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Thread: Concerning Morris Gulett and the Church of the Sons of YHVH

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    Default Mullettamamzerthon Chat 7Oct11

    Mullettamamzerthon Chat 7Oct11


    Guest 3 is logged into the chat

    Logged in as Guest #3 on Compaq #1, and as Guest #5 on Toahiba #1.

    [9:15:58 PM] Siegfried is logged into the chat
    [9:16:14 PM] <Siegfried> Hail Martin!
    [9:16:17 PM] Guest 4 is logged into the chat
    [9:16:31 PM] <Guest 4> Hail Victory!!!
    [9:16:42 PM] <Siegfried> Hail Martin!
    [9:17:27 PM] Guest 5 is logged into the chat
    [9:17:29 PM] <Siegfried> Martin, you missed the Truit show today
    [9:17:59 PM] Tredway is logged into the chat
    [9:18:08 PM] <Siegfried> Has his own show since a few months
    [9:18:16 PM] allentruitt is logged into the chat
    [9:18:45 PM] <Guest 5> Well, its not normal for competing organisms to cooperate for long.
    [9:19:02 PM] <Siegfried> here is the link to them all
    [9:19:05 PM] <Siegfried> http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web...5&cmd=userprof
    [9:19:16 PM] Tredway has left the chat
    [9:22:58 PM] <Guest 5> Well, Anglo-Mestizo Truitt, I must admit that you are very busy. How do you do it, being everywhere and all? No known source of funding.
    [9:23:26 PM] Tredway is logged into the chat
    [9:23:32 PM] Tredway has left the chat
    [9:23:37 PM] <allentruitt> It dont cost a dime to do talkshoe, jew
    [9:23:38 PM] Tredway is logged into the chat
    [9:24:13 PM] <allentruitt> Marty, you molested any children lately?

    Anglo-Mestizo Truitt knows the truth of this matter, certainly given that it has been given several times links to the truth that the bogus charges had to be dismissed, yet like MoGulett and the rest of the baal-priests and ZOGbots it prefers to believe ZOG lies because they serve ZOG/Babylon. There simply is no penalty for being a mamzer or jew or ZOGbot trying to get into the Resistance. Truitt is simply a long-time Texas criminal that like most such criminals (Bryan Wright, Jeromy Visser) got into Christian Identity even though a mamzer because other caught criminals have been pressured to let them in. MoGulett is a ZOG agent provocateur who recently made Truitt his 'Security Director' because ZOG wants their own mamzer criminals inside the 'Aryan Nations.' Unlike Rick Spring, another criminal agent provocateur that made Security Director' under Butler, Anglo-Mestizo Truitt isn't even white.

    By the way, Real Live Criminals like to be mean to the political prisoners who are set up as 'child molesters' because it is safe to do so. As the abusers of their own families first criminals are desperate to find somebody that they can look down on and victimize. So since Anglo-Mestizo Truitt is as a mamzer criminal already predisposed to hate the genuine White Israelite, can anyone doubt that Truitt as a mamzer ZOGbot baal-priest is going to refrain from lying?

    [9:24:16 PM] <Tredway> anyone have sound yet
    [9:24:22 PM] <Siegfried> no sound
    [9:24:27 PM] <Guest 5> That's true, Anglo-Mestizo Truitt. Gulett has always loved his mamzer baal-priests,
    [9:24:34 PM] <Tredway> roger
    [9:24:36 PM] Guest 6 is logged into the chat
    [9:24:38 PM] <allentruitt> No, NC Aryan hasnt called in yet
    [9:24:43 PM] <Guest 6> ok
    [9:24:49 PM] <Siegfried> no streaming audio
    [9:24:56 PM] <Siegfried> not started yet
    [9:25:18 PM] <allentruitt> Rabbi Sammuelson, aka Martin Lindstedt, molester of children
    [9:25:34 PM] <Guest 5> Well, you are beginning to sound like McFagg. He was outed by LegalMamzer2012 last night as all them jews having Crohns. But you look like you will
    [9:25:54 PM] <Guest 5> be munching down on chilis for a long time, as a red-nigger mamzer.
    [9:26:00 PM] <allentruitt> Your forte is little boys and trolling
    [9:26:24 PM] <allentruitt> CHILD MOLESTER!!

    If I be a Pastor of YHWH, then let Anglo-Mestizo Truitt and all the rest of the mamzers and baal-priests and theyz' spawn eat they's nuts. cf 1 Kings Chapter One.

    [9:26:40 PM] Guest 4 has left the chat
    [9:26:55 PM] <Guest 5> Well, actually not. You can read what there is at: http://whitenationalist.org/lindstedt/naboth21.html
    [9:27:33 PM] <allentruitt> YOU destroyed your family, PEDOPHILE!!!
    [9:27:33 PM] <Guest 5> I'd say that it is you red nigger mamzer criminals who believe it because you are what you are.
    [9:27:50 PM] <Guest 5> No, ZOG made up bogus charges.
    [9:28:04 PM] <allentruitt> WHATEVER PEDO11
    [9:28:26 PM] <allentruitt> YOUR OWN KIN, NO LESS!

    The jew and mamzer and whigger regime criminals the Resistance shall have with us always until it becomes a fatal malady for such to even live amongst us.
    There is absolutely no redeeming qualities for this mamzer ZOGbot baal-priest.

