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Thread: Darwinian-Seedline Coonfidential Informant ZOGbot Silly Roper lets his ZOGtards run amok

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    Default Darwinian-Seedline Coonfidential Informant ZOGbot Silly Roper lets his ZOGtards run amok

    ZOGbot Silly Roper's Phelonious Phuktards call for a pervert, lure it to they's hovel & beat the shit out of it

    ZOGbot Silly says that this will advance the Cause of Balkanization, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Courier staff reports
    6/24/2019 9:16 AM


    ZOGbot Silly Roper's Phelonious Phuktards -- Spending time in prison 4 foolishness


    Julian A. Calfy, 23, John A. Carollo, 28, and Nicholas R. Holloway, 20, appeared in felony bond hearings on Friday after officers say one of them posed as a 15-year-old boy online to lure a man to their home in Atkins to attack him.

    According to a report obtained by The Courier, officers were dispatched to 5618 State Highway 105 North in Atkins after Calfy called 911 and informed police Holloway had created a fake account on Grindr, a dating app for individuals looking for same-sex relationships, and successfully lured and subdued a man they claimed is a child predator.

    According to the report, Holloway admitted to posing as a 15-year-old male to convince the victim to meet. When the victim arrived, Calfy and Holloway told officers they removed him from the vehicle and ordered him to lay on the ground while they called 911 to report the incident. According to testimony, Calfy and Holloway released the victim before police arrived, but the victim called 911 to make a battery report.

    According to a testimony given during felony bond hearings on Friday inside the Pope County Detention Center, the men struck the victim in the face and body, confronted him with two guns and a baseball bat and caused damage to the victim’s car.

    The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Investigator testified that the victim had a laceration on his chest and a knot on his head the size of a golf ball.

    The investigator testified that a search warrant was obtained sometime after the arrest at the home and the search would be conducted sometime that day.

    Information from that search is not yet publicly available.

    Pope County Sheriff Shane Jones declined to comment on the arrest because an investigation is ongoing. He also declined to comment on the status of the victim or give any indication whether he was truly a predator.

    District Judge Don Bourne set their bonds at $50,000 each and each could face second-degree battery charges. They will appear in Pope County Circuit Court at a later date.


    I am The Librarian

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    Default Darwinian-Seedline Coonfidential Informant ZOGbot Silly Roper lets his ZOGtards run amok

    Darwinian-Seedline Coonfidential Informant ZOGbot Silly Roper lets his ZOGtards run amok

    White Nationalist Shieldwall Network Member Arrested in Alleged Anti-LGBTQ Attack Invokes Domestic Terror Ideology on Facebook


    Darwinian-Seedline Coonfidential Informant (DSCI) ZOGbot Billy's Phelonious ZOGtards get caught like always


    Three members of the Shieldwall Network (SWN), an Arkansas-based white nationalist group founded by longtime movement leader Billy Roper, were arrested last week in connection with second-degree battery.

    Police arrested Julian Austin Calfy, Nicholas Randal Holloway and John Andrew Carollo after they allegedly lured a gay man to their Atkins, Arkansas, home. There, police say, the three beat the man before calling law enforcement, claiming the man was a “child predator.”

    The Pope County Sheriff’s Office booked the three and photographed them before a bond hearing the following day.

    A tattoo beneath the collar line of Calfy’s orange jailhouse jumpsuit appears to represent a white supremacist ideology.

    The tattoo is a thin outline that resembles the letter “P” with a horizontal line across it. It is the symbol of the “Phineas Priesthood,” a domestic terror ideology laid out in the 1990s that encourages Christians to perform a “Phineas action,” which refers to murdering “race mixers” and those deemed in violation of God’s law, including Jews, non-whites, multiculturalists and others seen as enemies.

    The ideology has previously inspired violent attacks, including a series of bank robberies and bombings, and an attack on a Jewish community center. A man who considered himself a “high priest” fired more than 100 rounds and attempted to detonate propane tanks during the failed attack on the Austin, Texas, police department in 2014. That man, Larry Steven McQuilliams, was shot and killed during the attack.

    Calfy has had run-ins with the law in the past. At 16 he was arrested for plotting a “Columbine-style attack” at his local high school. Calfy pleaded guilty to terroristic threatening and criminal possession of explosive material.

    Social media posts under the name Julian Calfy are littered with incitements to violence and references to the Phineas Priesthood and other white supremacist terror groups.

    On April 11, 2019, the man identified as Calfy posted an image to his Facebook featuring the neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division’s logo incorporated into the Imperial German Flag with a Phineas Priesthood symbol in the upper left canton. The post is captioned: “Purge the Noctulian scourge. Christ gang rise up. A spear for every Satanist.”

    The spear reference refers to the biblical origins of the Phineas mythos, Numbers 25:7-13, wherein the titular priest murders a mixed-race couple with a spear.

    The combination of Nazi, neo-Nazi imagery and Phineas Priesthood imagery is emblematic of contemporary radicalization trends within the white power movement, wherein individuals blend different historical references with overt calls to violence. Atomwaffen Division exemplifies such trends, for example.

