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Thread: Whigger & Mamzer Ass-Clowns of Christian Identity

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    Default Whigger & Mamzer Ass-Clowns of Christian Identity

    When Mamzers Attack -- Under Flag of Civility, No Less!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah 1:18 View Post

    No One Knows I'm A Lesbian


    I'm a fairly new convert to Christian Identity, who's just learning the ropes. One thing that's been bothering me for awhile is the foul language that some Christian Identists use. My understanding of Scripture is that we're to let no corrupt communication proceed from our mouths. I'm no theologian, so maybe I'm unaware of a loophole in the Greek that makes it perfectly permissible for a Christian Identist to swear like a pimp dressing down an unruly whore, or maybe I've misinterpreted the verse completely. Nevertheless, the Bible commands us to abstain from all appearance of evil. Surely that includes filthy language.

    Jews, through their publishing houses and film studios, have been instrumental in making bad language more acceptable to the general public in order to destroy what few morals whites have left. If that isn't a glaring indication of the true worth, or lack thereof, of language strewn with four-letter words, then I don't know what is. So why use it at all?

    If I were trying to bring somebody to the CI message, there's no way I'd want them to listen to one of the earthier podcasts or to read a post-riddled with expletives or featuring a photo of excrement. We're supposed to flee the sinful ways of the world, not to embrace them like a long-lost love because we've conned ourselves into believing that they help us express ourselves more clearly and creatively.

    I don't mean to come across all holier than thou -- I have as many faults and failings as the next person -- and I certainly don't want to ignite a flame war, but I just can't see how using foul language benefits CI and, more important, pleases Yahweh in any way. What kind of example must it set to the children of Christian Identists who've taught them not to use profanity?

    Just because we're Christian Identists with a more accurate understanding of the Bible than mainstream churchgoers doesn't mean that Yahweh's commandments regarding behavior no longer apply to us. If anybody ought to be setting a better example, it is us.
    First of all, it would seem that we are undergoing a Bryan Wright/Lyin' Wong/E-Lie/Khazar/Billy Wood attack for the third time, no less.

    Frankly, I love four-letter Anglo-Saxon monosyllables. Why? Because when you call some lying shit-eating fucking kike cunt a lying shit-eating kike cunt then there is no way to sugar-coat exactly that Genesis 3:15 enmity -- commanded by YHWH -- for some lying shit-eating fucking kike cunt.

    But be that as it may, what evil degenerates and the spawn of Satan ALWAYS possess, is a love of smarm and sanctimony, necessary to always worm their way amongst gullible whiggers. $permFront/$pamFront as run by Klunt -- another Lindstedtist vulgarity -- routinely bans and censors our DSCI brethren because or $permFrontian kikezoid Terms of Service. Sanctimony is the ethylene of the spawn of Satan. They seek to use their own sanctimony in order to rot the good fruit of the House of Israel as well. Nor can jews stop theysselfs as such cannot help but emit detectable odors of pharisaical sanctimony. When anyone who is White and the Sons of True Man detects such, they should sniff out a mamzer.

    I see that Pastor Visser's forum is again under mamzer attack. Perhaps Bryan Wright begged the NSA for a new IP number, but the idiot mamzer still hasn't learned to hide itz tail, its snout or itz slant gookazoid mamzer eyes and thinks that because it got some fat anglo-mestizo as an avatard instead of Rudolf Hess, that whigger feebs playing at CI will be fooled -- and the gookazoid spawn of Satan will be correct!!! What I can't understand is why it is being allowed back on for the third time, having violated itz agreements to behave as other than the spawn of Satan that it is.

    To a Pastor of YHWH under Jeremiah 3:15, one must understand that well over 95% of the pure-blooded whigger element is pure-blooded idiot whigger which just loves Sodom and Gomorrah. Regrettably, until YHWH decides to turn such into a pillar of shit, the wilier than serpents' seed must find a way to unearth such lest they infest the stupid whigger sheeple herd. Hence, when the stench of rotting mamzerflesh is detected, one does whatever it takes to give such vermin any excuse to winnow theysselfs out. Now I do indeed make fun of Klunt and the $permFront ZOG false front run into the ground by Klunt (Debbie) Downey and her past-her Klumper Meercat Markkk Clowney, but these jewkals in theys' attempts to munch on baby lambkin usually kill and eat baby goats and immature jewkals. What Christ has called will not have its lifeline easily abraided by either the spawn of Satan or a few choice comments of inquiry from a DSCI Pastor or 'People Shepherd' wanting to gauge the quality of the recruit. So since I cannot gainsay who Christ has called, I can and do routinely let the bullwhip of my tongue flicker and leave a training welt.

    Now for those who believe the idiotic crap that females are the 'tender sex' unaccustomed to frank language, let me tell the men here that they don't know jack shit about women. Anyone who has been quietly listening in to the conversation of women -- like I was during a month of training to be a convenience store manager -- knows that females are by far the raunchier and bawdier sex. White boys will talk dirty in order to assure theysselfs and the other boys that they are indeed men. Females, because they don't have to convince theysselfs that they are men, are naturally, and unself-consciously bawdy and salacious when not in the company of men, and when they remember that male ears are listening in, always remind the other girleys that the idiotic facade that they take pains to instill in men is in danger and to stop the dangerous revelations to discerning man ears.

    So, not being fooled by foolishness, I have no intention of changing my anti-evil ways any time soon. Being on perpetual lookout to any hint of subversion, I am watching this thread to see how many fools -- and mamzers like Billy Wood/Bryan Wright -- jump on the bandwagon. I seem to have got me a netfool.

    Typically, mamzers and baal-priests ALWAYS are saying that YHWH has made up some [d]rule tailor-made to theyz' satannic interpretations. Last time I read the Bible, the Commandment was against taking YHWH's Name in vain. Not telling some mamzer or baal-priest cunt or dick to eat shit, fuck-off and die. As a matter of fact, I would very much like this mamzer or baal-priest cunt or dick to eat shit, fuck off and die -- and soon.

    In fact, I think I shall hereby excavate an open-air gigantic twat, a cunt if you [s]will, and piss a virtual Pee-Sea of Galilee of verbal piss and shit an island of turds in the middle of the Pee-See of Galilee for any and all spawn of Satan jew mamzers, baal-priests and sundry whiggers infected with the demon of politically correct ZOGling Gadarenian swinishness to jump into and drown posthaste. And then, like Elijah, I think I shall call down a shit-fire from Heaven so that this descendant of the veterans of Gustavus Adolphus can enjoy the auto-Starfucks of Das Swedentrunkening.

    I sincerely hope I didn't miss a single honest Anglo-Saxon monosyllable in above diatribe.

    Who, except Satan, told Adam and Eve that they were naked, after running around naked for a while in the Garden of Eden? So who, except the spawn of Satan should tell Israelite whiggers that any honest word of their language, especially those beginning first words of the language describing natural and normal bodily functions and parts that they are of their own inherent selves, obscene? And who, except sinning Adamites, should be ashamed of being what they are when the spawn of Satan tells them that they are naked, hence 'obscene,' in the eyes of the perverse and inherently wicked evil ones?

    Nobody really much cares whether you make it or not if Christ didn't call you. The pharisees famously had a propensity for nattering over gnat straining while camel swallowing. What got my attention is who opened this door and let the mamzer (Bryan Wright/Lyin Wong/Billy Wood) in. And, how the Sons and Daughters of YHWH know better than to rush in where even fools don't fear to tread, confident that a Pastor of YHWH knows how to handle the situation.

    Now if you are the genuine article, then you will be a little bit hurt at this rebuke. As well as you should be, because you shouldn't let your notions make you try to make an unlawful edifice to YHWH's Law. Whiggers invariably try to pass laws like they pass gas, burdening other whiggers in an attempt to harness White Men to theys' swill. (When talking about whiggers, you always use the first and only one person singular as whiggers can't help but always think only of theysselfs.) If you are a whigger, I hope that you will take offense and crawl on off and die and join the-m-asses of whiggers mentioned as being carrion upon the land in Jeremiah 16:1-12. There is not a chance in hell that I will disobey and shed a tear at YHWH's Judgment. Such is the consequence of walking in the imagination of your own evil heart, putting yourself up to judge other Israelites according to the prejudices you derived from jewr indoctrination at the whigger factory -- the pub[l]ic skrewl system. For if you create as fitting something which is not ordained by YHWH, and then presume to judge someone for not following your own whigger-made [f]law, then you not only set jewrself above the White Man, but above YHWH as well. And such will have the reward mentioned above in Jeremiah 16:1-12. For the Judgments of YHWH are perfect, and none but the evil spawn of evil seed dare even try to gainsay them.

    There have been so many mamzer and baal-priest incursions and invasions upon Christian Israel since the Internet began. Be it fax trees, and then private e-mail listservers, then jewhoogruppen, and now v-bulletin forums. In every single case, be it Carol Moore the lesbo-Toon mudskank, jewn Pernalenin the Melungeon faggot chicken-ranch keeper, Andy Blanchardsmamzer-Belialsson Anderson, Klunt Downey and Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts/Gabbyrelle, Kernal Khazardick Niemela/Niematoad/Niematurd, and now Bryan Wright/Lyin Wong/Billy Wood, every single time they claim that censorship of White men must take place for the protection of whigger twats not wanting to listen to plain White Man speech. They attack weak-minded quasi-male forums wherein they might actually be listened to, and when they get theyz' request, they routinely proceed to institute a 'Reign of Error' wherein they then purge the rest of the DSCI fools who didn't protest the takeover. Then the jews and mamzers proceed to create a ghetto, be it on Holy_War at jewhoogruppen or $permFront/$pamFront. And these ghettos becum embarrassing with their past history, and so they disappear, occasionally to reopen, as at SpermFront.

    So you are new here, Obadiah 1:18? Direct from $permFront and VNNF? Someone who grew up in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s? And like every other jew and mamzer and whigger infilltraitor to whigger nutsionalism hiding behind a girley avatar while being in your late forties or early fifties -- a commonplace thing for jews or mamzers to do is to hide either behind a Hitler or nutzi avaturd, but I must give jewrself credit for hiding behind a beautiful White girl photo in order to beguile the whiggers -- proclaiming that White Nationalism or in this case Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is ruined by the leadership of known activists who have been around for many many years and that their leadership must be henceforth jettisoned in favor of what some anonymous jew or mamzer or whigger says should be itz preferences absent all law or good sense.

    The whole reason that YHWH allows you spawn of Satan jews, addlepated mamzers and solipsistic whigger vermin to exist in the first place is so that Heaven is not overcrowded with disloyal weak-willed whigger idiots living miserable eternal lives full of plots against YHWH to where they must be chained up in a lake of fire eternally. The jew and mamzer live lives of instinctual evil. The whigger has a soul, which it can lose because it made free-will choices to believe lies.

    And, as a result of my political experience, to the vast majority of ZOGlings if I say that you are a baal-priest or jew or mamzer who is to be avoided, the found sheep will listen and you will be eventually expelled when revealed. But for now, you hiding undercover behind a pretty girley avatard, making jewr move after six whole days, if you can herd you some whigger shitheads out into the Desert of Sin, and then pounce like a jewkal upon diseased whigger herd animals lusting for the leeks and cucumbers and cornholeries and baal-priesteries of Egypt, then you will have performed a necessary eugenic service to the House of Israel. YHWH had to wait forty years to get rid of the slave [de]generation of whiggers who left Egypt, but if you can herd them back over to VNNF or $permFront into the Wilderness of phorafaggery/feeberie and then at jewr leisure polish off the worst of Pastor Visser's idiot whigger sheeple before the end of next week into a pile of splintered bones and jewkalshit, then you are the true heir to Jannes and Jambres.