    [9:28:29 PM] NC_Aryan is logged into the chat
    [9:28:46 PM] <Guest 5> But does it matter what you red nigger mamzers ZOGbotting believe? Rather they should all be exterminated and have done with it.
    [9:29:02 PM] <allentruitt> Martin Sammuelson, the rabbi peodophile is guest 5

    The above is instructive. North Carolina Aryan is yet another whigger or mamzer criminal affiliated with Mullet, who is now yet affiliated with Gulett. Anglo-Mestizo Truitt goes out screetching to this goober running the Talksjew CI show and next thing, Guest #5 is blocked/banned.

    So what we see is that criminals playing Aryan Nations certainly do not believe in free speech for Whites or fair play. And it is instructive that Mullet's sock-possum is so very quick to ban me given Anglo-Mestizo Truitt's say-so. Gulett&Mullett must have had a policy to do so already established.

    Does anyone really think if jews like Eli James or Bill Finck or ZOGbots like MoGulett that there will be any such thing as 'free speech' for the genuine Christian Identity Aryan dissenter? How about more of the same as under open jews that we have now?

    [9:29:04 PM] NC_Aryan is on the call
    [9:29:37 PM] The recording has started.
    [9:30:28 PM] Beet is logged into the chat
    [9:30:46 PM] <allentruitt> spped dial
    [9:31:36 PM] <Beet> Gary is a good dude!
    [9:31:41 PM] Guest 7 is logged into the chat
    [9:34:12 PM] <allentruitt> ....
    [9:35:35 PM] <allentruitt> See marty, pretty soon I wont be able to tell people about your pedophelia anymore
    [9:36:40 PM] <Tredway> Slippery Slope
    [9:36:55 PM] <allentruitt> Very slippery
    [9:37:12 PM] <Guest 7> stupid law request
    [9:37:40 PM] <Tredway> NY is filled w/ what majority race.
    [9:37:48 PM] <Guest 7> whites are the main targets
    [9:37:51 PM] <allentruitt> Jews
    [9:38:57 PM] <Tredway> all of them
    [9:39:20 PM] <Tredway> if we do not unite in the near future
    [9:39:43 PM] MattFromMichigan is logged into the chat
    [9:39:56 PM] <Guest 7> egos need to go for our race
    [9:41:11 PM] <Beet> http://garyyarbroughlegalfund.org/
    [9:41:26 PM] <Tredway> thanks Beet
    [9:41:48 PM] <allentruitt> I cant hear
    [9:41:57 PM] <allentruitt> Oh, never mind
    [9:42:06 PM] <allentruitt> lol
    [9:42:09 PM] <Beet> No problem! It's a good site!
    [9:42:59 PM] <Beet> .
    [9:43:02 PM] <Beet> http://garyyarbroughlegalfund.org/
    [9:43:03 PM] <Beet> .
    [9:43:43 PM] <Tredway> NC You can believe the Gov't. just ask Randy & Sara Weaver
    [9:43:56 PM] Guest 5 has left the chat
    [9:44:21 PM] Guest 8 is logged into the chat
    [9:44:34 PM] <allentruitt> I love that sermon
    [9:45:17 PM] Susan1219 is logged into the chat
    [9:45:27 PM] <Susan1219> I am here
    [9:45:30 PM] <Tredway> His Wife Vicki shot in the face and little Sammy in the Back.
    [9:45:38 PM] <Tredway> both killed
    [9:46:00 PM] <Guest 8> Ray Redfearin never would have allowed mamzer criminals like AllenTruitt, jewromy Visser, Bryan Wright or jews like Eli James and Bill Finck in.
    [9:46:03 PM] <Tredway> Welcome Susan
    [9:46:14 PM] Guest 8 has left the chat

    Time to flash-troll.

    Red-Nigger Truitt will claim that it knew Redfearin well. How was Redfearin to know that Truitt wasn't white. MoGulett loves and ordains mamzer criminals like Bryan Wright and Jeromy Visser. Why not another mamzer criminal like Truitt? Why at MoGulett's Aryan Nations Coongress it looked like a bunch of hi-yeller niggers from the Nation of Islam were in Aryan Nations jewniform.

    [9:46:21 PM] <allentruitt> I knew pastor redfeairn well
    [9:46:33 PM] Susan1219 is on the call
    [9:46:47 PM] <Guest 7> loved his sermon
    [9:46:58 PM] Guest 9 is logged into the chat
    [9:47:10 PM] <MattFromMichigan> Turn off the recording in the background
    [9:47:42 PM] <allentruitt> Rabbi martin sammuelson, pedophile of his own kin
    [9:47:45 PM] <MattFromMichigan> Tell Susan to turn off her speaker in the background
    [9:47:51 PM] <Guest 9> No Ray was a criminal who died of a cocaine overdose and let in Dave Hall. But at least he was White. Not like Truitt and the rest of the mamzers.
    [9:47:53 PM] Guest 9 has left the chat
    [9:48:19 PM] Guest 7 has left the chat




    And in as practiced as manner as Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren and Matt TwOtt ZOGbott have ever censored the guests, this AN-North Carolina whigger/mamzer goober blocked all the guests. Couldn't take dissent or criticism any more than Finckelsheenie ever could.

