Brother Daniel: Everybody a Heretic


I recently came across a Christian identity website that made an honorable mention about "my cute little blog." By honorable mention, I am being sarcastic of course. This particular Pastor, a very frequent reader of this blog in northern Kentucky, had some mean things to say about me and the things I write about. Aside from pointing out the fact that I have closed this blog down from time to time (which I freely admit to due to my lack of patience and frustrations), he went on to say that my posts have a bi-polar slant and are chock-full of contradictions without ever really pointing out these many "contradictions" he mentions. What the good Pastor didn't understand, is that he entirely misunderstood the earlier format of this blog, and what I meant by the term "Deification of Man" and "Theosis", both orthodox teachings. I don't believe Adamic man to be God, nor do I believe man can ever be God. In fact, I believe the difference between the two cannot be reconciled. I attempted to touch upon this in an earlier blog I had called "Myth Of Oneness" as well as a previous post I made some time ago called "Spiritual Poverty". This idea of man as God was taken up by the darker races, particularly in the east.

This Pastor went on to give a lengthy explanation of the term "Beyond The Pale" not understanding that Beyond the Pale has several meanings, and its ultimate meaning in this blog is to put the enemies of God "beyond the pale", if not to drive them straight into the sea. But the strangest part of his sermon and doctrinal article against this blog is that he makes the subtle accusation that I am working for the enemy; according to him, Simon Weisenthal. Even though this man accuses me falsely of jerking people around and being a crypto-zionist who gets a kick out of duping gullible people, his accusations fail horribly. One would think that a man accused by some of his Christian brothers of working with the ADL and SPLC would not speak such dishonorable things about a man he has never met, particularly when he has no proof. The reason this man was able to say things like he did without so much as an iota of guilt is because he believes that I am a heretic, a label that is about as stunning to me as being called a racist.

I have been guilty of calling men and women heretics in the past. For this I am truly sorry, because in most cases it was not deserved. At one time or another I have heard just about every Christian call another Christian a heretic. The dispensationalists claim the preterists are heretics and so on and so forth. It is about as endless as the factions within the Christian faith. What does it mean when men and women love God, have a sense of duty toward their faith and family, but understand the scripture somewhat differently? To be honest, I don't think I have ever known two men that think exactly alike when it comes to the faith. I am absolutely OK knowing that people don't agree with what I write here. All I have ever asked is that people take my writing into consideration without blindly following me. That is more than I can say for a lot of blogs and websites out there. I think far too many people have taken this blog and the internet in general, far too seriously. I have made this known in recent posts. We must ultimately ask ourselves if God is so without mercy that if we don't get every point of the faith down pat or agree with some perceived biblical authority that we are doomed to hell? I hardly think so. At one time most Christians didn't even have the bible to study from and knew not much more than the very basics of the faith. Are they also in Hell? They learned the meaning of the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, and they understood exactly what this meant in their own life. We seem to forget that our salvation is purely by God's grace and not through what some has-been fucking Pastor without a flock that is offended by four letter words has to say about it. (PHEW! Forgive me my frustrations.)

With the carelessness that people throw around the term "heretic" with, it would appear that it is a last ditch effort to scare people into changing their mind on some particular point. I am confident in my faith, and I do not deny the fact that the Holy Spirit continues to work in me leading me closer to the truth everyday. I am always willing to be corrected by more intelligent men than myself. But when they do it in the spirit of spite and anger, they will not be heard because such men have very little to offer. Many Christians today are under this strange impression that the word of God is stagnant, that we can learn nothing more from it other than what the so-called "church" or some theologians have laid down centuries ago. People are followers of Dabney, Spurgeon, etc. But in the end who has the truth when so many intelligent men have spent their entire lifetimes working out their understanding of God? Is it the man that puts forth a creed and a belief, or is it ultimately the man that houses the Holy Spirit and admits to his shortcomings and the continued work of Christ in him (the true meaning of Theosis)? Furthermore, are we really to believe that the word of God is neither sacred nor dynamic and can be fully understood and interpreted by mere men? Laughable!

One thing this Pastor got right in his polemic against me is that I hate Christian Identity, but only because it is a judaized faith. It is not that I disagree with most points of CI. I freely admit to being a dual-seedliner, which this particular individual hates even though he is CI. I believe that some whites are Israelites, but not all. See my post "The Line of Jacob, Line of Adam". I have always had an issue with the sacred namers and the degree to which men have attempted to prove whites as being israelites while neglecting the most important aspect of the faith. These racial teachings have been the centerpiece of their faith. In the end, no man is saved by his skin, we are saved by God's grace and no other. All of these sermons put out by the Christian Identists, and barely one of them goes into any detail of the salvific work of Christ in the believer. The judeos strangely have a far purer faith than most Identity Christians. The very purpose of this blog has been to change that. Sure we know who we are in the grand stage of things, but now what? Should someone write yet another overly verbose book on our "Israelitish Identity"? I don't hate CI because it teaches a folkish and racial faith, I hate it because the form it takes is one of judaic talmudism, which is an abomination before the throne of God, an image of the evil of a former age.