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Thread: The Talkshoe The Movement Turd Chat Thread

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    Default TMT Episode #65.5 Chat 14Apr11

    TMTEpisode #65.5 - Chat 14Apr11
    Time: April 14, 2011


    <19:43:50> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <19:43:50> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <19:43:53> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <19:43:53> Welcome.
    <19:44:10> You are now known as "PastorLindstedt"
    <19:55:52> "whiggerproblem" connected
    <20:00:56> "Watcher" connected
    <20:01:15> "PastorLindstedt": Hey.
    <20:01:15> "Watcher": Hi
    <20:02:21> "whiggerproblem": yes
    <20:02:31> "whiggerproblem" started recording
    <20:02:43> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:03:26> "whiggerproblem": OK
    <20:03:30> "Guest 01" connected
    <20:03:38> "Watcher" connected
    <20:04:53> "whiggerproblem": wow
    <20:04:57> "Watcher": which agency?
    <20:05:11> "Watcher": not fibbies?
    <20:05:22> "Guest 01": I wasnt paying attention. wtf?
    <20:05:54> "Watcher": Secret Service is kinda weird unless they think you are plotting an assassination??
    <20:05:54> "whiggerproblem": Secret Service are directly controlled by Jew bankers
    <20:06:09> "Guest 01": They had some Aryan Websites and CI websites shut down today
    <20:06:09> "Watcher": which ones?
    <20:06:16> "Guest 01": Israel Elect was down
    <20:06:25> "Guest 01": and this shitty one called Aryanism.net
    <20:06:45> "Guest 01": Aryanism is a new Universal Aryanism. LMAO!
    <20:06:49> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <20:06:54> "Guest 01": act like an arya
    <20:06:57> "Guest 01": aryan
    <20:07:03> "Guest 01": walk like an aryan
    <20:07:08> "Guest 01": and your an aryan
    <20:07:16> "Guest 01": lol
    <20:07:53> "Guest 01": You can race mix once but then for the next 5 generations you cant. ROFLMAO!!!
    <20:08:14> "Guest 01": sons do as their fathers do. 90% of the time
    <20:08:33> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:08:57> "whiggerproblem": what ass clowns
    <20:09:22> "whiggerproblem": what regional office were they from?
    <20:09:33> "Watcher" connected
    <20:10:06> "Northwest" connected
    <20:10:09> "Watcher": kkk
    <20:10:46> "Watcher1" connected
    <20:11:05> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:11:13> "Watcher1": kkk
    <20:11:22> "Watcher1": lll
    <20:12:32> "Watcher1" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:13:17> "whiggerproblem": Is the SS so dumb that they listen to Bryan Reo
    <20:13:36> "Watcher1" connected
    <20:15:11> "Watcher1": l;llk;lkjlk
    <20:27:12> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <20:27:33> "Frankenwhigger": Greetings All!!
    <20:27:36> "whiggerproblem": Hi Franken
    <20:27:40> "Northwest": Wow, I'm starting to think the server is having issues. I think I'm the only one not to get kicked off a lot.
    <20:27:55> "whiggerproblem": no, me too
    <20:28:13> "Northwest": Ah, good to know.
    <20:29:05> "Watcher" connected
    <20:29:21> "Frankenwhigger": Martin is a Veteran too!!
    <20:30:04> "whiggerproblem": Obama is probably part jew
    <20:30:22> "INTJ" connected
    <20:30:25> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:31:56> "whiggerproblem": ZOG is falling apart, very fast
    <20:32:01> "Watcher" connected
    <20:32:10> "Frankenwhigger": Gaddafi is so Fly!!!!
    <20:32:18> "whiggerproblem": He's cool
    <20:32:47> "whiggerproblem": He's np puppet
    <20:32:50> "whiggerproblem": no
    <20:33:39> "whiggerproblem": you mean SS
    <20:34:35> "whiggerproblem": Next year, this country is finished
    <20:34:51> "whiggerproblem": ZOG, that is
    <20:35:43> "INTJ": You spoke to the Secret Service this morning?
    <20:35:48> "whiggerproblem": Yep
    <20:36:22> "INTJ": What did I miss? What did they talk with him about?
    <20:36:42> "Frankenwhigger": His Lawsuit against Obongo!
    <20:36:46> "whiggerproblem": They visited him and wanted to search the house, but no warrant. Just fact finding.
    <20:37:30> "Frankenwhigger": Martin is the Man!
    <20:38:14> "whiggerproblem": Title of show - I'm no Lee Harvey Oswald
    <20:38:24> "Frankenwhigger": I Just hope that they don't show up at Martin's House with Mii3s and Bradley Fighting Vehicles and burn him out!
    <20:38:42> "Frankenwhigger": I will Volunteer!!
    <20:38:58> "Frankenwhigger": Lee Harvey Oswald is a Hero!
    <20:39:07> "whiggerproblem": Why?
    <20:39:22> "whiggerproblem": I think he was conned
    <20:39:36> "Frankenwhigger": Of Course he was!
    <20:39:49> "Frankenwhigger": So was Tim McVeigh.
    <20:40:08> "whiggerproblem": Don't you have to be kind of dumb to be set up?
    <20:40:08> "INTJ": Did anyone from the WN movement visit Lee Harvey Oswald in prison?
    <20:40:48> "whiggerproblem": Doubt it
    <20:41:22> "whiggerproblem": I don't think anyone was allowed to see LHO. He asked for Jew New York lawyer
    <20:41:35> "Frankenwhigger": Google and Watch the severla Hours of the Documentary "History of Revision"!!
    <20:41:51> "whiggerproblem": Why is it good?
    <20:42:28> "Frankenwhigger": Excellent!! It ties together the many events of the 20th Century and has several Hours of the JFK thing.
    <20:42:58> "whiggerproblem": Do you mean "Evidence of Revision?"
    <20:43:51> "Frankenwhigger": Yes, sorry!! It has been a Few years since I watched it! http://video.google.com/videoplay?do...8701355447870#
    <20:44:07> "whiggerproblem": ok
    <20:44:44> "whiggerproblem": You should told them to move to Israel
    <20:44:46> "Northwest": That, and NZ is more expensice that here.
    <20:44:47> "Frankenwhigger": I highly Recommend it and Remember OFFICER TIPPIT WAS BADGEMAN!!!
    <20:45:05> "Northwest": Not just whiggers, in NZ, they have black government officials everywhere.
    <20:45:34> "whiggerproblem": what's a badgeman? A cop?
    <20:47:07> "Frankenwhigger": Badgeman was the Shooter on the "Grassy Knoll"!!
    <20:47:19> "whiggerproblem": Wow, ok
    <20:47:53> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.jfkresearch.com/morningstar/morningstar5.htm
    <20:48:19> "whiggerproblem": So that's why he was shot
    <20:48:37> "Frankenwhigger": Badgeman's Body was Swapped with JFKs before the Bethesda Autopsy!
    <20:48:59> "Frankenwhigger": Badgeman and JFK looked alike.
    <20:49:05> "Guest 02" connected
    <20:49:19> "Frankenwhigger": Hello WilliamB!!
    <20:50:17> "Guest 02": hello
    <20:50:19> "iMaGe Pierce" connected
    <20:50:26> "iMaGe Pierce" disconnected (leaving)
    <20:50:42> "Guest 02": Russ not on tonight?
    <20:51:15> "Frankenwhigger": Intermission!!!
    <20:51:34> "whiggerproblem": http://national-socialist-worldview....elongs-to.html
    <20:51:49> "whiggerproblem": I don't like the NW idea
    <20:52:05> "Frankenwhigger": Me Neither!!
    <20:52:19> "Guest 02": shit you got lighting storms right now
    <20:52:21> "Frankenwhigger": I do not want to surrender ONe Acre of America!!
    <20:52:33> "Frankenwhigger": In Fact, I want to expand America!!
    <20:52:35> "Guest 02": http://www.weather.com/weather/today/Granby+MO+USMO0362
    <20:52:37> "whiggerproblem": Exactly
    <20:52:54> "Watcher": it is just another form of white flight which never works
    <20:53:19> "whiggerproblem": Sooner or later, you have to stand your ground
    <20:53:21> "Frankenwhigger": The New Jerusalem shall be all of North America to include Mexico, Cuba and the Carribean Islands!
    <20:53:28> "whiggerproblem": Whiggers are always running
    <20:54:11> "Watcher": and they never figure out that their enemies will not stand for them having their own separate space
    <20:54:18> "Frankenwhigger": When the Kingdom comes, I want to be a Charter Boat Captain in the Baja of California!!
    <20:54:28> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, too many white traitors
    <20:54:37> "Frankenwhigger": After we fight the Niggers and Beaners, of course.
    <20:54:47> "whiggerproblem": He's spinning his wheels, That's not doing anything
    <20:55:03> "Watcher1" connected
    <20:55:09> "Guest 02": when it is all said and done we can get off your ship and head to Cabo Wabo and party with Sammy Hagar
    <20:55:18> "Watcher1": 'lk';lk
    <20:55:22> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:55:23> "whiggerproblem": Hagar's a Jew..LOL
    <20:55:42> "Guest 02": right....
    <20:56:00> "Frankenwhigger": Exactly!!! We Christians Like to Party and have Fun in the Sun!!
    <20:56:18> "whiggerproblem": I can't drive 85!!!!
    <20:56:21> "Watcher1" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:56:28> "Frankenwhigger": You can in Texas!!
    <20:56:31> "Northwest": Pastor, it's raining where I am.
    <20:56:36> "whiggerproblem": right..LOL
    <20:56:37> "Northwest": Light thunderstorm, in fact.
    <20:57:13> "whiggerproblem": martin, did you miss the 80s?
    <20:57:15> "Guest 02": Hadding is on both Pissers and 2.5 mamzers. He's on an anti-covington Jihad
    <20:57:49> "Northwest": Other news from the NF indicates Covington is trying to ID hadding and suspects he's actually Strom.
    <20:58:02> "Northwest": Or at least has good anecdotal evidence that direction...
    <20:58:16> "Frankenwhigger": Martin, the Movie "Evidence of Revision" is about 8 Hours long!
    <20:58:18> "Northwest": I've not investigated either person enough to finger then.
    <20:58:20> "Northwest": *Them
    <20:58:21> "Guest 02": he's not strom. I've heard them both speak. Not the same person.
    <20:58:29> "INTJ": Oh, that's right. Reubenstein offed him.
    <20:58:33> "Guest 02": Hadding is ex-NA though
    <20:59:01> "Watcher" connected
    <20:59:38> "Watcher": lk
    <21:00:01> "Frankenwhigger": I'll Do it!!!
    <21:00:08> "whiggerproblem": Did they ask you to be a patsy?
    <21:00:17> "whiggerproblem": Was there an application?
    <21:00:25> "Watcher": well they would have to find somebody with skills and background ghat would be believable
    <21:00:40> "Frankenwhigger": I have all the Qualifications!!
    <21:00:54> "Watcher": be caraeful what you volunteer for!
    <21:00:57> "whiggerproblem": Do they pay minimum wage?
    <21:01:13> "Guest 02": What are you drinkin?
    <21:01:27> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <21:01:59> "Frankenwhigger": Intermission!!
    <21:02:00> "whiggerproblem": Coca Cola makes you crazy
    <21:02:07> "Watcher": did you tell them to contact the Mamzer?
    <21:02:13> "Watcher": he'd be perfect
    <21:02:18> "Frankenwhigger": Visit the Snack Concession!!
    <21:02:29> "whiggerproblem": That's how they ened up at Martin's
    <21:02:33> "whiggerproblem": ended
    <21:02:35> "Watcher": lol those old drive in movie ads on youtube are funny
    <21:02:41> "Guest 02": told ya
    <21:03:01> "Watcher": well he should have told them to go back to the Mamzer HE is the candidate they are looking for
    <21:03:17> "Guest 02": what do you think he's drinking?
    <21:03:20> "whiggerproblem": Not white enough to balme on WNs
    <21:03:23> "Guest 02": Me: Jack and Coke
    <21:03:25> "whiggerproblem": blame
    <21:03:32> "Frankenwhigger": He's already "on board"!!!
    <21:03:42> "Watcher": haha as far as most idiot amerikwans are concerned he is
    <21:03:55> "Guest 02": or maybe "Mamzer Blood"....
    <21:04:00> "Watcher": and he calls himself a WNist
    <21:04:01> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, most whiggers consider him white
    <21:04:05> "Frankenwhigger": The Mamzer is the Man for the Job!! He's not as loud as some other "Italians"!!
    <21:04:22> "Frankenwhigger": LOL!!
    <21:04:26> "Watcher": absolutely! Martin should call them back and give them a heads up!
    <21:04:32> "whiggerproblem": They could bleach his skin
    <21:04:43> "Guest 02": "Mamzer Blood" doesn't have the kick of "Tiger Blood" though.
    <21:05:04> "whiggerproblem": They're both animal blood
    <21:05:23> "Guest 02": this is true wp.
    <21:06:05> "Frankenwhigger": These teamspeak Shows are becoming Tedious!! I miss the Talkshoe Days of Non-Stop Rants for 4 hours!!
    <21:06:26> "whiggerproblem": True
    <21:06:29> "Frankenwhigger": Now that was Entertainment!
    <21:06:37> "Watcher": yeah Martin needs to get more prepared and skip the interruptions
    <21:06:44> "whiggerproblem": Martin lost his inspiration
    <21:07:02> "whiggerproblem": Probably because Russ can't get on and not enough trolls
    <21:07:05> "Frankenwhigger": He Needs a "Bump" of some good Crystal or sumptin!!
    <21:07:17> "Guest 02": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuoiAt_k-CE
    <21:07:19> "Frankenwhigger": LOL!!
    <21:07:25> "Watcher": get the laundry finished, water the asparagus, cook the food, get your drinks ready THEN sit down for the show!
    <21:08:28> "Watcher": jjj
    <21:08:29> "whiggerproblem": Too easy to stop on Teamspeak. Sometimes convenience is a bad thing
    <21:09:24> "whiggerproblem": Give me a stage where this Bull can rage!!!
    <21:09:37> "Guest 02": now you're getting it...
    <21:09:42> "Frankenwhigger": True!! Jake LaMotta!! He's related to reo!!
    <21:10:03> "Watcher": yeah Martin's slowing down, can't say I dont understand\
    <21:10:18> "Frankenwhigger": Remember Badegman was Tibbitt and it all makes Sense !!!
    <21:10:40> "Watcher": huh?
    <21:10:56> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.jfkresearch.com/morningstar/morningstar5.htm
    <21:11:30> "Watcher": my proxy is unstable dont want to click links or I might drop again
    <21:12:20> "Guest 02": This is Reo's relative Franken: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwO0cMyamrY
    <21:12:43> "Watcher": kk
    <21:13:15> "Guest 02": <cough> <cough>? Whacky Tobacky???
    <21:13:18> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.counter-currents.com/2011.../#comment-6445
    <21:13:45> "Guest 02": Isn't Greg Johnson a homo?
    <21:14:28> "Watcher": jjj
    <21:14:34> "Frankenwhigger": Remember Savitri Devi married a Raghead Dravidian!!
    <21:15:10> "Guest 02": And wasn't Kelso one of them there Hare' Krishnas?
    <21:15:22> "Frankenwhigger": Ice Tea!!! All the Clear Liquors,triple Sec and a Splash of Coke!!
    <21:17:00> "Frankenwhigger": What's Up with Reo?!?!?!?!
    <21:17:16> "Guest 02": exactly, who gives a fuck about covington...
    <21:17:24> "Guest 02": fuck covington
    <21:17:27> "Guest 02": he's an idiot
    <21:17:35> "whiggerproblem": totally
    <21:17:44> "Frankenwhigger": Yeah, He spams my Facebook Page!!
    <21:17:53> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.occidentaldissent.com/201...rthwest-front/
    <21:18:31> "Northwest": Yep!
    <21:18:37> "Northwest": Boo!
    <21:18:39> "Northwest":
    <21:18:47> "whiggerproblem": Covington seems like he wants to be in the movement, but nobody except old timers take him seriously
    <21:18:50> "Frankenwhigger": I am A Badgeman Supporter!!
    <21:19:13> "Watcher": well I'm not a WNist but he seems to be the only one at least trying to do something real
    <21:19:18> "Guest 02": seriously, the guy ran away from his wife and kids, is running from legal shit that white will has levied against him. And he is on the run. Covington reminds me of the kid that didn't want to stop being the Dungeon Master.
    <21:19:35> "whiggerproblem": Agreed
    <21:19:44> "Frankenwhigger": or Crypt Keeper!!
    <21:19:48> "Guest 02": yeah
    <21:20:16> "Guest 02": he did. multiple sources say so.
    <21:21:02> "Guest 02": Anyways...what is up with the Mamzer? Any new news?
    <21:21:13> "Frankenwhigger": Shoot the Damn Yankees!!
    <21:21:16> "Guest 02": Did the mamzer go into hiding?
    <21:21:33> "Guest 02": really?
    <21:23:27> "Frankenwhigger": Maybe they were JOOOOOZZZZ!!!
    <21:23:35> "whiggerproblem": Why didn't they just fight a guerilla war, like the Revolutionary War
    <21:24:00> "Frankenwhigger": JJJOOOOOOZZZZZ Just want to Kill White People!!
    <21:24:30> "whiggerproblem": 3 to1 beats superior fighting morale
    <21:24:59> "Guest 02": Miyamoto Mushashi would disagree with you
    <21:25:47> "whiggerproblem": That's what Napoleon said. Who's the gook?
    <21:27:16> "whiggerproblem": The South thought it would be a fair fight
    <21:28:19> "whiggerproblem": The money spent on the war by the North could have easily compensated slave owners
    <21:29:07> "Mass1488" connected
    <21:29:08> "Frankenwhigger": more than 8,000 cows were abducted by UFOs

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz1JYTKNMy6
    <21:29:18> "Frankenwhigger": Hello Brookline!!
    <21:29:32> "Mass1488": sieg heil
    <21:29:37> "Mass1488": i came here yesterday
    <21:29:42> "Mass1488": and said sieg heil 3 trimes
    <21:30:19> "Watcher": you sound like eli james kutz - his latest newsletter had TWO links to Jordan Maxwell crap! and this jew sells himself as CI!
    <21:30:20> "Mass1488": and and realized it was wednesday!
    <21:30:42> "Mass1488": no gangs, rotherdams and no edomite slaves!
    <21:31:25> "whiggerproblem": But the Rothschilds wanted to break up the country. So wasn't it good that Abe kept the union together?
    <21:31:45> "Mass1488": if the south won the niggers would have took it over and outbread the whites
    <21:31:51> "Mass1488": I hate niggers
    <21:32:00> "whiggerproblem": yeah, maybe
    <21:32:07> "Mass1488": and it would be like haiti
    <21:32:19> "whiggerproblem": good point
    <21:33:03> "INTJ": Is it true that Lincoln's birth name was Springsteen?
    <21:33:29> "Frankenwhigger": Liberia!!! Google and Watch the "Vice Guide to Liberia" and watch General Butt Naked Eat a Baby!!!!
    <21:33:37> "whiggerproblem": He was born on Thunder Road?
    <21:33:43> "Mass1488": pastor so did hittites come from shem, ham or japeth or cain?
    <21:33:52> "whiggerproblem": Is that true INTJ?
    <21:34:09> "Guest 02": He was a hittite born on Thunder Road! ROTFLMAO!
    <21:34:17> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <21:34:19> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQSjyYRTDVM
    <21:34:22> "Mass1488": ok
    <21:34:26> "Mass1488": i love the KKK
    <21:34:34> "INTJ": Very funny, whiggerproblem.
    <21:34:36> "Mass1488": i was considering joining when i was a freshmen in high school
    <21:34:46> "Mass1488": and contacted the local mass klan
    <21:35:22> "whiggerproblem": How many people follows this guy Covington? I mean would anybody follow him?
    <21:35:24> "Guest 02": well, that is true.
    <21:35:27> "Mass1488": i follow him
    <21:35:34> "Mass1488": like Manson!
    <21:35:44> "Northwest": Me too. I'm really freaking close to getting a job up there, too.
    <21:35:45> "Guest 02": i don't follow either of them idiots
    <21:36:38> "Frankenwhigger": There's fucked up and then there's Liberia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQSjyYRTDVM
    <21:36:40> "Mass1488": the hottest girl in a distant thunder is CI!
    <21:37:06> "Mass1488": i own that book and carry it around school and my english teacher questioned what it was about
    <21:37:06> "Frankenwhigger": Liberia is Africa's Detroit!!
    <21:38:19> "Mass1488": im not attacking the warlord project but what steps have you made towards getting an organizing 10,000 warlords
    <21:38:29> "Guest 02": So Pastor. Here's one for you. And Franken and WP can help me here. IF you believe in "The Great Tribulation", doesn't that also mean that you believe in "The Rapture"?
    <21:38:39> "Mass1488": no it does
    <21:38:42> "Mass1488": not
    <21:38:48> "Mass1488": no rapture in CI
    <21:39:18> "Guest 02": well that escatology implies a belief in the Rapture@
    <21:39:25> "Guest 02": right?
    <21:39:28> "Watcher": they have the "rapture" reversed ... it is actually the wicked who are removed
    <21:39:55> "Frankenwhigger": WW1 and WW2 were "Great Tribulation"!!
    <21:39:56> "Guest 02": link?
    <21:39:56> "Mass1488": i watched the movies
    <21:40:03> "Mass1488": they suck
    <21:40:09> "Mass1488": faggoty shit
    <21:40:46> "Guest 02": My understanding is that "The Great Tribulation" comes right before "The Rapture" in all accepted escatology.
    <21:40:46> "Frankenwhigger": We have been in "Great Tribulation" for several hundred years!
    <21:41:05> "whiggerproblem": These are just birth pangs
    <21:41:13> "Mass1488": are all the faggot organ players in churches gonna die?
    <21:41:32> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <21:41:33> "Mass1488": i used to hate going to church
    <21:41:35> "Frankenwhigger": WW2 with 50 million Dead was "Birth Pangs"?!?!?!?
    <21:41:55> "whiggerproblem": Well, yes, the tribulation is way worse
    <21:42:17> "Mass1488": it was an episcopal church, and caused so much shit in sunday school
    <21:42:32> "Frankenwhigger": Jewry has killed 150 million White Men in the 20th Century!! Those are Not Birth Pangs!!
    <21:42:40> "Guest 02": I just don't see how you can seperate "The Great Tribulation" from "The Rapture" in all accepted eschatology. Or are you just making it up as you go along?
    <21:42:47> "Guest 01": Hey. I still cant get on Israel Elect to listen to Pastors Archive. Can you guys get on here---> http://www.israelect.com/
    <21:42:53> "Frankenwhigger": That is "Great" tribulation
    <21:43:00> "whiggerproblem": Right
    <21:43:19> "Guest 02": just asking
    <21:43:25> "Northwest": I could shed a little light on this if the Pastor is willing to take a guest right now.
    <21:43:31> "Northwest": Any interest in that?
    <21:43:48> "Frankenwhigger": The Tares are going to pulled out and burned!!
    <21:43:52> "Guest 02": Let Northwest on. I'd like to hear what he has to say.
    <21:44:29> "Mass1488": i wanna play this song
    <21:44:47> "Northwest": Requesting talk power
    <21:44:48> "INTJ": Request granted.
    <21:44:48> "INTJ": Yes.
    <21:44:48> "Guest 02": we hear you!
    <21:45:03> "whiggerproblem": Hi NW!!
    <21:45:41> "Frankenwhigger": Mat 13 25-40 As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
    <21:46:30> "Guest 02": yeah but the only place I see this "Great Tribulation" stuff is in tandem with "The Rapture" NW.
    <21:46:30> "Guest 01": Pete Peters?
    <21:46:45> "Guest 02": in the mainstream
    <21:46:46> "Guest 02": that is
    <21:47:37> "Mass1488": i saw the movie it was queer
    <21:48:09> "Mass14881" connected
    <21:48:13> "Guest 02": Again...yeah but the only place I see this "Great Tribulation" stuff is in tandem with "The Rapture" NW.
    <21:48:27> "Mass1488" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:48:42> "Guest 02": in the mainstream that is
    <21:48:53> "Guest 02": correct
    <21:49:37> "Guest 02": all this stuff came from the scofield bible as I recall...
    <21:49:45> "Guest 02": am i wrong?
    <21:50:06> "Guest 02": scofield was a few years before bertrand comparet....
    <21:50:13> "Frankenwhigger": Here's the "Rapture"!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHCdS7O248g
    <21:50:26> "Guest 02": just a few...
    <21:51:03> "Guest 02": you are cutting out NW...
    <21:51:13> "Guest 02": thx
    <21:51:44> "Guest 01": For me, I had to see what was gong on in the world; lies and deceptions. That is what woke me up to what these people also did with the Bible.... Steal identity
    <21:52:15> "Guest 02": well the old testament doesn't say that.
    <21:52:35> "Mass14881": Bill fink the khazar!
    <21:52:39> "Frankenwhigger": What about "Eighth Day Woman"?
    <21:52:49> "Frankenwhigger": LOL!
    <21:52:52> "Mass14881": through hitittes!
    <21:54:08> "Mass14881": whats the CI of Enoch?
    <21:54:46> "Frankenwhigger": Enoch is White!! He RAWKS!!
    <21:55:06> "Frankenwhigger": Adamites are part of CI!!
    <21:55:20> "Mass14881": i thought enoch came from cain?
    <21:55:45> "Frankenwhigger": Different Enoch!!
    <21:56:07> "Mass14881": so who are the two enochs?
    <21:56:13> "Mass14881": whats the diffrence
    <21:56:15> "Guest 02": I appreciate NW coming on and speaking....
    <21:57:01> "Guest 02": It's good to hear this.
    <21:57:23> "Guest 02": You must believe in the Rapture then.
    <21:57:44> "Guest 01": If your seedline is kept pure, you have eternal life. If your seedline gets corrupted, your seedline dies.
    <21:57:49> "Guest 02": ALL Dispensationalism believes in the Rapture, btw.
    <21:57:59> "Guest 02": true
    <21:59:53> "Watcher": GHHHG
    <21:59:56> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <22:00:24> "Frankenwhigger": Jude 1:14 And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints,
    <22:00:52> "Frankenwhigger": Luke 3:37 Which was [the son] of Mathusala, which was [the son] of Enoch, which was [the son] of Jared, which was [the son] of Maleleel, which was [the son] of Cainan,
    <22:01:28> "Guest 02": cutting out a little there NW...might be the lightning storms in Granby.
    <22:01:29> "Watcher" connected
    <22:01:46> "INTJ": I'm hearing him okay.
    <22:02:13> "Guest 02": I'm farther from the source though.
    <22:02:30> "Watcher": well we may not totally agree on the tribulations scenario, but NW should NOT be waiting for any "rapture" to take him out ... not gonna happen
    <22:03:04> "Northwest": Again - I'm not going to debate specifics until we agree on core theology.
    <22:03:22> "Watcher": far more important to be stengthening your faith and closeness with Yahweh
    <22:03:23> "Guest 02": A great discussion though. Thank you NW.
    <22:03:26> "Mass14881": im one of the 10,000 warlords
    <22:03:30> "Northwest": The core theology (which is not Zionist by nature) is more interesting anyway.
    <22:03:36> "Mass14881": what equipment do i get?
    <22:04:06> "Mass14881": Yes thats me
    <22:04:15> "Guest 02": Because it is confusing with all these different beliefs saying "this is the way it is, we defined it!".
    <22:06:10> Connection to server lost
    <22:06:11> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <22:06:13> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <22:06:13> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <22:06:13> Welcome.
    <22:06:19> "Guest 01": lies or deceptions on Mass Media, Hollywood, FED, Governments etc
    <22:09:48> "Mass14881": today was the day of dialogue
    <22:09:52> "Guest 02": let NW speak.
    <22:10:00> "Mass14881": k
    <22:12:25> "Watcher": The Bible is a book written specifically to one group of people and no one else. The Book is not intended to provide every answer to every possible question. The Book is intended as an instruction manual on how we Israelites are to live in accordance with our Father's rules and guidelines so we can graduate from this mess and go home to the family.
    <22:12:30> "Frankenwhigger": Nigger Heaven is East St. louis!!
    <22:12:32> "Mass14881" dropped (connection lost)
    <22:12:33> "Mass1488" connected
    <22:12:52> "Frankenwhigger": Agree Watcher!!
    <22:13:12> "Watcher": some pass, more fail
    <22:13:54> "Watcher": the exact disposition of those who fail is not entirely agreed upon so it is important to try to be one of the ones that PASS
    <22:14:46> "Guest 02": "Lake of Fire" -> See, now Lindstedt is quoting Rapture doctrine himself! http://endoftheworld.net/Jesus/tag/the-lake-of-fire/
    <22:14:52> "Mass1488": whats the CI view on excorcisms? how do you give one?
    <22:15:13> "Watcher": and trying to use the Bible as an accurate predicter of the future is FAIL ... prophecy gives us hints BUT it is intended to prove the power of Yahweh in RETROSPECT - when we see the prophecy FULFILLED
    <22:15:20> "Mass1488": can you do an excorcism on a pre adamite or jew?
    <22:15:21> "Guest 02": exorcism is a catholic thing
    <22:15:37> "Watcher": no
    <22:15:49> "Watcher": doubt it very highly
    <22:16:35> "Guest 02": yes, thank you NW
    <22:16:42> "Mass1488": thanks NW!
    <22:16:45> "Northwest": You're welcome.
    <22:18:07> "Northwest": Just a final note - the core theology hasn't a thing to do with Zionism and the rest of the doctrines (the Rapture being the least of them) are developed as corrolaries (sp?) after the core is proved.
    <22:18:18> "Northwest": And I don't see it an incompatible with what I know of DSCI, either.
    <22:18:29> "Northwest": But I don't want to start up with the details here since this just isn't the place.
    <22:19:13> "Frankenwhigger": THX NW!!!!
    <22:20:39> "Mass1488": i like gliebe hes kinda cool i heard
    <22:21:16> "Mass1488": thanks for northwest good luck with your coming home
    <22:21:22> "Northwest": ty mass
    <22:21:25> "Mass1488": im looking into doing so myself
    <22:21:28> "Frankenwhigger": Thanks Northwest!!
    <22:21:58> "Mass1488": so whos enoch?
    <22:22:01> "whiggerproblem": OK
    <22:22:26> "whiggerproblem": I don't get it?
    <22:22:36> "whiggerproblem": You want me to stop?
    <22:22:59> "whiggerproblem" stopped recording
    <22:23:12> "whiggerproblem" started recording
    <22:23:19> "whiggerproblem": i see, ok
    <22:24:14> "Frankenwhigger": Mass14/88 if you compare geneaologies of Luke 3:36-38 and Genesis4:16-19. They are Different Enochs. I Believe the Names are Misspelled.
    <22:24:41> "Mass1488": im interested in the one from cain?
    <22:24:47> "Watcher": this kind of discussion is why we need a forum of our own!! even an invitation only one would do
    <22:24:56> "Frankenwhigger": Cain's son Enoch should be spelled Enoc.
    <22:24:59> "Watcher": with a chat would be nice!
    <22:25:10> "INTJ": We have a chat here, Watcher.
    <22:25:15> "Frankenwhigger": Enoch was a common name like John and Joshua.
    <22:25:19> "Northwest": I need to run a quick errand. I'll be back in a few minutes.
    <22:25:25> "Northwest": Don't get raptured without me
    <22:25:27> "Watcher": true but we don't get together here too often INTJ
    <22:25:46> "Watcher": maybe a forum with more chats here scheduled!
    <22:25:56> "Watcher": doesn't necessarily have to be recording a show
    <22:26:25> "Frankenwhigger": Adam and Eve had 63 Children in all. 33 sons and 30 daughters according to the Books of Eden.
    <22:26:48> "Mass1488": is is cannaan from cain?
    <22:26:49> "INTJ": Watcher, my email is intjlogic@gmail.com. Summon me here if you want.
    <22:27:03> "Watcher": lol okay
    <22:27:08> "Mass1488": it says canaan is from ham?
    <22:27:50> "Guest 02": uh, but canaan came before israel.
    <22:27:52> "Frankenwhigger": Again 14/88, they are common names.
    <22:28:25> "Frankenwhigger": Caana, Cainan, Cain
    <22:28:52> "Watcher": you need a good genealogy tree Mass
    <22:29:00> "Mass1488": so ham saw and his fathers nakedness and it cursed cannaan? i dont get how that would work?
    <22:29:19> "Mass1488": and how did cain mix with canaan?
    <22:29:23> "Guest 02": I think, oh wait, that is a pagan song.... "Sumer".
    <22:30:02> "Frankenwhigger": Which was [the son] of Cainan, which was [the son] of Arphaxad, which was [the son] of Sem, which was [the son] of Noe, which was [the son] of Lamech, Which was [the son] of Mathusala, which was [the son] of Enoch, which was [the son] of Jared, which was [the son] of Maleleel, which was [the son] of Cainan,
    <22:30:17> "Frankenwhigger": Which was [the son] of Enos, which was [the son] of Seth, which was [the son] of Adam, which was [the son] of God.
    <22:30:26> "Mass1488": ahhhh
    <22:30:35> "Guest 02": Breaking away from Jehovahs Witnesses...damn. That is like trying to stop smacking up.
    <22:30:35> "Frankenwhigger": Read the Geneaology of Luke 3.
    <22:31:12> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible...k&c=3&t=KJV#37
    <22:31:33> "Guest 01": Bible Genealogy Chart. Just click on it to enlarge http://www.revelationsofthebible.com...FamilyTree.jpg
    <22:31:34> "Frankenwhigger": Compared to..................http://www.blueletterbible.org/Bible...n&c=4&t=KJV#18
    <22:32:31> "Frankenwhigger": Go to Blue Letter bible and do a search for the Name enoch and study.
    <22:34:03> "Guest 02": What are you listening to right now?
    <22:37:55> "Guest 02" disconnected (YHWH Bless. Goodnight, and until next time...)
    <22:38:29> "Guest 02" connected
    <22:40:11> "Watcher": well we all have our energy and interest dips!
    <22:40:36> "Guest 02": The board is back in the room!
    <22:40:41> "Mass1488": any news for my commander bill white?
    <22:40:51> "INTJ": Your commander?
    <22:40:54> "Frankenwhigger": Yeah, the Nimbusters all miss the "Turd"!!
    <22:41:00> "Mass1488": Bill white of course
    <22:41:08> "Mass1488": he is refered to as commander bill white
    <22:41:11> "INTJ": Bill White is your commander?
    <22:41:16> "Mass1488": Yes drill seargeant
    <22:41:22> "Frankenwhigger": Nimbusters Post a lot of Bill Weiss Stuff!
    <22:41:25> "Watcher": lol INTJ Mass is setting himself up for lots of enjoyable times ahead with Billy Weiss, Eric Gliebe, etc !
    <22:41:36> "Guest 02": I know Will Sargeant
    <22:41:37> "INTJ": So it seems.
    <22:41:55> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.counter-currents.com/2011.../#comment-6445
    <22:42:06> "Guest 02": sry, it's "Sergeant".
    <22:42:06> "Watcher": wonder if he has encountered Kevin Strom yet??
    <22:42:11> "Mass1488": Bill white is aweseome by the time he was 19 he had 22 arrests including
    <22:42:16> "Mass1488": ewww kevin strom
    <22:42:20> "Mass1488": that guys creeps me out
    <22:42:20> "Guest 02": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Sergeant
    <22:42:28> "Guest 02": i actually do know him.
    <22:42:41> "Watcher": lkkll
    <22:42:51> "Guest 02": but anyways....
    <22:42:57> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:44:33> "Northwest": aaaaaaaaaaaaannnd... Back.
    <22:44:48> "Guest 02": You proztelized quite a bit on VNNF from 2002-2004 lindstedt.
    <22:44:56> "Mass1488": Watcher I dont like Strom
    <22:45:03> "Mass1488": but Bill white is kickass
    <22:45:40> "Mass1488": bill white acomplished this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVFa0kwewLY
    <22:46:03> "Frankenwhigger": Jared Loughner's Theme Song!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY_I6...h_response_rev
    <22:46:12> "Northwest": Not this phone call routine again!
    <22:46:21> "Mass1488": i dont like jared
    <22:46:22> "Northwest": j/k, Pastor Britton is worth waiting for.
    <22:46:38> "Mass1488": Bill white always my commander!
    <22:46:41> "Watcher" connected
    <22:46:51> "Mass1488": Watcher bill white did this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVFa0kwewLY
    <22:46:51> "Watcher": lll
    <22:48:09> "Watcher": okay what did it accomplish?
    <22:48:14> "Mass1488": this riot
    <22:48:15> "Mass1488": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVFa0kwewLY
    <22:48:29> "Watcher": repeat, what did it accomplish
    <22:48:30> "Mass1488": i dont like marches and think they are kinda gay
    <22:49:01> "Frankenwhigger": It Proved the Point that Niggers Just Wanna Have Fun!!!
    <22:49:09> "Mass1488": it caused a catogory 5 chimpout
    <22:49:10> "Watcher": well you should be real carreful before you get involved with any of these people
    <22:49:21> "Mass1488": i know but bill white is bucket of fun!
    <22:49:36> "Mass1488": by the time he was 19 had 22 arrests
    <22:50:25> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY_I6...h_response_rev
    <22:50:28> "Watcher": I have had run ins with Billly Weiss in the past at VNNF, sorry I can't say anything good about him or his character. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him
    <22:50:40> "Guest 02": can anyone hear anything?
    <22:50:50> "Northwest": A little decent music while we wait: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lslii1-nnOs
    <22:51:10> "Mass1488": nice music
    <22:51:32> "Mass1488": Bill white started out as maoist and an anarchist
    <22:51:51> "Watcher": lol interesting choice NW
    <22:52:07> "Northwest": I like the music, not the politics.
    <22:52:22> "Watcher": speaking of commies I believe that is what Billy Weiss started out as
    <22:52:27> "Guest 02": here we go
    <22:52:32> "Mass1488": yes bill white did
    <22:52:42> "Watcher": yeah Russians are high on drama
    <22:52:55> "Mass1488": he should have brought those commie tactics over to the movement the left tends to use better tactics
    <22:53:06> "Mass1488": bill white is my commander!
    <22:53:10> "Mass1488": no maoist
    <22:53:15> "Guest 02": You hold your cards close to your chest Mass1488. Musashi would approve.
    <22:53:27> "Watcher": the new Burkes or Von Bluvie??
    <22:53:33> "Mass1488": Bill white started as an anarcho maoist at 13
    <22:53:47> "Mass1488": http://www.splcenter.org/get-informe...les/bill-white
    <22:53:50> "Guest 02": omg!
    <22:53:52> "Guest 02": LOL!
    <22:54:17> "Mass1488": bill white graduated high school the year i was born
    <22:55:38> "Guest 02": remember, take your vitamins!
    <22:55:51> "Mass1488": does bill white count as wigger?
    <22:56:10> "Mass1488": alpha transgenders!
    <22:56:28> "Frankenwhigger": Speaking of "Lords" Where's the TimeLord?
    <22:56:32> "Mass1488": we cant have alpha transgenders
    <22:56:55> "Guest 02": Sometime I'll tell you how Bill White was banned on VNNF in 2007.
    <22:57:06> "Mass1488": i wanna hear now
    <22:57:17> "Mass1488": how my commander was banned from that horrible forum
    <22:57:26> "Guest 02": that'd be "telling", now wouldn't it?
    <22:57:45> "Mass1488": well one of these days id like to here
    <22:57:48> "Mass1488": hear*
    <22:58:06> "Guest 02": here, here!
    <22:58:19> "Watcher": you can do a search on all of Weiss' ol posts and VNNF and read the great man's words for yourself!
    <22:58:28> "Guest 02": to quote that dude in the titanic movie.
    <22:58:39> "Mass1488": is his real name Weiss?
    <22:58:47> "Watcher": probably lol
    <22:59:18> "Watcher": I think he had a couple of names there Bill White and Commander something I think
    <22:59:37> "Guest 02": bill white is not of jewish descent. Bill White is insane.
    <22:59:51> "Mass1488": Bill white is an internet tough guy of real life
    <23:00:13> "Mass1488": he caused that riot in ohio
    <23:00:21> "Guest 02": Bill White is the epitome of self-contradiction. He's nuts.
    <23:00:30> "Mass1488": Commander!
    <23:01:04> "Watcher": brb
    <23:01:09> "Mass1488": my WNists friends call me a jew
    <23:01:12> "Guest 02": I feel sorry for his wife and child. This guy sunk his own boat and took them down with him. Like an idiot.
    <23:01:23> "Mass1488": for having an interest in CI
    <23:01:31> "Mass1488": and they call me a jew turk
    <23:01:34> "Northwest": afk for a bit
    <23:01:54> "Guest 02": code decoded...very well then.
    <23:02:11> "Guest 02": next..
    <23:02:34> "Mass1488": does bill whites family love him?
    <23:02:58> "Mass1488": wait bill white has kids and a wife?l
    <23:03:09> "Guest 02": look man, i only slandered you on blogs and the like. never ran any site that did so.
    <23:03:45> "Mass1488": me?1
    <23:03:53> "Mass1488": or does bill white do that?
    <23:03:54> "Guest 02": well, on you and your buddies and co-buddies blogs...
    <23:04:04> "Mass1488": whats that?
    <23:04:08> "Mass1488": which buddies?
    <23:04:22> "Guest 02": prothink, you know.
    <23:04:31> "Mass1488": link me
    <23:04:41> "Guest 02": dont act dumb
    <23:04:44> "Mass1488": lol
    <23:04:57> "Guest 02": Is this Kaplan?
    <23:05:03> "Mass1488": nope
    <23:05:10> "Guest 02":
    <23:05:20> "Guest 02": sry, thought it was somebody else.
    <23:05:32> "INTJ": I thought one of those children was Amalek.
    <23:05:34> "Mass1488": Commander bill white should attack lead the charge
    <23:05:54> "whiggerproblem": audio
    <23:06:01> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <23:06:01> "Mass1488": audio
    <23:06:08> Connection to server lost
    <23:06:09> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <23:06:09> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <23:06:10> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <23:06:10> Welcome.
    <23:06:15> "Guest 02": I mean shit, all we need is Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith to show up.
    <23:06:15> "PastorLindstedt" dropped (connection lost)
    <23:06:57> "Guest 02": You know Eric has a very nice Gelled Egg recipe.
    <23:08:32> "Guest 02": This is a bit old for the conspiracy but insane setters attacked Ognir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ7D_HXvMNk
    <23:08:36> "Mass1488": whose eric hufschmid
    <23:08:47> "Mass1488": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4mcv...eature=related another video of my commander in action
    <23:09:01> "INTJ": I guess you're not one of those people who think D&D is from the devil.
    <23:09:11> "Mass1488": I like D and D
    <23:09:13> "Guest 02": http://www.erichufschmid.net/
    <23:09:19> "Mass1488": im kinda a nerd
    <23:09:47> "Mass1488": LINDSTEDT, bill white got 22 arrests by the time he was 19 hes a hero
    <23:09:50> "Guest 02": he was buddys with this nutcase: http://www.iamthewitness.com/
    <23:09:54> "Mass1488": hes a great man
    <23:10:03> "Mass1488": he started a riot in toledo ohio
    <23:10:21> "Mass1488": my commander became a communist at 13
    <23:10:28> "Guest 02": Google "Darylgate tapes" for the fallout between them. Later Delaney decided he would pal up with Hufschmid.
    <23:11:00> "Mass1488": and he became a anarchist
    <23:11:03> "Mass1488": and a maoist
    <23:11:26> "Mass1488": but i think bill Whites marches are stupid and he should have used the tactics of the left
    <23:11:31> "Guest 02": DBS: http://www.iamthewitness.com/, was the one that attacked Ognir (runs this site:http://theinfounderground.com/) in that video.
    <23:11:47> "Mass1488": yea i like metzger
    <23:12:09> "Watcher": and just why does the arrest record impress you so much?
    <23:12:26> "Mass1488": he was a bad ass
    <23:12:42> "Guest 02": never met metzger. louis theroux, fucking bastard, beat me to the punch. But I will interview Lindstedt.
    <23:12:45> "Watcher": exactly what does that mean? Stupid?
    <23:13:12> "Mass1488": it means bill white was a bad ass as kid
    <23:13:13> "Guest 02": We need to talk
    <23:13:29> "Watcher": and what does that mean? what did that accomplish?
    <23:13:42> "Watcher": bessides getting him arrested
    <23:14:18> "Guest 02": you sorta have to multitask there pastor. you can't be centered on one thing. anyways...
    <23:14:51> "Mass1488": Bill white is a thug!
    <23:15:07> "Watcher": and you think that is a good thing?
    <23:15:21> "Frankenwhigger": I Need a Bigger Dick to be an Alpha Male!!
    <23:15:44> "Mass1488": I wish i could be half the man bill white was!
    <23:16:10> "Watcher": its not that hard to get arrested you know
    <23:16:32> "Mass1488": i can do it right now!
    <23:16:36> "Guest 02": Pastor, you got Red Wing Blackbirds down where you are?
    <23:16:46> "Watcher": there ya go!
    <23:16:47> "Guest 02": blackbirds
    <23:17:03> "Guest 02": we got them in nor cal
    <23:17:14> "Guest 02": yep in the tule's
    <23:17:26> "Guest 02": no, that is right
    <23:17:30> "Guest 02": yep yep
    <23:17:32> "Mass1488": So whats the news on bill white
    <23:17:40> "Mass1488": So whats the news on bill white?
    <23:17:46> "Frankenwhigger": I have to Check on the Critters!!! BRB!!!!
    <23:18:23> "Guest 02": alright daimyo franken. yokio yosho kame'.
    <23:18:36> "Watcher": ,llll
    <23:18:36> "Watcher": ,;lll
    <23:18:39> "Mass1488": what my commander should not undergo physchiatric help
    <23:19:04> "Mass1488": My commander already has pyhschological testing and they found out he scored hi for aggression
    <23:19:17> "Mass1488": according to the SPLC site
    <23:19:53> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <23:20:00> "Guest 02": pyhschological? You, um..a smokin dat der strong sherm 14....
    <23:20:11> "Mass1488": lol spelling error
    <23:20:30> "Mass1488": i hate my school
    <23:20:36> "Mass1488": fuck school
    <23:21:01> "Watcher" connected
    <23:21:08> "Mass1488": whose jim jiles didnt he interview harold covington?
    <23:22:37> "Guest 02": i remember this crazy film they showed my school. it was about the plague of PCP. This black chick, high on PCP, came out the the public apartment pool. Looked down on her dead (girl) friend at the bottom of the pool, postrate. She said: "Ooooo...girl! You sure can swim good!".
    <23:22:58> "Guest 02": I say that to every knew woman I "befriend".
    <23:23:11> "Guest 02": "Ooooo...girl! You sure can swim good!"
    <23:23:22> "Mass1488": lol guest 02
    <23:23:28> "Mass1488": when did you graduate school
    <23:23:32> "Mass1488": i graduate 2013
    <23:23:57> "Guest 02": dude...uh yeah..it was a long time ago.
    <23:24:14> "Mass1488": whats the mark of the beast?
    <23:24:24> "Guest 02": I'm not as old as PMLDL though.
    <23:24:47> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <23:24:48> "Mass1488": i have social security
    <23:24:50> "Mass1488": fuck
    <23:24:56> "Mass1488": am i like screwed
    <23:25:48> "Guest 02": you know, all the other shit aside. Some fuck being about to whine to the government and have sites shut down is shit.
    <23:25:48> "Mass1488": and whats the CI of mary being a virgin?
    <23:25:54> "Mass1488": and virgin birth
    <23:26:11> "Guest 02": it really is. no matter how much you may agree/disagree
    <23:26:13> "INTJ": The mark of the beast prevents you from buying or selling. Not having a social security number doesn't prevent that so it is not (presently) the mark.
    <23:26:44> "Watcher" connected
    <23:26:50> "Guest 02": that is why the chan network was created.
    <23:27:54> "Mass1488": who killed jesus? Israelites, romans, or edomites?
    <23:27:57> "Watcher": but the mark of the beast is in the forehead or hand
    <23:28:01> "Northwest": Romans helped.
    <23:28:05> "Guest 02": for whoever. anyone. no matter if we want to listen to wally george and shit our brains out while doing so...
    <23:28:08> "Northwest": Kikes started it
    <23:28:10> "Mass1488": where the romans japethites?
    <23:28:13> "whiggerproblem": Martin, I emailed you the part of the show with Northwest. Not the whole show. Let me know if you need more.
    <23:28:14> "Watcher": ie, you accept the beast system and are a part of it
    <23:28:50> "Guest 02": sadly we have to look at net-neutrality issues at the fringe...
    <23:29:34> "whiggerproblem": I'm going to keep recording, but I'm going to sleep. Good night
    <23:29:47> "Watcher": nite WP
    <23:29:48> "INTJ": Good night whiggerproblem.
    <23:29:53> "Mass1488": white power!
    <23:29:59> "Mass1488": sieg heil Whiggerproblem
    <23:30:24> "Guest 02": good night wp!
    <23:31:09> "Mass1488": it seems like in our movement there are like no young people that are CI
    <23:31:18> "Mass1488": all the young people convert to national socialism
    <23:31:40> "Frankenwhigger": Who will do the Jobs that Americans don't want to do?
    <23:31:50> "Guest 01" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:31:56> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <23:32:31> "Mass1488": i hate how our movement is all internet
    <23:32:42> "Mass1488": i have actaull printed literature
    <23:32:56> "Frankenwhigger": It's Virtual
    <23:33:05> "Frankenwhigger": Just Like Heaven
    <23:33:12> "Guest 02": Pastor, at your age, do you have a colonic attached to your shower?
    <23:33:15> "Guest 02": You should.
    <23:33:27> "Guest 02": Colon cancer is no joke.
    <23:33:52> "Frankenwhigger": Ingest Hemp Oil and be cancer Free!!
    <23:34:01> "Mass1488": lol
    <23:34:21> "Frankenwhigger": Google the "Ricky Simpson Story" @ Phoenix Tears!!
    <23:34:22> "Guest 02": no, young bro.
    <23:34:42> "Guest 02": i'll tell you what to take for that.
    <23:34:51> "Mass1488": whats the CI view of hitler
    <23:34:54> "Guest 02": but it ain't free.
    <23:35:01> "Mass1488": and national socialism
    <23:35:05> "Watcher" connected
    <23:35:28> "Guest 02" is now known as "Brian Wright"
    <23:35:32> "Brian Wright": wrong
    <23:36:05> "Mass1488": audio
    <23:36:09> "Brian Wright": you're a mamzer lindstedt!
    <23:36:49> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI
    <23:37:04> "Brian Wright": and you're little POS johnny tonto is welcome to come to my home anytime!
    <23:37:06> "Frankenwhigger": WilliamB Why you be Hatin?
    <23:37:23> "Brian Wright": what?
    <23:38:04> "Frankenwhigger": Your MAC address gave you away!!
    <23:38:04> "Brian Wright": you're fucking with my groove homie
    <23:38:22> "Frankenwhigger": I have a MAC Snatcher!!
    <23:38:27> "Mass1488" dropped (connection lost)
    <23:38:28> "Mass1488" connected
    <23:38:33> "Brian Wright": ok, ok...jeez
    <23:38:39> "Watcher": am I the only person who cant see any posts from guest 2??
    <23:39:17> "Frankenwhigger": The Nazi Era is Long past and will never be seen again.
    <23:39:33> "Brian Wright": dude, really..do i have to do all that MAC fakeout shit?
    <23:39:40> "Brian Wright": ugh
    <23:39:51> "Mass1488": massachusetts!
    <23:39:54> "Mass1488": lol
    <23:40:05> "Brian Wright": many good friends in Mass.
    <23:40:29> "Brian Wright": i dont like it in the winter though....
    <23:40:33> "Frankenwhigger": The Neo-Nazis of today, are Just that, Neo Nazis!!
    <23:41:01> "Mass1488": i like hitler
    <23:41:03> "Mass1488": great man
    <23:41:11> "Mass1488": by the way
    <23:41:13> "Frankenwhigger": NS Germany was a Phenomenom that was right for that place and time in History.
    <23:41:20> "Mass1488": that fashox guy wask kicked from the chat
    <23:41:25> "Mass1488": and he was dealt with
    <23:41:27> "Watcher": Hitler and Germany are just parts of the overall flow of history leading to Yahweh's intended outcome
    <23:41:34> "Mass1488": because they found him on some incest forum
    <23:41:36> "Brian Wright": methinks...i shall change again. Like it cares...
    <23:41:42> "Mass1488": and fashox was purged
    <23:41:43> "Brian Wright" is now known as "Se?or Zero"
    <23:41:45> "Mass1488": fashox is done
    <23:42:17> "Mass1488": my problem with fashox has been solved
    <23:42:24> "Frankenwhigger": WilliamB How long have you been a Nimbuster? Since the AH Board?
    <23:43:03> "Mass1488": night guys
    <23:43:05> "Mass1488": sieg heil
    <23:43:08> "Mass1488": good night
    <23:43:10> "Watcher": bye Mass
    <23:43:13> "Frankenwhigger": Later Brookline!!
    <23:43:20> "Mass1488": i hope my commander will one be free
    <23:43:34> "Mass1488": i cant imagine all the aweful things the niggers are doing to him
    <23:43:39> "Mass1488": to my commander!
    <23:43:40> "Se?or Zero": No...think Connor MacLeod
    <23:43:56> "Mass1488": i hope the aryan brotherhood is protecting him
    <23:44:08> "Mass1488": but Billl white will be able to survive
    <23:44:25> "Mass1488" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:44:28> "Frankenwhigger": The "Aryan Butterhood" is just a Bunch of Dope-Dealing Thieving Whiggers!!
    <23:44:40> "Watcher": and most of them are mongrels
    <23:44:41> "Frankenwhigger": with tattoos
    <23:45:00> "Se?or Zero": "Butterhood" - Dude, you are killing me!
    <23:45:22> "Frankenwhigger": Yeah, I Can't Believe it's Not Butter!!
    <23:45:26> "Watcher": can you say "drama queen"?
    <23:45:28> "Se?or Zero": lol~
    <23:46:29> "Frankenwhigger": Aryan Butterhood reminds me of Chubby Man Hideaway!!
    <23:46:38> "Se?or Zero": Your assertion that Glenn Miller is a mestizo is false btw.
    <23:46:42> "Frankenwhigger": Totally Burly Gay!!
    <23:47:04> "Frankenwhigger": Think Hell's Angels and Leather Chaps!!
    <23:47:07> "Se?or Zero": He is insane and had a son that tragically died out of an act of insanity.
    <23:47:14> "Frankenwhigger": Clayton Douglas!!
    <23:47:24> "Frankenwhigger": The CI Author that Hates CI!!
    <23:47:47> "Se?or Zero": you do know that glenn's son died in a nutcase rampage right?
    <23:48:15> "Se?or Zero": killed an old man I heard.
    <23:49:37> "Frankenwhigger": He Should have just gone to Chubbyman Hideaway!! http://chubbymanhideaway.blogspot.co...a4153096886031
    <23:50:02> "Se?or Zero": Like a fucktard out of the movie "Death Sentence" with Kevin Bacon.
    <23:50:33> "Se?or Zero": That "Death Sentence" is a good flick. Watch it.
    <23:50:46> "Frankenwhigger": I Liked Kevin Bacon in "Diner"!
    <23:50:53> "Se?or Zero": get Hulu
    <23:51:00> "Frankenwhigger": District 9 was Good!!
    <23:51:00> "Se?or Zero": its on the internet
    <23:51:14> "Frankenwhigger": Steal them from Pirate Bay!!
    <23:52:12> "Se?or Zero": Ooo...dis a here pussy good. CYA....I like.
    <23:52:18> "Frankenwhigger": Above Suspicion from the BBC is Good too.
    <23:53:09> "Frankenwhigger": I downloaded all three seasons of "Breaking Bad" from PB and have watched them three times!!
    <23:53:30> "Se?or Zero": thank you brother franken. appreciated.
    <23:53:39> "Northwest": Pastor, a netflix subscription is just a few dollars a month.
    <23:53:51> "Northwest": They have sleepers as well as District 9 on streaming.
    <23:53:57> "Northwest": I rather enjoyed Sleepers.
    <23:54:05> "Northwest": But not for the molestation part
    <23:54:22> "Se?or Zero": yep, me too. I saw D9 ages ago....
    <23:54:38> "Northwest": That's what I liked about sleepers too.
    <23:54:46> "Northwest": The way the kids got back at them.
    <23:55:16> "Se?or Zero": here you learn what can become of you...when you oppose.
    <23:55:21> "Se?or Zero": welcome.
    <23:55:38> "Northwest": A wise man once sang "ZOG will Fuck you up!"
    <23:55:55> "Se?or Zero": you would not be here otherwise.
    <23:56:50> "Frankenwhigger": Battle LA is a Good Action Flick!! but, it has the Hollyweird Party Line of Niggers, Mestizos and Women will save the world!!
    <23:57:14> "Se?or Zero": the direction of the arrow means nothing....
    <23:57:51> "Se?or Zero": it always has multiple deflections.
    <23:58:03> "Frankenwhigger": The "street Kings" Movies are good too! I Like Crime Drama and action Flicks!!
    <23:58:40> "Frankenwhigger": 16 Blocks is a Good Cop Flick!!
    <23:59:04> "Frankenwhigger": It has the Hollyweird Line of the Bad White Cop saves the Righteous Nigger!!
    <23:59:04> "Se?or Zero": Well you have some low-level compute units going into overtime with this feed pastor.
    <00:00:04> "Frankenwhigger": London Boulevard with Ray Winstone is another good Crime Flick!!
    <00:00:23> "Frankenwhigger": Steal them all from Pirate Bay!
    <00:00:25> "Se?or Zero": you need to bring the desert of your ineptitude up.
    <00:00:37> "Se?or Zero": I can help you with that.
    <00:01:23> "Frankenwhigger": Limitless is another fairly good sci-fi crime drama. With Robt. DeNiro!!
    <00:01:55> "Se?or Zero": You ate your fill, my-franken.
    <00:02:03> "Se?or Zero": very good
    <00:02:57> "Frankenwhigger": I download two or three Movies a day from Pirate Bay. Most are Brand New releases showing in the Theaters!
    <00:03:55> "Frankenwhigger": Use "Real Hide IP" to protect your IP address from getting DMCAQQ complaints. Download Hide IP from Pirate Bay!
    <00:03:56> "Se?or Zero": You want to know one of the best songs of all time?
    <00:04:18> "Frankenwhigger": Dancing Queen by ABBA
    <00:04:26> "Se?or Zero": LOL! no..
    <00:04:52> "Se?or Zero": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSR6ZzjDZ94
    <00:05:27> "Frankenwhigger": Boston?!?!?!?!? LOL!!!
    <00:05:34> "Se?or Zero":
    <00:05:50> "Frankenwhigger": Rebecca Black is HAWT!!
    <00:05:58> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <00:05:58> "Se?or Zero": What, I'm a heretic now?
    <00:06:05> Connection to server lost
    <00:06:06> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <00:06:06> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <00:06:07> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <00:06:07> Welcome.
    <00:08:01> "Se?or Zero": franken, you still there?
    <00:08:10> "Frankenwhigger": Yes!!
    <00:08:14> "Se?or Zero": ok
    <00:08:23> "Frankenwhigger": I Need a beer!
    <00:08:46> "INTJ": A tank fell on him?
    <00:09:15> "Se?or Zero": well, don't broadcast it. I use JET-A1 personally.
    <00:09:20> "INTJ": How does a tank fall on someone?
    <00:10:10> "Se?or Zero": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jet_fuel
    <00:10:21> "Se?or Zero": anyways
    <00:10:41> "Frankenwhigger": JET-A or JET-B
    <00:11:20> "Se?or Zero": of course the B brand is better. It is a strain that is not easily had.
    <00:11:31> "Frankenwhigger": Mix with H2O2 and you have Rocket Fuel!!
    <00:11:47> "Se?or Zero": correct
    <00:12:16> "Frankenwhigger": Hail Columbia and Good Night!!
    <00:12:26> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <00:12:36> "Se?or Zero": No! we were only beginning to touch on the Whigger Problem!
    <00:12:56> "Watcher": so basically Reo has just vanished other than his TS shows?
    <00:13:20> "Se?or Zero": good question watcher
    <00:14:11> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <00:14:19> "Se?or Zero": is this part of the the whole bill declue affair?
    <00:14:45> "INTJ": Please move forward with your lawsuit and put that creature in its place. I'm sick of hearing about Reo's antics.
    <00:15:02> "Se?or Zero": bill declue lives in a fantasy world.
    <00:15:03> "Watcher" connected
    <00:15:49> "Northwest": Taxes are done.
    <00:15:53> "Northwest": No bad news this time.
    <00:15:57> "Northwest": Yay!
    <00:16:11> "Watcher": congratulations
    <00:16:13> "Se?or Zero": now we are regurgitating shit i posted over an hour ago
    <00:16:26> "Northwest": I've been messing with them this whole show.
    <00:16:41> "Watcher": nightmare
    <00:16:41> "Northwest": My stupid printer didn't want to cooperate. I was starting to sweat.
    <00:16:55> "Watcher": lll
    <00:17:06> "Se?or Zero": you kow, NW, you actually had awesome show input tonight!
    <00:17:14> "INTJ": How much longer will it be before you file?
    <00:17:16> "Se?or Zero": now...
    <00:17:30> "Northwest": ty, Zero
    <00:17:45> "Se?or Zero": The pleasure is all mine NW.
    <00:17:57> "INTJ": Thank you for your contribution, Northwest.
    <00:18:04> "INTJ": I found it valuable.
    <00:18:05> "Northwest": Now that my nonsense is done, I'm going to sign off. Thanks, all, and good night.
    <00:18:08> "Northwest" disconnected (leaving)
    <00:18:22> "Se?or Zero": wait, he is going to call britton!
    <00:18:35> "INTJ": He is?
    <00:18:39> "Se?or Zero": yeah
    <00:19:12> "Watcher": good nite all
    <00:19:13> "Se?or Zero": what?
    <00:19:18> "Se?or Zero": weak!
    <00:19:21> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <00:19:33> "Se?or Zero": that is weak
    <00:19:38> "Se?or Zero" disconnected (YHWH Bless. Goodnight, and until next time...)
    <00:21:41> "INTJ" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:06:01> Connection to server lost
    <01:06:02> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <01:06:03> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <01:06:03> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <01:06:03> Welcome.
    <01:06:24> "PastorLindstedt1" dropped (connection lost)
    <02:37:16> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <02:37:46> "Frankenwhigger": WOW still going?
    <02:37:59> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)