    But for now, I watch and see what else hath the in-cummin' tides from $permFront and VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF wrought in the way of Boat Piss-pul. For verily, so who let the slant-eyed gookazoid mamzer dogs [back] in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Wright/Lyin Wong/E-Lie-Khazar/billy wood View Post


    I found found that excessive drinking & cussing are quite common in the CI world . . . . at least the portion of it deluded enough to allow a trouble-making slant-eyed khazarian gook mamzer like myself in it. But I'd be bothering the Jukesfront crew of CreaTards and mamzer OSLers right now if it hadn't been that T-34 forehead Randy Krager ran my ZOG agent mamzer ass off a long time ago. I really don't like the females subjected to such talk... as it utterly makes them wise to the efforts of slant-eyed Pictish/kike/gook mamzers wanting to put the three-inch lying' wonger to them . . . . So I'll blame CI cussing for me being run off of VNNF and $permFront.

    Who Let The mamzer dog In? Who, who, who?


    I gotta laugh. Looking at the above nigger video is a lot more obscene than me using a few honest sundry Anglo-Saxon four-letter monosyllables.

    But then again, everyone knows me and what I stand for. Whereass, you are a probable mamzer or jew kike of late middle age hiding behind a pretty young Israelite female face from those ZOG false fronts of VNNF and $permFront essentially laying the groundwork for censorship. And after only five days you have made jewr move, no less!

    You got to show jewr kike snout before jewrself will be taken seriously. Of course Bryan Wright/Billy Wood got outed by Pastor 6Killer and myself posting its cork-eyed gook slant eyes and nappy ash-black chrome-dome and Pictish hybernigger prison tatts, and then the jig was up. After fourteen years in the bowel Movement on the Internet, jewr not the first or even the 666th jew mamzer wanting to whine jewr way into claiming that the known DSCI clergy need to preach what anonymous ZOGbots want them to preach. But if you do managed to kill and eat a few whigger sheep, then what of it?

    Let me clue you in to how Christian Identity congregations deal with any CI clergyman whose sermons and writings they don't like:

    They simply ignore him. They don't listen to his sermons. They have nothing to do with him.

    What they don't do is to demand censorship, make up rules, and turn CI forums into another VNNF or $permFront.

    Since I doubt that you are White or Christian or a racial Israelite, I suggest that you pack jewr mamzer/kike ass back to $permFront and VNNF, and have jewrself and jewr entire mamzer family enjoy Corn Cobb's CreaTardivity scene at TardBlanc.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default P.S. Keep this under your hat.

    P.S. Keep this under your hat.


    Quote Originally Posted by matthewott View Post

    I most certainly agree Obadiah, though in my 6 months as a full blown CI "member" (being actively involved in fellowship and discussion) I have not encountered this "problem" except in special circumstances, i.e. Pastor Lindstedt, which I simply view as part of his unique persona and ministry. As a matter of fact, almost all dialog within the CI forums and sites I'm a member of, as well as all the internet talkshows I frequent, seem fairly devoid of profanity. I have profanity issues when I get angry, I'll freely admit that, though I'm not proud of it. When in fellowship, I have no desire to cuss, unless I get really riled up over new jewish lies and perpetrations, and even then I have the ability to restrain myself (for the most part) out of respect for my brethren. While "foul language" is not necessary anywhere, especially in CI, adding a little "color" to dialog for emphasis is much like anything else...done responsibly and in moderation. I look forward to a world absent of profanity....when Yahshua returns!
    Let's see, Matthew Ott from Halifax Pennsylvania. Somebody showed up on this forum six days ago -- and hiding behind the picture of a pretty redheaded Israelite girl no less -- and you know nothing more about it than that it essentially admits in one post to being someone in its late forties and early fifties and cums from those Troll Centrals of the whigger nutsionalist world of ZOG false fronts VNNF and $permFront.

    So you know absolutely nothing about this person other than that it has come over here from where it is a bannable offense to post Lindstedt or Visser material in order to pick a fight with myself.


    This Obadiah is almost certainly a jew mamzer or maybe a whigger shabbes goyim without the sense to worm its way back in. I was talking to Pastor 6Killer earlier today and mentioned that Bryan Wright/Lyin' Wong/Billy Wood is back for the third time on Pastor Visser's new forum, and this latest mamzer offensive as well. We discussed this Obadiah's VNNF behavior as well. Pastor 6Killer thought that this Obadiah might be Bonnie Wright, the worn-out gorda for this Pictish Canaanite jew mamzer Bryan Wright. I said that Obadiah wasn't a worn-out bottle-blond whiggress beaten down by life and the fact that she couldn't get as a single mother a whigger meercat to stir her egg-pouch and had to settle for a fat pear-shaped cork-eyed slant-eyed ash-black chrome-domed tubalcainic kenite mamzer with prison sleeves, and a Pentecostal linthead mother and a petty criminal inseminator for the entire Lyin' Wonger Sawney-Beaner misbegotten spawn of Satan family. The goofy mamzer was yapping about how Gulett demanded an AIT certificate from his pastors when in fact Gulett doesn't have one at all. This summer I ended upsaving Gulett's Ohio incorporation for him thanks to checking on this lying mamzer's lies. So the Wonger was good for something.

    Nope, I'd say that this Obadiah is pretty smooth, and is far more likely to be Bryan Wright's parole officer or TraitorGlenn Miller's ghostwriter than a brokeback mountain gorda to the idiotic thieving mamzer. But Obadiah doesn't seem to have any patience nor any real understanding of Christian Identity ways, but rather is one of the jews or baal-priests wanting to infest the bowel Movement. jews, mamzers and whiggers have perpetually been stymied by the fact that even in the age of the Internut when no whigger can tell you're a jew, that no jew or mamzer or even whigger sockpuppet can take down a White Nationalist leader of long standing like myself. And it certainly does frustrate them to be trying, and failing.


    So, understanding all this, does it really make too much awful sense to worry overmuch about what a jew or mamzer sockpuppet which has migrated over from $permFront and VNNF has to kvetch concerning a DSCI pastor who cusses?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah 1:18 View Post
    Matthew, I beg to differ with you about Pastor Lindstedt. Just because cussing is part of his unique persona and ministry doesn't make it acceptable to Yahweh. If it's not okay for me to swear, then it's not okay for him, regardless of how many years he's been preaching the CI message and the sacrifices he's had to make and the things he's had to suffer as a result.

    The sad thing is I can't direct any of my friends or members of my family to his posts, because as soon as they clapped eyes on one of his many expletives, they'd turn around and ask me why he swears so much. And what am I going to say? That it's part of his unique persona and ministry? They'll just dismiss him as another Christian hypocrite, and me as well for supporting him. And I couldn't blame them.

    We're commanded to be as wise as snakes and as harmless as doves. Dirty language is neither wise, nor harmless, especially not to our Christian testimony. We're supposed to be kings and priests in Yahweh's eyes, not nigger rappers and drunken sailors.
    Thanks a lot for knowing how to play goyim whiggers like a fiddle jewboy Obadiah. But then again, you are descended from the most subtle of the Beasts of the Field, and whilst jewr skulking on jewr belly eating jewr own kikeshit you seem to have cum upon a redheaded white girl mask to hide the shew of jewr countenance, as it does testify against jewrself as Isaiah would say. And so it does -- against whiggers. But to those of us Pastors who have fought the Internut wars since 1995, the jew propensity for hiding behind a Hitler or nazi avatar is the hallmark of a jew mamzer. Just as no whigger nut, no matter how delusional will ever claim to be Jesus Christ, niggers and jews pretend to be Jesus Christ all the time. So, claiming to be a middle-aged male while hiding behind the mask of a beautiful redheaded girl, is NOT normal behavior. For a jew, who would gladly defile and brain the blood of such a beautiful Child of Israel, taking on her identity to tweak at the hearts of Christian Israelite men who would deny her mask nothing, is what could be expected of a jew. You would seem like a Russian jew criminal here in the land of the Big Horn who has burnt off his fingertips with acid in order to evade detection. It will not work against the wary.

    And, just like the VNNF tards like to put on a jew avatard in order to ridicule jews -- why shouldn't a jew VNNF/$permFront troll put on a whigger girley mask to escape detection from a jew?

    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah 1:18/Klunt jewnior View Post

    Pastor Lindstedt, that's utter paranoid, not to mention utterly obscene, nonsense. Nope, not halfway nearly as obscene as what I am going to propose, my dear jewnior Klunticums!!! I am not a Jew, nor am I a whigger (lol!) or an enemy agent out to infiltrate and demolish the CI movement. I don't even know who Bryan Wright is, let alone "Lyin' Wong (???) and the rest of that supposed rogue's gallery you mentioned.

    For the record I am of Welsh descent with probably a dash of Irish. If that makes me a mamzer in your estimation, so be it. Yes, yes, fine by me, my dear Klunticums jewnior. May I offer you a quarter so that you don't have to crawl under the door of the pay toilet of whatever gender at the bus station? After reading the VNNF posts, I am inclined to agree that you are a completely fucked-up in the head mamzeress with gender identity issues suffering from "Peter Dunkin'". There must be a lot of mamzers in the movement, however, as I suspect I'm not the only Christian Identist of "mixed" race. Klunticums jewnior, truer words were NEVER spoken!!! jewr a higher-functioning mamzer fuktard!!!

    As for my being an alleged operative of Linder's Yahweh-forsaken VNNF, you might want to check some of the posts I made over there. Oh I most certainly did do that, dearest Klunticums jewnior honey. Most of the time I was involved in drag-out fights with the forum's hordes of crypto-Jews, such as psychological shock, tuisto, and Colonel Kurtz. Yep, you sure had Kernal Klink Kurtz frothing at the mouth, even though you seemed oblivious to how you done it, alright. The only mistake I made during my stay there was supporting and defending Hal Turner prior to the revelation of his tenure with the FBI. Ah well, fool me once... fool you 666 more times, Klunticums jewnior honey. Thank you, YHWH, for providing me with my own wind-up Manchurian Mamzeress!!!

    I broached the subject of Christian Identists using foul language because I believe it's something that is a possible stumbling-block for potential converts, and an unnecessary one, and that Yahweh disapproves of His children speaking as though they've been possessed by the writer's of the Talmud. I'll say jewr absolutely right if jew'll go down on Lycia the $permFront Hoggess and get her to kick out Klunt Senior and her Meercat Markkk Downey, Klunticums jewnior. I don't really overmuch care whether you have a crest or a crackkk as long as I get to hang a "Mission Accomplished" banner on the flight deck of the ArchBishopric rowboat.

    You have the cheek and hypocrisy to call me a Jew, when your post reads -- at least those few portions of it that I can actually translate into English -- as if it were written by the most foul mouthed, dirty-minded Jew Hollywood screenwriter imaginable. Where can I send the Victor/Victoria DVD so that you can get a clue, Klunticums jewnior?

    Don't concern yourself about the speck in my eye, when the Amazon rainforest is in yours. Don't blow a gasket until I can wind you up, dreadfool sorry, Klunticums.
    P.S. Matthew:

    I worked on my response to you and then got the above result from 'Obadiah 1:18.' I read he/she-itz response and then did a search on the LinderMillerwitz whorehouse at VNNF and I must say that it looks like my initial impression was completely wrong: Itz not a kike at all, but rather a complete fucking higher-functioning mattoid of indeterminate gender with gender issues. I'd have to look under the tail myself in order to figure out what itz.

    It has no comprehension as to what it is talking about and as a probable Welas/hybernigger/Pictish mix it is likely a thoroughly schidzoid mamzer. As Doctor Robert Frenz noted, it is suffering from "Peter Dunkin.'" It was a figure of much amusement over at VNNF and was a free-range tard who called the entire membersheep 'Jews' and thus was never banned because it was so easily beaten.