    [9:48:28 PM] W Michigan is on the call
    [9:48:42 PM] <allentruitt> Hello Suan!
    [9:48:50 PM] <allentruitt> Susan
    [9:49:12 PM] opentrutharyan is logged into the chat
    [9:49:15 PM] <Susan1219> Hello Susan!
    [9:49:38 PM] <Siegfried> I can't hear her
    [9:49:42 PM] <Beet> It sounds fine to me!
    [9:49:59 PM] <Siegfried> Ok, sound now
    [9:50:04 PM] <Susan1219> Hello Allen!
    [9:50:23 PM] <allentruitt> Tell it like it is sister!
    [9:50:42 PM] <Beet> http://garyyarbroughlegalfund.org/
    [9:51:09 PM] <allentruitt> So the system is monitoring internet???
    [9:51:35 PM] <Tredway> hearsay... inadmissible in court
    [9:52:00 PM] RabbiEliar is logged into the chat
    [9:52:00 PM] <RabbiEliar> The Guletts&Mullets are simply retarded mamzer criminals playing CI http://whitenationalist.org/forum/showthread.php?t=705
    [9:52:02 PM] RabbiEliar has left the chat

    Flash troll as RabbiEliar in order to point people to a link showing MoGulett's criminal history.

    [9:52:04 PM] <Beet> .
    [9:52:06 PM] Guest 10 is logged into the chat
    [9:52:07 PM] <allentruitt> Parole hearings are not court of law, they're preponderance of the evidence
    [9:52:19 PM] <allentruitt> I am not getting any reverb
    [9:52:26 PM] <Beet> It is not doing that on my computer! There is no echo here!
    [9:52:30 PM] <Tredway> clear here
    [9:52:48 PM] <allentruitt> Clear
    [9:53:19 PM] <allentruitt> W Michigan, you are the only one having that problem
    [9:53:21 PM] <Tredway> probably feedback
    [9:53:48 PM] RabbiEliar is logged into the chat
    [9:53:50 PM] <RabbiEliar> So you are hanging around with a bunch of mamzer criminals and ZOGbots like Morris Gulett and hope to gain a better result?
    [9:53:54 PM] RabbiEliar has left the chat

    This Susan Yarborough is a real retard. She whined about how her husband got an additional 15 years in prison based upon what some retards nobody knows posted on $permFront, yet she shows up as the prisoner's wife at MoGulett's pathetic mamzer and ZOGbot infested 'Aryan Nations' meeting and now on the MoGuletts&Mullett's Internut Talksjew show and expects a better result?

    [9:54:06 PM] <MattFromMichigan> OK...it was a recording, and it just stopped
    [9:54:13 PM] W Michigan has hung up
    [9:54:17 PM] Guest 11 is logged into the chat
    [9:54:45 PM] Beet has left the chat
    [9:55:49 PM] RabbiEliar is logged into the chat
    [9:55:53 PM] RabbiEliar has left the chat

    Blocked. Anglo-Mestizo Truitt is a trained ZOGbot. Probably learned Talksjew censorship from the ladystick of Bryan Reo.

    [9:56:20 PM] <Tredway> Mathews and Gary are Men way ahead of their time. Wish we had them now
    [9:59:59 PM] <allentruitt> ...
    [10:01:12 PM] <allentruitt> I got an awsome ss ring from the raffle at congress
    [10:01:50 PM] <Tredway> Denied medical care (nice lawsuit)
    [10:01:57 PM] <allentruitt> They beat Gary about two years ago
    [10:02:13 PM] <Tredway> who are they
    [10:02:36 PM] Guest 12 is logged into the chat
    [10:03:08 PM] <Tredway> Solid move NC
    [10:03:11 PM] Guest 11 has left the chat
    [10:03:12 PM] Guest 13 is logged into the chat
    [10:03:17 PM] <allentruitt> Ill send some money to gary next week
    [10:03:19 PM] TheSeekerofTruth is logged into the chat
    [10:03:49 PM] Guest 13 has left the chat
    [10:04:10 PM] <allentruitt> NC Aryan, ask her if shed rather us donate, or send Gary personal funds in prison
    [10:04:39 PM] <Tredway> both
    [10:05:04 PM] <allentruitt> Does he earn money?
    [10:06:12 PM] <allentruitt> Does she send him money, does he have money?
    [10:08:18 PM] <allentruitt> I had an attorney who helped me get out. But it was state. Do you have a lawyer in mind?
    [10:08:38 PM] <Tredway> There is a good NA chat site called chatzy. Go under White Nationalist, pretty active site & spread the word. I will do so
    [10:09:03 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> Has Gary ever wavered in his beliefs or convictions due to the pressure?
    [10:09:06 PM] <allentruitt> Ill call him and ask
    [10:09:35 PM] RabbiEliar is logged into the chat
    [10:10:08 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> Still ROCK solid! Damn Right!
    [10:13:39 PM] <allentruitt> When???
    [10:13:51 PM] <NC_Aryan> Oct 19
    [10:15:22 PM] <Tredway> Hopefully he will be one of our guest speakers next year. God willing...
    [10:16:34 PM] <allentruitt> If he gets out, he still wont be able to speak or be active in the movement. They'll revoke him

    Which brings up the question as to why and how MoGulett and Anglo-Mestizo Truitt are able to run wild in the bowel Movement except as ZOGbots.

