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Thread: A Criminal-Regimeist History of Klunt/Debby Downey & Her Past-her Meercat Markkk Clowney

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    Default A Criminal-Regimeist History of Klunt/Debby Downey & Her Past-her Meercat Markkk Clowney

    A Criminal-Regimeist History of Klunt/Debby Downey & Her Past-her Meercat Markkk Clowney


    This thread is intended to act as a sort of 'Rogues Gallery' concerning the Wicked Bitch of the NorthWest Debby/Klunt Downey.

    Now Christian Identity, especially Dual-Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) is not meant for 'liberated' females, as they find out that they are definitely second-class or no-class citizens religiously and politically. Why?

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    Default [ZOGs_WAR] Drowning in Disinformation -- 23 April 2002

    [ZOGs_WAR] Drowning in Disinformation -- 23 April 2002


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    Hengist: Well, humorous or not, it seems the cat's out of the bag, and
    kkludd seems to have disappeared. kkludd, (aka 'Pastor' Downey) stated:

    Quote Originally Posted by Kluntz Meercat
    "Coincidently(?), pseudo-Christian and former member of this
    Holy War group, Hengist, leveled a similar half baked profile of
    my personal life in his own group and of course sending it far and
    wide for the propaganda value that only miscreants such as himself
    place importance on."[ Friday, April 19, 2002 4:41 PM ]
    Now this statement on the part of 'Pastor' Downey is patently
    untrue! One has to simply search the archives to see I have
    never presented any sort of profile on his personal life here
    on ZOGs_WAR, or, any where else!

    Quote Originally Posted by Klunt
    Klaliff: My husband and I haven't disappeared. There's no cat out of the bag. The expose is on you and your fruits, in how you act towards those that SHOULD be your friends, but with whom you choose to conduct war with. No, Hengie, you are the one who is exposed here.

    Hengie, what do you suppose my husband was talking about, if not the 3/19 post? The 3/19 post was meant to spread malicious gossip (which is unbiblical, btw) about things you know nothing about firsthand, only what you have heard from others. You have no clue as to what my divorce was all about, the procedure I went about trying to reconcile with my ex-husband, nor the accountability that I practiced to 2 different churches in this regard. I won't give you any information about anything in this regard. You're in the business of collecting information and you want your informant file on us a little fatter. Interesting that you could pull up a little obscure article on Pastor Downey that was written years ago. You do have your sources, don't you??

    I'll comment on one other thing you said and that was,

    Quote Originally Posted by Hengist
    "Earlier research did turn up an anti-Downey article in some Socialist
    Labor Party rag dating back to when Downey made a run for the state
    legislature as a Populist Party candidate. They were opposed to his
    admirable racial nationlist stance. I am assuming that this is the same
    paper which published the article which Downey mentioned. If so,
    he's been in their cross-hairs for some time now. I haven't been able
    to locate this new article. It would be interesting to see, for that's what
    we call independent corroboration!"
    KLALIFF: Like I said, it's interesting that you could dig up an obscure little article from years ago (and I mean YEARS). Like you don't have anything better to do with your time than expose my husband. I've been around informants long enough to know one agency doesn't know what the other agency is doing when they're infiltrating, so you're surprise in all this is hardly .... surprising.

    We're not afraid of you, and even if you aren't an agent provacateur, your fruits of dissention and discord are MOST obvious. Oh, and Hengie ... we now have you on automatic e-mail discard, but I'm sure that won't stop you from gossiping and talking behind our backs.

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    Default Beware of Clowney

    Beware of Clowney


    Mark Downey is a feeb run by his wife, Debbie. Debbie and Downey are pretty much hated by the actual Klan because of their past history and they hate Two/Dual Seedline because DSL has run them off.

    They hate Pete Peters because Pete Peters has an actual congregation and they do not, only four or five fellow travelers.

    Their only purpose in life is to fraudulently claim to be Christian Identity so that newbies who are looking for a real Christian Identity church and teaching will batten on to them and be negated when they get sick of Downey's kike-loving crap. That is the only reason for them being here, and allowed to pretend to be Christian Identity. With Downey's 'No Devil' crap, Downey isn't even One-Seedline/British Israel/Armstrongite. Downey came up with this crap because he hates the DSL doctrine, and so by saying that there is no Satan, then by default the dirty evil jews can't be the spawn of Satan, q.e.d.

    Downey hates Pete Peters because Peters preaches a variant of One-Seedline. In order to get both ZOG and us DSLers off his ass, over a decade ago Peters said that he wasn't Christian Identity no more. The tactic worked because if Peters doesn't claim to be CI, then there no longer is anything of theological importance for any Identity pastors, either OSL or DSL, to fight with Peters over, is there?

    Now Downey gets all defensive when he reveals himself. But if you keep on prodding Downey with Downey's lies, you will get banned from StormFront. Debbie Downey can do whatever she wants and so can her little meercat baal-priest she uses as her front. The two of them have banned every single DSLer eventually.