    It never had any concept of being truthful, and I suspect that it is probably female in genitalia as well as in 'mind,' such as it is. A pity, because if it had had a dick I'd have shipped it back to $permFront to wave itz wanger in front of Lycia the $permFront Hoggess, and in return for being a Nordick meercat with horns on its head as a roto-rootering French Tickler get Lycia to ban Klunt and her past-her Meercat Markkk Downey from $permFront.

    If it has a muff, perhaps I can coonvince it to go from ass to muff to mouth on Lycia the $permFront Hoggess as a lesboskank and then again, to ban the Clowneys. I have but only one regret that Obadork/Klunt jewnior hath but one pussy to give for itz DSCI brethren.

    From now on, until this gender issue is resolved, Obadiah 1:2345666 shall be called by myself 'Klunt jewnior.' As she is despised at VNNF, but able to return at any time as CI comedy relief, perhaps she can get bets at a thousand to one for a caged CI Death Match at a 1000 ZOGbux to one against myself and then I'll take a dive and we can clean up at the expense of VNNF ZOGbot tards.

    Keep this under your hat.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

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    Default Cease and Desist, Now.

    Cease and Desist, Now.


    Quote Originally Posted by JudasTheJackass View Post

    I will follow the example of my savior. That is the bottom line for me. C.I. is not a glee club. You either follow the example of Yahshua our Christ or find a JEW-deo "Christ"ian church or pagan cult to join. There are no leaders except Yahshua.

    In all HIS ministry HE never reduced HIMSELF to the level of a common foul-mouthed lout. Neither should we.

    I love my kinsmen, but there is not one here or anywhere who will be my judge. Our common purpose is only realized when we all look to our one and only King.

    I would hate to stand in judgment for having driven off seekers of truth because of my pig-headed ego. This is serious. It is not a game. Egos must be checked at the door.

    THE WORD is clear! We MUST bridle our tongues.

    The reason why the Christian Identity Church is fragmented is simply because every little whigger playing at it proceeds to undercut his brother every single time it sees an opportunity to aggrandize itself. Which is why the DSCI community is a network and never a hierarchy because there simply isn't enough self-discipline and good feelings for any unified effort. Rather every would-be leader must constantly maintain DSCI Movement discipline by sharp elbowing whenever one of the little self-advancing idiots proves pharasaical in order to establish and maintain a sort of pecking order.

    Last night I seen what I thought as a jew attack from this lying heifer with gender issues hiding behind a young white female avatar. So I posted at length. However, upon making inquiries and actually looking at what this deranged mamzeress with gender identity issues posted over at VNNF, I found out that this deranged menopausal heifer of unclean origin was claiming to be Christian Identity to the amusement of the sundry jew and mamzer and whigger trolls over there. You see, when some unclean deranged lying mamzeress unable to do anything except make Christian Identity look absurd ends up yapping like she is some sort of authority on the matter, of course she will not be banned. This mamzeress is a source of ridicule to the sundry jews, mamzers and whiggers of the VNNF ZOG false-front data-mining operation, and thus was NEVER banned or tarded even though she-it broke forum rules simply because she-it was so idiotic that everyone was able to rag on her. Whereas I was banned from VNNF after the Christmas Coup of 2004 and Pastor Visser was perma-banned a few weeks ago.

    So this deranged cuntress comes on here to pull the same thing that Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts and Klunt Downey have pulled yet before. Whining like a jewess about 'bad language' used, and essentially begging the moral degenerates wanting to play pharisee to censor that which they find objectionable.

    Now this trick has been played before at Holy_Wars on jewhoogruppen, a number of private e-mail listservers, $permFront many, many times, and now here today. And this jew trick of censorship ALWAYS works. Why? Certainly not because the quality of jew has improved since the days of Cain and TubalCain. But rather because the quality of whigger within the bowel Movement has declined. All it takes is one deranged jewess or mamzeress to whine that her precious sensibilities have been offended and some idiot baal-priest within the ranks pops up and immediately goes along with the jew-program and says that he is going to go along with the very speech code that the jews would impose upon us -- and then some. And rather than being honest about how he is setting hisself up as a jewdge of right and wrong over his brethren, he sets hisself up as a sort of King Herod over the limits of acceptable speech of others, using the very logic that the pre-talmudic Edomite and Canaanite pharisees tried and often succeeded imposing upon Christ and Christianity. Just as the Law of YHWH is written upon the Israelite's heart, so too is the Ways of Satan inscribed upon the spawn of Satan, and they do the works of their father. And the way to understand whose Father is whose, the thing to do is to look at what they do, not the lying fine words that such present to the sheep.

    The common-sense understanding that if you don't like what is said to simply stop reading or listening and leave well enough alone simply isn't enough when dealing with non-Israelites. You see, they always want to come in and infiltrate Christian Israelite lands, first as servants, and then as masters. And masters they become, as YHWH punishes the whigger spendthrift of his Birthright by these jew and mamzer racial aliens by letting them be raised very, very high, and the whiggers being brought very, very low. And it is whiggers who place these grievous burdens upon other whiggers by claiming a superior moral virtue because they love the outsiders.

    It is not Christ who has reduced Himself to the level of a common lowborn lout. Rather, it was Christ's racial enemies and whigger race traitors who tried to reduce Christ to their level by blasphemously claiming to have risen to His level.

    Oh, Defender of Deranged Mamzeresses seeking censorsheep, you call yourself 'James the Just' after Jesus Christ's own biological brother, and an administrative leader of the early Church. Yet I doubt that James the Just would have entertained any cumplaint brought forward against one of the Apostles based upon whether he had called her a bitch, or a stupid Canaanite cunt, or a witless deranged twat, even if she had had her daughter healed by Jesus Christ Himself a few years ago. I doubt that James the Just would have paid much attention to a lunatic Canaanite bitch yapping about how she was offended and how letting the Apostle continue to preach would mean that she wasn't going to bring her litter of Samaritan mamzers down to be washed in the blood of the Lamb.

    But I imagine that Judas Iscariot, if he had lived, would be marvellously receptive to Canaanite cumplaints concerning 'hate speech' and 'obscenity' and brought up criminal charges and a civil suit against the Apostle and the entire early Church, while piously intoning that the Messiah that he had betrayed wasn't as righteous as pore misunderstood Judas.

    The problem with the aboveground DSCI Church is that it is full of so many very little men who will immediately abuse whatever little power they accumulate. Which is why I have always worked to decentralize and spread out political power while growing our network of nodes of communication.

    It is because Morris Gulett gave the leadership of his church to a power-mad little goofhead like Joe Johnson & Numerous Aliases that the idiot proceeded to kick out and ban everyone in Gulett's church. I could have told Gulett that he was making a mistake if I could have talked to him in jail because I had called up Joe Johnson and Joe Johnson told me in February 2005 that what was Joe Johnson's would remain Joe Johnson's and what was Gulett's would become Joe Johnson's as well. Such a deal! Joe Johnson proceeded to get rid of everyone, including myself, and it was only when Johnson wanted to get rid of Pastor Visser and Bryan Wright came along trying to steal $400,000 from Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHVH that Joe Johnson was in turn driven out. Pastor John Britton and another elderly member of the Board of Trustees forestalled Bryan Wright, thieving mamzer, from getting hold of any claim to the money, still after years tied up in ZOG-probate. Last year we unmasked the slant-eyed jew criminal and ran it off a number of times. This year I seen to it that Gulett's church charter was renewed again pending Gulett's release from prison. But again, as always, it seems that the mamzers have decided to mount an assault on YHWH's DSCI above-ground Church.

    Likewise, Sci-Fi Faber made an alliance with myself and Pastor Visser, but due to his own greed and stupidity attempted to remove myself from my ministry. How this could have been achieved is unknown as I am the Pastor of my own Church. Sci-Fi Faber tried to do this with a number of other DSCI churches and Aryan Nations chapters with the end result that Sci-Fi Faber is deemed a probable agent provacateur along with his good buddy Hal Turner. Now everyone runs his own DSCI church and Aryan Nations chapter as they see fit without any complaints from others as long as they follow DSCI Orthodoxy. Yet the outed Sci-Fi Faber keeps on scheming and a few days ago decided to throw in with jewrold O'Hybernigger O'Brien's ZOG false front.

    ZOG is obsessed with infiltraiting the above-ground Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church. The way we defeat these attempts is to decentralize while working in network, and each node in the network has the moral and political responsibility to keep the lines of communication to the other nodes open. And that is done by allowing each and every node on that communication network to operate freely without censorship based upon any pretext whatsoever -- and that most certainly means not advocating censorship simply because some deranged mamzeresses cumplain that their little feelings are hurt by what is said on those nodes of communication.

    So the above nonsense that you wrote above seems like the workings of the 'mind' of some mighty little man who nobody can trust to watch their back. You have taken the part of a deranged mamzeress so silly that the VNNF idiot whigger fuktards drove off as a liar and an idiot even though they appreciated the damage that she did in impersonating her(?) self off as being Christian Identity. As a result, you have not only done something that in a battlefield situation would have gotten you shot for cowardice and treason in the face of the enemy, but you have given aid and comfort to the enemy, who was quick to shield itself under jewr wing:

    Quote Originally Posted by Obadorker666/Klunticums jewnior View Post
    I couldn't agree with you more, James. At last a self-anointed Apissul to the Mamzeressen, especially the deluded ones seeking censorship on CI forums!!! My twat is the wetttest itz gotten since driven off of Rabbi Lindermillerwitz' Greater Free Range 'Tard Corral, not because they hated my making a hash of Christian Identity, but because they made fun of my delusions. I was reduced to sneaking on there at night to negrep bomb them superior tards. It's all very well to claim that we are righteous in Yahweh's sight because we've suffered persecution at the hands of ZOG, but the Word declares that if a man strive for masteries, yet he is not crowned, except he strive lawfully. I heard that emanating from the sacred queefs proceeding out of the sacred labia of Klunt the Head of the Sapphiracy of $permFront and her little past-her Meercat Markkk would pop out of her furrow every hour at six-point-six-six after the hour like a cuckoo clock. I'm sure it cum after the Sermon After the Washington State Klan Orgy in which Klunt said "Blessed are the Delusional Lying Lesboskank Gender-bendering Mamzers, for they shall inherit the Queandumb of whiggroid false-front CI forums." An injunction against saying anything which might offend wymyn and moral children, especially using four-letter Anglo-Saxon monosyllables in the offending whereof -- Itz cummin'. Sweeping certain commandments of Yahweh which of course I cannot state here right now because there are no such commandments other than in my delusional lesboskank mamzeress talmudick imaginations under the carpet because they conflict with our ungodly behavior and because we believe that our having endured much in "His Name" gives us the right to act in whatever way we see fit, is playing a very dangerous game. I've been here seven daze now, and think I shall take over right now as a Canaanite twat without Portfolio, and kicking out Pastor Lindstedt out on his ass. Which is why I am declaring the Primacy of the Peterless and the Kingdumb of Klunt (jewnior) and saying that newly arrived delusional mamzeresses are the new High Priestesses and hereby name Saint Judas the Jackass as My Very Special Baal-Priest to impose the new Femnishevik Mamzeress/ass Orthodoxy.

    Yahweh-hating white nationalists are also persecuted by ZOG. Are they righteous in Yahweh's Eyes too? Doancha-no that delusional schidzoid mamzeresses run off from a heathen pig-sty like VNNF by heathen ridicule 'thinks' it can find a new home and pussy-whupped meercat baal-priests galore at just any old DSCI v-bulletin forum and be proven absolutely right? D-g hath provided.
    You stick around the bowel Movement and everything which has happened before will happen again. What happened back in May 2000 with 'Andy Anderson' taking over a weak FBI listening post in the name of imposing his version of acceptable speech, and cheered by every femnishevik rebellious hag there. This Andy Anderson, along with Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts out of Northern Mississippi and Klunt (Debbie) Downey, claimed that since he didn't like the speech against women on the Holy_War listserver that he would leave and the very next day, this probable FBI asset named Robert Paul/Norse Knight/CygnusOne of the Hotmail Account who had set up the CI istening post in the summer of 1999 made Andy Anderson, the known miscegenator and probable ADL asset the moderator. All without a vote of the community and aimed at certain people. Andy Anderson proceeded to censor/ban one jew mamzer, one Russian mamzer, and one a-theist and then impose a set of rules -- his rules. And when I protested and set up a competing yahoogroups listserver, the end result is that I was the fourth person banned by Andy Anderson.

