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Thread: Shitty of Granby

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    Default Granby "Dangerous Hovel" burns down before Granby evil ol' skank croaks off

    Granby "Dangerous Hovel" burns down before Granby evil ol' skank croaks off


    Yet another "dangerous hovel" in Granby burns down as a result of fire accidentally started by some inbred tearing it down


    At around 12:30 pm, Granby Central UnStandard Time, on April 7, 2014 the doofus that bought this formerly two-story "dangerous hovel" on the Southeast corner of Main and Neosho Streets accidentally burned down the hovel he was trying to tear down for its old lumber. He had rented a dumpster to put the refuse in that was non-salvageable, but decided to cut corners by burning some of it instead. The fire got out of his control, and so he called the Granby Fire Department. They arrived just in time to hose down the ashes. However the dumpster was destroyed, along with this Granby telephone line nearby. Over 600 paying old feebs who don't have cell phones because they are too stupid to understand modern electronics were shut down for hours. Telemarketers were bereft.

    The plan had been to take time in demolishing the "dangerous hovel" which had had another fire gut it out back in 2010, so that this evil old bitch who used to be the mayor would croak off of cancer before that eyesore across the street was polished off. But the inbred old bitch, who hates old buildings and people having dogs running wild in their own owner's yards, got the last cackle. As this old skank had written, in her column, at the GGC&T's mortal jewspaper enema, The Newton County Douche, on the April 2d, 2014 edition:

    Through the grapevine I hear that Jeremy Hopper['s] partially burnt house has sold. Lord, let's hope so. And, that it is marked for demolition. The fire was June 14, 2010, I think. Too long for folks to put up with it. 'Tis ugly.

    Well, I for one am disappointed that that skank outlived that "dangerous hovel" across the street from that skank. I think that some of us were hoping that this "dangerous hovel" -- the breeding ground for leprous armadillos and copper-water-moccassin-heads -- would outlive the dangerous to dangerous hovels & small dogs evil ol' skank, 'tis ugly. But sometimes Granby inbred tards will be inbred tards. Can't help it. Jeremy Hopper shouldn't have sold the hovel until Donna was at least a week in the ground.

    Granby "Dangerous Hovel" -- the breeding ground of leprous armadillos and copper-water-moccassin-heads,
    RIP 1924 or so to April 7, 2014


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    Default New coffee group meeting in Granby

    New coffee group meeting in Granby

    By Todd G. Higdon
    Posted May. 8, 2014 @ 12:13 am


    Granby community and business leaders were on hand Tuesday for the First Tuesday Coffee event.
    This month's event was held at the Tree House in Granby.


    A new coffee group meets at Granby businesses meets the first Tuesday of each month.

    “This is our third meeting,” said Earl Reynolds, who came up with the idea. “And it has grown every since then. Every meeting that we have had, we had more people.”

    The concept started when Reynolds – who is the business leader with the Bright Futures of East Newton — wanted to do something for the business part of things.

    “I got to thinking, Neosho [Area Chamber of Commerce] has their First Friday Coffee, well we will do a First Tuesday,” he said. “That is what kind of got me started.”

    The First Tuesday coffee group met at CBT (Community Bank and Trust) in Granby, then the second was at Granby City Hall. Most recently, the group met at the Tree House.

    Most of the time, the group meets from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and has coffee and doughnuts. Reynolds said the next event will be at Simple Simon’s Pizza, but will be held from 9-10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 3.

    Reynolds is pleased with the turnout and the participation.

    “It started as a business leaders, but I want it open to anybody that wants to attend, they are welcome to come,” he said. “You would be surprised how many people don’t know a business owner that has a business here in town. . . . They know the name but not the face. I just love it, I think that it is great. It is more communications and more connection with the community in making people aware that we do have a connection as a community.”

    Plus, Reynolds noted, that the list of businesses to host the coffee group is booked.

    “We are booked up through February, that went real quick,” he added.

    For more information, please contact Reynolds at CBT - Granby at 472-6216.


