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Thread: Edgar Steel -- The Whigger-Whimperer -- Charged in murder for hire plot

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    Default Edgar Steele And Larry Fairfax To Remain In Custody Pending Trials; Fairfax Unmasked As The Confidential Informant

    Edgar Steele And Larry Fairfax To Remain In Custody Pending Trials; Fairfax Unmasked As The Confidential Informant



    Both Edgar Steele and accused bomber Larry Fairfax appeared for separate detention hearings before U.S. Magistrate Candy Dale in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on June 22nd, 2010, and both were ordered held until their respective trials.

    In the case of Steele, the U.S. Attorney’s Office pressed their case for continued detention by playing two tapes of phone conversations Steele had with his wife, Cyndi, and his son, Rex, while being held at Kootenai County Jail on June 13th. On the tapes, Steele tells Cyndi that she will be contacted by the attorney general’s office the following morning and will be asked to authenticate his voice on recordings that he says are doctored to sound as if he’s hiring a hitman to kill her. He pleads with her to say that it’s not his voice she hears on the tapes. Steele tells her that she has to say: “No, that is not my husband’s voice. Like a rhinoceros in the road, you have to stand your ground and say nothing but that.” If she doesn’t, he says, she will have to explain to their children why her testimony put him in prison for 20 to 25 years.

    Steele maintains the tapes are not real and that they were manufactured by federal officials determined to ensure he goes to jail. “This is going to be a ‘Mission Impossible’-world-class recording,” he tells his wife. “I love you dearly, sweetie. I would never be so stupid as to hire anyone to kill anyone, least of all you. You’ve gotta do this.”

    U.S. Magistrate Candy Dale accepted this as sufficient evidence to show that Steele posed a serious risk of intimidating witnesses or obstructing justice. Referring to the tapes, she said, “I don’t know how this court or any person could take that as anything other than an attempt to intimidate.” So she ordered Steele to remain held pending his trial date of August 16th; he's been moved from the Kootenai County Jail to the Spokane County Jail. Additional media story by KXLY Channel 4; news video embedded below:


    A day earlier on Monday June 21st, Magistrate Dale heard the case of Larry Fairfax. Although his attorney, family members and friends argued he is reliable, not dangerous, and must continue working to provide for his family, authorities argued that Fairfax hasn’t been completely forthcoming in his dealings with law enforcement and has subjected people to danger and can’t be trusted to be released as court proceedings continue against him.

    Under questioning from Assistant U.S. Attorney Traci J. Whelan during the hearing, FBI special agent Michael Sotka said Fairfax let authorities in on Sandpoint-area attorney Edgar J. Steele’s alleged plan to have his wife murdered, making it look like a fatal car accident. What Fairfax neglected to mention to officers while he was cooperating in their investigation — including going to the extent of wearing a hidden recording device on two occasions while he met with Steele to plot — was that Fairfax had already been involved in attaching a powerful pipe bomb to Cyndi Steele’s sport utility vehicle.

    This, of course, is an admission that Fairfax was the confidential informant all along. There was only one "bomber". Fairfax was known to be in debt; he filed for bankruptcy in April, and allegedly had $638,898 in debts. This may have given him the idea to try and shop Edgar Steele to the Feds.

    Magistrate Dale agreed that Fairfax' omission made him a continuing danger to the community, so despite his lack of a past criminal record, she ordered Fairfax to remain in custody pending his trial. Additional media stories from KXLY Channel 4 and the Spokesman-Review.

    Further discussion of this case continues at the following two primary pro-White venues:

    -- Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot", Stormfront
    -- Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot", Vanguard News Network Forum

    Posted by Anchorage Activist at 5:24 PM Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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    Didn't I Predict That Edgar Steele would Not Get Bond?


    Quote Originally Posted by il ragno View Post

    "Attempt to intimidate", my ass. He is giving a family member no-bullshit legal advice: say nothing to the police.

    There's a law professor with a now-famous YouTube video series who spends an hour telling a classroom of students the exact same thing: under no circumstances should you talk to the police, ever. You talk only to your lawyer or legal representative. He then invites a guest - a local chief of police, for Chrissakes - to reiterate the same point. (Needless to say, nobody's indicting them. Yet.)

    The state (in this case acting as the 'police' in the analogy) is under no legal restriction to use anything excuplatory you might tell them, let alone enter it into open court; on the other hand, if they have it in their head to indict you, they can and will twist any and everything you freely say into a noose around your neck so long as it can be made to fit.

    Steele is doing nothing that any lawyer wouldn't do - he is removing (or trying to) the strong possibility that a witness' relative naivete and emotional state of duress will be manipulated against his client.
    I predicted when the Whigger-Whimperer got arrested that an excuse would be found to deny him bail because then he would get his wife and mother-in-law as the alleged victims to say that they didn't believe he conspired any such thing, and thus leave all of the 'evidence' upon what a supposed Aryan Nations informant working for the FBI -- ZOG's political piglice -- said. Then the case would have fallen apart to where there was really no probable cause other than that ZOG/Banylon wants to remove through jewdickal murder one of the old bowel Movement feebs, who paradoxically has preached AGAINST the need for Revolutionary violence. ZOG is the sort who kills women and children at wedding parties while leaving the Taliban intact overseas, just as it takes farms from Butler and liberty from the Whigger-Whimperer, while the 'lone wolves' range free.

    Now what we have is simply ZOG/Babylon using its korts and jewdical apparatus to mark and eliminate its numerous opposition while pretending to obey its CONstitution and Bill of Goods. The only difference is that when Ahab and Jezebel went after their subject Naboth and murdered his family, YHWH instigated a 'regime change'and set Elijah the Prophet to tell Ahab that House of Ahab was doomed, that everyone siding with Ahab and Ahab's regime were fair game, and that Ahab's Regime and criminal regimeist and whiggers of the day would be eliminated. And so it was. Anyone and everyone supporting Ahab and Ahab's regime and Ahab's baal-priests were simply executed, their property forfeit and their corpses left to be eaten by dogs in the cities and birds in the fields.