    [10:16:50 PM] <Tredway> understood
    [10:16:51 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> What was he actually charged with?
    [10:19:13 PM] <Tredway> ride off into the sunset
    [10:19:51 PM] Guest 14 is logged into the chat
    [10:20:24 PM] allentruitt has left the chat
    [10:20:24 PM] allentruitt is logged into the chat
    [10:20:29 PM] Guest 15 is logged into the chat
    [10:20:53 PM] <NC_Aryan> http://garyyarbroughlegalfund.org/
    [10:21:23 PM] <Tredway> Congrats
    [10:21:28 PM] <Tredway> lol
    [10:21:34 PM] <NC_Aryan> Thank you brother
    [10:21:41 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> Congratulation!
    [10:21:54 PM] <NC_Aryan> Thank you
    [10:22:08 PM] Guest 16 is logged into the chat
    [10:22:11 PM] <opentrutharyan> congrats another nice aryan
    [10:22:27 PM] <NC_Aryan> http://garyyarbroughlegalfund.org/
    [10:22:32 PM] Guest 16 has left the chat
    [10:23:34 PM] Ethan24 is logged into the chat
    [10:23:57 PM] <Tredway> Susan: Thank you for your time...... Your family has my support God Bless
    [10:24:25 PM] <allentruitt> My lawyer cost 2500 dollars. How much does susan need to get to that amount?
    [10:25:14 PM] <allentruitt> I will
    [10:26:02 PM] <Ethan24> The ORDER lives.
    [10:27:04 PM] johndoe201237 is logged into the chat
    [10:27:29 PM] <Tredway> Thanks NC great show see ya Sunday
    [10:27:37 PM] <Ethan24> She has a good heart
    [10:27:39 PM] Susan1219 has hung up
    [10:27:49 PM] <Tredway> great show
    [10:27:54 PM] <NC_Aryan> thanks for coming everyone
    [10:27:57 PM] <johndoe201237> go go power rangers
    [10:28:00 PM] <allentruitt> Susan, do you have my number?
    [10:28:13 PM] <opentrutharyan> great show Brother Chris
    [10:28:15 PM] EdClanofChattan is logged into the chat
    [10:28:24 PM] <NC_Aryan> if she doesn't i will give it to her
    [10:28:29 PM] <Susan1219> I don't have it Allen
    [10:28:30 PM] <allentruitt> okay
    [10:28:32 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> So Gary will not accept mail from those that mention WN, but he will take their money?
    [10:28:35 PM] The recording has ended.
    [10:28:43 PM] NC_Aryan has hung up
    [10:28:47 PM] The Call has ended.
    [10:28:55 PM] Guest 15 has left the chat
    [10:28:58 PM] NC_Aryan has left the chat
    [10:28:58 PM] <johndoe201237> whitest team in baseball beats negro phillies
    [10:29:03 PM] <allentruitt> susan, its 636-395 6894
    [10:29:04 PM] <Susan1219> It would hurt his situation to talk racial topics
    [10:29:24 PM] Ethan24 has left the chat
    [10:29:25 PM] opentrutharyan has left the chat
    [10:29:27 PM] johndoe201237 has left the chat
    [10:29:30 PM] EdClanofChattan has left the chat
    [10:29:33 PM] <Susan1219> Got it allen, thank you
    [10:29:47 PM] <allentruitt> call me tommorrow please
    [10:29:52 PM] Guest 12 has left the chat
    [10:30:12 PM] <Susan1219> Will do allen
    [10:30:18 PM] allentruitt has left the chat
    [10:30:28 PM] <Susan1219> Thanks everybody!
    [10:30:58 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> How doesw he stay informed being locked dowm so much?
    [10:31:08 PM] <Tredway> our pleasure... Hopefully it all works out. Keep the faith
    [10:31:34 PM] <Susan1219> I tell him what I can and he does have a tv in his cell but they only program it to pick up certain stations
    [10:31:59 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> Best of luck to you and to him.
    [10:32:09 PM] <Tredway> Seeker: I do not think that WN mail would make it to him. It is all monitored
    [10:32:58 PM] <Susan1219> Thank you Seeker of Truth
    [10:33:45 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> It is just hard to distinguish what is WN related and what is not. Everything has a bearing on our plight.
    [10:34:09 PM] RabbiEliar has left the chat
    [10:34:41 PM] <Tredway> I understand. It is frustrating as hell. That is why we keep hearing Unite.
    [10:35:26 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> It was apleasure listening to you ma'am and you devotion is admirable if all too often a rare commodity indeed.
    [10:35:50 PM] <Tredway> How nice would it be to pick a state and flood it w/ 50,000 WN? Our own State. This is not out of reach
    [10:37:01 PM] <TheSeekerofTruth> It would be hard to get that many WN's to even agree on what state. Good night everyone!
    [10:37:30 PM] <Tredway> LOL
    [10:37:35 PM] <Tredway> Good night
    [10:37:46 PM] <Tredway> gotta try though
    [10:37:48 PM] TheSeekerofTruth has left the chat
    [10:38:38 PM] <Tredway> Good night all & God Bless.
    [10:38:44 PM] Tredway has left the chat
    [10:40:49 PM] Susan1219 has left the chat
    [10:42:51 PM] MattFromMichigan has left the chat
    [10:45:09 PM] Siegfried has left the chat

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    From Aryan Nations to Anglo-Mestizos,
    Together in Nimrodian jewnity we will go the way of Genesis Chapter 6.