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    Default TMT #66.5 Chat 21Apr11

    TMT #66.5 21Apr11


    <19:55:23> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <19:55:23> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <19:55:26> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <19:55:26> Welcome.
    <19:55:49> You are now known as "PastorLindstedt"
    <19:56:34> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <19:56:52> "Frankenwhigger": Hello Martin!!!!
    <19:57:04> "PastorLindstedt": Hey.
    <19:57:24> "Frankenwhigger": and tonight's topic is????????????????????????????
    <19:57:36> "PastorLindstedt": bill white.
    <19:57:40> "Frankenwhigger": Where's Reo????????????????///
    <19:58:33> "Frankenwhigger": Blew the Whistle on Finck?!?!??!!
    <19:59:03> "PastorLindstedt": somebody did.
    <19:59:17> "Frankenwhigger": Sounds Like some good news!!
    <20:02:43> "PastorLindstedt": Well, Russ is too tired.
    <20:03:04> "Frankenwhigger": What's the story on Finck?
    <20:03:21> "Frankenwhigger": Is it true he really is a Brazilian She-Male?
    <20:03:47> "PastorLindstedt": Don't know who this guy is, but he found out the real story on Finckelstein.
    <20:03:52> "PastorLindstedt": http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/index.php
    <20:06:20> "PastorLindstedt": Looking at NimBusters
    <20:08:28> "whiggerproblem" connected
    <20:09:05> "Frankenwhigger": Hey Whigger Check this out!!!! http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/index.php
    <20:10:22> "whiggerproblem": ok, thanks franken
    <20:12:48> "whiggerproblem": yes
    <20:12:57> "Frankenwhigger": Excellent audio!!
    <20:12:58> "Watcher" connected
    <20:13:08> "Watcher": hey
    <20:13:25> "Watcher": why now?
    <20:13:32> "whiggerproblem" started recording
    <20:13:52> "whiggerproblem": Nice article Franken. thanks
    <20:13:54> "Watcher": I haven't been following any give us details!
    <20:14:29> "Watcher": over this divorce?
    <20:17:22> "whiggerproblem": Rip Van Winkle
    <20:19:02> "whiggerproblem": A lot of work!
    <20:19:05> "Davros" connected
    <20:19:14> "Frankenwhigger": http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/index.php
    <20:23:34> "Watcher": Fink's post at his forum on whineydave:
    Re: Public Announcement: daveUK is a whining little sissy
    by wmfinck ? Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:20 am

    After all of this I let daveUK back on the board, and he pulls the same old girly-tactics all over again. He even made a blog under another alias at http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/ so that he could slander me again. Well, I should have known better, the leopard cannot change his spots, and daveUK has proven himself once more to be a whining little bitch.
    <20:23:50> "Watcher": http://forum.christogenea.org/viewto...3&p=6801#p6801
    <20:31:21> "Watcher": I still think WhineyDave and Obie COULD be the same person
    <20:32:29> "Watcher": He may be in for a while since he has a record of DUIs apparently
    <20:33:04> "Watcher": another comment on the subject at the forum:
    <20:33:55> "Watcher": Re: Eli's Double-mindedness
    by AirNSwordz ? Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:23 am

    I would like to point out a few things that my “googling [has] thrown up” too. DaveUK’s post with his link leads to Andy Renarche' Blog which attacks Bill for deliberate murder. Then a search for Andy Renarche (not a common name) leads you to a post titled “Is White Nationalism a Jew PSYOP Run by Faggots, Wimps, and Fake Patriots?” By Simon Gibson, Published: January 17, 2010 (found here:

    <20:34:36> "Watcher": http://www.firstlightforum.com/?p=3153).
    This is where Andy Renarch makes the following comment on that post “Andy Renarch, Posted March 15, 2011 at 4:55 pm | Unquestionably CI has more than its share of fruits nuts and infiltrators, but that does not mean to say everyone involved should be tarred with the same brush. There are a good many fine upstanding and dedicated Christian souls in CI. Sadly they are made to look utter fools by the likes of the unrepentant murderer and fake pastor and FBI stooge William Finck. This is what he conceals from his followers, but not for much longer….” He then goes on to post those articles DaveUK links to.

    <20:34:53> "Watcher": As you can see on March 15, 2011 this Andy made the statement that he was soon going to expose Bill for concealing the fact that he is a murdering, fake and an FBI stooge. Well here we are just a few days after that claim and this DaveUK pops his head up to post this link to Andy Renarche’ slanderous blog. So could this Andy Renarche and DaveUK be one in the same by chance? So who is the fake in this scenario? Who appears to be more of the possible FBI stooge at this point? And I won’t even get into what this Andy Renarche’ email address adrenarch@aim.com means. One only has to do a search for Adrenarche to see how perverted and sick this guy or girl is.

    <20:35:12> "Watcher": And for those who question Bill’s openness about his past. Bill has openly stated in his podcasts that he was involved in law enforcement, a correction supervisor to be exact, when the ordeal that landed him in jail transpired. In Bill’s interview on Patriot Dames which he highly promotes on his Christogenea site he states and I quote “I caught a civil rights case. A few of my guys screwed up, something bad happened and I had a bad night in work and went to prison for twelve years”. Here is the audio clip from that interview:


    <20:35:43> "Watcher": last post: http://forum.christogenea.org/viewto...9&p=6802#p6802
    <20:36:52> "Davros" disconnected (leaving)
    <20:37:10> "Test" connected
    <20:37:11> "Watcher": just because they argued at the forum doesn't mean much, he could fake that
    <20:38:28> "Watcher": Haha Whineydave whines about being banned at Pissers: http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/f...by-Finck-Again...