    So far, you have not liked my 'solution' of simply letting Nature take its course and letting the current racial,religious and class civil war morph into a Great Tribulation in which over 90% of the whiggers and all of the jews, muds and cruds are exterminated. If I advocate some necessary torture it is to simply make it less unnecessary to exterminate promiscuously the lumpen ZOGling whiggertariate herd animals by terrorizing them into choosing the side of the Resistance all that much more the sooner. And then, not only justice, but the need for knowing that there is no more criminal regimeist counter-revolutionary opposition demands that the entire families of regime criminals and anyone supporting them must be put to slow and humiliating death so that it will quite some time before any new regime-criminal element arises from the Neo-Aristocracy.

    Now since I myself believe that Jesus Christ will be the arbiter when Christ returns cutting the Great Tribulation for the sake of the elect, cf, Matt 24:21-22, much of what I preach is designed to attract Ten-Thousand Warlords wanting to use Christian Identity as a religious excuse to exterminate whiggers, jews and mamzers, take their property, and set up a decentralized sort of chaos with a feudal order under the participating warlord. I think that most, in fact many, of these warlords will be complete amoral solipsists, like Clovis the Merovingian, who converted to Christianity for the sake of political power and having religious dispensation for his numerous wars of petty conquest.

    My goals are to destroy ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final, to have the Great Tribulation be the survival of YHWH's Servant Nation of a Christian Israel, to make sure that no ZOGling regime criminal or herd animal whiggers, jews or mamzers survive to ever live off of the White Man, and to take a decentralized Resistance and turn it into a racial hate religion of Dual-Seedline Christian Identity acting under the uncorrupted natural aristocracy to carry out this necessary Great Tribulation for the survival of the White Man as a race.

    Now Edgar Steele is not and never was much more than a mere whipper-upper of the bowel Movement whiggers. He was useful for that task, and for not much else. Edgar Steele said that I was "insane" and through Pastor John Britton I said that the Whigger-Whimperer was 'typpycull' like all whiggers.

    But yet, Lawyer Steele will make if nothing else, a good martyr. If the Attorney for the Fucked can't make it in an imperial regime-criminal ZOG-kort, and has his toilet-paper 'protections' of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods violated like a paper asshole protector, then this proves that nobody in the bowel Movement has a chance before a ZOG-kort.

    I myself have already experienced everything and then some that the Whigger-Whimperer has found out the past two weeks. The only policy that any Resistance Activist dare show to regime criminals is absolute hatred and defiance and the intention to skin alive, to geld, to rape, to crucify, to break at the wheel, to turn into dog-meat not only the offending regime criminal but the regime criminal's entire family and friends and any whigger who by any means supports them. What goes around must come around. There is no such thing as 'innocents' and only sides, and those who are on ZOG's side must be exterminated and any neutral whiggers must show their allegiance to the new order by themselves zealously torturing the criminal regimeist ZOG/Babylon side when it comes time for mopping up.

    But there is no telling anything to anyone who hasn't been through the grinder. The Whigger-Whimperer was always a "No Revolution until ZOG is kicking down my door" sort. Well, the Whigger-Whimperer has had his door kicked in and is in line for some nabothizing by the House of ZOG. The last thing he should do is to show anything other than hatred for ZOG, and collaborating with the System while under pressure. Don't get a pub[l]ic pretender. Don't ever show anything but contempt for ZOG's informants, jewdges, prostitutors, and collabortraitors. Take the Siegfried Defense as done by Hermann Goering and simply tell the accusers to 'lick my ass' and have done with it, because when the positions are reversed we have no intention of showing any mercy to regime criminals.

    It is because the Whigger-Whimperer shows that he can be gotten around that ZOG is using one of their former tools to be done to death in a ZOG-kort. Timothy McVeigh could have likewise destroyed ZOG merely by refusing a pub[l]ic pretender and then at trial saying that ZOG made him do it, at his show trial. Instead, Timothy McVeigh followed the ZOG line of saying that he acted alone, and thus probably was texecuted for his collaboration.

    Always escalate any and ever situation and eventually ZOG will be destroyed, just like every other past mighty Evil Empire.

    That said, I always value your opinion, Il Ragno, but I wonder why you didn't see this all coming.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Open Letter to www.free-edgar-steele.com

    Open Letter to www.free-edgar-steele.com


    Hello Webmaster, http://www.free-edgar-steele.com/:

    I lurk on VNNF even though I'm not allowed there because Alex Linder and TraitorGlenn Miller hates my guts. I'd geld and skin both of them alive if given opportunity.


    I was locked up in a NutHouse for 3 1/2 years on a bogus child molestation case which fell apart because my grandson refused to lie against me. I refused to accept any lawyer and showed the korts nothing but contempt and after five years of hell I don't have much of a family left, but I do have an oath to YHWH to do my living best to send every single ZOGling and theyz' spawn screaming to hell and I will NOT be foresworn.

    Now I think that you and Edgar are foolish in trying to get a lawyer. Edgar needs to represent himself, say NOTHING in advance tipping off these ZOG cocksuckers as to what his defense will be, and let the chips fall where they may. What YHWH wills will be.

    Now I've already made the point in the local jewspaper in Sagle that Edgar Steel ain't no Aryan Nations member or Christian Identity. But I am thinking of sending him an open letter.

    I went and confronted that Roid Rage Retard jewdass Giles for shitting on Edgar Steele every day for three weeks in a row. Actually, I've made fun of Edgar Steele and called him 'The Whigger-Whimperer' and he has called me 'bat-shit insane' but I've always respected Edgar's way of whipping up them whiggers even where we don't agree. I actually do think Edgar is innocent, but since Edgar is a Hero of the Resistance, it really don't matter much to me because I'm the sort who wants to use the Great Tribulation to kill 150 million whiggers and all the jews and niggers and beaners amounting to another 140 million anyway. ZOG/Babylon is ALWAYS wrong. Anyone fighting with ZOG/Babylon is usually right.

    You can join my forum, Christian Nationalist, @


    but I think it would be best if you used the user-name "Free Edgar Steele" and post only what you post elsewhere so you can't be accused of siding with me.

    Or not. I've made a lot of enemies in the bowel Movement and I think you'll find that most of these people are ZOGbots, fools, criminals and degenerates who are playing at Revolution.