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    Angry After a 26 year history in texas prison, well, I'm the idiot you should be listening to!!!!

    Wasn't it reverend Visser, Hagee, Swagart & Gullett that told us this shit before you Truitt?

    It wasn't all that long ago..

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default Just Who is Allen Truitt ?

    Just Who is Allen Truitt ?

    http://www.aryan-nation.org/enemies_to_the_cause.html (Defunct link)

    www.aryan-nation.org [cached]

    Just Who is Allen Truitt ?

    And that was done by Allen Truitt and myself putting our heads together and compiling the evidence you see here.


    Now my defender has become my accuser in the Sacred Nation issue number 39, Allen Truitt has stooped to the level of Paul Mullet and Chris Hogan.

    Allen Truitt was removed from the ranks of Aryan Nations mainly for not doing his job, drinking too much as well as talking too much, thereby being a genuine security risk to our organization.

    You see there was this alleged email that Allen Truitt was supposed to have sent to Chris Hogan, that you can read here.


    It is only fair to say that to the best of my knowledge this is the only place that Allen Truitt or I had seen this so called email. This alleged email became the subject of an FBI investigation and of course Allen Truitt allegedly being the sender was the main person of interest.

    According to Allen he was visited by the FBI and questioned. He then became very paranoid, took a hammer to his hard-drive, sold his computer, disconnected the internet and barely spoke to anyone that I am aware of on the telephone. Other than me of course.

    He stopped doing his job as National Director and then came the day he volunteered to take a Polygraph test with the FBI in an attempt to clear his name.

    According to Allen he was told that he failed the test and he became even more lucid, paranoid and irrational. Constantly calling, wringing his hands in paranoid delusion claiming he was being set up by federal agents.

    Now this is where I enter the scene as Allen's defender, because I knew something of this alleged email. It was in fact in my opinion a fraud. Because if you'll note by taking a look at this "email" on ''pastebin'' that my name and email address is in the Carbon Copy address line of the email. An email address that Allen Truitt didn't even know existed at the time. And an email address that I rarely used. An email address that had never received this alleged email and also an email address that to this very day Allen Truitt has never used to communicate with me.

    I also did a detail on the header of this alleged email and a trace on the originating ISP and the header had FIVE invalid entries and the ISP originated from the Russian Federation.

    Now in one of the many paranoid, worried and frantic telephone calls Allen was making to me during all of this, I volunteered to call this FBI agent on his behalf and share with the agent the information that I just went over. Allen was all for it and gave me the agents name and number in Little Rock. I called the agent and told him what I knew about this email in an attempt to bring light to the subject and help get them off Allen's back. I also volunteered to give them written permission for my email provider to give them access to this email address for the small window of the time period that this alleged email was supposedly sent so they could conduct a search and see this email had never arrived in my box.

    Well the next thing I know I get a call from this agent who is now traveled to Shreveport Louisiana from Little Rock wanting to get my signature on the release for my provider to let him have access to the email account as I volunteered so he could determine for himself that this email had never arrived in my box and therefore was never sent to begin with.

    But the FBI had other plans, I was issued a subpoena to testify before a Grand Jury in regards to this investigation. I was not happy about that but went armed to defend Allen to the best of my ability with the documents of the detail I performed to demonstrate the invalid header entries that in my opinion invalidated the entire email, as well as the ISP trace to show the email was supposed to have originated in the Russian Federation. I did present that information to the Grand Jury and did do my best to defend and exonerate Allen Truitt that day and I contend I must have been successful because Allen has yet to be indicted for a crime.

    So imagine my surprise when Allen starts to attack me after I ask him about coming back to work and doing his job. I was floored that I had so selflessly came to his defense and defended him so forcefully and he repays me with an attack on the integrity of my character. I was already feed up that his behavior had caused me to be subpoenaed before a Grand Jury. This is when he resigned as National Director so I went the full distance and removed him from our ranks altogether, because his behavior was already detrimental to the security of Aryan Nations.

    Why ? Because more of Allen Truitt's conduct had become an article of scrutiny by the FBI in this email investigation and that was the fact that Allen Truitt had made a drunken telephone call one night to a former member of Aryan Nations and left a threatening message on the fellow's voicemail. Allen then within moments of that called me and told me about his leaving this threatening voicemail. Of course I reprimanded him for leaving a voicemail of that sort and even worse than that was the fact that he felt the need to call me and tell me about it.

    When Allen Truitt did walk among free society he always went back to the same behavior that got him locked up in the first place, using drugs, drinking and other various forms of illegalities that gets ones parole violated or charged with a new crime.

    Take a look at Truitt's rap sheet and background check here and you'll see that he has been on the streets many times since he started doing time as a young man and the sort of criminal behavior that he always seems to be involved in. His rap sheet is extremely long.


    The fact is that with all of these times on the streets living in the free society, the only membership card for Aryan Nations that Allen Truitt can produce is one that I issued to him, just like the only ordination certificate he can produce ordaining him as a Pastor for the Church of Jesus Christ Christian is one that I issued to him and they are both now null and void. Allen Truitt only had a paper authorizing him to ACT as a Pastor among the Texas prison system and a membership certificate appointing him as a Texas prison Chaplain during his incarceration there from Pastor Richard Butler.

