14Aug18 740pm City Council -- I am threatened with false arrest by Granby Council-Criminals & Piglice




This is the uncensored uncut video of a public comment proposal before the Granby City Hall on 14 August 2018 from 6:26 to 6:40 pm when Pastor Lindstedt was forced to leave before the tax rate public comments and the City Council meeting. City Clerk Lawna Price and City Collector Carra Jo Coffer got a bogus Domestic Assault Restraining Order with the coonivance of the Granby City Council to violate the First Amendment under Color of Law.

So without any jurisdiction, corrupt Republican Newton County Judges Kevin Lee Selby and Gregory Stremel granted and made permanent these bogus Restraining / Protective Orders and the Granby Police Department and Chief of Police Jacob Kelley has arrested Pastor Lindstedt -- the last time on 30 July 2018.

The CONstipation and Bill of Goods and a Republican Form of Government is nothing but a fraud and a lie. Regime criminals will do criminal things and what is necessary for White freedom and survival is simply taking them out of power, forming local military dictatorships whose first loyalty is to the White People.

Filmed by Pastor Martin Lindstedt with the central footage uncensored and uncut.