    Calfy’s profile on the Russian social media site VK lists him as “Shieldwall Network Regional coordinator – Western Arkansas.” A post from Feb. 10, 2019, which begins, “Let me explain something about me personally,” lays out Calfy’s belief in political violence as a solution to white racial grievances:


    I want people to be in constant fear, on the verge of homelessness and starvation. I want people to be so far out of the realm of comfort that they have no choice but to pick up their balls and load their rifles. I want the situation to escalate so quickly that all that is left is the choice between Revolution or Death.

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    Default ZOGbot Silly Roper Admits Getting ZOGtards to Commit Crimes Then Get Caught

    ZOGbot Silly Roper Admits Getting ZOGtards to Commit Crimes Then Get Caught

    The more inbreds I induce to commit crimes for which they will get caught, the more ZOGbux in it for me, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    Statement on Shield Wall Network Arrests

    Yes, upon my plausibly denialed orders these shitheads did it and after they do theys' prison time I'll cut them loose.


    Three young men, all three of whom are members of my Shield Wall Nutwork are being prosecuted in Pope County, Arkansas, for allegedly attempting to stop a child predator. Well, actually for listening to me yawp about how good it would be to stage a vigilante sting in which we deceive homosexuals on forums we know very well, with visions of our 15-year-old boy-pussy. Then after we lure them to our hovel we beat the shit out of them if they be smaller and weaker.

    John, Julian, and Nicholas, all under thirty but skilled in the ways of criminal behavior, face charges of 2nd degree battery, standing accused of intervening when an adult male came to their home late at night lured into believing he would be meeting with a fifteen year old child whom he had been grooming online due to our suckcessfool impersonation of an underage gaywad. Been there, done that. According to police reports, which we shall quote because the whole truth makes us look bad, when the three young men confronted the attempted child predator and prepared to phone the police to come and arrest him, an altercation ensued. The attempted child predator was allowed to leave the residence but not until we had attempted felonious imprisonment and failed to carry out our criminal conspiracy, and did so before the police arrived after being called to arrest him for, as graphic irrefutable evidence will clearly show should the case go to trial, coming there with the expressed intent to pick up a fifteen year old boy and take him off to have sex, because that is what we would do if it was real boy mangina, repeatedly stipulating that due to the age factor the fifteen year old could not tell anyone or involve the police.

    Here is the local newspaper account of the story.

    It shows that we are clueless vigilante criminals.

    The attempted child predator, an adult male homosexual “married” to another man, falsely claimed that he was held against his will at gunpoint, but police found no firearms at the home during their search. That's our story and we is sticking to it, anyways. Now, the three men who are accused of attempting a illegal vigilante citizen’s arrest need your help to get adequate legal defense against the charge that under color of pandering 15-year-old boy mangina, then once that deceit had the effect of bringing in the targetted pervert these three Billy Roper halturnered ZOGtards committed not only battery but kidnapping and felonious restraint as well. They is so fucked and gonna get ZOG-fukked because they joined the list of tards sold out by me. This statement of mine sets the hook deeper for them, but I'll not be charged because I'm a professional ZOGbot like my FiBbIe-Klan spawner & grandspawner before me. Please contribute as much as you can to help them finance a lawyer. I'll make sure that they get at least five ZOGbux for commissary while they is waiting for their nickle or dime plea to go through the Pope County District Attorney. And be sure to send plenty of ZOGbux so that I'll be sure to put in your names to ZOG. It’s not one person giving a lot, but a lot of people giving a little which will truly make a difference in me making my quota at FBI Headquarters in the District of Corruption. If you have children whom you wish to protect from child predators then it would be safer to not let your child have a smart phone and to monitor theys' Internet usage or best yet, homeschool them, or if you agree that those who target children for sexual exploitation should not be protected by legal technicalities such as entrapment, please help Nicholas, Julian, and John go free so that next time they can commit crimes that are Class A or Class B felonies carrying ten years to thirty years imprisonment in nigger-buttsex rape-prison. Any amount is appreciated, and those who care about children’s safety may mail concealed cash or a check or money order with the “pay to” blank to c/o Billy Roper Yentaprises & ZOG-Snitchery, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. If you are known to us, you may e-mail roper_billy@yahoo.com to find out how you can conveniently and securely give online for the Hal-Turner / Baal Finck level of willful ZOGtarded stupidity.

    #ZOGbotSilly Roper -- Bowel-Movement Factotum

    Worked with Federal Informant Rick Spring to sell Aryan Nations Applications to the $PLC & OPP


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    Default To kvetch Three of ZOGbot Silly Roper's ZOGtards

    To kvetch Three of ZOGbot Silly Roper's ZOGtards


    While the mainstream media foams on about Jeffrey Epstein and his weird pedophile compounds in the Virgin Islands and Southwest, this story about three white nationalists who decided to entrap a pedophile continues to gain steam. Yes, we know that they botched the citizen’s arrest, but it seems like they got the right guy, so that is not important right now. We can turn our attention to important questions like “where the heck did all these pedophiles come from?” As it turns out, breakdown in social order releases all of the neurotic evil that social order kept in check. At least we’re all equal now!


