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    Default Traits




    This article has been a long time coming. It's something I should have written years ago because it addresses a crucial lie of the liberals and Jews, one that has America by the balls. For seventy years now liberalism has pounded out the propaganda that racial traits or rather recognizing them is "racist", and that there really is no such thing. It's all racial typecasting by bigots and racists who want to keep the bucket stirred up.

    Horse shit. Any person that's lived long enough to know the score in this world, knows that the various races all possess certain characteristics and traits peculiar to their own race. This is simply a fact, whether liberals like it or not.

    For example, Hispanics are violent natured, love knives and breed like rats. Any fool knows this. They'll also steal the fillings out of your granny's teeth while she's sleeping if they can get away with it. Like their Italian cousins, they are very emotional and extremely hot headed, ready to fight at the drop of a hat. They uniformly also possess a low IQ and a high testosterone level, nearing three times that of a Caucasian. This explains their monstrous sex drive.

    Blacks are also thieves and sex fiends, possessing the same high hormone levels. They are also extremely low in intelligence, violent by nature and born liars. They are also insufferably lazy as a race. There seems to be about five traits that all the dark races share with each other, namely the strong sex drive, high hormone levels, lying, thieving and a violent nature.

    And once agitated, none of them can be reasoned with. The only thing that will control any of them is a bullet. Those of us brave enough to call a spade a spade as it were, already acknowledge this fact. According to the liberals this makes us evil racist bigots. Never mind we're telling the God's truth, because it's not politically correct. Our forefathers knew all this, and practiced prevention as a lifestyle.

    I tried to contact my bank this morning, but it was closed because of a national holiday, namely Martin Loser Koon day. Lincoln on a rubber crutch! I was so pissed off that I threw my phone, smashing it against the wall. So much for the phone. I wish fervently that I could do likewise to the God cursed Jews that instituted that national lie. To celebrate a piece of crap like that is not only preposterous, it's an affront to every decent white in the country.

    King was a lazy, thieving, coke snorting bigamist that stirred up riots, took part in looting himself, and was with two white whores in a hotel room when he was shot by J. Edgar Hoover, who had it done way too late. He should have been taken out before he got notorious. He called himself a minister, but in fact he was nothing but a phoney who never was one, but occasionally visited those loud nigger churches, where he could jump and jive with the rest of them and make dates with the ho's of the black choir.

    The coon kissers also love to call him "Dr" King when in reality the only degree he ever got was an honorary one by some nigger school. Hell he never even finished high school! He has become a symbol of the niggers getting over on whitey. Every year we're forced to shut down the entire country to celebrate the birthday of that piece of crap, just to rub it in whitey's face. The Jews know this, and that's exactly why they did it.

    Oh sure, the liberals passed the law, but nothing and I mean nothing gets done in Washington unless the Jews want it done. But trying to get this public to see it is an almost impossible task. They've become so brainwashed that reason has become a stranger to them. Try and expose things the way they really are and they attack the messenger and the message with equal ferocity...

    When I was just a pup, my grandfather saw the handwriting on the wall. This was back in the fifties, before niggers got loose. He saw trouble brewing, and he commented on the influenceof the evil men behind it. He said it was only a matter of time, and he was right.

    My father spent the night in jail in 1966 for stomping a 260 pound buck who was terrorizing a bunch of old folks in a bar and grill lounge. The coon was walking on the bar, kicking off drinks and preaching how niggers were superior to whites. He'd throw drinks at the old folks and their terrified wives and laugh.

    Then he made the drastic mistake of kicking my father's drink on the floor. He bent down and got in dad's face and said, "We is superior to you white boys and youz knowz it!" Dad looked up slowly at this ass ugly monkey and said, "If I was walking in a pasture, and I stepped in a cow pie, you might..and I say might be superior to that but it's a toss up."