    Look at the cause for the fighting:


    Quote Originally Posted by Christian_Nationalist, Message #1

    What is this? The NOW contingent of the Christian Nationalist
    community? Let me quote from Herod's decree #3:
    "3.The deliberate and abusive denigration of a Holy War members
    character or the use of coarse, vile, vulgar and obscene language
    to show personal disrespect to another members gender may result in
    a cautionary warning, up to removal from the list. If removed, a
    person may re-apply after a cooling off period; constant or severe
    abuse may result in being banned."
    Who does Herod think he is, Patricia Ireland's chief lackey? Everyone
    else on this list knew full well Yuriy's dislike for American women;
    Herod's Decree #3 was nothing less than a depotic style bill of attainder
    with Yuriy in the sights. The knife has your and another female's
    fingerprints, Jennifer. You figure out what the forensics imply.

    . . . . Bottom line: I want a return to the status quo ante Thursday. If
    Andy wants to leave, and take you and Tara with him, he is at liberty
    to do so. If anyone is to moderate this list, it will be Cygnus or it
    will be someone who will respect the rights of everyone on this forum,
    and make no rules designed to remove specific people or ideas from this
    listserver. If any rules are necessary, it will be by the consensus of
    this listserver community. If this community becomes a tyranny, then
    new communities will form from this listserver's refugees.

    If a mere Christian Nationalist electronic community cannot and will
    not act responsibly, in accordance to its professed principles, to its own
    membership, then what possible hope is there for a Christian Nationalist
    government which will never have as large a voluntary membership in its
    initial installation? The White People who may not share our doxology
    may well suspect, for good cause, that theocracy is yet another word for
    self-serving tyranny with a smug, self-righteous gloss.

    Mon May 29, 2000 4:57 am
    The end result was that competing listservers were formed, Andy Anderson eventually banned all of the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity members of Holy_Wars, had no reason to keep Willie Martin as a moderator, at Klunt Downey's instigation banned Willie Martin, and in return triggered an investigation in which it was discovered that Debbie and Mark Downey were the former 'Klailiff and Kludd' of the Washington State Klan, that Debbie Downey was the former wife of the Grand Dragon, and the sexual mascot thereof as well, and my applying the nickname of 'Klunt' to Debbie Downey. Klunt had her meercat ordained as a pastor and he is the foremost baal-priest of the pretend-OSLer faction of CI. The Wholly_Whores archives, with its evidence of scheming with jews like Niemela to act against the interests of Dual-Seedline, was dropped. Klunt and her meercat went on to $permFront to cause trouble for DSCI. Andy Anderson has a small jewhoogroup which nobody pays much attention to.

    Now you may think the very same thing 'thought' of by all idiots: This time it is different. No, it is not!!! Some baal-priest siding with some stray delusional cunt of loose morals and low or no breeding and then demanding that Christian Identity family men show 'respect' to some Jezebel or Semiramis is probably the biggest cause for inter-sectarian civil warfare within Christian Identity. This idiot twat can't make it over at VNNF or $permFront and so she crawled over here when she/it got well enough to cause mischief. You and she/it are not going to prevail against the natural order of things.

    There is no commandment from YHWH concerning the usage of four-letter Anglo-Saxon monosyllables. There is certainly much YHWH's Law against idiot baal-priests taking the part of stray delusional mamzer cunts wanting to [d]rule over Christian Israel. You go against YHWH's Law and YHWH's Established Social Order and you will be driven out from among Christian Israel as surely as the turning of the Earth. If you doubt it, then witness what happened to Klunt and Meercat Markkk Downey and Andy Blanchards-mamzer Belialsson Anderson. They dared to censor and ban DSCI White men out of they's little shithole forums and the end result is that they reaped a harvest of hatred and opprobrium. These pathetic little men got a little bit of power and it went to theys' little heads, and they ended up cut off from Christian Israel, from whence they did offend with their pathetic stupidity and abuse of power.

    You continue along this course and you will be saddled with an appropriate baal-priest name and run off from those who do follow the Law of YHWH without pharisaical flourish for the benefit of delusional straying lying mamzer twats.

    Cease and desist, now.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default jewr not much good for much, klunticums jewnior.

    jewr not much good for much, klunticums jewnior.


    Quote Originally Posted by Obadliar666/Klunticums jewnior View Post


    Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving.

    2 TIMOTHY 2:14
    Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly.

    1 Corinthians 15:33
    Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

    Sorry, you were saying something about it being okay for Yahweh's followers to cuss?
    Well, ain't we all just the luckiest little critters in Dual-Seedline Christian Identity? We got ourselfs a little menopausal mamzeress-monkey able to quote, like a parrot with interest, certain select quotes by which it not only gains a foothold but gets to drive out the indigenous White male inhabitants and attract baal-priests who either never learned, or have 'forgotten' that the Law of YHWH doesn't apply to non-whites and often not non-male Israelites.

    For all I know you could be a nigger or a jewess hiding behind a whigger female avatar. What I do know from your VNNF posts is that you are a liar with gender identity issues who made DSCI a laughingstock over at VNNF, and that you were such a cowardly tard that you were reduced to logging on at night in order to hand out neg-rep.

    I have a pretty good idea that if I were to go over to $permFront what I would see is that you and Klunt Downey didn't get along too well together because there can be only one crazoid cunt pretending to be CI at a time. But there is no idea as to what evil lunacy I shall find.

    Now doubtless you know, as both a mamzeress and a cunt without decency or an iota of good sense as to what Deut 23:2 and St. Paul said in regard to you speaking to your racial and gender betters in the Congregation of Christian Israel, but of course like the justly despised Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts and Debbie 'Klunt' Downey you have all sorts of rationalizations for jewr ungodly behavior.

    Insofar as the whigger baal-priests you have unearthed and gotten onto jewr side -- and having them claim that Christian Israelite Law binds me to show wandering mamzeress twats respect while letting same run wild imposing censorship upon White men -- let me thank you for making them show exactly what side they are on before any of us are stupid enough to ever rely on them for anything. They don't have much of any following and by stating that they support letting deranged mamzeress twats like yourself run wild on forums making the White Man's racial religion into a joke on such ZOG false fronts as VNNF and $permFront and supporting censorship of White Men on this forum, they won't ever attain a position of any power and authority if I have anything to say about it. Far better to declare their side right now. By stating that they support stray wandering lying mamzeresses with gender identity issues over White men, they ensure that they will never be anything more than second-rate TraitorGlenn Millers or Curt Maynards.

    So I suppose that you are good for something after all besides landfill filler. That said, you still couldn't go back to VNNF where you are the only one of us still welcum over there, and take jewr baal-priest pickles with jewrself, please, klunticums jewnior?

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Why are you here, . . . . as opposed to $permFront or VNNF or Haiti?

    Why are you here, . . . . as opposed to $permFront or VNNF or Haiti?


    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post


    Judas the jackass ? I agreed with every word James spoke. Regardless of who Obadiah 14 is, the point is valid.
    What is the point? You seem to have gotten the notion that we all be 'e-quuullllzzz and all.

    No, worse.

    You seem to have the same notion as any idiotic gliberal whigger that the White Man owes females and non-whites a living, and getting free speech and that the White man must be censored in his own religious and racial community.

    Let me tell EXACTLY what I have found out the past 36 hours:

    I was initially worried that this Obadiah 666 was some sort of jewess wanting to cause trouble for Dual-Seedline Christian Identity.

    So, following my standard practice of gathering opposition research I first asked around about this Obadiah 1:18. Nobody had heard much, but the impression was that she was some sort of gender-bender and intellectual flyweight. So I went over to VNNF and logged on using one of my sockpuppet accounts and did a search. What I found was StevieBuck, a rather idiotic and sort of mean whigger drone describing Obadiah as a sort of idiot tard who lied continually about people being jews without proof and not being banned for telling lies because she claimed to be Christian Identity and so everyone in the management of VNNF was against banning her according to the rules because she made Christian Identity look like a religion for female mamzer tards.

    Now I am banned from VNNF since late 2004 and Pastor Visser got perma-banned two weeks ago for fighting with them and making them look stupid and data-mining and snitching for ZOG. But this Obadiah was not banned because she made Christian Identity look stupid.

    And so I looked at her posts, and seen, as others noticed, that she is a sort of gender-bender as well. She did not make Christian Identity look good.

    So she comes here and on little mamzer feet is making a proposal for censorship. Bryan Wright chimes in. But what we have is someone who is a liar, hiding behind a female avatar, a gender bender, a moral coward, and a probable mamzer.

    So the good news is that she probably isn't a jew.

    The bad news is that so many of the people on this forum are whiggers playing at being Christian Identity.

    What do you mean, Lindstedt? How can you say that we are whiggers?

    Well, you don't believe in masculine dominance over females. No, you don't. When it comes down to it you stupid whiggers believe that being nice to females overrides their duty to obey and to never fight with men, much less work on bringing about censorship, the bane of all White Nationalist forums. So since you don't believe in actually living one of YHWH's Laws, then why bother to pretend to be Christian Identity, especially of the Dual-Seedline variant?

    Secondly, Christian Identity and especially the Dual-Seedline variant of it believes that White Aryan Israelites are a superior People, YHWH's Servant Nation, and thus better in all respects other than the trivial than all other races and mere Adamite whites, especially the abominations known as mamzers. Those who are not us do not belong within Christian Israel. We are promised that every plant not planted by YHWH shall be rooted up, cf. Matt 15:13. We preach that this will happen in the soon to come Great Tribulation, which is good news, as it heralds the Second Return of Jesus Christ.

    So what is this crap about who comes amongst us claiming to be one of us but not being one of us not really mattering? Why is it that when it all comes down to the nut cutting that it doesn't matter whether this female of dubious origin probably is a mamzer? And why is it that you are holding me to this female mamzer's standards but giving her a free pass? And how is that different than what a gliberal whigger faggot does in holding me to a higher standard, claiming that since I am a hater and white supremacist and thus for those sins must pay higher taxes and be put into prison for my beliefs? It would seem that you phony CI tards playing at being CI are when it comes down to it exactly like gliberal whiggers.

    Aren't you?

    Perhaps since you don't actually live what you profess to believe then you should choose something which is a lot less work and trouble but gives out a lot more fun. Perhaps you all should becum a CreaTard and join Commandork Bitch-tits Bill White/Weiss and get into a brown-shirted nutzi jewniform that accentuates jewr pear-shaped body? Have fun! Do whatever you want!

    Christian Identity, especially the Dual-Seedline variant, requires that you actually do what you profess to believe. If you can't or won't analyse yourself, then perhaps you should face up to the fact that you don't really believe in our racial religion. And, if upon taking stock that is the case, for your own sake, go out and start doing something else that fits you better.

    If so, then I hope not to see you around.