    And yes, I know most of the people you mentioned in one of the posts, particularly Deon Masker. Yes, she is Christian Identity. Yes, she is a nice person. Yes, she would spam every single e-mail box in the ZOGland if you let her. Please do NOT give her my e-mail or forum address. If she gets on my forum and spams it with her crazy conspiracy shit like she has been doing for the past fifteen years, I swear I'll carve her out a nice little jewlag where every single one of her posts will go.

    I disagree with your strategy. Much as I hate to admit it, the gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer is somewhat correct in his analysis of the past day.


    Don't rely on money or lawyers or anything. Linder is right about that, for once and only this once. You need to rely on the fact that if ZOG railroads one of ours, we will judicially exterminate every single criminal regimeist when we come to power and make fear of Revolution that which will make ZOG back off.

    I look forward to your response. I'm not exactly a big friend or fan of Edgar Steele, but he knows me, and I do want him to beat this bogus rap. In order to do this, Edgar needs to dump the pub[l]ic pretender, not feed the lawyer's guild or give ZOG korts any legitimacy and start making it quite clear that this is altogether a set-up, regardless of what ZOG tries to 'prove.'

    And if YHWH decides that Edgar Steele dies a Hero of the Revolution at the hands of ZOG and a jewry of whiggers and muds, then so be it.

    When it comes time to try ZOGlings and regime criminals, every single time they will be found guilty when it is theyz' turn at the wheel. So it does no good to plead or beg or expect mercy from ZOG or ZOGlings. What goes around WILL come around, and stern payback is what and how they will be broken of any desire to pull any more of their shit when it comes around to them. Give up worsheeping the CONstipation and Bill of Goods and start worshiping YHWH.

    Next time you see Edgar, tell him hello from the Christian Identity people and that we're praying for him, even though he didn't do that good a job for Pastor Butler, even though Butler was toast anyway.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Default Using Edgar Steele

    Using Edgar Steele


    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamB View Post

    Any hope of a Thursday night show? Even a short one? There isn't jack shit on on Thursdays that is worth listening to. Just some idiot on VOR talking dogshit about eastern block papist nutstianity out of his ass. Who knows when Covington comes on so that isn't scheduled. Giles is insane and expects his listeners to wait on his baited breath to hear his tard rages. Thursdays would be a great time, that is, if you have the time.

    I know there isn't all that much going on every week. Maybe bi-weekly then?
    Actually, there was to be a show tonight, but since I was waiting for Breck to do his show, time went by and I didn't get it done.

    I shall be doing a Movement Turd at 9:00 EST/8:00 CST, Thursday, July 29, 2010 subject: 'Using Edgar Steele -- Getting a hunka, hunka Whigger-Whimperer. Almost every single critter wants to use the Whigger-Whimperer for his own advancement just like Edgar Steele used Pastor Richard Butler for his own advancement back in 2000.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Wanting to insert myself up into the Whigger-Whimperer's bunghole

    Default You all really really really need to listen to me!!!

    You all really really really need to listen to me!!!


    Edgar Steel "charged in murder-for-hire plot" posters:

    (Preface: I don't appreciate being backed into a corner by people I don't know, particularly by individuals whose motivation and/or intentions may be good, neutral or evil. As a self-important dweeb you really need to understand that it is all about me and what I want you to do. Why? Because I've spent _MANY_ hours every day over recent weeks working on Edgar Steele support, I'm writing this response. Nobody asked me to do so, certainly not Edgar Steele, as I will admit below. But I think that because I've pushed myself to the front, that everyone ought to listen to me. I'm very, very important, if I do say so myself. Even writing this may give some posters fuel to keep their ridiculous suspicional, speculative fires burning - much to their glee I'm sad to say. No affront or insult intended. I'm not a regular here, but what I see, I see.) So, now I think I get to tell you all what to do, even though I'm not a regular here, but because I'm a pushy self-important dweeb without a real life outside using Edgar Steele.

    Me, "Latebloomer" = Bob Magnuson. Visit my website, www.gandsnut.net - I have interests like the next Joe. Also like the next Joe, I use Internet aliases. I subscribed to VNN long, long ago, then my interest waned. I have 1800-some posts on SF (a large message board, mentioning the name of which I hesitate to do, because I don't know if you folks have grudges with them). On SF, I'm "Latebloomer". Easy connection, um? Read my SF posts - 98% of which are 100% honest which makes me an admitted liar 2% of the time- and you'll know who's writing this. I reserve 2% of my SF posts to my own human fallibility. Which means that 49 times out of fifty, I'm a godlike whigger demi-dweeb. If somebody must critique what I've shared publicly with a microscope, you'd better be 100% perfect yourself 100% of the time. And not motivated by evil or some agenda. As a typpycull ZOGling whigger ass-clown, I have already defined in advance what I will allow you to say, even if in real life I am a total whigger pussy without a life, until I found me a jailed Whigger-Whimperer unable to run me off, as it did when not in jail.

    If I could interject, I'm being candid, and truthful up to the point of necessary privacy, such as not listing my DL, SSN or that which I deem is "sensitive". As a total ZOGling whigger ass-clown, I think I'll put in what is called a pink herring to show how 'candid and truthfool' I can be. Itz all about me, me, me. I will not be candid regarding Edgar Steele legal strategy issues because, well, it's dumb and I don't have the permission to do so. Plus the fact that the Whigger-Whimperer isn't so far gone that he will tell this little speckled dweeb feeb unable to think what he is gonna do. This is not about me, even though I am unable to talk and think of anything else, it's about others who discuss and tell me what to do, ZOGbots mainly. I may put in my $0.02, but in the end, I follow directions. I open up my tinfoil hat and aim my directional beanie antenna towards the direction of Coeur d'Alene, wherein I get my directions from Coonspiraproctologists using Deon Masker as a spamsperson.