    The coon froze and stared at him in astonishment, then rage covered his ugly face. Out of the corner of his eye Dad saw the flash of a straight razor and ducked just in time to receive only a nick on his neck. He then struck like lightening and beat that nigger half to death. He broke his leg, his arm, four ribs, fractured his skull and blackened both eyes.

    A week later he was arrested for assault. The judge was about to throw the book at him when it came out that the nigger used a razor. "Razor? Why haven't I heard about this?" asked the judge. That nigger had bribed his attorney and the sheriff to hide the facts, but witnesses to the fight came forward at the last minute and testified.

    Dad was cleared and the nigger was charged with attempted murder and ADW. But that was before MLK. The liars got in a pile of trouble. That was when there was still justice in our courts, just before the liberals took over.

    Now our courts are like armed prisons, and they treat anyone that enters like a damned convict. Pull that today and you'll go to prison, where his nigger pals will kill you in short order. In almost any state in the union, the population of their prisons is almost entirely nigger and wetback with a smattering of whites. Prison is no place for a white.

    But getting back to traits, just look at the Jews. You can spot one a mile away usually. They all have rounded heads, a friar Tuck hairline, curly hair, a long, thick hook nose, beady eyes set close together, are short with sloping shoulders and no chin.

    And greedy, man they are greedy beyond reason, stealing even from each other. Jews lie better than a nigger and will cheat you faster than you can say "Hanukah". They are crooked as a boar's dork and look upon whites as animals to be used. These traits are real and no amount of political correctness will ever change it.

    The problem is getting people to start admitting once again that the emperor is butt nekkid. America is living a lie and it's destroying us. While we pretend none of these traits exist, these lowlifes are systematically dismantling everything our fore-fathers built, fought and died for.

    I recently discovered an old VHS tape that had a bunch of really old classic cartoons on it, and some of them were definitely not politically correct. I'm sure that's why I haven't seen any of them in over 30 years.

    For example, one is a Bugs Bunny cartoon that has Bugs pitted against a lazy, bubble lipped, slurring, shuffling, clown-footed coon that's so lazy he's dragging his rifle behind him rather than carry it. Of course Bugs outwits Rastus at every turn, and at the end he traps the coon by shaking a pair of dice, at which Rastus goes into fits of joy and drags Bugs behind a bush to "throw dem' bones".

    Of course Bugs cleans his clock, leaving the coon with only a fig leaf. A funny cartoon that I roared through, let me tell you. What a treasure. The liberals would have a cow if it were to accidentally get aired on some TV station. Well, I can dream…LOL. It reminded me of what we've lost and brothers and sisters, we've lost a boatload.

    It makes me feel really freaking old when I see young kids that don't have a clue what they've lost, and think the world is the way it should be. God's beard! How do you make them feel and understand what's missing in their lives? They'll never know what it felt like to have real pride in your race, and that every other race bowed to our superiority all over the world, and especially white Americans.

    It was like being a citizen of Rome in ancient times. To be one was a passport to anyplace on the planet. It allowed you entry into the most exclusive places and let you dine with royalty. People bowed to you in respect. My father used to tell me of the days when he was a young man when a white man walked down the sidewalk the muds would step off into the street to let him pass.

    That's because they knew we were their superiors. Well that's gone because they no longer fear or respect us. Why? Because liberals and Jews have made them our equals, another great big whopping lie. Now they hate and jeer at us, making fun of the downed lion like jackals will do to a wounded predator. The Jews have chained us and the muds are throwing tomatoes at us and jeering.

    And I'm sick of it. I want so badly to kick their worthless asses clean into orbit that I can feel their butt cheeks on the toe of my boot. Something's going to give in this nation pretty soon. And when it does it can go either way. I'm hoping whites decide to fight back again and retake their lost glory. It's long overdue. I call it as it really is.

    Join me. Be a voice in the wilderness and demonstrate our lost courage. I for one still have it.