    <20:39:45> "Frankenwhigger": Matt Ott is RAWKER!!!!! If his father is a COP or CIA Man, it apparently does not do him any good!!
    <20:40:44> "Test" is now known as "Muted"
    <20:41:03> "Frankenwhigger": When will it ever be safe to go back into the CI Pool???
    <20:41:19> "Frankenwhigger": We Need a Reo update!!
    <20:43:06> "Frankenwhigger": All Nazis are GHEY!!
    <20:43:33> "Frankenwhigger": Hello Bryan!
    <20:43:49> "Frankenwhigger": enjoying the Show?
    <20:45:11> Connection to server lost
    <20:45:47> "Frankenwhigger": I have no Doubt that Bill White is another phony!
    <20:46:09> "Watcher": where did you get the link to this First Light Forum?
    <20:46:11> "Frankenwhigger": I Love No Doubt!! Don't Speak was a great song!!
    <20:46:24> "Frankenwhigger": GwenStefani is a Babe!
    <20:49:32> "Muted" disconnected (leaving)
    <20:50:00> "Watcher": and any word from anybody on what happened to Victor Switzer?
    <20:50:25> "Watcher": Haha Whineydave whines about being banned at Pissers: http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/f...by-Finck-Again...
    <20:50:31> "Frankenwhigger": Victor is No More!!!
    <20:50:57> "Frankenwhigger": Same as Maui Patricia, he is gone!
    <20:51:15> "Watcher": yeah but what happened? why'd he leave? No not the same reason he was a big Fink supporter
    <20:51:34> "Frankenwhigger": Finck , for some unknown reson, banned one of his best supporters, Maui Patricia!
    <20:52:18> "Frankenwhigger": Who Knows what craziness goes on in Finck's Mind?!?!??!
    <20:52:26> "Watcher": No unknown reason, she called him crazy and thought he was being too mean to Eli and she went with Eli James
    <20:52:48> "Frankenwhigger": He wrestles with many Demons!
    <20:53:02> "Watcher": so much for her genuineness with CI - like the rest
    <20:53:37> "Frankenwhigger": Maui Patricia said, "He was Crazy, because he Vit.D deficient
    <20:53:46> "Watcher": yeah Fink does have sneaky and not-upfront habits
    <20:54:21> "Frankenwhigger": Maui Patricia is genuine in her dedication to CI.
    <20:54:50> "Watcher": she continues to carry way too much judeo baggage
    <20:54:57> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:56:39> "Frankenwhigger": Maui Patricia is right, Finck suffers from seasonal depression, ala Vitamin D deficiency!
    <20:57:00> "Frankenwhigger": A Depressed Criminal!!
    <20:57:39> "Watcher" connected
    <20:57:50> "Frankenwhigger": Maui Patricia is right, Finck suffers from seasonal depression, ala Vitamin D deficiency!
    <20:57:58> "Frankenwhigger": A Depressed Criminal!!
    <20:58:07> "Watcher": the whole group of them are not CI
    <20:58:35> "Northwest" connected
    <20:58:46> "Frankenwhigger": Hello NW!!!
    <20:58:52> "Northwest": Evening, all.
    <20:58:55> "Frankenwhigger": Where's Brookline?
    <20:59:06> "Watcher": Hi NW
    <21:00:44> "Northwest": Wait, what? Weltner's gay?
    <21:00:59> "Northwest": I admit I didn't follow his stuff that much, I think I would have noticed something like that.
    <21:01:23> "Frankenwhigger": I Like Frank Weltner!! He Looks Like Santa Claus!!
    <21:01:24> "Northwest": Also, my new holster arrived. I can now carry under a dress shirt no problem.
    <21:01:33> "Northwest": It was worth the money.
    <21:01:37> "Frankenwhigger": What kind of Holster?
    <21:01:39> "Watcher": Yeah I logged into his old website one day and he must have been changing stuff around on it, when I got there I saw these photos of him and a much younger man that looked not quite right. I believe it
    <21:01:53> "Frankenwhigger": What do you carry?
    <21:02:02> "Northwest": I carry a Ruger SR(c
    <21:02:06> "Northwest": SR9c*
    <21:02:16> "Frankenwhigger": I carry a Star BM
    <21:02:32> "Frankenwhigger": I have had My CCW for 11 years!
    <21:02:48> "Frankenwhigger": Before that I carried, regardless.
    <21:02:49> "Northwest": I got mine on Saturday. Though, you all knew that.
    <21:02:56> "Northwest": Yeah, I thought about carrying anyway.
    <21:03:37> "Frankenwhigger": What kind of Holster did you get? IWB Bianchi or ?
    <21:03:49> "Northwest": I love how the wikipedia article on Weltner starts right in on denying the Jews and their Communism killed people.
    <21:04:01> "Northwest": I got the "Trump Card" model from pistolwear.com
    <21:04:09> "Northwest": Wait... did I? Let me double check that...
    <21:04:22> "Northwest": Yep, that's right.
    <21:04:54> "Frankenwhigger": I used to carry a Colt Python 4" in a shoulder holster, but I wore out the Shoulder Holster!!
    <21:05:06> "Northwest": http://pistolwear.com/corp.htm
    <21:06:08> Connection to server lost
    <21:06:10> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <21:06:11> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <21:06:11> Welcome.
    <21:06:16> "PastorLindstedt" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:07:00> "TheRealWilliamB" connected
    <21:07:07> "Northwest": What's funny about all of this nonsense is that before I was a Nationalist, I was under the impression EVERYONE in the WNM was gay.
    <21:07:14> "Northwest": And I thought it was pro-gay, too.
    <21:09:58> "Frankenwhigger": I am going to make a cake. I will check in!!!
    <21:10:19> "Northwest": The cake is a lie.
    <21:11:19> "Frankenwhigger": No it's Duncan Hines Double Fudge!!! Albertsons had them on sale for .88/piece!!!
    <21:11:47> "Northwest": Then I retract my computer-game based accusation.
    <21:11:58> "Northwest": Computer game-based?
    <21:12:09> "Northwest": I was always bad at grammar...
    <21:12:52> "Northwest": Other wikipedia pages: "The myths that Jews killed Christ..."
    <21:13:07> "Northwest": SERIOUSLY? Even when I was a Zionist, I was forced to admit they were largely responsible!
    <21:13:19> "Watcher": hah, yeah, just ask the popeeee
    <21:17:00> "Northwest": Yeah, I was fed that crap.
    <21:19:45> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: unmute me!
    <21:20:44> insufficient permission modify power
    <21:21:06> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: it wont even let me type in the chat
    <21:21:16> "Watcher": change his server group from guest to normal
    <21:21:19> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: ok, thanks
    <21:21:48> "Watcher": right click on his name and choose change server group
    <21:21:55> Channel group "Listeners (531)" was assigned to "TheRealWilliamB" by "PastorLindstedt1".
    <21:22:16> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: yes
    <21:22:31> "Watcher": can you change him to "Normal"
    <21:22:50> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: i gotta go dig up my headset in the other room. I dont have one on this laptop
    <21:23:01> "Watcher": Server should be "Normal"
    <21:23:09> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: ok, will do
    <21:23:42> "Watcher": SET SERVER then choose NORMAL
    <21:23:47> "Northwest": When I called in, it was INTJ that messed with my permissions.
    <21:23:55> "Northwest": Ah - looks like you got it.
    <21:25:03> "TheRealWilliamB": hello
    <21:26:08> "Watcher": hi TRWB
    <21:26:22> "PastorLindstedt1": http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/f...by-Finck-Again...
    <21:26:45> "TheRealWilliamB": i was getting this "insufficient client permissions (failed on b_client_channel_textmessage_send) error.
    <21:27:03> "PastorLindstedt1": http://www.thechristianidentityforum...ve-dissonance/
    <21:27:03> "Frankenwhigger": Hello WilliamB!!
    <21:27:11> "TheRealWilliamB": hello franken
    <21:27:14> "Frankenwhigger": Was that you on Nimbusters last night?
    <21:27:21> "TheRealWilliamB": when?
    <21:27:31> "Frankenwhigger": Late Last Night?
    <21:27:45> "Frankenwhigger": around 3:00AM ??
    <21:28:50> "TheRealWilliamB": no probably not. My systems were comepletely down the past 24 hours. Some fucks put Stuxnet on one of my systems and I had to shut off the router and nics in all the systems and do a regression cleanse (which took 8 hours).
    <21:29:20> "Watcher": you know some crappy people
    <21:29:35> "TheRealWilliamB": it could have came from anywhere
    <21:30:02> "Watcher": you know that blog was set up by whineydave
    <21:30:22> "TheRealWilliamB": it was a modified stuxnet. they were stupid to think I would not detect it.
    <21:30:28> "Watcher": link to what you are reading plz?
    <21:31:44> "Frankenwhigger": Even if the blog was set up by "Whiney Dave", is what he says true or Not?!?!?!?
    <21:32:07> "Frankenwhigger": http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/index.php
    <21:32:21> "Watcher": my point is that whineydave is frequently everywhere under differing names and is every bit as suspect as the rest of them
    <21:32:40> "Watcher": nvm I got it
    <21:32:52> "TheRealWilliamB": what happened to Reo? That bastard fell off the map except for Sundays.
    <21:33:32> "TheRealWilliamB": Maybe DaveUK will call in....
    <21:33:34> "Frankenwhigger": Reo got Bitch-Slapped by Pastor Britton!! He was told to STFU or be sued!!
    <21:33:36> "Watcher": there isn't a so called CI group over the last number of years that whineydave has not been in the middle of
    <21:33:43> "Watcher": except maybe Gullet
    <21:34:29> "TheRealWilliamB": BTW, Northwest. I heard the show last week. Excellent talk about the Tribulation vs. The Rapture. I hope that show will be posted soon.
    <21:34:53> "Watcher": I don't think whiney dave has made any inroads with any AN groups
    <21:35:26> "Watcher": unless you want to call Pisser AN
    <21:35:45> "Watcher": I think Pisser is in jail
    <21:37:46> "Northwest": TY, William.
    <21:38:30> "Northwest": I wonder if Reo's almost-disappearance is due to someone cutting him off and his having to get a job?
    <21:38:37> "Northwest": It's not hard to imagine.
    <21:41:37> "TheRealWilliamB": and that is exactly what finck is
    <21:42:13> "TheRealWilliamB": the guy stunk to all high heaven way back with the famous delaney interview
    <21:42:56> "Watcher": his friends are suspect and he has the same wide open door policy that eli kutz has
    <21:43:20> "Watcher": nobody who is legitimately CI has a wide open sheepfold policy
    <21:44:19> "Watcher": fink does have temper problems
    <21:45:09> "whiggerproblem": that sounds like Finck
    <21:45:41> "TheRealWilliamB": he has piglice syndrome
    <21:45:45> "Frankenwhigger": This is so sad!! Yahweh tells us to be kind to the animals!
    <21:46:37> "Frankenwhigger": You Know, this wasn't the "one and only" time or an Isolated incident!
    <21:46:47> "TheRealWilliamB": yep
    <21:47:06> "Frankenwhigger": I wonder how many drunk white men suffered the wrath of Finck?
    <21:47:37> "TheRealWilliamB": probably quite a few various people did
    <21:47:40> "whiggerproblem": Jews can't handle power
    <21:49:57> "TheRealWilliamB": you posting the shows somewhere wp?
    <21:50:28> "TheRealWilliamB": Scott David Speidel
    <21:50:29> "Frankenwhigger": Everything you say can and will be used against you!!
    <21:50:59> "whiggerproblem": no, I will if Martin says it's okay, and you tell me where
    <21:51:01> "TheRealWilliamB": VNNF's "SmokyMtn" = Randolph Dilloway
    <21:52:17> "Northwest": Not to spill the beans or anything, but we know there's a leak, so I'll point something out. In the next chapter of Covington's new book, there a large, stupid nigger named Hadding Scott who works for Pres. Hunter Wallace.
    <21:52:21> "Northwest": Funny as all hell.
    <21:52:26> "Watcher": notice they are now attacking WNists ...
    <21:52:40> "Northwest": I also recall warning Covington about this crowd.
    <21:54:28> "whiggerproblem": Isn't that Pres Cunthair Wallace?
    <21:54:34> "Guest 01" connected
    <21:58:17> "Watcher": lolol
    <21:58:28> "PastorLindstedt1": http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/f...Movement/page7
    <21:58:45> "whiggerproblem": http://live.drjays.com/index.php/201...ty-for-hitler/
    <21:58:54> "Northwest": The latest chapter hit the proofreader's inboxes a couple days ago and I really got a kick out of it.
    <21:59:08> "Northwest": Lots of Pres. Wallace talking about his time as a dissonance blogger and whatnot.
    <21:59:24> "TheRealWilliamB": mamzers worshipping hitler....<slaps forehead>.
    <21:59:37> "Watcher": adolf would be so proud
    <21:59:45> "Northwest": Yeah, the first part is done and it's been out as well. There are five chapters so far for part two.
    <21:59:54> "TheRealWilliamB": lol
    <21:59:55> "Northwest": Yes, one dozen years after Longview.
    <22:01:02> "TheRealWilliamB": i found my damn head set and this talkshoe says that it is outputing to the headset, but it is still outputting to the main speakers.
    <22:01:25> "TheRealWilliamB": dont hear crap on the headset
    <22:01:48> "Northwest": talkshoe? You mean teamspeak?
    <22:02:04> "Northwest": I've noticed Teamspeak takes a little "convincing"
    <22:02:04> "TheRealWilliamB": sry, yeah.
    <22:02:15> "Northwest": Settings -> Options
    <22:02:27> "Northwest": Select Playback
    <22:02:34> "TheRealWilliamB": yeah, i went through all that.
    <22:02:35> "Northwest": Pick our output device and apply
    <22:02:38> "Northwest": *your
    <22:02:42> "Northwest": Hmm...
    <22:03:01> "Northwest": Is the headset plugged in to your computer, or is it a Bluetooth device of some sort?
    <22:03:05> "TheRealWilliamB": no, that worked.
    <22:03:14> "Northwest": Nice. All better?
    <22:03:42> "TheRealWilliamB": I had to click another sound source, accept, then go back and accept the wireless headphones. works now.
    <22:03:49> "Northwest": Good
    <22:05:12> "TheRealWilliamB": how do you engage talking?
    <22:06:06> "Northwest": William, I see you as muted right now.
    <22:06:07> "Frankenwhigger": Martin , to the BaTPHONE!!
    <22:06:31> "Watcher": click the mic mute button on the top row
    <22:06:43> "TheRealWilliamB": ok
    <22:06:48> "Northwest": Otherwise, Settings -> Options and then select Capture. Fiddle with settings.
    <22:06:59> "Northwest": Test Voice if you need to.
    <22:07:15> "TheRealWilliamB": i unclicked it...no dice
    <22:07:16> "Watcher": you need to set up auto or push to talk
    <22:07:20> "Northwest": First, make sure the OS can hear you. You might have to goof with settings in the control panel.
    <22:07:36> insufficient permission modify power
    <22:07:45> "Watcher": push to talk iw the best option
    <22:07:55> insufficient permission modify power
    <22:08:02> "Northwest": Push to talk if you have a lot of background noise or breath heavily.
    <22:08:04> "Watcher": then do the "test voice" thing to set your level
    <22:08:18> "Northwest": The Bluetooth headset I have lets me move the Mike into a position where it's hardware muted.
    <22:08:25> "Northwest": So I like voice activation.
    <22:08:36> "TheRealWilliamB": i'm trying
    <22:08:45> "TheRealWilliamB": nobody can hear me;
    <22:08:52> "whiggerproblem": Racist Christian publisher calls Obongo an Ape - http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazin..._republica.php
    <22:08:56> "Watcher": the blue button next to your name will light up when you are talking and darken when you aren't
    <22:09:05> "Northwest": William B - have you confirmed that the OS can hear you?
    <22:09:13> "TheRealWilliamB": yep it is dark blue
    <22:09:29> "Northwest": Teamspeak won't pick up on you if the mike isn't configured right with the OS.
    <22:09:29> "TheRealWilliamB": it doesnt change color when I talk
    <22:09:58> "Northwest": William - either Teamspeak has trouble with settings somewhere or the mike isn't working with the OS.
    <22:10:27> "Northwest": Contol Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Recording
    <22:10:56> "Northwest": Make sure the OS thinks you're using the right device and then mess around with configuration. Then come back and goof with Teamspeak.
    <22:11:13> "TheRealWilliamB": the headset mic is already set as the default.
    <22:11:19> "TheRealWilliamB": in the control panel.
    <22:11:25> "TheRealWilliamB": this is win7 x64
    <22:11:33> "Northwest": Good - we're using the same OS then.
    <22:11:46> "Northwest": Tried configuring it?
    <22:12:10> "TheRealWilliamB": maybe i have to do the same thing i did with the audio in teamspeak....let me try.
    <22:12:18> "Northwest": Yes, you do.
    <22:12:27> "Northwest": TS doesn't accept the OS settings by default.
    <22:12:53> "TheRealWilliamB": not surprised
    <22:13:13> "Northwest": It can be a bit of a pain at times, true.
    <22:13:21> "whiggerproblem": yes
    <22:13:21> "Guest 01": yes
    <22:13:21> "Northwest": VERY GOOD
    <22:13:24> "Northwest": You're on.
    <22:14:13> "TheRealWilliamB": same with the speakers on a wireless headset.
    <22:14:18> "Northwest": Yep.
    <22:14:19> "whiggerproblem": He'll be back after washing some clothes or something....LOL
    <22:14:27> "TheRealWilliamB":
    <22:14:31> "Northwest": I had to fight that a few times before I figured it out.
    <22:15:20> "TheRealWilliamB": it's a teamspeak thing it looks like. when using a wireless headset you have to change to some other device for the mic and speakers and then back to the headset before it works.
    <22:20:40> "Frankenwhigger": I am still here!!
    <22:21:26> "TheRealWilliamB": hopefully PMLDL is coming back...
    <22:21:46> "TheRealWilliamB": I'm doing my bills in the meantime.
    <22:22:30> "Northwest": The entire night I "called in," I was finishing taxes.
    <22:22:34> "Northwest": So yeah, that happens.
    <22:23:57> "TheRealWilliamB": i got a tax man that does it for me. i hate wasting time on it.
    <22:24:19> "TheRealWilliamB": i got it done almost 2 months ago.
    <22:24:45> "TheRealWilliamB": having to buy new turbo tax sw every darn year. it's bs.
    <22:25:35> "TheRealWilliamB": what i want to know is why there isn't an OpenOffice version of TurboTax every year?
    <22:25:44> "Watcher": ''
    <22:26:00> "TheRealWilliamB": But Oracle recently killed OO so that isn't going to happen....
    <22:26:14> "Watcher": why does John always call when the show is on?
    <22:26:16> "Northwest": Acutally, Oracle is giving OO back to the communioty
    <22:26:19> "Northwest": *community
    <22:27:00> "TheRealWilliamB": I thought they dropped it and any support. So there is no guarantee to where it will go.
    <22:28:00> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <22:28:02> "TheRealWilliamB": What is needed is an open source turbo tax....
    <22:28:29> "TheRealWilliamB": just trying to promote "vision".
    <22:28:30> "Northwest": Yeah, but who is going to put the time in to do that, make sure it's right, and then put it out there open?
    <22:28:53> "TheRealWilliamB": they put in time to do OO, which is a much larger task!
    <22:28:53> "Northwest": I know there are ways to make money off of it still, but they're mainly all support-related.
    <22:29:21> "Watcher" connected
    <22:29:29> "Northwest": Well, OO might be big, but office applications are a closed problem. Tax "logic" is a lot more messed up than that.
    <22:29:49> "Northwest": In order to even get it to ship, they'd have to waive all claims of accuracy and no one would use it.
    <22:30:05> "Northwest": They'd go right back to paying for the stuff that guarantees reliable returns.
    <22:30:14> "TheRealWilliamB": Someone might even be able to derive funds from endowments (think NPR) to get it done. Whatever it takes right?
    <22:30:36> "Northwest": Well, endowments, perhaps, but you'd have to convince somone to put the cash up for it.
    <22:30:57> "Northwest": It's easily possible (cash being the only blocker).
    <22:31:25> "TheRealWilliamB": well, really, there are a shitload of rich people that could benefit from that. So I don't think that is an issue.
    <22:32:03> "Northwest": Those rich people who would benefit from it would just as easily pay someone to do their taxes for them.
    <22:32:16> "TheRealWilliamB": Think how much wealthy people pay these tax lawyers and their ilk to save them money.
    <22:32:22> "Northwest": That, and the laws would change each year, so it would be a massive upkeep cost.
    <22:32:38> "TheRealWilliamB": it doesn't change by much though
    <22:32:48> "TheRealWilliamB": its a minor diff
    <22:33:02> "Northwest": Hmm... yeah, but then the rich people would want ROI, so they'd charge for the software.
    <22:36:56> "Northwest": Is the child named Bryan Reo?
    <22:37:02> "Northwest": Oh, he's 4 nevermind...
    <22:37:41> "TheRealWilliamB": yeah, i hear you. we can chat l8r.
    <22:37:52> "TheRealWilliamB": you coming on the show?
    <22:38:06> "Northwest": Nah, I really need to go to bed. It's past 10 for me.
    <22:38:16> "Northwest": More software to program tomorrow, sadly.
    <22:38:19> "TheRealWilliamB": too bad. maybe next time.....
    <22:38:25> "Northwest": Perhaps.
    <22:40:18> "Frankenwhigger": I wish I had a 7" Whigger Dick!!
    <22:40:30> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <22:43:41> "Northwest": Alright, I really ought to go to bed. Good night, all.
    <22:43:43> "Northwest" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:44:17> "whiggerproblem": Great, so Britton has a Jew grandson!
    <22:47:44> "TheRealWilliamB": no
    <22:49:21> "whiggerproblem": Luna is a marrano name according to Martin
    <22:49:39> "Frankenwhigger": Luna is a Moon!!!
    <22:50:25> "whiggerproblem": They should send him there. He sounds like a winner
    <22:50:47> "TheRealWilliamB": could be latin. that is the origin of that name.
    <22:50:58> "TheRealWilliamB": that is roman shit dude.
    <22:52:00> "TheRealWilliamB": maybe you should not be discussing this in this detail....
    <22:52:07> "Frankenwhigger": It's almost Time for me to check on the critters!! BRB!!! Take Notes for me. Plz!
    <22:52:54> "Frankenwhigger": He's not a Lawyer, but he stayed at a Hovel last night!!
    <22:54:40> "TheRealWilliamB": you know our system is fucked in the brain when they are snarfing here.
    <22:54:47> "whiggerproblem": But LHO is famous!! LOL
    <22:55:21> "whiggerproblem": NZ?
    <22:55:44> "whiggerproblem": it's whigger friendly
    <22:56:02> "TheRealWilliamB": Tacoma is a mini Oakland
    <22:56:10> "TheRealWilliamB": not that mini
    <22:56:37> "TheRealWilliamB": so welcome to the bullshit of covington
    <22:56:42> "whiggerproblem": Seattle is bad too, I think
    <22:57:22> "TheRealWilliamB": seattle, will in some places..it is basically like a (not too mini) San Fran.
    <22:57:33> "TheRealWilliamB": er, well
    <22:57:38> "whiggerproblem": best interests of the child
    <22:57:59> "whiggerproblem": get Luna on that
    <22:58:11> "TheRealWilliamB": I'm basically Ed McMahon. Sweet!
    <22:58:33> "whiggerproblem": you're not laughing enough
    <22:59:09> "TheRealWilliamB": wha, huh? I
    <22:59:14> "TheRealWilliamB": what?'
    <22:59:23> "TheRealWilliamB": you want me to tap dance?
    <22:59:39> "whiggerproblem": Ed McMahon...forget it
    <23:02:03> "TheRealWilliamB": and no, I am not in anyway associated with the idiot "Hadding".
    <23:02:35> "whiggerproblem": The Mormons are a mafia
    <23:02:36> "TheRealWilliamB": Speidel or what the fuck ever.
    <23:03:40> "whiggerproblem": The whole NW has bad weather
    <23:05:49> "TheRealWilliamB": cutting out...
    <23:05:58> Connection to server lost
    <23:06:54> "whiggerproblem": Jew lackey
    <23:07:03> "Frankenwhigger": Murrow was a Commi9e and ajew!
    <23:07:05> "whiggerproblem": Murrow
    <23:07:13> "whiggerproblem": He was a Jew?
    <23:07:14> "TheRealWilliamB": that is bs
    <23:07:22> "TheRealWilliamB": guys
    <23:07:25> "TheRealWilliamB": come on
    <23:07:39> "Frankenwhigger": Him and Walter Winchell , Jews!!
    <23:08:01> "Frankenwhigger": Murrow attacked the Patriot Joe McCarthy!
    <23:08:02> "TheRealWilliamB": you're missing the point. the tactic.
    <23:08:18> "Frankenwhigger": I understand the Jew's Tactics!
    <23:08:29> "Frankenwhigger": we are living them in Zogland.
    <23:08:29> "TheRealWilliamB": <plural> actually.
    <23:08:50> "TheRealWilliamB": you said it, not me.
    <23:09:09> "TheRealWilliamB": ain't that dumb.
    <23:09:26> "whiggerproblem": I don't think he was a Jew. it's easy to find white traitors
    <23:09:34> "Frankenwhigger": Bryan, when are you going to chime in?
    <23:09:57> "whiggerproblem": Whos Bryan, Guest 01?
    <23:10:12> "TheRealWilliamB": you are correct wp. which is why i brought up the rapture last time.
    <23:10:24> "Frankenwhigger": Crtonkite, Murrow, Duranty, Winchell, Rather, Brokaw et al.... All Jews.
    <23:10:51> "whiggerproblem": I wouldn't doubt it. But Brian Williams isn't one
    <23:11:30> "TheRealWilliamB": because that is the "majority" of this equation are "rapture whiggers".
    <23:12:21> "Frankenwhigger": Everything in America is Broken!!
    <23:12:29> "whiggerproblem": ZOG is dead. Whiggers don't want to help the rich anymore
    <23:13:08> "whiggerproblem": Totally agree. NW is a fantasy
    <23:13:57> "Watcher": if you are CI you certainly won't buy all that nonsense
    <23:15:07> "Watcher": I am NOT a visser fan at all
    <23:15:28> "Frankenwhigger": I liked Visser's sermons on the Gospel of Mary, the Protvangelion.
    <23:15:35> "Watcher": Bryan Wright back in the joint again?? GREAT!! gee, does he have room for new tats???
    <23:15:56> "Watcher": I think Pisser is in jail
    <23:16:25> "Watcher": Pisser is a phoney
    <23:16:46> "Watcher": that was Pisser playing games while high
    <23:17:22> "Watcher": He was Billy Wood at Pisser's first forum
    <23:17:37> "Watcher": Yes they were the same person
    <23:17:46> "Frankenwhigger": Yeah, I liked it when Martin says that "Visser is crook" and Visser agreed that a Lot of people say that and Visser is trying to change that image!! I heard repetentence!!
    <23:17:58> "Watcher": Bryan Wright was Billy Wood at Pissers first forum
    <23:18:23> "TheRealWilliamB": enum{madness, frankenwhigger, wtf?, other}
    <23:18:25> "Watcher": Bryan Wright was a mod as Billly Wood at Pisser's first forum
    <23:18:42> "Watcher": Pisser and Bryan Wright go back a long time
    <23:20:16> "Frankenwhigger": I liked Visser's sermons on the Gospel of Mary, the Protovangelion. They are excellent.
    <23:20:27> "Watcher": Visser has said he never served any time and then Visser has said he DID do time. Visser is a chronic liar
    <23:21:02> "Frankenwhigger": Linder is crank and Hates Christians!
    <23:21:16> "Frankenwhigger": Linder is a crank and Hates Christians!
    <23:21:37> "Frankenwhigger": He has said so on my FB page!!
    <23:21:48> "Watcher": that is not news FW
    <23:22:24> "Frankenwhigger": Sorry, I will try to be more like "Newsguy"!!
    <23:22:39> "Watcher": no need to sink that low FW lol
    <23:23:09> "Frankenwhigger": Watcher, was that you on Nimbusters last night?
    <23:23:27> "Watcher": lol nope I am not a Nim!
    <23:24:03> "Frankenwhigger": I sometime check the Nim Board!
    <23:24:23> "Watcher": did you check out that battlecam site FW??
    <23:24:35> "Frankenwhigger": A Lot of Imposting and impersonating goes on!
    <23:24:54> "Frankenwhigger": No, Haven't been to Battlecam!
    <23:25:29> "Watcher": if you want to see just how low this so called "society" has sunk, check it out sometime. Its awful
    <23:25:30> "Frankenwhigger": I watched some Iraq videos on YTube.
    <23:26:56> "Frankenwhigger": Maybe, it's about Brazil. Indiana
    <23:27:07> "Frankenwhigger": Brazil , Indiana
    <23:27:16> "Watcher": time to water the asparagus! hahaha
    <23:27:23> "Frankenwhigger": A Town near Terre Haute.
    <23:27:23> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <23:27:37> "TheRealWilliamB": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil_(film)
    <23:28:18> "Watcher": John is so needy
    <23:28:18> "Frankenwhigger": GEEZZZ!!!
    <23:28:20> "TheRealWilliamB": one cannot become a holy man otherwise
    <23:28:30> "whiggerproblem": there's no other time John can call him? that's weird
    <23:28:46> "Watcher": lol bet John is calling every night
    <23:28:58> "TheRealWilliamB": from the sanskrit
    <23:29:28> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, probably, martin is the lawyer
    <23:29:29> "Frankenwhigger": It is Good to hear John's voice, sorta!!
    <23:29:46> "Watcher": well it might be better if she doesn't get custody in the long run
    <23:29:52> "TheRealWilliamB": can't hear...cutting out
    <23:29:54> "Frankenwhigger": Time for More cake!!
    <23:30:20> "whiggerproblem": that daughter is a hell raiser
    <23:30:50> "Watcher": these parents of older kids today have it very tough, too hard to just cut the cord and I guess that is understandable
    <23:31:13> "TheRealWilliamB": why does he have to drive all the way to pocatello?
    <23:31:33> "Watcher": maybe that is the jurisdiction on the case
    <23:31:39> "whiggerproblem": I don't know who to feel sorry for
    <23:32:29> "Watcher": I feel sorry for John, the daughter sounds too typical unfortunately
    <23:33:09> "Watcher": great, lesbiam rommate too
    <23:33:14> "Watcher": lesbian
    <23:33:16> "Watcher": that is
    <23:33:24> "whiggerproblem": These women are lost
    <23:33:44> "whiggerproblem": ZOG took everything
    <23:34:31> "Watcher": have they all gone with muds/mongrels?
    <23:35:05> "whiggerproblem": most don't, but they are programmed to not listen to men
    <23:36:14> "Frankenwhigger": Women need to be in burqas!!!
    <23:36:14> "Watcher": this "society" is incapable of producing anything healty or whole
    <23:36:42> "whiggerproblem": right
    <23:37:01> "Frankenwhigger": Bitches need to shut up , make me a sammich and get me a Beer!!!
    <23:37:04> "TheRealWilliamB": maybe that would turn shit around franken!
    <23:37:22> "whiggerproblem": You can't relate to whiggers if you have any sense
    <23:37:54> "TheRealWilliamB": we need to control our pussies
    <23:38:22> "whiggerproblem": Obongo is a gift that keeps giving
    <23:38:30> "Frankenwhigger": Like Herpes.
    <23:38:36> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <23:39:07> "TheRealWilliamB": shit...a revelation....a new tee-shirt. Maybe I could get it marketed on bape.com: "control your pussies"
    <23:39:43> "Watcher": lll
    <23:39:54> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <23:40:45> "Watcher" connected
    <23:41:25> "whiggerproblem": angel baby...LOL
    <23:41:48> "Watcher": they no longer have any solid base of decent values and principles to work with
    <23:43:09> "whiggerproblem": Fighting forest fires is for saps?
    <23:43:35> "TheRealWilliamB": a lot of whiggers do that
    <23:43:37> "Frankenwhigger": The Best thing to happen to the Forests near would be a burn.
    <23:43:54> "Frankenwhigger": Too much undergrowth and dead wood.
    <23:43:58> "TheRealWilliamB": naturally they do franken
    <23:44:15> "Watcher": Luna isn't a white name for sure
    <23:44:16> "Frankenwhigger": The Forests would be healthier .
    <23:44:38> "Watcher": Luna is probably some kind of south of the border thing
    <23:44:38> "Frankenwhigger": Eli James = Joe Kutz.
    <23:44:44> "whiggerproblem": Luna doesn't sound white
    <23:44:47> "TheRealWilliamB": no, building an underground home that plans for fire drafts would
    <23:45:43> "Frankenwhigger": Samson was a Hound Dog!!
    <23:45:49> "TheRealWilliamB":
    <23:46:53> "Frankenwhigger": During the time of the Judeges.
    <23:48:41> "whiggerproblem": Jew PBS Nova makes documentary that says Israelites were originally Canaanites!!!!-http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/ancient/bibles-buried-secrets.html
    <23:49:02> "Frankenwhigger": PBS is BIG TIME JEWS!!!
    <23:49:21> "whiggerproblem": It's a shameless claim based on pottery
    <23:49:35> "Frankenwhigger": Pottery never lies!
    <23:49:55> "Frankenwhigger": I Think that Finck is Just a Thug!
    <23:51:01> "Frankenwhigger": I had this argument with Finck. The Puerto ricans are Not Human! I have to agree, but tell that to a jury!
    <23:51:38> "Watcher": he is still big buddies with Fink
    <23:52:06> "Frankenwhigger": Delaney said, That he stole a Car because he was Homeless and was living in it!!!
    <23:52:19> "Frankenwhigger": It was a One time thing!
    <23:52:27> "Frankenwhigger": I Don't Believe him!
    <23:52:48> "whiggerproblem": ZOG must be recruiting in jails
    <23:52:57> "Frankenwhigger": Delaney said that he stole a car when he was 18.
    <23:54:05> "Frankenwhigger": I am still waiting for the 20th April, False Flag Operation by the Mossad!! Was it postponed.
    <23:54:23> "whiggerproblem": Wait till next year...LOL
    <23:55:05> "Frankenwhigger": I thought for sure that the Jews were going to detonate a Nuke to cover their economic crimes and thefts.
    <23:55:57> "whiggerproblem": it seems like they're trying, but the closest they could get was Japan
    <23:56:49> "Frankenwhigger": The "Chatter" on the Internet is that the Jews are going to Nuke a US city, like Cleveland or Dubuque Iowa!
    <23:57:27> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, that's old. They tried and failed. Did you hear about it?
    <23:57:36> "TheRealWilliamB": sry
    <23:57:58> "Frankenwhigger": I think the Jews will Nuke Ft.Knox and say that the Gold was disintegrated by the Nuke!!
    <23:58:13> "TheRealWilliamB": i have not chatted with the pastor in some time.
    <23:58:23> "whiggerproblem": http://www.rense.com/general78/nuks.htm
    <23:59:18> "whiggerproblem": The Jews can't run either
    <00:01:16> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.ken-welch.com/
    <00:05:25> "Frankenwhigger": Nero!!
    <00:05:38> "Frankenwhigger": Nero was a Jew!
    <00:05:47> "whiggerproblem": audio
    <00:05:47> "TheRealWilliamB": correct, Franken. Nero.
    <00:05:48> "Frankenwhigger": Audio????
    <00:06:00> "TheRealWilliamB": it's cutting out..
    <00:06:29> "TheRealWilliamB": uh, he was a pagan.
    <00:06:35> "TheRealWilliamB": actually
    <00:07:13> "Frankenwhigger": Nero was half edomite and was Married to a Jewess!!
    <00:07:35> "Frankenwhigger": The Edomites were heavily imbedded in Rome!!
    <00:08:03> "Frankenwhigger": Rome was the NYC of the Ancient World!
    <00:08:22> "Frankenwhigger": Rome was hymie Town of the Meditteranean!!
    <00:09:23> "Frankenwhigger": They Kicked the Jews out because they all owed the Jews money!!
    <00:10:13> "Frankenwhigger": I will disagree with the Pastor.
    <00:10:24> "Frankenwhigger": Nero was a Jew.
    <00:10:54> "TheRealWilliamB": bullshit. Nero was a pagan.
    <00:11:44> "Frankenwhigger": I am Not talking "Religion" I am Talking Race!! Nero was a Mixed race Mamzer and was Part edomite!
    <00:11:47> "TheRealWilliamB": as was the sick fuck Caligula...
    <00:12:25> "Frankenwhigger": Many Jews are Hindus and Buddhists!! but, they are still Jews!!
    <00:14:12> "TheRealWilliamB": now the die hard adherents leap frog like toads to other belief systems. bs.
    <00:15:26> "Frankenwhigger": We Can Disagree and still be friends!!
    <00:15:47> "TheRealWilliamB": my niigga
    <00:15:55> "whiggerproblem": They let him out for Hitler's birthday...LOL
    <00:16:13> "TheRealWilliamB": who the fuck even tracks that?
    <00:16:45> "Frankenwhigger": Did you go to the Hitler B-Day Party too?
    <00:16:59> "whiggerproblem": Obviously not you smart ass!!! Are Romans related to Slavs?
    <00:18:02> "TheRealWilliamB": "not you"? I'bzzz beez one o dem smart azz niggaz. You need to get "really real".
    <00:18:04> "Frankenwhigger": Yes, some of the Romans were Japethites!!
    <00:18:29> "whiggerproblem": william b you sound like a smart ass kike
    <00:18:47> "whiggerproblem": thanks Franken
    <00:19:11> "Frankenwhigger": Some of the Romans and The Ionian Greeks were descended from the Japhetites!!
    <00:19:12> "TheRealWilliamB": well...ok. you're wrong then
    <00:19:22> "whiggerproblem": i bet i'm not
    <00:19:36> "TheRealWilliamB": you are..
    <00:19:53> "Frankenwhigger": The Macedonians Greeks were from some of the early (pre-Exodus) Israelite Migrations.
    <00:20:05> "TheRealWilliamB": why else would i be here?
    <00:20:25> "whiggerproblem": And they are japhetites?
    <00:20:28> "TheRealWilliamB": and I've never turned against my friends here.
    <00:20:34> "TheRealWilliamB": nor will i
    <00:20:58> "Frankenwhigger": The Trojans and Some of the Greeks were from the Zerah Migration of Israel in the Pre-Exodus migrations!
    <00:21:00> "TheRealWilliamB": so fuck what you think
    <00:21:23> "whiggerproblem": whateva, you're trying to hard william b
    <00:21:49> "TheRealWilliamB": how? where?
    <00:21:51> "Frankenwhigger": No, The Japhethites are Not Israelites. They are Sons of Japheth and Not Shem. They are Adamic, being from Noah.
    <00:21:51> "whiggerproblem": ok, and then they went to Rome?
    <00:22:24> "TheRealWilliamB": I never claimed such.
    <00:22:28> "Frankenwhigger": They eventually built Rome!!
    <00:23:14> "Frankenwhigger": romans and Greeks are from the same Ancestry and it says so in 1st Maqccabees.
    <00:23:30> "Frankenwhigger": and they are related to Israel.
    <00:23:32> "TheRealWilliamB": now that is fact Franken.
    <00:23:34> "whiggerproblem": yeah, they look like the slavs. Nero's bust is in Moscow -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nero_pushkin.jpg
    <00:23:48> "TheRealWilliamB": good call
    <00:24:24> "Frankenwhigger": Romans and Greeks are from the same Ancestry and it says so in 1st Maccabees.
    <00:24:41> "Frankenwhigger": They are white and Adamic!
    <00:25:07> "whiggerproblem": So what is their relationship today. If they are not part of Israel?
    <00:25:49> "Frankenwhigger": The Ancient Medes and Persians were Japethites too. But they eventually got mixed with the Mongol-Turks. The Medes and Persians Became the Slavs.
    <00:26:22> "Frankenwhigger": The Mongol Turks deported the Medes and Persians into Eastern Europe.
    <00:28:21> "TheRealWilliamB": some cutting out....
    <00:28:22> "Frankenwhigger": Israelite People have been deported many times in history. Just Like we are being Deported today by the Mexicans. Some whites will mix, most will move away!! Deportation is forced migration!!
    <00:28:58> "Frankenwhigger": The Niggers pushed my Family out of Philadelphia back in the 60s.
    <00:29:22> "Frankenwhigger": Philly is today 76% Nigger and is bad as Detroit!
    <00:30:49> "TheRealWilliamB": SNAFU
    <00:32:11> "TheRealWilliamB": er, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inferno_(Dante)
    <00:33:22> "TheRealWilliamB": John never beated his daughters. It was all bullshit.
    <00:34:27> "TheRealWilliamB": all that crap is garbage, just like what they did to Martin. It's shit.
    <00:37:43> "whiggerproblem": White flight is nothing new
    <00:38:00> "TheRealWilliamB": let him talk
    <00:38:25> "whiggerproblem": Nigger Psychiatrists...LOL
    <00:38:47> "TheRealWilliamB": YHWH bless John Britton and his family!
    <00:38:59> "Frankenwhigger": Psychiatry, just another Jew Created pseudo-science!
    <00:39:51> "TheRealWilliamB": correct
    <00:40:37> "whiggerproblem": yeah, as long as Jews are involved, it's bad
    <00:40:42> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <00:41:15> "TheRealWilliamB": I just pray for the Britton family. A real Israelite family would. I wish them the hope of our god, YHWH.
    <00:41:19> "whiggerproblem": JB timed out too
    <00:41:38> "TheRealWilliamB": Good folks
    <00:42:05> "Watcher" connected
    <00:42:21> "whiggerproblem": ok
    <00:42:35> "whiggerproblem": bill weiss
    <00:43:37> "PastorLindstedt1": http://billwhitetrial2.wordpress.com/
    <00:43:44> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <00:43:57> "TheRealWilliamB": what i could tell you....omkg
    <00:44:02> "TheRealWilliamB": er, omg
    <00:44:07> "whiggerproblem": 1488 is gone today
    <00:46:25> "TheRealWilliamB": here is gone now? heard that before....
    <00:47:02> "Watcher" connected
    <00:47:03> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <00:47:19> "Watcher" connected
    <00:48:43> "TheRealWilliamB": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM6yOEMI82Y
    <00:48:47> "TheRealWilliamB": yeah
    <00:49:19> "whiggerproblem": Whigger juries have no mercy
    <00:50:41> "Frankenwhigger": So, I guess Bill White will not be a Guest on the Movement Turd!!
    <00:51:23> "whiggerproblem": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C69uVGnCW2c
    <00:51:46> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, I guess not!
    <00:59:11> "Frankenwhigger": Goodnight Martin and to everybody in the Chat!!
    <00:59:26> "Frankenwhigger": Goodnight Bryan, THX for Listening in!!
    <00:59:26> "TheRealWilliamB": YHVH bless brothers....
    <01:00:14> "TheRealWilliamB": i dont think he'd be calling in franken. reo is on "the down low".
    <01:00:23> "Frankenwhigger": LOL!!
    <01:00:41> "TheRealWilliamB": you know that "down low". talkin' about "hittin' that ass".
    <01:00:52> "TheRealWilliamB":
    <01:01:01> "TheRealWilliamB": tha down low
    <01:01:07> "Frankenwhigger": down low is ghetto speak for being a faggot!!
    <01:01:18> "TheRealWilliamB": sorta like that
    <01:01:28> "Frankenwhigger": And Reo is "down low"!!
    <01:01:28> "TheRealWilliamB": hittin' that ass
    <01:01:47> "TheRealWilliamB": there you go. Reo is on "the down low".
    <01:02:20> "Frankenwhigger": I wish I could hear Episode #46. I must have been busy that day and Missed it!!
    <01:04:50> "whiggerproblem" stopped recording
    <01:06:23> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:07:03> "TheRealWilliamB" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:09:58> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:10:29> "whiggerproblem" disconnected (leaving)

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    Default TMT Episode #67 Chat 24Apr11

