Creating a DSCI Clergy (post deleted by Sci-Fi Faber)

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Are We going to have any form of classes for those who wish to have a Pastors title, and or certification? To teach and Preach 2 Seedline Identity. I will love to be the first to sign up on this if we can do it.
I think that we should run those of our group who wish to do so through either the Kingdom Identity Ministry AIT course as created by Bertrand Comparet, but we also need to form a modernized version as well, without a copyright or with a limited copyright created by a committee. I would ask Pastor Visser and Clifton Emahiser to work on getting much of what they already have written in a format that covers the entire Bible and to have a political bent against ZOG as well.

So we take these deacons and ground them in what they need to know, and then perhaps have them live with the sponsoring pastor of their area for a week or so to be finished off and ordained and sent out to form a new aboveground or belowground congregation.

So to top it off, a quick questioning by means of web camera to the other pastors might be in order as well. But we do need to have a process by which we can quickly find those competent to be DSCI pastors, run them through a course in which the most important thing is that they understand DSCI orthodox dogma well enough to defend it against jews and baal-priest whiggers, and give them a form of certification so that they can have authority they can show to perform Christian Israelite sacraments such as babtism, weddings, and funerals. What is most important is forming a competent ministry, NOT a waste of time for the purpose of delay or accumulation of power. I think that it should be done by 90 days instruction or so. We need to get out a competent, but large clergy.

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