    Furthermore Allen Truitt has been hiding a little secret. He is also listed as the Senior Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ Christians-Aryan Nations on file with the Secretary of Sates Office in Texas and the Assistant Pastor is one Marvin Eugene Gates who is doing time in the Texas Prison System for Murder and three counts of Child Pornography. Yes that's right Allen Truitt's Assistant Pastor is a Pedophile.

    Take a look at the documents below. But notice this pedophile and Allen Truitt currently have a relationship as Senior Pastor and Assistant Pastor of the erroneously named Church of Jesus Christ Christians-Aryan Nations. Not quite Richard Butlers Church but he and Dr. Swift would be livid you can bet.

    Furthermore; Allen Truitt was also the Director of the Prison Ministry for Aryan Nations. Who is Allen Truitt, Friend or Foe ?


    Need Prison? Have we got a snitching baal-priest 4 U!!!
    Join Guletts' New Aryan Nations $PLC/ADL False Front.
    Cook Ramen noodles in the Legion of Skanks!!!

    Hail ZOG/Babylon!!!!!!

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    Thumbs down Eliar James and the New Nigger Nations go ass-to-mouth

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default Aryan Nations Leader Morris Gulett Announces Intent To Build New World Headquarters In Converse, Louisiana

    Aryan Nations Leader Morris Gulett Announces Intent To Build New World Headquarters In Converse, Louisiana


    Tired old drunken crackhead Rat/ZOGbot MoGulett -- Feb 2012

    Pastor Morris Gulett, who heads up Aryan Nations, has announced his intent to build a new world headquarters in Converse, Louisiana, and local pastors have predictably spoken out in opposition. Media stories published by KTBS Channel 3, KSLA Channel 12, and WMC Channel 5.

    Background: Pastor Gulett's Aryan Nations faction is one of two factions claiming the legacy of Pastor Richard Butler; the other less-active faction was run by August Kreis and is now being run by Drew Bostwick. Gulett jump-started his faction back to life with a Congress in Louisiana on Sept. 24-25, 2011. Gulett served time in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to commit armed bank robbery, conspiracy to possess a firearm to rob a bank, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and forfeiture, but conspiracy charges are always somewhat subjective. Gulett hosts the South Africa Project Talkshoe program irregularly; his Aryan Nations faction also hosts a twice-weekly Talkshoe program.

    Pastor Gulett has some detractors within the Christian Identity community, most notably Pastor Martin Lindstedt. In 2005, when Lindstedt was brought up on what eventually proved to be bogus child molestation charges, Gulett immediately revoked the ordination of Lindstedt, although Gulett questioned the validity of the child molestation charges. Lindstedt expresses his sentiments about Gulett in this Whitenationalist.org thread.

    Summary: In a February 13th KSLA interview, Pastor Gulett said it's time for Aryan Nations to be seen and heard once again. Gulett explained that he's rising up in favor of his people. Although the government calls his group terrorists, he calls them "racist". But in any event, the Aryan Nations is now calling the ArkLaTex area home, and will set up their new world headquarters in Converse, just south of Shreveport. Gulett says he likes the remoteness of the 20-acre location just south of the DeSoto-Sabine Parish line, and added that once they secure the property, they'll build a church and a headquarters, and visitation will be by invitation only. Pastor Gulett is soliciting donations; he asks supporters to send check or money order, and put "building fund" in the subject line, to:
    Aryan Nations
    Post Office Box 282
    Converse, Louisiana 71419
    Gulett acknowledges that he's racist, but says he doesn't hate people because of the color of skin. Gulett added that what he's attempting to do is educate the White community in accordance with Deuteronomy Chapter 28, which states, "One of the cursings is the stranger you'll allow to remain among you will get above you very high and down very low". Gulett defines the stranger as the non-Aryan; namely, Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, mongrels, etc.

    The Opposition: A group of Desoto Parish pastors gathered in Temple of Knowledge Church International on February 15th to speak out against what they're calling an "infiltration of hate into the community". Among them were Pastor Reegis Richard of Temple of Knowledge, Pastor Joseph Hall of Union Spring Church, and Pastor C.L. Bryant. Pastor Tony Lewis of Pineville Baptist Church and Associate Pastor Derek Joyce of First United Methodist Church also weighed in. The pastors countered Gulett's claim that when father God created Adam in His image, creation of a race, he was a white man by saying that Adam was of Middle Eastern origin. The pastors also claim that Jesus was a Jew, despite the fact that His mortal tabernacle was sired by our Heavenly Father, making Jesus half-deity. The pastors claim that Pastor Gulett is interpreting scripture through a filter or lenses, manipulating it to make it say what he wants it to say.

    But don't all pastors interpret scripture through a filter or lens? That's why we have so many denominations.


    Itz Old Home Week 4 ZOGbot Rats -- Rick Spring Feb 2012


    A surprise addition to the circle jerk at the Temple of Knowledge Church International on February 15th was former Aryan Nations Pastor Rick Spring, who says he knows Gulett personally and has seen first hand what the group is capable of. "He's very savvy on what he can do and what he can't do, and he's going to push that envelope right up to the line," said Spring. Spring also claimed that Aryan Nations goes for the dysfunctional and dislocated -- they give somebody an assault rifle, put them in the woods in a uniform, call them a sergeant and they think they're doing something. Spring has been accused in the past of operating Aryan Nations as a false-flag op on behalf of the federal government.