    TMT Episode #67 Chat 24Apr11


    <19:54:33> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <19:54:33> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <19:54:35> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <19:54:35> Welcome.
    <19:54:35> "whiggerproblem": cool
    <19:54:35> "Mass1488": no im not
    <19:54:40> "Mass1488": im not gonna say my name here
    <19:54:47> "whiggerproblem": Martin!!!
    <19:54:50> "Mass1488": Martin
    <19:54:51> "Mass1488": Ok
    <19:54:54> You are now known as "PastorLindstedt"
    <19:55:02> "Mass1488": i was gonna email my illegal activity to you
    <19:55:07> "Mass1488": but here it goes
    <19:55:18> "PastorLindstedt": I'd just as soon you didn't use your real name.
    <19:55:27> "Mass1488": you me and bill white will take over KFC!
    <19:55:30> "Mass1488": and the world
    <19:55:40> "TimeLORD" connected
    <19:55:40> "PastorLindstedt": Or discuss any ill-eagle activity.
    <19:55:41> "Frankenwhigger": Martin, Please re-friend me on Facebook. The Jews at Facebook disabled my account and I can't ad friends right Now!!
    <19:55:47> "Mass1488": just fooling
    <19:55:52> "TimeLORD": http://farm1.static.flickr.com/87/22...07182e7059.jpg
    <19:56:07> "TimeLORD": Join me, The TimeLORD and we can defeat the soilders of XuQa!!!
    <19:56:08> "PastorLindstedt": OK. What's the new name, FW?
    <19:56:13> "Frankenwhigger": Hello Lloyd!!
    <19:56:18> "whiggerproblem": my name's Myron Weeblewart, not Lee Harvey Oswald!
    <19:56:44> "Frankenwhigger": Same as before just instead of Georg I have a "G."
    <19:56:48> "whiggerproblem": What is that pic?
    <19:57:08> "Mass1488": i cant believe bill white is free!
    <19:57:14> "Northwest" connected
    <19:57:29> "Frankenwhigger": We must destroy the XuQarians!!
    <19:57:50> "whiggerproblem" started recording
    <19:57:58> "Northwest": No, we must teach Northwest to disassemble and clean his new Ruger 10/22
    <19:58:09> "TimeLORD": Once Woger and Mark Morgan have been defeated
    <19:58:15> "Northwest": Okay.
    <19:58:19> "Northwest": Sounds fair.
    <19:58:28> "Mass1488": lol i just got the A Mighty fortress book today
    <19:58:32> "Mass1488": love it
    <19:58:46> "TimeLORD": I will send Woger to get SwordMamzer
    <19:58:49> "Mass1488": guys
    <19:58:56> "Mass1488": how do i contact my commander bill white
    <19:59:15> "Frankenwhigger": Happy Easter Martin!!
    <19:59:38> "whiggerproblem": Happy Easter Everyone!
    <20:01:20> "whiggerproblem": going on for awhile
    <20:02:01> "Mass1488": no he is free
    <20:02:04> "Mass1488": by phone number
    <20:02:49> "TimeLORD": We really need to put or differences aside.. Soredmamzer and his XuQarian army will destroy Nim Busters
    <20:03:44> "Mass1488": yea how can i contact him by phone number
    <20:03:59> "TimeLORD": why do you need Bill White for?
    <20:04:02> "Mass1488": i wanna congradulate him by on his release
    <20:04:07> "Mass1488": and the riot he started years ago
    <20:05:05> "Mass1488": so whats his number
    <20:05:35> "whiggerproblem": audio
    <20:05:35> "Northwest": Disconnect #1
    <20:05:41> Connection to server lost
    <20:05:42> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <20:05:44> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <20:05:44> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <20:05:44> Welcome.
    <20:05:56> "Northwest": I'm starting a pool on how many disconnects happen and when they occur. Any takers?
    <20:06:51> "Mass1488": im back
    <20:07:46> "Frankenwhigger": Finck is a Fink!!
    <20:08:03> "Mass1488": yea
    <20:08:04> "Mass1488": good idea
    <20:08:18> "TimeLORD": anyone here have a Ipad?
    <20:08:27> "Mass1488": i dont have shit
    <20:08:33> "whiggerproblem": me neither
    <20:08:34> "Mass1488": just a cracked up ipod touch
    <20:08:35> "Frankenwhigger": I wonder How Many Millions did the Victim's Family get from Finck's Murder?
    <20:09:01> "whiggerproblem": He's not hurting working for ZOG
    <20:09:48> "TimeLORD": did u see on the news where Iphones and Ipads have a secret files that track where u go?
    <20:10:06> "whiggerproblem": yea
    <20:10:10> "TimeLORD": not for me
    <20:10:10> "whiggerproblem": no surprise
    <20:10:14> "Mass1488": so whats Bill whites phone number
    <20:10:32> "Frankenwhigger": A Lot of the Bible's "Lost Books" and Apocrypha were removed from scriptures by the Jews. Like the Books of Eden and Enoch!!
    <20:10:43> "TimeLORD": I have a $100 Sylvania netbook and put a hacked version of Android OS on it
    <20:11:01> "Mass1488": so whats the CI view Lilihan
    <20:11:02> "TimeLORD": 867-5309
    <20:11:04> "TimeLORD": lol
    <20:11:09> "Mass1488": whats the first part
    <20:11:26> "Frankenwhigger": Jenny!!
    <20:11:28> "whiggerproblem": Franken, It seems like it. But how could the Jews accomplish that so long ago? When did they do it?
    <20:12:20> "Frankenwhigger": When the Masoretes translated the Scriptures for the Catholic Church in 600Ad-1000AD .
    <20:12:37> "Frankenwhigger": They eliminated Hundreds of Writings.
    <20:12:55> "Mass1488": whats the CI view of the book of jubilee and enoch
    <20:13:29> "whiggerproblem": What year was the Septuagint created?
    <20:13:47> "Frankenwhigger": The Jubilees, enoch and Macabees are valid Scriptures!!
    <20:14:11> "Mass1488": whose lilihan in CI
    <20:14:21> "Frankenwhigger": The Septuagint was translated about 150BC!! It was the scripture that Christ used!!
    <20:15:25> "Frankenwhigger": daveUK is Finck's Nemesis!!
    <20:15:42> "Frankenwhigger": I Need a Beer!!!
    <20:16:06> "Mass1488": damn are yu sure thats the commanders #
    <20:16:18> "Mass1488": a mighty fortress
    <20:16:21> "Mass1488": i got it today
    <20:16:29> "Mass1488": cody brock is my favorite character
    <20:16:48> "Mass1488": but he gets pussy from a jewess when he is 10 and jew was 17
    <20:17:12> "Frankenwhigger": I remember Cody , who used to call in on Hal Turner's Show!! He used to call in all the Time when I was On!!
    <20:17:36> "Mass1488": i wasnt in the movement when hal was around
    <20:17:41> "Mass1488": i joined in 9th grade
    <20:17:54> "Mass1488": and quit wiggerdom in 8th grade
    <20:17:58> "Frankenwhigger": Hal's Show RAWKED!!!
    <20:18:03> "Mass1488": yea
    <20:18:07> "Frankenwhigger": He Played Great Music!!
    <20:18:16> "Mass1488": i wish i was around for the days when our movement was in the real fucking world
    <20:18:27> "Frankenwhigger": Lots of 80s and classic Rock!
    <20:18:37> "Mass1488": yea
    <20:18:48> "Mass1488": so whats the commanders phone number
    <20:18:55> "Mass1488": i havent been able to find it
    <20:19:00> "Frankenwhigger": 867-5309!!
    <20:19:09> "Frankenwhigger": Ask for Jenny!!
    <20:19:09> "Mass1488": whats the first part
    <20:19:16> "Mass1488": of the number
    <20:19:21> "Frankenwhigger": Google it!!
    <20:19:29> "Frankenwhigger": Google is your Friend!!
    <20:19:36> "Mass1488": i couldnt find his phone number on the gay internet
    <20:19:57> "PastorLindstedt": http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/index.php
    <20:20:49> "Frankenwhigger": Pilgrim got tired of Working for Finck for Free and then Being Abused and told to Shut-up because she's a woman!!
    <20:21:03> "Frankenwhigger": Who needs the abuse.
    <20:21:05> "Mass1488": frankenn wigger
    <20:21:12> "Mass1488": whats the first part of that number
    <20:21:15> "Mass1488": and whose jenny
    <20:22:47> "Mass14881" connected
    <20:22:54> "Mass14881": so whose jenny
    <20:22:57> "Mass1488" dropped (connection lost)
    <20:22:58> "Mass14881": and whats that number
    <20:23:04> "Mass14881": doesnt seem like the commanders
    <20:23:32> "Frankenwhigger": I Need another Beer!! BRB!!
    <20:23:37> "Mass14881": lol
    <20:23:47> "Frankenwhigger": I never Heard Bryan Reo Laugh!! He's Medicated!!
    <20:23:57> "Mass14881": so
    <20:24:02> "Mass14881": whats the commanders number
    <20:24:59> "Mass14881": and whats the CI view of Lilith
    <20:25:06> "Mass14881": and whats the book of jubilees
    <20:25:14> "Mass14881": and what exactly is the book of enoch
    <20:26:17> "Frankenwhigger": Lilith was the Consort of Satan and She is the "Mother of the Ganges". She had sex with Adam!!
    <20:26:48> "Mass14881": so was she a jewess
    <20:26:53> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.thelostbooks.com/
    <20:27:11> "Mass14881": and i heard she wanted to be on top of adwam
    <20:27:24> "Mass14881": not below
    <20:27:52> "Mass14881": in CI are you allowed to have girl on top of you when you have sex or does she have to be on the bottom(this is a serious question)
    <20:28:13> "Frankenwhigger": Yes!!
    <20:28:24> "TimeLORD" disconnected (leaving)
    <20:28:28> "Mass14881": so she can be on top?
    <20:28:41> "Frankenwhigger": Sure , why Not!?!?!?!?
    <20:29:10> "Northwest": Mass, not judging here or anything, but how in the f___ do you come up with these questions?
    <20:29:12> "Frankenwhigger": I am really in the Mood for Beer Drinking tonight!!
    <20:29:21> "Mass14881": history channel documentary
    <20:29:23> "Northwest": Okay, I might be judging a little, but not much.
    <20:29:23> "Mass14881": on the lost books
    <20:29:32> "Northwest": Oh. Interesting.
    <20:29:38> "Northwest": Apologies for the judging.
    <20:29:43> "Mass14881": no prob
    <20:29:56> "Frankenwhigger": It is Okay to Judge!!
    <20:30:06> "Mass14881": learning about the lost books opened up a whole new set of questions about CI
    <20:30:07> "Northwest": Yeah, but he had a real answer.
    <20:30:30> "Frankenwhigger": I remember when discrimination was a good Quality of character!
    <20:30:58> "Northwest": Stop w/ teh buzz1ng!!!!111one
    <20:34:36> "Mass14881": So
    <20:35:52> "Mass14881": was the first covident with the hourse of israel alone and the 2nd with all adamites or no second covident at all
    <20:36:16> "Guest 02" connected
    <20:36:35> "Frankenwhigger": Hello Bryan!!
    <20:36:41> "whiggerproblem": Where's Reo. Doesn't he monitor this show?
    <20:36:58> "Frankenwhigger": He Just showed up!!
    <20:37:02> "whiggerproblem": Spoke too late
    <20:37:23> "Mass14881": my school sucks
    <20:37:32> "whiggerproblem": All schools suck
    <20:37:40> "Frankenwhigger": You need to go to John Carroll!!
    <20:37:46> "whiggerproblem": They are run by Jews
    <20:37:59> "whiggerproblem": What is John Carooll? Catholic?
    <20:38:04> "whiggerproblem": Carroll
    <20:38:17> "Guest 02" is now known as "The TimeLORD"
    <20:38:30> "Frankenwhigger": Guvmint control of Education is the Tenth Plank of the Commie Manifesto!!! Right Bryan!!
    <20:38:51> "Mass14881": no posen by germans
    <20:38:56> "Mass14881": pozan by pols
    <20:39:05> "Mass14881": slaves are fellow japethites
    <20:39:08> "Frankenwhigger": Pozen!!
    <20:39:08> "Mass14881": slavs
    <20:39:25> "Mass14881": wait are celts israelites
    <20:43:42> "Frankenwhigger": We Need to stop the XuQarians!!!
    <20:43:44> "Watcher" connected
    <20:45:21> "Watcher": it does not state that the beasts of the field are nigs, it could be all non whites
    <20:47:00> "Mass14881": all right
    <20:47:10> "Mass14881": were the original ethiopians White?
    <20:47:23> "Watcher": it does not really make sense that beasts of the field would refer to only one non Adamic race
    <20:47:39> "Mass14881": but go mamzerized fast
    <20:47:49> "Watcher": and their mongrelized offspring
    <20:47:53> "Mass14881": so were the orignal ethiopians white and nubians?
    <20:48:13> "Watcher": yes ethiopia's original inhabitants were adamite
    <20:48:50> "Mass14881": but they became mongrelized very fast
    <20:48:58> "Watcher": the ethiopian eunuch in the gospels could not have been a nigger, obviously, he would not have been reading ths scrolls and the apostle would not have been offering to teach him
    <20:49:06> "Mass14881": like quick and before eygpt
    <20:49:16> "Watcher": it does not take very long, look around you
    <20:49:32> "Mass14881": because somalians skulls are closer to being white
    <20:49:38> "Mass14881": and that is near eygpt
    <20:50:26> "Watcher": science is WRONG so much of the time I would never take science over scripture
    <20:50:59> "Watcher": just because we do not have all details does not mean scripture is wrong
    <20:51:06> "whiggerproblem": The jews control most of the field of archaeology and lie about it all the time. it's not hard to do
    <20:51:19> "Watcher": and jews control most publishing as well
    <20:51:25> "whiggerproblem": yes
    <20:51:34> "whiggerproblem": especially in the JewSA
    <20:52:20> "Watcher": non PC archaelogicaly projects also do not get funded
    <20:52:39> "Frankenwhigger": Watcher, you are so correct!!
    <20:52:52> "whiggerproblem": Science is a religion for those that reject Yaweh
    <20:52:58> "whiggerproblem": A false religion
    <20:53:05> "Watcher": lol it is the only "god" they have
    <20:53:13> "Watcher": and they like it that way
    <20:53:24> "Frankenwhigger": Science is corrupted because of the Jew. Especially the sciences of Anthropology, Genetics and Eugenics!!
    <20:54:02> "whiggerproblem": Talk about Blind Faith. The atheists got tons of it, with no shame over their obvious stupidity
    <20:54:04> "Watcher": and how much scientific archaelogical projects start out university connected? yet another area controlled by jews
    <20:54:05> "Frankenwhigger": When we are Free of the Jew, there is no limit to what we will be able to do!!
    <20:54:15> "whiggerproblem": yep, franken
    <20:54:26> "whiggerproblem": It will unbelieveable
    <20:54:38> "Frankenwhigger": Amen!
    <20:55:03> "whiggerproblem": Hopefully, we'll be alive to see some of it
    <20:55:34> "Frankenwhigger": It cost me 54.00 USDs to fill my tank on my Isuzu Rodeo. It used to cost 14.00!!!
    <20:56:05> "Watcher": yeah it costs me about $40 for a full tank and I have a small tank
    <20:56:09> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: can you let me type in the chat?
    <20:56:38> "Frankenwhigger": My Isuzu has a 16 Gallon Tank!!
    <20:56:42> "Frankenwhigger": Audio????
    <20:56:47> "whiggerproblem": it's fine
    <20:56:55> "Watcher": yeah audio okay here
    <20:57:08> "Frankenwhigger": I Guess I have to re-boot!!
    <20:57:11> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <20:57:14> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: can't type nothing
    <20:57:16> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <20:57:16> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <20:57:26> "whiggerproblem": when is this revolution going to get started?
    <20:57:34> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <20:58:25> "Watcher": lol Troublemaker loves weirdness
    <20:58:36> insufficient client permissions (failed on i_group_member_add_power)
    <20:58:50> "whiggerproblem": America has had one revolution and one civil war and that's it.
    <21:00:01> "whiggerproblem": Why are they talking about Mormons?
    <21:00:24> "Mass14881": are there any CI communes left
    <21:00:28> "Watcher": they haven't figured out that they have to keep the birth rate up so the females outnumber the males? dumb as the chinese
    <21:00:30> "Mass14881": like elohim city
    <21:00:34> "Mass14881": i wanna live in one
    <21:00:46> "Mass14881": instead of my gay little town
    <21:00:48> "Mass14881": full of jews
    <21:01:15> "Watcher": some people in CI get confused by mormonism and think it is legit
    <21:01:36> "whiggerproblem": oh
    <21:01:43> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: nope, cant type in the chat still
    <21:01:58> Channel group "Listeners (531)" was assigned to "The TimeLORD" by "PastorLindstedt".
    <21:02:04> "The TimeLORD": there you go!
    <21:02:05> "Watcher": because mormonism used to be racially segregated AND because some nits are into the polygamy thing
    <21:02:11> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: works now
    <21:02:48> "whiggerproblem": It's still a cult
    <21:02:49> "Mass14881": whats the CI view of the film passion of the christ
    <21:02:57> "Mass14881": with american hero mel gibson
    <21:02:59> "Watcher": just like a lot of present day people who call themselves CI get all sidetracked into that new age garbage
    <21:03:18> "Watcher": no it isn't new age
    <21:03:40> "The TimeLORD": mel is a catholic like delaney
    <21:03:40> "Watcher": but they love to confuse their conspiracy theories, just check out eli kutz
    <21:04:01> "The TimeLORD": you hear finck talking shit about eli today?
    <21:04:14> "Mass14881": I like Hitler
    <21:04:17> "whiggerproblem": Eli Kutz got firebombed at his celebration of Hitler's Birthday
    <21:04:24> "Mass14881": Lindstedt
    <21:04:29> "Watcher": no I haven't heard fink for a whiile - was it on the mamzer show?
    <21:04:29> "Mass14881": whats the stroy with lilith
    <21:04:35> "Mass14881": talk about her
    <21:04:41> "Mass14881": and the book of jubillees
    <21:04:45> "Northwest": Yeah, you do need to put up the shows. I want to hear myself in all my glary!
    <21:04:47> "whiggerproblem": I don't trust Mel gibson
    <21:04:48> "Northwest": *glory
    <21:05:05> "Northwest": I just ruined my arrogant little demand with that and I owe you all an apology for the failure.
    <21:05:17> "Watcher": lol glarey was kinda cool
    <21:05:24> "The TimeLORD": cutting out
    <21:05:34> Connection to server lost
    <21:05:35> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <21:05:43> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <21:05:43> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <21:05:43> Welcome.
    <21:05:44> "whiggerproblem": no
    <21:05:50> "The TimeLORD": ok, back now
    <21:05:52> "PastorLindstedt" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:06:15> "The TimeLORD": stole your mailbox???
    <21:06:22> "Watcher": steal a mailbox? sounds like niggers
    <21:06:27> "whiggerproblem": whiggers
    <21:06:37> "The TimeLORD": that is a better guess wp
    <21:06:43> "Watcher": you should report it that's a federal offense!
    <21:06:54> "Mass14881": pastor do you know who lilith is
    <21:06:59> "Mass14881": adwams first wife
    <21:07:06> "Mass14881": according to the history channel
    <21:07:10> "The TimeLORD": hey, you heard anything about visser?
    <21:07:14> "Watcher": lol at history channel
    <21:07:42> "The TimeLORD": how is the aparagus coming?
    <21:07:50> "Frankenwhigger": History Channel is the Jew Version of the World.
    <21:08:20> "The TimeLORD": Liar Bill was on the History Channel
    <21:08:25> "Watcher": yeah, basic rule no. 1 NEVER believe television, movies, radio, published books or magazines!
    <21:08:39> "The TimeLORD": Looking like a fat tub of lard.
    <21:09:08> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <21:09:16> "whiggerproblem": Eli says he's going to sue the "commies" who firebombed his party-http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/19/hitlers-birthday-party-in_n_851100.html
    <21:09:42> "Mass14881": when was liar bill on the hitler channel
    <21:09:46> "whiggerproblem": He's stealing a page from Martin
    <21:09:49> "Mass14881": liar bill is my enemy
    <21:09:56> "Mass14881": bill white should fight the evil bill
    <21:10:20> "Mass1488" connected
    <21:10:26> "Mass1488": i might learn arabic
    <21:10:31> "Mass1488": actaully i will
    <21:10:34> "The TimeLORD": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akqz6O5seLg
    <21:10:39> "Mass14881" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:10:42> "The TimeLORD": Liar Bill is at 1:18
    <21:10:54> "Mass1488": i got into some summer program since its a semeticc language will i be able to get closer to CI better
    <21:11:29> "The TimeLORD": btw, Liar Bill is working for the feds.
    <21:11:34> "whiggerproblem": Liar Bill has burnt cork eyes
    <21:11:47> "The TimeLORD": which should not come as a surprise to anyone.
    <21:12:01> "Mass1488": lol
    <21:12:43> "whiggerproblem": None of those white supremacists have light colored eyes..LOL
    <21:13:31> "The TimeLORD": if you want to know the names of the agents he reports to, I could say, but I'd have 3+ black chevy suburbans outside my house in less than an hour.
    <21:14:53> "whiggerproblem": Is he that important? Seems like they send all the turds to infiltrate white organizations.
    <21:15:09> "Watcher" connected
    <21:16:00> "The TimeLORD": he was used to infiltrate the IKA. He's sort of like an "FBI flunky" of sorts.
    <21:16:08> "The TimeLORD": He's never accomplished much.
    <21:16:15> "whiggerproblem": go to 2:09 of the video. I think that's Reo's brother
    <21:16:18> "The TimeLORD": Because he's an idiot.
    <21:16:35> "Watcher": link to video?
    <21:16:45> "The TimeLORD": Klan of Mamzers is some funny shit.
    <21:16:49> "whiggerproblem": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Akqz6O5seLg
    <21:17:25> "whiggerproblem": yeah, Reo sucks!!!
    <21:17:32> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:17:59> "The TimeLORD": Reo has a LOT of enemies now. From a lot of different factions.
    <21:18:09> "The TimeLORD": not just CI
    <21:18:17> "The TimeLORD": He's fucked with a lot of people.
    <21:18:19> "Frankenwhigger": But Reo has the XuQarians!!
    <21:18:27> "Watcher" connected
    <21:18:34> "whiggerproblem": A dork like that? No!
    <21:18:35> "The TimeLORD": You know what I had to laugh at Franken...
    <21:19:21> "The TimeLORD": Was how he was trying to claim that the XUQA photos were his ip, despite them having XUQA watermarks on them!
    <21:19:38> "The TimeLORD": completely ridiculous
    <21:19:43> "Mass1488": XUQA?
    <21:20:03> "Frankenwhigger": XuQa is a Gaye Turkish Dating Site!
    <21:20:09> "Watcher": he is a slimey pos
    <21:20:11> "Mass1488": lol
    <21:20:44> "The TimeLORD": It was a site that had pictures of Reo from 6 years ago and clearly showed that he had negroid features.
    <21:20:51> "Mass1488": ha
    <21:20:58> "Frankenwhigger": I Need to get My Drink On, (As they say in the Hood)
    <21:21:13> "Mass1488": is anyone here in facebook group called white nationalist united
    <21:21:18> "Watcher": the sound of the rattling empty bottles sent FW into a state!
    <21:21:23> "The TimeLORD": How is the Asparagus coming?
    <21:21:41> "Frankenwhigger": Nattering Neighnobs of Negativity!
    <21:21:43> "The TimeLORD": when do you harvest it?
    <21:21:57> "The TimeLORD": i know you planted in november
    <21:21:58> "Watcher": asparagus is a real challenge to grow
    <21:22:05> "The TimeLORD": yeah, that is true
    <21:22:13> "whiggerproblem": it takes a lot of piss
    <21:22:17> "The TimeLORD": you boil it?
    <21:22:28> "Mass1488": whats something interesting and shocking about CI that scares people that are new to CI and other WNists
    <21:22:32> "Frankenwhigger": WASP is Good on FB. Russel Howard is havin g a Hard time keeping it up. FB keeps banning it!
    <21:22:48> "The TimeLORD": sounds good.
    <21:23:07> "Frankenwhigger": It Takes Three Years to establish an asparagus bed.
    <21:23:21> "The TimeLORD": i'm mean but, where do you get the sweet peas? you can't get them everywhere?
    <21:23:38> "The TimeLORD": these like an asian sweet pea?
    <21:23:39> "Frankenwhigger": They grow wild in the West.
    <21:24:07> "Mass1488": i hate asparagus
    <21:24:32> "The TimeLORD": ah
    <21:25:00> "The TimeLORD": you use butter and not margarine?
    <21:25:13> "Mass1488": so who exactly is lilith and i dont get the book jubilees
    <21:25:22> "Watcher": margarine is all plastic
    <21:25:24> "Mass1488": and i know enoch the one from cain went to heaven
    <21:25:35> "The TimeLORD": why you got to can the white meat seperate from the dark meat?
    <21:25:58> "Watcher": no son of Cain getting in
    <21:25:58> "Mass14881" connected
    <21:26:00> "Mass14881": back
    <21:26:03> "The TimeLORD": trying to learn something about canning
    <21:26:08> "Mass1488" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:26:29> "The TimeLORD": oh
    <21:26:32> "Mass14881": ah canning
    <21:26:43> "The TimeLORD": you cant smoke the dark meat?
    <21:27:04> "The TimeLORD": i see
    <21:27:05> "Mass14881": can you smoke cigs and be CI?
    <21:27:13> "The TimeLORD": mmhmm
    <21:27:26> "Mass14881": but no weed?
    <21:27:27> "The TimeLORD": but its fatty
    <21:27:56> "The TimeLORD": how many turkeys did you get? you got you a big freezer or something?
    <21:28:09> "Watcher": Lindstedt's Home Cooking And Hand Hints Almanac!
    <21:28:14> "Watcher": handy
    <21:28:20> "The TimeLORD": yes
    <21:28:24> "Mass14881": what argument?
    <21:28:47> "Watcher": if he's canning he doesn't need a freezer
    <21:28:52> "The TimeLORD": sorta like Eric Hufschmid's gelled egg recipe. Always useful.
    <21:28:59> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <21:29:11> "Frankenwhigger": GEEZZZ!!
    <21:29:11> "The TimeLORD": i dont hear anything either
    <21:29:18> "Watcher": yeah NO SOUND
    <21:29:26> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: we cant hear you
    <21:29:41> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: ok, sound now
    <21:29:48> "Watcher": oh you need to make noise or something it just sounds dead
    <21:30:05> "Mass14881": Yes my commander!
    <21:30:11> "Mass14881": shall lead the charge!
    <21:30:17> "Mass14881": and Covington
    <21:30:21> "The TimeLORD": lol mass
    <21:30:27> "Mass14881": he was actaully able to make a plan
    <21:30:35> "Mass14881": i think bill white should get on board with that
    <21:30:51> "Watcher": it willl be nice for billy weiss to have at least one person who wants him when he gets out lol
    <21:30:51> "Mass14881": i also i heard cobb is with covington and gaede
    <21:30:59> "Mass14881": Yup
    <21:31:11> "Mass14881": Is commaner Weiss!
    <21:31:19> "The TimeLORD": covington aint with nobody. noone respects him.
    <21:31:36> "Mass14881": covington actaully made a plan
    <21:31:41> "Mass14881": and there is proggress
    <21:31:45> "The TimeLORD": covington is like tatoo on the "fantasy island" of white nationalism.
    <21:31:51> "Mass14881": people are moving there
    <21:31:54> "Mass14881": but slowly
    <21:32:11> "Mass14881": who else made a plan for this thing of ours
    <21:32:14> "Watcher" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:32:28> "PastorLindstedt1": http://www.counter-currents.com/2011...ge-2/#comments
    <21:32:55> "PastorLindstedt1": http://www.occidentaldissent.com/201...thwest-debate/
    <21:33:01> "Watcher" connected
    <21:33:04> "The TimeLORD": covington = WNist http://www.miqel.com/images_1/random...and_tattoo.jpg
    <21:33:23> "The TimeLORD": but anyways..
    <21:33:30> "Watcher": lol at Fantasy Island of WNism
    <21:33:55> "Mass14881": well yes his novels are fiction
    <21:33:58> "Mass14881": but he made a plan
    <21:34:05> "Mass14881": and demands activity in the real world
    <21:34:13> "Mass14881": REAL WORLD not homosexual world
    <21:34:19> "Mass14881": not the fagget interent1
    <21:34:31> "The TimeLORD": so but now, isn't counter-currents ran by a faggot?
    <21:34:46> "Mass14881": were the 4chan possters come to post anime porn
    <21:34:55> "Watcher": luna isn't a white name
    <21:35:36> "The TimeLORD": vargina isn't a white name either
    <21:35:47> "Frankenwhigger": Most of B-More is Nigger.
    <21:36:13> "Frankenwhigger": But, I Really Liked "The Wire"!!
    <21:36:48> "The TimeLORD": I would not enter B-More in nothing less than Enclave Power Armor and 1000 plasma rounds.
    <21:36:50> "Frankenwhigger": Omar's Coming!!!
    <21:37:11> "Mass14881": Hill of the ravens is alright
    <21:37:21> "Mass14881": but compared to a distant thunder its some faggot shit
    <21:37:37> "Mass14881": but compared to the gay ass novels in my schools great!
    <21:37:57> "Mass14881": whose hunter wallace?
    <21:38:03> "Mass14881": sounds like a fagget name
    <21:38:31> "The TimeLORD": I would only go into Baltimore thus Franken: http://www.gossipgamers.com/wp-conte...-1-590x472.jpg
    <21:39:16> "Frankenwhigger": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmtuRRhtGQw
    <21:39:26> "Mass14881": in covingtons novel
    <21:39:32> "The TimeLORD": anyways Brad does have balls the size of shriveled wasabi peas. This is true.
    <21:39:34> "Mass14881": the US bans meet and cigs
    <21:39:37> "Frankenwhigger": Omar Got Game in B-More!!
    <21:41:06> "The TimeLORD": Pastor, what do you think of the ethical writings of Rambam?
    <21:45:32> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: What do you think of the ethical writings of Rambam?
    <21:45:58> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maimonides
    <21:47:46> "Mass14881": id like a new england imperative
    <21:47:47> "Mass14881": but
    <21:47:54> "Mass14881": im gonna join with covingtons
    <21:49:11> "Northwest": Wallace is an assclown.
    <21:49:18> "Mass14881": i know
    <21:50:01> "The TimeLORD": somebody in one of them forums said covington looked like a mamzer like eli james.
    <21:50:08> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: somebody in one of them forums said covington looked like a mamzer like eli james.
    <21:50:45> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: they were saying he was a mamzer, not a jew
    <21:50:56> "Northwest": Somebody in one of them forums said the good Pastor is a child molester. We don't believe somebody in one of them forums for very clear reasons.
    <21:50:57> "The TimeLORD": Scott Davied Speidel
    <21:51:06> "The TimeLORD": Scott David Speidel
    <21:51:23> "The TimeLORD": SmokyMtn on VNNF ran off once he was outted.
    <21:51:34> "The TimeLORD": Randolph Dilloway
    <21:51:57> "Mass14881": so
    <21:52:20> "Mass14881": anyone heard of hadding scott?
    <21:52:35> "Mass14881": whose he i heard he doesnt exist
    <21:52:41> "Mass14881": and is cognitive dissodance
    <21:52:42> "The TimeLORD": Hadding is not on 2.5 mamzers
    <21:53:13> "The TimeLORD": He is trolling Vissers Pussy Palace
    <21:54:13> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: I mean, how come covington has ever confirmed you as an ally?
    <21:55:23> "Northwest": Okay, folks. Help me out here. What is the best way to get a couple of really tight pins in a firearm to dislodge? I'm trying to take apart my ruger 10/22 and the only thing that won't work out is taking the trigger assembly off of the receiver / barrel.
    <21:55:47> "Mass14881": no idea
    <21:56:01> "Mass14881": i just no how to shoot guns
    <21:56:09> "Mass14881": not assemble
    <21:56:25> "Mass14881": i have vague idea of how to take one appart but never di
    <21:56:46> "Mass14881": so who is lilith?
    <21:56:47> "Northwest": I might need to see a gunsmith for it, but this is supposed to be a normal cleaning procedure.
    <21:57:36> "Northwest": Someone disagrees w/ the 100 yard max: http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubb...504301&fpart=1
    <21:57:40> "Northwest": I found that to be a good read.
    <21:58:04> "Northwest": 300 yards is it.
    <21:58:08> "Northwest": That's the MAX.
    <21:58:14> "Frankenwhigger": A 22 runs out of gas Quick!
    <21:58:27> "The TimeLORD": you couldn't even hit a mamzer at that distance
    <21:59:05> "Frankenwhigger": BRB!!
    <21:59:12> "The TimeLORD": even if you could see his unibrow
    <21:59:22> "Mass14881": well good night guys
    <21:59:24> "Mass14881": sieg heil
    <21:59:33> "The TimeLORD": nite!
    <21:59:33> "Mass14881" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:00:06> "The TimeLORD": what is an effective mamzer kill range?
    <22:00:43> "The TimeLORD": mamzers have those thick skulls
    <22:01:22> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: a mamzer has a thick skull. what is an effective kill range for a mamzer like reo?
    <22:01:46> "The TimeLORD": lol
    <22:03:50> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: high yellers they got them thick skulls though. like niggers and boars.
    <22:05:00> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: I think only something 45 and up could pierce the negroid skull.
    <22:05:21> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <22:05:34> Connection to server lost
    <22:05:35> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <22:05:37> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <22:05:37> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <22:05:37> Welcome.
    <22:05:45> "Frankenwhigger": I want to Know why ZOG doesn't fall apart!!
    <22:06:28> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: unibrow, high yellers get them thick skulls from their nigger heritage.
    <22:07:13> "The TimeLORD": lol
    <22:08:04> "The TimeLORD": this is true
    <22:10:57> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: not like brooks georgia?
    <22:11:47> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: well visser sure as hell loved it....
    <22:12:39> "Northwest": I really need to hit the sack. Later, guys.
    <22:12:41> "Northwest" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:12:46> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: Vissers facebook says that he is in "South Bend" WA.
    <22:13:48> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: he ain't in seattle. he's living in an apartment. works on a fishing boat as a shoreman.
    <22:14:54> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: yes, he's in south bend still. His wife an kids are living with her parents.
    <22:15:41> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: visser is trying to recover his family..feebly.
    <22:16:06> "The TimeLORD": pokes you: but, yeah, visser did make the bomb shit up.
    <22:17:20> "Frankenwhigger": I have to check the Critters. It has been raining all day!!
    <22:17:35> "Frankenwhigger": BRB!!!
    <22:17:43> "The TimeLORD" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:33:25> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:36:49> "Watcher": ;;;
    <22:37:00> "TheRealWilliamB" connected
    <22:37:21> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: need chat permissions
    <22:37:44> "Watcher": Hi TRW I think Lindstedt is on a bed making break at the moment
    <22:38:52> "Watcher": yeah he needs to fix your settings again
    <22:40:45> "Watcher": he may not have enough privileges to change your settings permanent.y that may require INTJ
    <22:41:21> "Watcher": last I heard they got new sheets for tehe waterbed and he was going to help Roxy change them lol
    <22:41:54> "Watcher": not sure, I think INTJ works at nights, he should give lindstedt full status
    <22:42:10> "Watcher": hahaha apparently ... interesting image it conjurs huh?
    <22:43:08> "TheRealWilliamB" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:43:20> "TheRealWilliamB" connected
    <22:43:43> "Watcher": you can talk
    <22:43:52> "Watcher": Lindstedt willl be back in a minute he said
    <22:44:33> Channel group "Listeners (531)" was assigned to "TheRealWilliamB" by "PastorLindstedt1".
    <22:45:40> "TheRealWilliamB": having problem with my mic
    <22:47:19> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: you need to give me voice privilege
    <22:48:19> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <22:48:30> "Frankenwhigger": Hello WilliamB
    <22:48:39> "TheRealWilliamB": Welcome back franken!
    <22:49:02> "Frankenwhigger": Were you imposting TimeLord?
    <22:49:46> "Frankenwhigger": Okay!!
    <22:51:47> "TheRealWilliamB": I don't really follow NIMBusters
    <22:51:59> "TheRealWilliamB": too chaotic
    <22:52:36> "Frankenwhigger": I have kept a check on them from my Hal Turner Days!
    <22:52:56> "TheRealWilliamB": Had to call in late. I just got my truck parked from a long 3 days of work.
    <22:53:29> "TheRealWilliamB": well 2.5 days...
    <22:53:49> "Frankenwhigger": Praise Yahweh that you have a job!!
    <22:54:14> "TheRealWilliamB": Good work, when you can find it.
    <22:54:37> "Watcher": Eli James - Any Lie That Fits the Moment
    by wmfinck ? Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:34 am

    Here is an email Eli sent to the Marxist Arlene Johnson:

    -----Forwarded Message-----
    >From: Eli James <eli-james@sbcglobal.net> >Sent: Apr 22, 2011 2:10 AM
    >To: President NSI <presidentnsi@earthlink.net> >Subject: Re: FW: The truth about Bill Finck
    > >Finck is trying to Nazify CI. That's why I had to dump him.
    > >Eli

    In November of 2009 Sword Brethren and I exposed Arlene Johnson for the Marxist that she is, from articles and other materials on her own website. Here is the podcast
    <22:54:54> "Watcher": Arlene Johnson, Marxist, was advertising her tripe on Eli's Sunday programs for many months before we exposed her. When we exposed her, Eli could say nothing. To do so, he would have been caught supporting an obvious anti-Christ (Johnson insists on such evil things as abortion on demand, reparations for American negroes "victimized" by slavery, etc.).

    Now that Eli and I have split, he once again embraces the Marxist embracer of Negroes - which happens to fit well with Eli's new-found gospel to "save the beasts". Then he tells her a blatant lie about why I split with him!
    <22:55:11> "Frankenwhigger": I spend my days taking care of my Homestead! Thank God that I do not have any mortgage!
    <22:55:13> "Watcher": My 2009 threads about Arlene Johnson are found here:



    It is absolutely amazing, how these trolls keep popping out from under bridges!
    <22:55:27> "whiggerproblem": Oh NO!! Willy B Jew!!!
    <22:55:32> "Watcher": http://forum.christogenea.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2279
    <22:56:37> "whiggerproblem": Shit, is this guy a regular now?
    <22:56:49> "Watcher": who?
    <22:57:01> "whiggerproblem": willy b Jew
    <22:57:37> "whiggerproblem": Jews always have something to say
    <22:57:41> "Watcher": in his last newsletter eli was also puxhing that new ager Jordan Maxwell - kutz couldn't be more transparent
    <22:57:56> "Frankenwhigger": Zecariah Stitchin is the Gospel according to Star Trek!!
    <22:58:03> "whiggerproblem": Eli has a Jew girlfriend?
    <22:58:24> "Watcher": the jew jabba the hut of new age nuttiness
    <22:58:35> "whiggerproblem": he's dead
    <22:58:36> "Frankenwhigger": Jordan Maxwell is a Freemason and NWo theorists!!
    <22:58:53> "whiggerproblem": no!
    <22:58:54> "Frankenwhigger": Jeff Rense!
    <22:59:07> "Watcher": Eli has never had CI credibility as far as I was concerned. both on looks AND the garbage he spews
    <22:59:34> "whiggerproblem": no credibilty, bringing in mamzer
    <22:59:41> "Watcher": yeah he has been on that adams show a lot
    <23:00:14> "Frankenwhigger": Eric Hufschmid
    <23:00:24> "whiggerproblem": hufscmid is okay, he's probably a jew, but he has good info
    <23:00:29> "Frankenwhigger": Huffy is Delaney's Handler.
    <23:00:39> "whiggerproblem": I doubt it
    <23:05:29> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <23:05:30> "TheRealWilliamB": audio cutting out
    <23:07:12> "Watcher": http://adrenarch.bravejournal.com/
    <23:09:31> "Watcher": yeah I wouldn't trust whineydave at all
    <23:10:24> "Watcher": this is Dave's m.o. operating under different names, starting blogs, etc. he is a very sneaky character, and a proven liar
    <23:10:50> "TheRealWilliamB": i dont trust him either, but that is no proof daveUK wrote that article as Finck asserts. Finck has NO proof.
    <23:11:04> "TheRealWilliamB": none
    <23:11:50> "Frankenwhigger": And to think that just two years ago, everybody got along!!
    <23:12:03> "Frankenwhigger": The Only Bad Guy was Hal Turner!!
    <23:12:09> "Watcher": those articles have been emailed around by people who left fink and went with Eli, Dave is part of that crowd. Dave is a very sneaky individual, I have no trouble believing that he is probably the one that put up that blog
    <23:13:09> "Frankenwhigger": Bryan Reo endorses the 2011 Toyota Tacoma.
    <23:13:28> "Frankenwhigger": Bryan Reo can't forecast the Weather!!LOL!!
    <23:13:55> "Frankenwhigger": We have No "Courts of Law" in America!!
    <23:14:29> "Watcher": he can claim that watermark was photoshopped, you would have to subpoena xuqa for the records on the old account that mamzer shut down
    <23:14:57> "Watcher": sounds like John needs to pretty much write that one off
    <23:15:00> "Frankenwhigger": and XuQa would tell the court to go "fuck themselves"!
    <23:15:15> "Watcher": probably since they aren't in the U.S.
    <23:15:31> "Frankenwhigger": Exactly! They are in Turkland!
    <23:16:06> "Frankenwhigger": It's a Turkish Gat site too!
    <23:16:11> "Frankenwhigger": Gay!
    <23:28:37> "Frankenwhigger": I will agree with Martin, in that we should stay underground. I have wanted for years to start a CI Ministry, but not in this world !!!
    <23:29:49> "Frankenwhigger": The Week that Hal Turner got arrested. I was working with Hal to go 24/7 with the CI broadcast and Message.! We were going to do CI and 80s Rock music 24/7!!
    <23:30:58> "Frankenwhigger": I have decided to stay underground! Fuck all the Mamzers! The White trash of America deserve to die ignorant and wanting!
    <23:32:07> "Frankenwhigger": I used to be a Big supporter of Finck, Eli James, Wickstrom and Swordbrethren!! Then I found out that None of them are white men!
    <23:32:47> "Frankenwhigger": I wanted to bring all of the CI crowd together!! Hal too!
    <23:32:57> "Watcher": that is what I found amazing, all that judeo baggage that was hanging around Fink and Kutz just could NOT get it thru their heads that CI dose not proselytize and evangelize like the fake "churches" do ...
    <23:32:58> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:33:03> "Frankenwhigger": And I was working on it!
    <23:33:12> "Watcher" connected
    <23:33:26> "Frankenwhigger": And I was working on it!
    <23:33:44> "Watcher": they could not understand that they could not make little CIers out of everybody they ran across
    <23:34:25> "Frankenwhigger": Exactly Watcher!! I was working for a unification of the CI practioners!
    <23:35:09> "Frankenwhigger": But then I found out that most of the CI are Neo-Nazi and Gay Skinhead Rejects!!
    <23:35:44> "Frankenwhigger": NOW, My attitude is Fuck them all!!!
    <23:36:04> "Watcher": well I am convinced that Yahweh has scattered the genuine remnant and all this public mess you see out there are fakes and shills set out to fulfill other purposes
    <23:36:12> "Frankenwhigger": Martin is correct. The Movement is a TURD!
    <23:36:29> "Watcher": well the movement is not the same as CI
    <23:37:04> "TheRealWilliamB": this is DSCI watcher...
    <23:37:14> "TheRealWilliamB": distinction
    <23:37:22> "Watcher": well TRWB DSCI is the only true form of CI
    <23:37:40> "Watcher": to call the others CI is not really correct
    <23:38:43> "Watcher": the one seedliners and no devils and BIWF and other assorted aberrations are not truly CI
    <23:39:24> "Watcher": they are more like kindergarten stepping stones for some on the way to the real truth
    <23:41:33> "Frankenwhigger": El Cid!!
    <23:42:43> "Watcher": I think its hilarious that eli kutz is back with arlene johnson
    <23:43:24> "Frankenwhigger": Arlene is a "Feminist"!!
    <23:43:34> "Watcher": alrene johnson has a website that promotes helping the poor negroes in africa and all kinds of leftist BS but she calls herself CI
    <23:43:45> "Watcher": probably in her 50s
    <23:44:03> "Frankenwhigger": If a "Racist" is someone who "hates" other Races , what is a feminist?
    <23:44:18> "Watcher": she had a thing on her website asking people to send money to help some nig in Africa that had gotten out of jail after a rape chage
    <23:44:20> "Watcher": charge
    <23:44:22> "Frankenwhigger": or at least that is what the liberals tell us!!
    <23:44:53> "Watcher": sounds like a perfect friend for old universalist eli!
    <23:46:07> "Watcher": brb
    <23:46:10> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:46:19> "Frankenwhigger": Two years ago, it seem to me that CI was doing well with the many new adhererents! I thought that with us all, that CI had finally arrived
    <23:49:41> "Frankenwhigger": There was No "Holocaust" !!!
    <23:49:49> "Frankenwhigger": It was all a Lie!!
    <23:50:16> "Frankenwhigger": Finck is a THUG!!
    <23:50:42> "Frankenwhigger": He will use his Batton on you!!
    <23:53:55> "Watcher" connected
    <23:54:38> "Watcher": modem? are you on dial up?
    <23:55:09> "Frankenwhigger": Yes, the 21st century hasn't arrived in Granby!!
    <23:55:19> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: that is funny as shit. that is exactly what i do! I use a surfboard too!
    <23:55:33> "Watcher": wow, last time I had to use dial up for a while I almost threw the damn computer against the wall
    <23:55:39> "Frankenwhigger": Cable RAWKS!!
    <23:56:03> "Watcher": oh cable is okay
    <23:56:04> "Frankenwhigger": I Have DSL and I get 1Gbps speed that Rawks!!
    <23:56:30> "Frankenwhigger": I can download movies from Pirate bay in Twenty Minutes.
    <23:57:06> "Frankenwhigger": I have three or four New movies to watch tonight!
    <23:57:46> "TheRealWilliamB": DSL doesn't always work that well everywhere.
    <23:58:04> "Watcher": I have DSL it works okay
    <23:58:11> "Watcher": mamzer is a complete idiot
    <23:58:11> "TheRealWilliamB": any new news about John?
    <23:58:19> "Frankenwhigger": DSL works well in My Area!! I am a 1/4 mile away from the CO!!
    <23:58:43> "TheRealWilliamB": How is John Britton doing?
    <23:58:44> "Frankenwhigger": CO = Central Office
    <23:59:26> "TheRealWilliamB": it is f'ed up in idaho...
    <23:59:35> "Frankenwhigger": I Use "Real Hide IP" to Hide My IP when I download.
    <23:59:48> "Watcher": they are all hungry for money now, that will probably become standard
    <23:59:53> "Frankenwhigger": Download Real Hide IP from Pirate Bay!
    <00:00:15> "Frankenwhigger": Otherwise, you have to buy it for 29.99
    <00:00:49> "Watcher": man I'd be telling that kid to get a job so she can start paying me back ... in full ... ASAP!!
    <00:01:07> "Watcher": cool, I'll check that out thanks
    <00:01:10> "Frankenwhigger": There are no Jobs!!
    <00:01:36> "Watcher": well it would be in her interest to find one ... anywhere ... anyhow ... macdonalds would do in the meantime
    <00:02:18> "Frankenwhigger": Do Not Download unless you use Real Hide IP or a VPN. The DMCA will shut down your IP provider.
    <00:02:49> "Frankenwhigger": I steal Movies from the Jews all the Time!!
    <00:03:06> "Watcher": well I don't download from places like that but I can use the proxy
    <00:03:08> "Frankenwhigger": District 9 is an excellent movie!!
    <00:03:21> "TheRealWilliamB": you are incriminating yourself franken!
    <00:03:24> "Watcher": caddies ARE gas guzzlers
    <00:03:45> "TheRealWilliamB": that geo still run?
    <00:03:49> "Frankenwhigger": I just Kidding !~!
    <00:04:40> "TheRealWilliamB": well, why dont you sell it?
    <00:04:44> "TheRealWilliamB": sell tha tgeo
    <00:04:50> "TheRealWilliamB": that geo
    <00:05:01> "Watcher": lol free water from the sky! lindstedt can pinch a penny tilll it screams hahaha
    <00:05:25> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <00:05:25> "Frankenwhigger": Video?
    <00:05:25> "Watcher": he's about to crash
    <00:05:31> Connection to server lost
    <00:05:32> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <00:05:33> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <00:05:33> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <00:05:33> Welcome.
    <00:05:35> "Watcher": see
    <00:05:56> "Frankenwhigger": Youu are prophectic!
    <00:06:10> "Watcher": 
    <00:06:14> "TheRealWilliamB": indeed
    <00:07:04> "Frankenwhigger": The Old West Wasn't so "Wild"! That is Jew Hollywood Propaganda! The west was Peaceful!
    <00:07:28> "Watcher": well that takes the punch out of those old John Ford westerns
    <00:07:44> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: Thank you pastor. please continue with the assesment of samson and judges.
    <00:07:44> "Watcher": the only decent westerns ever made of course
    <00:08:22> "Frankenwhigger": John Ford made the Propaganda films about the Germans in WW2!! Lampshades and Soap are His and Billy Wilde's Work!!
    <00:08:30> "Frankenwhigger": They worked for the OSS!
    <00:08:44> "Frankenwhigger": John Ford was a Jew Propagandist!
    <00:09:47> "Frankenwhigger": Elenin is coming!!!
    <00:09:53> "Watcher": well that applies to about everything that has ever come out of hollywood
    <00:16:30> "Frankenwhigger": Aren't all the Homos, the result of Race Mixing? The Race Mixing scrambles the mamzer's brain! That is why there are so many queers!
    <00:17:15> "Frankenwhigger": The Book of Enoch tell's us that Demonic Spirits are the result of Race Mixing!
    <00:17:38> "Frankenwhigger": And the Homo Spirit is a Demonic Spirit!
    <00:17:57> "Frankenwhigger": The Sin of Sodom is Race Mixing!
    <00:25:44> "TheRealWilliamB": sons of belial = the sons of mixed blood.
    <00:27:03> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: excellent sermon....
    <00:38:31> "TheRealWilliamB": you could be right about that
    <00:49:38> "Frankenwhigger": Do I hear WilliamB?
    <00:50:57> "Frankenwhigger": I Need something Stronger than beer!!
    <00:51:21> "Frankenwhigger": I think I'll Have a Sherry!
    <00:52:19> "Frankenwhigger": I don't Know?!?!?!?
    <00:52:47> "Frankenwhigger": I Just Know what I Like and I Like all kinds of Booze!!
    <00:53:15> "Frankenwhigger": Whiskey, Rum, Wine Beer I amke it all and Drink it all!
    <00:53:39> "Frankenwhigger": Whiskey, Rum, Wine Beer I make it all and Drink it all!
    <01:03:42> "Watcher": Good sermon! Thank you!
    <01:04:03> "Watcher": maybe to catch up on the shows you should do one compilation of the best parts...
    <01:04:43> "Frankenwhigger": Good Job Martin!! You should do more teachings!!
    <01:05:04> "Watcher": yeah ultimately most if it willl have to go
    <01:05:04> "whiggerproblem": yeah, that was good. judges was interesting
    <01:05:20> "whiggerproblem": audio
    <01:05:25> Connection to server lost
    <01:05:26> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <01:05:28> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <01:05:29> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <01:05:29> Welcome.
    <01:05:31> "Watcher": yup
    <01:05:54> "Watcher": lll
    <01:06:03> "Frankenwhigger": Martin?!?!??!?!?
    <01:06:30> "Watcher": no sound?
    <01:06:44> "TheRealWilliamB": No ovation?
    <01:06:56> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: Ovation!
    <01:07:25> "TheRealWilliamB": pokes you: Ovation means at least 2 more songs/talks.
    <01:07:56> "TheRealWilliamB": sound?
    <01:07:57> "Frankenwhigger": Goodnight all Yahweh Bless!! I have Movies to watch from Pirate Bay!!
    <01:08:14> "Frankenwhigger": There is NO AUDIO or VIDEO!!
    <01:08:17> "Watcher": yeah cya fw ...
    <01:08:25> "Watcher": I'm gonna check out too
    <01:08:29> "TheRealWilliamB": wtf?
    <01:08:37> "Watcher": bye TRWB
    <01:09:02> "Frankenwhigger": I Hear you William B!!
    <01:09:02> "Watcher": Yeah he must have had a crash or something
    <01:09:28> "Watcher": think you have a long wait lol
    <01:09:31> "Frankenwhigger": I don't have a Mic or Headphones!!
    <01:09:47> "Watcher": yeah he's on a hand crank computer
    <01:09:51> "TheRealWilliamB": dude, come on....
    <01:10:03> "Frankenwhigger": I have an old Propane gas Model!
    <01:10:08> "TheRealWilliamB": anybody? hello?
    <01:10:19> "Frankenwhigger": I Guess it's OVER!!
    <01:10:21> "TheRealWilliamB": i'm on mars....fuck it.
    <01:10:30> "Watcher": haha yeah see ya later
    <01:10:36> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:10:43> "Frankenwhigger": Later!! Yahweh Bless and Happy Easter!!LOL!!
    <01:10:52> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:11:46> "TheRealWilliamB" disconnected (leaving)
    <01:12:00> "whiggerproblem" stopped recording
    <01:15:33> "whiggerproblem" disconnected (leaving)

