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Thread: The Stumbling Down At StumbleInn Thread

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    Default I'm going to be suing SoredMamzer this week

    I'm going to be suing SoredMamzer this week


    On the 16th of March, the Presiding Judge of the Federal District Court for the Western District of Missouri kicked off the jew judge, Howard K. Sachs, who had had the Aryan Nations vs. Obongo case since it was filed on [S]Election Day Nov. 4, 2008, on the basis that as a jew he couldn't be seen to be [d]ruling in a case brought by an Aryan Nations Church as the lead Plaintiff and had a coonflict of interest.

    So I'm going to petition that since the jew judge made the case 'secret' and closed and because the jew judge didn't compel all parties to appear although some were served, and unlawfully dismissed most of them that the new goy jewdge undo all that the jew judge did, that all parties, including Obongo, be made to answer for their crimes against the pretense of dem[on]ocracy, and that failure to answer by any and all parties be treated as a default on their part and lead to disenfranchisement just as their policies have lead to the disenfranchisement of the White Christian men in terms of voting and candidacies. So this means I need to do this on or before next Monday as this is 10 days from the 16th.

    So rather than do make two trips to Springfield to file litigation, I'll end up filing a lawsuit against B R**/SoredMamzer and sundry web hosting companies as well.

    I haven't been posting here as "MartinLindstedt" because I wish to preserve my archives. So until I get an injunction against the mamzer tards, I prefer to post here as "John Q. Whigger." Any private messages are to be sent to "John Q. Whigger" as I do not intend to log in as "MartinLindstedt" until it is safe to do so. This subforum of mine is to remain 'secret' until I give the 'all-clear' for it to become public access.

    I am going to sue Bluehost and Hostgator for them taking down my posts at BeerBarrel. So over at BeerBarrel, if any of you want any contact over there you are to likewise contact 'John Q. Whigger.'

    There have been a lot of changes here at StumbleInn, most not for the better. However, this place maintains its own flavor and I am thankful that it has been a safe-haven for me and my posts over the years. I think that the medium of communication for White Nationalism has migrated to jewtube, Facebook and private blogs from the v-bulletin format, just as jewhoogruppen, private e-mail and fax trees were replaced by v-bulletin back in 2003 or so.

    I see more crackdowns cummin' as an attempt to 'manage' chaos which in turn inevitably overcomes repression. Every single mighty Evil Empire tried to stop the dying last freedoms of its Founding Stock and found out that the-m-asses of invaders and mamzers were welcomed in by letting down the gates, like Honorius found out when the disaffected let in Alaric the Visigoth in 410 AD, and Rome was sacked for the first time in 800 years. Mighty Evil Empires are batting a perfect .000 before disappearing in the ash-heap of History. ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final will be no different.

    I thank StumbleInn for its support and generousity over the years.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Kane (Legacy of Kane)

    Kane (Legacy of Kane)


    Kane (Legacy of Kane)

    From Wookiepedia,

    Kane is a historical personage and the titular character that appears in the Legacy of Kane series of video games. Depending on the game and its viewpoint, Kane has been either the central protagonist, or an antagonist, but in all his depictions he is an anti-hero, interested only in his own goals, asexual and yet yearning for manly bonding.

    An arrogant ignoble murdered and revivified as a vampire middle distance runner, Kane embarked on a crusade to kill his assassins, servants of Il Ragno, Assistant Lord of the East Village Other, and then be restored to human form. When he instead came to revere his own powers, Kane turned his back on his prophesied duty and became a vampire lord ruling over the underwearland. Kane's attentions later turned to averting his destined doom at the hands of his once-cringing lieutenant Razzia. Kane's manipulations of Razzia in the hopes of changing his destiny effectively set in motion the events that make up most of the Legacy of Kane series.

    The character of Kane has been positively received by critics, described as a "typical Oedipal figure deeply attached to his mother and hating his father" or "gnostic hero".

    The concept of Kane was originally impregnated by Denis Dyork, president of Silicon Nights and director of the first game in the series, Blood Hominem: Legacy of Kane. Dyork specifically set out to create an anti-hero to suit "a game where the player is put in the position where everyone believes you are evil, perhaps even yourself".