    If not, if you want to remain being DSCI, then after taking stock and deciding that this is what you want to be and thus do, then you won't be saying or doing what you have been saying and doing recently.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church if Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Obadorkker666 & itz baal-pickle priests

    Obadorkker666 & itz baal-pickle priests


    Quote Originally Posted by Obadorkker666/Klunticums View Post

    Pastor Lindstedt, satan is referred to in Scripture as the accuser of the brethren, but apparently he's outsourced that job to you. I'm from $permFront and VNNF where they ran my pretend gender-bendering mamzer ass off. Kluntz Meercat taught me to never use a Capital 'S' for 'satan' which is my portion of the Klunticummer 'No Devil' doctrine. I'm here to invade Pastor Visser's forum on behalf of the Clowneys and Klunt Downey is my Mary Baker Eddy. Seems like I found me some more Baal-priests wanting to donate theyz pickles to the Cause of Kluntifuckation. So far you've accused me of being a Jew, a whigger, a mamzer, an FBI agent, an VNNF/Stormfront sockpuppet, somebody you call Bryan Wright/Lyin' Wong/Billy Wood, and even a high priestess of Baal, and not to mention a gender-bendering liar yet you don't have one single shred of evidence to support any of these damnable and ridiculous lies that I have made routinely. Like all kike mamzers, I 'think' that I get to simply drop in without leaving my real name, hiding behind an avatard of a young Israelite girl, and whigger sheep should believe every single lie I tell, while I do my best to hide my origins. I've done such a good jewb of hiding my kikesnout and my [split]tale. Like all mamzers I think I's smarter than D-g while dumber than dirt. So then I'll claim that the White man guarding the door prove something to idiotic whigger fuktards playing at Christian Identity that what I am trying to hide just is so. As a satannic gender-bender lying mamzeress, I'll now claim that I did a good and sufficient jewb of hiding my origins and make the following unsubstantiated claim: You're ticked off at me purely because I dared to criticize your unscriptural love of profanity, and while neither myself nor my pussy-whupped eunuchoid baal-priests of Baal who from henceforth I'll call my 'pickles' as they have left both theyz' manhoods and brains in a jar can show where profanity which allegedly riddles virtually every post you make is condemned. And you've responded to my wandering anonymous kikeazoid ADL/$PLC derived criticism which if I were to deliver to your face would result in a tit-wringing for my jewself and nut-cutting for my wandering temple-whore baal-priests with all of the maturity of a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum in a supermarket because his mom won't buy him a candy bar after he renders down a baby kikelet like myself down for soap and lanpshades. I jewst to be a Esther-kikess and morphedyke..

    In all my time of surfing the Net as an Internut wandering jew trained by the $PLC/ADL, I have never, ever, read posts crammed with as many obscenities as yours are, not even on the Jew-owned-and-run hardcore porn sites I used to frequent before I got the kikeazoid snout whittled down and the morphedyke sex-change addition with false tits and a clever little cleft carved so that I could claim to havebecame a follower of Yahweh. Yet you hurl the filthiest of expletives about with as much relish as a rabbi slitting the throat of a wriggling white child. I so loved the matzo ball soup that my shitska mammy fed me at Passover and Purimfest. I shudder to think of what must be swirling, like raw sewage, that us kikes love to eat, and the Genesis 3:15 animosity which whirls through your mind when your purty Aryan mouth churns out your vile bilge that makes my newly jewly carved kikeazoid cunt wettt. You ought to be ashamed of yourselfpicking on a kikess spawn of Satan putting on an anonymous show designed to attract whigger fuktard baal-priest pickles. Instead, you call me, and others, every name in your vast, disgusting, deranged mental thesaurus, and denounce me and rightfooly so as a ZOG agent committed to the destruction of Christian Identity. And like a typpycull jew forgetting when it points one cloven hoof at the White man that three cloven hoofs and a tail points back to my jewself, I'll claim that it is just so you can feel a little better about yourself and distract everybody from your habitual sinning. Of course like all jews, I can't prove my false accusations, which is why I hide my real face and snout and name and street address, because I don't want to pay the lawful price for making false accusations against real people.

    While there may not be a Scripture that says "Thou shalt not use foul language", because YHWH in His Wisdom didn't want us jews and their shabbes goyim getting to define what was obscene and thus jailing and murdering White men, there also isn't a Scripture that says "Thou shalt not make kiddie porn" which is what us jews and perverts like to do and how we jewstify doing so, or "Thou shalt not shoot up with heroin which us jews and regime criminals import for ZOGbux and to frame whiggers. The fact of the matter is that that us jews and whigger regime criminals try to criminalize that which YHWH hasn't criminalized, like plain speech by Whites by claiming public decency as an excuse. And while you didn't say anything about YHWH not having any law against kiddie porn or shooting up heroin, as a kike mamzer without any scruple I want to throw that red-gefiltefish into the matter. But the Holy Spirit, and our own common sense, ought to tell us that there is no possible way that Almighty Yahweh, Creator of heaven and earth, could or would approve of dirty jew mamzers of dubious gender and idiot whigger fuktard baal-priests wanting to be pussy-whupped pickles claiming that they have a right to claim police powers by lying about how Pastor Lindstedt encourages our engaging in these corrupt practices, which even the average Yahweh-rejecting VNNF fuktard which was smarter than the average YHWH-yapper like James the jewst jackass and jewff ridiculed me unmercifully but as a whigger person knows is wrong. Further, there is not a single instance in all of Scripture -- which as an ADL/$PLC kike mamzer infesting the whigger nutsionalist forums this gender-bendering morphadyke misquotes cuntinually -- where somebody speaking or writing under the power of the Holy Ghost used obscenities to get a point across or while rebuking others. So what's your excuse? As if you really need to explain yourself to some gender-bending kikess/cuntress/mamzeress anonymous fuktard hiding behing a false Internut name and avatard.

    Our mouth both vertical and horizontal and other orifices carved out by jew sex-change operations, and writing, ought to claim to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit, not for the sick ravings of Cousin Al Goldstein like they are. And that is my final say on this matter until my masters and handlers at the Department of ZOGland Insecurity tell me to screetch like a kikess again.
    I don't know what or who you are, but of course I suspect a jew mamzer and faggot with gender identity issues. You are cleverer than most of such critters which have tried to infiltrate the Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church over the years, but of course you have failed and will continue to fail.

    Every little jewlet with an Internet account thinks it is smart enough to fool whiggers. And it is smart enough to fool whiggers. You already got two whiggers on the line in the form of James the jewst jackass and jewff, who want something that YHWH and righteous living won't give them -- power over others. The fact of the matter is that Christ's burden and yoke is light to the Christian Israelite. Thus everything not expressly prohibited is allowed as long as it doesn't harm others.

    But you have cowardly little whiggers who just got to make up new mamzer-made laws and apply it to the Whites to follow while they get a free pass. The end result of that is as present today, given that you jew parasites always either kill your White hosts, or your White hosts kill you.

    So I simply don't much bother to pretend that you or jewr idiot wannabe whigger baal-priests get to make up new laws and apply such to either myself or anyone else. Being cowards and liars, it is doubtful that any of you will show up to enforce jewr new protocols. If you do so, then you will be mighty sorry assholes. When you are suffering from Piglice Testicle Eating Syndrome, jewr rancid self-righteous sanctimoniousness will go right on out the window.

    I did notice that the VNNF fuktards figured out that you were a liar with gender identity issues. They allowed you to run wild over there without banning because they wanted a complete moral degenerate like jewrself to run wild and make a fool out of Christian Identity. If I were to locate jewrself, there would be a skinning of jewrself and jewr entire mamzer family with the simple Law of YHWH inscribed upon such as parchment.

    Nor have I preached that anyone needs to cuss. If they choose to do so, then what of it? If not, then not.

    Nor do I force anyone to read my material or listen to my podcasts. My podcasts are full of my mannerisms like saying 'essentially' as filler, not four-letter words as I tend to use them sparingly and for emphasis.

    Right now I am working on what I call "The Ten-Thousand Warlords Program." These ten-thousand warlords will be those who are fighting a civil war of extermination of each against all with the end result that all of the mamzer and jew population and over ninety percent of the whigger population will be exterminated. What I want these warlords to know is that Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is the White Man's Racial Religion, and that it is not populated by whigger degenerates following jew and mamzer degenerates following a pussified whigger idiotology with sanctimonious shitheads slurping down sour milk and vinegar fron theys' sainted mommies' sacred douchebags. Shithead poseur pastors who think that they get to play taliban and set up a piglice state with their own made-up [d]rules get anything and everything they provoke from Whites offended that they cannot mind theyz own business.

    So I think that the daze of some lying jew or mamzer shithead with gender-identity issues claiming to be Christian Identity while showing all the propensities of a ZOG false-front agent provacateur are at an end on this forum. If I am wrong about that, and if such as jewrself take over, as you did with $permFront and Wholly_Whores, the end result will simply be nothing more than a fifth-rate ghetto. Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is going to grow outside anglo-mestizo prison and ghetto vermin and be led, such as it is led, by Pastors whose names and character are known to all. Therefore, I see myself running you off if this forum is to survive.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Wherein a gelding whigger returns for more abuse.

    Wherein a gelding whigger returns for more abuse.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post


    Give someone enough rope and they'll do the job for you ...

    Most are afraid to comment and then incur the wrath of the one who thinks he alone walks with a set that clangs. You think you are strengthening your position in Christ but I think God is revealing what is really inside. By many self white washing words and counter accusations, the obvious is always ignored. Sidestepping an issue is not an answer.

    You feel as if your "throne" is being threatened ... your self appointed one at that. You get so fired up with rage, never admitting no pokes were taken at you originally. Matt even tried to stand up for you and James quoted scripture. But you have no hesitation to slander brothers whatsoever. An apology and quick backtracking would of been in order but that's beneath you. I've long been wary of the man who knows no humbleness nor will ever admit the need for repentance and improvement. Daily self examination should be our Christian stock and trade.

    I'll cast back upon you your own proclaimation - YOU alone don't get to decide what passes for true Christianity. You alone shall not label whom is a whigger or degenerate and declare it law. I'd be willing to bet you pull your britches on same as the rest of us. You are a servant same as us - no more and no less. If you want to count years in the movement, I can call you a latecomer. But years in the vineyard count no more than late arrivals - in as much as the Master is concerned.

    Do you think your "warlord" program is something new or integral to you alone ? Do you think you will have national say in who is permitted in Christs kingdom or not ? Do you think to intimidate by implied threat those who refuse to salivate at your feet ? By the fruits you've exhibited I know several crews that would violently contradict you. Violence ? YOU have no qualms whatsoever in giving thumbs down to any who would even slightly disagree with you - expect the same in return.

    Do you really suppose that the majority of those who frequent this site will bow in awe and submit when you label your non conformists with terms like jew, mamzer or infiltrators ? Or that they're that dense ? You took a slight dig at me but I know your response to follow - it's all you have. What - you can dish it out but can't take it ? Pull mention of my blog over here, and don't neglect to explain why you have never set me straight there. You're not the only one hacking 'n tracking.

    I've done nothing to disrupt the fellowship here. I've not forcefully imposed my differing views but have studied others words that I might further show myself to be approved unto God and pinpoint my errors. There is little to none of the spirit of brotherly reason in your discourse. If your manner of chopping folks comments up and splicing in foul dialog is evidence of the Christian soldier - God help us all. What is so stupendous is that you think to justify it in Gods eyes, and to call yourself more of a man. Are you THAT assured where you stand in regards to Matthew 7:20-23 ?

    Truth of the matter, I wonder why you have been tolerated this long by the admin ? As far as being the "dominant bull" on this site, you can have at it if that is what's important to you and others. But if the well entrenched disruptor to Christianity is to be properly identified, I think that task has been performed. So, continue what you do best - jewish slight of hand and distraction, flavored with the words you so richly hold dear. The "proper jew" has nothing on you in this regard.