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    <21:04:05> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <21:04:06> Welcome.
    <21:04:10> "Northwest": Here we go.
    <21:04:16> "mamzerproblem": ok
    <21:04:22> "Northwest": LOL
    <21:04:22> "Mass14881": alright
    <21:04:23> "Northwest": Harsh
    <21:04:28> "Mass14881": lets get this moveable feast on the road
    <21:04:29> You are now known as "PastorLindstedt"
    <21:04:48> "mamzerproblem": indeed
    <21:06:11> Connection to server lost
    <21:06:12> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
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    <21:06:15> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <21:06:15> Welcome.
    <21:07:16> "Northwest": I can't stand the ZOG Korts
    <21:07:26> "mamzerproblem": you need to get you a new toshiba
    <21:07:58> "Frankenwhigger" connected
    <21:08:03> "Northwest": FW!
    <21:08:19> "Frankenwhigger": What did I Miss?!?!?!?
    <21:08:37> "mamzerproblem": nothing..his system crashed twice
    <21:08:39> "Northwest": Not much, the Pastor is recovering from a computer crash and he's only recently been here.
    <21:08:42> "Frankenwhigger": I had to take Mom to a Chicken Dinner!!!
    <21:08:50> "whiggerproblem": Show started late
    <21:09:03> "mamzerproblem": at Chick fil a?
    <21:09:34> "Frankenwhigger": Chic-fil-A RAWKZ!!!
    <21:09:55> "Watcher" connected
    <21:10:02> "Frankenwhigger": All Quiet on the Reo Front?!?!?!?
    <21:10:12> "mamzerproblem": never ate there yet. want to. we got one here in town. just haven't gotten around to it.
    <21:10:29> "whiggerproblem": Guest01 = mamzerproblem
    <21:10:39> "Frankenwhigger": Chick-fil-A doesn't hire Beaners or Gooks to serve your food!
    <21:10:51> "Frankenwhigger": They use intelligent White People!
    <21:10:52> "mamzerproblem": the mamzer has gone underground. pokes its blubber lips for nico faggot on sunday.
    <21:11:12> "Northwest": No, but they hire niggers. I saw one in the Chick-Fil-A where I am and stopped going in.
    <21:11:23> "Frankenwhigger": Every Chic-Fil-A that I have been in is clean and has white folks working it!!
    <21:11:39> "mamzerproblem": they got one here. I just haven't been to it.
    <21:11:52> "Mass14881": lol
    <21:11:55> "Mass14881": bb gun
    <21:12:06> "Mass14881": my gay parents never let me have one
    <21:12:19> "Northwest": LOL Pastor - you're a cognitive dissonance farm agent.
    <21:12:20> "Frankenwhigger": Hey Brookline!!
    <21:12:35> "Mass14881": lol
    <21:12:48> "Mass14881": is elohim city even around
    <21:12:53> "Mass14881": with that fat guy
    <21:13:04> "Mass14881": and is there still a church and trailer park
    <21:13:17> "mamzerproblem": sorta like Jamie Kelso
    <21:13:26> "Mass14881": Jamie kelso?
    <21:13:46> "Frankenwhigger": Google is Your Friend!!
    <21:13:56> "mamzerproblem": lol fw!
    <21:14:08> "Mass14881": is there still a white aryan church?
    <21:14:23> "Frankenwhigger": Google is Your Friend!!
    <21:14:30> "Mass14881": No its ont
    <21:14:31> "Mass14881": not
    <21:14:37> "Mass14881": google and i had an argument?
    <21:14:40> "Frankenwhigger": Yes it is!!
    <21:14:40> "Mass14881": just now
    <21:14:48> "Mass14881": google called me a faggot
    <21:14:50> "mamzerproblem": it might be too much to ask him to analyze the .dmp with windbg....
    <21:14:55> "mamzerproblem":
    <21:15:39> "Northwest": I have to start an on-call rotation tomorrow. It's best if I call it a night and see you all Sunday.
    <21:15:43> "Frankenwhigger": Audio sounds real good tonight!! Martin has his Mics tuned right!
    <21:15:44> "whiggerproblem": sound
    <21:15:47> "Northwest" disconnected (leaving)
    <21:16:11> "Mass14881": hey i heard Robert G Millers son took over Elohim city
    <21:16:16> "Frankenwhigger": How's Life at Nimbusters?
    <21:16:16> "Mass14881": and the place still exists
    <21:16:36> "Mass14881": i wanna go to elohim city
    <21:16:43> "whiggerproblem": Henrey Rollins is Jew And gay
    <21:16:48> "whiggerproblem": Henry
    <21:16:58> "Frankenwhigger": Elohim City has a Great Ferris Wheel and Log Ride!!
    <21:17:08> "mamzerproblem": Rollins is not jewish tard
    <21:17:16> "whiggerproblem": that's what nimbusters say
    <21:17:25> "mamzerproblem": that is ridiculous
    <21:17:42> "Frankenwhigger": I used to like the "Henry Rollins Band"!!
    <21:17:57> "mamzerproblem": Black Flag
    <21:17:58> "whiggerproblem": http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/0...of-a-Synagogue
    <21:18:06> "whiggerproblem": scroll down
    <21:18:12> "Frankenwhigger": He's a good actor!! Good at playing Bad Guys!!
    <21:18:30> "mamzerproblem": dailykos? you pulling from the huffpost next?
    <21:18:36> "mamzerproblem": or daily mail?
    <21:18:42> "Mass14881": dr. zaius!
    <21:18:54> "mamzerproblem": no, craig cobb looks like Dr. Zaius!
    <21:18:57> "whiggerproblem": can't take the truth, bryan?
    <21:19:01> "Mass14881": yes he does!
    <21:19:14> "mamzerproblem": Craig Cobb = Dr. Zaius
    <21:19:17> "Watcher" disconnected (leaving)
    <21:19:27> "Mass14881": Im gonn run away from home and live at bill whites compound!
    <21:19:34> "Mass14881": i mean bill riccio!
    <21:19:38> "Mass14881": not bill white
    <21:19:42> "Mass14881": bill riccio
    <21:19:52> "whiggerproblem": http://www.contactmusic.com/new/xmlf...g-my-sexuality
    <21:22:03> "whiggerproblem": http://webcache.googleusercontent.co...www.google.com
    <21:22:14> "mamzerproblem": Edgar Steele Convicted: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/201...ty-all-counts/
    <21:22:45> "Frankenwhigger": Edgar Steele got railroaded!!
    <21:24:00> "mamzerproblem": I guess Hadding is jerking himself off senseless now.
    <21:24:02> "whiggerproblem": ALL WOMAN JURY!..and one man. THEY"LL believe anything.
    <21:24:15> "Mass14881": hadding scott is a faggot
    <21:24:20> "Mass14881": i got his name and his ass
    <21:24:27> "mamzerproblem": Along with Jim Giles and the Orc Sow Moana Montcoonery
    <21:24:32> "whiggerproblem": That's not even pretending to be fair
    <21:25:11> "whiggerproblem": “He’s innocent,” an emotional Cyndi Steele said after the verdict was read. “He did not do this, and we have the proof, which was denied in the courtroom.”
    <21:25:20> "Mass14881": what ever happend to bill riccio
    <21:25:31> "Mass14881": from the documentary USA skinhead soldier
    <21:25:36> "Mass14881": he is awesome
    <21:25:48> "Mass14881": even though he needs to take meds
    <21:26:03> "Mass14881": Bill Riccio is my commander!
    <21:27:27> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, Idaho women are not pro white. So much for the NW Imperative
    <21:27:48> "mamzerproblem": Orc sow reveling in her happiness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK2LhbovSX4
    <21:28:10> "whiggerproblem": I blame the Jury
    <21:28:45> "whiggerproblem": more than ZOG
    <21:28:49> "mamzerproblem": 11 women and 1 man in the jury!
    <21:28:56> "Mass14881": i wish i had 11 women!
    <21:29:00> "mamzerproblem": 11 mona montgomerys
    <21:29:05> "Mass14881": lol
    <21:29:15> "mamzerproblem": you want a moaner?
    <21:29:20> "Mass14881": hell no!
    <21:29:23> "Mass14881": she is like 89
    <21:29:27> "Mass14881": you sick fuck
    <21:29:39> "mamzerproblem": you said it. not me.
    <21:29:47> "Mass14881": i said 11 women not monas
    <21:29:58> "Mass14881": so whatever happened to bill riccio
    <21:30:02> "mamzerproblem": you know you want to tap some moaner....
    <21:30:23> "Mass14881": i like Bill Riccio!
    <21:30:26> "mamzerproblem": LOL
    <21:30:26> "Mass14881": he is my commander
    <21:30:37> "Mass14881": from the documentary USA skinhead sodlier
    <21:30:48> "Mass14881": i wanna live at his commune
    <21:31:18> "mamzerproblem": Jim Giles might actually be able to get it up without Viagra after the conviction of Steele!!!!!
    <21:31:37> "Mass14881": why does everyone hate jim jiles
    <21:31:52> "mamzerproblem": because you dont know anything
    <21:32:08> "Mass14881": hey i know more than most movement youth in my age
    <21:32:09> "mamzerproblem": just shut the fuck up and listen
    <21:32:25> "Mass14881": all the kids in the movement just know about Duke and hitler
    <21:32:41> "Frankenwhigger": That's why they are Kids!!
    <21:32:50> "Mass14881": I know more then them
    <21:33:02> "mamzerproblem": it's "than" dude
    <21:33:11> "Mass14881": all the young people in the movement are NS type
    <21:33:32> "Mass14881": i know this NS kid in canada who claims lindstedt looks like a crazy hippie
    <21:33:51> "mamzerproblem": Orc sow (reprise): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK2LhbovSX4
    <21:33:54> "Frankenwhigger": Martin is a Crazy Hippie!!
    <21:34:05> "Mass14881": like charles manson
    <21:34:15> "whiggerproblem": Bryan Reo is a fag
    <21:34:20> "Mass14881": no shit sherlock!
    <21:34:26> "mamzerproblem": true that wp
    <21:34:29> "Frankenwhigger": Martin is a Wild and Crazy kinda Guy!!!
    <21:34:33> "whiggerproblem": Just like to say it
    <21:34:47> "Mass14881": LINDSTEDT, I need your permission for a military opperation against Bryan Reos blog
    <21:34:51> "Mass14881": ALRIGHT
    <21:34:56> "whiggerproblem": so mamzerproblem can hear
    <21:35:07> "Mass14881": this the the plan i shall post his blog on 4chan
    <21:35:09> "mamzerproblem": i couldn't even bring myself to fuck the moaner once man....
    <21:35:20> "Mass14881": and tell everyone to flag it
    <21:35:27> "Mass14881": and pretend to be from the antifa
    <21:35:55> "mamzerproblem": maybe, just maybe in a "hangover 2" scenario. and that is a stretch.
    <21:35:59> "Mass14881": I shall launch my attack
    <21:36:02> "Mass14881": against bryan reo
    <21:36:11> "Mass14881": Yahwehs hand shall guide me
    <21:36:18> "Mass14881": against bryan reos blog
    <21:36:31> "Mass14881": and i shall use 4chan to get it removed
    <21:37:12> "whiggerproblem": good point Martin
    <21:37:35> "Mass14881": do i have your approval?
    <21:37:37> "whiggerproblem": WhiGGers!!!!!!!
    <21:37:41> "Mass14881": to launc nuclear attack?
    <21:37:53> "mamzerproblem": diseased animals like delaney
    <21:37:57> "whiggerproblem": can't stand these whiggers!!!!
    <21:38:14> "Mass1488" connected
    <21:38:20> "Mass1488": Lindstedt
    <21:38:27> "Mass1488": i need your permission for the 4chan attack
    <21:38:31> "Mass14881" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:38:36> "mamzerproblem": Delaney is a diseased Hybernigger.
    <21:39:24> "whiggerproblem": muds won't survive
    <21:39:34> "whiggerproblem": when whitey cut soff the food and medicine
    <21:39:48> "whiggerproblem": Not worried
    <21:39:54> "Mass1488": just ask mugabe how it worked for him
    <21:40:10> "Mass1488": I pronounce it as Mug-a-bee
    <21:40:20> "Mass1488": sounds like a nigger from harlem that mugs people
    <21:41:41> "Mass1488": HEIL HITLER
    <21:41:45> "Mass1488": and Bill Riccio
    <21:44:18> "whiggerproblem": Bin Sub Contractor...LOL
    <21:45:11> "whiggerproblem": We Got Ourselves a WhiGGer Problem!!!!!!
    <21:45:54> "mamzerproblem": as far as it concerns reo, we have a mamzer problem
    <21:49:31> "whiggerproblem": Closer than we know
    <21:49:41> "Frankenwhigger": I think Martin has lost his fervor and Zeal for doing these shows anymore!
    <21:50:07> "Frankenwhigger": Martin did his job in exposing the Frauds!
    <21:50:27> "Frankenwhigger": And I guess he has run out of adversaries!
    <21:51:13> "Mass1488" dropped (connection lost)
    <21:53:21> "whiggerproblem": FW, I agree! But it happened a long time ago
    <21:53:35> "whiggerproblem": when he lost TalkShoe
    <21:54:02> "Frankenwhigger": Yeah, the "gas" has seem to runout of His Shows!!
    <21:54:35> "whiggerproblem": It's a shame. It was the best show, bar none
    <21:54:56> "Frankenwhigger": Agree.
    <21:56:41> "whiggerproblem": This is just another reason to get rid of mamzers
    <22:02:16> "mamzerproblem": gas should be going back down!
    <22:03:09> "Mass1488" connected
    <22:03:11> "Mass1488": pasotr
    <22:03:14> "Mass1488": pastor
    <22:03:19> "Mass1488": talk about Bill Riccio!
    <22:03:27> "Mass1488": he is m commander
    <22:03:35> "Mass1488": i was just transwered to his division
    <22:03:38> "mamzerproblem": that there geo metro will benefit from the lower gas prices
    <22:03:48> "Mass1488": whatever happened to bill riccio
    <22:03:49> "mamzerproblem": 2.5 cylinders
    <22:03:57> "mamzerproblem": like 2.5 mamzers
    <22:06:14> You dropped (connection lost)
    <22:06:14> Disconnected from server
    <22:08:28> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <22:08:29> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <22:08:30> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <22:08:30> Welcome.
    <22:08:46> "Frankenwhigger": Thanks Guys!! If the Shows don't Improve, I will be dropping out of participating. It is Getting to be summer here!!
    <22:08:52> You are now known as "PastorLindstedt"
    <22:09:45> "whiggerproblem": You need some guests
    <22:10:03> "mamzerproblem": Any hope of going back to Talkshoe?
    <22:12:02> "Mass1488" dropped (connection lost)
    <22:22:55> "mamzerproblem": this is a kick ass game fw....
    <22:27:41> "Mass1488" connected
    <22:27:43> "Mass1488": pastor
    <22:27:46> "Mass1488": my computer works
    <22:27:49> "Mass1488": hello heil hitler
    <22:28:10> "Mass1488": what happened to bill riccio?
    <22:28:27> "Mass1488": commander of the aryan national front
    <22:28:31> "Mass1488": head of the skinheads
    <22:31:11> "mamzerproblem": you benn drinkin?
    <22:32:02> "mamzerproblem": Bruce Gorman is a Boozer.
    <22:32:32> "mamzerproblem": Downs 1.5 litres a night. Pure grain EToH.
    <22:33:38> "Mass1488": http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater haitian brothel!
    <22:33:38> "Mass1488": lol
    <22:33:50> "mamzerproblem": he's an alcoholic
    <22:33:52> "Mass1488": Pastor do you support Jett and jahn
    <22:33:54> "Mass1488": i do!
    <22:34:07> "mamzerproblem": Gorman is an alchee
    <22:34:10> "Frankenwhigger": Bruce Gormann111 is the Santa Claus of DSCI!!!
    <22:34:12> "Mass1488": my friends hate me cause i do or my friends in the movement
    <22:34:17> "mamzerproblem": JnJ kicks ass
    <22:34:19> "Mass1488": they claim they are degenerate
    <22:34:25> "Mass1488": i like em
    <22:34:41> "mamzerproblem": good folks
    <22:37:31> "mamzerproblem": hink about the NIMBusters though. That takes Sammy Hagar-Blood to open a chat board that is completely free range (jackalopes aside)l....
    <22:37:36> "Mass1488": Whats the CI view of how to draw mystical powers
    <22:37:44> "Mass1488": and whats the Ci view of heaven
    <22:37:55> "Mass1488": is heaven another dimension where good guys go when they die
    <22:38:04> "mamzerproblem": Think about the NIMBusters though. That takes Sammy Hagar-Blood to open a chat board that is completely free range (jackalopes aside)....
    <22:38:15> "Mass1488": and in CI are there spells
    <22:38:36> "mamzerproblem": free speech isnt that easy
    <22:39:20> "Mass1488": in CI is there mystisicism
    <22:40:00> "mamzerproblem": no
    <22:40:25> "mamzerproblem": no mamzerism
    <22:40:27> "Mass1488": and where exactly are heaven and hell located
    <22:40:40> "Mass1488": i know they are not above us or below us
    <22:40:44> "Mass1488": are they other dimensions
    <22:41:01> "mamzerproblem": You'd be best to study the Apocripha
    <22:41:13> "Mass1488": i wanna get them badly
    <22:41:30> "Mass1488": and i presume humans cant cast spells in CI
    <22:41:43> "Mass1488": but what if they are demon possesed
    <22:41:55> "mamzerproblem": er, Apocrypha....well anyways
    <22:41:59> "whiggerproblem": ?
    <22:42:42> "Mass1488": wati will the apocrypha teach me how to do it
    <22:42:47> "Mass1488": i presume not
    <22:42:58> "Mass1488": but it will give me the locations of heaven and hell
    <22:43:24> "mamzerproblem": when was the mikey kikey fight?
    <22:43:36> "mamzerproblem": recorded?
    <22:44:16> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: you assume wrong. and you know how f'ed up it is out here.
    <22:44:53> "Mass1488": in CI can you date girls that are pagan
    <22:45:15> "mamzerproblem": I really don't care for old Mike Kikey either, btw.
    <22:45:31> "mamzerproblem": I thought they had already banned ya?
    <22:46:32> "mamzerproblem": Jamie Kelso has his head so far up his ass that it is ridiculous.
    <22:46:40> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.thephora.net/forum/showth...t=72082&page=5
    <22:47:49> "mamzerproblem": American_Celt!
    <22:49:05> "mamzerproblem": you have to get some new toshibas
    <22:50:33> "mamzerproblem": i would try ASUS. they make way better computers.
    <22:51:35> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <22:51:45> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:52:20> "mamzerproblem": the quality is on par with HP and far better than Dell.
    <22:52:34> "PastorLindstedt": http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=185520
    <22:52:49> "mamzerproblem": HP leads the laptop market.
    <22:52:57> "mamzerproblem": worldwide
    <22:53:36> "mamzerproblem": now is franken in the house?
    <22:54:25> "mamzerproblem": i was going to question his "collective nueral net".
    <22:54:43> "Mass1488": TOm chittun is a good guy
    <22:54:45> "Mass1488": i read his book
    <22:54:48> "Mass1488": and own a copy
    <22:55:13> "Mass1488": Civil war 2 is a must get for north american white nationalists
    <22:55:16> "mamzerproblem": shoot, where is the lawyer, chemical engineer-politician" Russel Walker?
    <22:56:08> "mamzerproblem": shit Russ Walker could be fucking superman! Fuck! I'm back in Fulton!
    <22:57:25> "mamzerproblem": wow
    <22:58:14> "mamzerproblem": Anyways, any new news about the Pisser?
    <22:58:24> "mamzerproblem": Something less negative
    <23:00:03> "mamzerproblem": We should see to get Pastor Visser on the next Deadlist Catch: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/deadliest-catch/
    <23:00:40> "Mass1488": whats the CI view of spiritual healing
    <23:00:46> "mamzerproblem": Preachin' on the open sea
    <23:00:48> "Mass1488": al quaeda is like Metzger!
    <23:02:18> "mamzerproblem": Visser embarked from South Bend
    <23:04:02> "mamzerproblem": May 01, 2011 4:40 am. Return: May 07, 2011 8:15 am.
    <23:04:26> "mamzerproblem": Vissers fishboat
    <23:05:58> "mamzerproblem": Dock number SCD-01-1005-76C
    <23:06:34> "mamzerproblem": of course not
    <23:06:44> "mamzerproblem": visser alone runs it
    <23:07:26> "mamzerproblem": "surprise, surprise!" - Gomer Pyles
    <23:07:58> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: "surprise, surprise!" - Gomer Pyles
    <23:08:23> "mamzerproblem": ROTFLMAO!
    <23:09:24> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: What the hell was that crazy story about the crazy bastard with the tiny penis in the nuthouse?
    <23:09:39> "whiggerproblem": Yesthat was Herod
    <23:10:09> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: you said he was drugged out and threw chairs around.
    <23:10:44> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: he had insane strength. must have broke his back.
    <23:10:47> "Mass1488": where can i buy aryan nathans cross chains
    <23:10:58> "Mass1488": like an aryan nations cross to wear around my name
    <23:11:02> "Mass1488": neck*
    <23:12:19> "mamzerproblem": Thing about it is, you endured it.
    <23:12:37> "mamzerproblem": Most whiggers couldn't last 2 days in that situation.
    <23:12:54> "whiggerproblem": that's why it's the nut house
    <23:13:36> "mamzerproblem": it isn't for the fair
    <23:13:43> "mamzerproblem": "at intellect"
    <23:13:57> "Mass1488": Where can i get aryan nations emblems to wear around my neck
    <23:14:50> "mamzerproblem": You had that 2 inch dick super strength mamzer as a roomie????
    <23:15:30> "Mass1488": I would
    <23:15:32> "Mass1488": i love it
    <23:15:39> "Mass1488": no one in my school would know what it meant
    <23:15:44> "mamzerproblem": I'm certain that Bryan Reo's cock is less than 3".
    <23:16:17> "mamzerproblem": Ole Bryan Reo didn't inherit the big dick nigga gene.
    <23:16:29> "Mass1488": Alright
    <23:16:33> "whiggerproblem": isn't he a she male?
    <23:16:37> "Mass1488": so no spells or healing in CI
    <23:16:45> "Mass1488": i guess ive been watching to much anime
    <23:16:53> "mamzerproblem": stop, i'm gonna bust a rib...
    <23:16:58> "Mass1488": and no diviniation
    <23:17:00> "whiggerproblem": witchcraft
    <23:17:22> "whiggerproblem": no ELECTIONS
    <23:17:26> "Mass1488": So we wont take back palestine?
    <23:17:31> "Mass1488": im fine with that
    <23:17:32> "whiggerproblem": 10000 war lords
    <23:17:35> "Mass1488": i like that
    <23:17:39> "Mass1488": im a warlord
    <23:17:52> "whiggerproblem": go for it
    <23:17:55> "mamzerproblem": from here on now coded as stop,...
    <23:18:21> "Mass1488": stop
    <23:18:26> "Mass1488": like a telegram
    <23:18:36> "whiggerproblem": Osama Bin Subcontractor worked for ZOG
    <23:18:43> "mamzerproblem": yes, young padwan.
    <23:19:08> "Mass1488": what are the raks in CI
    <23:19:39> "whiggerproblem": Voice of Reasom is totally fake
    <23:19:44> "Northwest" connected
    <23:19:51> "Northwest": Well, I can't sleep.
    <23:19:54> "Northwest": How's thing in here?
    <23:19:56> "whiggerproblem": NW is back!
    <23:20:00> "whiggerproblem": better
    <23:20:18> "Northwest": Good. I'm listening while cleaning firearms.
    <23:20:34> "Northwest": I'm at the Keyboard if anyone needs me (ha, right...)
    <23:20:35> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, whiggers want to drag us down
    <23:20:53> "Mass1488": I have numchucks
    <23:20:56> "Mass1488": will that cut it
    <23:20:58> "mamzerproblem": Still exposing your location eh, NW?
    <23:21:05> "Mass1488": and knive
    <23:21:14> "whiggerproblem": whiGGers piss me off
    <23:21:22> "Northwest": lol, I guess I am.
    <23:21:37> "Mass1488": Will numchucks cut it for defense
    <23:21:44> "whiggerproblem": MO has cheap land
    <23:22:00> "Mass1488": numchucks and knives
    <23:23:09> "mamzerproblem" is now known as "Moriarty"
    <23:23:23> "Moriarty": Of course now, which, and why?
    <23:24:50> "whiggerproblem": But Martin. That's okay in the sense that declining whites are harder on Jews.
    <23:25:19> "Mass1488": wait in CI do we support White rule over palestine
    <23:25:31> "Mass1488": such as Christian identity nation in palestine
    <23:25:40> "Mass1488": cause i dont like that idea
    <23:26:28> "whiggerproblem": what's a smudge pot?
    <23:26:36> "Moriarty": indeed...where i am is fulll of these mamzers
    <23:27:56> "Moriarty": nite
    <23:28:00> "Moriarty" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:29:20> "whiggerproblem": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smudge_pot
    <23:29:45> "Mass1488": whats the curse of ham
    <23:30:15> "Mass1488": or is it called the curse of cannaan
    <23:30:41> "whiggerproblem": not a lot of land there
    <23:32:00> "Mass1488" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:33:16> "whiggerproblem": the chinese can only steal technology, not even improve it
    <23:37:06> "whiggerproblem": lots of families have whiggers
    <23:37:42> "whiggerproblem": Juries can be fixed
    <23:38:23> "Northwest": It's true - ever yfamily is like that.
    <23:38:27> "Northwest": *every family
    <23:38:39> "whiggerproblem": yep
    <23:39:32> "whiggerproblem": Thanks Martin!
    <23:39:58> "whiggerproblem": The second half of the show was better than the first half
    <23:40:30> "whiggerproblem": Those motions filed for Britton were rejected?
    <23:41:11> "whiggerproblem": crazy judge
    <23:41:42> "whiggerproblem": Judges can do whatever they want
    <23:42:04> "whiggerproblem": yeah, no rules
    <23:42:55> "whiggerproblem": ZOG will fall hard
    <23:43:54> "whiggerproblem": is that a Fed case?
    <23:44:19> "PastorLindstedt": http://openjurist.org/238/f3d/933/ma...city-of-granby
    <23:45:55> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <23:46:14> "whiggerproblem": It's all part of the show

    <22:33:38> "Mass1488": http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater haitian brothel!
    <22:33:38> "Mass1488": lol
    <22:33:50> "mamzerproblem": he's an alcoholic
    <22:33:52> "Mass1488": Pastor do you support Jett and jahn
    <22:33:54> "Mass1488": i do!
    <22:34:07> "mamzerproblem": Gorman is an alchee
    <22:34:10> "Frankenwhigger": Bruce Gormann111 is the Santa Claus of DSCI!!!
    <22:34:12> "Mass1488": my friends hate me cause i do or my friends in the movement
    <22:34:17> "mamzerproblem": JnJ kicks ass
    <22:34:19> "Mass1488": they claim they are degenerate
    <22:34:25> "Mass1488": i like em
    <22:34:41> "mamzerproblem": good folks
    <22:37:31> "mamzerproblem": hink about the NIMBusters though. That takes Sammy Hagar-Blood to open a chat board that is completely free range (jackalopes aside)l....
    <22:37:36> "Mass1488": Whats the CI view of how to draw mystical powers
    <22:37:44> "Mass1488": and whats the Ci view of heaven
    <22:37:55> "Mass1488": is heaven another dimension where good guys go when they die
    <22:38:04> "mamzerproblem": Think about the NIMBusters though. That takes Sammy Hagar-Blood to open a chat board that is completely free range (jackalopes aside)....
    <22:38:15> "Mass1488": and in CI are there spells
    <22:38:36> "mamzerproblem": free speech isnt that easy
    <22:39:20> "Mass1488": in CI is there mystisicism
    <22:40:00> "mamzerproblem": no
    <22:40:25> "mamzerproblem": no mamzerism
    <22:40:27> "Mass1488": and where exactly are heaven and hell located
    <22:40:40> "Mass1488": i know they are not above us or below us
    <22:40:44> "Mass1488": are they other dimensions
    <22:41:01> "mamzerproblem": You'd be best to study the Apocripha
    <22:41:13> "Mass1488": i wanna get them badly
    <22:41:30> "Mass1488": and i presume humans cant cast spells in CI
    <22:41:43> "Mass1488": but what if they are demon possesed
    <22:41:55> "mamzerproblem": er, Apocrypha....well anyways
    <22:41:59> "whiggerproblem": ?
    <22:42:42> "Mass1488": wati will the apocrypha teach me how to do it
    <22:42:47> "Mass1488": i presume not
    <22:42:58> "Mass1488": but it will give me the locations of heaven and hell
    <22:43:24> "mamzerproblem": when was the mikey kikey fight?
    <22:43:36> "mamzerproblem": recorded?
    <22:44:16> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: you assume wrong. and you know how f'ed up it is out here.
    <22:44:53> "Mass1488": in CI can you date girls that are pagan
    <22:45:15> "mamzerproblem": I really don't care for old Mike Kikey either, btw.
    <22:45:31> "mamzerproblem": I thought they had already banned ya?
    <22:46:32> "mamzerproblem": Jamie Kelso has his head so far up his ass that it is ridiculous.
    <22:46:40> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.thephora.net/forum/showth...t=72082&page=5
    <22:47:49> "mamzerproblem": American_Celt!
    <22:49:05> "mamzerproblem": you have to get some new toshibas
    <22:50:33> "mamzerproblem": i would try ASUS. they make way better computers.
    <22:51:35> "Frankenwhigger": Audio?
    <22:51:45> "Frankenwhigger" disconnected (leaving)
    <22:52:20> "mamzerproblem": the quality is on par with HP and far better than Dell.
    <22:52:34> "PastorLindstedt": http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=185520
    <22:52:49> "mamzerproblem": HP leads the laptop market.
    <22:52:57> "mamzerproblem": worldwide
    <22:53:36> "mamzerproblem": now is franken in the house?
    <22:54:25> "mamzerproblem": i was going to question his "collective nueral net".
    <22:54:43> "Mass1488": TOm chittun is a good guy
    <22:54:45> "Mass1488": i read his book
    <22:54:48> "Mass1488": and own a copy
    <22:55:13> "Mass1488": Civil war 2 is a must get for north american white nationalists
    <22:55:16> "mamzerproblem": shoot, where is the lawyer, chemical engineer-politician" Russel Walker?
    <22:56:08> "mamzerproblem": shit Russ Walker could be fucking superman! Fuck! I'm back in Fulton!
    <22:57:25> "mamzerproblem": wow
    <22:58:14> "mamzerproblem": Anyways, any new news about the Pisser?
    <22:58:24> "mamzerproblem": Something less negative
    <23:00:03> "mamzerproblem": We should see to get Pastor Visser on the next Deadlist Catch: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/deadliest-catch/
    <23:00:40> "Mass1488": whats the CI view of spiritual healing
    <23:00:46> "mamzerproblem": Preachin' on the open sea
    <23:00:48> "Mass1488": al quaeda is like Metzger!
    <23:02:18> "mamzerproblem": Visser embarked from South Bend
    <23:04:02> "mamzerproblem": May 01, 2011 4:40 am. Return: May 07, 2011 8:15 am.
    <23:04:26> "mamzerproblem": Vissers fishboat
    <23:05:58> "mamzerproblem": Dock number SCD-01-1005-76C
    <23:06:34> "mamzerproblem": of course not
    <23:06:44> "mamzerproblem": visser alone runs it
    <23:07:26> "mamzerproblem": "surprise, surprise!" - Gomer Pyles
    <23:07:58> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: "surprise, surprise!" - Gomer Pyles
    <23:08:23> "mamzerproblem": ROTFLMAO!
    <23:09:24> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: What the hell was that crazy story about the crazy bastard with the tiny penis in the nuthouse?
    <23:09:39> "whiggerproblem": Yesthat was Herod
    <23:10:09> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: you said he was drugged out and threw chairs around.
    <23:10:44> "mamzerproblem": pokes you: he had insane strength. must have broke his back.
    <23:10:47> "Mass1488": where can i buy aryan nathans cross chains
    <23:10:58> "Mass1488": like an aryan nations cross to wear around my name
    <23:11:02> "Mass1488": neck*
    <23:12:19> "mamzerproblem": Thing about it is, you endured it.
    <23:12:37> "mamzerproblem": Most whiggers couldn't last 2 days in that situation.
    <23:12:54> "whiggerproblem": that's why it's the nut house
    <23:13:36> "mamzerproblem": it isn't for the fair
    <23:13:43> "mamzerproblem": "at intellect"
    <23:13:57> "Mass1488": Where can i get aryan nations emblems to wear around my neck
    <23:14:50> "mamzerproblem": You had that 2 inch dick super strength mamzer as a roomie????
    <23:15:30> "Mass1488": I would
    <23:15:32> "Mass1488": i love it
    <23:15:39> "Mass1488": no one in my school would know what it meant
    <23:15:44> "mamzerproblem": I'm certain that Bryan Reo's cock is less than 3".
    <23:16:17> "mamzerproblem": Ole Bryan Reo didn't inherit the big dick nigga gene.
    <23:16:29> "Mass1488": Alright
    <23:16:33> "whiggerproblem": isn't he a she male?
    <23:16:37> "Mass1488": so no spells or healing in CI
    <23:16:45> "Mass1488": i guess ive been watching to much anime
    <23:16:53> "mamzerproblem": stop, i'm gonna bust a rib...
    <23:16:58> "Mass1488": and no diviniation
    <23:17:00> "whiggerproblem": witchcraft
    <23:17:22> "whiggerproblem": no ELECTIONS
    <23:17:26> "Mass1488": So we wont take back palestine?
    <23:17:31> "Mass1488": im fine with that
    <23:17:32> "whiggerproblem": 10000 war lords
    <23:17:35> "Mass1488": i like that
    <23:17:39> "Mass1488": im a warlord
    <23:17:52> "whiggerproblem": go for it
    <23:17:55> "mamzerproblem": from here on now coded as stop,...
    <23:18:21> "Mass1488": stop
    <23:18:26> "Mass1488": like a telegram
    <23:18:36> "whiggerproblem": Osama Bin Subcontractor worked for ZOG
    <23:18:43> "mamzerproblem": yes, young padwan.
    <23:19:08> "Mass1488": what are the raks in CI
    <23:19:39> "whiggerproblem": Voice of Reasom is totally fake
    <23:19:44> "Northwest" connected
    <23:19:51> "Northwest": Well, I can't sleep.
    <23:19:54> "Northwest": How's thing in here?
    <23:19:56> "whiggerproblem": NW is back!
    <23:20:00> "whiggerproblem": better
    <23:20:18> "Northwest": Good. I'm listening while cleaning firearms.
    <23:20:34> "Northwest": I'm at the Keyboard if anyone needs me (ha, right...)
    <23:20:35> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, whiggers want to drag us down
    <23:20:53> "Mass1488": I have numchucks
    <23:20:56> "Mass1488": will that cut it
    <23:20:58> "mamzerproblem": Still exposing your location eh, NW?
    <23:21:05> "Mass1488": and knive
    <23:21:14> "whiggerproblem": whiGGers piss me off
    <23:21:22> "Northwest": lol, I guess I am.
    <23:21:37> "Mass1488": Will numchucks cut it for defense
    <23:21:44> "whiggerproblem": MO has cheap land
    <23:22:00> "Mass1488": numchucks and knives
    <23:23:09> "mamzerproblem" is now known as "Moriarty"
    <23:23:23> "Moriarty": Of course now, which, and why?
    <23:24:50> "whiggerproblem": But Martin. That's okay in the sense that declining whites are harder on Jews.
    <23:25:19> "Mass1488": wait in CI do we support White rule over palestine
    <23:25:31> "Mass1488": such as Christian identity nation in palestine
    <23:25:40> "Mass1488": cause i dont like that idea
    <23:26:28> "whiggerproblem": what's a smudge pot?
    <23:26:36> "Moriarty": indeed...where i am is fulll of these mamzers
    <23:27:56> "Moriarty": nite
    <23:28:00> "Moriarty" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:29:20> "whiggerproblem": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smudge_pot
    <23:29:45> "Mass1488": whats the curse of ham
    <23:30:15> "Mass1488": or is it called the curse of cannaan
    <23:30:41> "whiggerproblem": not a lot of land there
    <23:32:00> "Mass1488" disconnected (leaving)
    <23:33:16> "whiggerproblem": the chinese can only steal technology, not even improve it
    <23:37:06> "whiggerproblem": lots of families have whiggers
    <23:37:42> "whiggerproblem": Juries can be fixed
    <23:38:23> "Northwest": It's true - ever yfamily is like that.
    <23:38:27> "Northwest": *every family
    <23:38:39> "whiggerproblem": yep
    <23:39:32> "whiggerproblem": Thanks Martin!
    <23:39:58> "whiggerproblem": The second half of the show was better than the first half
    <23:40:30> "whiggerproblem": Those motions filed for Britton were rejected?
    <23:41:11> "whiggerproblem": crazy judge
    <23:41:42> "whiggerproblem": Judges can do whatever they want
    <23:42:04> "whiggerproblem": yeah, no rules
    <23:42:55> "whiggerproblem": ZOG will fall hard
    <23:43:54> "whiggerproblem": is that a Fed case?
    <23:44:19> "PastorLindstedt": http://openjurist.org/238/f3d/933/ma...city-of-granby
    <23:45:55> "whiggerproblem": LOL
    <23:46:14> "whiggerproblem": It's all part of the show
    <23:47:21> "whiggerproblem": You don't need a lawyer. you need a judge...LOL
    <23:47:34> "whiggerproblem": in your pocket
    <23:47:53> "whiggerproblem": big holiday in CA
    <23:48:13> "whiggerproblem": Independence
    <23:48:32> "whiggerproblem": and then they lost it
    <23:49:07> "whiggerproblem": yep
    <23:49:29> "whiggerproblem": So should be quite about our feelings on race?
    <23:49:59> "whiggerproblem": His wife says so
    <23:50:52> "whiggerproblem": He'll get an appeal
    <23:51:08> "whiggerproblem": You can't keep out expert testimony for the defense
    <23:51:44> "whiggerproblem": All white men are targeted now
    <23:52:31> "Northwest": Dammit! I pin fell out of my trigger assembly!
    <23:52:38> "Northwest": Let's see if I can get it back in there...
    <23:53:07> "whiggerproblem": He's been on TV supporting white race issues
    <23:54:33> "Northwest": I fixed it.
    <23:54:40> "whiggerproblem": cool
    <23:54:45> "Northwest": I declare myself a Ruger armoerer!
    <23:54:49> "Northwest": *armorer
    <23:55:18> "Northwest": Yeah, Covington and I have about the same reaction to this, I think.
    <23:55:27> "whiggerproblem": I still think Edgar Steele will beat the rap somehow. Even ZOG has limits
    <23:55:37> "PastorLindstedt": http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com/
    <23:55:54> "Northwest": He had a chance up until the expert testimony was barred from evidence.
    <23:56:19> "Northwest": Yeah, it's my 22.
    <23:56:21> "whiggerproblem": right NW
    <23:56:51> "Northwest": But... I found a $90 conversion kit for the ruger I've got which does several things - a tactical stock, nice rails, and proper sling mounts all in one go.
    <23:57:04> "whiggerproblem": For every white man they railroad, ZOG digs its grave deeper
    <23:57:54> "Northwest": I'm liking my 10/22 more and more. The more I shoot and clean it, the better it gets (not too tight, functions well, etc.)
    <23:58:24> "Northwest": So I wasn't around when Strom was big stuff. What's the deal with the pedo stories I'm hearing?
    <23:59:03> "whiggerproblem": His wife did him in I thinki
    <23:59:26> "whiggerproblem": child porn on a computer. But it looks like BS
    <00:00:25> "whiggerproblem": He's seems faggy
    <00:00:37> "whiggerproblem": But that doesn't mean much
    <00:00:39> "Northwest": He does come across as a queer.
    <00:01:39> "whiggerproblem": He must be a FED, if he was put in charge
    <00:02:07> "whiggerproblem": Pierce was a fed, right?
    <00:02:41> "whiggerproblem": he was blackmailed
    <00:06:10> Connection to server lost
    <00:06:12> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <00:06:14> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <00:06:15> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <00:06:15> Welcome.
    <00:12:58> "INTJ" connected
    <00:13:13> "whiggerproblem": INTJ!
    <00:13:22> "INTJ": I'm doing okay.
    <00:13:35> "PastorLindstedt": Long time no see.
    <00:13:39> "INTJ": Have you been sending out emails for your shows?
    <00:14:27> "INTJ": I haven't heard from you for a while. How is your lawsuit progressing?
    <00:14:30> "PastorLindstedt": Not recently. I'm running waaaaay behind in posting them, in fact.
    <00:15:29> "PastorLindstedt": I've been working helping John Britton in his daughter's case. The Obongo lawsuit is coming along.
    <00:15:43> "whiggerproblem": Still not filed against Reo.
    <00:15:52> "PastorLindstedt": I need to sue Bryan Reo like five months ago.
    <00:16:10> "PastorLindstedt": It'll be 6 months on May 14th.
    <00:16:17> "whiggerproblem": What's the statute of limitations?
    <00:16:34> "PastorLindstedt": Three years in most cases.
    <00:16:51> "PastorLindstedt": Maybe more because the DMCA is federal law.
    <00:17:04> "whiggerproblem": yeah
    <00:17:04> "INTJ": As I understand it, the rule of thumb is that you don't have to worry about statutes of limitations in any state as long as you file within one year.
    <00:17:35> "whiggerproblem": that's a good rule of thumb
    <00:19:48> "INTJ": I haven't been keeping up with your shows. I think the last one I listened to was 61.5. Have you had any need for my help?
    <00:19:58> "INTJ": (I check my email at least once per day though.)
    <00:20:06> "PastorLindstedt": Was talking about this little piece of shit. http://www.localnews8.com/news/27333138/detail.html
    <00:20:29> "PastorLindstedt": No cum-cum-plaints from SoredMamzer recently?
    <00:20:40> "whiggerproblem" stopped recording
    <00:20:58> "INTJ": No. It's been quiet.
    <00:21:08> "PastorLindstedt": He was threatening to sue a NimBuster last week for a DMCA cumplaint.
    <00:23:49> "INTJ": I'm sure John Britton's legal troubles are very important to him, but I think it's fair to say that your beef with Reo affects more than just you and him; it's something that affects the movement in general. And therefore, your lawsuit against Reo should take priority.
    <00:25:15> "Northwest": I'm inclined to agree wtih INTJ unless there's real movement in Britton's case.
    <00:25:31> "Northwest": After what I've heard today, I'm not sure there will be for a long time.
    <00:26:13> "INTJ": What did I miss?
    <00:26:34> "whiggerproblem": Osama Bin Subcontractor
    <00:26:50> "whiggerproblem": Edgar Steele convicted
    <00:27:10> "Northwest": From what I remember hearing tonight, it sounds like the judge in Britton's matter hosed the whole group because Joy's new boyfriend is Aryan Nations.
    <00:27:13> "Northwest": Or something like that.
    <00:27:19> "Northwest": And yeah, Steele got fucked over again.
    <00:27:25> "whiggerproblem": Lots on the Britton case
    <00:28:23> "PastorLindstedt": Joy's dad is Aryan Nations. The judge supported the chomo husband over the putative Aryan Nations wife/daughter.
    <00:28:39> "Northwest": Ah, okay.
    <00:28:48> "Northwest": Well, not okay, but you get what I mean.
    <00:28:51> "whiggerproblem": The judge screwed over Britton's daughter, and the motions Martin wrote were rejected
    <00:29:03> "INTJ": I think when the judge denied the pretrial motion to include defense audio experts, he said that they didn't have anything relevant to say about the tapes or something like that. That sounds like a completely nonsensical reason to me.
    <00:29:04> "PastorLindstedt": And yes, I need to sue Bryan Reo.
    <00:29:36> "whiggerproblem": How do you know that Aryan Nations was an issue? Was it discussed openly or in the filings?
    <00:29:46> "PastorLindstedt": It was a corrupt decision by judges against any hint of White resistance or revolution.
    <00:30:05> "INTJ": But more importantly Martin, you need to move the lawsuit higher on your list of priorities. As in, give a progress report on it during every show.
    <00:30:33> "whiggerproblem": That's true INTJ
    <00:30:34> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.localnews8.com/news/27333138/detail.html
    <00:31:46> "whiggerproblem": Hopefully Steele will get an appeal based on the rejection of expert evidence or some other technicality
    <00:32:01> "INTJ": I'd like to get your commitment to have some new edit, draft or research results to report on your Reo lawsuit on each show from now on.
    <00:32:20> "PastorLindstedt": Yes, but the appeals korts are even crookeder than the district trial korts.
    <00:32:35> "INTJ": I'm confident Steele can appeal the verdict and get a new trial. This is a game to see whether they can wear him down financially.
    <00:32:48> "PastorLindstedt": I first need to HAVE a Reo lawsuit.
    <00:32:56> "INTJ": You have a draft of it, don't you?
    <00:33:09> "whiggerproblem": Hope so, about the appeal
    <00:33:11> "PastorLindstedt": Nit yet.
    <00:33:28> "INTJ": You don't have a draft? Are you saying you haven't written anything in all this time?
    <00:33:35> "PastorLindstedt": I do need to actually write it out.
    <00:33:40> "INTJ": YES, YOU DO.
    <00:34:05> "PastorLindstedt": No, I've been doing research so far and letting myself run adrift.
    <00:34:48> "PastorLindstedt": Bryan Reo has been interfering with John Britton's lawsuit in fact.
    <00:35:19> "INTJ": That's all the more reason to get the ball moving. He affects a lot of different CI people besides you.
    <00:35:28> "whiggerproblem": Soredmamzer doesn't sound scared. Keep him on the defensive. He learned a bunch of wrong law from his lawyer cousin.
    <00:36:00> "PastorLindstedt": That's true. I've been amiss.
    <00:37:01> "PastorLindstedt": The last week or so not having an open place to comment has pretty much shut me down. And Covington has made it clear that he wouldn't allow himself to be shut down.
    <00:37:26> "INTJ": So let's create a plan to make the lawsuit happen. If you spent at least two hours per day on it, how long would you need to get it ready to file?
    <00:37:35> "PastorLindstedt": So yes, I need to get things done.
    <00:37:41> "PastorLindstedt": A week.
    <00:37:59> "INTJ": What do you mean about not having a place to comment? Was this teamspeak room down?
    <00:38:10> "whiggerproblem": No forums
    <00:38:14> "INTJ": Oh.
    <00:38:15> "PastorLindstedt": When I end up doing things, it gets done.
    <00:39:08> "whiggerproblem": Martin. I thought you were going to get some forums set up from India or something like that
    <00:39:44> "PastorLindstedt": The korts are so corrupt that nobody knows what will end up happening. This morning for example, me and John Britton and the Mormon elder thought Joy would win. Instead, Joy got slapped down and threatened.
    <00:40:05> "PastorLindstedt": A forum is harder to set up than a web page.
    <00:40:22> "whiggerproblem": I see
    <00:40:24> "INTJ": That depends on how much customization you want.
    <00:40:41> "INTJ": If you want little or no customization, setting up a forum is very easy.
    <00:41:30> "PastorLindstedt": The spacemirror site had flat HTML. Easy to set up and upload. A forum is a database effort and requires work and expertise.
    <00:41:58> "PastorLindstedt": It needs injunctive protection, hence a lawsuit against Reo and the ISPs.
    <00:42:24> "INTJ": It does require work to maintain a forum, but not expertise if you're working off of a pre-made template.
    <00:42:47> "whiggerproblem": There's no way to set up an "untouchable" forum?
    <00:42:58> "INTJ": Please file against Reo separately from the ISPs so the cases don't get needlessly complicated.
    <00:43:17> "PastorLindstedt": I do have a secret forum right now.
    <00:43:46> "whiggerproblem": I think you have to join the suits
    <00:43:56> "PastorLindstedt": No, Reo and the ISPs need to be sued at the same time so that they end up paying for allowing Reo to run wild.
    <00:43:57> "INTJ": Strictly speaking, no forum is invincible any more than the most elaborate lock on a door. It's a matter of degree.
    <00:45:01> "whiggerproblem": Martin's avenues for expression are too limited right now.
    <00:45:23> "Northwest": And the guns are clean again.
    <00:45:33> "INTJ": If you create a single lawsuit with multiple defendants it increases the complexity of the case. It's needlessly risky for a pro se litigant to file against multiple defendants, all of whom may have lawyers.
    <00:45:39> "PastorLindstedt": Reo is an anti-racist-activist and thus has ZOG aid and support.
    <00:46:15> "whiggerproblem": Can you even file separately on this issue?
    <00:46:51> "PastorLindstedt": When you sue multiple defendants, they all are joined together as well and a weak one will take down a stronger one as well.
    <00:47:11> "whiggerproblem": that's what I thought
    <00:47:12> "INTJ": Why couldn't you? You could just say that Reo and the hosting companies damaged you in different ways and didn't conspire together.
    <00:47:44> "PastorLindstedt": But they supported Reo in censorship under color of the DMCA.
    <00:47:56> "whiggerproblem": If you don't join them, you lose the chance to go after all of them
    <00:48:20> "Northwest": The Pastor is right - the main action of his lawsuit will be against the DCMA actions, which all parties are responsible for.
    <00:48:21> "PastorLindstedt": The idea is to have the defendants turn on each other.
    <00:48:30> "whiggerproblem": that's the way it works
    <00:48:56> "INTJ": They are indirectly related, but I don't think you have any smoking gun to the effect that the hosting companies believed Reo's claims were false and terminated your sites anyway. It appears they just took the claims at face value. So it might be negligent, but it's not malicious.
    <00:49:27> "INTJ": There's no guarantee of that. Having multiple defendants is more likely to make things harder on you than easier.
    <00:49:53> "PastorLindstedt": But it is actionable, regardless of malice under
    <00:49:58> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17...2----000-.html
    <00:50:18> "Northwest": Yeah, and besides the motivation, they still had to put the sites back up, which they didn't.
    <00:50:36> "PastorLindstedt": You see under the above law, 1and1.com is ABSOLUTELY liable.
    <00:50:38> "Northwest": So they're liable under the same incident for actions of theirs, not just cooperating with Reo.
    <00:51:38> "INTJ": I'm not saying you shouldn't sue them or that a joint lawsuit wouldn't have legal merit. But as a pro se litigant, you need to recognize your limitations. It's extremely important that you silence Reo. You should tailor your lawsuit in a way that makes that particular outcome most likely, regardless of other considerations. You can't afford to risk getting your suit thrown out on a technicality because you aren't a lawyer and don't know the ins and outs of battling multiple opposing lawyers.
    <00:52:28> "whiggerproblem": INTJ, The suits will be automatically joined if they concern the same relative issue.
    <00:52:48> "PastorLindstedt": The point is in making it expensive to support Reo.
    <00:52:49> "INTJ": Let a judge decide that.
    <00:53:02> "INTJ": No, the point is for Reo himself to shut up.
    <00:53:21> "INTJ": The hosting companies are just targets of opportunity.
    <00:54:34> "whiggerproblem": It's more work and mobey and time for Marty to file seperate suits
    <00:54:52> "whiggerproblem": money
    <00:55:03> "whiggerproblem": Martin
    <00:55:07> "PastorLindstedt": All these lawsuits cost $350 to file.
    <00:55:08> "INTJ": As I said, the hosting companies are targets of opportunity. Don't bother suing them until after the Reo thing is settled.
    <00:55:15> "INTJ": If at all.
    <00:56:30> "whiggerproblem": And you're sure this strategy will work? What if the courts won't allow any suits on the same issue after the Reo suit is litigated?
    <00:57:13> "INTJ": A lawsuit only against Reo would be easier to fight, not harder. So victory against him is more likely by going that route.
    <00:57:53> "PastorLindstedt": The point is to put all of Reo's confederates in litigation so that they decide to put all the blame on him.
    <00:58:33> "PastorLindstedt": A lawsuit lasts usually for years.
    <00:58:52> "whiggerproblem": I like that Martin. It's more practical.
    <00:59:40> "INTJ": They will only place blame if it looks like they would lose at trial. Don't assume that just because the facts are on your side that you know the right verbage to use or the way to make a legally correct oral argument in front of a judge.
    <01:00:22> "whiggerproblem": But Reo can drag in the ISPs anyways
    <01:00:29> "PastorLindstedt": They are already in violation of:
    <01:00:32> "INTJ": Let a judge decide that.
    <01:00:38> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/17...2----000-.html
    <01:00:40> "INTJ": But at least try to make it easier on yourself.
    <01:00:56> "PastorLindstedt": How many lawsuits have you filed?
    <01:01:13> "whiggerproblem": A judge doesn't decide who Reo wants to attach?
    <01:01:16> "INTJ": Again, I'm not disputing the facts here. None. But you've said that out of the lawsuits you've filed, you lost them all.
    <01:02:43> "PastorLindstedt": I'm the one who decides who to sue. Not the judge.
    <01:03:02> "whiggerproblem": Reo can bring in other defendants
    <01:03:11> "INTJ": I'm not sure about that.
    <01:03:55> "PastorLindstedt": See FRCP rule 19, 20 -- Joinder.
    <01:04:11> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.mow.uscourts.gov/district...ii_package.pdf
    <01:06:04> Connection to server lost
    <01:06:05> Trying to resolve hostname ts59.gameservers.com
    <01:06:07> Trying to connect to server on ts59.gameservers.com:9139
    <01:06:07> Connected to server: Chat Server
    <01:06:07> Welcome.
    <01:06:13> "INTJ": I'm not disagreeing with you about that. The issue here is whether you can argue a case against two lawyers as well as against one or Reo by himself.
    <01:08:19> "whiggerproblem": but you were taken off talkshoe for disclosing Reo's personal info, not racism
    <01:08:58> "whiggerproblem": talkshoe claims that, no?
    <01:10:14> "whiggerproblem": they never gave you a reason?
    <01:10:25> "INTJ": Martin, please don't make any further admissions that you don't expect to win your lawsuits. If Reo found one of your recorded shows where you say that, he could take that recording to court and get your suit dismissed for "Abuse of Process."
    <01:11:23> "whiggerproblem": you can talk about lawsuits
    <01:13:23> "INTJ": You can talk about lawsuits whiggerproblem, but you aren't supposed to file a lawsuit you expect to lose from the outset.
    <01:14:17> "whiggerproblem": I've never heard him say that, except that the courts are corrupt
    <01:15:00> "INTJ": Martin has said at times he doesn't expect to "get any money."
    <01:15:27> "Northwest": Getting money doesn't mean winning in these cases.
    <01:15:30> "whiggerproblem": ok
    <01:15:44> "Northwest": Specifically, he's said that he doesn't think the defendents have any money to pay.
    <01:15:53> "Northwest": He could still win the case and get no money.
    <01:16:15> "INTJ": You are supposed to ask for a specific amount of money in your lawsuit, even if the amount you end up getting is different.
    <01:16:39> "whiggerproblem": I see what you mean
    <01:17:27> "INTJ": Martin wants to file in federal court. He needs to sue within certain rules for the feds to have jurisdiction.
    <01:17:51> "INTJ": Such as damages of $75,000 or more, or Diversity of Citizenship.
    <01:19:07> "INTJ": Martin, it is possible to sue a government official or institution for monetary damages. Remember Randy Weaver?
    <01:21:52> "INTJ": So you're saying you haven't sued yet because you're unsure of how to proceed?
    <01:21:58> "whiggerproblem": The main relief is injunctive. So no monetary dmamges need be stated. Under Diversity of citizenship
    <01:23:10> "INTJ": If he makes a Diversity of Citizenship argument he doesn't need to meet the 75k minimum.
    <01:23:42> "whiggerproblem": You need both?
    <01:24:43> "INTJ": I no longer believe that. After further reading it appears you can file anywhere *if* you use a Diversity of Citizenship argument.
    <01:25:11> "INTJ": Diversity of Citizenship applies if all plaintiffs and defendants are from different states or different countries.
    <01:26:14> "INTJ": Martin, you can argue that jurisdiction is based on as many factors as you want without detracting from any individual point. Please just add the Diversity of Citizenship argument for my peace of mind.
    <01:26:24> "whiggerproblem": Martin knows what he's doing
    <01:26:48> "INTJ": Not for a federal case specifically, no.
    <01:26:54> "whiggerproblem": right!
    <01:27:03> "PastorLindstedt": http://www.mow.uscourts.gov/district...ii_package.pdf
    <01:27:06> "whiggerproblem": just one
    <01:27:10> "INTJ": All right.
    <01:27:39> "INTJ": No.
    <01:29:18> "INTJ": The vast majority? Did you have any victories?
    <01:29:55> "whiggerproblem": Doesn't matter
    <01:30:06> "whiggerproblem": Tyhose were different kinds of cases
    <01:30:14> "whiggerproblem": Not slam dunks
    <01:30:36> "whiggerproblem": this seems pretty clear cut
    <01:31:25> "whiggerproblem": You can't take people off the internet
    <01:31:34> "whiggerproblem": as an individual
    <01:32:05> "whiggerproblem": That's their problem Martin
    <01:32:32> "INTJ": I think Martin's point is that increasing liability insurance on government entities is an indirect form of leverage.
    <01:32:50> "whiggerproblem": Forget about that.
    <01:34:29> "INTJ": It will all be worth it if you finally get Reo into court with you.
    <01:34:43> "INTJ": At that moment my investment will have paid off.
    <01:35:06> "whiggerproblem": I think Reo is in trouble and he knows it
    <01:35:34> "INTJ": He appears to still be causing trouble, so I think he's pretty much calling our bluff.
    <01:36:18> "whiggerproblem": How is he causing yrouble?
    <01:36:23> "whiggerproblem": trouble
    <01:36:39> "INTJ": Martin said earlier that Reo threatened a Nimbuster recently.
    <01:42:06> "whiggerproblem": It will look bad in court for Reo if he's threatening to take many people off the internet and using the DMCA as his own personal billy club
    <01:43:16> "INTJ": As I said, as soon as Martin and Reo appear in the same courtroom the money I've invested in this teamspeak thing and in spacemirror will have been entirely worth it.
    <01:43:24> "whiggerproblem": All the places he visted on the internet might be open for discovery
    <01:43:34> "whiggerproblem": He wouldn't like that
    <01:44:15> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, that's good. thanks!
    <01:44:54> "INTJ": You can object to discovery requests due to lack of "probative value." This teamspeak room for example has no chat logs, so I believe Martin could successfully object to Reo trying to pry into what goes on here.
    <01:46:06> "INTJ": And Reo might submit a subpoena to Martin requiring him to turn over any Teamspeak chat logs he may have on his computer. I suspect Martin will reply that no such records exist.
    <01:47:05> "whiggerproblem": No, that has value. It can establish a pattern of abuse. It works both ways. Martin has nothing to hide, since he's not trying to get anyone off the internet using the DMCA
    <01:48:03> "INTJ": Let me put it another way. There are no logs for Reo to examine, so attempts to examine this chatroom for discovery purposes would be pointless.
    <01:48:21> "whiggerproblem": that's good
    <01:48:22> "Northwest": http://verydemotivational.files.word...rwin-award.jpg
    <01:49:41> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, Reo has been lulled into a false sense of security
    <01:50:31> "INTJ": He's an ongoing threat. There's no indication that he regrets anything he's done or intends to stop.
    <01:50:56> "whiggerproblem": But Martin saves the chats here. So he could be required to hand them over.
    <01:51:30> "whiggerproblem": No, Reo was not heard from in a long time
    <01:51:31> "INTJ": Does he? Or did a virus happen to require him to format his computer recently, causing him to lose those logs?
    <01:52:07> "whiggerproblem": He's scared even if it doesn't seem so obvious. I think his group of nuts know they screwed up
    <01:52:34> "whiggerproblem": Right INTJ, that happens. Oh Well...LOL
    <01:53:15> "INTJ": As Martin pointed out, Reo screwed up royally months ago. And then he took down some more websites after that. Reo is incorrigible.
    <01:54:34> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, but that was all connected to Martin. I don't think he's done anything for months. And everyone knows he's a mamzer and eliar and finklestein are wolves in sheep's clothing. THEY ALREADY LOST!
    <01:55:44> "whiggerproblem": Their audience has dwindled to almost nothing
    <01:56:01> "INTJ": I want to see Martin take ownership of Reo's truck.
    <01:56:15> "whiggerproblem": It's in his father's name
    <01:56:32> "whiggerproblem": He's clever
    <01:56:58> "whiggerproblem": Did you hear about him killing that lady in a car accident?
    <01:57:29> "INTJ": I heard about the article, and Martin said that he wanted Nimbusters to investigate to see whether it was the Reo we all know and hate.
    <01:57:35> "whiggerproblem": I think it was him
    <01:57:58> "whiggerproblem": Yeah, he's up to his eyeballs
    <01:58:34> "INTJ": I think he sees the lack of a lawsuit against him as a sign of weakness.
    <01:58:52> "whiggerproblem": Why would you say that?
    <01:59:14> "Northwest": He begs for it over and over and it never comes.
    <01:59:25> "Northwest": Just like Barret...
    <01:59:35> "Northwest": Sorry, I'm tired and that joke was obligatory.
    <02:00:23> "INTJ": Because of Reo's M.O. He has no problem filing quasi-legal complaints against innocent people. If Martin isn't willing to file a legitimate suit against him in retaliation, that makes a statement.
    <02:00:36> "whiggerproblem": Nobody likes to be sued, so that doesn't make sense
    <02:00:57> "whiggerproblem": It's habgibg over his head and he can't feel confident about it
    <02:01:05> "whiggerproblem": hanging
    <02:01:07> "Northwest": But provocation is provocation.
    <02:01:52> "INTJ": The point is that Reo is clearly willing to abuse the legal process repeatedly. If Martin isn't willing to act on a genuine cause of action, I think that shows weakness and provokes Reo to keep doing the same thing until he is stopped.
    <02:02:22> "whiggerproblem": Not only that, he's been exposed as a mamzer pretending to be white. Bad move.
    <02:03:41> "whiggerproblem": Reo hasn't doen anything recently, unless you include empty threats. If he goes through with the threats, it will make it worse for him court.
    <02:04:52> "whiggerproblem": The DMCA wasn't set up to take down racists. But ZOG might use it that way. So the lawsuit can always backfire.
    <02:04:59> "INTJ": Here's a hypothetical situation. A and B both have guns. A shoots at B, declaring his intent to silence B. Should B defend himself or do nothing, thinking that surely A must be intimidated because B now has a right to shoot back?
    <02:05:32> "whiggerproblem": Who cares what Reo thinks. Don't make it so personal.
    <02:06:27> "whiggerproblem": Reo is a douche. Will ZOG silence "racists?"
    <02:07:01> "whiggerproblem": Is that Reo's angle. To trick Marty to sue, so racism is outlawed on the internet?
    <02:07:13> "INTJ": What Reo thinks here is relevant because it will determine whether he get bored or frightened and leave CI alone as you say, or keep pushing until someone fights back and (figuratively) bloodies his nose as I say.
    <02:08:03> "whiggerproblem": I don't care what goes on in his empty mamzer soul. maybe martin should forget the whole thing.
    <02:08:09> "INTJ": I doubt Reo or any lawyer he could hire is capable of arguing a landmark Supreme Court case.
    <02:09:06> "whiggerproblem": How do you know? He's with ZOG as an anti racist. He probably knows a lot of kike lawyers
    <02:09:43> "whiggerproblem": REO already lost. Mamzer nigger is chickenshit.
    <02:10:07> "INTJ": I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this whiggerproblem.

