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Thread: The Racial ZOGbot Fraud That Is CreaTardivity

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    CreaTardivity: Mamzers Replacing a Dead Jew on a Stick With a Dead Jew on a Dick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biological kikenmamzer View Post

    I invite everyone to do a Google search and find out where Martin Lucifer Koon Lindstadt's highly fictional account came from.

    It happens to be.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Coongenitally CreaTarded/Biological kikenmamzer

    Idiotically assert that 'Lindstadt' (the oafishul WhiggerSwill ZOGbot spelling) plagarized it from the $PLC. (Never admiitted is that the $PLC may have taken parts from the above-published screed attributed to the late Ricl Cooper and others, including Harold Covington)


    Above link was posted on Da Pisser-Possum's Possum History Forum, back before Jeromy Visser cum into some ZOGbux as a ZOGbot.

    But all one has to do is check the SPLC website for the real intelligence report....

    I love to hear these ZOGbot whigger and mainly mamzers worsheeping a dead jew on a dick squeal. You see, they are invariably pussies which know that theyz' jew chickenhawk-derived religion is a fraud and so they squeal like kikes whenever scrutiny is brought to bear.

    Contrast that with the Christian, and not only Christian Identity response when Coongenitally CreaTarded posted the old Internut fraud about how some so-called Pizza Family wrote the New Testament or some such silly shit. After all, CreaTards rewriting history is akin to niggers claiming that the evil White Man stole the alphabet and other inventions that the nigger invented first and sucked out of the pore congoids' craniums. CreaTards are CreaTarded, and thus worthy, if not of pity, then of close criminal attention.

    Also illuminating is the response to the edjewmacated intellecjewalls here on Cunterresfags/feebs/f-tards. Coongenitally CreaTarded's posts are allowed to run wild while my posts are relegated here to Cunterre's jewlag. Same with known ZOGbots like TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill. However, if here at Cunterresfags/feebs/f-tards I am to be coonfined to the jewlag, then I must make the best of it, as pore, pore pityfool ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns cannot possibly compete with my wicked, wicked wit, and must be protected in theys' innocence of ability to debate anything which might conflict with their programming in the whigger finishing skrule. ZOGling whiggers are so fragile, which is why they wouldn't last more than a day or two at the NutHouse. Within a week at the prison, even the oldest in years of them would have an eagle & swastica back tattoo and SS runes on both butt-cheeks.

    But to give Coongenitally CreaTarded its mamzer due, I bet that Coongenitally CreaTarded was and is one of Benny Buttfuck Klassen's Twelve Apissuls, whom Benny broke in personally, and thus like Aesop's foxes without tails, this CreaTards is out to make sure that other little whiggers and mamzers no longer have something as useless as a hymened mangina sphincter.

    But enough fun at Cunterrefag/feeb/f-tard expense.

    The History of the Bowel Movement I posted above contains a detailed listing of police events that Coongenitally CreaTarded couldn't explain away whatsoever, merely try to mitigate by posting some claims that the jew Klassen tried to use, unsuccessfully. It shows that CreaTards simply coonsist of a few whiggers and a lot of mamzers wanting to play at having a racial religion and being hysterically obsessed with theys' kikeish Genesis 3:15 enmity against Christianity in general and the White Man's Racial Hate Religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity in particular.

    But not to worry. What difference does it really make if a dozen Klassenite Apissels and six allied Cosmotologists screetch that we all should worsheep the Whigger Wayce jewst like jews worsheep theysselfs as the Spawn of D-g? Won't they still be ZOGling ZOGbot mainly manzer ass-clowns?

    Benny Klassen had an arrangement, like Lawyer Richard Barrett, to get itz jew self some Y&D&FofS (Young&Dumb&FullofShit) whigger mangina in itz 'Special Skrule' for budding CreaTards. Instead of dispensing shekels for whigger mangina and kikenknob-polishing, ButtFuck Benny dispensed kikenbabble and some whiggers and mamzers bought it. Only the smartest of the lot, the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy, went from CreaTardivity to being Woden's Only Living Profit That Lived, to Absolute Solipsism -- worsheeping jewrself and cutting out the middle-man/baal-priest. Of course, worsheeping jewrself is doubtless a great source of cumfort to the Reverend Mong[r]ol-Lloyd Hardy while locked away the past year in a Pittsburg jail cell or Pennsylvania NutHouse the past couple of months.

    Now I don't really begrudge mamzeroid CreaTards running around in jewniform and vestments and liturgy borrowed from jewdayo-whiggerinanity. They are merely soulless animals with no real future, and if some clever kike persuaded them to part with their pearl of no great price, then what is it to me?

    Here on Cunterresfags/feebs/fuktards, I LOVE seeing whigger and mamzer edjewmacated intelljewalls cluster-fuck around ZOGbot judas goats like TraitorGlenn Miller and WhiggerSwill, and thus announce theys' racial loyalties. And if, like Gadarenian swine you all follow CreaTards over the cliff into perdition to drown, is that not a cheap and efficient disposal of jewrself? Someone prepared to fight to the death of 140 million whiggers and 150 million muds shouldn't be dismayed at the self-abasement and self-abuse of a dozen Cunterresfags/feebs/fuktards.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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