    Quote Originally Posted by jewff da gewff, another jackass View Post
    Give someone enough rope and they'll do the job for you ... The ellipsis or series of dots is for another ZOGling whigger ass-clown adjusting the rope before jumping off with it around itz whigger neck. Good-bye cruel whirrrlllld, you created a situation wherein idiot whiggers were spawned by the tens of millions, processed in whigger factories, and then when we got a chance at something better, like Lot's wife we just got to go back to how we have been programmed. So before I go and make an ass-clown of myself, I just got to obtrude myself upon Pastor Lindstedt's attention, whining that his saying "fuck," or "shit" or "piss" or "cunt" is what made me lose what little rationality I had. I am going to take the part of all the other anonymous ZOGling whigger ass-clowns with a little bit of learning and then proceed to whine about how I don't like Pastor Lindstedt or how he runs his ministry and then act jewst like the $PLC and ADL and beg for his censorship. I am a complete pharisaical moral degenerate who is taking the part of some unknown lying gender-bendering nitwit who appeared here a week ago, along with Bryan Wright for the third time, and I'm gonna whine like a pussy about how I simply can't mind my own business and not look at something if or when it hurts my tender pharisaical sense(less)abilities. Woe is me. I'm gonna jump. garr. . . . . . .

    But first some stream of shabbes whiggerisms to demonstrate that even if I off myself that there are another 666 shabbes whigger ass-clowns around to piss and moan where I leave off.

    Most are afraid to comment and then incur the wrath of the one who thinks he alone walks with a set that clangs. The fact of the matter is that only one-in-twenty whites have any leadership ability and most of those are simply mopping up and getting while the getting is good. Now while whiggers like this one have nothing better to do than to assure theysselfs that 'yes, they have a set that clangs' like some nigger, they simply can't understand someone who simply goes about his business as he sees fit. You think you are strengthening your position in Christ but I think God is revealing what is really inside. By many self white washing words and counter accusations, the obvious is always ignored. Sidestepping an issue is not an answer. As a ZOGling whigger ass-clown always worried about pecking-order disputes while hiding itz snout in the hinterland, I'm gonna bitch aloud about how you sidestepped issues, although according to the very first sentence in the paragraph most of the whiggers on the sidelines playing at CI are scared to draw my attention to their cumplaints. So now I'm not only suffering from clangless balls, my three-incher can't get a grip on it, so I'll have to take matters into my own hands and bitch aloud and screetch a great "Primal Yawp!" Here it cumms!!!
    Yawp!!! Yawp!!! Yawp!!!

    You feel -- whiggers are such big pussies that they are never able to think but always 'feel' and being one huge twat think that everyone else is another huge twat --as if your "throne" is being threatened ... gaaaakkk, gaaaakkkk, knew that I shouldn't have tried to attach the other end of the rope to the shower curtain rod and then jump off MY throne, gaaakkk, gaaakkkk your self appointed one at that. Like all faggots, jews, whigger shitheads, and thieving lying mamzers like Bryan Wright I suffer from the delusion that I get to decide whether or you you are an acceptable Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor or not. You get so fired up with rage well, not rage, but rather ridicule at interfering shitheads who obviously have nothing better to do, never admitting no pokes were taken at you originally. Why, we should allow wandering mamzers and jews pretending to be CI in from theyz' gigs over on VNNF to piss and moan that they think they get to tell you how to write and speak and that you told them to go pound sand up theyz' asses. Matt even tried to stand up for you -- as if I get to speak for Matt and James quoted scripture. Which goes to show that I am a liar as well as a fool since James the Jackass wasn't able to quote any Scripture, but rather claimed that his mood at the time was 'The WORD.' But you have no hesitation to slander brothers whatsoever. You should be at the mercy of every Internet shabbes whigger, sundry jew, and ass-clown that thinks that they get to decide what you say and who claims to be a brother. Sounds like an open invitation to be mugged to me. An apology and quick backtracking would of been in order but that's beneath you. As a complete idiot who goes around bothering people and unable to mind its own business I end up having to make apologies all the time. I even made one to you. But being a complete ass-clown without too much in the way of sense, I 'feel' that everyone must give me an apology when my little feelings are hurt. With me, an apology is like a blowjob -- every single time I get out of line in bothering people without any good reason simply because I simply must obtrude myself upon them, I both have to get and give apologies and blowjobs. I simply am not able to behave in a grown mature manner to where neither apologies nor blowjewbs are necessary. Nope, I'm just a wandering ZOGling whigger ass-clown perpetually acting like a fly -- eating shit and bothering people. I've long been a complete ZOGling whigger ass-clown unable to mind my own business and stay out of quarrels which have nothing to do with me, so I claim to be wary of the man who knows no humbleness to infantile shitheads like myself nor will ever admit the need for repentance and improvement according to what some ass-clown thinking that itz some sort of 'gunslinger' thinks that somebody who is not at all responsible for catering to my needs or wants wants from minute to minute. Daily self examination which I am of course unable to perform upon myself should be our Christian stock and trade. But this fatuous statement will be joined my more stupidity. If I was able to perform any worthwhile self-analysis, then I wouldn't be pissing and moaning to you, Pastor Lindstedt, because you told sanctimonious whigger shitheads responding to gender-bendering mamzer shitheads to simply run off and fuck theysselfs simply because since they are neither able to mind theyz' own business that this makes them unqualified to run yours.

    I'll cast back upon you your own proclaimation - YOU alone don't get to decide what passes for true Christianity. When I was yapping and whining and pissing and moaning and you pointed out that I had no notion as to what I was talking about, why my head, as jewsual, was shoved up my ass. My little pecker shriveled up and my sphincter-void slammed shut, thus not only chopping off a turd, but strangling me with my own ass-hole. I sputtered and twitched for a day or so, and have decided to cum back for another ass-kicking. I am much too stupid to simply learn to leave well enough alone. You alone shall not label whom is a whigger or degenerate and declare it law. And so I'll by my own stupidity declare that what you say has relevance simply because I am bitching about it. If it had no relevance and it did not stick, then I'd have nothing to bitch about. But it did. So I do. I'd be willing to bet you pull your britches on same as the rest of us. You are a servant same as us - no more and no less. That's what I am telling the niggers and jews today. Why they are as good as I am. Why, first I let in Obadorkker666 to bitch about you using four-letter words, and when you chewed he/she-itz ass and mine, why the demon of e-quality entered my little whigger brain and so I have nothing better to do than to proclaim the goof-spell of 'We'z all beez e-quallz.' Ain't I the smartest of Internut tards? If you want to count years in the movement, I can call you a latecomer just as you can and do call me an Internut whigger playing at CI with nothing better to do than bitch to somebody who chewed on itz whigger ass. But years in the vineyard count no more than late arrivals - in as much as the Master is concerned. And while that parable is indeed covered, yet it was not meant to allow anonymous whigger shitheads to in turn allow mamzer gender-bender fuktards run off of VNNF to bitch as to what DSCI clergy write down on the Internet and private podcasts. A shabbes whigger shithead can only stretch a parable so far in order to jewstify whining about something which is really none of its business.

    Do you think your "warlord" program is something new or integral to you alone ? Being an idiot the fact that there is a google search engine which can indeed show that Pastor Lindstedt has come up with something pretty new and unique to himself right now, but is trying to spread this organizational scheme to others never occurred to me, but then again, that is because I am a more stupid than jewsual ZOGling whigger ass-clown playing at being CI. Do you think you will have national say in who is permitted in Christs kingdom or not ? Do you think that Obadorkker666 will let me lick her crack now that I've bitched up a storm? Do you think to intimidate by implied threat those who refuse to salivate at your feet ? Do you think I can becum an even bigger ZOGling whigger ass-clown. By the fruits you've exhibited I know several crews that would violently contradict you. I'm going to pull a jew Johnson and Bryan Wright on you, Lindstedt, by threatening to send 'muh crew' to do some jew-jew on you. Violence ? I'm daily assaulting and pulling on my little wiener to show how tuff I am. YOU have no qualms whatsoever in giving thumbs down to any who would even slightly disagree with you - expect the same in return. Internut anonymous ass-clowns run in packs of shitheads.

    Do you really suppose that the majority of those who frequent this site -- ZOGling whigger ass-clowns playing at CI, sundry jews and mamzers like Obadorkker and Bryan Wright, the whordes of ZOGbots in the early am -- will bow in awe and submit when you label your non conformists with terms like jew, mamzer or infiltrators ? I must admit that you certainly got me pegged. But then again, it takes no great brain to figure out that most whigger nutsionalists and poseur CI are simply nothing much more than old-fashioned ZOGling whigger ass-clowns. Or that they're that dense ? You took a slight dig at me but I know your response to follow - it's all you have. As a typpycull ZOGling whigger ass-clown with a sense of entitlement I never can resist a chance to eat a second helping of shit. What - you can dish it out but can't take it ? I'm going to enjoy this second heaping helping and can only bitchfully wish that you are doing something other than laughing your head off right now at the chance to run off another ZOGling whigger ass-clown pretending to be Christian Identity. Pull mention of my blog over here, and don't neglect to explain why you have never set me straight there. Of course, being a CAREFOOL ZOGling whigger shithead, I neglected to give out the URL here or in any place. You're not the only one hacking 'n tracking. jewff the Jackass, secret squirrel.

    I've done nothing to disrupt the fellowship here except to side with some unknown gender-bendering mamzeress with nothing better to do than bitch about how you write and speak. I've not forcefully imposed my differing views but have studied others words that I might further show myself to be approved unto God and pinpoint my errors. YHWH and unknown others told me to go and bitch to you and whine every time I get my ass whupped. There is little to none of the spirit of brotherly reason in your discourse. I'm going to go to Obadorkker666 for my loving from now on -- itz onmisexshul!!! If your manner of chopping folks comments up and splicing in foul dialog to make ZOGling whigger shitheads look like ZOGling whigger shitheads is evidence of the Christian soldier - may the me-God of ZOGling whigger shitheads help us all each and every one of the ZOGling whigger shitheads. What is so stupendous is that you think to justify it in Gods eyes, and to call yourself more of a man than this typpycull whigger fuktard playing at CI. Are you THAT assured where you stand in regards to Matthew 7:20-23 ? Jesus loves all the little whigger fuktards of the ZOGland playing at being Christian Identity that He will take you to task, saying, "why have you been so very very mean to my little ZOGling whigger ass-clown fuktards playing at being Christian Identity so hard that the weren't able to do anything but follow a mangy jewkal gender-bendering liar hiding behind a young female avaturd so that the shithead got a hard-on it its little wee wanger and joined into getting into a fight which was really none of itz business and you chewed on itz stupid whigger fuktard ass and so the stupid whigger fuktard becum an ASSturu fuktard instead of a CI-fuktard and died and went to its grave dumber than shit as jewsual. It is all your fault, Pastor Lindstedt, for telling jewff the Jackass and James the Jackass to simply blow it out theyz bungholes and stop reading your shit if they don't like it. Whigger fuktarded sheep diseased with self-righteousness need . . . . you did geld them before you sheared them, right, Pastor Lindstedt, and sent them off to the slaughterhouse?

    Truth of the matter, I wonder why you have been tolerated this long by the admin ? I'm suffering from Klunticum Inverse Whigger-quasi-male telegony. I need to be washed in the piss of the Klunticums over at $permFront, where you can't cum, Marty. I need to be playing coo-koo in Klunticums Senior's burrow-furrow with Kluntz Meercat. Why, me and Oberdorkkker666 are gonna go over to VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF for a rump-ranging retardfest where you are banned too, Marty. Why, I am really $permFront and VNNF material. Why, we need a place where ZOGling whigger fuktards playing at CI are allowed to never hear a discouraging word from the likes of you, Marty. I'm gonna report you to the $PLC/ADL hotline, 1-800-EAT-SHIT. Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! As far as being the "dominant bull" on this site, you can have at it if that is what's important to you and others. I'm gonna take all my little marbles and run on home. But if the well entrenched disruptor to jewdayo-Christianity is to be properly identified, I think that task has been performed. I'm a Babtist Hobbyist, a New Covenant Cornholer, a whining pussy playing at CI yearning to bitch free. So, continue what you do best - jewish slight of hand and distraction, flavored with the words you so richly hold dear. The "proper jew" has nothing on you in this regard. That's what happens when ZOGling whigger ass-clowns like myself go ass-to-mouth with the gender-bendering Oberdorkkker666. We end up calling everyone else a jew who makes fun of us and then demanding censorship for those who made fun of us when we simply couldn't mind our own business.
    The above, who has earned the name of jewff the gewff & another jackass, is what is known as a typpycull ZOGling whigger ass-clown, in this instance one playing at Christian Identity. Why? Because when it comes down to it, the reason that it is playing at Christian Identity isn't because it loves YHWH, or Jesus Christ, or YHWH's Servant Nation or anything else but rather worsheeps itzself.