    The Neosho Daily Douche

    All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print

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    Default David Allen Coe Cums To Granby

    David Allen Coe Cums To Granby


    Poster advertising this First Annual "Rave for the Whoreyers/jewps"


    Rave For The Warriors is a Benefit Concert to support Wounded Warriors Project and our Military and their families. This is our 1st Annual Rave For The Warriors Benefit Concert. The Concert will be held at Granby MO. at Eckley Field. This is a two day event Friday July 18th and Saturday July 19th 2014. Gates Open at 5p.m. CST and show goes till 2-3a.m. CST. Camping is available. Admission tickets are available for sell right now! Admission is only $10 for either Friday or Saturday Show. Camping is only $40 this covers Friday and Saturday night, clear out by Sunday morning. If your in the military please show your military ID at the front gate and get 1/2 off your Friday or Saturday admission and/or camping pass. This show is for the 18-up crowd. Bring Your Own Chair Event. Please come out and help us support our military and WWP. There will be great music and performances all night starting with an military salute and the national anthem. Hope to see you all there and more details will follow the closer we get to show time. Please visit our Facebook page for more details and ticket purchasing. www.facebook.com/ravedforthewarriors

    Band schedule as followed for Friday July 18th 2014....

    These are start times

    5pm - gates are opening early.
    5:30pm - the opening
    6pm - Rampaging Son's Of The Widow James
    7pm - One Nation Under
    8pm-9pm - David Allan Coe
    10pm - Thumper
    11pm - Never Had A Name
    11:30pm - Story Of A Ghost
    12:30am - ALLURO (Colten Waak)
    1:30am - RAPTA
    2am - Chromafect
    3am - Christopher Jason
    DJ Slayer & Chromafect - Performing between sets for sound back up

    Band schedule as followed for Saturday July 19th 2014...

    These are start times
    5pm - gates open
    5:30pm - the opening
    6pm - Fled The Southwest
    7pm - Cast Out Of Eden
    7:30pm - Brother Bear
    8:30pm - The Order Of Elijah
    9:30pm - Never Had A Name
    10:30pm - Milton Patton
    11pm - Justin Dean Collins
    11:30pm - Famous C4stro & Carze The Kidd
    12:00pm - Kat Karnival
    1am - DJ Higgs
    1:30am - Truth Serum
    2am - Cronic Panda
    3am - Chromafect
    4am- Sixx String Poets

    DJ Slayer & Chromafect - Performing between sets for sound back up
    7534 Raven RD, Granby, MO., 64844


    Picture of farm at 2:30pm Friday, July 18, 2014.

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    Default When niggers were "good" . . . Granby "man" helped identify crash victims

    When niggers were "good" . . .

    . . . Granby "man" helped identify crash victims

    By John Ford
    Posted Jul. 26, 2014 @ 10:54 pm


    Granby businessman Calvin Jefferson identified at least six victims of the
    Tipton Ford train disaster, which happened on Aug. 5, 1914.

    Nearly 100 years ago, on Aug. 5, 1914, a fiery head-on collision of two trains near Tipton Ford claimed more than 40 lives.

    Among these were a group of African-American residents on their way back to their communities in Newton County from an Emancipation Day celebration in Joplin.

    Many of those caught up in the blaze were burned beyond recognition. An accurate tally of the dead could not be determined at the time.

    The task of identifying the remains fell on loved ones, friends and at least one Granby area businessman.

    Cal Jefferson, a black businessman from Granby, positively identified at least six of the fire victims.

    “Calvin Jefferson was well off,” said Kay Hively who, along with fellow local historian Larry James, compiled a history of the train disaster. “I’m sure he knew all of the blacks, and probably many of the whites.”

    Among those Jefferson identified were W.P. Johnson, 41, a farmer; Judith Hutchison, 24, a maid; Frank Hutchison, 21, a waiter; W.H. Embrey, 33, a miner; Ernest Wright, age and occupation unknown; and Sam Taylor, 21, a miner. All but Taylor are buried in a mass grave in Neosho’s IOOF Cemetery, as were several other victims. Hively said a third of the victims were African-American, the remainder were white.

    On Aug. 5, 1914, more than 80 people boarded a Missouri & North Arkansas motorcar at Joplin’s union depot. About 6 p.m. that evening, the gasoline powered motorcar collided with a freight train going toward Joplin. The number of people killed totaled more than 40, 33 of whom — both white and black — were buried in a mass funeral in Neosho. Newspaper accounts at the time said more than 5,000 people attended the services, held at the Newton County Courthouse.