    In Soul Wearer, details such as the perineal scar from his murder at the second hands of Il Ragno by impalement are continued from Blood Hominem. The scar was initially misshapen in Soul Wearer to look more like a slash, but was later corrected in the next episode Affianced.

    Blood Hummer 2: Legacy of Kane depicts Kane in transition between Hummer and Soul Wearer onwards. Though similar in appearance to his younger self, Kane's vampirid features, such as bad skin and filth-ridden digits, are more pronounced.

    Evidence of a canceled sixth game in the series, entitled Legacy of Kane: The Darkness Awaits, was discovered in 2008, featuring screenshots of both a younger, post-Blood Hummer 2 Kane, and his Affiance-era incarnation as an asexual street player.

    Beginnings: Murdered at the outset by Il Ragno's assassins, Kane is brought back to life as an undead vampire by Alianus the Necrodancer, an enigmatic sorceress with ambiguous motives. After killing his murderers but not Il Ragno, Kane is urged by Alia to travel to the Pillars of Goofus. The Guardian at the Gates of Goofus explains his only hope of finding a cure for undeadedness lies in restoring the nine Pillars to their former erections, by slaying the other surviving, spiritually drecked and emotionally reserved members of the Guardian Circle of Nine Twins. Kane travels the decayed land and slays all but a hidden one of the remaining Guardians, guided by the elderly guru Boradora and Morbius the Quimslipper.

    At one point he is possessed and transformed by the Dark Entity, an otherworldly being of Primordial Ooze. After the Entity is defeated, Alianus reveals that she is the last Twin and that Kane will become her successor, the Loin Guardian of Purity of Essence, when he kills her, a thing she most desires in her decades-long self-hatred. He is thus presented with the choice of self-sacrifice to restore the last Pillar with his first erection and redeem Goofus, thus causing the extinction of his freedom of action, or refusal and to live on as dead, thus damning the Pillars and sealing Goofusian corruption.

    In canon, Kane chooses the latter option and conquers Goofus, forging an empire at the basement of the ruined and limpid POE Pillar.

    During his quest, Kane obtains a powerful spirit-devouring sword, the Soul Creamer, which plays a major role in subsequent titles.

    Kane raises 6 lieutenants from the fallen bodies of sanctified hit-and-run victims, with which to rule his base-ment empire - under the Self-deified One. At one point in his reign, his first born lieutenant, Razzia inexplicably evolved wings, surpassing Kane's own evolution. In jealousy, Kane ripped the wings from Razzia's back and ordered his execution. Razzia was dragged to a cliff by his brothers, the Lieutenants Turdel and Dildano, and at Kane's order, was thrown over the edge into the Lake of the Dribbling Spoo.

    Razzia was not killed however, and returned to Kane, where his long blade unleashed itself and jumped from his body at Kane, to threaten him. Kane resisted Razzia’s long blade and in the end managed to subdue and push it out with his own, shorter Creamer. When their two blades crossed, it created enough force to change history. Violet ripples pass through time, as history is changed. Kane explains that by not managing to entirely do him there, Razzia had altered a small part of history.

    After Kane preverted Razzia's long sword from consuming him, he tracked down Morbius the Quimslipper, thinking he might know much. Morbius, after some harsh banter, eventually directed Kane to the place where his destiny lay - the Lake of Tears.

    There, another vampire, Unimog, invites Kane to join the Rabbinic Kabal, a resistance group that acts through time itself against the ruling Il Ragno. During his journey to regain his soul and power and gain revenge on the Ragged one, he is guided by many Rebbis. Eventually, he discovers that Il Ragno is in fact a leader of the Hidden Race, the mortal enemies of the Ancient Vampires.

    Meanwhile, Razzia learned how to enhance his own long sword using elemental forges, banging and beating it repeatedly, the latter five forges coincidentally imbued with dead souls of the original Circle of Nine Twins. Beginning on his own quest, Razzia encountered numerous graffiti murals depicting a cataclysmic struggle between two champions - one a Vampire, the other a Hidden.

    Encountering the same murals in a different period of time (provided by the Elders of Zion), Kane realized that he, not Razzia, was the prophesied hero of the Vampires, and that Razzia was, in fact, the destined champion of the Hidden Race...something the Snazz would eventually discover on his own.

