Obagender-bendering-pissers-poofter-possum sneaks back onto $permFront


Adventures on $permFront


Against my better judgment, I became a member of Stormfront yesterday. I can't stand the place, and never thought I'd see the day when I'd go back there. My previous sojourn at Stormfront lasted all of half a week. What can I say? There's only so much dry heaving a body can take. If Google wasn't taking so long to acknowledge this forum's existence, there's no way I would've re-registered. But I needed somewhere that had the necessary Web presence to make Google sit up and take notice of the forum, and Stormfront fit the bill. Plus being there would give me the opportunity to contact some of the former regulars of the decommissioned Covenant People's Ministry message board who are members of Stormfront to let them know that a replacement board of sorts was online.

What fun!

As of this writing, all my posts have to be vetted by one of SF's army of moderators before they can see the light of a computer monitor. Only one of five posts has been released from its holding cell thus far. Not long after the post appeared, a member pounced on it, whining that I shouldn't use the word Yahweh because Yahweh was a God only "Heebs" worshipped.

Welcome to Stormfront! A place where Jews, antis, and every kind of social pariah imaginable and unimaginable abound!

My plan was to promote this site in Stormfront's theology sub-forum. Easier said than done. Don Black, who I've always thought bears a disquieting resemblance to Milton the Monster, has cloistered it so that members require special permission to post there. And why has he done this? Because people have a tendency to [insert shocked gasp here] argue heatedly about religion, that's why!

Well, yes, Don, as a matter of fact they do. Just like they have a tendency to argue heatedly about politics, sport, health care, and pretty much any subject you care to name. I can't see why this is such a burning issue for a supposedly staunch advocate of free speech like you, though. Freedom of speech means freedom to argue, Don. Even heatedly, with name-calling and everything. This fundamental point seems to be lost on you, Don. But after hearing you aver on a recent podcast that the World Trade Center's Towers didn't collapse as a result of a controlled demolition, since the immense logistics involved would have ensured that the perpetrators were caught in the act, it occurred to me that yours wasn't the clearest head in The Movement.

Sure, Don, there was no controlled demolition. There is no Jewish conspiracy either. The logistics involved in carrying out and maintaining such a vast conspiracy, worldwide conspiracy no less, would be off the chart.

But I digress.

To gain access to the theology sub-forum, not only did I have to kowtow to a moderator but I had to kowtow to a female moderator, some woman by the handle of Lycia. What the hell -- hell being the apropos word -- is a woman doing in charge of a theology forum?!

Nobody loves (White) women more than I. The God-given ability that a woman has to run a home and raise children is nothing short of supernatural as far as I'm concerned. But a woman's place is in the home, and it is an important and honorable place. However, it is not a woman's place to be bossing around men. Nope, not even in an Internet forum. Maybe it's Black's atheistic way of poking his tongue at us Christian Identists who don't believe that women should rule over men. This wouldn't surprise me. Apparently, Black has a history of appointing female mods to that section. Anyway, that was the straw that broke this camel's back. Admittedly, I did seek Lycia's permission to enter Stormfront theology, but the Spirit squirmed and cringed inside me when I did. I knew it wasn't a good idea. But then, becoming a member of Stormfront for the second time was an even worse idea. Shame on me for not heeding the lesson I learned from posting on VNN! That lesson being that Christians and atheists do not mix, and can bring about nothing of lasting worth together.

God commands us to separate ourselves from unbelievers. That's what we must do. That's certainly what I'm doing. I vow never to lighten Stormfront's dark doorstep again. Ever. And if you're a Christian Identist, I recommend you do likewise. Ditto for VNN.

Most people, most Christians, who've grown wise to Stormfront agree that it's essentially a roaring mouse which does little more than scurry around making a lot of noise. Most people also agree that the one good thing Stormfront achieves is enlightening the unenlightened, if only to a small degree, about the war being waged on the White race by the Jews. But what has all of that enlightening amounted to? You'd think that at least some of the tens of thousands of genuine White people who've been educated at Stormfront would parlay their wealth of learning into making life better for their besieged race, but the overwhelming majority don't do a thing, and those that do meet with failure or end up turning their back on the movement.

Alex Linder often says that the only way out for us as a race is through the Jews. He's wrong. The only way out for us is through Jesus Christ. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't Jews that got us into this mess, it was our transgressing God's laws. The Jews, as loathsome and irredeemably evil as they are, are merely symptoms of the disease. But the disease itself is our disobedience to God. This is why all the political inroads White racialists attempt to make hit a dead-end and why all the rallies, leaflet drops, podcasts, and postings accomplish next to nothing.

The problem isn't without us. The problem is within us. Until we as a race repent and turn to God, nothing will change for us -- not for the better, anyway. It has been said that one with God is a majority. We don't need to align ourselves with atheists and pagans in order to increase our numbers, because the size of our ranks matters not to God. He can win the battle with one person or a million people or nobody at all. What matters to Him is simple obedience, ours. That is the whole purpose of the exercise called life. Everything else is just bells and whistles.

According to the Bible, today is the day of salvation. Today is a good day to come out of the online Egypt of Stormfront, VNN, or any other forum or organisation that claims the looming battle can be won without God on our side. It cannot. We waste too much time engaging in endless, pointless debates with unbelievers in these places. The Bible calls it casting our pearls before swine. God has far, far better things for us, His kings and priests, to do.