    "There are moments that mark your life when you realize nothing will ever be the same, and time is divided into two parts: Before this . . . and after this . . . " --Fallen

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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    Default River of Liberal Lies

    River of Liberal Lies



    Every once in a while I tune in to some of the other channels besides news, just to see how bad it's getting. I think that the fact that I don't watch it like most people gives me a better idea of the changes taking place. A constant viewer becomes numbed to it as he slowly adjusts to the increasing intensity of the brainwashing. And brother, it's getting bad.

    I first watched the PBS channels. These as you know, are bastions of liberal thinking. It was both frightening and enraging to see what they're now putting out. Almost every program they showed was either about blacks and their plight, blacks and how they're like whites, blacks and what they want, or blacks and how whites should be doing more for them.

    There were also shows about the poor, downtrodden wetback and how bad they have it at home, and how we should open our doors to more of them. No joke. There were endless shows about black history, Hispanic history, and how the evil whites stole America from them.

    The perennial "buck n' blonde" formula was prominent, with endless shows on all the other channels showing mixed race couples, mixed interracial romance, marriage, and especially sex, sex, sex. But they were very careful not to show the offspring of these monstrous unions. Something about nappy-headed, plunger -lipped babies is bad for their propaganda.

    Once on Yoo Toob I saw an interview with a young mother of one of these kids, and she tried to warn other girls from
    breeding with blacks. You'd never see something like that on a TV channel, that's for sure..even one of the independent conservative stations.

    And we have a few out here. In fact Cox Cable, that rabidly liberal cable network, tried recently to bounce Channel Five off its line-up. They claimed it was because of a lack of viewers plus the fact that Five was charging outrageous fees. Both turned out to be outrageous lies cooked up by Cox. The write and call-in campaign of angry viewers was so intense that Cox was forced to back off. Liberals will do anything to silence the truth.

    Channel Five out here shows a lot of the oldie shows and other programs that refute the liberal agenda. This enrages the Powers That Be, and there's an ongoing battle between the conservative white owned stations and the Jew owned ones.

    On Five, if there's a crime involving a coon, they'll show a pic of the nigger perp. This is the only local channel that will do that. The others report a "suspect"and that's all. But all the conservative ones make sure to show that it's a coon or wetback that did the dirty deed, and it almost always is, as we all know.

    The war between the liberals and the white owned stations here is far from over. The "rebel" states out here all have a few conservative white owned stations. I'm not talking republican. That's no longer conservative. I'm talking about people that think like we do for the most part. And while PBS, CBS, ABC and NBC will all be praising and defending Obama, the conservative channels will be exposing the lies and showing the truth about what's been happening in Washington.

    This of course enrages the liberals, who are continually deriding their enemy stations. We get a real kick out of the snide comments the liberal reporters put out. On the news front today, PBS was celebrating the first fag marriage in France today in Paris. Two pole smokers got hitched and couldn't wait to sneak off to their honeymoon sweet to play catch n' pitch. I wanted to puke in my boot.

    Liberals always applaud anything degenerate as "progress" and millions of gullible fools actually swallow this tripe. I'm continually amazed at the sheer stupidity of humanity. What's next...legalizing NAMBLA? Believe me, I see it coming. America is swimming in a river of lies, and very few have sense enough to climb to shore before they drown in that filth.

    Just look at the Boy Scouts. Accepting faggots in their ranks. And fag scout leaders? It's only a matter of time. Wait a few years when these panty prancing queens grow up. Then you'll have queer scout masters taking our kids out on overnighters in the woods. Hoo boy. I can imagine how that will play out.

    Our kids are the last sacred thing we have in this country, and the damned liberals are attacking even them. Nothing is sacred to these degenerates, nothing. My hatred for them and their evil Jew masters knows no bounds. Here in the heartland we have a high concentration of WASPS. White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. And while I don't subscribe to the belief system of most
    of them out here, I do however, back their stiff resistance to the advance of liberalism into their states.