    <02:08:03> "whiggerproblem": I don't care what goes on in his empty mamzer soul. maybe martin should forget the whole thing.
    <02:08:09> "INTJ": I doubt Reo or any lawyer he could hire is capable of arguing a landmark Supreme Court case.
    <02:09:06> "whiggerproblem": How do you know? He's with ZOG as an anti racist. He probably knows a lot of kike lawyers
    <02:09:43> "whiggerproblem": REO already lost. Mamzer nigger is chickenshit.
    <02:10:07> "INTJ": I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this whiggerproblem.
    <02:11:14> "whiggerproblem": I'd like to see mamzer nigger Reo get his balls shot off at the OK Corrall....metaphorically, of course
    <02:14:08> "INTJ": For the record whiggerproblem, is there something that would persuade you to my point of view, that Reo will keep going until he is stopped?
    <02:14:57> "whiggerproblem": No
    <02:15:03> "whiggerproblem": Are you Reo?
    <02:15:20> "Northwest": Whiggerproblem: Think of it this way: He's part Jew. Jews keep going until they're stopped, right?
    <02:15:21> "INTJ": No. Why, was that the exception to your answer?
    <02:15:23> "Northwest":
    <02:16:57> "INTJ": What do you think, Northwest?
    <02:16:58> "whiggerproblem": You sound kind of like him. Maybe I'm paranoid. Stranger things have happened and you have an almost artificial fear of this loser mamzer Reo.
    <02:17:36> "Northwest": Well, it might be better to say he'll keep going until he thinks he has to stop.
    <02:18:51> "INTJ": I just remember some of the multi-hour talks Martin gave about how nefarious he is.
    <02:19:36> "INTJ": People would chime in asking him to talk about something else.
    <02:22:47> "whiggerproblem": Mother nature will get rid of them
    <02:23:24> "Northwest": I do, but I'm not sleeping for some reason.
    <02:23:42> "Northwest": So I came back right around midnight or so to listen while I cleaned firearms.
    <02:23:49> "whiggerproblem": It was thr cleaning of the guns
    <02:23:53> "whiggerproblem": the
    <02:24:05> "Northwest": I have a stainless steel 10/22
    <02:24:34> "Northwest": What's worse about not sleeping is that I start an on-call rotation (week-long) in a few hours.
    <02:24:46> "Northwest": This is going to be fun. Our handlers have been extra unstable lately.
    <02:24:58> "Northwest": The guys with the pager have been warning me about how bad it's been.
    <02:25:12> "INTJ": People still use pagers?
    <02:25:40> "Northwest": For on-call rotations, yes. If our software blows up, we need to know about it and things have a way of blowing up when we're not awake to hear the Nagios emails.
    <02:25:51> "Northwest": Plus, not everyone gets work email on their phones.
    <02:25:59> "Northwest": If you're on-call, you have a pager still.
    <02:26:15> "Northwest": Yep. We just hand it off to the next guy when our rotation is over.
    <02:26:37> "Northwest": Same concept, yes.
    <02:27:01> "Northwest": The guy on-call is the first responder to blow-ups of our critical systems (which have been about every half-hour lately).
    <02:27:28> "Northwest": Attacks? No. But...
    <02:27:31> "INTJ": I think John Young mentioned in a podcast that IT professionals have a culture of messing things up and then working 80-90 hours per week to save the day. Is there any truth to that?
    <02:27:41> "Northwest": Failures due to experimental software not working the way we want.
    <02:27:51> "Northwest": INTJ - HELL YES THERE IS!
    <02:28:02> "Northwest": It's the reason things break like that in the first place.
    <02:28:08> "whiggerproblem": alright, goodnight
    <02:28:11> "whiggerproblem" disconnected (leaving)
    <02:28:37> "Northwest": Largely, it's due to business needs forcing people to work that pace, but in the long run it's hilarious when the business arseholes don't get why things aren't top-notch.
    <02:28:40> "INTJ": The context was a discussion on professions affecting white birthrates. That is, IT professionals don't have time for children.
    <02:28:48> "Northwest": Yes, exactly.
    <02:28:50> "Northwest": NO TIME.
    <02:29:29> "Northwest": And those of us with INTJ personality types know we generally have low-genius (or just about that, anyway) IQs so we're better reproduction candidates.
    <02:29:53> "Northwest": I have a pet theory that the world is set up to keep the best whites from reproducing.
    <02:30:10> "Northwest": That is, keep them too busy to "do" things.
    <02:30:37> "Northwest": Yes, Lothrop Stoddard. I finished reading one of his books recently.
    <02:30:59> "Northwest": He talked about how the "upper class" ends up with too much responsibility and can't reproduce how they'd like.
    <02:31:10> "Northwest": The Revolt Against Civilization
    <02:31:15> "Northwest": (Rise of the Undermen)
    <02:31:20> "Northwest": GREAT READ
    <02:32:12> "Northwest" requested talk power
    <02:32:23> "INTJ": Request granted.
    <02:32:54> "INTJ": Northwest, turn up your volume on your microphone. Martin, mute your microphone or set it to press-to-talk.
    <02:34:38> "INTJ": Libertarians are generally considered "right-wing" but they don't necessarily believe in racial differences. I tend to agree with Gerald Celente's view: conservatives believe and liberals lie.
    <02:36:31> "INTJ": Martin, you're still causing a lot of feedback. Do you mind if I temporarily mute you?
    <02:36:43> "PastorLindstedt": You are breaking up.
    <02:36:49> "Northwest": I'm going to try to swap out mics and come back.
    <02:37:02> "INTJ": There. You shouldn't have any more feedback, Northwest.
    <02:38:13> "INTJ": It was caused by Martin having a sound-activated microphone setting. So when your voice comes out over his speakers, his microphone senses it and starts rebroadcasting.
    <02:38:29> "INTJ": Yes. Let me turn up my own volume. Oh, never mind. That's good.
    <02:39:00> "INTJ": Wireless headsets are great.
    <02:40:00> "INTJ": He wouldn't have feedback if he used push-to-talk or had headphones.
    <02:40:50> "INTJ": Oh, can you still hear Martin? I thought I muted him.
    <02:40:50> "Northwest": http://downwithjugears.blogspot.com/...d-reading.html
    <02:43:40> "INTJ": The only reason Walter Williams is popular among conservatives is because they can use him as a proxy to advocate policies that would get them called racist if they spoke their minds directly.
    <02:44:00> "INTJ": It's the same with Michelle Malkin.
    <02:44:23> "INTJ": Although she's not a libertarian.
    <02:45:11> "INTJ": (Apparently the mute I used only muted Martin from my perspective.)
    <02:46:52> "Northwest": INTJ - am I breaking up?
    <02:47:03> "INTJ": Somewhat. I get about 85% of what you say.
    <02:47:05> "Northwest": My client shows a constant "bright blue" when I talk.
    <02:47:08> "Northwest": Hmm...
    <02:47:10> "Northwest": That's lame.
    <02:51:46> "INTJ": Does it say how long child rearing was delayed at that time?
    <02:51:58> "Northwest": I don't recall a specific figure, no.
    <02:53:33> "INTJ": I suspect Generation Y white males will be in a financial position to start having children in their mid thirties, whereas Baby Boomer white males were in that financial position in their early twenties.
    <02:54:43> "INTJ": I should qualify what I said by adding "white males with an IQ above 100."
    <02:57:04> "INTJ": Northwest, Martin's point reminds me of a talk by Dr. Pierce called "Contrasts." You may want to listen to it for more detail on the parallel realities of great technological achievement and a massive parasitic underclass.
    <02:58:17> "Northwest": I'll make a note of that. It sounds interesting.
    <02:58:27> "INTJ": I can give you a link if you want.
    <02:58:32> "Northwest": Please do.
    <02:58:58> "INTJ": http://www.solargeneral.com/audio/pi...-contrasts.mp3
    <02:59:01> "Northwest": ty
    <03:00:14> "INTJ": And for something unrelated but entertaining, there's another talk about a Clinton federal judgeship appointee who gave a white criminal a maximum sentence literally for being a caucasian.
    <03:00:20> "INTJ": http://www.solargeneral.com/audio/pi...choolyards.mp3
    <03:00:44> "INTJ": She also gave a black rapist a minimum sentence of five years and cried openly in court, saying it was a lot of time.
    <03:02:00> "INTJ": If you've read all of the sermon transcripts by Bertrand Comparet, you've achieved a basic level of education.
    <03:04:55> "INTJ": Non-whites capable of building aircraft carriers are a threat.
    <03:08:35> "INTJ": I was amused at how interested congress was to see Hoover's old files released a few years back.
    <03:09:46> "INTJ": Apparently congress was afraid of Hoover because they thought he was using his FBI agents to get blackmail on them.
    <03:12:20> "INTJ": I think Ezola Foster commented that the only thing reporters wanted to talk to her about when she was Buchanan's running mate was her membership in the John Birch Society.
    <03:12:50> "Northwest": http://www.thedevilsdictionary.com/?A
    <03:16:48> "INTJ": I think I'll just leave your talk power granted, Northwest.
    <03:16:55> "INTJ": So you can talk at any time.
    <03:16:59> "Northwest": It was an old mike
    <03:17:01> "Northwest": TY, INTJ
    <03:17:19> "Northwest": And I think I need to monkey with some more settings before I try to talk again
    <03:47:23> "Northwest" disconnected (leaving)
    <03:50:02> "INTJ" disconnected (leaving)
    I am The Librarian

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    Default TMT #82.5 11Aug11 Chat