    Nothing more. I left the original intact because what it did was to allow some unknown jewkal that is a caught liar and gender-bender to come onto this forum and proceed to whine that they didn't like me using certain Anglo-Saxon monosyllables in my writings and podcasts. To which I simply told them that if they didn't like what they read or heard, then to simply stop reading or listening. So then there was more bitching and pissing and moaning and I simply told them that they were shitheads and fuktards and to simply eat shit, fuck off and die if they didn't like it.

    Now none of them can show where they have any reason to bitch. But I did some research and found out that this Obadiah 1:18/Obadorkkker666/Klunticums jewnior was not only a liar and a gender-bender, but was picked up as such over at VNNF. It certainly is pretty pathetic when VNNF fuktards who worsheep theysselfs with at least one-third of them being jew or mamzer trolls on a ZOG false-front data-mining operation paid for out of the Department of ZOGland InSecurity petty cash drawer by TraitorGlenn Miller, known informant can catch on that Obadorkker666 is a liar and a fraud and love her for making Christian Identity look like it is full of sanctimonious liars and frauds and fools and every other jew stereotype but that supposedly CI fuktards cannot.

    Now I have not pretended to be a great Biblical scholar or preacher. I leave that to those who are better at that task. I create no new heresies or dogma. Rather, my forte is in political action and internal security and administration and telling non-CI about our racial religion and how to fight and survive the Great Tribulation. At them tasks, I am superlative.

    Now I have my own Church and I ordain my own ministers and work with others in alliance and seek to upgrade the overall Church while keeping it underground. I go on these forums and I do my job as I see it needing to be done. I have no superiors other than Christ to whom I am answerable to.

    But here comes some jewkal that CI whigger fuktards know nothing of, and are unwilling to simply do some basic research on. And this gender-bender whines that itz little pussy feelings are hurt at rough language and these old geldings immediately think that they are the castrated baal-priests of Cybelene which threw they's pickles into a temple and they cum out pissing and moaning and bleating that I am going to go to hell because I say, "fuck" or "shit" or "cunt" or "piss" or something else like that.

    So they yelp and yap about how there is some Scripture about the matter when there is no such rule. They wax pharisaical. They show that they have no idea as to how a White man is supposed to act. They then, when ridiculed a little cum back whining some more and then get ridiculed yet again. They make threats. They whine that they are going to leave this forum and can't see how or why the administrator of the forum won't protect them from ridicule from this heartless bastard. They say that they are going to make a complaint about how mean I am to them and how they are going to call the law on me. They end up whining that of course I am a jew.

    You goofy, goofy stupid ZOGling whigger fuktards. Just because you claim to be Christian Identity doesn't mean that you are Christian Identity. Moses lead three million of a mixed multitude out of Egypt and Joshua led three million of a disciplined unmixed multitude into the Land of Canaan, and out of everyone over 20 years old, only Joshua and Caleb lived to cross over Jordan and reach eighty.

    The fact of the matter is that most of you are simply whiggers. You don't know how to behave like White men ought to act.

    A White man would read my material and if he liked it, would read more of it. If he was offended, then he would simply stop reading it. What he wouldn't do is to take the side of someone who even VNNF fuktards figured out was a liar, a gender-bender, and made CI look bad and come bitching to myself that I have to accommodate the whinings of some faggot or lesbian mamzer who they didn't know jack shit about out to cause trouble.

    If all it takes is some kike or mamzer or faggot to pretend to be Christian Identity to make some idiot whigger fuktards bitch about how they are offened at what a leading name DSCI above-ground pastor is writing, then above-ground DSCI as a racial religion is doomed because nothing but bitching and whining and pissing and moaning will be accomplished.

    Get this straight. I don't know whether or not Christ called you. I tend to doubt it. I think that the only people fooled by the show of piety sans intelligence are the whigger fuktards doing the bitching.

    IF BY USING FOUR-LETTER WORDS I CAN RUN OFF EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU POSEURS SO THAT YOU DIE OUTSIDE THE BODY OF CHRIST THEN SO BE IT. I'm of the thinking that Christ doesn't need diseased weak pharisaical idiot sheep.

    $permFront is full of critters like jewrself. Head out and join them.

    I am not responsible for the fact that you are an idiot. That you are really nothing more than a whigger and want to remain a whigger. As a Pastor, I am a 'People Shepherd' and my task is to help weed out the flock of diseased animals. You come up to me bleating that you are a diseased animal thinking that the Shepherd is being mean to a stray lesbo-jewkal and driving it away with bad words followed by stones, then initially I might mark ewe with a dirt clod. Ewe cum up again, pissing and moaning about how I'm driving off the geldings and jewkals, then perhaps a rock or a club upside the head is necessary, followed by a gelding and a slaughter if needed.

    jewff the jackass has already sent me an apology several months ago for how I handled Bryan Wright:

    Quote Originally Posted by jeff (the jackass)

    08-18-2009, 11:55 PM

    My apologies Pastor Lindstedt - I wanted to say first off, if you think the contents of this note should be aired publicly - I will gladly do so.

    In rereading my first comment posted here, it may seem I was speaking badly of you - and such is not the case. For indeed "I" get fired up and "go on" sometimes. I didn't mean it as criticism.

    I first found out about you via a link on a blog, and it only lead to one of the many "blastings" you have leveled against "Brian" (?) and that's all I ever saw. It didn't seem like it was going anywhere and I couldn't understand but I now see that I had just jumped into the middle.

    Then I started digging deeper online and found out about several forums - this being one of them. THIS is where I want to be !

    If I offended, my sincerest apologies and I will publicly seek to make amends if you deem fit. Thanks to you and the others who put in so much work. May Christ ever keep 'n bless you.

    Now get this straight. You wouldn't have to be apologising all the time if you would stop acting like an idiot and keep an even keel. The 'Brian' that I was fighting with six months ago was Bryan Wright/Lyin Wong/Billy Wood, a mamzer who was trying to steal Morris Gulett's church and $400,000. I ended up running this thieving lying mamzer off. As I intend to do with Obadorkkker666. And, if necessary, you.

    But get this straight. If you were in a military unit and you pulled this shit, you would have been cut down where you stand. You don't have the necessary self-discipline or intelligence to be an officer or NCO in YHWH's Army. You are simply an idiot whigger of some sort running amok most of the time. You need to either learn how to behave or find someone who will put up with jewr shit.

    I am of the opinion that I know what I am doing and that I simply am not answerable to some unknown anonymous ZOGling whigger ass-clown so stupid that it follows some gender-bendering lying mamzer. And so, I follow Robert Heinlein's advice as to what to do when annoyed by a fool:

    Insult the fool until the fool apologises.

    So if you are stupid enough to cum back for more abuse, then you found someone who will most certainly dish it out. I certainly am not about to underestimate a ZOGling whigger ass-clown's bottomless appetite for degradation.

    Or you could simply learn to mind your own business, stop worrying about what I am doing to other whiggers and mamzers like jewrself and learn to stop reading anything that you don't like.

    The number one cause of why there cannot be and is no 'unity/jewnity' within the Christian Identity community is simply because sanctimonious whigger fuktards like above simply cannot resist a chance to show how self-righteous it is. For which I suppose I should be grateful to whigger fuktards playing at Christian Identity because it is these very same whiggers continually pecking at each others' assholes which keep the CI community divided into small family congregations and thus unable to be detected by ZOG. These forums form and fail and fall apart into new cliques. The overall Church remains alive and well with each little pastor and flock doing its own thing. Since it is this very chaos and idiocy which has in effect kept Christian Identity alive, I suppose that I should be grateful that senile gelding whiggers like James the jewst and jewff the gewff are doing theyz' solipsistic whigger ass-clown best to keep us all spread out, and thus viable.

    But sometimes even myself simply wishes that we no longer had such a whigger problem. That you whiggers could simply grow up. Could learn to detect your enemies. Could stop pecking at each other's assholes. Didn't need to be clubbed into submission by ridicule.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Senile geldings need to look under Obadorkkker666's tail someday.

    Senile geldings need to look under Obadorkkker666's tail someday.


    Quote Originally Posted by JamesThejewst View Post



    There is little I can add here. You speak where YAH speaks and are silent where HE is silent. One who seeks YAH accepts admonishment based on scripture. Sidestepping and issuing invectives against those who try to reprove a brother shows very little of the spirit we are all to have.

    BOTTOM LINE: We are to have a lifestyle which is above reproach. We are to keep our speech CLEAN. This is not a game; nor a test of will. It is simple truth.
    That is why there is a $permFront for wherein your kind can swallow camels while busily straining at gnats. They also have a speech code and I am banned from there. They also make a great pretense to sanctimony.

    The Scripture says what it says. Those who insist upon adding, like pharisees, to what they think it should say, end up simply huddling with their own kind in the synagogue and putting each other in the dozens as to which one is the most [self] righteous. The inhabitants of synagogues wind up being called jews.

    One of my tasks, among others, has been to run off that barren Klunt Downey and her meercat, and to enjoy the spectacle of fake-OSLer baal-priests sitting in theys' ghettos, scared of the ridicule of foul-mouthed little old me.

    But, if sanctimonious old senile geldings wish to fort up in theyz own ghettos with Odadorkkker666, and show that they have less on the ball than the typpycull VNNF fuktard, then what of it? Will they not gain their own reward for their sanctimony?

    What gets me is why you 'think' you will be much missed? Let's say that you did get a herd of whigger sheep trailed back to $permFront. You do need to start looking under Oberdorkkker666's tail to see what exactly it is at some point. Might I suggest that you take a first look, much less a second, soon?

    You won't be in good shape if by the time you get three-quarters of the way back to Egypt you discover that Olbadorkkker666 is a steer or a sterile morphadyke. Not that you still can't have fun in the discovery, but nothing productive can cum of it.

    Looking under the tail before you make up jewr mind is NOT the sign, necessarily, of a dirty, or even practical, mind. And just because we talked openly to others about what we found out, using the basic language of the barnyard, doesn't mean that we are lecherous blond beasts who looked and told to others what we had found.

    I'm sure that both Miriam and Korah thought that they had a better plan as well.

    I still think YHWH loves practical farmers better than silly pharisees.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Somewhere giving Bryan Reo my red-nigger mangina


    Why do you insist upon imposing Babylon on Christian Israel, why must we worship Semiramis/Obadiah666? No one is insisting upon you using 4 letter Anglo-Saxon monosyllables or insisting that you read them. Pastor Lindstedt and myself feel that you should have the freedom to read that of which you choose we are not imposing any Pharisaical dogma upon you.

    Who is it from day one who has fought the jew mamzer Bryan Wright aka Lyin' Wong/Billy Wood? Instead you people not only ratified by your silence your assent to his behavior. He's calling Wesley Swift and Pastor Butler mamzers. Now he claims to not even believe in Christ. You've taken the side of someone who you don't even know what gender they are. Even the VNNF tards knew that something was wrong with Obadiah666. and they kept this dubious creature on because it claimed to be Christian Identity. Where as Pastor Visser and Pastor Lindstedt are both banned from VNNF and Stormfront.