    Born in Granby on April 14, 1868, Jefferson was well-known in the area at the time. He is known to most historians today as a “friend of George Washington Carver.” Both he and Carver attended the old Lincoln School in Neosho, which sat beside the home of Uncle Andrew and Aunt Mariah Watkins. Jefferson left the school after the death of his father and became a successful tradesman. He first worked at a livery stable and saved his money, eventually starting his own livery stable in Granby. He spent more than 30 years in the livery business and was well-known for his love of animals.

    Another of his passions was music, as he was noted for playing the mandolin and guitar. And while he didn’t make a splash on the music scene himself, Jefferson did have an impact. As quoted in “They Trusted God and Pressed On,” written by Hively, two Granby women remember walking down to Jefferson’s livery stable to learn musical instruments. The pair were Lillian Baker and Ruth Hawkins, known nationally and internationally as the Hammer Sisters. The pair went on to perform music throughout the United States and in many European countries.

    Page 2 of 2 - After the death of her husband, Aunt Mariah moved to Neosho from Granby to live with Jefferson until her death.

    “Aunt Mariah called him her stepson,” Hively said.

    Jefferson died in 1949 and was buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.



    The Neosho Daily Douche

    All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print

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    Default Christian Motorcycle Club fixes up old Granby church, wants to set up Food Bank

    Christian Motorcycle Club fixes up old Granby church, wants to set up Food Bank



    Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt, hearing hammering just down the road, decided to go down to investigate and saw that this motorcycle club, having bought the old Granby Nazarene Church building, was fixing the roof of this old concrete and cinder-block building.

    After talking a bit with "Brother Chuck", an officer of the club/church, the Editor/Reporter for The Greater Granby Cobb & Turpentine interviewed Brother Chuck for six minutes or so.

    The Covenant Motorcycle Ministry -- http://www.covenantmm.org/ -- is fixing up this old church and holding non-denominational services on the third Tuesday of each month @ 7:00 pm. All well-behaved individuals are invited to attend. They also are hoping to set up a food bank for the poor in the near future.

    They are Christians who like to ride motorcycles. Many of them are veterans as well.

    This old church building was, for many years, the Granby Nazarene Church. Then it was a welding shop. Now it will become a church again. The building was made of poured concrete and cinder-blocks. The roof is of wood planks and a dumpster was donated for putting the old shingles for disposal and new shingles are donated.

    For further information, see the web page: http://www.covenantmm.org/

    Rougher Than a Cob, More Hot Than Turpentine

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    Default Granby officials may seek grant to demolish dilapidated structures

    Granby officials may seek grant to demolish dilapidated structures

    By Allie Hinga ahinga@joplinglobe.com
    Nov 8, 2014


    GRANBY, Mo. — As Mayor Richard Eutsler drives through town, he points out different buildings he'd eventually like to see torn down.

    They've been falling into disrepair for a long time, he said, some of them left empty for 30 years.

    Those buildings are among more than 30 Eutsler would like to see demolished, in hopes of benefiting the town.

    “I'm hoping that we'll have a clean little town here,” he said.

    Among Eutsler's big concerns are the potential safety hazards the structures present — he's worried about someone getting into them and possibly getting hurt.

    Alderman Bill Cooper also pointed out that cleaning up the town's appearance could bring in more business.

    The city is looking into applying for a federal Community Development block grant to help with the costs of the effort, though Eutsler said officials are uncertain how long that process would take. He said he also wants to work with individuals, including owners or potential buyers, to get the properties cleaned up.

    Alderman Travis Gamble said he agreed the issue needed to be addressed — when the city is able to take on those projects.

    “It's a problem that needs to be addressed, but I don't see it being economically feasible at this time with the other issues we are facing,” he said.

    Cooper said he believed city residents also would support the cleanup, but he said he thought the effort would have to wait until the city has financial help for the work. And he said he believes the city needs more direction in determining how the process might happen.

    “It needs to happen, but its not going to happen unless we get a grant," he said.

    Cooper also he said he believes the city's first priority is improvements to the city's waste-water treatment plant.

    “This is what we need first, and then we'll worry about the dwellings,” he said.

    Eutsler said he thinks addressing the dilapidated buildings would improve safety and boost property values as well as increase "respect for our town as being a clean, neat town like it used to be."


