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Thread: Raw Lies And You

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    Default Raw Lies And You

    Raw Lies And You

    Raw Lies And You

    As of this date, Americans have been lied to and manipulated so much by this government that they don't know up from down. It would actually be funny if it weren't so stinking deadly in its intent. We all know that OKC, 9\11, Waco, and Ruby Ridge among others were pure unadulterated bullshit. The only things about those tragedies we can be sure of, is that a lot of innocent white people died. But almost nobody has yet realized what's really going on behind the BP oil spill . . . it's not a spill.

    That's right. It's not an oil spill and it never was. Let me back up a minute:

    One of the things ole' Super Chimp was well known for during his campaign and before, was his strong opposition to domestic drilling. This had nothing to do with "environmental ethics" or any other type of ethics, since Chimpy has none. It had to do with being in the pocket of the Jews and big oil. The Jews don't want us to drill because of we became oil self-sufficient, we'd have no reason to be involved in the Middle East and hence, no reason to attack Israel's enemies and sacrifice our goy boys and spare their precious kikelets. So they've lobbied like bloody hell and spent billions over the years in an all out effort to sabotage any and all attempts to drill here at home. And as many of you already know, we have far and away more oil right here at home than all of the Middle East combined.

    But there's another reason, the one that has motivated Jews since the first one took a breath. Money. By forcing us to buy Arab oil, we're also forced to pay hijack prices to oil companies owned by . . . guess who . . . the Jews.

    It all comes down to the same thing every time you do a little digging: Jews, Jews, Jews, and more Jews.
    Jews in the basement,
    Jews in the closet,
    Jews in the rafters,
    and Jews in your wallet.
    Like lice, you can't get rid of them. Wherever there's money or power, you'll find a hook-nosed Jew, I guarantee it.

    If I sound frustrated and angry with Jews, it's because I am. And so should you be. Because if you were to carefully dissect your life, you'd find that every last thing about it that's bad, insufficient, hard, unfair, dangerous, perverse, immoral, discouraging and costly has a Jew behind it.

    As white Americans we produce more than enough for every one of us to live like kings on just the fruits of our labors and genius alone. But by the time the Jews are done siphoning off our labors, we're barely left with enough to eat on, and when we die, we usually die flat broke with nothing left to give to our kids.

    Why? Because the Jews have that sewed up too now, with all kinds of new laws concerning death taxes, probate courts, attorney's fees, inheritance taxes, property taxes, and a dozen other methods to ensure you're buried with nothing but lint in your pockets after a lifetime's hard work. Most people have no concept just how deeply Jews have ingrained themselves into their lives.

    We are being manipulated to death. Whatever it takes to keep the money flowing from the hated goy slave state America. Take the BP "oil spill". What a laugh. A couple of the Navy divers that recently went down to inspect the leak came back up and were severely warned to keep their mouths shut about what they saw. One of them however, took some videos of the plume coming out of the ocean floor. I saw it. It can't go into that, but trust me, I saw it. The truth of it might break on the news, but I wouldn't hold my breath. My source has already been squelched.

    What I saw was not an oil leak, but a volcanic vent! The vent was giving off a massive amount of steam and gas, but no oil! A little ways away from the vent is the BP pumping station. What really happened was that Obama and crew took advantage of the serendipitous volcanic vent, and simply opened a valve at the pumping station, creating the leak! They used the vent to hide the fact, making everyone think the oil was coming from the so-called "crack" in the oil deposit.

    But why on earth would they do such a thing? Well think a minute: Obama and gang couldn't give a rat's as less about the coastline or some endangered yellow holed-lintpecker. But to gain favor in the senate, he had to go along with the offshore drilling pressure that was being applied by . . . us. And if those rigs succeeded, the price of oil in this country would have bottomed, and people would actually have some money left in their pockets, and the economy would quickly start to pick up.

    You see why the whole idea is repulsive to these creeps? It not only robs them of the money they're robbing from us, but it severely hurts their plans to finish off our economy. All very bad ideas in the mind of the Jew. Then comes the happy solution. With the increasing volcanic and seismic activity all over the world the past few years, vents have been opening up all over the ocean floor. But as a rule, vents never open in an oil deposit because of the type of geographic structure it takes to create that kind of deposit in the first place. But the public doesn't know squat about geology, and will believe anything the so-called "experts" tell them.

    Suddenly a vent opens up near the BP pumping station. Coincidence? I even wonder about that too. I've learned so much about this fiasco that I wouldn't be a bit surprised to discover the platform was placed there because the vent was there! But even if it was a lucky coincidence for big oil, they still had to turn on the oil and create the largest spill in American history, guaranteed to nix anymore American drilling for the next twenty years. This keeps the profit margin that the oil companies sell us at obscenely high rates, and guarantees our perpetual slavery to kike interests in the Middle East. Obama looks blameless and gets the tree hugger vote on top of it. We are the only losers.

    You might see something about this on the news; I pray you do because if it isn't exposed soon it never will be, and the BP spill will be added to that long list of raw lies the government has been telling us for over 70 years. I don't know about you, but I'm awful damned tired of being lied to, robbed, and manipulated. I pray this small revolution of American discontent grows into something more substantial, like riding Jews out of town on a rail. Well, I can dream can't I?

    In any event, the truth about offshore drilling has been kept from the American public for decades! Let me shock the hell out of you. As you know, all our oil deposits are in the Gulf of Mexico in US waters. Did you know that Iran, Argentina, Russia, China, Taiwan and now even Vietnam are pumping oil out of our gulf, but our leaders won't let us? Check it out yourself. If it's such a threat to our coastline, then why in hell are we allowing third world and communist countries to drill there? Countries that couldn't care less about our welfare? Smell a rat yet? I do, and he's got black skin, nappy hair, and the face of a starved chimp.

    We are being screwed, boys and girls, on as many fronts as there are fronts. It's time to drop the pen and pick up the sword. This is just one more great big whopping lie our leaders have been telling us for decades. And I for one am damned tired of being played for a fool. Sure. The leak may just be a leak, but I really doubt it in the face of what I just saw. But even if it is, the fact that those pricks are letting our enemies drill while forcing us to drain what's left of our wealth away to fatten Jew coffers is enough for an all out war. Either way it's time to waddle her fat ass out on the stage and let the fat lady sing. I've had enough of their raw lies to last me a lifetime.


    I failed my biology exam last Friday. I was asked to name something commonly found in cells.
    Apparently Black People was not the right answer . . . .


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    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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