    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 02-22-2012 at 05:41 PM.


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Thumbs down Obadorker dun got his blood boiled.

    When not lauding jewess avatars and lurking in anonyminity, we have another psuedo hit piece rant from our good buddy "Obadiah 1:18".


    2.5 mamzers is nothing but a sewer that nobody visits these days.

    Last edited by PastorLindstedt; 02-19-2012 at 08:06 AM. Reason: Add Reference Hyperlink

    Never take seriously anonymous tards that sport jewess avatars.

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    Default Anchorage Activist Thinks "Pastor" Martin Lindstedt Is Some Kind of Wonderful

    Anchorage Activist Thinks "Pastor" Martin Lindstedt Is Some Kind of Wonderful
    My Transgendered Mamzer Faggot Mangina Belongs to Rabbi Finckelsheenie


    Anchorage Activist, the proprietor of the White Reference Blog, posted an article about Morris Gulett's plan to build the world headquarters of Aryan Nations in Converse, Louisiana. What got my mud-blood bubbling was this gaspingly gormless comment, one that made my surgically enhanced mangina go all inverted, expelling my combination Abo-pissers-poofter-possumoid didgery-doo/dildo used to keep the hole open for business as well as to play a queefian simp-phony for paying customers at the lorry stop, specifically a certain portion of it, that AA made YAAAAAWWWWPPP:

    Pastor Gulett has some detractors within the Christian Identity community, most notably Pastor Martin Lindstedt.
    Most notably??? Time for editurdial commentary from the try-sechulled transgendered secret squirrel pseudo-pharisaical pretend Christian Identity coonmunity!!!

    Since when has Marty been "most notably" anything except a slovenly, slandering mental case with a scat fetish who has never met a little white boy or girl that he didn't want to strip naked and skin alive during the Great Tribulation? Just thinking about it is enough to make my transgendered mangina drip from the repressed castration anxieties/fantasies!!!

    Actually, I'm being unfair to Marty. It's only the white children of regime criminals he wants to torture during the Great Trib, and only for 175 years, or seven generations, whichever is longest. So I do apologize if I've cast him in a bad light. There, a combination of honey and melted beeswax should keep my nether orifices plugged for a minute or two.

    Anyway, I couldn't let AA get away with offering Marty such high praise, and it's not the first time he's done so, what with dissing Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren/SoredMamzer for taking down web pages and forums not only Pastor Lindstedt's but those of other third partieswithout giving him a good dose of perspective in the form of the following comment I posted on his blog. As a hidden jew mamzer faggot, of course I don't allow any dissent here on Two and a Half Mamzers but being a skulking jew mamzer faggot transsexual with my own pretend CI forum means never having to act like a Christian Israelite Aryan Man, certainly not since D-g hasn't given me the mental or moral or physical equipment to carry out my pretenses in real life.


    What, are you crazy?!

    Do you have any idea at all what this nutcase advocates? Nothing butt pure hatred for those of us jew mamzers in the Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual Transgendered Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Community for starters!!!

    Have you ever listened to one of his Movement Turds? I have, and it makes me hottt to trottt!!! That somebody who dares to show his face and name his name, unlike us crouching mamzers hidden jewboys in Christian Identity, or even White Nationalism, would name his podcast after excrement ought to give you some sort of clue where his head's at -- not at any terrestrial location, I as a mamzer faggot with gender-identity issues can tell you that. The guy brags that he's going to skin alive the white children of "regime criminals" during the Great Tribulation, dismember them, then feed them to their parents (unto the seventh generation), and you're promoting him as some sort of authority on Christian Identity who speaks for Christian Identists everywhere?

    Give me a break! I'm a member of the piglice and even though I have nothing, not even a pickle in this thanks to an unruly dingo in the Alice Springs lorry lot, and I hate the idea of whigger regime criminals and their spawn having to pay with their lives for selling you whiggers out to ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final, even though when us spawn of Satan win there won't be nothing left to piss and moan over any more.

    NOBODY in Christian Identity other than the genuine Christian Israelites wants anything to do with Marty. EVERYBODY in CI who is a jew, mamzer, faggot, or ZOGbot, everybody who's insane and not against those of us on ZOG's payroll, regards him as an apostate, heretical nut who's more interested in slaughtering whites and the rape of "whigger herd animals" than he is in meting out righteous punishment upon us the Juden mamzers and ZOGling whigger ass-clowns.

    "Pastor" Martin, the self-ordained Archbishop of Missouri (Aryan Nations), has a congregation of one that we know about: himself, and that's all he speaks for. He lives in a hovel (his description, not mine), sports half a beard -- it's a damning political protest against the wickedness of ZOG, don't you know? -- pees and poos on-air during his podcast, and make no secret about doing so, which unjustly makes us mamzer faggots' manginas wettt and spends most of his time hunched over his computer slandering and lying about a laundry list of White Nationalists and Christian Identists on any WN forum or blog that hasn't banned him yet. Since we are unable to refute what Pope Marty says, we have no choice but to ban him where-ever found.