    I am The Librarian

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    Default Federal investigators: Testing data at Granby sewer plant falsified

    Federal investigators: Testing data at Granby sewer plant falsified

    By Chad Hayworth
    Newton County News


    Granby Water Tower

    (Today's Newton County News hit the streets today with an investigative report from Chad Hayworth following the execution of a federal search warrant last week at the city of Granby's sewer plant. Hayworth, a graduate of Missouri Southern and a one-time Chart editor, has been on a role for the past several months, taking the role of watchdog, which some newspapers in this area have conveniently forgotten, seriously. Chad has given me Randy Turner permission to run this article in its entirety.)

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt asked, and received, permission to reprint this article as well from Chad Hayworth on March 10, 2015.

    Former Granby sewer superintendent Chuck Ranslow — along with, perhaps, other city officials and employees — falsified testing data at the city's sewer plant and lied on government-mandated monitoring reports for more than 2 ½ years, federal investigators say.

    A team of criminal investigators from the Environmental Protection Agency served a search warrant Thursday at Granby's sewer plant, seizing lab results, check sheets, budget documents, city council reports, operator notes and an electronic clone of the sewer plant's computer, among other items, federal court records show.

    Investigators also stopped at Granby City Hall seeking information.

    The government's case is laid out in a 17-page affidavit by EPA Special Agent Kimberly M. Bahney, a Kansas City-based criminal investigator. The affidavit is the basis for the search warrant, which federal Magistrate Judge David P. Rush signed on Feb. 20, court records show.

    The EPA believes that Ranslow repeatedly falsified the results of tests he was required to conduct on the sewer plant's discharge by listing the same levels of total suspended solids, ammonia, and oil and grease on successive reports.

    By falsifying the lab results, Ranslow was able to hide from state and federal investigators that the plant was discharging unacceptably high levels of the three elements, the affidavit shows.

    Both the federal Clean Water Act and Title 18 of the United States Code forbid making false or fraudulent statements. Both statutes carry the possibility of fines and federal prison sentences for those convicted of violating them.

    The apparent subterfuge came to light during a four-day inspection of the plant in late September and early October by EPA inspector David Pratt, whose work is being conducted independently of the criminal investigation.

    In an interview last month with Bahney, Pratt said that he discovered the repeated element levels during his review of paperwork at the plant.

    Of 127 values reported on internal lab tests from January 2012 to September 2014, only nine were non-replicated. The reports showed a total suspended solids level of 2.3 milligrams per liter on 12 separate occasions, while 11 other levels were replicated at least five times during that time period.

    Pratt told Bahney that in his decade as an inspector, he has never seen a sewer plant obtain the exact same figures while testing at different times.

    The records — sworn to be true and correct — that showed the false data were signed by both Ranslow and Granby Mayor Richard Eutsler and submitted to the state Department of Natural Resources, the affidavit shows.

    Reached for comment Tuesday, Eutsler said that while he did sign documents that were later sent to state and federal regulators, he didn't create the data included in them.

    “I didn't have any way of knowing what it was,” he said. “This could come out OK for us. I hope it does.”

    The last falsification inspectors found occurred in July 2014, a month before Eutsler campaigned to aldermen for a $2,300-a-year raise for Ranslow, saying he'd been told Ranslow was doing a great job. The City Council approved the raise by a 3-0 vote, with Alderman Travis Gamble abstaining from voting.

    Ranslow was less than cooperative during Pratt's inspection last year, the affidavit shows.

    “I felt like I was being lied to the entire investigation,” Pratt told Bahney.

    Pratt said that when he asked questions of Ranslow and Bill Breedlove, who was working at the plant as a part-time operator, he would get different answers from each, or get a different answer from the same operator later in the inspection.

    An example, the affidavit shows, was when Pratt asked about how they collected testing samples. Breedlove explained the procedure, but then Ranslow retracted Breedlove's statement and said they took samples in a different way.

    Pratt's examination of internal lab records suggest the work was being completed in the way Breedlove described, the affidavit shows.

    During the inspection, Ranslow said to Pratt: “You must think I'm a complete dumbass.” Pratt took that to mean Ranslow was probing to see if the federal inspector recognized he had been falsifying data, the affidavit shows.

    Pratt's investigation also discovered that the plant is not properly disposing of as much sludge as should be expected for a facility of its size. Records show the plant disposed of 18.6 dry tons of sludge in 2009, 14.2 tons in 2010, one ton in 2011, and 1.8 tons in 2013. No records for 2012 could be found, the affidavit shows.

    Granby's operating permit shows the plant should produce 37.4 tons of sludge per year, the affidavit shows.

