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Thread: 'Victory' For the American People

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    Default 'Victory' For the American People

    'Victory' For The American People


    'Victory' For The American People

    Yeah, that's right. That's what that grinning devil said in his speech last night after he and his cronies broke every law, ignored every rule, and trashed every policy to pass that abortion Obamacare bill. Even though a whopping 76% of Americans despise that bill and are violently opposed to it, and even though tens of thousands of angry Americans stormed outside the White House last night, screaming at their leaders, and even though millions and millions of angry letters, calls, and faxes have poured in, threatening dire death to anyone that voted for that piece of crap, Obama passed it. He did it by bribing, threatening, blackmailing, and law breaking. Now he's gloating like a ghetto coon after a liquor store heist, beating his chest and ogabooging at the American public. I wanted to wipe that evil grin off his face with a 2 by 4 . . . .

    But if Mr. Chimps thinks it's all over now, he's in for one hellofa rude surprise. All hell is going to break loose once the reality of this crime sinks into the American people. Whites are way past mad already. Not just about the END to Medicare, Medicaid, and the establishment of a two tier medical system . . . . one for the rich and one for you, but they're angry over a whole raft of outrages that Washington has perpetrated on America over the past decade. Our nation is fast becoming a dirt poor, third world toilet full of greedy, violent mud people, communists, queers, gangstas, and every other form of bottom feeder imaginable. And on top of this, the government is digging ever deeper into pockets they've already expertly cleaned out, hoping there's something left besides pocket link they can steal. The IRS has become a monster, crushing the lives of countless hard working people, while the creeps in liberalville are giving away billions to not only our enemies around the world, but to every invader and parasite that comes along. The only person not getting anything are the ones producing . . . .

    The last time a situation like this arose, the guillotine gave all of France's leaders a "French haircut". If these creeps are careful, America might just start building some of their own. The revolutionary war was over taxation without representation. This is different. This is flat out robbery and the hijacking of our government and nation. Folks, time for talk is over. It's time for a revolt. Hillary Clitton has just signed yet another treaty with our enemies in Europe to grab our guns, and there's another law in the Obamanation that also grabs millions more. That's right; a hidden rider in the bill. We're out of time. We either take these bastards out of power now, or they're going to consolidate it . . . . permanently. And after that they can and will do whatever the hell they want to do to you, your family, and this country . . . .

    I've talked a lot about revolt because I understand the nature of evil, and the nature of people. Evil never stops until you're dead, and people usually delay fighting until it's too late. Our only hope is to take them down first. And to do that we must get up and fight before they get the chance. Too many nations have fallen before by waiting. Have you forgotten Russia and China? Two large and powerful nations. Both are now forever communist because their people waited until evil was too strong to beat back. Scared? You damned well better be . . . .

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    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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    Default Social Insecurity And Other Thefts

    Social Insecurity And Other Thefts

    How many of you have heard of the IMF or International Monetary Fund? How many of you know
    what it is, and what it does, and who runs it? Well, I'm about to open your eyes and piss you off
    like no rant of mine has ever done before. So buckle up friends, because you're in for one hell of
    a ride. We've all learned recently that the Social Security fund is insolvent and will be bankrupt
    in a few years. Americans that have paid into it most of their lives stand a good chance of never
    getting it when they retire. Oh, the liberals have all kinds of glib excuses why this is so, and
    recently they've all jumped on the bandwagon that blames it on the economic collapse of last
    year. Horse shit! That fund was trashed fifteen years ago! I'm about to tell you how it happened,
    and who did it...

    Back then the IMF, or International Monetary Fund existed as a pet project for politicians to buy
    allies in the third world. They erroneously thought..and still do..that they could buy friends. Well
    in reality it doesn't work that way. You can't go stomping all over little countries for decades, and
    then turn around and expect to buy their loyalty with a few million. That only works with Jews.
    But since the Jews controlled the IMF, this thinking was prevalent. In fact the Jews still control
    the IMF, though on the surface it looks like the liberals do. That's just your typical window dressing.
    So these boobs went down to central and south America and made huge loans to all the despots
    running those Latin communist dictatorships. And of course those dictators were more than happy
    to sign any agreement those morons put in front of them, as long as it meant they could get their
    hands on all that American loot. And within the space of six months, every last Mestizo nation
    defaulted on the loans the IMF made them, leaving those idiot politicians holding the bag for over
    500 billion bucks! Well, the IMF was now empty, and it would never do for these morons to go
    back to the senate and report that they had lost all that money, just like the conservative senators
    had warned them they would. Their cheeks were galled. Then one of the Jews got a brainstorm!
    After all, everything the hated goyim owned was theirs by divine right, so they decided they'd
    illegally raid our Social Security fund! They all knew this was illegal as all hell. The Social
    Security fund was protected from the grasping, greedy hands of politicians by congressional
    law, and there were extremely stiff punishments for dipping into it. Well, the way these creeps
    figured it, they'd replace the money before anyone was the wiser. And just what were they
    going to do with all those juicy billions just lying there in our retirement fund? You're gonna
    just love this...