    I reside in Spokane, WA, 1.25 hours from Edgar Steele's home. I help out with www.conspiratology.com website stuff, because I volunteered in 2004 to do so. I had nothing better to do with my aimless self-important whigger dweeb life. Yes, Ms. Deon Masker owns Conspiratology. Yes, there are a lot of people who suspect the Maskers of being agents provocateurs who kept an eye on Pastor Richard Butler, along with the Rick Springs the last year or so of Butler's life. Ms. Masker has known Edgar and Cyndi Steele on a face-to-face basis considerably longer than the 7 years I've resided in Spokane. Because Ms. Masker and I don't know where Mrs. Steele is located, nor do we have email or phone contact with her, our interface with the Steeles has been through daughter Kelsey, who lives out of the area. Yes, we got a Steele family member to use in order to get us a hunka, hunka burning Whigger Whimperer. It's so great to be able to have some member of the Steele family dependent on us so that we can claim to have Kelsey guiding and interfacing with "us". It's not "our" business where Mrs. Steele is, nor where other of the Steele family are, unless Kelsey wants to say. She is desperate to have the aid of us feebs, and so we will exploit it for all it is worth.

    Would everybody other than us duly-authorized oafishul feebs please avoid conjecture, guesstimation and "well, I think"?

    I've met Mr. Steele twice; once in a private setting, once in a public venue. Both times I had the great fortune to chat, to discuss. I find him an extraordinary thinker, very perceptive, sophisticatedly funny, and personably accessible. I then immediately showed the Whigger-Whimperer my mangina, begged to bear his whiggerlets. I've emailed him, volunteering my assistance with his www.conspiracypenpal.com (and other) efforts, mostly because I'm a self-serving, self-important dweeb geek and I live close to him. To date, he has not taken me up on my offers. He didn't want his own personal whigger dweeb groupie and was unnerved by the possibility of having his own bowel Movement stalker. Cool with me, I respect that. Had to, until ZOG put the Whigger-Whimperer in jail, and thus he wasn't able to drive me off. If the reader of this has any contention with Mr. Steele and/or his family, please, don't come after me with your complaint. I'm now the President of the Edgar Steel/Whigger-Whimperer Groupies/Stalker Club. You telling me why and how you harbor ill-will with Mr. Steele does absolutely no good except to let you vent. I got dibs on the High Priesthood of Whigger-Whimpererdumb.

    It's because I admire Mr. Steele and his 'output' that I, yes, me, Bob Magnuson, Latebloomer, 'gandsnut', stepped forward to create www.free-edgar-steele.com which is directly supported by Ms. Masker, Ms. Ingri Cassel, a few others in the north Idaho area, and others out of the region. I am "admin". Somewhere along the line I chose to use "admin" and "FES admins" when moderating FES because I don't want fame or glory for my labors. Sob, sniff, sniff. I am part of a circle of people who are choosing to give their time, money, effort, interest, concern, support for - as I've put it elsewhere - "a guy sitting in jail". I also wanted the flexibility to actually have fellow admins, but that has yet to occur, and never will if I have anything to say about it.

    Would you people please take a moment and sit there - in jail - with Edgar Steele? Think about who's coming after you, and your world, with intent to file you away to cold storage for a long time. Now think about Internet "friends" who are free to drive out to dinner or a movie, free to fritter away countless hours suspicioning and speculating about your butt sitting in jail.
    What lifts your spirit: message board squabbles and factional pit-bulling or plain people writing simple letters of hope and support? Not that Edgar Steele has Internut access in jail to read this. No, this is merely a bit of lying idiotic self-serving kikeshit said so that I can try to control what is said on the Internut while I try to build my own little Internut empire.

    While you languish in your cell, what helps you get to the next day: knowing Internet "friends" are donating, working towards your release, or being sure you're forgotten because petty opinions, SPECULATIONS are far more entertaining on a safe, keyboard-pounding basis? Sounds good, don't it? Well, as a self-important whigger dweeb pussy, I've never spent a day in jail in my entire life because of my political activism, and am not about to listen to advice as to what it is really like from those who have been jailed for months, years awaiting trial on trumped-up charges. After all, this is MY main chance, fuck Edgar Steele!!!

    My bitterness earned in less than a month is because I give, and give, and give -- have any of you ever seen Bette Midler in "The Rose"? -- I'm just like that -- and give honestly, then find what I have given is called "scam" and doubted. My mangina is still aching from it still. If any reader of this has doubts, I respect that. It gives my achy, achy mangina something real to wrap itzself around. You do what you feel is best regarding the guy sitting in jail. Let me lay a guilt trip on you. The PayPal link presented on FES was forwarded to me from Kelsey Steele. The address to snail-mail Mr. Steele presented on FES worked for me - 2X. Reports have come in that snail-mail has been returned unopened. Those reporting such are either lying or telling the truth - I have no control over that. Maybe they got the wrong snail-mail addy. Perhaps ZOG wants to use me for a gate-keeper.

    Since Ms. Masker knows Mr. and Mrs. Steele well (and for a long time), and since the address she gave to receive snail-mail donations is close to Sagle, ID, and since Ms. Masker is involved with FES, and because Kelsey Steele approves of her (and our) volunteered support, we're happy to pipeline non-PayPal donations to Kelsey. For complete accountability, we've publicly advised all snail-mail donations specify Kelsey Steele as recipient. As she (and others in her family) can, I'd imagine that she will write thank-you's. Keep in mind Kelsey Steele is shouldering a huge responsibility, largely doing so over email and phone calls. Us "FES admins" try not to overwhelm her, and try to keep our pettinesses at a minimum. We need her a lot more than she needs us.

    I had thought of listing Kelsey's email addy, but removed it because of the unfortunate reality that bent, bad people are not at all as forthright as I am being here. Plus, if somebody else ends up stealing our token Steele family member, then we will be nothing more than an obvious ZOG false-front organization run by a self-important dweeb looking for the main chance and a suspected ZOGbot under a ZOG false front. I'd bet big money on Kelsey finding she would become the target of one or more clever, evil Internet piranha, ecstatic they could flood her mailbox with bile or soothingly deceptive "help" like we were until we found out that she was desperate for help from the bowel Movement and captured this formerly free-range heifer.

    When www.free-edgar-steele.com was being born, "us admins" (all those involved) hoped it would 1) centralize non-speculative information, 2) prevent the release of information that would/might be strategically damaging - or even helpful - to the case, thus controlling the release of information on behalf of ZOG, 3) provide a hub from which only authorized support efforts could take form, and 4) to try and buffer the Steele family from inundation via the net. Thus we are trying to keep control of everything so that ZOG doesn't have to deal with 'lone-wolves' paying ZOG in the only coin it respects -- non-state actors engaging in civil warfare. We did not elevate ourselves to this role, we offered, gave and were given OK and permission by Edgar's daughter. Not Edgar Steele. Only by the one member of the Steele family we could get to.

