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Thread: Concerning Morris Gulett and the Church of the Sons of YHVH

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    Default National Justice Exclusive: Notorious "Nazi" Satanic Group Is An Illegal Counter Intelligence Operation Controlled By Two Career FBI Informants

    National Justice Exclusive: Notorious "Nazi" Satanic Group Is An Illegal Counter Intelligence Operation Controlled By Two Career FBI Informants


    I am The Librarian

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    Default Top Atomwaffen Satanist Exposed as Well-Paid FBI Informant!

    Top Atomwaffen Satanist Exposed as Well-Paid FBI Informant!


    Me being right is not about me going around saying “oh, ho ho ho, look at how right I am!”

    The point of it is that I have an understanding of what is going on, so you should take what I say seriously.

    Thus far, I’ve been right every single time that I called someone out as a fed.

    Now, of course, I’m right again that the main Atomwaffen guy who was actively and aggressively shilling SATANISM was, of course, a fed. And a well-paid one at that!

    (This isn’t a surprise – it had been revealed in January that the leader of Atomwaffen was a “former” CIA agent with an active CAGE code for intelligence contracting. The Guardian revealed that – apparently the shitlibs at The Guardian believed that implied a secret Nazi conspiracy in the CIA lolololol.)

    Those of you who have been around a while will remember that these Atomwaffen people consistently attacked me. They called me names and suggested that I myself was somehow compromised.

    This was one of their main leaders who used to attack me constantly, even while I was avoiding writing about them because they were too small to matter:


    Looks like a faggot to me too

    Shock that guy wasn’t really a right-winger, right?

    Federal informants really don’t like me.

    This same thing happened with MILO – he was attacking me and then – whoops! – turned out he was an FBI informant.

    For those keeping track, the following are all confirmed feds, fed informants, or otherwise actively involved in working with feds:

    Christopher Cantwell

    TheRightStuff.biz/The Social Justice Party (as a group)

    Enrique Tarrio (Proud Boys leader)

    The Oath Keepers (as a group)

    Atomwaffen/”The Base” (as a group)


    These are other people I’ve accused of being feds, who haven’t been outed yet:

    Matt Heimbach (and his whole crew – Matt Parrott, Hunter Wallace, etc. – who are already directly linked to TheRightStuff.biz)

    Richard Spencer

    Ramz Paul

    The National Socialist Movement (NSM)

    Of the people that I accused of being feds in 2017, virtually all of them have already been outed and confirmed.

    I would think that after Matt Heimbach became Antifa and started calling for assassinations, you’d be able to write him off as a fed without it coming out in court, but it will come out in court.

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    Default FBI Bankrolling Nazis Confirmed

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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    Default FBI suffers another black eye, admits it hid payments to informant in white supremacist case


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