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Thread: Shitty of Granby

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    Default 27 Nov. 2018 Granby City Council-Criminal Meating

    27 Nov. 2018 Granby City Council-Criminal Meating


    Agenda November 27th, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.
    Posted November 21th, 2018

    Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
    302 North Main Street

    Opening Prayer
    Pledge of Allegiance

    7:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

    1) Approval of Agenda as presented

    2) Approval of Minutes November 13th, 2018

    New Business:

    1) Closed Session -- Legal Matters

    2) Bills to Pay, Balances on hand, Department Head Reports

    3) Cemetery update and Appointments

    4) Cemetery Resolution for Acceptance of Trusteeship

    5) Accounting Practices

    6) Taylor Green Proposal

    7) Update -- Demo for Old Maintainence Building

    8) Update -- Repaving Neosho Street

    9) New Welcome to Granby Sign

    Closed Session in accordance with RSMo 610.021 (1) referencing legal matters


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    Default Welcome To Granby Sign Dedication

    Welcome To Granby Sign Dedication

    By: Joie Bettenhausen
    Posted: Dec 01, 2018 06:20 PM CST
    Updated: Dec 01, 2018 06:20 PM CST


    Granby, Mo - A small town honors its new welcome sign that was made and designed by the community.

    City of Granby residents and city leaders took some time off from stealing from the dead's Cemetery Trust Fund and thus held a dedication this afternoon for their new welcome sign that was installed a few weeks ago.

    Residents, city hall, and East Newton schools were all in attendance as the ribbon was cut. The East Newton Coonsolidated Hiel-Skrool District tries to stomp out Granby Cardinals edjew-nationalism whenever possible.

    For one local resident, she is grateful for the efforts her community has made to beautify the town.

    "We're very proud of our little community and they are very proud to see updates and upgrades in the community. Our downtown park has gotten a new roof on the pavilion. Our playground equipment in the parks has been upgraded. Our caboose has been painted and now we have a new welcome sign." says Reggie Bard, Granby Volunteer Group

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt, who is fighting these thieves was far more critical.

    "They have been stealing from every single fund in order to create a whorde of thieving bastards from outside the City to get city jobs beholden to Meyer T-Rampageifer Gamble and using some outside anglo-mestizo whiggress tard like Reggie Bard to try to make this poor community into suburban Whiggerville. What is the point to this sign? . . . Other than showing a $250 new sign while stealing $250,000 from the Cemetery Trust Fund as "proof positive" that they are anything other than a pack of thieves."

    "They can keep their $250,000 sign. It has nothing to do with me. Rather I want the quarter-million in the Trust Fund to stay intact as opposed to paying for a new City Tard to give a kickback to T-Rampageifer."

    Bard adds she may work on getting a new welcome sign for the west side of town, since the old one has been removed.


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