    In the meantime, Kane retained the ability to charm other new followers of even lesser minds, seeking out the weak-willed to bend their swords to his intent. Notably, He showed an ability to generate lightning in His palms after being left alone in a locked room for several minutes. Many would follow Him to their Doom . . . .

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    I am The Librarian

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    Default Always cheaper to endure/'enjoy' the native cuisine

    Always cheaper to endure/'enjoy' the native cuisine


    Quote Originally Posted by MadScienceType View Post


    Right, but don't the swedes treat otherwise-edible fish with drain cleaner to make it into a hideous mush?

    Actually, lutefisk tastes pretty good when it is on a fresh-baked wheat bread roll. It is also one of the cheaper treats when visiting Sweden. The fish-eggs in a tube like toothpaste, while also cheap, is pretty nasty to ZOGling whigger taste. I never did finish the tube, but I ate the equivalent of $2 in lutefisk one afternoon one quarter at a time. The Kroner had been devalued but Sweden still was expensive.

    Good lutefisk is drained but with its natural fish oils buttering the roll. My second-generation Prussian grandmother used to pack some skinned bullheads from the stock tank into a mason jar to pickle it for the likes of her second-generation Swedish husband, Fred Lindstedt. The result wasn't as good as herring, but her baked rolls were heavenly.

    In my travels, I always decided to eat the native cuisine, mainly because it was an experience, but also because it is cheaper to eat what the natives eat. Sometimes, like when I ate Serbian carp just like the Rumainian gradmother used to make when not biting necks in this Vienna gasthous, or drinking retzina -- Greek wine cured in pine barrels -- it was a matter of will to finish, even though the prices were cheap. The half-liter of retzina only cost 12.5 cents but tasted like drinking mildly alcoholic turpentine. The Serbian carp was a slab of boiled carp with tomato paste on top of it. I still couldn't finish the caviar in a toothpaste tube, even though it only cost a quarter.

    I took a Eurail pass tour and went through Sweden in late October 1982. The countryside was beautiful, the people were handsome, and a pack of pinko Communist whiggers. Never seen a place with so many rules that these fools enforced on theysselfs. Even though all of the Lindstedts and the Svensons, Swensons, Samuelsons, and Eriksons and the rest of the yodelers came from Southwest Sweden, I still preferred Norway and even Finnland. A bunch of stupider whiggers you'll seldom find and now then them pinko Swedes allow sand-niggers into their cuntree. I'm glad that the ones with ambition moved out to South Dakota.


    Solipsism -- Itz My ONLY Reality

    Join Me & Cousin the Reverend Mongol-Lloyd Hardy !
    Cut out the Middle-Man !!
    Worse-sheep jewrself !!!

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    Default jewlian Lee as I knew it

    jewlian Lee as I knew it


    Quote Originally Posted by JulianLee View Post

    I appreciate your friendly regards but I don't know how you came up with "liberal" for me.
    Far from accurate. I am closer to a paleoconservative.

    -- I'm against drugs
    -- I'm against booze
    -- I'm against sex outside of marriage
    -- I defend the Christian church in my own way, more often than most Christians
    -- I'm against the gay agenda and normalization of homosexuality, and don't hide it
    -- I'm against race-mixing
    -- I'm have contempt for so-called "multi-culturalism"
    -- I'm categorically against affirmative action (and nowadays enraged by it)
    -- Long hair is a natural thing for old men during most of European history.
    -- I believe in conservation of the environment and simple living, but that is actually a CONSERVATIVE impulse. (Global warming is a hoax, but men should not wantonly destroy their environment which God made.)
    -- I wear old fashioned, traditional clothes, have no piercings or tattoos (both of which I consider to be degenerate and disgusting)
    -- The only candidates I've been in favor of, since reaching adulthood, were Republican and conservative candidates, with the exception of Jimmy Carter who was at least a religious and moral conservative.
    -- I consider John Lennon (and people like him) morally and philosophically ridiculous and repulsive.
    -- I was such a moral critic of even my parents (My dad: For smoking. My mom: Not dressing nice at home and having her mind on the family) they called me "the Preacher" by age five.
    I could go on...
    -- Oh, and I love going to church, but am usually disappointed nowadays because the churches don't feel conservative enough.