    Now I, "admin" for FES, find much of my time dealing with Person X who can't stand comments in the same place as Person Y. I moderate and edit FES comments to allow a public voice for all, but find I have to constantly walk on eggshells. FES visitor "Jones" has years of squabbling argument with FES visitor "Smith", and I'm supposed to find a way to let them both make positive comments? I've spent going on 3 hours to write this. Why? Because assorted grown-up humans act like hypersensitive, self-consumed boobs. I am thus the hypersensitive self-consumed boob in charge because I presume to censor and take sides. But, this is my main chance for 15 seconds of fame, and I'm not about to let it go.

    I was the "FES admin" who visited Mr. Steele last week. While I was waiting to take the elevator to the visiting area, a big wave of emotion hit me from out of the blue, and I felt self-conscious about wiping my eyes. Here I'm just visiting, I'm not the guy in the cell. But some ominous fear and weight
    of just thinking about Edgar's plight pounded on me; it was not a nice feeling. Our kinsman is _living_ this kind of stress. All I wanted to do was to offer 5, 10 or 15 minutes of escape for an innocent person behind bars. Plus I had to get something tangible to show that I was the 'oafishul' self-serving dweeb and President of the Use Edgar Steele Whigger-Whimperer fan club.

    What I do is a scam? Well, you know how what was a Cause becomes a business becomes a racket? Well, I'm trying real hard to make it about me.

    To close, I notice Kelsey Steele has a VNN member ID, "K_Steele". I emailed her for confirmation of this, she says it's her.

    Can we get on with the Free Edgar Steele TM focus?? Send jewr ZOGbux today, chop, chop.

    LB /Bob Magnuson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Magnuson/Use Edar Steele


    I've emailed him, volunteering my assistance with his www.conspiracypenpal.com (and other) efforts, mostly because I'm a geek and I live close to him. To date, he has not taken me up on my offers.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Gut-sick guido-weasel with jew ass-cancer


    Look, I understand you're a self important dweeb, and this is your big moment. But all your talk is so much blather: people don't care about you or your website, they want to know what's going on with Steele. Nowhere on there that I see do you say he's being FRAMED and SET UP by the FEDS and KIKES WHO RUN THEM. That's practically the only thing that matters. If that is what is going on, then the more noise you make, the better. Not all this retard shit about not talking or speculating. Being quiet won't help Steele one bit. Getting an attorney won't do anything either.

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    Default Edgar Steele's wife breaks silence

    Edgar Steele's wife breaks silence


    Many people may be wondering why Edgar Steele's wife, Cyndi, hasn't
    come forward in defense of her husband until now.

    For the reasons stated below, Cyndi will stay in relative seclusion for
    the time being. She is in the process of hiring a new attorney to
    protect her rights and the rights of her family (things did not work out
    with the attorney who was representing her before). This will give her
    and the family some breathing space to have active representation while
    they go about their lives. Now that the Feds have shown that they are
    not willing to prosecute the other unnamed accomplices of Larry Fairfax
    who are involved in this case, Cyndi realizes that taking a low profile
    to allow the FBI to do their job, simply will not do any good.

    The Steele family needs all the support that can be mustered. Please
    send the information below to anyone interested. Most of the old
    questions should be answered. As always, when there is new information
    available, it will generate a myriad of new questions.

    Cyndi will be able to answer and respond to legitimate questions and
    concerns now that the Feds have proven their true colors and shown her
    that keeping a low profile really serves no purpose.

    You may explain the following to anyone who asks: "Why has Cyndi been in

    1) On the day that Ed was arrested, the FBI warned Cyndi that Larry
    Fairfax had certain unnamed accomplices who were "out there" or who were
    at large and that they had an active plan to kill her and her family;

    2) The FBI promised that they had, or would, arrest the unnamed
    accomplices of Larry Fairfax whom they had identified and prosecute them
    for their crimes (giving her the impression that she and her family
    would be protected from these criminals who were known to the FBI, but
    who were still at large);

    3) Cyndi believed the FBI and has kept a very low profile, not wanting
    to interfere with the FBI and their investigation; and, of course, not
    wanting to put her life or the lives of her family in jeopardy while
    they all waited for the Feds to round up these "bad guys" so that she
    and her family would be safe;

    4) By the middle of last week, when a plea bargain with Larry Fairfax
    was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. today and the prosecutor, Traci Whelan,
    failed to call her back after Cyndi tried to reach the prosecutor on
    August 26th about the Fairfax plea bargain, Cyndi could see that the
    Feds were going to give Larry Fairfax a "sweetheart plea deal" without
    even consulting her and that his unnamed accomplices still had not been
    identified or arrested or charged or prosecuted; and

    5) Finally, Cyndi decided to come out of seclusion and demand her legal
    rights as a victim, guaranteed by Congress, to object to the Fairfax
    plea bargain. Cyndi has demanded that she and her family be protected
    -and she has demanded that the Fairfax unnamed accomplices be brought to
    justice, because these unnamed accomplices are partly responsible, as
    co-conspirators, for the crimes against her and her family (that
    includes of course the planting of a bomb under her vehicle).

    Note: There is no question that the feds know who these people are
    because they told Cyndi so; but, they are not telling anyone else and
    they have not arrested them, which makes it appear that they are
    protecting them. So, what's that all about?

    Affidavit of Cyndi Steele, Filed in Federal District Court, State of Idaho, 9:43 a.m. Sept 7, 2010
    Kunzman Affidavit, Filed in Federal District Court, State of Idaho, 9:43 a.m. Sept. 7, 2010.

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    Default Cyndi Steele Meets the U.S. Government

    Cyndi Steele Meets the U.S. Government


    Cyndi Steele Meets the U.S. Government

    by Val Koinen

    I just finished reading a very interesting, informative, and (in some ways) disturbing and even alarming document. I am referring to the September 7, 2010 affidavit of Cyndi Steele filed with the U.S. District Court for Idaho. (For those of you who don’t know, Mrs. Steele is the wife of north Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele, who has been charged by U.S. Federal prosecutors with hiring a neighbor and handyman, one Larry Fairfax, to kill his (Steele’s) wife and mother-in-law.)