    So calm the matter on down if you want to stay here. Pete Peters knows all about the Downeys, which is why they no longer are welcome in OSLer as well as DSLer congregations. There is a way of making Downey howl, and the best way is to act as if you are 'innocently' asking why he says what he says.

    Savvy? Peters does his thing and us Dual-Seedliners do ours. Sooner or later the better element of Peter's bunch get tired of Peters' pet jew Charles Weissman and Peters' nig-ger of the month, and they go DSL. So since Peters isn't any threat to Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, but rather runs a nursery for DSL, we don't fight with Peters and Peters, while he don't like us DSL, don't fight with us. To end the fighting over what CI is, that is the reason that Peters made it quite clear over a decade ago that Christian Identity is NOT what Peters is. And so us DSL don't see any point in fighting with Peters.

    But the Downeys are the ZOG agents provocateur in the mix. So better leave them alone if you want to stay on this ZOG false front of StormFront.

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    Default How Ah's Be-cum a Mini-ster

    How Ah's Be-cum a Mini-ster


    Quote Originally Posted by WhiggerDelight

    I was just wondering, if someone wanted to become a pastor in the KKK or Aryan Nations, I'm guessing they wouldn't just go to a bible college? Do these groups train people from the inside? If an 85 IQ, 250-lbs of dogshit in a 150-lb sack, mumps-nutted, niglet-niece molesting ass-clown ZOGbot twat like LiarBill MumpsNut(s?) DeClue(less) can outsmart Pastor Lindstedt and get ordained, then why can't I becum-cum a baal-priest?
    Aryan Nations died with Pastor Richard Butler. I didn't dare try to becum-cum a pastor through Aryan Nations because Klunt's didoes and me being a pussy meant no ordination from this bunch, ever. "No-Devil" dirtbag-dogma should have died with Sheldon Emry, but every little meercat who is a cumplete pussazoid can claim to be 'No-Devil Dirtbag' because we all be pussazoids. You may have noticed that my Stormfront name is kludd, which means a chaplain of the Klan. You might have noticed that my now-wife Debbie used to be called 'Klailiff.' That is because this twat used to claim to be second in command of the Klan, because her first husband, Badynsky, was not only a cumplete pussy who let her run wild claiming to be an orificer of the Klan, but used to pimp out this skank as a sexual mascot to the rest of the Klan. I used to be part of the multitude that wanger-shanked this sluttish skank after the business section of the meeting ended, but I 'won' the pub[l]ic coose. Most people think there is just one KKK, but there are dozens of groups which are diversified in their beliefs. We were the Washington State 'free-love' Klan. What should be more relevant for you in this forum is Christian Identity pastorship, rather than the two organizations you mention that carry the weight of notoriety. CI is neither of the two, however some members of these organizations may be CI. Christian Identity itself is not an organization, but rather a movement without a national headquarters or hierarchy of officers. The only Klan pastor that went to a Bible college that I can think of is Pastor Thom Robb of the Knights who is in it for the ZOGbux, which is why he puts up with Klunt and me, when nobody else will, certainly not them Dual-Seedline maniacs and them One-Seedline milk-bibbers.

    Personally, I did not enter the pastorship until after 20 years of study and then it was only by default when we lost our pastor in a small church. Larry Blanchard run off without notice to Tennessee. So Klunt needed a baal-priest in order to maintain her Sapphiracy of Klunt. So she ordained me with an unholy mixture of Crisco, Jurgen's Lotion, some Klunt-urine, and what dripped off'n her leg after one of them Klan orgies like we used to have. It's been my observation that anybody can call themselves a "pastor" in Christian Identity especially jews like Eli James, MildSwill Finckelsheenie and Dan Johns and even scrofulous whiggers like myself. Now while some are blessed by God to nurture their kindred with the inspiring racial message of the Word, but there are others like myself who have only been in our movement for a couple of years and have good intentions (well, some do and some don't) yet they are in it for the wrong reasons. If that pancake-titted slack-twatted skank Klunt/Debbie Downey were to croak off, let me tell you I'd run off into the tall grass in a dead second and go back to being a competent graphics artist in a heartbeat. Anyway I would not recommend going to a Bible college unless one has a strong stomach to be exposed to a lot of theological garbage. It also costs an awful lot of ZOGbux, especially given that anyone can fake it and that the price of Crisco and Jergens Lotion is negligible.

    If you want to be a Christian Identity pastor, you really need to be circumspect about your motives and understand that you're in for the ride of your life. Back when Klunt/Debbie was in her prime was when I had the ride of my lifetime. If it was up to me though, I'd give it up, now that I can't get it hard and Klunticums isn't very tight. If you want to wear uniforms and costumes and have a title, you're probably going to waste several years of your life. Take it from me like you would a social disease.

    Pastor Mark Downey
    Chief Baal-Priest, Sapphiracy of Klunt


    No Satan, No Seedline
    But Theyz A Debbil In Mrs. Klunt!!!

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