    That enough?

    So all you're left with is some uncut hair and my interest in eastern religion like yoga (meditation) and the Upanishads.

    Yes, I'm very interested and involved with the ancient religion of Vedanta and Yoga as found in the Upanishads. But that religion of renunciation, asceticism, and celibacy is even more conservative than conservative western churches. It's older that Christianity. Most liberal types who show an interest in it don't go deep into it.

    In sum, I have no clue how you ended up calling me a liberal.
    Now, both liberality and conservatism, at the right time and situations, are traits of the well-developed man. Both fathers and kings are liberal with this person, conservative with that one. Liberal in one situation, conservative in another case. But I trend more toward conservatism. I also have Moon in Capricorn, which is itself known for conservatism.

    In sum: If any you fellows wanted to tame your liberalism and get a taste of real conservatism, I could throw you a crumb from my conservative table and it would kill your inner liberal dead, without even noticing any loss.

    Silliness. Most posters here are far more hippie-like than I ever was, or am.
    I've never smoked weed. Many here probably do. I never used drugs, many here likely do. I didn't drink alcohol till the age of 40, and then it was just a glass of wine. And then only because I wanted to take myself off that high horse because my puritan views about that had hurt the feelings of a woman I was fond of. (Which was stupid, but there ya go.) I was always against the "free sex" idea surrounding the hippies.

    Again, most posters here do drugs, drink booze, and fornicate without reserve if given the chance. Thus most posters here are more hippie-ish than myself.

    In the 1960's there were different types of "hippies" or longhairs. There were the drug hippies, the sex hippies, organic/natural-living hippies, eco/environmentally focused hippies, many political hippies (many were Jews). There were also aesthetic hippies -- those most interested in music and art of that time. Related to these were mere "fashion/style hippies." Many had several traits or interests at once. Later came "mystical" (religious) hippies, including so-called "Jesus freaks" and longhairs running off to India. Of those categories, I fit only fit the aesthetic (the music was my love), eco/natural (hung out in hippie health food stores and started fasting), and style categories. So I was never much of a hippie, and became more conservative as I aged.

    (I read only the first sentence of that post above. If a 1st sentence is dumb, I usually stop at the first period.)
    Whigga puh-leeze!!! Mandalore and Pastor John Britton used to post here back in the day when SI was something. They don't any more. They despised and ridiculed jewlian Lee as a sort of pervert that stored and saved itz spunk in mayonnaise jars in itz refridgerator.

    Back in the daze of me being on phorafags/feebs I had access to they'z shitbox. The first time I met jewlian Lee I noticed that the worthless bastard had claimed that I was an agent provocateur -- a ZOGbot to coin a term that I coined. Then the lying solipsistic swine noticed I was online and logged off before I could chew on itz lying ass in the phorafag/feeb shitbox.

    From that I learned jewlian Lee is a liar and a coward and a sneak.

    A more worthless solipsistic pretentious clown you will never ever find in the bowel Movement -- until you meet the next whigger or mamzer tard.

    jewlian Lee has a high opinion of itzself. I don't know why, other than that every other whigger seems to suffer from the same delusion that it is something worthwhile. jewlian Lee always reminds me of why I despise ZOGling whigger ass-clowns.

    I must admit that I never listened twice to one of its 'musical' compositions. Once was enough.

    When I used one of my sockpuppets -- this one Ben KKKameron -- the worthless goofy bastard gave me neg-rep for no reason than because unlike a dog it couldn't lick its nuts because a dog can't get a jar to store itz spunk in a refridgerator. So I gave the worthless bastard a neg-rep about how it at least ought to fry up itz spunk saved in the fridge with itz eggs and save on the mayo. Another worthless bastard, Jake Featherstone, cum around and gave me some more neg-rep, then banned me and deleted the offending comment.

    Whereas Ill Fagno at least had a jape at hisself when I chewed on his ass.