    TMT #82.5 11Aug11 Chat


    PastorLindstedt is logged into the chat
    [7:48:59 PM] <PastorLindstedt> Dik-Dik here. Dis is Da Dik Dik Show.
    [7:49:51 PM] TarasZubov is logged into the chat
    [7:51:42 PM] <TarasZubov> what did you think of the audio recorder with external mic idea?
    [7:52:07 PM] <TarasZubov> I bet you could purchase those two items for like under 40 bucks down there
    [7:52:34 PM] <TarasZubov> very good topic tonight
    [7:53:02 PM] <TarasZubov> what does new media pose for the future of standard limited WN hangouts
    [7:53:47 PM] <TarasZubov> net 2.0 democratization of the right wing
    [7:53:56 PM] <PastorLindstedt> Well, I got a good mp3 player I use now.
    [7:55:07 PM] <TarasZubov> too minimal, time to take it to the next level
    [7:55:25 PM] <TarasZubov> need a radio class mic for a radio class show
    [7:56:42 PM] PastorLindstedt is on the call
    [7:57:26 PM] <TarasZubov> let's run some sound tests
    [7:58:09 PM] PastorLindstedt is on the call
    [7:58:28 PM] PastorLindstedt has hung up
    [7:58:36 PM] <TarasZubov> Bye Dick!
    [7:58:39 PM] <TarasZubov> good
    [7:58:42 PM] <TarasZubov> good sound
    [7:59:05 PM] <TarasZubov> little bit of echo delay
    [7:59:34 PM] <TarasZubov> good
    [7:59:39 PM] Frankenwhigger is logged into the chat
    [7:59:55 PM] <TarasZubov> echo is almost gone now
    [7:59:59 PM] <TarasZubov> YES russ!!!!!
    [8:00:01 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
    [8:00:04 PM] <TarasZubov> making is return???
    [8:00:12 PM] <TarasZubov> The Return of The Russel!!!!!!!!!!
    [8:00:50 PM] <TarasZubov> TOnights topic is the Reshaping Racial/Nationalist Social Movement Media for a New Millennium
    [8:01:07 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat
    [8:01:33 PM] TheRealWilliamB is logged into the chat
    [8:02:03 PM] <TarasZubov> Will I hope you call in and get in with Russ
    [8:02:13 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> FW, hows it goin?
    [8:02:16 PM] <TarasZubov> welcome back to the movement turd Russ
    [8:03:23 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> Russ sounds good, he can't call into the talkshoe number?
    [8:03:35 PM] <TarasZubov> Russ always heightens the discussion
    [8:03:57 PM] <TarasZubov> Russ has been sanctioned off the net amybe?
    [8:06:45 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [8:07:04 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I Cannot Hear Russ!!
    [8:07:07 PM] <TarasZubov> AAA AUDIO IS BETTER!
    [8:07:17 PM] <TarasZubov> thanks for upping it
    [8:07:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The EDL is run by the Jews!
    [8:07:50 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am a member of the Merseyside Division of the EDL!!
    [8:08:01 PM] <TarasZubov> Globalization and Technopolitics as it relates to right wing chat online!
    [8:08:50 PM] <TarasZubov> thats a crooked setup
    [8:09:14 PM] <TarasZubov> mic with stand is in order
    [8:09:44 PM] <TarasZubov> told you you can't rely on an MP3 player
    [8:09:58 PM] <TarasZubov> they were made to play music
    [8:10:17 PM] <TarasZubov> the flash ones just just off for no reason and kill batteries when recording
    [8:11:42 PM] <TarasZubov> Lon-paki-nig-hstan
    [8:12:45 PM] <TarasZubov> the British accent is no longer attractive since every niga and arab has it now
    [8:14:02 PM] <Poopy Dawg> jjj
    [8:15:28 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> absolutely correct
    [8:16:46 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [8:16:46 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [8:17:30 PM] <Frankenwhigger> State Fair, in my state, is great!
    [8:18:01 PM] <TarasZubov> I havn't heard Russ in like 6 months
    [8:18:15 PM] <Frankenwhigger> My State is still a Lot of Farms and ranches!
    [8:18:18 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> this sounds like one of those joe blow clowns
    [8:19:38 PM] <TarasZubov> 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o
    [8:19:46 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> probably jb himself. the mayor cobblepot look alike. lol!
    [8:20:04 PM] <TarasZubov> who is me?
    [8:20:13 PM] <TarasZubov> I'm not Aryo Reazie
    [8:20:24 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> no?
    [8:20:39 PM] <TarasZubov> http://kellymooneyminutes.files.word...0/03/zoom1.jpg can we geta fund together to buy Martin this setup????
    [8:21:10 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> not in the budget
    [8:21:28 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> unfortuneatly
    [8:21:52 PM] <TarasZubov> could grab the mic and recorder for 50 usd
    [8:22:37 PM] <TarasZubov> to think that Lindstedt is holding a cell, mp3 and homephone all together is stressful
    [8:23:59 PM] <Frankenwhigger> We Have been in the "Great Tribulation" for at least 90 Years!! Wasn't WW1 and WW2 "great tribulations"?
    [8:24:57 PM] <Frankenwhigger> And the Cold War consisted of over 60 wars, mostly in Afric and Asia!
    [8:25:21 PM] <TarasZubov> and the females are living with 6 cats
    [8:25:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> We have been in the Great Tribulation
    [8:25:25 PM] <TarasZubov> ferile ones too
    [8:26:10 PM] <TarasZubov> joeblow doesn't know about this link
    [8:26:57 PM] <TarasZubov> White guilt and black on white crime. Political correctness. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rhuw5sqKMlk
    [8:29:39 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Bob jones is Great on Wickstrom's!!
    [8:30:29 PM] <TarasZubov> Ask Russ about where he has been in his half year disappearance from the show
    [8:31:34 PM] <TarasZubov> has Russ been banned from the internet?
    [8:32:54 PM] <Poopy Dawg> too bad Russ is not CI, maybe he would know what is going on and why
    [8:33:50 PM] <TarasZubov> does he still live on Rippling Brook?
    [8:35:33 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [8:35:51 PM] <nwfcomrade> Evening.
    [8:35:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I had to Block Russ Walker Because he spammed my email with so much crap it will fill the mailbox and I couldn't get anymore new mail!
    [8:35:54 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> the rippling brook lane mamzer
    [8:36:16 PM] <TarasZubov> really Frank?
    [8:36:38 PM] <TarasZubov> whats Bryans new email address?
    [8:36:40 PM] <TarasZubov> anyone know
    [8:36:41 PM] <TarasZubov> ?
    [8:38:16 PM] <Poopy Dawg> sorry have no info on the mamzer
    [8:39:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Mayans are Israelites??? Sounds like something that would appeal to Russ though
    [8:40:14 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Russ is an idiot and full of s**t
    [8:40:15 PM] <Frankenwhigger> All of the Great CI People Live in Nevada!! Maui Patricia and Bob Jones to name just two!!
    [8:40:17 PM] <TarasZubov> does Russ charge for his appearances
    [8:40:19 PM] <nwfcomrade> Nice and perky!
    [8:40:21 PM] <nwfcomrade>
    [8:40:42 PM] <TarasZubov> was great to have Russ back
    [8:40:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I had to Block Russ Walker Because he spammed my email with so much crap it will fill the mailbox and I couldn't get anymore new mail!
    [8:40:59 PM] <Poopy Dawg> audio is fine
    [8:42:47 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Talkshoe Security Agent 11 is an ass-clown!!
    [8:43:22 PM] <TarasZubov> Pringle is hunting for this show?
    [8:43:57 PM] <TarasZubov> time to setup a real radio studio, using a cell and mp3 player is such a rookie move
    [8:44:19 PM] <TarasZubov> that's directed towards you Lindy
    [8:44:19 PM] <TarasZubov> ...
    [8:44:33 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Tard Corrals are Fun!!
    [8:45:00 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Well there is no shortage of them on the webz FW!
    [8:45:22 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I wish Bruce Gorman would go back and do his Talkshoe show where he reads Cliftion Emahiser's Newsletter!! Now that was Epic!!
    [8:46:24 PM] <TarasZubov> gorman sounded like a robot
    [8:46:38 PM] <TarasZubov> that show bleeds ears
    [8:46:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> did he ever get rid of that ZZ Top beard?
    [8:47:13 PM] <TarasZubov> Gorman drove the prothink 911 bus
    [8:47:25 PM] <TarasZubov> Gorman is mentally ill
    [8:47:30 PM] <TarasZubov> did he ever call into the turd?
    [8:47:32 PM] <Poopy Dawg> He gave that bus to Delaney
    [8:48:14 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The Bus Needed tires!
    [8:48:53 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Where's Brookline?
    [8:49:14 PM] <nwfcomrade> It's a school night.
    [8:49:25 PM] <nwfcomrade> J/K, I thought he would be here.
    [8:49:46 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/16999 Prothink did a show today
    [8:51:02 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> lol
    [8:51:16 PM] <TarasZubov> I like to listen to Iconoclast RAdio
    [8:51:28 PM] <TarasZubov> with Paul Iron Shore
    [8:51:30 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> he's a grand theft auto whigger
    [8:52:11 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> that nigger is an idiot
    [8:52:38 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> Iron Shore is an idiot nigger mudslim boy.
    [8:53:43 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> trash 80! they would load from cassette tapes!!!
    [8:54:23 PM] <TarasZubov> should I get a netbook?
    [8:54:39 PM] <nwfcomrade> Wait on the netbook.
    [8:54:52 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> you remember QEMM pastor?
    [8:55:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> Intel is driving newer technology and other companies are making SSD's a lot better and cheaper.
    [8:55:36 PM] <nwfcomrade> In less than a year, you're going to have proper MacBook air clones.
    [8:55:49 PM] <nwfcomrade> Though, if you're relly jonesing, get the MacBook Air.
    [8:55:59 PM] <nwfcomrade> It's money, yeah, but the netbooks end up not being very useful.
    [8:56:23 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> the macbook air is fucking AWESOME. especially for commuting.
    [8:57:02 PM] <nwfcomrade> Newer ISPs (Clearwire, etc.) have proper mobile access solutions. Most phone companies will allow tethering for a little bit more money per month.
    [8:57:14 PM] <nwfcomrade> Those tiny little computers have a purpose now.
    [8:57:34 PM] <nwfcomrade> I was super critical of them until proper 3/4 G access was available.
    [8:57:51 PM] <TarasZubov> I love open hotspots they make internet espionage really safe
    [8:57:53 PM] <nwfcomrade> Though, my older MacBook Pro is great with the mobile internet.
    [8:57:55 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> tethering is the only way to go. Especially when you are in the boondocks like nwfcomrade.
    [8:58:14 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm in a large metropolitan area.
    [8:58:20 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm not at all in the Boondocks.
    [8:58:26 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> i thought you were
    [8:58:33 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> sry
    [8:58:57 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> that must have been the other nw guy.
    [8:59:16 PM] <TarasZubov> I will take a slower processor and no ROM drive with a 10" netbook it's $800 cheaper than a 11" Mac
    [8:59:44 PM] <nwfcomrade> And honestly, it does come down to money.
    [8:59:52 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> yep
    [9:00:09 PM] <nwfcomrade> If you're not hooked on Mas OSX, then anything will do (especially if you can install linux on it).
    [9:00:10 PM] <TarasZubov> Martin bought a what for $70???
    [9:00:10 PM] <TarasZubov> used?
    [9:00:26 PM] <TarasZubov> desktop?
    [9:00:32 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> used computers are dirt cheap.
    [9:00:59 PM] <TarasZubov> Martin let's face it that sucks!
    [9:01:21 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> in some cases you can buy them 1 year old for less than half their original price.
    [9:01:48 PM] <TarasZubov> I'm on a locked down linux box
    [9:01:49 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> You need a tablet Pastor.
    [9:01:59 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat
    [9:02:02 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat
    [9:02:10 PM] <nwfcomrade> No one needs a tablet.
    [9:02:11 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
    [9:02:13 PM] <Guest 7> OI
    [9:02:13 PM] <nwfcomrade> No one.
    [9:02:14 PM] <Guest 7> OI
    [9:02:16 PM] <Guest 7> OI skinheads
    [9:02:17 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> I suggest the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    [9:02:21 PM] <nwfcomrade> Well, there's Brookline.
    [9:02:32 PM] <Guest 7> hey guys
    [9:02:36 PM] <Guest 7> Mass1488 here
    [9:02:39 PM] <TarasZubov> hi
    [9:02:43 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> hey kosta
    [9:02:51 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> my man
    [9:04:11 PM] <TarasZubov> I still see LIndstedts name under the title of that book for all those scans
    [9:04:25 PM] <TarasZubov> that scans been around
    [9:04:56 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> you should be using chrome.
    [9:05:29 PM] <Guest 7> i has question
    [9:05:43 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> "i haz"?
    [9:05:47 PM] <Guest 7> about spying on steve the elder!
    [9:06:17 PM] <Guest 7> actaully never mind
    [9:06:59 PM] <Guest 7> if i put plastic in the micro wave will it explode?
    [9:07:09 PM] <Guest 7> the microwave that is
    [9:07:10 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> "actaully"....ok, will do.
    [9:07:22 PM] <nwfcomrade> Not the microwave.
    [9:07:43 PM] <nwfcomrade> But, it does need to be microwave-safe or else it will melt and wreck your food (and microwave).
    [9:07:50 PM] <Guest 7> im in the reserve group!
    [9:08:00 PM] <Guest 7> im your spy!
    [9:08:11 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> can someone please tell me where he got that feed for "someone is taking me away"?
    [9:08:11 PM] <TarasZubov> I throw my HD's int he microwave before they search the apartment
    [9:08:19 PM] <nwfcomrade> I'm not. And I won't be.
    [9:08:36 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> Lindstedt is good people.
    [9:08:37 PM] <Guest 7> what do i do if steve the elder asks me for nude pics?!?!?!?
    [9:08:55 PM] <nwfcomrade> I've got a phone interview lined up with a company in that neck of the woods (i.e. that part of the homeland) and I am almost certain to get the job.
    [9:09:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Send him some!!
    [9:09:12 PM] <Guest 7> well a spy got a due what a spy got to do!
    [9:09:14 PM] <nwfcomrade> The skills match is a 100% and they like me on the phone (based on today's chat over lunch).
    [9:09:19 PM] <Frankenwhigger> JIDF Spy!1
    [9:09:29 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I work for the ADL!!
    [9:09:39 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> These fucking maggots attack him. Is that freedom of speech? No, it isn't.
    [9:09:44 PM] <nwfcomrade> We know! You've told us you're Reo!
    [9:10:02 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am Bryan Reo!
    [9:10:09 PM] <Guest 7> NO I AM BRYAN REO!
    [9:10:14 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am a Prothinker!!
    [9:10:27 PM] <nwfcomrade> No, I'm spartacus!
    [9:10:30 PM] <nwfcomrade> Wait...
    [9:10:32 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> Come on man. FW and NWF are not reo. Give me a break.
    [9:10:32 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I have two Synapses!!
    [9:10:34 PM] <nwfcomrade> BUCK IS REO!
    [9:10:36 PM] <nwfcomrade> OMG!
    [9:10:40 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am Buck5!!
    [9:10:45 PM] <TarasZubov> I am BUck
    [9:10:52 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> lol
    [9:10:59 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> you idiots
    [9:11:26 PM] <nwfcomrade> We try.
    [9:11:38 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> ahahaha! as do i!
    [9:11:39 PM] <PastorLindstedt> I am Duck, Davidd Duck.
    [9:11:42 PM] <nwfcomrade> So I need to study up on my design patterns and do well.
    [9:11:46 PM] <Guest 7> Im kevin strom!
    [9:11:53 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> but are you Jim Giles???
    [9:11:56 PM] <nwfcomrade> If I pass the technical screening and I get along with their team face-to-face, they'll move me!
    [9:12:13 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Ass- clowns on Nimbusters Impostering me again!!
    [9:12:40 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Kevin Strom is my FB friend.
    [9:12:58 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> Jimmy D Giles
    [9:12:59 PM] <nwfcomrade> You must be a little girl.
    [9:13:00 PM] <nwfcomrade>
    [9:13:05 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Jim Giles is My FB Friend too.
    [9:13:05 PM] <Guest 7> is kevin strom gonna try to rape me if i friend him?
    [9:13:23 PM] <nwfcomrade> No, you're not a little girl.
    [9:13:27 PM] <Frankenwhigger> No send him some pictures!
    [9:13:27 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> He's on FB? WTF?
    [9:13:35 PM] <Guest 7> ah but ben klassen certainly will try to rape me!
    [9:13:45 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> that is new to me....
    [9:14:04 PM] <Guest 7> ben klassen banged his skinhead soldiers
    [9:14:06 PM] <Guest 7> he had a roman legion of em
    [9:14:11 PM] <TarasZubov> working out in the oil industry in Williston?
    [9:14:42 PM] <TarasZubov> hey Lindstedt talk about "Mark Boal Jew Kike & Kathryn Bigelow Given Top Gov't Access By Bama Boo's Managing Kikes To Make Osama Kill Movie 2012"
    [9:14:53 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> ben klassen is a dead fag on a stick
    [9:15:25 PM] <nwfcomrade> You win one internet, sir!
    [9:15:59 PM] <Guest 7> ben klassen uploaded himself into a computer when he died
    [9:16:02 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> solipsism is kike doctrine - defined in creatardivity.
    [9:16:10 PM] <Guest 7> and his skinhead bands plan to revive the roman empire
    [9:16:17 PM] <TarasZubov> Lindstedts words and ideas have entered into standard WN discourse
    [9:16:20 PM] <nwfcomrade> I need to get a few things done and go to bed. Good night, guys.
    [9:16:22 PM] <Guest 7> and put him into a state in the vatican
    [9:16:22 PM] nwfcomrade has left the chat
    [9:16:40 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> nite nw
    [9:16:46 PM] <TarasZubov> http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-2PReFqLGF2...600/Wigger.bmp
    [9:16:49 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> YHVH bless
    [9:17:22 PM] <Guest 7> in covingtons turd karral!
    [9:17:31 PM] <TarasZubov> HAC shows are canned
    [9:17:41 PM] <Guest 7> but the tards like me!
    [9:17:45 PM] <Guest 7> for some reason
    [9:18:24 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> liar bill has upped the offensive against you pastor.
    [9:18:42 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> check vissers and 2.5 mamzers.
    [9:18:48 PM] <TarasZubov> I sent intimidating PM's to Bill on SF
    [9:18:58 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> a lot of slander.
    [9:19:15 PM] <Guest 7> are lithuanians gooks?
    [9:19:46 PM] <TarasZubov> I emailed Donnie and threatened Chloe Black too!
    [9:20:06 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> this POS was talking a lot of shit about John Britton being a Red Nigger. This fat piece of shit Declue.
    [9:20:48 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> Liar bill is a POS
    [9:21:36 PM] <TarasZubov> "Multicult Died Tonight"
    [9:21:39 PM] <Guest 7> I got censored from stormfraud, because this girl in portland asked for a real live group she can join so i recommended the Northwest Front to her
    [9:21:42 PM] <Guest 7> and my post got deleted
    [9:21:47 PM] <Guest 7> by the gay Mod,
    [9:21:49 PM] <Guest 7> Merlin
    [9:22:34 PM] <TarasZubov> Recently the White Nationalist/Conservative hybrid forum, Stormfront has begun to close its doors.
    A lack of funding has caused the forum to require r
    [9:22:53 PM] <Guest 7> good
    [9:23:01 PM] <Guest 7> fuck stormfront
    [9:23:04 PM] <Guest 7> they censored me
    [9:23:17 PM] <Guest 7> but its all good
    [9:23:17 PM] <Guest 7> i sent her a private message
    [9:23:18 PM] <TarasZubov> .
    [9:23:24 PM] <TarasZubov> require registration to view posts. This will greatly diminish traffic as it stops the practice of lurking, i.e., reading posts without registering.
    [9:23:31 PM] <Guest 7> and made her aware of the northwest front
    [9:23:36 PM] <TarasZubov> Rise in the number of new White Nationalist sites, along with Stormfronts recent increase in censorship, are the main reasons for contributions decr
    [9:23:49 PM] <TarasZubov> decreasing. Despite pleas from Black and Duke, contributions for July were disappointing.
    Expect to see a subscription plan or some version of
    [9:23:55 PM] <TarasZubov> pay to post
    [9:23:57 PM] <TarasZubov> Soon
    [9:24:06 PM] <Guest 7> jett and jahn
    [9:24:14 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [9:24:17 PM] <Guest 7> kove em
    [9:24:54 PM] <Guest 7> love em*
    [9:27:17 PM] <Guest 7> uh lindstedt
    [9:27:20 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I have to step out for a few Moments. BRB!!
    [9:27:36 PM] <Guest 7> i know a bigger tard carral than the NW imperative groups
    [9:27:56 PM] <Guest 7> its the stormfront Youth skype that me and my friends made
    [9:29:28 PM] <Guest 7> there are no wimen
    [9:29:28 PM] <Guest 7> in it!
    [9:31:34 PM] TheRealWilliamB is on the call
    [9:31:48 PM] <TarasZubov> is Marmite Man really dead?
    [9:31:49 PM] <TarasZubov> lol
    [9:31:52 PM] <TarasZubov> oh WIll is calling in!
    [9:31:59 PM] <TarasZubov> ITS A GREAT NIGHT FOR TALK RADIO!
    [9:32:07 PM] <TarasZubov> {ding!}
    [9:33:15 PM] <Guest 7> how do i call in in?
    [9:33:52 PM] <Guest 7> i just wanna say oi skinheads
    [9:33:53 PM] <TarasZubov> dit says on teh bottom banner of this box
    [9:34:20 PM] <TarasZubov> create a PIN
    [9:34:20 PM] TarasZubov has left the chat
    [9:34:57 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Yes Pisser is recorded saying Reo is not white
    [9:35:48 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [9:36:21 PM] <Guest 7> im sicilian and by some fluke of nature all of my sicilian relatives got blue or green eyes!
    [9:36:53 PM] <Guest 7> im pure white!
    [9:37:37 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Did Mauipatricia get married and divorced?
    [9:38:11 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat
    [9:38:57 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> what a joke. reo is a mamzer.
    [9:39:08 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat
    [9:40:44 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> visser ia high on meth
    [9:42:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Did Jewnstain REALLY meet pisser's wife??
    [9:44:42 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Forgot ... New Fink Talkshoe on Saturdays: CHRISTOGENEA on Talkshoe Fridays at 8:00 PM Eastern and Saturdays on Talkshoe at 8:00 PM Eastern
    [9:45:11 PM] <Guest 7> Linstedt
    [9:45:13 PM] <Guest 7> stormfront censored me!
    [9:45:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Lucky you guest 7 - one less place to totally waste your time
    [9:45:56 PM] <Guest 7> Don Nigger deleted my post because i recommended the northwest front to a girl in portland
    [9:47:55 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Oh, not banned?? too bad
    [9:50:32 PM] TarasZubov is logged into the chat
    [9:51:05 PM] <Guest 7> yea
    [9:51:13 PM] <Guest 7> i really stopped posting last year
    [9:51:19 PM] <Guest 7> ive been in the movement for about 2 years
    [9:51:23 PM] <Guest 7> im now 17
    [9:51:43 PM] <Guest 7> im Northwester and wanna move to the Northwest
    [9:52:09 PM] <TarasZubov> whats imperial about it?
    [9:52:38 PM] <TarasZubov> no one from the royal court said it met 1519 purity law
    [9:52:59 PM] <Guest 7> lindstedt can u give me talking power!
    [9:53:08 PM] <TarasZubov> if only Linder would walk the walk
    [9:53:19 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> exactly
    [9:54:21 PM] <TarasZubov> then again I have wanted to see Lindstedt street activism for a while too
    [9:54:36 PM] <TheRealWilliamB> my young jewish JTF subversive
    [9:55:09 PM] TheRealWilliamB has hung up
    [9:55:13 PM] TheRealWilliamB has left the chat
    [9:55:34 PM] <TarasZubov> maybe I will go down to Granby with my mini HD cam and do a sit down video interview with Martin
    [9:55:39 PM] <Guest 7> can i have talking power
    [9:55:45 PM] <Guest 7> i have mic
    [9:56:27 PM] <TarasZubov> yes
    [9:56:31 PM] <TarasZubov> dial in
    [9:59:35 PM] Guest 7 is on the call
    [9:59:39 PM] <TarasZubov> Linder likes to drink eh?
    [9:59:41 PM] <TarasZubov> heheheh
    [9:59:47 PM] <Guest 7> cool
    [9:59:48 PM] <Guest 7> i cant now talk
    [9:59:55 PM] <Guest 7> sorry
    [9:59:57 PM] <Guest 7> just seeing if it worked
    [10:00:02 PM] <Guest 7> are you recording
    [10:00:02 PM] <TarasZubov> GUest 7 it worked!!!!
    [10:00:19 PM] <TarasZubov> YAaaaaaaaaaaaa we are skinheads and do drugs!
    [10:00:24 PM] <TarasZubov> but I am a nazi and do drugs!!!!
    [10:01:23 PM] <Guest 7> its fine
    [10:01:28 PM] <TarasZubov> I like what Greg JOhnson was saying about suicidal spitefulness of jews by whites totally devoid of long term racial interests.
    [10:01:29 PM] <Guest 7> im done
    [10:01:29 PM] Guest 7 has hung up
    [10:01:46 PM] <Guest 7> just testing
    [10:01:49 PM] <Guest 7> k
    [10:01:50 PM] <TarasZubov> 7, why did you get cold feet?
    [10:01:51 PM] <TarasZubov> call back in soon
    [10:01:58 PM] <Guest 7> i didnt have much to say
    [10:02:19 PM] <Guest 7> but, i sorta wanted to see if that call in method would work
    [10:02:22 PM] <TarasZubov> ok
    [10:02:29 PM] <Guest 7> whose chuck baldwin?
    [10:02:31 PM] <TarasZubov> you not American?
    [10:02:40 PM] <Guest 7> im american!
    [10:03:11 PM] <TarasZubov> good ol chuckie
    [10:03:11 PM] <TarasZubov> I'm joining Chuckie too
    [10:07:02 PM] <TarasZubov> ...
    [10:07:07 PM] <TarasZubov> ...
    [10:07:13 PM] <TarasZubov> .............
    [10:09:36 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Pagans are assholes!!
    [10:10:06 PM] <TarasZubov> they always for for their own pro-pagan-da
    [10:10:10 PM] <TarasZubov> hehehe
    [10:10:36 PM] <Guest 7> hey i know some hot pagan girls
    [10:10:36 PM] <Guest 7> dont hate on em
    [10:10:53 PM] <TarasZubov> they are usually filled with STD's
    [10:11:19 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [10:11:22 PM] <TarasZubov> don't shave and wear black lipstick
    [10:11:22 PM] <Guest 7> is it true lindstedt?
    [10:11:27 PM] <Guest 7> well this one doesnt!
    [10:11:46 PM] <Guest 7> well im going to be the Northwest
    [10:11:57 PM] <TarasZubov> contact joe blow Lindstedt he wants you on his show
    [10:11:58 PM] <Guest 7> and im going to be clay in the bricks
    [10:13:44 PM] <TarasZubov> latest joeblow show
    [10:13:45 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svbCq...el_video_title
    [10:14:12 PM] <TarasZubov> the wider world
    [10:14:23 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [10:14:35 PM] <Guest 7> whore hopping!
    [10:14:56 PM] <Guest 7> in 1981!!!
    [10:15:04 PM] <Guest 7> but 2011 is diffrent
    [10:16:07 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol
    [10:16:21 PM] <Guest 7> Manson is my favorite leader!
    [10:16:38 PM] <Guest 7> he had a real plan
    [10:16:46 PM] <Guest 7> which he put into effect
    [10:18:42 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hail Mary!!!
    [10:18:52 PM] <Guest 7> he nearly started a race war!
    [10:19:10 PM] <TarasZubov> Hey Martin............ joeblow@umunu.com or skype:joeblowman
    [10:19:16 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He only committed Murder!
    [10:19:20 PM] <Guest 7> charlie manson!
    [10:19:22 PM] <Guest 7> and the family
    [10:19:30 PM] <Poopy Dawg> the old talkshoe Martin is coming back lol
    [10:19:44 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Yeah, c'mon guest 7 ... grow up?
    [10:20:03 PM] <Guest 7> charles mansons revolutionary teachings are awesome!
    [10:20:09 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Manson was a drugged up crazy, that's about the end of it
    [10:20:57 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Martin do you know that Fink is starting a talkshoe show on Saturdays at 8pm? The christogenea show
    [10:21:22 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Did she get married and divorced or not??
    [10:22:25 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Yes he will be on Fridays and Saturdays now
    [10:22:39 PM] <Guest 7> if you are CI are you allowed to marry a Creator, Mormon, Wotanist, Traditional Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox?
    [10:22:58 PM] <Guest 7> those are the religions i can see a WNist being other than CI of course
    [10:23:10 PM] <Poopy Dawg> How did she do that? reverse the sex and undo?
    [10:24:02 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I have to go and make some "Spanish rice"!!
    [10:24:06 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Mormon would be the only one kid of close to CI but you still could be looking at a lot of problems if you are really a practicing CI
    [10:25:28 PM] <Guest 7> are you basically allowed to marry A WNist of another religion
    [10:27:12 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I Know Maui Patricia and she is Good People!! I don't know what her problem with the CI crowd is or why she got the "Boot". But it is only time until
    [10:27:26 PM] <TarasZubov> we are off topic again
    [10:27:36 PM] <Frankenwhigger> everybody is on the Finkelstein/Reo Shit List!
    [10:27:43 PM] <TarasZubov> I am not amused by old women gossip
    [10:28:18 PM] <TarasZubov> the jews are on their warpath tonight and we are singing about Maui Patricia?
    [10:28:23 PM] <TarasZubov> does that even make sense?
    [10:28:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> MP is a nice lady, but she never really got the CI thing. She has been hanging around "christian" cults for years and never could lose the baggage
    [10:29:01 PM] <TarasZubov> is there no world outside of talkshoe headquartered CI show listeners and hosts?
    [10:30:12 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Well MP is a very liberated female, she is a product of the times she has grown up in
    [10:30:55 PM] <TarasZubov> you into 60 something old hags?
    [10:31:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> How old are you Taras?
    [10:31:41 PM] <TarasZubov> I don't go to step dances
    [10:32:21 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Lol my point is that if you are in your twenties say, you aren't going to understand people over say 40...
    [10:32:34 PM] <TarasZubov> dont do the docy doeto keep my lines straight
    [10:32:59 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Gee I never square danced at all
    [10:33:15 PM] <TarasZubov> the only thing worse than talking about the hosts is talking about the little handle names of the people that log into talkshoe and listen to them
    [10:33:23 PM] <TarasZubov> how low can the gossip get!
    [10:33:46 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Yeah I wouldnt trust whineydave as far as I could throw him
    [10:33:55 PM] <Guest 7> wait who?
    [10:34:07 PM] <Guest 7> who is tryin to be skinhead
    [10:35:00 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol at greenbaum
    [10:35:09 PM] <Guest 7> which teenager is trying to be a nazi but is a jew?
    [10:35:15 PM] <Poopy Dawg> there are self haters in the jew groups
    [10:35:40 PM] <TarasZubov> who started the Christian Identity Parody Forum??
    [10:35:44 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat
    [10:35:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> never saw it
    [10:37:27 PM] <Poopy Dawg> well Stormfront is going to have very few readers then if paid membership is required
    [10:37:52 PM] <Poopy Dawg> but people are used to free access online now
    [10:42:38 PM] <TarasZubov> make fake accounts and PM people links to this shows archive
    [10:42:42 PM] <TarasZubov> you can send 5 per hour
    [10:43:41 PM] <Guest 9> You are recording this and will post it tomorrow correct?
    [10:45:00 PM] <Guest 9> ok
    [10:46:09 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Hi guest 9 who are you?
    [10:46:37 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [10:46:40 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [10:47:01 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://www.churchoftrueisrael.com/navigation/
    [10:48:24 PM] <Guest 9> an excellent link
    [10:49:14 PM] <Guest 9> delaney is now the front mouth for finck-el-sheeny
    [10:50:01 PM] <Guest 9> delaney is wearing john844.com t-shirts now
    [10:51:39 PM] <TarasZubov> I listened to Finck on Deanne Spingola show
    [10:51:42 PM] <TarasZubov> was good
    [10:52:20 PM] <Guest 9> finck is an ashkenazi
    [10:52:55 PM] <Guest 9> and delaney is a fraud
    [10:53:34 PM] <TarasZubov> HEY
    [10:53:36 PM] <Guest 9> Delaney is a grand theft auto zogbot. bought and paid.
    [10:53:37 PM] <TarasZubov> DAVID DUKE IS ON RENSE RIGHT NOW
    [10:53:52 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.renseradio.com/listenlive.htm
    [10:54:06 PM] <TarasZubov> Hey Lindstedt, let's go live to the interview
    [10:54:31 PM] <Guest 9> Delaney cut a deal for a short sentence in turn for regular infiltration reports.
    [10:54:46 PM] <Guest 9> Bottom line.
    [10:55:57 PM] <TarasZubov> I'm listening to Rense
    [10:56:07 PM] <Guest 9> Just like Finck. Another "quick deal" zogbot.
    [10:56:29 PM] <Guest 9> These criminals are all the same...
    [10:57:19 PM] <TarasZubov> Delaney obsessed much?
    [10:58:13 PM] <Guest 9> Delaney is a tard, only 2 points above Aryo Rezaie.
    [10:58:14 PM] <TarasZubov> in the shadows of discontent with prothink?
    [10:58:26 PM] <TarasZubov> joeblow is great
    [10:58:40 PM] <TarasZubov> best show that ever was-will-be
    [10:59:42 PM] <TarasZubov> LIndstedt get some guests on your show
    [10:59:54 PM] <TarasZubov> want me to call Texe Marrs ?
    [11:00:48 PM] <TarasZubov> this CI forum thing is so antiquated
    [11:01:01 PM] <TarasZubov> another generation and there will be no one left
    [11:01:14 PM] <TarasZubov> CI demographic is 50 years old+
    [11:01:58 PM] <TarasZubov> there are more mudlums in a four plex house than CIers in all of the mid west
    [11:03:19 PM] <TarasZubov> Marty call Daryl Bradford SMith
    [11:07:22 PM] <TarasZubov> I offered Prozium (or was it Scimitar) a guest-slot at MR because he was producing some very good conservative-going-on-WN material. Someone I respec
    [11:07:41 PM] <TarasZubov> t explained privately that this had all happened before (as Fade the Butcher), and to become involved in any way with this guy would be a mistake.
    [11:08:56 PM] <TarasZubov> CIers = extinct in 20 years
    [11:09:57 PM] <Frankenwhigger> And Martin, you were a great Writer! I Miss your political and Christian writings.
    [11:12:01 PM] <Poopy Dawg> CI will continue to decline in numbers because that is the way it is supposed to be. The closer we get to the end, the less you will hear of or from
    [11:12:06 PM] <Poopy Dawg> real Israelites
    [11:12:42 PM] <Poopy Dawg> When the end comes in it will be a sea of mud and mongrels ripe and waiting for destruction
    [11:12:49 PM] <Guest 7> CI is declining!?
    [11:12:51 PM] <Guest 7> what
    [11:13:20 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Most CI people you will never see or hear of
    [11:13:27 PM] <TarasZubov> The elephant is back. (Did it ever go away?)
    [11:14:08 PM] <Poopy Dawg> what elephant?
    [11:14:19 PM] <TarasZubov> CI is not swaying history by any means
    [11:14:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> haha history. History won't be around all that much longer
    [11:15:05 PM] <Poopy Dawg> The future will not be concerned with histories of "man"
    [11:17:12 PM] <TarasZubov> CI is a burning building on the brink of collapse in its death throes
    [11:17:24 PM] <Poopy Dawg> You don't get it Taras
    [11:18:04 PM] <Poopy Dawg> CI is becoming and doing exactly what it should be and that does not include above ground faux CI
    [11:18:28 PM] <Guest 7> sine it was says adam was brought out of the dust of the ground could that imply evolution
    [11:18:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> no
    [11:18:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> There is to be only a remnant in the end days! The rest of the Great Apostasy are deceived by Yahweh himself to do the Work of the beast.
    [11:19:06 PM] <Guest 7> that whites had evolved and Yahweh brought them from cro-magnon
    [11:19:18 PM] <Poopy Dawg> no
    [11:19:25 PM] <Frankenwhigger> 2Thes 2:11 and Rev 17:17
    [11:19:35 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Adam was a separate and singular creation
    [11:20:07 PM] <Guest 7> well is it possible Yahweh evolved animals out of other animals such as evolving niggers from apes?
    [11:20:13 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yahweh has sent Strong Delusions to those WHO CHOSE not to discern Truth!
    [11:20:52 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Yahweh created animals and beasts of the field, exactly how they may have become perverted is not clear
    [11:20:58 PM] <Frankenwhigger> There is No Evolution. Kind Begats Like Kind!!
    [11:21:34 PM] <Poopy Dawg> dinosaurs did not become birds
    [11:21:48 PM] <Guest 7> I dont by dinosaurs becoming birds
    [11:22:10 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The Books of Enoch tells us that when Satan was cast to this earth, he began to Mix the People and Animals with the Fallen and Each other!
    [11:22:11 PM] <TarasZubov> shit bring on RUssel again
    [11:22:38 PM] <TarasZubov> Pakistanis are merely Moslem Indians same with the east Bengalese
    [11:22:44 PM] <Guest 7> but i certainly see evolution as realistic as Yahwehs device that he used to shape the world before genesis
    [11:22:45 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The pig is supposed to be a cross between Enosh and Animals!! The Pig is a Jew!
    [11:23:37 PM] <TarasZubov> use the Judeo liberal fallacious shibboleths against them
    [11:23:57 PM] <Guest 7> is Genesis the creation of the universe or is it marking a refurbishing of an already populated but bear world
    [11:24:22 PM] <TarasZubov> shibboleths = aptly a Hebrew word buzzword, and agitprop term are others conveying the like idea
    [11:24:34 PM] <Guest 7> such as basically is genesis ending the ice age and replenishing the world?
    [11:24:42 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yes, the world was made Void!!
    [11:28:47 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The World was destroyed, "Made Void" when Satan was cast to earth. That Ancient World Destruction is described in Isaiah 24 where yahweh Showed
    [11:29:03 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Isaiah what he did in previous times!
    [11:29:20 PM] <Guest 7> hmmm
    [11:29:30 PM] <Guest 7> mabye satan killed the dinosaurs bringing the iceage
    [11:29:35 PM] <Guest 7> ice age!
    [11:29:53 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Isaiah 24 is written in past tense inthe Old Scriptures!
    [11:30:02 PM] <Guest 7> and then he raped the mammoths and satan needed sex so he left the big furfags alive
    [11:30:13 PM] <Guest 7> Satan made furries
    [11:30:38 PM] <Guest 7> lindstedt im the best troll in my school
    [11:30:53 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Satan was cast to earth 73,000 years ago! According to Ancient Chinese Legend, Sumerian Texts and the Akkadian Library!
    [11:31:00 PM] <Guest 7> i posted this jew wiggers phone number on 4chan!
    [11:31:10 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [11:31:54 PM] <Guest 7> I love posting personal info on 4chan
    [11:32:00 PM] <Frankenwhigger> They witnessed it!!
    [11:32:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The Asiatics are the Oldest Race on Earth!
    [11:32:40 PM] <Guest 7> even those hawt japanese girls?
    [11:32:53 PM] <Guest 7> with the black school uniforms?
    [11:33:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> This is why the Chinese are Dragon Worshippers. The Fallen Angels and Sataninsignia was the Dragon, Satan was a Dragon!
    [11:33:37 PM] <Guest 7> can i get link for bryan reo videos?
    [11:34:04 PM] <Guest 7> the one the guy did
    [11:34:10 PM] <Guest 7> with the mask over his head
    [11:34:16 PM] <TarasZubov> they are private
    [11:34:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> This is why the Chinese are Dragon Worshippers. The Fallen Angels and Satan's insignia was the Dragon, Satan was a Dragon!
    [11:34:59 PM] <Guest 7> Lindstedt, did you ever post someones personal info on 4chan?
    [11:35:25 PM] <Guest 7> YOU DONT
    [11:35:26 PM] <Guest 7> i do
    [11:35:26 PM] <Frankenwhigger> The Chinese recorded the "Wars in Heaven" and saw the Fallen Crash land on Earth. They talk of Ships of Light!!
    [11:35:39 PM] <Guest 7> i post personal info their of kids in my school!
    [11:35:41 PM] <Guest 7> that mess with me
    [11:36:08 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I am going to play some solitaire while listening since the chat SUX!!
    [11:36:18 PM] <Poopy Dawg> I can't get past all the disgusting photos on 4chan long enough to figure any of it out
    [11:36:20 PM] <Frankenwhigger> http://www.solitairenetwork.com/soli...aire-game.html
    [11:37:29 PM] <Guest 7> 4chan is for trolling
    [11:38:09 PM] <Guest 7> i posted his number
    [11:38:27 PM] <Guest 7> for it to be called by basement dwellers
    [11:38:35 PM] <TarasZubov> We know who Frankenwhigger is, it's only a matter of time now
    [11:38:45 PM] <Frankenwhigger> 4chan has Pron!!
    [11:38:48 PM] <TarasZubov> http://coleman-lantern-collectors.bl...-its-only.html
    [11:38:59 PM] <Frankenwhigger> sauce?
    [11:39:34 PM] <Guest 7> http://boards.4chan.org/b/
    [11:39:35 PM] <Guest 7> there
    [11:39:41 PM] <Guest 7> i made up a story
    [11:39:47 PM] <Guest 7> to get people to call his number
    [11:40:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> All the Chans and Pron you could Want!!!
    [11:41:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> http://shii.org/2ch/
    [11:41:01 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Is that photo supposed to be FW?
    [11:41:20 PM] <Poopy Dawg> I didn't think Miller Lite was FW's beer of choice
    [11:41:29 PM] <Frankenwhigger> That is Me!!
    [11:41:42 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol it isn't
    [11:42:09 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I Had to DMCA Google to get my Images removed, but a couple got captured!!
    [11:42:32 PM] <Poopy Dawg> poop
    [11:43:37 PM] <TarasZubov> the nims are onto you FW
    [11:44:05 PM] <Poopy Dawg> pooftah much? lol
    [11:44:21 PM] <Guest 7> this wigger in my school made a rap mixtape
    [11:44:43 PM] <Guest 7> and i made a fake email
    [11:44:53 PM] <Guest 7> and i sent him an email asking for a copy of it
    [11:44:59 PM] <Frankenwhigger> This New Generation of NIMs are Ass-Clowns!! I have given them Many Clues , like I used to be on Hal Turner's Show and they still can't get it!!
    [11:45:01 PM] <Guest 7> and he previously uploaded it to youtube
    [11:45:17 PM] <Guest 7> and i intend to upload his mix tape
    [11:45:22 PM] <Guest 7> but have edited photos of him on youtbe
    [11:45:35 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [11:45:55 PM] <Guest 7> i love using the internet to screw people over!
    [11:46:32 PM] <Guest 7> Wait how do you know he is talking about the bryan reo we know and love?
    [11:48:02 PM] <Poopy Dawg> brb food run
    [11:49:41 PM] <Frankenwhigger> We Need to Post Bryan Reo Pictures Here http://www.crossdressers.com/forums/
    [11:49:42 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/f...adultery-thing
    [11:52:11 PM] <TarasZubov> ...
    [11:52:20 PM] <TarasZubov> ...
    [11:54:56 PM] <Guest 7> lol
    [11:55:04 PM] <Guest 7> whose guest 9?
    [11:55:28 PM] <Guest 7> i hate niggers
    [11:55:39 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hello Bryan!!
    [11:55:41 PM] <TarasZubov> Jew is the master at mind clusterfucks, brainwashing, mind control, putting
    young Goyim on guilt trips. Always playing that victim game!
    [11:55:46 PM] <TarasZubov> ....
    [11:56:24 PM] <Frankenwhigger> ,,,,,
    [11:57:10 PM] <TarasZubov> hello?
    [11:57:18 PM] <TarasZubov> show going tocontinue?
    [11:57:19 PM] <Poopy Dawg> I guess divorce is the hot argument of the moment huh? Fink's Saturday show is going to be on divorce
    [11:57:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Thank Maui Patricia!!
    [11:57:59 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
    [11:58:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> so what exactly did she do?? nobody will tell me
    [11:58:21 PM] <Guest 10> Hello I am a zog bot
    [11:58:28 PM] <Frankenwhigger> There has been a Lot of IPs from Mentor , Ohio Area on the Boychat! http://www.boychat.org/
    [11:58:49 PM] BryanReo is logged into the chat
    [11:58:59 PM] <BryanReo> I finally found your show
    [11:59:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Patricia dare Challenged the "Greek Expert"!!
    [11:59:09 PM] <BryanReo> you are caught
    [11:59:19 PM] <BryanReo> this will be removed in haste
    [11:59:22 PM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah but she and fink were on the outs a long time ago, whats with the divorce thing
    [11:59:51 PM] <Poopy Dawg> FOAD Reo
    [12:00:11 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Hey, are Finklesheenie trolls here?!?!?!? Let The Fun Begin!!
    [12:00:37 AM] <BryanReo> it took work
    [12:00:43 AM] <BryanReo> but we found out your hiding place
    [12:00:45 AM] <Poopy Dawg> FW WHAT'S WITH THE DIVORCE THING?????????
    [12:01:33 AM] <BryanReo> enjoy the show
    [12:01:35 AM] <Frankenwhigger> They are all divorced and are Feeling Guilty and condemned!!
    [12:01:37 AM] <BryanReo> its going to be gone soon
    [12:01:50 AM] <Poopy Dawg> WHO is all?
    [12:02:18 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Except Reo, He's a Queer and has never been married!!
    [12:02:38 AM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah we know reo's a mud queer, what about the divorce??
    [12:02:54 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Fincks been Married Two or Three Times and so has Most of the Other in the Tard Corral!
    [12:03:05 AM] <BryanReo> I used to call into free talk live
    [12:03:25 AM] <Poopy Dawg> but fink can claim it was before CI, so can some of the others, what about Maui?
    [12:03:43 AM] <Frankenwhigger> They can't Keep a Job, so they can't Keep their Womyns!!
    [12:03:58 AM] <BryanReo> is the show over?
    [12:04:12 AM] <Poopy Dawg> can't keep their drivers licenses either apparently lol
    [12:04:44 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Being on Parole does Not Pay Well nor does it bode well for any Job prospects!! Neither does having 3 or 4 DUIs.
    [12:04:50 AM] <PastorLindstedt> no
    [12:05:09 AM] <Guest 7> Oi skinhead
    [12:05:17 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Being Medicated doesn't help with the Job thing either!
    [12:05:25 AM] <BryanReo> THIS SHOW IS GOING DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
    [12:05:35 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Right Bryan!!
    [12:05:39 AM] <Poopy Dawg> FW have you been drinking?
    [12:05:47 AM] <Poopy Dawg> I'm having trouble getting you to focus
    [12:05:56 AM] <BryanReo> stuffing face at 11:30 at night?
    [12:06:12 AM] <Guest 7> OI bryan REO
    [12:06:22 AM] <Guest 7> skinhead pride world wide!
    [12:06:24 AM] <Guest 7> welcome
    [12:06:33 AM] <Guest 7> Lindstedt
    [12:06:35 AM] <Guest 7> welcome Bryan Reo
    [12:06:52 AM] <BryanReo> STFU
    [12:06:59 AM] <Guest 7> YES DRILL SEARGEANT
    [12:07:09 AM] <BryanReo> I WILL FUCK YOU UP BITCH
    [12:07:14 AM] <Guest 7> NO YOU WONT
    [12:07:17 AM] <Guest 7> see if you can reach
    [12:07:28 AM] <Guest 7> little bitch punkass
    [12:07:29 AM] <Poopy Dawg> dont talk to the riff raff mud guest 7
    [12:07:39 AM] <Guest 7> ooga booga booga
    [12:07:44 AM] <Guest 7> booo!
    [12:07:46 AM] <Guest 7> come lets go
    [12:07:47 AM] TarasZubov has left the chat
    [12:08:25 AM] <Guest 7> i predict you are this big black drill seargeant in the army dating some blond bitch right bryan reo?
    [12:08:44 AM] Guest 10 has left the chat
    [12:09:45 AM] <Poopy Dawg> only guys who dont read their bibles think that way
    [12:11:06 AM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo!
    [12:11:16 AM] <Guest 7> do you have facebook
    [12:11:57 AM] <Guest 7> nice photo!
    [12:12:07 AM] <Guest 7> almost white but not quite
    [12:12:14 AM] <BryanReo> I HAVE GUNS
    [12:12:16 AM] <Guest 7> what kind?
    [12:12:16 AM] <Guest 7> an airsoft
    [12:12:32 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Sheryl of "MattandSheryl" is kinda Hot!!
    [12:12:36 AM] <Guest 7> i have 2 airsoft!
    [12:12:39 AM] <Guest 7> i have you out gunneed!
    [12:12:43 AM] <Guest 7> i own 2 airsoft guns
    [12:12:49 AM] <Guest 7> and you just go one
    [12:12:54 AM] <Poopy Dawg> puresilly is nuts
    [12:13:11 AM] <Frankenwhigger> PILGRIM was Cool!!
    [12:13:20 AM] <Poopy Dawg> agreed FW
    [12:13:44 AM] <Frankenwhigger> 8th Day Babe is kinda "out there"!!
    [12:13:55 AM] <BryanReo> this show is sucking
    [12:13:57 AM] <BryanReo> topics have been done to death
    [12:14:05 AM] <BryanReo> BEATEN TO A PULP
    [12:14:24 AM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah 8th day isn't as bad as some but she is out there alright
    [12:14:29 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Pulp is Good, Pulp is Your friend!!
    [12:14:43 AM] <Guest 7> lol you always mange to find out base Reo
    [12:14:45 AM] <Guest 7> you will never
    [12:14:54 AM] <Poopy Dawg> pulp makes your colon happy FW!
    [12:14:56 AM] <Guest 7> ever win the race war!1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    [12:15:01 AM] <Guest 7> Lindstedt
    [12:15:07 AM] <Frankenwhigger> LOTZ of Fiber!!
    [12:15:12 AM] <Guest 7> speek to Bryan Reo
    [12:15:17 AM] <BryanReo> speaking about online CI women that Lindstedt has never met
    [12:15:19 AM] <Poopy Dawg> lol the faggotry alone is enough to knock them out of the running
    [12:15:32 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Yeah, Call in, Faux Breo!!
    [12:15:44 AM] <Guest 7> actaully call in
    [12:16:00 AM] <Frankenwhigger> I Am Friends with Patricia!
    [12:16:04 AM] <Poopy Dawg> remarriage isn't the unforgivable sin
    [12:17:18 AM] <Guest 7> if i get married im just gonna not get legally married
    [12:17:23 AM] <Guest 7> with a liscence
    [12:17:34 AM] <Poopy Dawg> actually bastard in the sense of born without benefit of parents being married isn't all that possible in CI now is it? Think about it...
    [12:17:44 AM] <BryanReo> talking about internet pen names on talkshoe shows again?
    [12:17:55 AM] <Guest 7> OI skinheads
    [12:18:00 AM] <Poopy Dawg> Reo have you ever met Taras Bulba?? lol
    [12:18:13 AM] <BryanReo> fuck him
    [12:18:16 AM] <BryanReo> I kill him
    [12:18:24 AM] <Frankenwhigger> I Am Friends with Patricia!
    [12:18:28 AM] <BryanReo> TIME TO SHUT THIS SHOW DOWN
    [12:18:35 AM] <Guest 7> how many people have killed Reo?
    [12:18:37 AM] <Guest 7> Reo why did you censor people?
    [12:19:00 AM] <Poopy Dawg> not enough guest 7
    [12:20:08 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Maybe, I will bring Patricia to Martin's House!!
    [12:20:21 AM] <Poopy Dawg> that would be a fun evening FW!!
    [12:21:02 AM] <BryanReo> WILL BE RELEASING IT SOON
    [12:21:14 AM] <Guest 7> do you have mine?
    [12:21:18 AM] <Poopy Dawg> chill Taras
    [12:21:29 AM] <Frankenwhigger> When I get My New Pick-up Truck I am wanting to do a Road trip! I want to visit Martin and drink some Beers and Have some KFC with Him!!
    [12:21:43 AM] <Guest 7> you will never have my real name bryan reo
    [12:21:46 AM] <Guest 7> never ever
    [12:21:47 AM] <Guest 7> ever
    [12:21:48 AM] <Guest 7> ever
    [12:22:09 AM] <BryanReo> I ALREADY DO
    [12:22:16 AM] <BryanReo> YOU KID
    [12:22:20 AM] <Guest 7> what is it?
    [12:22:25 AM] <Frankenwhigger> What should I wear when I "Appear"?!?!?!?
    [12:22:28 AM] <Poopy Dawg> those khaki pants were cute FW
    [12:22:40 AM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo what is my real name?
    [12:22:49 AM] <Frankenwhigger> You're sooo Butch!!
    [12:23:00 AM] <Poopy Dawg> only for you FW
    [12:23:07 AM] <BryanReo> FETCH MY KETCHUP
    [12:23:17 AM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo what is my name?
    [12:23:37 AM] <BryanReo> YOU WILL KNOW I HAVE YOUR NAME SOON
    [12:23:57 AM] <BryanReo> JAVA EXPLOIT REVEALS ALL
    [12:24:38 AM] <Poopy Dawg> pizza's ready brb
    [12:25:06 AM] <BryanReo> FROZEN?
    [12:25:17 AM] <BryanReo> LEARN TO COOK TUBBY BOY
    [12:25:25 AM] <Guest 7> lol
    [12:25:43 AM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo has gone crazy!
    [12:25:49 AM] <Guest 7> Hey lindstedt
    [12:25:57 AM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo is here
    [12:26:33 AM] <Guest 7> ah yes
    [12:26:46 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Bryan Reo is Not Here!! I am Bryan Reo!!
    [12:26:49 AM] <Guest 7> NO I AM BRYAN REO
    [12:27:04 AM] <Poopy Dawg> hwll no, delivery nom nom nom
    [12:27:17 AM] <BryanReo> OH LARD ASS IS BACK
    [12:27:26 AM] <Frankenwhigger> In Utah?!?!??!
    [12:27:37 AM] <Guest 7> OOOGA BOOGA
    [12:27:44 AM] <Poopy Dawg> shut up Taras Bulba
    [12:27:55 AM] <Guest 7> Bryan Reo
    [12:28:03 AM] <Guest 7> whats your phone number?
    [12:28:15 AM] <BryanReo> 1-800-SHE-MALE SEX
    [12:28:28 AM] <Frankenwhigger> I Had a 8088 Computer!! It had Two Floppy Disks and I had to Boot from One disk to the other!!
    [12:28:56 AM] <Frankenwhigger> That was In 1988!!
    [12:29:07 AM] <BryanReo> Poopy Dawg COOKIN UP A PATHETIC FROOZEN MENU DELIGHT AT 1 AM?
    [12:29:16 AM] <BryanReo> WHAT A SAD LIFESTYLE
    [12:29:20 AM] <BryanReo> A FAILED LIFE TO BE SURE
    [12:29:40 AM] <Poopy Dawg> its not 1 am for me
    [12:29:51 AM] <BryanReo> YA WHAT TIME IS IT
    [12:29:54 AM] <BryanReo> 12
    [12:30:02 AM] <BryanReo> 11
    [12:30:10 AM] <BryanReo> DOESN'T CHANGE THE GIST OF IT
    [12:30:15 AM] <Poopy Dawg> and it isn't frozen
    [12:30:31 AM] <BryanReo> YOU THAWED YOUR GRUEL OUT
    [12:30:37 AM] <BryanReo> CONGRATS
    [12:30:46 AM] <Poopy Dawg> nom nom nom I haven't eaten all day and I'm hungry
    [12:30:50 AM] <BryanReo> SINGLE OLD MAN
    [12:30:54 AM] <BryanReo> MUST BE A TOUGH LIFE
    [12:31:03 AM] <Poopy Dawg> lolzing
    [12:32:01 AM] <Guest 7> ;p;
    [12:32:09 AM] <Guest 7> lol
    [12:32:18 AM] <BryanReo> GOT UR TUBES TIED POOPER?
    [12:32:49 AM] <Poopy Dawg> no I gotz pizza mmmmm mmmmm mmmm
    [12:33:45 AM] <Poopy Dawg> hahaha and apparently I'm a lot happier than you are
    [12:33:54 AM] <Poopy Dawg> cranky pants
    [12:34:01 AM] <BryanReo> SHUT UP TOAD
    [12:34:13 AM] <Poopy Dawg> lolz owned
    [12:34:44 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Do That Yether Thang!!
    [12:35:11 AM] <BryanReo> YETH
    [12:36:31 AM] <BryanReo> EVERY BUM DROPS A POODIE
    [12:36:57 AM] <BryanReo> S
    [12:37:07 AM] <BryanReo> 400 INCH NECK
    [12:37:25 AM] <Poopy Dawg> now thats the old Taras Bulba we know
    [12:37:38 AM] <BryanReo> DO YOU KNOW MAAX?
    [12:37:51 AM] <BryanReo> I AM HE
    [12:38:14 AM] <Frankenwhigger> MAAX ACKER is COLD BUTTER.
    [12:38:41 AM] <BryanReo> I CAN CONTEST THAT
    [12:39:07 AM] <Poopy Dawg> We love poopy dawg!
    [12:39:26 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Poopy Dawg can "Pinch a Loaf"!!
    [12:40:07 AM] <Guest 7> I just added Randy Gray!
    [12:40:19 AM] <Guest 7> on facebook
    [12:40:25 AM] <Guest 7> i heard he is a federal informant
    [12:40:31 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Randy Gray RAWKZZZZ!!!
    [12:40:37 AM] <Guest 7> yeaa
    [12:40:47 AM] <Guest 7> he gives good speeches
    [12:40:58 AM] <Frankenwhigger> He Dresses up in a Klan Suit and Holds a Sign on the Side of the Road!!
    [12:41:10 AM] <BryanReo> WHO IS TARAS?
    [12:41:24 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Kinda Like Prothink!! They call it "White Activism"!!
    [12:43:46 AM] <Guest 7> get bryan reo on call
    [12:43:54 AM] <Guest 7> bryan call in
    [12:44:42 AM] <Poopy Dawg> poopy the pincher
    [12:44:47 AM] <Frankenwhigger> Goodnight Martin, Praise Yahweh and Hail Mary!!
    [12:45:02 AM] <Poopy Dawg> nighty night FW!
    [12:45:12 AM] <Guest 7> If Billy Roper becomes president
    [12:45:17 AM] <Guest 7> I want to be placed in Charge of CIA
    [12:45:24 AM] <Guest 7> thatd be awesome
    [12:46:03 AM] Frankenwhigger has left the chat
    [12:46:24 AM] Guest 7 has left the chat
    [12:48:17 AM] <Poopy Dawg> Yeah thanks Martin, don't forget fink's saturday show
    [12:49:41 AM] <Poopy Dawg> Yeah he's on fridays and saturdays at 8 pm now
    [12:49:51 AM] <Poopy Dawg> lol
    [12:50:01 AM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah\
    [12:50:27 AM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah eli plays nicey nice
    [12:50:51 AM] <Poopy Dawg> awwwwww poor eli kutz
    [12:51:46 AM] <Poopy Dawg> its McFagg, he starts screaming MUTE
    [12:52:19 AM] <Poopy Dawg> if the call hasn't been started how can it end??
    [12:53:02 AM] <Poopy Dawg> eli will say anything he can get away with without being "outed" by the numnutzs
    [12:53:24 AM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah Victor was Fink's henchman then suddenly poof, gone
    [12:53:43 AM] <Poopy Dawg> ooooo that Reo is a piece of shite
    [12:54:24 AM] <Poopy Dawg> kinda poetic
    [12:55:57 AM] <Poopy Dawg> Fink has nobody posting at his forum now
    [12:56:20 AM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah fink has a way of getting other people to do dirty work for him so he doesn't look bad
    [12:56:28 AM] PastorLindstedt has hung up
    [12:57:06 AM] <Poopy Dawg> well I guess you
    [12:57:24 AM] <Poopy Dawg> are gone for tonight ... cya Sunday. Yahweh bless Martin
    [12:57:53 AM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [12:58:20 AM] <PastorLindstedt> Timed out because I didn't *65.
    [12:59:11 AM] <PastorLindstedt> Hail Victory!!!
    [1:00:52 AM] BryanReo has left the chat
    [1:02:08 AM] The Call has ended.

