millions of dollars to turn Bush, Cheney, Obama and their minions over to them in the way the US bought Milosevic from Serbia in order to create the necessary spectacle at the War Crimes Tribunal to justify Washington’s naked aggression against Serbia.

    No government can be perfect, because all governments are composed of humans, especially those humans most attracted by power and profit. Nevertheless, in my lifetime I have witnessed an extraordinary deterioration in the integrity of government in the United States. We have reached the point where nothing that our government says is believable. Not even the unemployment rate, the inflation rate, the GDP growth rate, much less Washington’s reasons for its wars, its police state, and its foreign and domestic policies.

    Washington has kept America at war for ten years while millions of Americans lost their jobs and their homes. War and a faltering economy have exploded the national debt, and a looming bankruptcy is being blamed on Social Security and Medicare.

    The pursuit of war continues. On January 23 Washington’s servile puppets–the EU member states–did Washington’s bidding and imposed an oil embargo on Iran, despite the pleas of Greece, a member of the EU. Greece’s final ruin will come from the higher oil prices from the embargo, as the Greek government realizes.

    The embargo is a reckless act. If the US navy tries to intercept oil tankers carrying Iranian oil, large scale war could break out. This, many believe, is Washington’s aim.

    It is easy for an embargo to become a blockade, which is an act of war. Remember how easily the UN Security Council’s “no-fly zone” over Libya was turned by the US and its NATO puppets into a military attack on Libya’s armed forces and population centers supportive of Gaddafi.

    As the western “democracies” become increasingly lawless, the mask of law that imperialism wears is stripped away and with it the sheen of morality that has been used to cloak hegemonic ambitions. With Iran surrounded and with two of Washington’s fleets in the Persian Gulf, another war of aggression seems inevitable.

    Experts say that an attack on Iran by the US and NATO will disrupt the flow of oil that the world needs. The crazed drive for hegemony is so compelling that Washington and its EU puppets show no hesitation in putting their own struggling economies at risk of sharply rising energy costs.

    War abroad and austerity at home is the policy that is being imposed on the western “democracies.”

    January 26, 2012

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