    But then again, phorafags/feebs is a ZOG false front run by three Belgian sephardic jews and VNNF v.2.0.1. The mauder-a-turds are on perpetual 'save the fuktard' mode to save that which deserves immediate extinction:

    Quote Originally Posted by Il Ragno

    Julian conveniently forgets I threatened to kill this thread if I found out he was being smeared.
    You can tell who is genuine and White by the way they treat those who they think are on the bottom. jewlian Lee and Jake Featherstone thought I was simply a Klan kid and they simply have no use for some pore White kid.

    When there is a real White society, jewlian Lee and Jake Featherstone will not be allowed to live in such because they simply do not belong in a White society. They simply are self-serving whigger solipsistic traitors just like 90% of these diseased animals and like congenitally degenerate and diseased animals there can not be any saving of the White race as long as this kind exists because we have a Whigger Problem, NOT a nigger, beaner, gook or even jew problem. A Whigger Problem.


    You put jewlian Lee or Jake Featherstone in a blond, blue-eyed whigger suit in the middle of the successor White society coming at 10:00 am and I shit you not, both or either would be gelded, skinned and crucified by the side of the road before noon, simply because they don't know how to behave like a White man and regardless of how well they think they imposture being one of us they just won't make it. You put Ill Fagno in a nigger suit, and he'd probably make it at least to sundown.

    I really do despise jewlian Lee. jewlian Lee as I knew it.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Diagnosis: jew're cumpletely fucked up in the head.

    Diagnosis: jew're cumpletely fucked up in the head.


    Quote Originally Posted by GaryGygax View Post

    I called into work sick on Monday. Not because I felt physically sick, but because I was afraid of leaving my apartment. I thought that if I went outside, I would be ridiculed and glared at by everyone. This is because I think I am so ugly that others are disgusted and even angered by my presence.

    Since this has been going on for several months, I made a appointment to talk to a doctor on Tuesday and see what he'd say. After explaining how I felt about myself and what I thought about it, he told me I probably have body dysmorphic disorder and that I should seek treatment immediately.

    Today I was diagnosed and given a prescription for some Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and a referral to a therapist.

    Has anyone else had similar experiences with mental illness?

    Actually my stock answer is that I'm perfectly sane and that it is everyone else who is totally fucked up in the head. That answer served me well for the over 31 months I was illegally jailed in the Fulton State Nuthouse as I saw all manner of totally fucked up in the head critters cum and go, many of who were other inmates there, as opposed to the staph and administration. Of course, like Patty Powers at the Fulton State NutHouse, between herself and her brother, she gets up, runs around as a nurse at the NutHouse, and then goes to bed with mental illness all the time.

    Without a doubt you are a mamzer, i.e. a miscegenated bastard, cf Deuteronomy 23:2 and thus suffering from "Peter Dunkin'" or what the headshrinkers, most of them jews or some kind of nigger but some of them whigger call 'schidzophrenia'. Or you may be running around like a cumplete shithead one moment and then be in a cumplete funk the next, or what is now called bi-polar disorder. In any case, like the majority of ZOGling whigger and mamzer herd animals you are tippycully fucked up in the head.

    I suggest that rather than take expensive tranquilizers and mood-altering drugs that you go totally off jewr medications and figure out who is persecuting you and decide to deal with them summarily and without a word of prior warning. Let your nose go upright in the air as you listen to your guides and the voices in jewr fucked-up head. Don't listen to the ones which tell you to simply endure things and hope that things will be all right. Listen to the ones which tell you that it is all the fault of the jews and their regime-criminal shabbes whiggers and the piglice. When you buy yourself a tool to help you solve your problems once and for all, DO NOT tell the sales clerk or pawn shop owner that you are off jewr meds.

    Disregard above advice if you live in the SouthWest Missouri area as I don't want any of this valuable diagnosis and remedy to blow back on myself.

    Nor should you ever decide to finish jewrself off when the piglice close in. Pull a jewrold Lee Lochner and enjoy the free room and board in the NutHouse and the hot and cold running free involuntary dope. You don't know how many malingering criminals I met in the NutHouse feigning insanity to avoid riding the needle who just loved that Chlonopin Personal Relief as Necessary (PRN) pill in addition to the Seroquel and Depakote meds. Yes, jew'll becum fat and drooling and loving the karoke sessions and watching BET on the talmudvision, but you won't have to make any decisions other than whether to have a peanut-butter or a cheese sandwich on the daze when boiled cabbage is on the menu towards the end of the fiscal year. You'll get to love the Wednesdays every two weeks when they have both chili and pimento cheese on the suppertime menu. Simple things will become wonderful as you regress to jewr second childhood as an institutionalized guest of the state.