    My home state of Oklahoma for example, will not give drivers licenses or welfare to wetbacks. And there's not a white anywhere in this state that will hire one or rent to one. Consequently we're wetback free here, and our crime rate is the envy of the nation.

    Sure, we have blacks, but their numbers are also low because of the stiff harassment of cops across the state, and the difficulty they have getting welfare here. It's far easier for them to join their brown brothers across the border in liberal-run Arkansas, who freely supports both. That's why the property and sales taxes there are murder by the way. The whites there have to pay for the liberalism they support. Good.

    The liberals there continually howl over the WASP owned stations pumping out the truth about Obummer, blacks and wetbacks. I just love our late-nite shows too. Old movies from the 40s, 50s and 60s that are free of propaganda and "super
    coons". Stuff you will never ever see in any liberal state, let me tell you. I recently saw a video on the Net where the producers of "COPS" admitted they really have to hunt to find enough white perps to make it look like whites are equally criminal
    with niggers. In other words the show is rigged.

    So for those of you out there that always suspected it, you were dead right. It's just another liberal lie. God! I am so stinking sick of all the lies! Even the news shows lie their butts off continually. It's so prevalent that you really don't know any longer if what you're hearing is fact or not. I also find it extremely interesting..and disturbing that we never hear anything about the state of our military or national defenses any longer. Have you noticed that? But you'll hear plenty about Obummer's latest golfing trip.

    We are in deep doo-doo folks. When it finally hits the fan in this country, all these "progressive" fools will suddenly get the shock of their deluded lives. They'll discover that their pet "equals" have turned into the animals we warned them they were, and are now beating down their doors to rape their women, rob them, then murder their ignorant, worthless butts.

    Lies are the coin of the realm in Liberal Land and business is booming. Stay vigilant and stay prepared because this crap can't go on much longer without the whole shebang blowing up in our faces. There's always a price to be paid for believing lies and deliberately scorning the truth, and it's always high. The fools that started this madness will go down fiddling while Rome burns, and it'll be our fault for allowing it instead of kicking their sorry butts long ago, no matter what the price.

    I keep wondering what it's going to take to make whites understand that this present government is not legal or legitimate and should not be obeyed. Every man-jack in Washington is a career criminal and is guilty of multiple charges of high treason and crimes against the people of the United States. Everyone from de Prez on down to the lowliest liberal bureaucrat should now be cooling their heels in prison, not finishing the job of destroying our home-land.

    The choice is ours. Do we continue to cower in the corner while our house burns down around us? Or do was stand up and start lopping a few heads?


    "Liberalism is a delusion of the naive, an indulgence
    of the spoiled, and the weapon of tyrants."

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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    Default The Ancient Of Days

    The Ancient Of Days



    There are a million items in our so-called science, especially archeology and anthropology that flat don't make sense. But modern scholars (and I use the term loosely) ignore these incongruities as if they don't even exist. This vile practice has been going on as long as science proper has existed in Western civilization. Take our system of measurement for example. The most ancient unit is the cubit, which is slightly shorter than our standard yard. Interestingly, every single pyramid discovered on every continent, regardless of its age or who built it, uses the cubit as its unit of easurement. I've read several arguments from Biblical scholars claiming that this is proof that God had a hand in all these cultures. Be that as it may, I am positive that God had nothing to do with it. Let me elaborate . . .

    Over the past 35 years, ancient history has been rewritten by a small but extremely determined and reputable cadre of experts in the field. Thanks to these people even old established "facts" are now being called into question or downright refuted as new evidence comes to light at a startlingly rapid rate. We now know that mankind itself is breathtakingly older than even the most radical estimates of just twenty years ago. We have also discovered beyond all debate or doubt that the ancient cubit was based on what we now call the "megalithic yard". In fact the measurements of the two are identical! The "mgy" as I'll call it was the established unit of measurement of all the ancient civilizations of the past, including all those that were destroyed by cosmic, seismic or man-made cataclysms. We're talking about the last 100,000 years -- or more . . .