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    Default Don't be One of ZOGbot Silly Roper's ZOGling whigger & mamzer ZOGtards

    Don't be One of ZOGbot Silly Roper's ZOGling whigger & mamzer ZOGtards


    What the owner / operator of this blog must understand is that Billy Roper is a long-time state and federal agent-provocateur or ZOGbot from a long line of FiBbIe Klansmen, i.e. Roper's daddy and grandpappy informed on their local klans to the state and federal police agencies tasked with infiltration and subversion since at least the 1960s.

    During the last years of Pastor Richard Butler ZOGbot Silly would parade Butler for the 2003-2004 "See Pastor Butler Before He Croaks Tour." Katja Lane, David Lane's wife sold her interest in Lane's Wodenist stuff to Billy Roper and moved back from Idaho to Secaucus New Jersey. So Billy Roper had as his "White Revolution" ZOGbot organization the Order stuff and Butler's Aryan Nations stuff. He was running around with Morris Gulett who was at odds with long-time federal informant and former bank robber Rick Spring. After Butler died in Sept. 2004, (Butler was dead for at least 12 hours before Butler's keepers called in a Coer D'Alene policeman to verify Butler was dead.) Billy Roper tried to advance Rick Spring as the new head of the Aryan Nations. I was supporting Morris Gulett because John Britton, Neumann Britton's nephew asked me to, and I pointed out that just as Butler was not recognized as Pastor Wesley Swift's successor, so too it was longtime aboveground Dual-Seedline Christian-Identity elders who would decide Butler's successor, not someone who ran a racist garage-band organizer and Rally promoter who was not known within the Christian Identity community for being one of us but rather kicked out of Pierce's National Alliance by Erich Gliebe and Will Williams. Billy Roper thereupon stirred up trouble so that Gulett couldn't address the Arkansas Klans.

    Roper was forced by the Order factions and Christian Identity factions to mount the 2004 Christmas Coup against a jewboy with Crohns/ jew ass-GAIDS running a shithole forum named Alex Linder for taking in TraitorGlenn Miller, who gunned down three mongrels in an Old Kikes Home parking lot a decade later.

    Rick Spring's faction set up fake Aryan Nations factions in Lincoln Alabama, but Rick Spring was revealed and admitted to being a federal informant. A few years later Roper disbanded his White Revolution ZOGbot organization in order to pretend to be Christian Identiy with Thom Robb, seeker of ZOGbux and leaqder of David Duke's for-profit Klan.

    Me and Roper used to be friends. I attended Roper's May 2004 Topeka Rally. Roper invited me to its wedding to one of its single-mom beards playing See-Eye Dentist. But we fell apart in 2015 when April Gaede, formerly a National Alliance slut got mad about me singing a satirical song about her called "Look at Me, I'm April Gaede".


    ZOGbot Silly & April Gaede in coonjunction with Bryan Reo got two haet-strikes against me on jewtube in Nov. 2018 but I got mass-banned with everyone else racist in the June 2019 jewtube purge. Roper, like Bryan Reo likes to call me a convicted child molester, which is a lie. Not a child molester, nor convicted. I was imprisoned for three years for refusal of a lawyer to [mis]represent me. Me and ZOGbot Silly are on the outs.

    ZOGbot Silly claims that Pastor Butler gave him free reign to eat bacon and pork. Billy Roper is a Darwinian-Seedline Coonfidential Informant but claims to be DSCI. Billy Roper claims to be in evolution and that Solutreans lived in the future ZOGland in 20000 BC. Which might be true but irrelevant because Adamic man created according to the Septuagint in 5500 BC, and thus not part of Christian Israel. For all of displaying Butler the last two years of Butler's life, ZOGbot Silly Roper knows less about the religious aspects of Christian Identity than his single-mom beard who knows less than Thom Robb, Klansman for profit.

    This latest episode involved three young ZOGling whigger & mamzer criminal ass-clowns who thought it wouild be quite a good stunt to go on a homosexual dating site impersonating a 15-year old gaywad wanting its first faggot experience. When the local homo cum over to get sum boy-pussy these three See-Eye ZOGtards decided to practice some felonious restraint under threat of gunshot or baseball bat. The Pope County Sheriff's Office got called and these three idiots are facing 5-10 years in prison. For what? The advancement of ZOGbot Silly Roper?

    Hang around ZOGbot Silly Roper go to jail. Do not pass "Go", do not collect $200. ZOGbot Silly Roper hangs around four or five of its ZOGtarded Cult of Personality and UncleTom ZOGpig Bowie.

    There is no point to having anything to do with Billy Roper. You want to be a warlord? Then warlord on your own without having to do something stupid which lands you in jail or even brings you to police attention.

    I know Billy Roper all right. Unless you want to attend a drunken skinhead garage-band party or a Klan rally crawling with feds it is cheaper to buy your own 12-pack or half-keg and drink in the woods with some of your friends eating pulled pork sandwiches and not pretending to be a Phineas Priest while being a felonious mamzer. Mind your own business and stay out of trouble. You want to learn Christian Identity if you are of Adamic Man, then read and listen to his collected works of Bertrand Comparet untouched by Rabbi Baal Finck:


    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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