    No doubt about it, GaryGygax. You are cumpletely fucked up in the head. You can either deal with it like Appy/CrAppollonian does and live in a dumpster and offend all the other pisspul in the pub[l]ic library with jewr stink, or you can take the easy jewrold Lee Lochner option way out.

    Be like a manly mamzer and do the right thang.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Who let the phorafag/feeb Belgian sephardic datamining jewboy & Mutant$permFront shitting dog back in?

    Who let the phorafag/feeb Belgian sephardic datamining jewboy & Mutant$permFront shitting dog back in?


    Quote Originally Posted by Ned View Post

    DON'T flag to Grimey/Crazy Marty then.
    Fuck. OK. Who let the phorafag/feeb Belgian sephardic datamining jewboy & Mutant$permFront shitting dog back in?

    Next thing you know, Chief Running Pizzle, Red-Nigger Nutzi, will be back as well looking for a dinner of road-killed skunk and dog. Mutant$permFront Boat Piss-pul invading Merrie Old StumbleInn. Can't have a Golden [M]A[n]ge with such kikeazoid offal.

    Oh well, I got my own forum back up and SoredMamzer can't take it down any more. I suppose I'll just mine SI for my old archived posts. When the DSCI Pastor is away, the phorafag/feeb jewboy faggots and mamzers will play.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Sundry Nig-norant Attention Whores I have hunted down and eliminated

    Sundry Nig-norant Attention Whores I have hunted down and eliminated


    Quote Originally Posted by FIPS View Post

    Does Alia still exist, or has she killed one or more beautiful women out of revenge?

    Actually Alia sent me an e-mail around a year or so ago inviting herself to get married to the little other Russian Finno-Urgaic boy-toy Nim that she seems to have securely under her thumb. I send her out e-mails every so often and they are not returned, albeit not responded to.

    Most of the worst attention whores went on to the MamzerBarrell, where they belong. Every so often I go look at what is going on there as a 'guest' as I'm effectively banned due to my 'Coontempt of mamzer.' I've often compared what happened due to the StumbleInn/MamzerBarrell split as being akin to the Star Trek Next [De]Generation eppysode "Skin of Evil" in which this advanced race left their shit behind in a pool of tar when they moved on. Of course, this sort of dialogue as to what happened should be called "Skin of Shit" as these mamzers and jews 'moved on' with theyz' skins of shit and left the 'Real White Men' here behind, which is the first known case of Internut 'nigger&jew flight.'

    Essentially what happened was self-selective segregation. The self-made "Good White Mamzers" of Da MamzerBarrell don't really want to intrude upon the founding "Real White Men" of StumbleInn. They may long to do so and say so, like this Hungarian Magyar jewboy lawyer "Mamzer Outta Time/Thermojew-clear-whoreyer" said the other day, but when it cums down to it, like a small mongrel cut dog, actually cummin' back to the StumbleInn to pinch off a loaf like a shitting dog might have known and unknown hazards and is best not attempted.

    Insofar as when this all began, I think the defining episode was in May 2009 when I run off Maude DeFraud Flanders, Sheephardic jewboy squirrel with glanders, along with a number of other jew and mamzer fuktards back to where they belonged over on phorafags/feebs and Mutant$permFront. A number of them sensed my malevolence and run off mainly. Today, it is more a sense of ennui and having a tard-corral of theyz' own that keeps them out, although like Maude and Intrepid/Ingelded/Blightho they do know that I have no scruples against shitting all over them in my own DSCI tard corral.

    I remember that idiotic skank Alison helping me roll up the mamzertariate. I never have any sympathy for the South Afreekoon whiggers because I've never met a single Boercunt that didn't think that Paul shouldn't be taken out of the Bible because of certain I Corinthian 14:34-35 injunctions against twats yapping while Congregation is in session. By the way, Boercunts means even those who are male genitalia only by supposed biology also, because Boerkunt male-meercats never tell theyz' wimmen to STFU in any manner. Nope, rather like Alison's wop meercat they get something on the side and say, "Yes, dear, no dear, three bags full dear." No wonder these Afrikooners voted to die at the paws of niggers nearly 20 years ago.