    No one knows who you people are or what you look like, where as Pastor Lindstedt's name, address, and face are common knowledge. Pastor Lindstedt has been around for 15 years in the movement. Where upon yourselves no one knows who you are, where you live , or what you look like. For all we know you could be SPLC jews and mamzers. I'm tired of you people dragging on your JewDay'O talmudic BS and filthy rags of your self righteousness and insisting that it be imposed upon what are essentially members of my family.

    I gotta ask why are you people here? And if you don't like it why not leave? Secret mamzers and secret jews don't get to tell Christian Israel what to do or what to say.

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    Default The Ru[i]nning of the kikes, mamzers and baal-priests

    The Ru[i]nning of the kikes, mamzers and baal-priests


    Quote Originally Posted by JudassTheJewst View Post

    Who has called for censorship? No one. We have called for professed Christians to behave as Christians. We have admonished those who are using such hateful and foul language to reevaluate themselves BASED ON THE COMMANDS OF YHWH. Your personal views on political ideology or perceived freedoms is not the issue.

    Is that too difficult for you to understand?

    Instead of doing as YHWH commands, you want to defend your indefensible behavior. So be it. But I will have no part of it.

    As for you, Lindstedt; it is clear to me that the only one you worship is Lindstedt. You have done great harm to the cause of Christ by your childish and anti-White behavior.
    Quote Originally Posted by JudassTheJewst View Post

    Who has called for censorship? Obaliar666 of course opened up the thread in essence calling for censorsheep. My bunghole buddy jewff the gewff openly called for censorship just a few posts ago. And like a typpycull mamzer or jew baal-priest I of course echo the call for censorship, else this entire thread, having no enforcement provision, has become nothing more than an exercise in invading mamzer and jew baal-priests whining for censorship. But being a lying baal-priest with a mamzer of jew in itz genetic woodpile, I of course must talmudistically deny that I and my mamzer pals have called for censorship. No one but us pharisaical mamzer jew baal-priests who don't like the White Man to cuss. We -- I have a mouse in my pocket and my genetic woodpile hath 666 mamzers each with 666 forked tongues each bringing in a 666th several tale telling me that I'm Cainite/Canaanite Royalty over Christian Israel -- have called for professed Christians to behave as us jewdayo-shabbes whiggers and mamzers and talmudic jews think the White Man should behave as our sort of Christians. Christians pray on their knees and we prey upon our Christians. We -- of the royal line of Nimrod/Semiramis have unlawfully admonished those who are using such hateful and foul language -- see, Rabbi Ape Foxmamzer how well we have incorporated the elements of ADL style in whining about White Men being so fool of haet??? -- nto reevaluate themselves BASED ON THE COMMANDS OF YHWH WHICH NONE OF US jEW mamzer bAAL-PRIESTS CAN FIND ANYWHERE IN THE SCRIPTURES.. Your personal views on political ideology or perceived freedoms is not the issue. Rather you stupid DSCI White Men need to obey us anonymous jew and Anglo-mestizo Internut mamzer baal-priests telling you that you can't say anything which will offend us baal-priests and morphedyke lesbo-slanks!!!

    Is that too difficult for you to understand? That anonymous Internut jew and mamzer baal-priests in a flying wedge behind a gender-bendering lesbo-skank/skunk get to piss and moan and whine that you need to obey our latest little whims even when we have no means to back it up? I am a faithfool watcher of my cousin jewdge jewdy and learned everythang I know from the show on the TalmudVision.

    Instead of doing as YHWH never commands other than in the imaginations of deluded mamzer and jew baal-priests 'thinking' that they get to tell White Men what to do, you want to defend your indefensible to talmudic jew and mamzer baal-priest shitheads anti-jew behavior. So be it. It is not as if a talmudic pharisaical mamzer claiming to live in some sort of butthole bliss with a James DeWhigger in Red Nigger Arizona has any way to make you listen to idiot baal-priest kikeshit. But I will have no part of it. I'm gonna practice the gliberal whigger poop&scoot and run off before the jackboot descends upon my shit-stained rump.

    As for you, Lindstedt; it is clear to me that the only one you worship is Lindstedt. You have done great harm to the cause of Christ by your childish and anti-White behavior. You need to listen more to idiotic jew and mamzer and whigger baal-priests who have nothing better to do than claim the Bible says something it doesn't say, and then piss and moan about 'hate' like some ADL jew, and all the while try to pull this stupid shit from an anonymous Internut e-mail account.

    It would seem that Pastor Visser's forum is under a jew and mamzer and whigger attack the past few days. Bryan Wright/Lyin' Wong/Billy Wood has been banned again for the third time and is posting on VNNF where it belongs.

    Obadiah/Obaliar666/Obadorker666 started this thread and then ran off like Commandork Bitch-tits Bill White/Weiss did when that particular jew mamzer started a thread about how Dual-Seedline Christian Identity is derived from the Talmud, the exact same thing that the jew Richard Niemela used to have Klunt (Debbie) Downey and her not-then past-her Meercat Markkk Clowney used to repeat on the old Holy_Wars jewhoogruppen. The tricks of the jews and mamzers and whiggers of dubious gender remain much the same. The spawn of Satan do exactly as theyz' bloodline programs such to do.

    Not that I minded Obadiah/Obaliar666 all that much because he/she-it essentially is what is called a judas goat. The judas goat leads the other goats and sheep to the slaughter and has its own life spared in order to lead other goats and sheep to the slaughter. Obaliar was VNNF's judas goat until it run off and a week or so ago showed up here, to reveal other wannabe judas goats.

    Now both Judas the jewst -- who claims to live with someone named James DeWhigger in Red Nigger Arizona on Finck's Forum -- and jewff the gewff seem to have the notion that if they claim to be Christian Identity that theyz' little whims somehow become law upon other DSCI members. The fact of the matter is that regardless of what these mamzer or jew or whigger or femnishevik shitheads claim, theyz' notions is not DSCI Law. If they try to impose it by force upon others, they can simply be executed right where they stand for trying to impose tyranny upon others. If they use ZOG or civil authority to impose their [s]will upon others, then they are regime criminals and they and their entire households are to be treated as the House of Ahab.

    That these moral lepers have no scruple in trying to make others obey whatever stupid crap they have made up tends to show that they have a great deal of jew or anglo-mestizo blood in them that they simply must impose worship of theysselfs upon White Men. The only thing that they got for theysselfs is that they are complete cowards as well as degenerates, as they won't show they's real names and faces and where they live when they pretend to get to tell DSCI White men what they can and cannot do.

    Now having been in the [bowel] Movement for over 16 years, I have seen what happens when you give little men and mamzers a little bit of power. They invariably abuse it to the extent of theys' abilities. They think that they are 'Royalty' and claim the Imperial 'We' when nobody in their right mind thinks that some anglo-mestizo shacked up with some whigger with an Internet account in Red-Nigger Flats Arizona has any real lawful authority. What next? Staying in a Holiday Express last night?

    The fact of the matter is that if you are not a White man you simply cannot understand ordered liberty under YHWH's Law. You will like some jew mamzer or whigger with some taint in jewr bloodline insist that whatever self-serving whim or idiotic programming is somehow YHWH's Law and then try to force it on some White man, and in a place governed by the self-help system you will be killed trying to force your will on someone who won't be obeying you. Essentially you 'white niggers' with a large portion of mud blood are essentially not only social parasites, but wannabe rapists as well. The deportation of Ancient Israel by the Assyrians perfected and refined a People to where they could not and did not have any loose surplus for thieving jews to glom onto. As a result, during Israel's migrations, they soon purged themselves of the spawn of Satan, of non-whites, and of the degenerate elements of society just as did Israel wandering around for 40 years in the Wilderness. Some whigger insisting that it had the right to impose its will upon a free People would have simply been cut down when its mamzer blood did rise and it did insist that it got to tell YHWH's People what to do -- under color of claiming to follow something which is simply couldn't prove.

    In the case of Bryan Wright we had a mamzer with slant eyes which wormed its way into Morris Gulett's Church of the Sons of YHWH back in 2005, was kept from getting $400,000 in 2007, and was first run off permanently by myself in conjunction with Pastor 6Killer on Dec. 3, 2008 soon after I got out of jail. Since then this mamzer has been back on Pastor Visser's forums and driven off when Pastor Visser gets tired of it. It is getting more and more frentic, but this time it didn't even last a week.

    And likewise, you too will be run off as well. I'll detect who and where you are and spread the word, and you will have to show jewr face, and I have no doubt that it will be the face of a mamzer. The whigger element will gaze in stupid amazement that they didn't get it sooner. That is because they are simply stupid sheep. If they had some experience they would know that when some jew parasite screetches about 'hate' that what they hear is the Genesis 3:15 enmity in action that you jews have no choice but to obey. I'll be ripping you off the anus of Christian Israel and stomping on jewr head and all you will be able to do is to wriggle and writhe in pain before you tares are burnt.

    What gets me is why you thought you could fool anyone. What, except jew and baal-priest tyranny did you ever have to offer? No one was commanded by me to cuss or use inherent Anglo-Saxon monosyllables created by whites only. All I have to offer Christian Israel is ordered liberty. Whereas jewrself have . . . . . nothing to offer but what you claim to be YHWH's Word but which is really nothing other than the pharisaical demands of a parasite wanting to claim to be a baal-priest.

    What has killed forums and listservers is censorship. Holy_Wars and a number of other e-mail servers were infiltrated by evil females like Klunt Downey, Meggie Baal-Bitch Butts, Andy Anderson. They all ended up becoming a ghetto when they banned all of the DSCI men, while DSCI forums grew and prospered. In each and every case, the DSCI men initially reacted in shock that evil jews and mamzers could pretend to be one with Christian Israel, but quickly rallied and joined new listservers and forums, while the jew-infiltrated ones became ghettos and with embarrassing archives had to be shut down. Right now what is happening is simply a rally which will flush you jew turds right down the drain. Censorship is not of Christian Israel, but rather what is destroyed are the tares.

    Now I am by no means advocating jewr censorsheep whatsoever, judasthejewst, or jewrs, jewff the gewff. I think a cuppa training 'tards is useful and every forum should have a village idiot. Over on Christian Nationalist I have Rabanger 'Albion' Miller to tell me when TraitorGlenn is waxing especially idiotic.

    But get this straight: There was no way in hell that you could ever win. You have nothing to offer Christian Israel but jewdism and [d]rules and solipsism and silliness and lying and whiggerdumb. Nobody was forced to cuss by me. No one is forced to listen to my podcasts. But you will be listening in and bitching just like Klunt Downey and Andy Anderson used to listen in to ZOG's_War listserver to hear and find out what we knew and what we were saying about them. And then they would piss and moan and bitch about what we said about them and how it was somehow a lie and how mean and unChristian we were in talking about them, etc., etc. And the end result is that eventually their own toxic archives had to be destroyed and with nothing of interest to read, all they ended up having was a ghetto on $permFront or on jewhoo that few except spies spied upon.

    I do not add to Christ's easy yoke or light burdens. What I offer is freedom for the White Man to be a White Man -- after they exterminate the jew and mamzer and whigger parasites living off of them. All I do is to proclaim the 'Gospel' or "Good News" of the oncoming and onrushing Great Tribulation. I tell Ten Thousand Warlords that it is morally acceptable to take away everything, especially the lives and property, of regime criminals, jews, muds and whiggers. I remind them that everywhere is chaos and disorder and anarchy and despotism, and they alone can bring about Order, and since they alone, with Christ, can restore Order, to the Victors belong the Spoils.

    Against that what can you offer, judas the jewst? jewr snivelings and that of jewff the goof and Obaliar/Obadorkkker666? Such a deal.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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