    Granby's plant has been under increasing scrutiny from state and federal regulators for a series of sludge discharges into an unnamed Shoal Creek tributary, known locally as Gum Springs Branch. The affidavit notes that the Granby plant has spilled untreated sludge into the creek on at least 11 occasions since 2001.

    Pratt noted during his inspection that sludge is being discharged into the creek because the “mixed liquor” — that is, water that contains biosolids — is not being captured accurately for treatment. State regulators didn't catch the discharges because data the plant supplied was being falsified.

    In addition to falsifying results from tests he was conducting, Pratt's investigation found that Ranslow also failed to accurately document the results of plant tests conducted by an outside laboratory on documents he submitted to regulators.

    In both June 2013 and March 2014, Granby reported ammonia values that are 99 percent lower than what the lab results show, the affidavit shows. While the lab found ammonia levels of 16 and 14.9 milligrams per liter, respectively, the city's report to inspectors shows 0.16 mg/l and 0.14 mg/l. Similar results were also discovered on the city's reporting of oil and grease levels in its discharge, the affidavit shows.

    Ranslow quit in the wake of Pratt's inspection, which found five potential major violations of the plant's operating permit. He is currently working at Joplin's sewer plant, a city spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

    Granby is still awaiting the final results of Pratt's inspection and any potential administrative penalties, including fines.

    The city has hired engineer Gene Spears to find ways to improve the plant, at the behest of state regulators. Granby has about a month to present its plan for fixing the plant to the state.

    Granby aldermen met in closed session Tuesday to discuss the case. They apparently reviewed copies of the affidavit, which the Newton County News provided to them. Aldermen made no public statement when they emerged after an hour behind closed doors.

    Bahney's affidavit is not an indictment, nor does it show all the evidence the government has collected in the case.


    Posted by Randy at 9:23 AM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 04, 2015


    The Turner Diaries RULES, The Turner Report drools

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    Default Moe and Curley voted against Larry (and me) to fire Paula

    After delightfool talk of smokin' jenkum and huffing sewer gas at the Granby wastewater plant . . .

    . . . Moe and Curley voted against Larry (and me) to fire Paula


    Senile Inbred Richard Eutsler, Meyer of Granby

    Worst Mayor Ever!!!
    One Year of Retardation from April 2014-15

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    Default EPA Investigates Granby Water Treatment Reports

    EPA Investigates Granby Water Treatment Reports

    by Felicia Lawrence
    March 13, 2015 10:16pm


    Wel-cum-cum to Granby, Oldest Mining Town in SouthWest Missery
    The Anus of Newton County & Home to Inbred Jed Sucking up Lead


    GRANBY, MO.--- The evidence reveals there was an intentional violation of the Clean Water Act. One significant piece of information uncovered shows the city failed to prevent sludge from entering a nearby stream. The Granby mayor, obviously one of the worst shitheads ever, even for Granby polytricks, and who signed off on the fraudulent wastewater reports, says there has been three plant supervisors within the last five years and the current supervisor has only been here a little more than four months. The mayor also says the issues pre-date the current plant supervisor, but he has been working closely with the EPA to get the issues fixed now that shit is so really fucked up.

    Senile Inbred Mayor Richard Eutsler looks like he just got done masturbating.


    "I hope Granby feels like somebody is watching out for them, and go ahead and do the right thing. And keep your mind on what we need to be doing. Instead of something they want to do, you know, to prove something on somebody or something. You know, that they want to get this done right," said Richard Eutsler, Granby Mayor. I'm such a fucking senile inbred that the only thang which can save Granby is if the US Attorney General and the EPA figures out that the stupid inbreds who [s]elected me last year ain't to blame for my fukatardivity.

    I'm sure looking forward to the end of my term. I always wanted to be "Mayor" but never thought that it would mean personal responsibility for my addlepated fuktarded inbred senility."


    Like it or not, Neosho and jewplin suck-down what them Granby inbred tards shit out, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    A special investigator from the EPA says his office will spend several months reviewing information collected during the search. That information will then be sent to the U.S. Attorney General's Office and they will decide what action, if any, will be taken. But whether you like it or not, due to the locals getting theys' water from Shoal Creek, whatever them inbred Granby tards shit out Neosho and jewplin tards get to drink up. Gives new insight to drinking down some Dos Lindstedts Premium Urine Sipping Beverage and Asparagus Fertilizer.

    Cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

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