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Thread: Wants to read Pastor Lindstedt's CI Writings

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    Default Wants to read Pastor Lindstedt's CI Writings

    Wants to read Pastor Lindstedt's Christian Identity Writings


    Quote Originally Posted by Interested Observer

    Hello Pastor Lindstedt,

    I wanted a collection of your CI writings. The sites you run aren't operated like some others, say Finck's, where you can just go down the line and print hyperlink after hyperlink, or ChurchOfTrueIsrael, where you can print off all of Swift's sermons.

    So, would the obvious thing be to just go through your blog and forum and just print off everything I find important? Or is there a better way of going about it?

    This might be a stupid question, idk. It might be just because I've been spoiled too, haha. Btw, I would absolutely purchase your DSCI book at any point in the future. I sincerely wish you the best with something of that magnitude/effort.

    Okay, I hope you check this e-mail (I got it from Blogger). Thanks for your time.
    What to say?

    I've been in the Movement for over 16 years and on the Internet for over 15 years. In that time I've written tens of millions of words, and due to the nature of the Internet, with its censorship by jews and whiggers and the fact that ISPs change or go bankrupt, the end result is that my millions of words are scattered in blocs and parcels all over.

    My first web page, still extant, is Patrick Henry On-Line, founded in Feb 1996.


    This web page, being only two megabytes in size, hasn't been upgraded since 2005 when I was arrested on bogus charges and imprisoned for 3 1/2 years in jail and the Fulton State NutHouse.

    The most up to date web page is at:


    But I no longer work much with HTML web pages.

    StumbleInn was kind enough to offer me my own subforum when I was able to bond out in October 2008. So a large bloc would be to look at the Lindstedtania subforum:


    Some little whigger working with jews dropped the dime on:


    But the main place wherein any and everything written of note since May 2009 is on my Christian Nationalist forum:


    But I also have a blog, which has been up since Dec. 2008 at:


    Before I found forums, I used to post widely on the jewhoogruppen:


    has been around since I founded it in May 2000 and used to control until my false arrest May 2005. I have long lost control over it and it is only up because some feeb publishes his stuff as a member.

    Now is all this material cover Christian Identity?

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