    Have you ever stopped to think about all the wonders of the ancient world that we've lost to these cataclysms? The masterpieces of art, sculpture, music, literature and science? Gods above! Just the scraps we've found have blown the minds of every expert that ever exaimined them. In fact our own government has a special department dedicated to doing just one thing: finding, hoarding and studying these artifacts. Of course the art doesn't interest them, they're after power -- as always -- and knowledge is power . . .

    Most of this stuff is of course top secret because the last thing our evil and power-mad leaders want is to share any of the knowledge they might glean from these things. In fact I personally know of two cases where the owners of such things were murdered by our government to keep them silent after the finds in their possession were "confiscated". I also know of another man that had his house ransacked for all his research. Then they tossed him in one of their unnamed federal prisons without any due process and held him there in a tiny cell for the rest of his life. His crime? Being too damned trusting of our government . . .

    Few people realize just how horribly censored our Internet really is. Sure, there's tons of information in it, but the stuff that's been omitted, deleted and never even entered would fill a great many libraries. The American people are some of the most lied-to people in the world. It's kinda hard to fight an enemy that keeps all the knowledge to himself, isn't it? That's the whole point of it. There was a find in Peru about thirty years ago that I was a part of, and before we could do much about it the government got wind of it and came in and took over the entire site. In fact they tried to kill me three times over that fiasco, and in the end I was forced to flee and drop all claim to my part in it. The tale is too long and involved to go into, but I can tell you this; What was down in that hole was ancient technology so advanced that it could have changed civilization as we know it. But the goons didn't want any of it released to the public for fear of losing control, so . . .

    That was my first hard lesson in the ruthlessness and evil of my country's government. If everything those bastards have was released to the American people, we would be invincible, prosperous, and unable to oppress. Now perhaps you see why they would kill anyone and do anything to prevent it. There really are truly evil people in this world without a shred of redeeming virtues in them. The kind of slug that needs to be squashed as soon as humanly possible by the first person that is able. I have met many such maggots in my life, and each time I'm amazed that any human being can sink that low. Believe it . . . they exist . . .

    I remember a find in one of the deep coal mines in Kentucky about 22 years ago. It was over a mile and a half down. The miners were digging out a new access tunnel when they broke into a vast cavern. What they found flabber-ghasted them and they immediately called for a supervisor. Sitting on a tilted foundation was a huge marble temple. It sported a dome and huge Grecian-style collumns. In the central square was a beautiful fountain with strange plants and animals carved into it. The entire floor was a checkerboard of white marble and black basalt, polished like glass. A solid gold drinking goblet was brought up to the surface, and engraved all around it were very beautiful yet completely unknown flowers of varoius colors, inlaid with precious gems to give them their color. In no time at all the government goons showed up and the mine was closed indefinitely and fenced off. Armed troops were positioned to patrol the new perimeter. I used to have a scrapbook full of newspaper clippings of such finds, but the book vanished one day when I came home to find my place had been ransacked. I never did find out who or why it was done, but a week later I discovered the book was gone. Maybe just a fluke . . . who knows. I'll never know, that's for sure . . .

    Another thing that has come to light is the fact that the white race aka the Caucasian race is far, far older than anyone had guessed. For long decades now the liberals and Jews have touted that blacks are the oldest race or "the first men" as Jesse Jackson so loves to boast. Trouble is, you can't have your evolution and eat it too. If they were the oldest race then they'd be more advanced than us because they would have had far more time to evolve than us. But one look at your typical buck tells you this is not the case. The skull of your average buck has 70% less frontal lobe material in the braincase, a muzzle-like protrubance in the front, kinky, primitive hair or pubic hair on the scalp, and an average IQ of only 66, which is only twice that of a German shephard. They have the same thick black skin and nose of the lower primates like the gorilla and chimp, and even their mannerisms and gait are distinctly simian . . .