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    Default TMT #83 14Aug11 Chat

    TMT #83 14Aug11 Chat


    PastorLindstedt is logged into the chat
    [7:47:29 PM] Guest 2 is logged into the chat
    [7:47:43 PM] TarasZubov is logged into the chat
    [7:47:47 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [7:49:18 PM] nwfcomrade has left the chat
    [7:49:23 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [7:49:29 PM] nwfcomrade is on the call
    [7:49:41 PM] <nwfcomrade> Oh good, the client didn't crash this time.
    [7:50:03 PM] <PastorLindstedt> Russ interview.
    [7:50:04 PM] <TarasZubov> TMT 82 was off the chain
    [7:52:01 PM] <TarasZubov> delete episode 2 and 3 from the talkshoe page to eliminate the last traces
    [7:52:01 PM] <PastorLindstedt> I got up a HOGT.
    [7:52:06 PM] <TarasZubov> sweet
    [7:53:31 PM] <TarasZubov> nwf was unaudiable last show I think Martin needs this http://www.amazon.com/Olympus-145051.../dp/B000GU88CQ
    [7:54:13 PM] Guest 3 is logged into the chat
    [7:54:18 PM] <nwfcomrade> afk for a bit - chores. Back soon.
    [7:56:30 PM] <TarasZubov> Mariah Carey Lindstedt!
    [7:56:38 PM] <Guest 3> afk? people just love this nigger talk. initials and crap. crazy
    [7:57:37 PM] Guest 2 has left the chat
    [7:58:29 PM] <PastorLindstedt> Gonna log on and Russ will call back in.
    [7:58:37 PM] <TarasZubov> new bryan reo vid
    [7:58:39 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGT5R5GNR6o
    [7:58:49 PM] <TarasZubov> I can't see it cause it's private
    [7:59:08 PM] nwfcomrade has hung up
    [7:59:14 PM] <TarasZubov> "It is just JewFag Pete, he's underground - YouTube" www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgYYdalEMrI
    [8:00:51 PM] <Guest 3> private? why send a video people cant watch? go join your nwfcomrade who likes to speak nigger.
    [8:01:10 PM] PastorLindstedt is on the call
    [8:01:49 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [8:02:12 PM] PastorLindstedt is on the call
    [8:02:24 PM] PastorLindstedt has hung up
    [8:02:51 PM] <TarasZubov> no that was an old old show that Linder was on
    [8:03:13 PM] <TarasZubov> 2006
    [8:03:31 PM] <TarasZubov> shows that Linder has been muted since then
    [8:04:00 PM] <TarasZubov> ELi James said he was going to take legal action on me
    [8:04:14 PM] <TarasZubov> and phone authorities
    [8:04:28 PM] <Poopy Dawg> sue you for what?
    [8:04:37 PM] <TarasZubov> cause I threatened McBragg
    [8:04:50 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://www.listen-n-post.com/programs/tmt.html
    [8:05:22 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat
    [8:05:22 PM] <TarasZubov> I could retrieve the chat from last night didn't know whether he ratted me out to talkshoe or not
    [8:05:31 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol the fibbies must love hearing from these old ladies every time somebody looks at them sideways
    [8:05:35 PM] <TarasZubov> thought the chat could be under investigation hgeehehehe
    [8:06:29 PM] <TarasZubov> Martin your gonna overload your electrical service with all that high draw electronic units
    [8:06:55 PM] <TarasZubov> keep some spare 15amp fuses near
    [8:07:29 PM] <TarasZubov> I keep my PC on a dedicated circuit
    [8:07:48 PM] <Poopy Dawg> laptops take a lot of energy??
    [8:08:18 PM] <Poopy Dawg> how interesting
    [8:08:50 PM] <TarasZubov> ghost wolf radio calling!
    [8:09:06 PM] nwfcomrade has left the chat
    [8:09:46 PM] <TarasZubov> the secret code dont forget to EDITED THIS OUT
    [8:10:28 PM] <Poopy Dawg> good Taras - YEAH MARTIN EDIT OUT THE SHOW NUMBER AND REFERENCE!!
    [8:11:39 PM] <Poopy Dawg> who gave Troublemaker a computer???
    [8:11:46 PM] <Poopy Dawg> shoot them
    [8:12:33 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
    [8:12:36 PM] <Guest 5> Oi skinheads
    [8:12:38 PM] <Guest 5> !!!!!!!!!!!
    [8:12:43 PM] <TarasZubov> calling in tonight?
    [8:12:50 PM] <Guest 5> Skinhead pride world wide!
    [8:12:58 PM] <TarasZubov> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    [8:13:29 PM] Troublemaker is logged into the chat
    [8:13:39 PM] <Poopy Dawg> could guest 5 be Mass??
    [8:13:45 PM] <Guest 5> yes i am!
    [8:13:54 PM] <Poopy Dawg>
    [8:14:01 PM] <TarasZubov> I am one of the warlords
    [8:14:31 PM] <TarasZubov> head of turd promotions inc.
    [8:14:48 PM] <TarasZubov> some people hand out 911 DVD's
    [8:14:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol
    [8:14:55 PM] <TarasZubov> we'll I leave turd archives on the bus
    [8:15:08 PM] <Guest 5> nice
    [8:15:22 PM] <Guest 3> Guest 5 is Colton
    [8:15:28 PM] <TarasZubov> HI COlton
    [8:15:30 PM] <Poopy Dawg> so where's FrankieNigger??
    [8:15:50 PM] <TarasZubov> GeddyRulz?
    [8:16:00 PM] <Guest 3> lol
    [8:17:08 PM] <TarasZubov> ha ha ha burn down a trailer house? how do you do that?
    [8:17:33 PM] <TarasZubov> the range top can only be so far from your bed
    [8:17:35 PM] <TarasZubov> top
    [8:18:05 PM] <TarasZubov> I think Halimore really means to say he is into the insurance fraud business now
    [8:18:26 PM] <TarasZubov> BIlly needs to get on the movement turd
    [8:18:39 PM] <Poopy Dawg> hope the Swift materialls weren't in that trailer
    [8:19:33 PM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah if anybody knows nigs they do
    [8:19:59 PM] <Poopy Dawg> it is hard to believe a white could be soooooo dense and stupid
    [8:21:10 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [8:22:15 PM] <nwfcomrade> I can't believe Russ just asked that question.
    [8:23:38 PM] Frankenwhigger is logged into the chat
    [8:23:46 PM] <Poopy Dawg> they accepted that mamzer in their midst so he can live with it
    [8:24:04 PM] <TarasZubov> living off ZOG while trying to blame them
    [8:24:29 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Fink likes those mamzers
    [8:24:47 PM] <TarasZubov> Russ can't hide his disinterest
    [8:25:00 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Victor Switzer is Back on FB!!
    [8:25:13 PM] <Poopy Dawg> $$$$$$$$$
    [8:25:17 PM] <Guest 3> troublemaker was a good boy on elis show
    [8:26:03 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Troublemaker just lives for his intellectual vanity
    [8:26:08 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Swift had an original Alexandrian Zohar!!
    [8:26:30 PM] <nwfcomrade> "How would their lives be uined?"
    [8:26:31 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Hi FW
    [8:26:40 PM] <nwfcomrade> *Ruined
    [8:26:43 PM] <Frankenwhigger> and it was stolen from him!
    [8:26:43 PM] <Guest 5> heil NWF
    [8:26:49 PM] <Guest 5> oi my fellow skinheads
    [8:26:54 PM] <nwfcomrade> LOL
    [8:27:02 PM] <Poopy Dawg> hi NWC
    [8:27:06 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Hello All!
    [8:27:12 PM] <nwfcomrade> Russ, I like you a lot, but this is a little much.
    [8:29:45 PM] <Guest 5> I love those rallies antifa!
    [8:29:57 PM] <Guest 5> whose streets? ZOG's streets? anti rascist action!
    [8:30:01 PM] <Guest 3> skinheads are like the nigger ghetto trash of the white man
    [8:30:22 PM] <TarasZubov> UPDATE: Paul Mullet's Top Officer Busted For Drugs! ANSP Is Apparently A White Trash Crime Front! ANSP Are Phony National Socialists Just Like The NSM
    [8:30:33 PM] <TarasZubov> /NSALP!
    [8:30:33 PM] <Guest 5> guest 3 skinheads are the internet tough guys of real life
    [8:30:43 PM] <Guest 3> lol
    [8:30:54 PM] <TarasZubov> NOT A WORD OF A LIE
    [8:31:03 PM] <Guest 3> skinheads drink each others piss
    [8:31:08 PM] <TarasZubov> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XxvEpe8iMh...ld-Yoapple.jpg
    [8:31:12 PM] <TarasZubov> LMFAO^^^^
    [8:31:19 PM] <Guest 5> skinheads drink out of nigger skulls
    [8:31:50 PM] <Guest 3> in their dreams. maybe dig up a dead nigger and feel proud
    [8:31:58 PM] <Guest 5> lol
    [8:32:04 PM] <Guest 5> i love their music
    [8:32:20 PM] <Frankenwhigger> skinheads drink out of nigger skulls
    [8:32:25 PM] <TarasZubov> I have to call my boss every night and beg for work that is a buck above min. wage
    [8:32:41 PM] <Guest 3> really? their music is trash
    [8:32:50 PM] <Guest 5> i like no remorse!
    [8:33:02 PM] <Guest 3> its like nigger music. there is nothing good about it
    [8:33:09 PM] <TarasZubov> http://incogman.net/wp-content/uploa...ED-PSA-V32.jpg
    [8:34:38 PM] <Guest 3> bunch of screaming and banging. what music
    [8:36:03 PM] <TarasZubov> British nationalists attacked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY1JUVkI3iM
    [8:36:24 PM] <Guest 5> I can sing skinhead music!
    [8:37:16 PM] <Guest 3> doesnt dan johns kid have crohns disease?
    [8:37:19 PM] <TarasZubov> the best skinhead music composer is Richard Wagner
    [8:37:33 PM] <Guest 3> oi oi oi sounds like a jew
    [8:37:36 PM] <TarasZubov> pre-skin head of course
    [8:37:42 PM] <Guest 3> like a pig
    [8:38:12 PM] <Guest 3> white power white power says the white trash with no power
    [8:38:55 PM] <TarasZubov> tell us something we don't know
    [8:39:23 PM] <TarasZubov> KEEP RUSS ON
    [8:40:28 PM] <Poopy Dawg> it is not Emahiser's place to IGNORE it
    [8:40:32 PM] <TarasZubov> I was reffering to guest 3
    [8:41:50 PM] <Guest 3> i will never understand those who speak nigger, jew or white trash and think its funny. like a monkey copying and repeating what they hear from jungle
    [8:41:51 PM] <Poopy Dawg> real estate is not liquid, commodities are highly risky
    [8:42:34 PM] <Guest 3> real estate is excellent in todays market. low price high rent with rents able to rise with inflation
    [8:43:36 PM] <Poopy Dawg> greeks are not white
    [8:43:56 PM] <Guest 3> many real estate deals where one can make +20% per year
    [8:46:02 PM] <Guest 3> the rents make +20% of home value per year. duh.
    [8:47:57 PM] nwfcomrade has left the chat
    [8:48:29 PM] <Guest 3> im looking at one foreclosed duplex listed for 21K and gross rents are 7200 per year. excellent return.
    [8:49:24 PM] <TarasZubov> sounds like something MaaxAcker would do
    [8:49:51 PM] <Poopy Dawg> have you ever owned rental properties before?
    [8:50:10 PM] <Guest 3> yep
    [8:50:10 PM] <Troublemaker> no
    [8:50:19 PM] <Poopy Dawg> then you know what to expect
    [8:50:58 PM] <Guest 3> im waiting till it hits 5000 then i will sell my gold
    [8:51:27 PM] <Guest 3> buy more real estate
    [8:52:31 PM] <Guest 3> gotta wait till gold goes parabolic, which it will do, then sell.
    [8:52:44 PM] Troublemaker has left the chat
    [8:53:27 PM] <Guest 3> i would never buy in nigger areas. only in high white areas.
    [8:53:35 PM] <Poopy Dawg> so true
    [8:54:43 PM] <Guest 3> if you have something someone needs - shelter - you can get them to do stuff for you no matter what the economy
    [8:55:22 PM] <Guest 5> im 17
    [8:55:26 PM] <Guest 5> i dont care about buying gold
    [8:55:28 PM] <Guest 3> violent on my property? good luck
    [8:55:29 PM] <Guest 5> i has numchucks
    [8:57:26 PM] <Guest 5> lol
    [8:57:34 PM] <Guest 5> so any bowel news
    [8:57:54 PM] <Guest 3> i knew a guy who rented to this hot chick, married her later and then lost the house to her in the divorce years later.
    [8:58:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol at Martin and his Mafia Wars
    [8:58:29 PM] <Guest 5> she sounds like a bitch guest 3
    [8:58:56 PM] <Guest 3> yes. she was. cheated on him and he still got screwed in divorce settlement.
    [8:58:56 PM] <Guest 5> i recommend dont get married and by married i mean get marriage liscence and combine your assets
    [8:59:21 PM] <Guest 5> i dont plan on getting married legally under ZOG
    [9:00:27 PM] <Poopy Dawg> but if you common law it long enough now the courts can step in and do the same kinds of things
    [9:00:28 PM] <Guest 5> yea exactly its contract with the state, if you find someone who is even willing to stay till death why would you need ZOG docuement to proove that
    [9:00:28 PM] <Poopy Dawg> especially if you have kids
    [9:00:57 PM] <Guest 3> yep. all long term relationships become common law marriages.
    [9:01:48 PM] <Poopy Dawg> there are NO legitimate above ground CI people anymore
    [9:01:53 PM] <Guest 3> man i read about that freak. wow
    [9:02:00 PM] <Guest 3> wickstrom
    [9:02:19 PM] <Guest 5> whose the guy that got his trailer burned down?
    [9:02:20 PM] Guest 3 has left the chat
    [9:02:41 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Mike Hallimore
    [9:04:59 PM] <Guest 5> whose mike hallmimore
    [9:05:25 PM] <Guest 5> he sounds like a no body
    [9:05:26 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkMX3...layer_embedded
    [9:05:33 PM] <Guest 5> well i sorta wanna see japan last
    [9:05:37 PM] <Guest 5> and North Korea
    [9:05:48 PM] <Guest 5> i wanna see em outlast ZOG!
    [9:07:36 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Breaking Bad is on tonight!
    [9:09:04 PM] <TarasZubov> As the White percentage continues to decline the non-White culture becomes more expressive. There is always something to fill the vacuum after all.
    [9:09:12 PM] <TarasZubov> Law and Order. Cleans streets. Prosperity. Maintained infrastructure. etc... etc... These are things Whites inherently create.
    [9:09:19 PM] <TarasZubov> Orc, on the other hand, abhor such things.
    [9:09:24 PM] <TarasZubov> Multiculturalism and Diversity are lies. Obvious and deceptive ones. The fabricated world around which they have been constructed operates like a cult
    [9:09:40 PM] <TarasZubov> And cults tend to end in mass suicide.
    [9:10:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kkk
    [9:10:47 PM] <Guest 5> heil North Korea!
    [9:11:43 PM] <Guest 5> i support kim jong il
    [9:11:43 PM] <Guest 5> Juche
    [9:12:05 PM] nwfcomrade is logged into the chat
    [9:12:06 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat
    [9:12:54 PM] <Guest 5> NAZBOL
    [9:12:55 PM] <Guest 5> !
    [9:13:59 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
    [9:14:19 PM] Guest 6 has left the chat
    [9:15:51 PM] <TarasZubov> BRYAN REOS LATEST SHOW TONIGHT- Germany's Greatest Triumph Awaits http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-31407/TS-523438.mp3
    [9:20:18 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kkk
    [9:21:01 PM] <Guest 5> is lindstedt here?
    [9:21:06 PM] <Guest 5> kkk
    [9:21:13 PM] <Guest 5> nwf are you gonna call in?
    [9:21:25 PM] <nwfcomrade> I've got nothing to say tonight.
    [9:21:41 PM] <nwfcomrade> Also, I'm mostly wrapping up tiny chores and studying for a phone interview in Seattle.
    [9:21:50 PM] <Guest 7> audio is bad..
    [9:22:00 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;lk;k;
    [9:22:01 PM] <Guest 5> i cant hear lindstedt at all
    [9:22:05 PM] <nwfcomrade> The job and I are a 100% match skills-wise, but I still need to come off as awesome.
    [9:22:11 PM] <Guest 5> good luck
    [9:22:14 PM] <nwfcomrade> 5 - Lindstedt is quite clear right now.
    [9:22:15 PM] <nwfcomrade> ty
    [9:22:21 PM] <Guest 5> is he
    [9:22:24 PM] <Guest 5> i dont hear anything
    [9:23:11 PM] <Guest 7> i clicked the trouble hearing at the right and am playing it through windows player, and cranked the treble aND midrange up and turned the bass down
    [9:23:20 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat
    [9:23:22 PM] <Poopy Dawg> p[p'l';\\
    [9:23:25 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat
    [9:23:27 PM] <Guest 7> now it sounds like shortwave radio haha
    [9:23:29 PM] <Guest 8> Mass1488
    [9:23:29 PM] <Guest 8> here
    [9:24:30 PM] <Guest 8> has anyone heard of national bolshevism
    [9:24:37 PM] <TarasZubov> how long does it take to setup a talkhoe? Maybe make a new one each night and make the link public
    [9:24:44 PM] <Guest 8> they are the newest White Nationalist tendency
    [9:24:55 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ';l'';
    [9:25:06 PM] <Guest 8> have any of you heard of them
    [9:25:07 PM] <Guest 8> Nazbol
    [9:25:15 PM] <TarasZubov> left wing WN's?
    [9:25:15 PM] <Poopy Dawg> sound and chat both keep freezing and stopping
    [9:25:19 PM] <Guest 8> the newest ideology, many of them are strasserists and NS
    [9:25:30 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kkkk
    [9:25:31 PM] <nwfcomrade> http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-NwtWglAFmj...d%2BNigger.bmp
    [9:25:38 PM] <Poopy Dawg> jjj
    [9:25:40 PM] <Poopy Dawg> jjj
    [9:25:41 PM] <Guest 8> its called Nazbol!
    [9:26:19 PM] <Guest 7> click the trouble hearing at the right and am play it through windows player, and dont use the player here in the chat, that helsp prevent freezing
    [9:26:51 PM] <Guest 8> hey not tom metzger
    [9:26:56 PM] <Guest 8> he is a left wing nationalist!
    [9:27:11 PM] <Guest 7> Guest 8 is crazy
    [9:27:13 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;lk;k
    [9:27:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;lkk;lk;lk
    [9:27:21 PM] <Guest 8> left wing nationalists are mostly in europe
    [9:28:09 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;;
    [9:28:25 PM] <Guest 8> Israelelect.com!
    [9:28:28 PM] <Guest 8> of course
    [9:29:39 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://www.churchoftrueisrael.com/navigation/
    [9:29:51 PM] <Guest 8> is there a skinhead or Wnist group in boston more of an association and no membership and marches and rallies
    [9:30:43 PM] <nwfcomrade> In theory, a code 403 means NO ONE can see the information, even if they're "special" and "logged in"
    [9:31:13 PM] <nwfcomrade> Usually, it is used to mean you need to authenticate, but the theory says that's a wrong use of the code.
    [9:31:21 PM] <Guest 8> nwf on thursday bryan reo came
    [9:31:36 PM] <Guest 8> and claimed to know frankenwhigger's name
    [9:31:43 PM] <Guest 8> and address
    [9:32:03 PM] <nwfcomrade> He's done that before.
    [9:32:04 PM] <Poopy Dawg> if they cant even stick with the very most basic non-mixing principles then they belong in the trash
    [9:32:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;;;
    [9:32:37 PM] <Guest 8> well he aint to creative
    [9:33:00 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lll
    [9:33:51 PM] <nwfcomrade> Alright, it's time for me to take off. Later, guys.
    [9:33:53 PM] nwfcomrade has left the chat
    [9:34:37 PM] <TarasZubov> good luck on the interview
    [9:34:39 PM] <Guest 8> how did people live that long?
    [9:35:17 PM] <Guest 8> well the rain didnt come from the heavens its from the water!
    [9:36:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> "Hooty and the Blowjobs" is a miscegenator!!
    [9:37:04 PM] <TarasZubov> http://hollywoodiconmagazine.com/wp-..._blowfish3.jpg
    [9:37:07 PM] <Poopy Dawg> iokl
    [9:37:09 PM] <Poopy Dawg> jjkljlkjl
    [9:37:36 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Yeah Darius Ruckus is married to some pseudo-White Woman!
    [9:37:37 PM] <Guest 7> yehudi and the blowfish
    [9:37:50 PM] <Guest 8> any updates of commander mcfag?
    [9:38:05 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;lk;lk;l
    [9:38:41 PM] <TarasZubov> He says Steve Elder is just a fake handle
    [9:38:46 PM] <TarasZubov> from another cartoon
    [9:38:50 PM] <TarasZubov> I doubt it
    [9:39:33 PM] <Guest 8> why doesnt steve the elder have a job
    [9:39:55 PM] <TarasZubov> he doesnt get along with others
    [9:40:06 PM] <TarasZubov> he is like poison on any force
    [9:40:14 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kkkkk
    [9:42:00 PM] <TarasZubov> Linder takes hours to write simple paragraph posts
    [9:42:55 PM] <Guest 8> the stormfront moderators are fat fucks
    [9:43:50 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Re: Is This Amy Rose Reborn?

    Turns out she's the girlfriend/wife(?) of somebody called Legal Man.

    Would've been a lot funnier if she was Marty,
    [9:43:53 PM] <Poopy Dawg> http://covenantpeoplesministry.org/f...=7442#post7442
    [9:44:25 PM] <Poopy Dawg> from obie at pisser's ^^^
    [9:44:31 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;;
    [9:45:16 PM] <TarasZubov> Martin can't you just press the reset button ?
    [9:45:27 PM] <TarasZubov> I get a new IP just by unplugging mine
    [9:45:53 PM] <TarasZubov> having to wait 6 months for a new IP is harsh
    [9:46:28 PM] <TarasZubov> talk about walking around the world to get to the cornerstore
    [9:49:55 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Bong Water!!
    [9:50:03 PM] <TarasZubov> lol I am on the prothink chat
    [9:50:07 PM] <TarasZubov> Prothink is doing a show right now
    [9:50:16 PM] <TarasZubov> just got blocked
    [9:50:19 PM] <Frankenwhigger> How's Mikey Doin?
    [9:51:42 PM] <TarasZubov> Fucking wormy little KIKE thinks he can get us to go after pro-white people.
    [9:51:42 PM] <TarasZubov> hehehehe
    [9:52:37 PM] <TarasZubov> Have fun reporting Buddy to Sbcglobal for his racist posts. It's a SBC Tos violation
    [9:52:49 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ghghghg
    [9:56:17 PM] <Guest 8> this kid my age laughed when i told him pierce was a fed
    [9:56:27 PM] <Guest 8> is Matt Ott white?
    [9:56:40 PM] <Guest 8> if he is i know he is ZogBot
    [9:57:03 PM] <TarasZubov> Matt Parrot?
    [9:57:20 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lk;lk
    [9:57:20 PM] <Guest 8> Matt Twot ZOGbot
    [9:57:32 PM] <TarasZubov> JImbo used to use the word zog BOT back int he free talk live days
    [9:57:41 PM] <Guest 8> is there halloween in CI? and whats the CI view of halloween
    [9:58:20 PM] <TarasZubov> Halloween is the night when CI does it's killings
    [9:58:41 PM] <TarasZubov> its the best time of year to commit!
    [9:59:06 PM] <TarasZubov> break time!
    [9:59:45 PM] <Guest 8> do the dead really come back to life?
    [9:59:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Martin has to go and Beat Down Roxie for interfering with the show and telling him to go to bed @10!!
    [9:59:58 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kjkj
    [10:00:17 PM] <Guest 8> can you summon demons on halloween cause i wanna someone a demon to punish this kid in my school who dicked me over
    [10:00:22 PM] <Guest 8> or a ghost
    [10:00:42 PM] <TarasZubov> jump him
    [10:01:30 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Martin has to go and Beat Down Roxie for interfering with the show and telling him to go to bed @10!!
    [10:01:47 PM] <TarasZubov> HAHAHAHAHA
    [10:01:48 PM] <Frankenwhigger> LOL!!
    [10:02:06 PM] <Frankenwhigger> GEEEEZZZZ
    [10:02:14 PM] <Guest 8> which demon should i summon to do my bidding
    [10:02:15 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;l;
    [10:02:17 PM] <TarasZubov> "their not modems dear their towers"
    [10:02:19 PM] <TarasZubov> ROFL
    [10:02:25 PM] <Guest 8> and how do i control the demon i summon
    [10:02:50 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Summon yout inner "Roxie"!!
    [10:02:58 PM] <TarasZubov> the background fighting back stage has become such a show case staple of the movement turd nights live!
    [10:03:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Summon your inner "Roxie"!!
    [10:03:19 PM] <TarasZubov> Martin keep the mic on!
    [10:03:49 PM] <Guest 7> no soundddddddddddddddddddd
    [10:03:49 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Does Bryan Reo have these interruptions?!?!?!? LOL!! Now you know why he iss Gay!!
    [10:03:50 PM] <Guest 7> .
    [10:03:59 PM] <TarasZubov> funny that because I had to throw everything on my desk onto my bed to access my computer tonight too
    [10:04:01 PM] <Guest 7> HEY!!!
    [10:04:19 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lll
    [10:04:29 PM] <Guest 8> steve the elder!1
    [10:04:29 PM] <TarasZubov> sound is there it is break time
    [10:04:33 PM] <TarasZubov> TMT recess
    [10:04:55 PM] <TarasZubov> go out and play we will ring the bell when he gets back
    [10:05:09 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lll
    [10:05:13 PM] <TarasZubov> Roxie just stole the host away
    [10:05:13 PM] <Guest 7> teh sound does not work anymore in the stream just the chat room, and it sucks
    [10:05:16 PM] <TarasZubov> he'll be back
    [10:05:34 PM] <TarasZubov> ahh shit
    [10:05:37 PM] <TarasZubov> your right 7
    [10:05:50 PM] <TarasZubov> I was listening via external player too
    [10:05:52 PM] <Poopy Dawg> kkkk
    [10:05:53 PM] <Guest 7> bye
    [10:05:53 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat
    [10:05:57 PM] <TarasZubov> no wait
    [10:06:10 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat
    [10:06:26 PM] TarasZubov has left the chat
    [10:06:27 PM] TarasZubov is logged into the chat
    [10:06:51 PM] <TarasZubov> no audio in both flash and trouble hearing
    [10:06:52 PM] <TarasZubov> ....
    [10:06:53 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
    [10:07:04 PM] <TarasZubov> OH back!
    [10:07:53 PM] <Guest 8> do the movement leaders have day jobs?
    [10:08:04 PM] <Guest 10> that piece of shit Allan Truitt was talking shit about you on Eli James and his show.
    [10:08:17 PM] <TarasZubov> they have night jobs
    [10:08:38 PM] <Guest 8> I know metzger is retired, Hitler was a painter, and i know harold has a day job
    [10:08:53 PM] <Guest 8> bill white owns slaves
    [10:09:00 PM] <Guest 8> Bill white has slaves as part of his day job
    [10:09:06 PM] <Guest 10> That Allan Truitt has been talking a lot of shit.
    [10:09:15 PM] <Guest 8> well Bill white has tenents
    [10:10:02 PM] <Guest 10> Allan Truit is a god damnned liar!
    [10:10:29 PM] <Guest 10> IMHO
    [10:10:57 PM] <Guest 8> i think harold should stop worrying about the fucking facebook group and do the RFN and the novel and focus on the down with jugears blog
    [10:11:10 PM] <Guest 8> but he shouldnt make a big deal of the down with jugears
    [10:11:15 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Who's Allen Truitt and why should I care?!?!?!? Is he a Nobel Laureate or Medal of Freedom recipient?!?!? No he is just another "Ex-Con" posing as a
    [10:11:23 PM] <TarasZubov> it's nice to work over the table sometimes and contribute to your SS
    [10:11:25 PM] <Frankenwhigger> "Christian Leader"!!
    [10:11:59 PM] <Guest 8> Harold is sort of knowing he is running out of time and trying to get new voices on RFN and to sort of give the idea heir which is good
    [10:12:12 PM] <Guest 10> agreed
    [10:12:14 PM] <Guest 8> thats why he is talking about a national organizer
    [10:12:24 PM] <Guest 8> and i say more power to whoever steps up and takes over
    [10:12:29 PM] <Frankenwhigger> CI has WAY TOO MANY Ex-Cons, Criminals, DWAI/DUI Repeat Offenders and reprobates of every description!!
    [10:12:36 PM] <TarasZubov> what field is nwfcomrade in?
    [10:12:45 PM] <Guest 8> data storag
    [10:12:45 PM] <Frankenwhigger> IT
    [10:12:48 PM] <TarasZubov> oh
    [10:12:50 PM] <Guest 10> in or not?
    [10:13:05 PM] <Guest 8> im moving to the northwest
    [10:14:23 PM] <Guest 10> Bill White looked so fashionable with Tony Zirkle in Chicago....
    [10:14:29 PM] <TarasZubov> everyone used to go into IT
    [10:15:02 PM] <TarasZubov> every guy and his dog had a IT and business degree
    [10:15:27 PM] <Guest 10> Powder-blue Tie and all. Ala "Fight Club".
    [10:15:31 PM] <TarasZubov> all the IT firms have great kosher cafeteria selections
    [10:15:52 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [10:16:21 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat
    [10:17:34 PM] <Guest 8> hey bill white is my commander
    [10:17:35 PM] <Guest 8> SIEG HEIL
    [10:17:37 PM] <Guest 8> TO BILL WHITE
    [10:17:48 PM] <Guest 8> he had 22 arrests by the time he was 19
    [10:17:54 PM] <TarasZubov> hah
    [10:18:07 PM] <TarasZubov> |/
    [10:18:32 PM] <TarasZubov> Bills flipping houses in nigger towns now I hear
    [10:18:34 PM] <Guest 8> whats the book of jasper?
    [10:18:39 PM] <Guest 8> and who was kushes mother?
    [10:18:52 PM] <Guest 8> is the book of jasper still around
    [10:19:16 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat
    [10:21:11 PM] <Guest 8> my history got pissed of at me when we were talking about napoleon and i said nostradamus predicted napoelon and my history teacher screamed at me
    [10:21:36 PM] <Guest 8> so who was the mother of cush?
    [10:22:38 PM] <Guest 10> That Allan Truitt is another piece of shit.
    [10:23:56 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Who's Allen Truitt and why should I care?!?!?!? Is he a Nobel Laureate or Medal of Freedom recipient?!?!? No he is just another "Ex-Con" posing as a
    [10:24:12 PM] <Frankenwhigger> "Christian Leader"!!
    [10:24:26 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Maui Patricia is a Babe !!!!
    [10:24:54 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Martin, Breaking Bad is ON!!!!
    [10:25:02 PM] <Guest 8> who is the mother of cush?
    [10:25:16 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I will download it as soon as it is uploaded to PB!!
    [10:25:34 PM] <Guest 8> nayama is not the mother of cush
    [10:25:37 PM] <Guest 8> she is a jew
    [10:25:40 PM] <Guest 8> not a nigger
    [10:25:52 PM] <Guest 8> so ham fucked a nigger and a jewess all in one boat ride?
    [10:27:33 PM] <Guest 8> was the queen of sheba of the seed of cush??
    [10:27:48 PM] <Guest 8> because that whole queen of sheba and ethiopian monarchy thing confuses me
    [10:28:08 PM] <Guest 8> i know she was white
    [10:28:23 PM] <Guest 8> but if was white and solomon was white wouldnt that mean the ethiopian monarchy was white
    [10:28:31 PM] <Guest 8> and how did the ethiopian monarchy become a back of niggers
    [10:29:33 PM] <Guest 8> when is hour of great tribulation?
    [10:31:57 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://whitenationalist.org/forum/sh...=3517#post3517
    [10:33:45 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [10:34:10 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://www.thechristianidentityforum...g2370/#msg2370
    [10:34:55 PM] <TarasZubov> is KOlim here?
    [10:35:29 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lol him her it
    [10:35:33 PM] <PastorLindstedt> http://whitenationalist.org/forum/sh...=4117#post4117
    [10:36:05 PM] <Poopy Dawg> unbelievable is what they are
    [10:36:58 PM] <TarasZubov> I thought you used TOR pastor?
    [10:37:30 PM] <TarasZubov> this is where I get my proxies http://proxy-list.org/en/index.php
    [10:38:02 PM] <TarasZubov> choose elite and you'll be under military grade in seconds!
    [10:39:16 PM] <TarasZubov> by the time they file a court order to retrieve server logs all the witnesses will already be dead!
    [10:40:58 PM] <TarasZubov> Ya and why would the CHinese hand my IP over anyways?
    [10:43:25 PM] <Poopy Dawg> jkjjk
    [10:43:25 PM] <Poopy Dawg> 'll;'
    [10:44:22 PM] <TarasZubov> I am not a nim BTW
    [10:45:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> We are ALL NIMBUSTERS!!
    [10:45:55 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Bryan Reo is the greatest NIMBUSTER of the 21st Century!!
    [10:46:12 PM] <TarasZubov> Steve lives in Delaware right???
    [10:46:47 PM] <Frankenwhigger> No he lives in the PNW!!
    [10:47:01 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Thr GREAT WHITE NORTH!!
    [10:48:20 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.whitepages.com/name/Steph...ood-WA/54gq70d
    [10:48:26 PM] <TarasZubov> IS THAT MCBRAGG?????^^^^^^^^^^
    [10:50:03 PM] <TarasZubov> allot of steve elders in washington
    [10:50:04 PM] <TarasZubov> might not be
    [10:50:18 PM] <Poopy Dawg> `Hard to know. Might be the right age. He has said in the past his wife's name is Susan but who knows if that is correct
    [10:51:00 PM] <Poopy Dawg> supposedly he lives somewhere kind of rural with some land around him
    [10:51:46 PM] <TarasZubov> hmmmm
    [10:51:48 PM] <TarasZubov> one sec
    [10:52:13 PM] <Poopy Dawg> He claims he has cut trees on his property that are pretty big
    [10:53:06 PM] <Poopy Dawg> but he has said he has a neighbor not too far from him
    [10:53:37 PM] <Poopy Dawg> but doesn't sound like a tract development
    [10:53:38 PM] <TarasZubov> Is Steve in DC?
    [10:53:39 PM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah could be stories
    [10:53:47 PM] <Poopy Dawg> no he is in PNW
    [10:53:56 PM] <Guest 8> why doesnt mcbrag have a job?
    [10:54:31 PM] <Guest 8> lol
    [10:54:35 PM] <Guest 8> im mass1488
    [10:54:49 PM] <TarasZubov> shadetree contractor
    [10:55:03 PM] <TarasZubov> starts jobs and ditches
    [10:55:44 PM] <Guest 8> im not gonna really allow myself to be the target of any person and make myself enemies
    [10:56:21 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Steve Elder teaches MMA and Jui-Juitsu!! He Has a Full class of Students!
    [10:56:28 PM] <Guest 8> im trying to keep a low profile basically
    [10:56:32 PM] <Frankenwhigger> He's My Facebook Friend!
    [10:56:38 PM] <Guest 8> without suffering from movement paranoia
    [10:57:49 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I Have Hundreds of Great FB friends!!
    [10:58:16 PM] <Frankenwhigger> including mosy of the People Here!! Martin and Mass are My Buds!!
    [10:58:33 PM] <Frankenwhigger> including most of the People Here!! Martin and Mass are My Buds!!
    [10:59:47 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;l;l;l
    [11:00:32 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat
    [11:01:41 PM] <Guest 8> where are the bryan reo videosS?
    [11:02:59 PM] <Guest 8> can u link em?
    [11:03:06 PM] <Guest 8> yup
    [11:03:44 PM] <Guest 11> steve elder tried to claim today that his name is not steve elder
    [11:04:09 PM] <Guest 11> with his mexican wife named hilda serpas
    [11:04:10 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Thats where frankenwhigger's picture is!
    [11:04:36 PM] <Guest 8> i personally dont wanna end up on an anyones shit list especially steve the elders or his pals because i do plan on migrating
    [11:05:01 PM] TarasZubov has left the chat
    [11:05:31 PM] <Guest 11> General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book
    [11:05:50 PM] TarasZubov is logged into the chat
    [11:05:53 PM] <Guest 11> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worl...-allied-war-le
    [11:05:59 PM] <TarasZubov> Bryan Reo Unplugged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WCrkkAjpow
    [11:06:03 PM] <Guest 8> lol
    [11:06:52 PM] <Guest 11> His book, "Target Patton", contains interviews with Mr Bazata, who died in 1999, and extracts from his diaries, detailing how he staged the car crash
    [11:06:59 PM] <Guest 11> by getting a troop truck to plough into Patton's Cadillac and then shot the general with a low-velocity projectile,
    [11:07:07 PM] <Guest 11> which broke his neck while his fellow passengers escaped without a scratch.
    [11:07:24 PM] <Guest 11> Mr Bazata also suggested that when Patton began to recover from his injuries, US officials turned a blind eye as agents of the NKVD, the forerunner of
    [11:07:34 PM] <Guest 11> the KGB, poisoned the general.
    [11:07:53 PM] <Guest 11> Mr Wilcox told The Sunday Telegraph that when he spoke to Mr Bazata: "He was struggling with himself, all these killings he had done.
    [11:08:02 PM] <Guest 11> He confessed to me that he had caused the accident, that he was ordered to do so by Wild Bill Donovan.
    [11:08:04 PM] <Poopy Dawg> http://coleman-lantern-collectors.blogspot.com/
    [11:10:13 PM] <Guest 8> im gonna lie to everyone at my school
    [11:10:14 PM] <Guest 8> im gonna tell them
    [11:10:31 PM] <Guest 8> im gonna tell i got a summer job as a bouncer at chucky cheeses
    [11:10:36 PM] <Poopy Dawg> he was a no show on fink again?
    [11:10:40 PM] <Guest 8> i love trolling
    [11:10:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> serves him right
    [11:10:44 PM] <Guest 8> i made a facebook for trolling
    [11:10:55 PM] <Guest 8> where i troll as the non jewish columbine killer
    [11:11:15 PM] <Guest 8> eric harris rawkz
    [11:11:26 PM] <Guest 8> where can i find the florian geyer song?
    [11:11:49 PM] <Guest 8> true
    [11:12:14 PM] <Guest 8> i troll using a fake email
    [11:12:21 PM] <Guest 8> for everything
    [11:12:37 PM] <Guest 8> and the fake email has a fake name
    [11:13:57 PM] <TarasZubov> Martin I hear your mother is a legend in the Granby rameys
    [11:16:17 PM] <Poopy Dawg> lll
    [11:18:38 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat
    [11:18:41 PM] <TarasZubov> Bryan A Reo

    (440) 3xx-6xxx

    xxxx Rxxxxxxx Bxxxxx Ln

    Mxxxxxx, OH 44xxxx
    Age: 25-29
    Associated: Anthony D Reo (Above Redacted by Admin)
    [11:18:50 PM] <TarasZubov> call for a good time
    [11:19:25 PM] <TarasZubov> oPPS sRRY!!!!
    [11:19:51 PM] <TarasZubov> hey guest 8 use temp emails http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html
    [11:20:00 PM] <TarasZubov> save you the time of making fake gmails and hotmails
    [11:20:26 PM] <TarasZubov> you can use any one
    [11:23:35 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Willl you Be My Facebook friend?
    [11:24:48 PM] <TarasZubov> I DONT HAVE FB
    [11:25:52 PM] <Frankenwhigger> Maybe, I should Marry Maui Patricia!
    [11:26:29 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I could use More help on the Homestead!!
    [11:28:36 PM] <TarasZubov> http://images.classmates.com/imgsvc//d?p=5719049
    [11:32:29 PM] <Frankenwhigger> A Bunch of people are leaving the Talkshoe CI Club, as more New people come in!
    [11:33:28 PM] <Frankenwhigger> I think many are just changing there Talkshoe Usernames and starting new accounts! That's what you do when you are "discovered" or had an
    [11:33:41 PM] <Frankenwhigger> "out" with the Great Finkelsheenie!
    [11:33:50 PM] <TarasZubov> is anothoyn reo a ham radio op?
    [11:33:55 PM] <TarasZubov> anthony
    [11:34:48 PM] <TarasZubov> http://www.qrz.com/db/?callsign=n&sk...R11/7&page=171
    [11:34:49 PM] <TarasZubov> search for callsign WD8NUP
    [11:34:55 PM] <TarasZubov> its listed as Anthony Reo
    [11:35:10 PM] <Poopy Dawg> somebody said his mother waa ham operator
    [11:38:06 PM] <Poopy Dawg> ;;;
    [11:43:06 PM] <TarasZubov> i wonder what prothink was talking about tongiht
    [11:46:36 PM] <TarasZubov> your welcome
    [11:46:54 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [11:47:07 PM] Poopy Dawg is logged into the chat
    [11:47:22 PM] <TarasZubov> we'll have to get hour of trib up on listen n post too
    [11:47:48 PM] <TarasZubov> any thoughts on DOn BLacks wife Chloe?
    [11:48:05 PM] <TarasZubov> whatever you do dont mention her on stormfront!
    [11:48:26 PM] <Poopy Dawg> she'
    [11:48:37 PM] <Poopy Dawg> is some leftist sociologist or something right
    [11:49:09 PM] <TarasZubov> Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr ???
    [11:49:29 PM] <Poopy Dawg> an old CIer, one seedline
    [11:49:37 PM] <TarasZubov> no she works for some Cuban sugar company PR front
    [11:50:04 PM] <TarasZubov> He served with distinction in World War II and Korea, Holding every Combat Infantry leadership position from PFC,
    [11:51:34 PM] <Poopy Dawg> I think Pete Peters knew him somewhat
    [11:52:34 PM] <Poopy Dawg> Pete Peters had too much involvement with political stuff
    [11:52:39 PM] <Poopy Dawg> early on
    [11:52:57 PM] <Poopy Dawg> but he was a feisty one for sure
    [11:53:32 PM] <Poopy Dawg> well Pete didn't back down
    [11:53:51 PM] <Poopy Dawg> He was brought into CI by Emry
    [11:54:26 PM] <Poopy Dawg> but at least he eventually renounced that no devil crap
    [11:56:33 PM] <TarasZubov> Also... White people in the neighborhood! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lua8INmpsLw
    [11:58:35 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat
    [11:59:39 PM] PastorLindstedt has hung up
    [11:59:41 PM] <Poopy Dawg> yeah its late, Yahweh bless and see you next Thursday!
    [11:59:45 PM] Poopy Dawg has left the chat
    [12:00:37 AM] <TarasZubov> I DONT WANN GO TOT BEEEEEED
    [12:00:39 AM] <TarasZubov> ...........................
    [12:01:02 AM] TarasZubov has left the chat
    [12:05:33 AM] The Call has ended.
    [12:06:04 AM] <PastorLindstedt> Hail Victory!!!
    [12:47:56 AM] Frankenwhigger has left the chat
    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 08-16-2011 at 02:21 PM.
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