    Since all those corrupt, America hating dictators had defaulted on the loans they made them,
    they decided to give them more money! Yep, typical liberal logic. They took our money, went
    back down there to mudville, and made a whole new round of loans to the exact-same crooks
    that burned them the first time! Why? So they could theoretically use the new loan money to
    make the interest payments on the first loan! That way they could go back to the senate and
    wave these payment receipts in front of their enemies as proof that their program did indeed
    work. Well, as you might have guessed, as soon as the dictators got done laughing their evil
    asses off at the naive' gringos, they reneged on the second loans as well! This left the idiots
    at the IMF with egg all over their faces. After all, they were flat broke. But wait! There was still
    some money left in the Social Security fund! They could steal it and replenish their accounts,
    and the senate would never know the difference. After all, none of them were going to squeal
    on the massive theft they perpetrated on Social Security, or they'd all hang. And besides, it
    would be decades before anyone did any auditing of that fund, and by then they'd all either
    be retired from politics or dead, and it wouldn't matte anyway. They'd be untouchable. Screw
    the goyim!

    Oops! Then we had the collapse, causing our politicians to start a mad scramble for all available
    cash. And one of the first places many of these crooked bastards thought of, was our Social
    Security fund. They intended on repealing the protective law so they could empty the fund and
    use it to finance their pet pork projects. But when they got there, somebody had beaten them
    to it! Our fund was empty! And just as those thieving bastards predicted, not one of them were
    prosecuted for their part in one of the most massive thefts in history. So in a blind panic, they
    all had to start scrambling to find excuses as to why all our hard earned money was missing.
    Well, they did the most logical thing, they blamed it on the collapse! Of course there's a tiny
    percentage of Americans that know the truth about all this, but trying to get others to believe
    us has proven to be one hell of a job. And friends, this is just one of the outrages our so-called
    leaders have pulled on us. We are being systematically stripped of every scrap of wealth we
    have. Those bastards won't be satisfied until they've taken every last penny, every last coin,
    and every bit of jewelry we have. And once they'd broken us, they'll make slaves of those
    that remain. And most will obey meekly, because the liberal brainwashing they received all
    their lives in our communist schools will have conditioned them to be perfectly obedient.
    They will do what they are told without question, as long as they are promised Big Macs
    and air conditioning. Think I'm joking? Go ask your kids what they think of democracy and

    And Social Security is not the only casualty of their evil, not by a long shot. These greedy,
    thieving bastards have been very busy indeed, not only filling up their campaign coffers with
    protected money, but also filling their personal bank accounts as well. Just look at Obama
    for example. When he took office, he was just another dirt poor street ape. Now he's worth
    over 50 million! Kinda makes you wonder where all that money came from, now doesn't it?
    Oogabooga! We know for a fact that he made a pile in bribes from various anti-American
    lobbies, as well as a fortune from monsters like Soros, and he also made a ton on the
    TARP deal. But it's also a well known scandal in DC that every last crooked politician
    that could figure a way into it, was filling his pockets with our Social Security money. If
    a pet project couldn't get the funding, well they'd just to go the sacred cow under cover of
    red tape and milk it for all it was worth, filling their own pockets in the process. After all,
    with all that money, who'd miss a few measly million? And since the IMF fiasco, they've
    been raiding it continually. Now you know where all the Social Security money went.
    Don't you feel better now? It went the same place the twenty-six trillion went that the
    Jews stole from the federal reserve and the stock market, bankrupting our country. Both
    Washington and Franklin warned us sternly not to let the damned Jews into our country,
    or they'd end up putting us in the poorhouse. Well you liberals and bleeding heart anti-
    racists, they were right...

    Now, to take up the slack for their runaway raiding of the fund, our politicians are now telling
    us that they need to kick people off Social Security and start denying others, and reducing
    the already ridiculously low amount they pay retirees. Most SS recipients don't get enough
    to live on as it is, and are barely scraping by. When the government pays the majority of
    them only a thousand a month, and rent for a small, low grade apartment is now around
    $800 not counting utilities, what are they supposed to live on? Now these rich bastards,
    who've never had a hungry day in their spoiled lives are going to cut their pay even more?
    This is the result of allowing criminals to remain in power folks. This is what you get for
    ignoring the pleas of your compatriots when they cried out for revolution. By the way,
    the senate just voted itself a massive pay raise. And during the most critical period in
    our nation's economic history, all of the bastards just went on vacation for six weeks!
    No kidding. Every day now we see more and new outrages being committed by these
    creeps. But it has become so common that we've become numbed to it. It's hard to
    shock us anymore. We are the laughing stock of the world folks, and I'm ashamed
    to admit I'm an America when I go abroad. I tell them I'm Canadian. I don't like being
    branded a moron by association...

    There's only one thing I want in this whole world, and it's the arrest and execution of every
    politician in Washington for High Treason. But to see this come to pass will take help. A
    lot of it. That's because justice no longer exists in America, and the only way it's going to
    ever exist again, is if we reinstate it by force. Criminals hate justice. They flee from punish-
    ment and will kill anyone that tries to impose it. And since they're in power, it means an
    all out revolution to arrest them. You all know this is going to have to be done sooner or
    later, and the longer we wait, the worse it's going to be when we do it, and the more people
    are going to suffer at their evil hands. How many more innocent Americans have to starve,
    become homeless, be thrown in prison, robbed to poverty, or killed before you get up and
    act? The ball is in our court folks. What do we do next?


    "Does your conscience approve of your conduct?"--Joom


    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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