    Whites on the other hand have fine features, a high intelligence, a large well developed brain, straight hair which is much easier to keep clean and is harder for parasites and disease to cling to. We are creative and inventive and were the fathers of every great civilization and technology of the past. Every single ancient ruin and artifact we have found has come from people very similar to us while blacks on the other hand have left practically no record of their passing at all, other than a few fossilized bones. So before you go believing any of the liberal's so-called "evidence" that we came from blacks or some other lower primate, remember that the real records don't bear this out. We whites are the Ancient Of Days. We have been on this old world a long, long time. In fact there are some ancient records that speak of a genetic program in the distant past where blacks were created from lower primates to act as laborers for our forefathers. What rings true about this is the fact that as far back as civilization goes there are records of blacks being slaves in every civilization that ever existed . . .

    The next time you see some PBS or other show on the ancient past, just remember that what you're watching is more than likely pure horsecrap. If you want the truth about anything in this country today, you're going to have to dig for it, and dig hard. Our history is a magnificent one. Trouble is, that history is being denied to us by those that have no right to it or to the knowledge that was left to us by ancient men far wiser than us. Perhaps one day we will regain control of our birthright, and the truth will once again be known to all. Perhaps. We can only hope . . .


    "Today's history books consist of a tiny scrap of fact wrapped in a mountain of lies."--Joom

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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    Default The Black Problem

    The Black Problem




    You know, every time I hear some tv or movie pundit talking, he refers to the media as the "entertainment industry". That's all fine and dandy except for the fact that a very large portion of America is not entertained by what they see on either media. Why? Blacks. There is absolutely nothing entertaining to an American conservative white about having some monkey-ugly black shoved in his face via the screen. Whites want to see whites. Blacks want to see blacks and Asians want Asians. It's normal and natural. Besides that, blacks always and forever press their blackness on everyone around them as if anyone could forget the fact.

    Blacks' antics, mannersims and speech are extremely offensive to the average white. He does not want to see or hear from any of them about anything. Blacks also just love to intrude on the white world, continuously trying to "crash the party" as it were. Chasing our white women, bullying smaller whites, stealing whatever isn't nailed down and becoming loud, boisterous braggarts that everyone in the room desperately wants to beat into a bloody paste ...

    But because the liberal\Jew controlled government has declared all blacks a protected species, we can't even publicly denounce their behavior without risking federal racism charges. And blacks know it so they milk this sad fact for all its worth. They say and do things that nobody else would dare to even contemplate. Stuff so outrageous and evil that it makes great many of us shake with pent up fury, causing us to go home and clean our guns as therapy.

    The reason whites have such a deep animosity toward blacks is multi-layered, old and very legitimate, though you'll never get the government or its lapdog the media admit it. When the Jews introduced blacks to America, which they did through the slave ships they owned and operated over half the civilized world, they did so to our country with one purpose in mind; to eventually destroy America. We were the greatest potential threat to the long-range plans of the global Jewish cabal they'd seen since the Knights Templar ...

    And many of you know what happened to them and why, and who was hiding behind the curtains, pulling all the puppet strings. Jews.

    America was becoming the greatest gentile nation on earth, and her potential was practically unlimited. This had to be stopped. The Jews had a great deal of experience in destroying nations, having been evicted en masse from almost 70 different countries over the past thousand years for attempting exactly that. Jews despise gentiles with a obsessive passion that borders on insanity. All that anyone who doubts this has to do is read an English translation of the Jewish "holy book" titled the "Talmud". They will get their eyes opened in a most shocking manner. This book outlines Jewish feeling toward us and what they can and should do to us.

    For example to a Jew it is not a sin to molest a gentile child or rape a gentile girl. No, I'm not kidding. It's there for anyone to read if they have the guts. Also, to them it is no sin to cheat, lie to or rob a gentile because they consider us their property, and anything we own to be theirs anyway, so how can they be guilty of stealing from themselves? Pretty convenient, isn't it? Jews consider themselves the "master race". Ironic, isn't it?

