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Thread: A Method To My Madness

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    Default A Method To My Madness

    A Method To My Madness

    A Method To My Madness

    Ever since I began ranting about racial problems way back when, I've received tons of emails both pro and con about my work. Some were somewhat supportive, some were fanatically supportive, and others were negative to the point of being homicidal. I've been called every kind of racist, bigot, lowlife, fanatic, redneck hate monger, backwards hick, and a hundred other choice expletives that anyone in my field of endeavor can attest is an integral part of the job.

    Many have asked me why I'm so ruthless and insulting to people of other races who can't help what they are. They say that I have no class and no maturity to say the things I do in public, let alone think them. Even some of my own relatives are ashamed of me and shun me as a black sheep in the family. Fortunately not many. They all suffer from the same thing that's been destroying our people for centuries; screwed up perspectives and priorities. Let me give you a prime example:

    The other day I was forced to go down to the local pig shop and file a police report on two attempted break-ins to my house by the new wetback "neighbors" that just moved in. It never fails. As soon as we get some new mud neighbors, the thieving starts immediately, always targeting the gringos next door. Whites draw wetbacks and niggers like flies to a dog turd. As soon as a fit of greed hits one, his ugly brown eyes swivel toward the nearest gringo. This isn't my opinion, it's a stone cold fact backed up by decades of crime statistics.

    Anyway, I went down there and complained because I'd called the assholes for two days trying to get them to come out and survey the damage and take the report, but they never showed. When I called, the bitch of a dispatcher cooed that they were "too busy" on other calls for her to give me even a rough estimate as to when they would show. So when I finally went down there myself, I found four sets of officers kicking back under a shade tree, shooting the breeze and ignoring calls on their portable radios. Too busy alright. Exactly as I had figured . . . .

    I finally got a sergeant to come out and take my report in the front office. He was miffed because I had forced him to do his job and it showed in his manner. As we talked, I explained to him the perpetual problem we'd had with illegals while living there, and how they were pulling the same old wetback tactic they always use to run whitey off, namely harass the crap out of him until he moves out, then their relatives buy the property at a loss and the barrio grows. The cop glared at me for being an evil old racist, started making sarcastic remarks and started to lecture me on the falsehood of my claim. Another damned head up his ass liberal.

    I stopped him in mid sentence and said, "Hold it! Before you continue to call me a bigot, you tell me something. where are all the white people that used to live here?" He gave me a perplexed look. "The proof's all around you dude. When I was young, this city was 95% white. It was clean, safe, and prosperous. There was no crime to speak of, and we used to walk to the store as kids, sometimes as late as 10pm and it was safe. Would you let your kids do that now?" He just glared at me so I continued; "And you didn't answer me;

    Where have those 120 thousand whites vanished to? Why is it that there's now only one white to every thirty or forty blacks and illegals? I'll tell you why. It's because whites despise them. They can't and won't live around those thieving, murdering scum. They won't raise their kids near them or let their daughters go to school with them. And every time another wetback or LA black moved here, the crime went up.

    So they started moving. Then the wetbacks began to harass the crap out of them until the process was escalated fifty fold until today they own this city. And look at it. It's a frigging toilet. I myself am preparing to leave here, and I'm going to shake the dust of the place off my boots when I do. You can call us racists and bigots all you want, but the reality of what's going on is all around you. Before you start lecturing me or others on the joys of diversity, I strongly suggest you pull your head out of your ass first!" And I got up and left before he could say another word. I was glad I had finished the report before I lit into the fool . . . .

    I doubt they'll even try to apprehend the culprits because after all, this is a liberal sanctuary city for wetbacks and a haven for welfare niggers. In fact a whole new set of state funded "projects" is nearing completion as I write. They'll fill up overnight with a whole new crop of immigrant coons from LA within a week of opening, and the crime rate will skyrocket accordingly. Can I get a yaazzuuhh?

    This cop exemplifies the problem I'm trying to show here. It's not that whites can't see the truth, it's that they don't want to see it. And any time someone like me comes along and forces them to look at it, they hate me for it. I'm rocking their precious boat . . . the one that's about to sink anyway from a complete lack of protection. They're afraid to speak out, to be branded that feared term "racist", a word that has been burned into the white psyche by generations of relentless liberal brainwashing. And I have to break those chains. And to do that, I must be so raw, so loud and offensive, that even the most hardcore among us will sometimes gasp at my audacity and grit in calling a spade a spade right in front of king liberal himself . . . .

    But there is a method to my madness. By doing this I make whatever others say about the subject seem mild, and much more palatable to let out. After hearing me, whatever they say doesn't seem so bad. It emboldens and encourages them to speak out. And the more they speak, the more they'll continue to speak, and the more others will follow. And my method works. How many of you have been emboldened by my words and rants? How many others that you know have started to speak out and even act on their pent up frustrations? A lot of people I'll wager.

    The results are all around us. Do you think the immigration pot is boiling over by chance? You know better. It's because people like you and me and others continually raised hell and spread the word to everyone we can find. We became a perennial thorn in the liberal agenda's side, planting the seeds of rebellion all over the country, until now new laws are being passed and millions of angry whites are actually standing together against these communists.

    No, it won't save America. It's done. But it will be the catalyst, the stepping stone for a white revolution that will free a section of this land as our new homeland, a place free of Jews, communists, faggots, liberals, and muds of every stripe. A place we can nurture our race and heritage once again without the polluting influence of our enemies . . . .

    So the next time you read me ranting about some "damned nigger" or "thieving wetback" or "slime sucking kike", remember what I'm really up to, and allow yourself a small smile. We're winning.


    "Unfortunately, the truth of power is stronger than the power of truth."--Joom

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    NOTICE: Due to unconstitutional/illegal Presidential Executive Orders, the NSA and the DHS may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight & in direct violation of the 4th Amendment. We in this country have no recourse or protection. Everything we say may be used against us to detain us in a secret prison, where we will be held without right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury.

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