    The extremely enlightening affidavit referred to was filed primarily in order to object to the pending acceptance of an unbelievably lenient plea bargain deal between Fairfax and the U.S. prosecuting attorney (Ms. Traci Whelan) (as was a similar affidavit filed on the same date by Mrs. Steele’s mother Jacquanette Kunzman of Oregon City, Oregon). The affidavits are also pleas for more effective protection of Mrs. Steele’s family, and they bring up other important issues as well.

    The filing of these affidavits is an extremely important, potentially explosive development in the closely related Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax cases. This could be huge! They would seem to indicate that many ramifications of the government’s handling of these cases from the outset could be legally questionable, to say the least.

    See the Cyndi Steele affidavit here.

    Edgar Steele is presently jailed in Spokane, Washington, awaiting a November trial in nearby Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Larry Fairfax is apparently still being held in the Bonner County jail in Sandpoint, Idaho, although he is reportedly in the process of finalizing a plea bargain with the Federal Prosecutor’s office and the Court.

    For more background information and details of the unbelievable and highly improbable if not impossible twists and turns of these cases, you can go here or here.

    While I have not yet dug into the details of the Cyndi Steele affidavit so as to personally and independently verify the facts as represented by that document; and assuming of course that the document I have read online is genuine and is a true copy of the affidavit actually filed by Mrs. Steele with the District Court; I see no reason to doubt its credibility. In fact, I think it is quite clear, and even unarguable, that:
    (1) Her statements and assertions warrant a full, vigorous investigation by the local media – and particularly, by the local newspapers:

    Spokane, Washington Spokesman-Review
    Coeur d’Alene (Idaho) Press
    Bonner County (Idaho) Daily Bee

    This would seem to me to be a real opportunity for some good investigative journalism – I just wonder if these newspeople have it in them? I am assuming, of course, that the above and other local media are interested in, and capable of, professional and unbiased journalism, and reporting the truth. And I’m also assuming that they are not “in bed with” the “powers that be” that are or may be involved in this case – the FBI, the local U.S. Prosecutor’s Office, the ADL (the Jewish “Anti-Defamation League”), or others.

    (2) Her statements and assertions warrant full consideration and investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice and its FBI, Prosecuting Attorney, and the Federal District Court (as to their actions to date in the cases of Mr. Steele and Mr. Fairfax and regarding the treatment of the supposed intended victims of any crimes that have been committed) (assuming, of course, that honest and unbiased elements of those Federal entities are available and are capable of conducting such investigations and evaluating the results).

    (3) Her statements and assertions comprise legitimate grounds in my opinion for all concerned, reasonable, and prudent U.S. citizens who are aware of these matters and who care about justice and the legal-justice system, and especially the role of those federal government employees involved in these specific cases; to ask the following questions in a sincere effort to determine the truth:
    (a) Have any FBI agents exhibited bias or incompetence, or even broken the law, in connection with their investigations, actions, or the possible intimidation of Mrs. Steele? Was their acceptance of the legitimacy of the incriminating tapes or involvement in their procurement (production?) warranted and proper? What of their reportedly taking the Steele’s (remaining) precious metals from their residential property? If the FBI does know the identity of Fairfax’s accomplice(s)/co-conspirator(s), why haven’t they been arrested? What of the FBI’s working closely with informant, (?)thief, and confessed (attempted) “car-bomber” Fairfax; even to the extent that they would seem to have endangered the lives of Cyndi Steele and numerous others? Have they duly investigated the possible involvement of the ADL or other Jewish entities, and in particular, any connection they might have with the actions of Fairfax and his cohorts?

    (b) Has there in fact been any prosecutorial incompetence and/or misconduct (including but not limited to such things as victim- and/or witness-intimidation and deprivation of the civil rights of Edgar or Cyndi Steele and other members of their family)? Was it proper for Assist. U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan to grossly undercharge Larry Fairfax for his (confessed) role in placing a car bomb under Cyndi Steele’s vehicle? As above for the FBI – if Fairfax’s accomplice(s)/co-conspirator(s) are known, why haven’t they been charged? Why was Ms. Whelan willing to accept the ridiculously lenient terms of the plea-bargain arrangement with Fairfax? What of Ms. Whelan’s apparent misstatement re: Cyndi Steele not wanting contact with the prosecutor’s office? Most recently, what should we make of Ms. Whelan’s “threat” to “investigate” whether or not Cyndi Steele’s September 7 affidavit is her own statement (as though paying an attorney to draft a legal document on one’s behalf for filing with the Court is somehow wrong, or illegal)? For that matter, what of Ms. Whelan’s seemingly “adversarial attitude” toward Cyndi Steele in general?

    (c) Has there been any incompetence, bias, or judicial misconduct on the part of the U.S. District Court, referring specifically to such things as: Holding Edgar Steele without bail (in view of his long and honorable life, service to his country in the U.S. Coast Guard, lack of any criminal record, and professional and community standing)? The “no-contact” order forbidding him from contacting his wife? Apparently sanctioning the FBI’s confiscation of precious metals (and cash and other assets?) belonging to the Steeles? (All three of these things have presumably made it extremely difficult if not impossible for Mr. Steele to prepare a proper defense.)
    Read the affidavit, study the unbelievably convoluted history of this entire case, and decide for yourself. And try to keep an open mind regarding the key question – is it just possible that Mr. Steele has been “set up” and is being persecuted more than legitimately prosecuted, for his social/political beliefs and activities? I’m not saying that I know for a fact that this is what is happening. But I am starting to get suspicious about it. And if it turns out that this is being done by our government employees, perhaps in the service of the Jews over their displeasure with Mr. Steele, there truly should be “hell to pay!”

    And at the very least – be sure to keep a close, critical eye on all the government “actors” during Mr. Steele’s upcoming trial (assuming he lives long enough to actually stand trial in November). If he gets a fair trial and is convicted, so be it. But if it is shown that there has been wrongful behavior on the part of the U.S. Government, or if any more clear evidence of such wrongdoing comes to light, we responsible citizens should do two things: (1) contribute financially (and generously) to Mr. Steele’s appeal (which will surely follow a conviction); and (2) demand the appropriate punishment of those involved.