    You've all seen the movies where the Jews have two coveted scrolls they protect, well these are the two holy books they have cherished for thousands of years, namely that despicable Talmud, and the Torah which is more or less a biblical history. In fact the five books of Moses including Genesis and Exodus were literally lifted from the pages of the Talmud. The Torah on the other hand is a compilation of writings and biases put down by many successive generations of gentile-hating Jewish priests. All Jews are required to read it and live by its precepts. It is without a doubt the most racist, evil and disgusting work I have ever laid eyes on. Over the centuries the Jews have taken great pains to make sure this book was never translated into any other language but Hebrew, to prevent this truth from ever reaching non-Jews. But with the advent of the Internet things have changed and the truth is now slowly but surely getting out to those that need to read it ...

    In its pages the reasons for the introduction of blacks to the U.S. and the power and wealth Jews have used over the last two centuries to corrupt and destroy our morals, family life and nation become achingly apparent. The renowned British anthropologist Dr. Albert Schweitzer spent over 50 years working with blacks in Africa, becoming the world's foremost expert on them. For decades he was a global hero and every
    schoolboy knew his name. They sure don't today. Why? Because with the advent of liberal control of our country .. . also a Jewish deed, he was blackballed and his name removed from all history books. This was over a warning he gave to the world concerning allowing blacks into Western nations.

    He warned that the black man destroys everything he touches, and that he has an almost insane hunger for our women. He said that America should immediately deport all its blacks or it would pay a horrible price. Well, he was right and the liberals know it and do not want the next generation of brain-washed kids to know it ...

    We are indeed paying a terrible price. All one has to do is look at any of our cities to see this. The slums, drugs, gangs, murders, rapes, home break-ins, filth music, riots, welfare, overbreeding, muggings, car thefts, burglaries, and the wanton distruction of the very culture that supports them, just as Schwietzer warned. Yes, yes, there are good, hard working productive blacks out there, but the number is far too small to make any difference in the need to deport the race en masse back to Africa, by force if necessary, and over the bodies of the Jews and their bootlicks if needed, and it most probably will be ...

    This need for a racial cleansing does not disappear just because we break up back into separate states as planned. If anything it makes the need even greater. We cannot continue to exist if they remain. Sooner rather than later they will finally succeed in destroying everything, reducing whites to surviving off the ruins of their once great nation. This cannot be allowed. A race and political war is on the near horizon. Everyone with 20\20 vision sees this. And this is why gun and ammo sales to whites in this country have broken all sales records for the past five years ...

    They are preparing for war. A war in which they will be fighting on two fronts at once: The blacks and the Jew controlled government that wants them here to finish us off. This is going to be an all or nothing fight in which whites will have to change their thinking and their lifestyles forever -- if they don't want a repeat of this nightmare when their children are grown. Blacks are deeply offensive to most whites. The reasons for this are painfully obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than a turnip. I could write for a solid hour just listing their crimes. Suffice it to say that white America has had enough. They don't talk openly about it but they've been diligently planning and preparing for a long time to do something about them. We have the God given right to live in our own country as we see fit, among those we want around us. And no government or corrupt cadre has the right to go against this right. These evil people will be among the very first to feel our wrath when we strike. And the punishment will be swift, brutal and final, setting an example and a glaring warning to all those cockroaches remaining in foreign lands who would continue their evil plans. The day of the Aryan is here ...


    ************************************************** *******
    "Negro equality? Fudge!! How long, in the government of a God great enough to make this Universe, shall there continue to be knaves to vend, and fools to gulp so low a piece of demagogism as this?"- Abraham Lincoln
    (From Fragments: Notes for Speeches, September 1859, Vol. III, p.399 of The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln).

    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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