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Thread: How Did the ADL Find Out About Poplowsky Being a $permFront Member?

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    Default How Did the ADL Find Out About Poplowsky Being a $permFront Member?

    How Did the ADL Find Out About Poplowsky Being a $permFront Member?


    Quote Originally Posted by SI Member
    Did Stormfront voluntarily give out this info? Subpoena? Search warrant? Or FBADL "backdoor" to V-Bulletin?

    I think that $permFront is simply a Movement False-front operation like VNNF run by TraitorGlenn Miller. I don't think that $permFront needed to wait for a kort order to give whatever they had to the piglice. These forums are infiltraited by jews, mamzers, piglice and whiggers out to spy for ZOG in any case. So when this kid snapped, it was just a matter of time before there was a connection to $permFront. After all, I spy on $permFront under an assumed name because Klunt would cum bitching to Don Black if I posted under my real name.

    You have to realize that ZOG in the form of the NSA spies on every single post, e-mail, electronic byte ever sent. They can't read it all, what they look for is patterns and those on their watch lists. I probably am on a watch list. You might be on one as well.

    So how did the ADL find out? Probably the piglice went to the kid's computer after the shooting to look for a 'suicide note,' did a disk copy/scan and found he was logged on to $permFront as a poster as opposed to a lurker. The piglice then probably did or did not file for a subpoena. In any case, the ADL/SPLC is notified as they are 'training' the piglice to spot 'White Nationalist' extremism.

    So, I think it obvious that when the piglice demand anything that Don Black will give it up. I looked at the article and "Braced for Fate" is still a member, but his last message is on April 2, not April 4th like the article says, and it got 10,000 views from those like me interested in what happened.

    My take on the matter: Some White guy who is at the end of his rope was on $permFront. He got tired of living with the crap, fearful of what lies ahead, and bang, bang, piglice dead. He jumped the gun by a year or two. Now there is a stampede by the jews and whigger regime criminals and much pissing and moaning about how the-m-asses of ZOGling whiggerdumb need to be disarmed. The problem is that piglice will be worried, rightly, of a lot of Richard Poplowskis who have a real reason to shoot piglice if there is a campaign of disarming ZOG shitizens. If the figure of resistance is as low as 1%, then the figure will go up -- the piglice are dead meat.

    That is why the piglice spy on these boards is because they are scared of leadership taking advantage of this discontent. When there is a White Revolution then the piglice as agents of tyranny of the ancient regime are as good as dead, along with the lawyers, jewdges, politicians, government 'workers', and anyone else who sides with ZOG. But when it gets to a point that it no longer can be contained, there will be a blowout.

    It has been my contention for years that $permFront is really nothing more than a ZOG false-front operation designed as a check valve to allow whiggers to let off steam, for bowel Movement con-men like David Duke to collect surplus geezergelt and whiggaz mites, and to keep an eye on truly dangerous emergent leaders in the Movement. Somewhere there are warlords emergent and what they are looking for is a political excuse to seek power. Thus they gravitate to White Nationalist sites to find a political and intellectual justification for violent racism leading to political power. Violence without a political justification is not 'terrorism' -- it is merely criminal activity. Violence and terrorism needs a political 'ends' to justify the means. That is why you have the potential warlords looking -- in vain -- at $permFront, VNNF, and phorafags/feebs for unapologetic, rational extreme White Nationalism.

    And of course you will get the Richard Poplowskis who are the violent foot-soldiers looking -- in vain -- for a White Nationalist Cause to fight, and if necessary, to die for. That is my complaint with John DeNugent, is not that he doesn't go too far, but doesn't go far enough, to be a White Nationalist leader. John DeNugent, like the militia generals who denounced Timothy McVeigh, denounced Richard Poplowski. Generals never denounce their soldiers for carrying out the necessary killings against the enemy, even before the war is openly announced, although still fought.

    These supposedly 'White Nationalist' forums are largely nothing but masturbation parlors, full of trolls, jews, mamzers, fools, and whiggers. When there is a real 'live round' among these duds, everyone is surprised.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Movement Leaders I Can Work With

    Movement Leaders I Can Work With


    Quote Originally Posted by PseudoCop
    Are there any leaders in "the movement" that you do respect?
    Generally I only trust the DSCI bunch. Right now Pastors Visser and Faber and myself have a working triumvirate of Aryan Nations DSCI clergy. I respect and work with John Gerhardt of LiBRA. I used to work with Louis Beam and David and Katya Lane. And I mended fences and am working with Harold Covington. This is a respectable portion of Resistance chieftains.

    I would have liked to work with John DeNugent, but the Old Resistance has pretty much told me that John DeNugent needs to denounce TraitorGlenn Miller and Alex Linder and VNNF. So I called DeNugent and he refused to do so. So the lines are solidifying in that one cannot be 'traitor-friendly' and have any respect from the Old Resistance or the Middle Resistance like I am.

    The net-nutzis and CreaTard element are too much of a disorganized whigger rabble to do anything with. Last week the Aryan Nations sub-forum was removed from Aryan Front because Boob the papist hybernigger Reichskritter said that Pastor Faber's bunch wasn't using it. I posted a response, and got called a child molester by their fake-front forum operator David Donald Duck from jew yawk. They took down the page probably after someone pointed out that they could be sued for malicious libel or somebody might decide to hold grudges.

    The bowel Movement is full of whigger and mamzer feebs who haven't figured out that they can't be head hitler because it is not anything which can be dominated because of the low quality of its people, but rather a network of competing mini-fuerhers each after their own aggrandizement. I get along fine with my own kind, and purge those who do not belong in the DSCI fold. I already run off one Bryan Wright, making him re-join Dave Barley's OSLers and the jukesfront CreaTards.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    The Editor in Chief of Stormfront, after banning me, admitted (more or less) in a post (same thread where I was banned) he sent info about me to the Feds.

    I don't think it's any real secret what Stormfront is all about.

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