    Val Koinen blogs at: http://www.koinenscorner.blogspot.com/




    Why is it that ZOGling whiggers, especially 'intellectuals,' have in addition to not much in the way of intellect, have neither courage nor loyalty nor much in the way of common sense whatsoever?

    Like I was trying to explain to jewdass Roid Rage Retard Giles, Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat and just about every other whigger and mamzer ass-clown within the bowel Movement that ZOG isn't scared of the Bowel Movement retards willing to claim that Edgar Steele -- The Whigger-Whimperer -- is going to get a 'fair' trial. The last thing Edgar Steele is going to get is a 'fair trial' -- when the entire thing is a setup akin to what Jezebel planned for innocent Naboth and Naboth's family, who was murdered judicially along with his family of Israelites under color of 'law.' YHWH's Wrath was kindled, and so YHWH prescribed what needs to happen to any and all regime criminals: They and their entire family from the eldest to the newborn are to be put to death in the most humiliating way possible. Anyone who sides with the regime criminal and its family, who says or does anything which shows that they are on the side of the regime criminals, are likewise to be exterminated. YHWH didn't much care who was King in Israel after giving the House of David a guarantee that a member of David's House would be king over some Israelites. YHWH instead often instigated regime changes, then allowed by default what regime changes were carried out by ambitious men.

    What is most important is not what superficial form of regime rules over the Servant Nation of Israel. What is most important is what sort of population is Israel. One of the curses of YHWH is that whiggers, be they the slave-born whiggers of Moses' day which needed to die in Egypt 3500 years ago, to the whiggers of Ahab's/Elijah's day, to the whiggers now is that disobeying the law of YHWH supposed to be branded on the Israelites' hearts carries with it dire consequences, and that toleration of evil ensures that you are not innocent. Toleration of letting jew Cainites/Canaanite/Edomite/Hittite/Khazar mamzers run wild amongst us means that the niggers, beaners and faggots run wild and destroy whigger civilization and then whiggers actually. And thus we have ZOG/Babylon working to destroy the remaining Whites and to finish off the remaining whiggers.

    And thus the population is evil and worthless and wants to die, and to take YHWH's People with them. Thus the only possible survival is to exterminate the whiggers and the jews and mamzers as ZOG/Babylon inevitably collapses in a sort of Great Tribulation/Great Collapse.

    Therefore, when the shabbes whiggers collaborate with ZOG/Babylon's intention of destroying White People in the collapse of this mighty Evil Empire, the true Revolutionary doesn't whine like a whigger pussy but rather decides to let ZOG fall, along with 150 million stupid diseased ZOGling whigger herd animals and 140 million jew mud and crud mamzers. As long as these diseased animals live, no White man is safe.

    Edgar Steele, The Whigger Whimperer, found out the obvious: There is no CONstipational and Bill of Goods 'protections.' Not that there ever were. The half-jew mischling Alexander Hamiliton sold special stock to the Bank of England jew insiders for his First Bank of the United States/ZOG. Kink jewrge Washington invaded the properties of farmers in order to force them to pay excise taxes on Alexander Hamilton's federal debt. Fat-assed old Federalist jewn Adams signed the Alien and Sedition Acts in order to do away with pub[l]ic criticism. So the CONstipation and Bill of Goods was a fraud claiming to be nothing more than:

    One CONstipation to Rule them [whiggers] all,
    One CONstipation to Find them.
    One CONstipation to bring whiggers all,
    And Under Satan bind them.

    So get over it, whigger and mamzer bowel Movement pussies. There never has been [anything but] [D]Rule of [F]Law. These regime criminals fear nothing except the gelding knife, the rope and the wheel from a Revolutionary Population which will either make them flee or die screaming.

    Now when I was being locked up, tortured and doped up on bogus child molestation charges, I never showed the regime criminals and the quacks and prostitutors and jewdges and piglice anything other than hatred and contempt. When my kind comes to power, routine skinning alive, crucifixion and torture of regime criminals and any supporting whiggers will be the order of the day. Their male spawn are to be castrated by their regime criminal parents biting off and swallowing their penis and testicles. Their female children are to be spayed and raped and forced to breed a new Neo-Aristocracy for the Master Race.

    Any and all whiggers who fight against the New Order of Life are to be exterminated without mercy.

    Of course the above will only happen AFTER total Civil War has eliminated ninety percent of the whiggers and almost all of the jews, niggers and beaners and sundry mamzers. The policies above are to be used in mopping up.

    Any whiggers and mamzers pretending to be part of the bowel Movement who in any way whine about the above Iron Law of Survival are liars and phonies. But not to worry. Ten Thousand Warlords ruling over Ten Million Whites will do that which needs to be done.

    So what to make of bowel Movement ZOGling whiggers and mamzers and jews whining about how Reality sucks? What to make of those who live in a jewdayo shabbes-whigger or shabbes-mamzer daze as to what is really happening and want to play a game of 'Let's Pretend' that what hasn't worked in the past fifty years will somehow, sometime work now?

    jewdass Roid Rage Retard Giles, Hadding the Loveless Mattoid Meercat, and anyone who sides with ZOG = criminal regimeist traitors and informants. What you believe is altogether a function of what side you are on. Believe ZOG lies then you are a ZOGling. Never argue with a regime criminal any more than you argue with a jew, a rat, a hyena, or a baboon. There is nothing to argue about. Time for such to die, and to die hideously so as to terrorize whiggers into picking a side, and having to become a combatant.

    Quit whining like whigger pussazoids that there will be 'hell to pay' for setting up The Whigger Whimperer. Who is going to charge these federal prostitutors, piglice, jewdges, and sundry regime criminals in a ZOG kort for violating the very machinations that they created in order to rob, rape, enslave and murder whiggers? ZOG will not put itzself on trial, much less render a criminal jewdgement against their own enforcement apparatus.

    Rather, what my hero, Iron Felix Dzerzhinsky did was in order. Take the regime criminals, torture them over 15 minutes or four or five days into confession, then send them to be torn to pieces by a mob of whiggers they wronged and send their families to a death work camp wherein these two-legged vermin will pay back in blood tears and sweat what they extorted from the population. Not a single one of Iron Felix's police procedures was ever gainsaid, be it the extermination of the local village piglice oreficer to Czar Nicholaus II and his family of clueless parasites.