    Anyway, Pastor John Britton used to worry that his distant relation Alison was betraying him to Darryl Lemont Jenkums over at the One Primate's Project and Mutant$permFront. I said, "Yes probably. So what? Ditch the bitch. You can't control your own daughters living in Idaho so what makes you think that you can control an idiotic self-serving twat like Alison riding the blacksnake on the side over in South Africa nine thousand miles away?"

    So when this goofy skank was giving itzself airs while Pastor Britton was working in Brazil and then he got back, he dictated the infamous "Bros B4 Ho's" response and the skank run off sobbing. No great loss.

    I had heard that this skank had cancer and was dying. I fondly imagined it with an inverted vagina suffering all the torments of the damned, but it seems like Alison was lying again. Dang.

    When someone annoys me I don't ignore them. Rather, I open up a mental folder on them and look and listen for some dirt on them. Eventually I find out what, then who they are -- Kane12345666, another attention whore, is invaluable for this -- and then decide what to do about the information derived.

    Many fuktards think that my Genesis 3:15 patrols are aimless. They are not. Eliciting jew and mamzer and whigger snarls tells me where the beastie lies for future harvest. I remember reading this book by the Great White Hunter J.A. Hunter, as to how he would throw rocks into the brush in order to make lions rush out and get shot. I use similar tactics when hunting mamzers, jewboys and especially pisser-possums. Why, I got me Ingelded's virtual shitskinned mamzer faggot pelt on my virtual wall, thanks to these tactics and muh gun-kike Kane12345666 who did the initial work in sniffing it out.

    Like Fips alludes, to know something might not necessarily be to love it, but it is useful in order to hunt it down and skin it out.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default I am extremely sorryfool that you are well enuf to cum-cum back to the S'Inn, Alison

    I am extremely sorryfool that you are well enuf to cum-cum back to the S'Inn, Alison


    Quote Originally Posted by Alison/Worthless Boerskank that by all that is sacred should be dead now View Post

    Umm, Martin, you HEARD I was dying from cancer. I wonder who told you that. Couldn't be me as I NEVER attention-whore for some unearned pity. Have you heard of chemo and radiation therapy? It cured my inverted dangling, dragging-on-the-ground vagina although it did nothing about the pack of rabid mangy hyenas that ate massive chunks of dying rancid Boerskank-flesh so that they sickened up, puking up all the contents of theyz' distended bellies in order to rid theysselfs of the toxic Boerskankflieshe and thus died grevious horrible deaths as a result. I'm currently in remission. D-g takes care of his own. Now I have one colostomy bag that I attach to my skank jewnicrack in order to collect the rancid emanations from my former stanky pussy and asshole. As for your boercunt bullshit, I am a naturalized South African, but was born and bred in Rhodesia, just like my cousin Cathy Buckle, who John is likewise ashamed of.

    As a proud Sud-Boerkunt who has no marketable crack to sell or even give away to sundry niggers, I actually don't give a damn about what you think of, or say about me except to correct untruths, such as me not giving ANY info to anyone about John. Mutant$permFront closed down anyway last year and the One Primate's Project is busily giving lots of money to get old tattoos removed from aging skinheads. Besides, Darryl and Blotter the Poofter Ponderous-Sow are going ass-to-mouth with each other and have cut me out. You give out more info about him than anyone does, endangering him. So no, John doesn't and won't even speak to me any more. Up your pipe! How is jewr pipe, Marty? Reason I ask is because my drain-holes are in woeful shape and I can't find me any functioning male pipe to put in my plumbing. My own wop meercat has done run off and is burrowing in a younger Boerskank's furrow. This is why . . .

    . . . . I'm baaaaaaaacccccckkkkk!!!

    You are so cruel Alison. I heard that you were dying from cancer back when I was on Da MamzerBarrell before I gave an ultimatum to Apocales the Quarter-Mexicunt Mormon and Rustifer jewsually Swallows the Beaneress Cougar as to the proper running of a DSCI Tard Corral. In fact, I actually thought I heard it fresh from the horses' ass, i.e. jewrself in one of jewr many attention-whoring for pity postings.

