14 January 2020 Granby City Council-Criminal Meating


Proposed Agenda January 14th, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
Posted January 10th, 2020

Council Meeting will be held at Granby City Hall
302 North Main Street

Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance

6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order and roll call

1) Approval of Agenda as presented

2) Approval of Minutes, December 23rd, 2019


1) Ellie Anderson re: Placement of a mobile home

2) Catherine McFadden re: Dog pound information

3) Jamie Arnall re: business expansion and new business license

4) Darlene Parrigon re: cell phone towers and business license / franchise fee Attorney Parrigon never showed up, detained in Purdy

Regular Business:

1) Bills to Pay, Balances on hand

2) Department Head Reports

3) Victor Coggin, Request to purchase

4) Write-offs for Sept/Oct/Nov

5) Resolutiob and Legal Service Agreement with Darlene Parrigon re: waste water treatment facility grants

6) Resolution authorizing Mayor Hawkins to sign request for obligation of funds

9) Write in -- Resolution for engineering agreement with Gene Spears of Allegeny Martin (who showed up five minutes before the city council meeting)

7) Update on TIF projects

8) Discussion re: gas fund loan to police department Keeping the $17.50 gas meter charge to buy out Styron eyesore for Granby Piglice and save $40,000 in interest fees.