    Get your heads out of jewr asses, whiggers. Edgar Steele needs to be avenged. Not whined over. Even though The Whigger Whimperer was hisself one of the most clueless whigger pussies ever playing 'Attorney for the Fucked."

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Fade's Feebs Comment on Cyndi Steele's Filings

    Fade's Feebs Comment on Cyndi Steele's Filings


    Quote Originally Posted by Earlmundo Pitts III
    September 14, 2010 at 3:44 pm

    I’ve followed the persecution of Edgar Steele since he was first arrested.

    Steele is a college graduate, an accountant, a lawyer in good standing, a four year military veteran, and has never been in any trouble before.

    His main crime seems to be his defense of the politically incorrect in Idaho, and his internet radio broadcasts & writings. Nothing abusive, profane or pornographic in any of Steele’s broadcasts or writings.

    Steele is a Protestant.

    Anyone who has followed this case will realize that either the FBI & Federal Prosecuters have been duped by their informant Fairfax, and his co-conspirators, or elements of the FBI, and the Federal Prosecuters office who are working in collusion with the people who attempted to murder Edgar Steele and his family.

    There also seems to be some Federal inter-agency conflict in this case. Let’s not forget that Edgar Steele is a military veteran, and, a member of good standing of the bar—in other words he has friends.

    My guess is Steele will be offered a deal. Then it will be up to Steele.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kievsky
    September 14, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    If Steele gets out of jail alive and with all his faculties intact, there will be hell to pay. The hunters will become the hunted. The incompetence and stupidity of the FBI never ceases to amaze me.

    Unfortunately, they may try to get out of this mess having Steele have a jailhouse “heart attack” or something. Or make a deal to drop all the charges if he promises not to come after them when he gets out (he shouldn’t accept it).

    I have seen enough government incompetence to accept that as the full explanation of this Edgar Steele tar baby. It’s going to be like Braveheart with a briefcase if and when he gets out. And we’ll see if we have a justice system that even works any more.

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    Default A Whigger-Whimperer Stuck Amongst the Californicated ZOGling Whigger Ass-clowns of Northern Id-iot-ho

    A Whigger-Whimperer Stuck Amongst the Californicated ZOGling Whigger Ass-clowns of Northern Id-iot-ho


    To Bob in Idaho:

    I talk to my friend Pastor John Britton about every day. His most common complaint: Being surrounded by whiggers.

    You see, Idaho when the Brittons and Pastor Butler moved up there in the 1970s is a totally different place today. Back then, the place was a sort of Mormon outpost in the South and a sort of vacation retreat in the North. The center part of the state is mainly nothing but mountains. Nor is there a major interstate highway connecting Boise and Coer d' Alene. As a result there is a big difference between North and South Idaho.

    What has invaded Idaho are Californicated gliberal whiggers. These gliberal whiggers are fleeing the shithole that they made of of California, yet they want to recreate the same shithole that they fled. Being gliberal whiggers, they never will say that they are sorry -- rather the most that they will ever do if pressed by the results of their stupidity and not wanting to die amidst the results of their wretched stupidity is to claim that they meant well.

    So being smarmy gliberal whiggers, there is no reasoning with such. Rather you let Nature take itz course, and let LeRoy Tyrone Williams and MuhDikkk X chase down marxian meat whiggers and coonvert them to something useful, like niggershit.

    So the ZOG functionaries dealing with the 'evil racists' among them is OK with these whigger refugees from their own stupidity incarnate.

    The old ways are the best: Things will fall apart in civil war. The survivors will be those White Men who are ready and willing and able to mop up and exterminate or enslave any remaining whiggers and regime criminals. The true White Nationalist Revolutionary understands that ten million Whites cannot rule over 150 million whiggers and 140 million muds in imperial amity, but rather these vermin must be exterminated with extreme ruthlessness and terrorism during the inevitable Great Tribulation/Great Collapse that just about everyone now sees coming. The current ZOG/Babylonian System is predicated to the extermination of the White Man; the White Man must use extreme ruthlessness when things fall apart. And rather than looking for a Great Whigger Father on a Horse to bring us 1950's ZOG-Lite, which is long gone with the wind , White Nationalism must develop Ten Thousand Warlords to rule over Ten Million Whites under a Racial Hate Religion like Dual-Seedline Christian Identity. What White Men really believe is irrelevant; what White Men DO is all important.

    Yapping about it like dickless 'intellectuals', solves nothing. Edgar Steele, the Whigger-Whimperer is either going to have to get over being a former attorney/oreficer of the kort and become a true Revolutionary, or take his screwing with nothing but a final peck like a Tysons white chicken on the kill line as to the illegally of it all.

    Maybe Cyndi Steele has met ZOG, and decided to stand by her man. Now her man needs to decide whether to take off the gloves and fight, or to become another whigger steer with a pub[l]ic pretender selling him out, like 95% or more of whigger defendants.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Murder-for-hire trial moved to Boise

    Murder-for-hire trial moved to Boise


    Posted on March 6, 2011 at 4:04 PM
    Updated March 7 at 5:54 PM

    COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho -- A murder-for-hire trial is being delayed again and will be moved to Boise. Edgar J. Steele is charged with hiring a hit man to kill his wife and mother-in-law.

    Jury selection was scheduled to begin Monday. 70 potential jurors were called ot the federal courthouse. But U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill decided to grant defense lawyers a delay so they'd have more time to prepare.

    The trial will now start in April and will be moved to Boise, after Steele's attorneys complained about extensive local publicity. It is the third delay in the trial.

    Steele's wife insists her husband is innocent and has been set up by the government because of his anti-Semitic, white supremacist views and for representing clients such as Aryan Nations.

    Federal prosecutors say they have recordings of him talking with the hit man about killing his wife. Prosecutors say Steele was after insurance money and wanted to pursue a woman in Ukraine.

    Steele is known in anti-Semitic and white supremacist circles for defending Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler in 2000. Steele lost the case, and Aryan Nations was bankrupted after being ordered to pay $6.3 million to the victims.

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