    Nor is it jewr fault that I fondly imagined you suffering the fate of the damned, moaning and bellering incessantly in pain -- real or imagined -- for the utmost drops of pity from your half-wop spawn while jewr wop meercat was humping away at some younger, healthy Boerskank, as all and sundry that know you are feverishly signing contracts with Baalzebub that he will drag you soon off to the Ninth Plane of Hades. In addition to the inverted danging vagina dragging to the ground and being eaten by mangy rabid packs of hyenas, I was praying for boils, carbuncles, and shingles as well as the plague, flies, fleas, lice, burning hail, and all the rest of the curses from Genesis to Revelations to afflict jewr last monents befouling this earth before you were duly dragged off screaming to Hell.

    I deliberately ignored the fact that as a lying attention-whoring skank that almost always trumped Kane, Cawa, and Alia -- who was always forced to lick hind trough -- that you were doubtless lying as to jewr coondition. You fraudulent Boerkunt, you never were even a quarter as sick as you let on.

    And now jew're back and as the lead skankess you brought with you a [w]horde of yet more skankazoids, some unknown like Fatale, some known like Cockstar/Niggertits, and they will be wiggling their tits and twats, some cock-teasing and not putting out, and some, especially Ol' Niggertits, actually virtually dreadfoolly putting out in order to get the whigger pecker they need for the squeezing out of sum Beyonce niglets. Why, O why, can't jewr kind stay in jewr place -- Da MamzerBarrell -- where there be no Real White Men?


    Quote Originally Posted by Alison/Worthless Boerskank that by all that is sacred should be dead now View Post

    Another thing, Marty, your posts are too long and boring, and you repeat yourself over and over and over again. Get new naterial, for everyone's sake. You're a pathetic old bore.

    Well, yes, maybe so, but unlike jewself Alison, I have a longer memory than jewr wop meercat's pecker measured in millimeters and thus recollect how a stoooooopid Boerkunt like jewrself DON'T DO LINKS.

    Nothing that I will ever choose to do will ever be done for the sake or convenience of jewrself, Alison. I still really really don't like you much.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 10-15-2012 at 11:24 PM.

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    I think this is actually Mikey-Kikey Cohen-Conner whining like a jew faggot pussy


    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgianPhoron View Post

    It appears so far that this isn't a way to attract new people but rather have old unbanned members who were banned for a good reason reemerge from the sewers of which they came from. Why not simply unban these members and be more honest about the intention of this subforum? Most of the people who you are harbouring in this specific subforum are the same ones who are actively posting personal information on many members here especially if you were ever a member at Phora. The GB crowd including Lindstedt are in the process of a creating a phoraleaks site which more easily exposes personal information on everyone whose only crime was registering at Phora... I really hope for this site's credibility that you don't seriously allow these criminal harassers/doxxers back here.

    Nigga/jigga Puh-leeeze. As Ill Fagno hisself notes, the Gangsta Bolshevik program of total phorafaggot/fuktard-pheeb elimination has never gotten much off the ground because they too be phucktarded. Doesn't matter how hard they try to squeeze you ass-clowns out like a dry turd, you still have jewr virtual shitter intact.

    This place is moderated, and doxing isn't allowed here. I myself do my own dirty work on my own forum.

    Carolyn Yenta Kahant-Yeager said that Mikey-Kikey Jukes-Kallikak Cohen-Conner was not only a jewboy, but a faggot like Greg Johnson. Go bitch about her doxing, you phorafag/feeb assclown, who I think is actually that whiney yenta faggot bitch Mikey-Kikey.


    Insofar as phoraleaks is cooncerned, I made a site available last year and Kane hasn't been able to get it to work yet. So don't be blaming StumbleInn because we haven't been able to get our long knives out for the virtual nut-cutting. That said, you ought to be gratefool that you can anonymously whine like a phucking phoraphag/pheeb/phucktard pussy about a competence never before or ever displayed by Kane and Krew.

    And I'm not really a Gangsta Bolshevik, but rather the Nazi-DSCI Liason to them Gangsta Bolsheviks of the Real Phorafags/feebs.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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