    Paul Fromm the fat hypocritical censor and sucker-up on Voice of ReTards for Rabbi Finckelsheeenie and Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren, April Gaede, Pastor Jeromy Visser, Bill Finck, Carolyn Yeagher (he uses a word to describe her that rhymes with punt), Pastor Jay Faber, David Duke, and Pastor James Wickstrom, are just a tiny, tiny sampling of the so-called (by Marty) Jews, mamzer criminals, Baal priests, ZOGbots, transgendered Aussie poofters (that would be me), and tubal-kennite-pictish-hybernigger-whiggers (don't ask!) that have incurred his unrighteous indignation. Marty used to characterize Bill Finck as a fine Christian Identity theologian, but after they had a falling out -- a commonly occuring phenomenon with anybody who's had to deal with the "good pastor" -- denounced him as a fiendish New Jersey Jew whose mission in life was to corrupt and destroy Christian Identity.

    Marty loves to tell anybody who'll listen to him, which is a steadily decreasing number of people, what a pack of lying, deceiving scum we all are. By "we" I mean 99% of people in The Movement -- a conservative estimate, mind you. Yet Marty's modus operandi is posting messages online under literally hundreds of different aliases, many of which are females (I'd like to give a special shout-out to Amy Rose), making him far and away the biggest liar and deceiver of them all. Of course, Marty rationalizes this as vitally necessary espionage in his never-ending fight to expose and ultimately geld the teeming hordes of whiggers, regime criminals, ZOGbots, etcetera, etcetera, who make life so burdensome for a prophet of Yahweh such as he. Luckily, Marty doesn't have to fight the good fight alone, for "Yahweh" has assigned to him ten-thousand warlords who will hold the squealing, wriggling, naked boys and girls and moms and dads down while he performs his sacred duty.

    Christian Identity cast "Pastor" Martin into outer darkness some time ago. Don't you think it's about time White Nationalism did likewise?


    As of this writing, the comment hasn't been given the green light by moderation, but I'm pretty sure it will. I'm also pretty sure how AA will respond to it. He can say what he wants about me, but the fact remains that he has given his tacit approval of somebody who posts insane diatribes such as this:

    Quote Originally Posted by PastorLindstedt

    The day these criminals chose to violate my grandchildren's home, their nest, like predatory animals, I swore that I would destroy their criminal families by torturing their children and grandchildren and their entire family unto seven generations and four degrees of relatedness and send them screaming to hell. Not only them, but the rest of the regime criminals who made their destruction of my family possible, by merely voting for funds to support regime piglice and korts, or by passing laws or funding agencies which made this possible.

    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default Calm down Obie, I'm not a pickle-thieving dingo!!!

    Calm down Obie, I'm not a pickle-thieving dingo!!!


    Obadiah 1:18 - You completely overreacted to a simple statement I made about Pastor Lindstedt. All I said was that he is the most notable critic of Pastor Gulett. That is a factual statement.

    I listen to his radio show every week, primarily for entertainment. However, Pastor Lindstedt is one of the few DSCI pastors who does not censor opposing points of view on his chat (he certainly let you troll, LOL). He's also one of the few prominent WN spokesman who admits that whiggers are a major problem.

    He also has a point about "Tribulation". It's obviously going to take a tribulation to wake up whites en masse. As Whites, we need to be taken out of our comfort zone to force us back together; no electricity and no police protection will force the issue upon us.


    For Recent News of the Bowel Movement

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    Default I'm in hiding, searching for 'The Fugitive Dingo' that stole muh pickle.

    I'm in hiding, searching for 'The Fugitive Dingo' that stole muh pickle.


    My comment was posted. When I had a look at it, there were 6 replies to AA's article, including mine. None of the other replies was hostile to me. Or hostile to Oba-gender-bendering-pissers-poofter-possums with sexual identity issues hiding behind an Internut a-lie-ass working on a policy of advancing sundry mamzer and jew criminals like Finckelsheenie and ZOGbots like Wickstrom. Now there are 17 replies. Tempted to read the new batch but won't. Too busy scurrying about looking for the fugitive dingo that stole my pickle, data-mining for tards over here on Two and a Half Mamzers, and 'working' here in the Sydney lorry stop. If some of my "fans" from VNNF or Pastor Martina Navratalindstedt have chimed in I doubt that I could resist the urge to get into an online Pier 6 with them. Itz not like I have any self-cuntrol. Besides, I'd hate to do anything that would take Martina away from her clean-up duties at Rabbit Track Road. Tote that rusty oil drum, Martina! Go Donna Go!, you nasty ol' prune-twat.


    PassTard Pisser picked a peck of pickled poofter possums.
    A peck of pickled poofter possums PassTard Pisser picked.

    Two & a Half Mamzers Forum!!!

    Winner of the 'Scarlet H' For Hypocrisy!!!


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    Default MoGulett is on to Eliar!!!

    MoGulett is on to Eliar!!!


    Pastor Gullet is a great Leader of his Folk and a good man! He was also one of the first activists to expose a self-proclaimed CI pastor "Eli James" as a jew named Joseph November, and prior to that, Jozef Putz. Degenerate "Eli" recently admitted to his only follower that one of his daughters (Stephanie) is going out with a nigger, and another one, Elizabeth, is a lesbian "Subbie" known as "Fattie!" What a great "pastor" to follow...

    Numero Uno of Meercats

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